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Air Date: June 4, 2003
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This is the Dennis' Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
When it comes to heroes, renegades are blind.
They railed against the crowd with another red tag band declaring independence.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Thank God for the Renegades!
Welcome, my friends.
It's already Wednesday, the 4th of June, 2003.
I'm Alex Jones.
We have several great guests coming in today.
And, of course, your phone calls and a ton of news from around the world.
So stay with us as we track the latest global developments inside the New World Order police state.
Navy to use RIFD technology, radio frequency identification devices, track the troops and civilians in Iraq.
Oh, that's the industry source for engineers and technical managers worldwide.
That's what they're saying about the chips that are already in those products you buy.
And they admit the Pentagon is going to watch everything you do in and out of your home in a total violation of the Fourth Amendment.
And yesterday I was on the Louisiana Radio Network arguing with some captain who's all for Homeland Security, and he said, hey, it's fine to have the Pentagon watching us.
That's what America's all about.
Funny, I thought our veterans fought and died to defend against that type of garbage, so we'll talk about that.
Our government makes new plans for war against North Korea.
That's the headline.
It's all coming up, so stay with me.
We'll be right back.
Some people believe a group of wealthy men control political parties, the American media, and the wealth of our nation.
Is this true?
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The casual society control grid, impalpable microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
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Well, my friends, the Haemophiliac Society up in Canada, and now in this country...
Are going to be suing some of the big drug makers for knowingly allowing HIV and hepatitis into the blood supply and shipping it to them, telling them that it was wholesome medication.
Of course, we've been talking about this on this show for at least six, seven years.
I interviewed the doctor who first discovered in Arkansas, he worked at the prison, in prosthesis, artificial limbs,
That they were knowingly taking blood from homosexuals from the punks in the prison, people that had HIV in their medical records, people that had hepatitis, and marking the blood wholesome, selling it to a company in Canada and to a division of Bayer as well, and then giving it to hemophiliacs and others.
And now hundreds of thousands have died.
Just another tidbit showing you the crimes of the New World Order and the premeditated hatred of life that they have and then how they use their media and propaganda to claim their whole police state is about taking care of us and keeping us safe.
It's a sick joke.
So that's coming up today.
We also have some guests coming on the show concerning that.
I've got a news article here where cities are using zoning laws to take whole neighborhoods over and bulldoze them to give the land to developers just all part of neo-feudalism and serfdom.
In many cases they refuse to even pay the people that they are basically making homeless.
And it's no surprise because last year the Supreme Court ruled that
They no longer have to give you just compensation in domain issues when they take your land, that they can just arbitrarily take it.
Again, I guess that'll stop Al-Qaeda, won't it?
All of this police state is to stop Al-Qaeda.
Of course, it was all being set up before the terror attacks, but now government across the board says, don't question us, we're going to take good care of you.
It's this atmosphere.
We're good to go.
I think?
Mexico's Fox seeks closer ties with Russia.
Reports CIA believes Saddam Hussein is alive in Iraq.
Yeah, no kidding.
We're told Russia.
And we'll get into the Total Information Awareness Network in the Pentagon, watching you and your families and much, much more today, tonight, this morning, depending on what time zone you're listening to us in.
I do this show Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central during the day and then back from 9 to midnight Central and of course a rebroadcast of the daytime show from 1 a.m.
until 4 a.m.
So no matter what schedule you're on, when you're working, when you're awake, you can always tune in to one of the broadcasts.
And again, thank you for joining us.
Thanks for all your email, your letters, your support.
We're good to go.
This broadcast is about getting you to think outside the box to shatter the false left-right paradigm and get back to the real political system of slavery and serfdom versus liberty and freedom.
But I have to be honest with you.
I got pretty depressed yesterday when I was on the Louisiana radio network for about an hour.
I guess I've been on that network.
It's like 16 stations, covers the whole state network.
I've been on that show, I guess, about eight or nine times over the last two years.
And the last few times I've been on, one time they had a lawyer on arguing with me.
It's a good format.
Then the next time, this last time, they had some special forces captain on who bragged about how good the CIA was in Laos when he worked with them.
But normally when I do radio interviews...
One out of 30 callers will disagree with me.
Whether it's New York or Oklahoma or Colorado or California or Florida.
But not when I go on this Louisiana Live.
Usually it's 50-50.
People that don't like me and people that do agree with me about the New World Order.
Yesterday, they probably took, in the hour I was on, probably about 15-20 calls.
I didn't count them.
And about 75% of the people disagreed with me.
And I've got to get a tape of it, because I come on the show, I talk about how, number one, I'm against this war, just like Congressman Ron Paul, the most conservative member of Congress, the best voting record, is against this war.
I was against the war because our government armed Saddam and told him to invade Kuwait and that he'd been our ally.
I'm against the war because there are so many other enemies that are greater threats that, again, our government is armed.
I'm against the war because it's a smokescreen for the economic collapse that's taking place in this country.
It's a way to keep the people rallied around the government.
And then this captain comes on, one of the guests, and says...
You're a liar.
None of that's true.
He also said that I was a liar about Bush giving supercomputers to Communist China.
He just said that's not true.
And so we got into a shouting match, and then they would go to the callers, and almost every caller would say, what have you been smoking, boy?
You better stay in Texas.
And I said to the listener, one listener called me a liberal, and I said, sir, Bush is for open borders.
He signed campaign finance reform that was a Hillary Clinton-Chucky Schumer bill that restricts the First Amendment six weeks before an election.
I mean, it went on and on.
And I said, Bush is going to reauthorize the Clinton assault weapons ban and register your shotguns and ban your semi-automatic shotguns.
Whether they hold one round or four rounds, whatever.
Well, obviously, semi-automatic would be two and above.
And the guy says, the listener says, you're a liar, you're a liberal, you're a communist trying to discredit Bush.
The caller does.
And I say to the host, who was well-spoken and intelligent, I said, I know that you guys do the news here.
Have you heard about Bush who's going to reauthorize the assault weapons ban with added provisions?
And the host says, yes, what Mr. Jones is saying is true.
To which the caller says, okay, then, I'm sure it's fine.
I mean, you know, basically just disagree with me no matter what I say.
It's all lies.
Who cares?
And then when confronted with the facts by the host that they all know and trust, okay, fine, then, we'll turn our guns in.
And the colonel or the captain they had on said,
When they introduced him, they said, well, he was just a Democrat all these years, but now he's a Republican.
See, he's a neocon.
That's what all these neocons are.
They're big government command and controllers who couldn't take over, and they're Trojan horses.
Just type in neocon Trotskyite, and you'll have all the neocons admitting, well, our daddies were all top communists, and, well, when Stalin took over, they got upset because they were Trotskyites, and they decided to become neocons.
I mean, they say this.
You couldn't write a book this bizarre.
I don't know about the guy I was debating, but he kept calling me basically a communist.
And so all this was going on, and here I am, pro-gun, pro-border, pro-family, pro-free speech, pro-Bill of Rights Constitution, and he kept saying, you're not a veteran, are you?
You didn't serve this country, did you?
And I said, you know what?
I said, General Benton K. Parton will say the same thing I say, Colonel Craig Roberts, all these people, Admiral Moore.
I said, don't try that.
I said, you know, you really are disgracing the uniform and what it stands for.
Of course, I said that after the host came back from break and said, well, here's what InfoWars.com, the type of articles InfoWars.com has on it.
The host was kind of quietly supporting me.
The host says, they've got an article here, Reuters, that says the Pentagon's going to watch everything we eat, everything we read, everything we do.
No Fourth Amendment.
And the captain says, well, what's the big deal with that?
This keeps us safe.
You know, the traffic cameras.
At which point I finally blew up.
I said, folks, do you know what you're hearing?
And then the calls came in.
Yeah, let them watch it.
It's good.
Shut up, Tommy!
And I'd say, oh, so you're going to turn your guns in.
That's right, we are.
We like Bush.
So I have to tell you, the Crown...
The crown of neocon mindless idiocy goes to Louisiana.
And of course, it was always Democrat.
It's still mindless liberal.
They just call it conservative now.
And I'm not attacking the people of Louisiana.
We have a massive listenership there.
There's an incredible group, a large core of great people in that state.
But, but, there is a large contingent of all the places I've been on the radio...
It is the most New World Order loving I've seen.
It was absolutely unbelievable.
I have never... I counted it.
Seven times callers would come on and say, You've been smoking that wacky tobacco.
What you been smoking, boy?
And then the captain would go, You're just a squirrel, aren't you?
You're just a squirrel.
And the callers would go, You're just a squirrel, aren't you?
You're just a squirrel.
You're a liar.
You're a liar.
You're a liar.
I'd say, what am I lying about?
You're just a liar.
And I'd go, wait, Bush is rubbing borders.
So what?
He wants your guns.
I don't care.
He's expanding the size of government.
I mean, it was incredible.
And giggling and laughing and chardling.
It was just so funny.
And I was almost crying.
Not that they were attacking me.
I could care less.
But that there was this wanton lust to be a slave.
This wanton idiocy to turn their guns in.
This wanton... Everything our veterans have fought and died for, they despise it.
Man, the neocons.
This Trojan horse has really taken over.
We'll be right back.
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I'm not going to say much more about being on that radio show in Louisiana yesterday, but the listeners would deny that Bush was trying to reestablish the Bush assault weapons ban and add stuff to it, trying to reestablish the Clinton assault weapons ban, and then they'd say,
You're some type of communist agent, aren't you, trying to discredit Bush?
And even when the host said, well, no, it's true, they're going to do that, it was, okay, well, that's fine then.
And then a guy calls in and says, Alex, I'm in the military.
We know what you're talking about.
We appreciate you.
Keep it up.
These guys aren't able to discredit you.
And then that guy gets hung up on.
Another caller comes on and says, what army was that guy in?
Was he in the raghead army?
You go on.
Oh, you go on and join the ragheads.
And to that I said, well, that's real nice.
Say something racist.
I go, don't worry.
All this tyranny is going to be for white people, too.
And then they go, oh, he doesn't like white people either.
The caller and the guest that I was arguing with.
Then it moved out into, oh, I was attacking white people.
See how this works?
I'm saying, oh, don't worry.
You think the tyranny is just for these illegals and just for foreigners.
That's how the media has tried to frame it.
Oh, no, this is for citizens.
The FBI training books don't say anything about Muslims.
It's all about white Christians.
Don't worry.
It's for you.
But they couldn't understand that, could they?
And they didn't want to understand that.
So there I was, facing this, dealing with this, watching this, and to have 75% of the callers just giggling and laughing.
It was so funny to just make a joke out of all the tyranny that's coming down on us.
Total denial.
Even when the host was admitting that I was right, that what I had said was true, they decided it wasn't true, and when confronted with the facts, said, so what?
We'll turn our guns in.
And a caller said, what's so good about the Fourth Amendment against unreasonable search and seizure?
Of course, they didn't say that.
They don't even know what it is.
So it was this celebration of the death of America.
And I was there for an hour during the celebration of the death of America, of everything our veterans have fought and died for.
It's now un-American to love the Bill of Rights and Constitution and what George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry stood for, fought for, bled for, gave their treasure, and in many cases their lives for.
That's funny now!
This was a sample of the state of Louisiana.
So if you live in Louisiana, maybe you can comment about it.
Perhaps you heard that show yesterday.
I know it was in all their cities and towns.
I mean, what do you think of this mindset?
And what is it about Louisiana?
Because I've been on in all 50 states, from Hawaii to Alaska to New York to Florida to Wyoming to Las Vegas, Nevada to Dallas, Texas.
And, you know, when I'm on in Dallas or something, we get a higher rate of callers calling in disagreeing, maybe 30%, whereas usually it's about 1 out of 30.
They call in and disagree, and they'll say, well, why are you saying that?
Well, what's your proof?
Well, I find that hard to believe.
But you give them evidence, they'll go, man, I'm going to check that out.
That's scary.
You can at least, though, get them to think.
I've been on liberal radio, and we'll take 20 calls on, say, Pacific.
Everybody agrees.
One person calls in and goes, well, I think you're a fascist.
You know, big government's good, but you can still try to convince them.
But I have never experienced anything like Louisiana.
And I've been on other shows there, and everybody calls and agrees, on shows, I guess, that talk about this stuff routinely.
But to have that level of willful, deliberate ignorance,
And saying the Fourth Amendment, what's so good about it?
Hey, let's have the Pentagon watch every American.
This is good.
And that is diametrically opposed to what this country was founded on, what it's all about.
You can't get any worse than that.
Toll-free number to join us, 800-259-9231.
Coming up, Navy to use RFID technology in Iraq, tracking chips.
The illegitimate government makes new plans for a war against North Korea to be launched as early as October.
New developments on that.
North Korea says South Korea warships intent on sparking sea clash.
They've got the national draft lined up for you and your family.
Iran says they don't want to go to war, but they're ready for war.
Mexico's Fox seeks closer ties with Russia.
And how the Pentagon's going to spy on you.
The newest developments on that.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hello, everybody.
My name is Bob Barefoot.
I'm here today to introduce Bob Barefoot's Best Coral Calcium Supreme Plus.
It has twice as much of the high-grade marine coral calcium from 03-44-38.
Not yet available in Iowa.
That's toll-free 888-803-4438.
All right, I'm about to go straight to your calls.
Then into the impending war with North Korea, Iran, and Syria.
The national draft, they're lining up.
The universal draft for women and men.
Suddenly can't pronounce the word women.
Women and men.
We'll be getting into that, the Navy to use RFID tracker chips on the population in Iraq, trying to phase that in when the Navy developed it in the first place.
That's the headline, Navy to use RFID technology in Iraq.
The battle plans for North Korea, some of the latest developments, it's all coming up.
But right now, let's go ahead and talk to Bob in Colorado.
Bob, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good morning, Alex.
How you doing?
Well, things could be worse.
I hear that.
I just heard that the Congress is working or passing a bill.
I don't know.
I don't think it's passed yet, but they're working and passing a bill to abolish the posse comitatus.
Now, if that does go through, I feel the...
The people that own radios, shortwave, and other items of defense and Christians better get a plan together to get to work.
Your show in Louisiana was very informative, but sad.
But you would have received the same on Limbaugh, Giddy, or Savage.
We know what the difference is.
There was a stacked deck against you to begin with.
But it's good that you went on, because you might evidently, you know, accidentally inform some of those people, and they might take it to heart and start looking, because the trouble today is lack of information.
Bob, did you hear the show?
No, I didn't, Alex.
I can't get all of the shows.
No, I understand.
Well, you're in another state, but the reason I mentioned how I got attacked on this syndicated show was because...
The people said, we're conservative, we're going to turn our guns in.
That's fine.
And about 30 days after they turn them in, you know what's going to happen?
Those people are going to fill up the compounds first.
Which the government now admits they've built hundreds of large ones, several that hold over a million people apiece.
But for those that don't know what posse commentatus is and what it means to not have posse commentatus, why don't you tell the listeners?
Well, it was passed after the Civil War.
And this was before the... You see, the government, Abraham Lincoln, used troops against other people in the United States.
You know, they declared the war.
Well, after the war, there was a bill passed in Congress called Posse Comitatus.
And it said that the government cannot use troops...
For police action or other actions against the people of the United States.
Yeah, for those that don't know, for over a decade after the end of the Civil War, for about 11 years, Northern troops ravaged the South.
My family owned a hotel in downtown Teague, Texas.
And it's a historical marker.
The northern troops came in, raped and killed everyone, the women, burned the building to the ground, and this type of stuff happened everywhere.
They put in an occupational government in the Texas capital that had to be removed by force on two separate occasions by the Texans.
All over the country this was happening.
Generals even went out of control from the federal government and set up their own little robbing operations, looting operations all over the country and into the West and set up their own little viceroy districts.
And for those that don't understand what we're saying, Saddam used troops to control his population.
Hitler did it.
Pol Pot.
Fidel Castro.
Mexico uses them.
In a tyranny, you have troops on the streets running checkpoints, searching cars, searching homes.
In a free society, you don't.
Troops on the streets is the hallmark of a police state.
And now they're going to get rid of it, and the laws they're trying to pass... A couple years ago, I had the former head JAG officer, Judge Advocate General, on...
Yes, sir.
If he would permit it, I'd like to give my phone number out.
I'm in western Colorado, but I'd like to give my phone number out for those that are like-minded people.
It doesn't have to be in Colorado, but that's where I'm at.
We've got to work together.
Bob, I'm not trying to be mean, but if I let you give your number out about five years ago, I'd let people do this, and suddenly it became like a swap meet.
I appreciate it, and I know what your problems are, Alex, but I'll tell you, we have to work together.
Those of us that are like-minded, we cannot sit back and wait any longer.
We have to make plans.
We have to do these things now.
Because I don't know how much longer the radio will be on if Posse Comitatus has passed.
It may be on for a couple of years.
I don't know.
I appreciate the call.
All right.
And if you get a website and form an organization, Take Back Colorado or something along those lines...
Then I will, you can come on the show and of course plug your website.
I just am not in the business of phone numbers because people give them out wrong and then some little old lady gets 150 phone calls.
Chuck in Texas.
Chuck, you're on the air.
Good morning, Alex.
Go ahead.
How you doing?
You had not mentioned the station.
Was it Clear Channel, Viacom, or would you rather not say?
Well, no.
For those that just joined us yesterday, I was on the Louisiana Radio Network.
I've been on the show probably eight times from memory.
And the show isn't bad.
It's the guy they had me up against to argue with and the particular callers, because normally most of the callers agree with me.
Yesterday, it was, we're conservative, turning our guns in as conservative.
They were actually saying this.
And you're a liberal because you're pro-guns.
They were actually saying stuff like this.
I was blown away by how people are actually big socialist government, corrupt government lovers, and still psychologically think they're the good guys.
Well, the television has turned a lot of these folks into parrots and monkeys.
They just repeat what they say, you know, what they hear.
And I have the same problem here with talk radio news.
You know, living in San Antonio, I won't mention any of the stations, but they are the Clear Channel I can't even get on, the Viacom station.
I get the same kind of ridicule.
But like I say, it's good to go on because some of these people that laugh at you one day, when the government gets a hold of them, they just might change their tune and, you know, remember what you had said.
Well, absolutely, and this corrupt government is our biggest recruiter.
You know, we plant these seeds, and many of them don't sprout until the tyranny comes along and steps on those people that were laughing, but...
Imagine saying Bush is going to reauthorize the assault weapons ban and add stuff to it, including a semi-automatic shotgun ban, and to have listeners go, you're a liar, you're a liberal secretly trying to undermine Bush, and the host says, no, we've done two shows on that, that's true, even the NRA says that, and the callers go, fine, we'll turn our guns in.
That's the new conservatism.
We'll turn our guns in.
You're a liberal for standing up for America.
Even our most conservative talk show host here in San Antonio, he will agree with me on points of the UN and things like that.
But they always try to lead you off the subject, start talking about the Spurs basketball team or something else.
They just do not want you to get on there constantly and turn the show into fighting the New World Order.
And I've mentioned to them before about, well, if Gore would have gotten in, at least it would have kept people in the conservative community going.
Fighting against this sort of thing, because Clinton couldn't have gotten these weapons bans passed, or if he had, at least people would have fought against him instead of going along with him.
And, you know, with the universal draft, I'm sure they would call you a draft dodger if you said you were against that.
Exactly, and the new universal draft is national service.
All high school students, people up to 26, out of high school, most of it, they've said, is going to be highway checkpoints.
They give you, it says on the plan, gray uniforms.
You're going to help the cops at internal checkpoints search cars, warrant service, fugitive apprehension.
They're in some of the training courses in Boston.
Oh, Italy.
Like Mussolini's Italy.
That's what it was all based on.
The public-private partnerships.
Then you get the youth in.
The mothers and the young girls.
We can't say that anymore, though.
They're getting the young men into this, too.
Yeah, for those that don't know, Mussolini wrote, Hitler wrote and talked about it.
First you get the women, then you've got the children, so follow the men.
And Hitler and Mussolini would target women.
It's not that women are dumb.
The propaganda was targeted at them predominantly, and they would line the parades with women because when young men see women for something, they're going to go out and say they're for it.
I got out of high school in 1972, and I can tell you it works.
As far as what the left was doing at that time, it can really turn your head around.
I mean, just because you just don't want to be called crazy or you want to be able to get a date or whatever.
That's it.
They get the young women into something.
It's the style.
The men just fall right in line.
Thanks for the call.
You bet.
Thank you.
Tom in Maryland.
Tom, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
I wanted to start off by telling you that, again, that I really appreciate the work of your films and that anyone who doesn't have them should get them.
And the last time I called, I had a little quote, and I wanted to get it absolutely correct.
And it's from Terrorism on the Homefront from Police State 3.
And it says,
Or homemade signs that say things like, get the U.S.
out of the U.N.
or fight the New World Order.
Their license plates may name fictitious places like the Embassy of Heaven or Ouachita Nation.
And that applies to, like, your entire audience.
And I also wanted to comment about your frustration on the radio show you were on.
It doesn't really surprise me.
I'm 31.
I started reading the spotlight.
We're good to go.
Having started that, reading that, and getting that point of view so many years ago, I have since had many, many... I even have a stack of constitutions around here right now.
I've given very, very few of them out over the years because very, very few people are interested in them.
Most people get the kind of government they deserve.
And if it comes down to microchips going into everybody, most of the people who accept them and suffer the consequences of living under this...
We're good to go.
I think?
Right down to turning in their guns and accepting a microchip.
And if they think that people like the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds are going to be running around with microchips in their children, they're out of their minds.
But that's basically all I had to say, Alex.
Well, I do appreciate the call, Tom.
Good to hear from you.
Keep the great work up.
And I want people to understand that I was amazed by this interview yesterday because many of you have heard me on your local talk station.
And I'll be there, and they'll take 30 calls in a two-hour interview on some big, clear channel covering 30 states.
And every person but, say, on average, one will agree.
They're all well-spoken.
They understand what's happening.
They've seen things.
It can even be hostile, a hostile host.
And still people call in predominantly and have awoken to what's happening, but they all feel like they're alone and nobody else thinks like them.
But yesterday, to have people call me the liberal because I'm pro-gun, pro-border, pro-sovereignty, and then to be faced with the fact that Bush wants the most draconian gun control legislation ever seen, and to have them celebrate that and say, so what?
You know you're in trouble.
So it's some of the most conservative areas...
Totally have bought the labels, not the substance.
The very things all these neocons talk about is form over substance.
Oh, we're about substance.
No, they're not.
They're just another flavor of the same old New World Order trash.
And you're losing your rights and your children are.
Lou in Colorado, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Lou.
Hi, Alex.
How are you doing?
I got a feeling that that talk show that you were on, you know, and one thing I tell my friends that
About your show.
He doesn't have anybody analyzing what you're going to say first, which is really unusual on a talk show.
And they're shocked at that.
You can't be held off because they don't like what you're going to say ahead of time.
But you don't have that with your show.
But I got a feeling that your show, what happened in Louisiana...
Somebody was set up.
There were people calling in.
Either that or you had the most stupidest people calling in.
Well, I'll say this.
Of about 15 of the callers that agreed with this guy, about 10 of them called him by first name, said they enjoyed playing tennis with him two days ago.
So that is true.
Most of them were his personal friends.
Yeah, I mean, there's something there.
I mean, you've got people making such outlandish statements.
What's good about the Fourth Amendment or...
I'm a gun rights person, but that's okay to come out.
Something's not right, you know?
Well, you know, you do point that out.
Most of the callers that called in that agreed with this guy, the guy I was debating, said, how's your wife doing?
Saw you over there with Leroy.
I mean, they were doing that.
And this is a statewide radio program, and yeah, it was... Tell you what, stay there.
I'll let you finish up on the other side.
Yeah, I've been on that show about...
At least seven other times before that and never had this happen.
So it tells me that, yeah, you're right, something was going on.
By the way, this guy I was debating was defending the CIA and talking about how he worked with them in Laos.
So that tells you a lot right there, doesn't it?
Turn your guns in.
It's conservative.
...with no obligation of any kind.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
As I've said, my friends, I'm an ultra-liberal.
I'm for getting rid of the Federal Reserve, getting rid of most of the illegal, unconstitutional federal taxes, 110% pro-Second Amendment for no-gun laws, want to control our borders, want national sovereignty, want us out of the UN.
I'm a commie.
If you're a conservative, you're anti-free speech, anti-liberty, anti-gun, pro-open borders, I'm beginning to learn the new political paradigm.
And I'm not joking.
They always flip-flop terms.
So, we're the new liberals, folks.
Because we're pro-America.
Understand that.
And that's the way they frame it.
Oh, we're pro-America.
Give all your rights up.
Give us your guns.
Let the Pentagon watch you.
Let the government grow at record rates.
Or you're not with America.
You're not with the war.
And they said the war is going to last 100 years.
You know about those public statements all over the news by our officials.
We're talking to Lou in Colorado, then we'll go to Wyatt, Dave, Kevin, Dave, and others.
But you were talking, Lou, about the stage calls.
And I hadn't really thought of that at the time I was thinking about it, but I'd forgotten so much happened in that interview that was all over the state of Louisiana yesterday on like 16 stations.
That most of the people that were calling me names and laughing at me were going, How's the colonel doing, Captain?
I saw you and your lovely wife last week.
So it was his little buddies.
That's certainly clear.
Is that what you think was going on?
Without a doubt.
Without a doubt.
I mean, I've been on talk shows myself, but I mean, I get a feeling definitely this is,
I mean, it's just too bizarre.
Some guy's saying it's okay, give them up.
These people were being set up somewhere along the way.
One other thing is that I had a friend of mine, and I've been telling him about you, he's a pretty bright guy out in Illinois, but he says, who is this guy?
What's his background?
He says, because he was doing some checking, he said there was a professor at Harvard which names Alex Jones as a radio show.
Now, you're not related to him, are you?
No, Alex Jones has a weekly show on NPR.
Yeah, and he says, well, get a bio from this guy.
What's he about?
I said, well, I don't know your...
Are you going to be listening in the next hour?
Yes, I am.
Okay, well, sometime early in the next hour, I'll spend five minutes on who Alex Jones is because I don't really talk a lot about myself unless I'm using an example from life experience to illustrate something.
But I'll tell you about Alex Jones in the next hour.
Okay, and the other thing I mentioned is I get stuff sometimes from Hillsdale College and Primus.
Really good piece.
Here, it has to do with the borders.
Now, here's a girl, I suppose.
Her name's Michelle Malkin.
She was a former editorial writer for Seattle Times and Los Angeles Daily News.
Writes a syndicate account for Creator Syndicate and appears in over 100 papers nationwide.
She had a book.
Lou, I'm going to have to put you on hold again and let you talk in the next hour because I've got to plug my videos in this hour and come back.
So we'll put you on hold.
And I'll get to all these other callers as well in more of the news, and I'll tell you about myself since I get so many emails and calls about it.
But right now, I produce nine documentary films.
If you want to have something informative that unlocks the minds of 90% of those that see them, then you need my videos, and you support this broadcast and my staff and my office.
And the more videos we sell, the more films we're able to produce, the higher the quality.
And my films are professionally produced.
I've made nine of them.
Police State 3 Total Enslavement is my newest video.
Two hours and 37 minutes long, covers Patriot Act 1 and 2, Homeland Security, government white slavery rings, the government-sponsored terrorism, dozens of examples of that.
Also, you want to get 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, about September 11th.
You want to get my book, Descent into Tyranny?
Go to InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com to order them, or call toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
Get in the fight.
Start waking people up now.
Resistance is not futile.
1-888-253-3139 or infowars.com or net.
Again, that's 888-253-3139.
Second and third hour, straight ahead.
Stay with me.
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The big government creating and promoting globalists figured out how to take this country over.
They learned to camouflage their agents as so-called conservatives who tell you some of what you want to hear, but their actions are all un-American.
They now say you are liberal if you're pro-gun, pro-family, pro-border, pro-sovereignty.
I hear it more and more.
Being anti-gun is the new loving, compassionate conservatism.
Being anti-family.
And they say, oh, you've got to be for America by giving all your rights up.
Now, I know we've got loaded phones, and I want to get to everybody.
So everybody stay right there.
Real quick, Lew in Colorado was trying to finish up something he was saying, talking about a syndicated columnist in his area of Colorado that wrote an editorial.
Go ahead, sir.
Go ahead, Lou.
Her book was called Invasion.
This falls in line with what you had been saying.
It's called How America Still Welcomes Terrorist, Criminals, and Other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores.
And I find that here's somebody totally unrelated to your thing, but saying the same thing last year.
She said there was over 105 foreign nationals suspected of terrorism and vowed to receive U.S.
visas because of lapse in new background checks.
It's a lot worse than that, sir.
I mean...
And a quick thing here on people that don't understand that you don't have to have rights taken away in order to do certain things to protect you.
A quick thing, the people of the state of Pennsylvania in ratification of the Constitution made a statement that those inalienable and personal rights of men without full and free and secure enjoyment of which there can be no liberty and over which it is not necessary for a good government to have control.
That's the smarts they had back then.
Thanks for the call.
Okay, Alex.
The government doesn't give us our rights.
They come from God.
The government is illegitimate when it becomes destructive of those ends, and it's our right and our duty to replace that government.
Declaration of Independence.
Now being told the police are being trained.
That's a terrorist document.
Let's talk to Wyatt in Maryland.
Then we'll go to Dave, Kevin, Dave, and others.
Wyatt, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Can you hear me?
Oh, good, good.
Listen, first, I agree with this caller.
He kind of stole my thunder a little bit.
You were set up on that radio station.
You've been on there seven times, so they knew what you were about.
And then you were knocked down by the people who want to promote globalism to a point that you know what it's all about.
Same thing we do here.
I've got a call with a bunch of friends of mine, and we'll get on a radio station.
And bombard a guest that's super liberal or communist or socialist or whatever, and we'll do the same thing.
So that's what happened to you.
But I was only pointing this out because...
You know, these guys were saying, I don't care if Bush wants my guns, I'll turn them in.
I'm conservative, you're a liberal.
And the caller was right.
A bunch of them were calling in saying hi to the guy that I was debating, asking, how's your wife?
Hey, did you see Bobby the other day?
I mean, they were literally buddies.
It was staged.
A lot of the callers were staged.
Sure, it was staged.
The unfortunate part was that the other listeners that listened to that radio station were listening to that point of view.
But I'll tell you, it was totally incoherent.
Callers would call in who sounded very intelligent, very well spoken, left and right, agreeing with me, and they would cut them off.
I'd like to talk about Eric Robert Rudolph for just a second.
I know it's off topic a little bit.
No, that's okay.
In 1995, I was attending common law court sessions up in Pennsylvania, and a friend of mine traveled looking for job opportunities, and he went down to North Carolina.
He brought back a paper, the Observer, I think it was the Fayetteville Observer, because it had this article in there about common law court.
Of course, it was anti-common law court article.
And in the article, they mentioned that they strayed from common law court to a group of people
In the western part of Carolina.
Hey, I'll tell you what.
Stay there.
I want to hear about this.
Sounds interesting on the other side, Wyatt.
Stay right there.
We'll be back in three minutes.
And we'll go to Kevin, Dave, David, and others.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The casual society control grid, infallible microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
Only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
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Five, already eight minutes and ten seconds into the second hour of this worldwide edition of the Alex Jones Show.
I will start getting into more of this World War III news and what's happening with the economy, the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
Pentagon is going to put armored black, we have a photo of it on Infowars.com, armored black Humvees with huge...
I think?
Before they tried to frame Richard Jewell and others for the Olympic Park bombing in 1996, that you saw an article out of North Carolina about common law courts.
Go ahead.
Okay, within the article, it strayed from common law courts after it demonized those and moved on to a group of men in the western part of North Carolina
Around the town of Otto, O-T-T-T-O, which is about five miles south of Franklin, where the FBI took over when they were looking for Eric Robert Rudolph.
And that's when they took over the town in force.
And for those that don't know, they built a black helicopter base.
It was in the newspaper.
Five black helicopters, checkpoints, searching everybody.
So this was prior to any of this happening.
Well, in this article, they were saying that these men believe that this group of men, they have a farm, a large farm there, and they train people in militia, and that they believe that the government is illegitimate.
And that they have large caches of weapons and food.
Well, just so happens that that's exactly where they went.
When they went down there in 1997, when they were looking for Eric Robert Rudolph, was in that area.
In fact, Murphy, North Carolina, is only 35 miles west of Franklin, where he was picked up.
And so I just find that very suspicious.
Not only that, in the article they also said that Colonel Bo Gray had visited that area in order to give his class that he was giving on military training and sniper, blah, blah, blah, blah.
And, of course, I believe that he is just a spy for intelligence.
And then, of course, that's where they went down there and did all this work.
Not only that, you used to have a sponsor?
Who built .50 caliber guns out of the Phoenix area?
Colonel Bo Grace, when I was listening to his radio station one day, he gave a total detailed description of how to get to this man's property and what it looked like.
Two weeks later, he was arrested.
When the gun wasn't even illegal.
Well, look, I don't want to get off into stuff like that.
That's speculation.
One other final thing, and I'll hang up.
This mad cow disease, I do believe that the hoof and mouth that spread throughout Europe was deliberate.
I believe it was to crash the economy so that they would mercifully accept the European Union.
And I do expect similar things to happen here as they go with the Amero dollar and want to spread that.
Well, I don't know why you have to believe that or speculate.
The British government admitted that two months before foot and mouth popped up four years ago...
We're good to go.
I think?
And then, Wyatt, I predicted that the government would say cows cause too much runoff, their flatulence causes global warming.
They were already saying that.
You can't restock your cows and sheep.
And then the BBC came out.
They did exactly that and drove the farmers off their land because it was the farmers that were refusing to go along with the euro.
And you were absolutely right.
That's right.
That's the same thing we'll do here if there's a resistance against the Amero movement and the open borders.
Because if you destroy the beef and poultry industry or whatever it is, you collapse the entire economy.
That's how people are able to pay their property taxes.
Good points.
Thanks, Alex.
And my family isn't ranching in East Texas since 1830.
We know what we're talking about.
And if we didn't have that, we wouldn't be able to pay the property tax, the rent we pay on land we do not really own.
So what he said is absolutely on target, and then it will all be controlled by a big industrialized farming and ranching, big agribusiness.
And 30 states, last time I checked, three years ago, have passed the laws where you go under martial law, there's one case of foot and mouth, they will lock down almost all the farms and ranches.
The Army, according to the Pioneer Press in Minnesota, and we have the head of the Ag Department on, the Army will go door to door and give you food and not let you leave your farm or ranch, and they may go ahead and kill all your livestock.
So it's all about total siege, and they've always got an excuse to do it.
Let's go ahead and talk to Kevin, then we'll talk to Dave and Dave and Ron and others.
Kevin in Texas, you're on the air, Kevin.
I'm one myself, and you know my situation with the corporation.
Sir, I missed the first thing you said.
Go ahead and start over.
Well, my family's also fifth-generation Texan, you know, 130 years on this one particular property, cattle.
No, I've got corporations trying to steal my land right now.
We all know the situation.
It's a private property grab.
Alex, what I wanted to talk about, I went to the gun show in Houston this weekend, and I had your videos, Eric Cuff Smith, George Humphrey stuff, and it's the biggest gun show in Texas, and I expected to do pretty well until I realized...
There wasn't going to be any video equipment allowed.
There wasn't going to be any anti-government documents allowed.
I wouldn't have been able to sell copies of the Constitution, apparently, by their definition.
I thought, well, I've got some American flags.
I'll turn them upside down and make a little display that will be eye-catching, at least bring people toward me.
Oh, no, that wasn't allowed.
They ripped those down.
We're good to go.
I met some interesting people.
For those that don't know, Kevin works with us and goes to the gun shows and sells my videos around Texas.
You're saying now that anti-government material isn't allowed, and I guess, as you said, according to the guidelines that the police hand out, constitutions are now illegal.
And I'm not joking.
It's pretty anti-government.
We have this on video.
I mean, that's what it was written for.
But also, at the same time, the Houston Chronicle has now banned gun sale ads, and they're classified.
It was an uphill battle.
So what did they say to you when they came around, and what were they saying about no anti-government stuff allowed?
Oh, they handed out publications for you to read and make sure you didn't have any of these things.
Do you have a copy of that?
I might be able to get one.
The person I was doing the booth with, she sent it off to her people to explain why she wasn't going to be able to sell phasers,
Pepper spray, all the things that she usually sells the most of.
That's now anti-government, okay.
Of course.
But I tell you, I met a lot of great people.
I met oral execs that said, hey, you don't have to tell me.
I've spent 15 of the last 20 years abroad.
I'm well aware of it.
Marines that had been discharged in around 2000 for medical reasons that can't be re-upped.
And they said, look, the last two years I was in, every single drill, every single training session we went through had some sort of
Joint operational, foreign command, distasteful, unconstitutional thing they were pushing on me, and I was glad to be out of it, he said.
I had a man come up, I had maybe ten people at the table, comes up, gives me a couple crazy looks and says, he sounds just like Scott Ritter, and I said, a hero of mine.
And he started to walk away, I said, where are the weapons of mass destruction?
I said, oh yeah, they're in Syria and Iran now.
And he goes, you need help, you need mental help.
And I quoted Carl Jung in his
His comment about denial being the most base form of mental illness.
But, I mean, look, you notice now that they're using Soviet-style terms.
You're mentally ill.
See, they're talking just like the liberals.
You need help.
As he walked away and wouldn't face me.
I mean, I'll let people take the opening salvo on me every time.
I can defend myself.
I did meet a man in Louisiana that does a similar show as your access show.
He's in Lafayette, Louisiana, and his name is Colonel Tom Parker.
His show is called The Freedom Forum, so if you folks are in Louisiana, give him a look to his show.
All right, Kevin, what else is on your mind?
Well, this is the last thing.
You know, you've got a strong opinion.
I mean, not an opinion.
You've got a strong personality.
If you say things about yourself like you're about to in a little while when you explain some of your background, people will think you may be boasting.
And I want to take the opportunity to boast for you and what we're doing.
A couple of months ago, people may be aware, we distributed your video to the Texas House.
We targeted the Democrats.
We targeted the Hispanics from the Valley and West Texas.
When this Chicken Democrats thing went about and they went to Oklahoma, there were some comments about a federal takeover and they weren't having any part of it.
As you know, George Humphrey's books and CDs were distributed to every member.
We had an influence.
Your videos being distributed by a little person going door to door, whether they could admit it or not, had an influence on the law.
And then they admitted, they later got mad that Homeland Security was used to go after them.
Well, that's what they were passing.
And then those very Democrats voted against funding the biometric grid being hooked up with the feds.
Well, you know, what they were passing on the state legislature right now in Texas and everywhere else
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
His mother writes songs with Willie and Waylon and Chris Christopherson.
Don't worry.
They got the video.
They've seen it.
That's why they made the comment.
The other day, Mike Hanson got a letter from somebody.
I tell you what, stay there.
We'll talk about it on the other side.
Yeah, folks are waking up.
We'll be right back.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Defending the republic from enemies, foreign and domestic, we look at politicians' actions, their policies, not their rhetoric.
Kevin calling from Austin, Texas, and I'm going to go to Dave in Missouri.
David in Delaware, Ron New York, Curtis, Louisiana, and others.
Wyatt, we already went to Wyatt.
Let's go ahead and go back to Kevin.
We are having an effect, Kevin, and we're exposing the control paradigm.
And I knew years ago that Willie Nelson and some of those guys had seen the TV show because they live here in Austin and were aware of the New World Order.
But a lot of people are waking up, and that's what it's all about.
But you were going to say something?
Go ahead.
Oh, well, you know, Willie does do that satellite commercial now.
When he's driving around in his tour bus, he can listen to any satellite station he chooses.
So I wonder if he's listening to you on the road.
But about the Dixie Chicks though, we'd had a confirmation from someone that's friends with Willie and then we got a letter and I thought Mike would have already handed it to you because he asked Mike to personally hand it to you, but this is the gentleman that
Well, he stated that a month before they made their comment that he had given the video and that they confirmed about three weeks before they made that comment
So, uh,
I'll let you go.
Resistance is not futile and everyone needs to keep up the work.
Just because you're a little person doesn't mean you can't have an influence.
All of us know city council people, county commissioners that we're friends with.
Approach them away from their work.
Approach them on a friendly basis and test your friendships.
You need a sponsor.
You need someone to bring this onto the docket from the inside, not the outside.
Let's resist this stuff and see what we can do.
Yeah, that's the thing.
You've got the idiot peace activists who are out there chanting socialist lines.
The socialist groups they're members of are publicly funded by the CFR and Carnegie and Rockefeller Endowment for a controlled opposition to make anti-war look dumb.
And then they should all be in the Statehouse giving them information, talking to them, lobbying, but they've trained them how to just go protest in the streets so the feds can hire provocateurs to cause a crisis so they have an excuse to put them in FEMA camps.
Well, all those things are true.
You know, at the first big war rally we had after war started, I tried to get Robert Jensen, the journalism professor, organizer of the marches,
I tried to give him ten people to go up to the CIA lecture and confront these people.
He wanted no part of it.
And that was the lecture where former director of the CIA said it's World War IV, we're taking over, and then a month later he said it on CNN.
Thanks for the call.
Okay, Alex.
Keep up the good work.
Yeah, good to hear from you.
That's exciting stuff.
And, yeah, Mike should give me those letters.
Let's go ahead and now talk to Dave in Missouri.
Dave, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Maine, welcome.
Yeah, Dave in Maine up here.
Look, I was going to comment about the askle you had yesterday on the radio program, Louisiana.
Look, I won't shut my mouth about all I've learned up here either, just like you.
And I've been accused on more than one occasion of being a communist.
And the way I respond to that is I ask the person if he can cite me three out of the ten blanks of the Communist Manifesto and who wrote it.
And, of course, he gets flustered.
Public school, federal income tax, central bank.
Oh, that's everything we're against.
Right, but the point is they don't even know what communism is.
All they know is it's a bad word and it's something derogatory to call somebody.
Well, I was told I was a communist because I was pro-gun.
These are people who don't even know there's a communist manifesto to read.
So you're dealing with complete idiots.
And it's sad.
We had a, I guess you could call it a libertarian, but it was a non-party candidate up here in the last election for House.
And the slogan that he used was, choose freedom.
And, of course, the antithesis of freedom is slavery.
He got 59 votes out of 2,300 cast.
Nobody wants to be free.
They're happy, stupid, ignorant, slobbering slaves is all they are.
Well, not all of them.
Again, I point out that I've done liberal conservative talk shows from Maine to Texas, and almost everybody calls in and agrees and is intelligent and informed.
Police, military, doctors, lawyers, auto mechanics.
But this particular show, it was, being pro-gun is evil, we're conservative, you're a liberal.
And I was, wait, that's liberal.
No, no.
That's loving.
You're anti-American and you're for freedom.
And I was, what?
So, you know, this new scrambling of terms, Dave, blows me away.
Thanks for the great points.
All right, Dave and Ron, Curtis and others, stay with me.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hello, folks.
This is Alex Jones.
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And then, of course, rebroadcast 1 a.m.
I'm here.
until 4 a.m.
overnight as well.
We're about to go back to your calls.
I do have some news I've got to hit before this second hour ends.
Coming up here in about 26 minutes.
People have been calling in a lot asking, Who is Alex Jones?
What's your bio?
What's your information?
It's a very commonly asked question.
And I've got a bio on InfoWars.com.
I guess I should write a longer one for people, but I'm 29 years old.
I have, and that shocks a lot of people, a lot of our founding fathers were 29 years old, 25 years old, and folks didn't know that.
You should read your history.
And they train us, we're kids until we're 30, and then we've got to work to make money until we're 60, and then, oh, we shouldn't be involved in politics after we're 65, because it's our retirement.
It's our time not to be involved.
We're human beings, ladies and gentlemen.
And I grew up in Rockwall, Texas, outside Dallas.
And, again, I'm talking about myself because listeners have requested it and requested it last hour.
If you're just tuning in, I don't want this to be a idiosyncratic broadcast.
Hi, my dad's a dentist and oral surgeon.
My mother worked for newspapers until I was born, and then a stay-at-home mom, and she's got degrees in political science and stuff, so she's pretty up on all that.
I grew up in a household where they talked about such issues.
My dad was a member of the Young Republicans and a member of the John Birch Society in East Texas growing up and gave speeches around the state, anti-communist speeches.
He was a sophomore in high school to groups of thousands of people, so I kind of have that background too.
But my dad really got out of that after college.
He was just too busy with the family, but he did impart some of that knowledge to me.
That's how it works.
Your kids don't really respond at the time, but later it clicks.
I've always been kind of a history buff.
I read a lot of history books.
Took some history in college, political science, anthropology.
I was always interested in things like that.
And I went to school here in Austin after I got out of high school.
And during college, everything was bad-mouthing America.
Everything was big government's good, the corporations are bad.
And I noticed that it was big corporations funding all this line that big government was good and that big government helped the people.
So I made the connection, why do big corporations want big government?
Well, that's because that's how they control us.
And about nine years ago, I went down and got a public access TV show
Because I would call into talk radio shows and the hosts would make fun of me.
And so I said, well, I'll just give it an AXS TV show.
And within a year of doing that AXS show, it had won Best of Austin.
And the Reader's Poll in the newspaper, which is a big deal, and a local talk station manager about eight years ago called me and said, I'd like to give you a Saturday night show.
Then about a year, that show became number one in its time slot citywide.
Which was unbelievable.
I mean, I was getting better ratings on the stations than the big names they had, like G. Gordon Liddy and Howard Stern.
So they gave me a weeknight show, and by then, even when I was doing the Saturday show, I had had Mark Quaranty and John Statmiller on the broadcast as guests, and they said, we ought to get you a show on Republic Radio.
This was about six years ago, five and a half, six years ago.
And they were on Satellite and Shortwave and a few AM and FM's, and I got on those stations.
And then now the show has grown a hundred times fold, and I've been involved fighting the New World Order.
You see a checkpoint with police, you go up and ask them, why are you violating the Fourth Amendment?
Nobody was standing up for the Branch Davidians.
They were getting a sham civil trial, so I said, let's build them a new memorial church for those that died.
Seats 400.
I snuck into Bohemian Grove three years ago.
And that made international television and news headlines.
And I started making documentary films in 1997.
I heard the UN was taking over the national parks.
I got some friends together, my cousin and my next-door neighbor, and we drove around the country for two weeks and videotaped all the parks being taken over, the UN signs, park rangers threatening to arrest us for calmly, politely asking questions about the UN.
They'd heard we were coming, they said.
And I made America Destroyed by Design, and I told listeners to make copies of the films, because I didn't just want a few thousand copies to go out and nothing to be done with it.
I said, make copies, and so now there are millions and millions of copies of my films out there, and I've made nine of them.
And I'm just somebody that looks at the world as it is, outside the box, in a historical lens of understanding.
There's really not much more to know about me.
I'm just somebody who stood up for America.
Early on, I likened myself to a white blood cell or a T lymphocyte killer cell.
I want to protect America because my family lives in America.
And if my family's going to be free, your family's got to be free.
So I went out to fight the New World Order nine years ago, and that's what I've done now today.
Since I was 20 years old, I've been fighting the New World Order in depth.
And even a few years before I got on AXS TV and then radio, and now syndicated radio, by the time I was 18, I was volunteering for the Republicans.
I was thinking, well, the conservatives aren't perfect, but they're better.
We'll fight this corruption.
And over the years, I learned the NRA is actually there to get your guns, their loyal opposition.
I learned the Republican Party gives you bigger government, more regulation, more control than anyone else, that they are the other wheel or the other tread or the other rail of the New World Order.
And I have interviewed...
Thousands of guests and taken tens of thousands of phone calls and done, over the years, over 1,000 interviews.
I've done 800 and, I don't know, 60 or 70 interviews now since September 11th in the last 21 months.
Before that, I've probably done 500 radio interviews, so I've done, what, probably 1,300, 1,400 radio interviews fighting the New World Order.
And I've got a website, again, a testament to what you can do.
I started InfoWars.com.
In 1998, so that's five years ago, I guess late 97 actually, and now the website gets about four and a half million individual visitors a month and tens of millions of hits every week.
A hit, though, is just somebody clicking on something.
And it's just a testament to what you can do.
And I've gotten letters and phone calls...
From corporate leaders from Japan to England, I've gotten midnight phone calls by former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman.
I've found out that if you just stand up and speak out and are bold and have courage, you can affect change.
And that power is not given, it is taken.
And that we're in the right, all we want is our liberties left alone and our freedoms, and the usurpers aren't going to stop.
They'll go as far as you give.
It's the very nature, and I know we're in a life-and-death struggle against the globalists.
And if you want to know, I guess, about my family, my mother comes from Alsatian and Rhine Germans from two parts of Germany, southern and central Germany, and they came into Texas in the 1840s.
And my father's family came into Texas in 1829 and got a Spanish land grant in 1830 in Freestone County.
And my family fought in many of the battles for Texas independence, San Jacinto and other battles, as many Texans did.
And I had family, of course, that came over on the Mayflower.
It doesn't really matter.
You want to know about me, there's not really much there to discuss.
My father's family, a lot of it also traces back to indentured servants that were brought over, again, long before the Revolutionary War in 1776.
Some of my, the German side of my family, most of them commoners, some of them nobility.
I mean, that's really about it, folks.
I get all these questions all the time.
The women in my family are members of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas Association.
I mean, there's really not much more to know.
I've got freedom in my veins.
I love this country.
The globalists are totally wicked, and we've got to stand up against them and fight them.
Bottom line.
And so that's what I do here in Austin, Texas, and now worldwide.
And all of you are just as good leaders, or in many cases, better than I. And my job, my push, is to get you involved in the fight against the New World Order.
So that's the bottom line, my friends.
All of us are leaders, and we don't have a choice.
We must have victory against the globalists.
We're never going to totally defeat evil.
Only God can do that.
But we've got to push it back and restrict it and bar it and overcome it.
And we've got to resist it.
If you don't resist evil, it will grow like a virulent cancer throughout the world into the human soul.
It has now done that.
And we are in desperate straits right now.
All right, I'm about to go to David in Delaware, Ron in New York, Curtis in Louisiana, and others that are holding.
Before I do that, they have just a few left.
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And one more item and then we'll go to your calls.
If you really want to affect change, if you're sick of the lies, if you're sick of people being locked into these paradigms, you've got to shatter those paradigms.
You've got to do it in an area where they're comfortable, sitting on their couch, watching the enemy's device, the television.
That's not evil in and of itself, but it's how it's been employed and used.
Give them Road to Tyranny, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, a two-hour, 24-minute film, 170 minutes on DVD.
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Or you can simply call toll-free again, 1-888-253-3139.
So that's infowars.com or net, or 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704, or 1-888-2533139.
All right, thanks for holding, folks, but I do hope people get the videos and the book.
David in Delaware, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
How are you doing, my friend?
I'm doing all right, sir.
I have a good friend also by the name of Alex.
What I was calling you for...
A few different things here I would like to touch on, not taking too much time to do it.
Back in 1984, we had a group here in Delaware called the Americans for Constitutional Taxation, and we were raided by the U.S.
Postal Service in 1984, and everything was confiscated.
Sounds like 1984.
And George Bush...
George Sr., I guess it would be, signed a bill to where the U.S.
Postal Service could conduct raids.
So we had two U.S.
Postal Service trucks backed up to the buildings that we occupied for the American Party headquarters.
Well, Bush Sr., former CIA director, the ambassador that opened up Communist China, the guy that was a U.N.
ambassador, and he's a super New World Order minion.
He created FinCEN, Financial Crimes Enforcement.
He created dozens of new armed agencies.
He passed federal laws to fund SWAT teams locally.
This is the guy giving you the phony drug war.
Now we have triple the heroin, double the cocaine on the streets.
That's right.
They also said that we were very dangerous not because of our weapons or anything, because there was a militia involved, but because of what we knew.
We were trying to get the information out to the American people
Well, sir, do you know what you were?
You're the guy who hits the barbed wire so the other people can run over you.
I know.
Now there's full-page ads in USA Today giving the U.S.
Code where the Federal Reserve is private and the IRS is private.
And I'll mention another thing, Alex.
I sent you a paper last year.
I don't know if it was one or two, but anyway, I had a citizen's arrest for a lady here in Milford, Delaware.
We're leaving her child in a car running with the windows down.
She went into the dollar store to do some shopping.
And I called the police and they had two police cars come out there.
And I said, I'm making a citizen's arrest.
And they said, well, you can't do it.
It's been abolished.
So I called my state representative.
That's not true.
Look, in Texas, you can walk down the street with a shotgun.
It's the law, but they'll still arrest you.
So they'll arrest you even though there's not a law.
That's when you know you've got a police state and you're in tyranny.
I'll let you finish on the other side.
Stay there.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
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We're good to go.
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All right.
David, Ron, Curtis, Carl, others, be patient.
Your calls are coming up.
I did get the... Mike just brought the letter over.
He just got it a few days ago and I hadn't seen him.
He did give me the letter from one of our listeners in Austin that claims that he gave four copies of Road to Tyranny to the Dixie Chicks just a month before they made the statements.
And, you know, it's funny because I never talk about this on the air.
You know, they live here in Austin.
And I actually am friends with, well, somebody who's friends with their producer.
And I've been...
To the recording studio when one of my friends was doing some work, and I know that they are aware of the show.
I've been told that.
And the names in this letter are accurate, the person saying how he got it to them and how he knows one of their husbands.
So I'm going to call and find out if it's true.
Was all this caused because they saw the road to tyranny?
And they tried to punish him for saying they were ashamed of this dictator and the phony war and tried to make it a left-right issue.
But now they're sold out and selling more tickets than ever, so it just goes to show you.
But it's a chilling effect for other people because they don't understand the complexities of it and think, oh, I better shut up or they'll nationally attack me.
No, they can't attack everybody nationally.
They do this to make examples.
So I'll talk about that a little bit later.
I'll read the letter later in the show.
We'll go back to your calls here in just a second.
I need to hit a few of these news articles because they're so vitally important.
I never got to this yesterday.
The Pope said, and I have a statement from the Vatican website, that we need to embrace a new world order global government.
The Pope says the new century must be about embracing a world government.
Now, what does that sound like to you?
Well, that sounds like a par for the course to me.
It's very, very serious.
The U.S.
And here's another one.
makes new plans for war on North Korea.
How about the globalists make plans?
The United States is said to be developing new plans for a war on North Korea that would bypass the demilitarized zone, dividing the two Koreas, and target the leadership in the capital.
The plan is based on the success of U.S.-led forces in Iraq and quickly reaching the capital, Baghdad.
The problem was our special forces were able to pay off the Republican Guard leaders in gold bars, that's now admitted fact, before the war and during the war, and the Iraqis don't take cyanide pills when they're captured.
In every case, they're never able to capture North Koreans.
There's only been a few cases where one of them gets knocked out or something or crashes a helicopter and they're unconscious, you can capture them.
They take cyanide in 99% of the cases.
So that's how mind-controlled they are.
They will not give up, and this will be very serious, and they have medium-range missiles that can hit Europe, Japan, and the U.S., the West Coast.
Some more details of that.
I will detail that more in the next hour and talk about this escalation.
I should have gotten to it earlier.
Right now, let's go back to the calls.
David in Delaware, you had another point you wanted to make before we end this hour.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Another thing I mentioned about that one arrest, well, the year before, I also, a citizen's arrest for a DUI driver, which was his third or fourth offense, and then the state police and the town police were involved, and
We went to court two days, and he should have spent at least five years in jail to give him like 30 days.
Plea bargain with him.
Well, yeah, they plea bargain for real criminals, but then if you're nonviolent, they're going to throw the book at you because you'll make a good prison worker.
That's right.
Hey, little potheads caught with a bag of marijuana spend more time in prison than murderers.
Did you know that?
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
And two other things, if you would, please.
Real quick.
We need to have more information, if you could, on contrails and harp and why people are getting sick with breathing problems.
I have asthma myself, and I've been studying this for several years now.
And also on Church Incorporated, where they are controlled beyond the four walls of the church.
We're talking about 501c3 IRS corporations.
Yeah, the incorporation is what does more damage than the 501c3.
That's why the rubber stamps.
Thanks for the call.
Got to end this hour.
Third hour coming up.
Please stay with us.
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The Aeronizer.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Already into the third and final hour of this worldwide broadcast.
You can hear the show Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 during the day.
That's 11 to 2 during the day Central.
And back from 9 to midnight Central.
The websites are InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com as well as InfoWars.net.
They're all different websites.
Check them all out.
I know we've got loaded phones.
I've got a bunch of news I've got to get to.
There is a stack of it.
We'll never cover it.
It's all very important from land grabbing to World War III to national drafts.
It's all coming up.
But right now, let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
Ron in New York and Curtis, Carl, Howard, and others.
Ron, you're on the air.
Welcome, sir.
Excuse me.
Hi, Alex.
I'm sorry.
How you doing?
I wouldn't get too upset about that situation in Louisiana.
It obviously sounded like it was a rigged and stacked deck.
Well, for those that don't know, that was in the first hour.
I was on a syndicated show that covers the whole state of Louisiana, and they had this guy on there to debate me,
And, yeah, people were calling in going, hey, buddy, how you doing?
How's your wife doing?
All those buddies.
And they were saying that I was a liberal because I'm pro-gun and that Bush is an anti-gun.
And it was totally mindless.
You know a way to cut these phonies off at the legs, and they are phonies, is next time put forth a proposition right on the air when you talk to them.
Matter of fact, maybe you can even draw up something of a contract and run off a whole bunch.
Well, that's what really made me mad.
They had this so-called Green Beret captain on, retired, and he was saying...
The host wrote an article about how the Pentagon is going to watch and track everything we do, no more Fourth Amendment, and he was basically saying that was all a good thing, and that I was un-American because I didn't want to give my rights up.
I mean, it's incredible.
Well, then he should set the fine example and make that tangible and physical and inform the government that he doesn't mind that they start with him to set that fine example.
Mark my words, you won't get any takers.
Secondly, this term neocon...
We have to stop using it in terms of neoconservative and start using it in terms of neoconfidence and bunco artist.
This is what these people are.
Political confidence and bunco artist.
And this is not the new America we're in.
This is the non-America that we're in right now.
So just do that next time you get set up like that, because that was a stack deck.
Secondly, I got to laugh.
The New York Post...
Which is a Rupert Murdoch paper, which positions itself as a conservative, all-American, apple pie newspaper.
For eight years, it's been blasting Hillary Clinton.
All of a sudden, oddly enough, on the front page of that newspaper today, they're positioning her in a sympathetic light, in reference to her new book.
Well, I've got the article, and she also says that she's pro-war, pro-New World Order.
Her actual policies are identical to Bush's.
I mean, of course everything's gelling together.
This game that's been going on for a while now, at least eight to ten years, the facade is falling away.
The veil is falling away.
They're showing the colors.
They talk about how loving Hillary is and how good she is.
She's Rebecca of Dunnybrook Farm.
That's the way they're positioning her in this newspaper.
So, so much for this Republican-Democrat argument.
It's all theatrics.
But you say the facade is falling away.
I would have to agree with you.
Because they want to achieve a lot very quickly now, so they're accelerating everything.
Thirdly, something very interesting, and this has not come out as public information yet, but it is in fact happening.
It's not really a top secret.
They're putting microchips in the identification cards of New York City police officers.
And they have to carry the cards with them at all times.
Well, they always make them do that first.
They're making them take satellite boxes in their cars.
You could say that...
The revolution is sort of eating itself from the bottom up.
This is what's beginning to happen now, because some of them are feeling uncomfortable about this.
By the way, New York police just put an ad in the newspaper apologizing for the police state, saying they were ordered to do so.
That was on Monday.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
I've got to be honest with you.
We have a lot of guests on this show.
I do cover a lot of news, more than most.
But I like to take a lot of calls.
But I kick myself every week when I go through the stack of, on average, 400, 500 articles.
And I've only covered maybe 200 of them.
On Monday, there was an article in the Associated Press about the New York Police Department.
That's the union, not the bosses.
Got together because members demanded it and ran newspaper ads.
They're talking about radio and TV, apologizing for the police state, saying we've been ordered to shake you all down for parking your car in your own parking lot, for not wrapping your newspapers properly, for recycling, for arresting you, for feeding the pigeons.
We've been ordered to raise more revenue on the backs of the good people.
And now we don't want to be hated.
We're seeing the response of you hating us even more now.
Please don't blame us.
Ask government to change the policy.
And I never covered that article.
That was on Monday.
Here we are on Wednesday.
And Ron from New York calls in to talk about other issues in New York, how the New York Post owned by Rupert Murdoch has these articles, not just one but several, one today, worshipping Hillary Clinton.
Well, it's the truth.
I could tell you.
As you know, I'm retired from that agency.
And I happen to know personally... And I happen to even personally know the president of that union.
That's exactly the way it's coming down to.
That's what you said.
It's just about everything in a nutshell.
They have intensified enforcement for the most inane, absurd, arcane things to try and generate revenue on the backs of people, especially the people here at this point are very hard-pressed economically.
And it was generating animosity.
At 9-1-1, you're already struggling economy.
They say New York is the toughest place to live, most expensive.
People are going off the unemployment rolls.
People that were good contributing members of society can't find jobs.
And what are they doing?
Well, they raised your property tax to some record level.
They raised the income tax in the state.
I know they're raising a bunch of other taxes while the cops feed on you.
What are the people in New York saying?
Why are the police so mad about this?
Because what's happening is the policy is coming from a level and an echelon above the police, okay?
The police have to enforce it because, well, in some cases they really don't have to.
I could get into the details of that if you'd like.
But basically speaking, they have to enforce it.
And they're being made to enforce laws that are just patently wrong.
It's stupid.
It's absurd.
And it's corrupt because it's being made clear that it's to raise revenue.
Who do you dislike?
The guy that's in your face that's enforcing the law.
Most people will not take the time out to realize he's merely having his strings pulled by a political power above him.
By the way, the New York Daily News, in the article, that stuff about not tying your newspapers up with twine properly, feeding the birds, parking in your own parking lot, all these rules they wrote, they never used against us, are being used, and the government has plenty of money.
This is about a squeezing process.
Well, it's about making a buck, plus it's about what the term I would use would be culturing or training people to be subservient.
That's what it's about, right.
To be subservient, to be like sheep, to do and go along with any absurd thing just to see basically if they could control you with ease.
Plus, of course, it has the added attraction of making a few extra dollars in revenue.
That's what this is about.
They don't want to be associated with that.
You know in your own heart, if you still have a mind...
That this is absurd.
There was another article that the SWAT teams... They don't want to be associated with that.
There was another article that the SWAT teams and anti-drug teams are being ordered now to do housing sweeps of private housing of whole apartment complexes, and now old women are having heart attacks and dying, cops are getting shot by their own people.
They're mad about that, too.
See, the tyranny's gotten so bad that the enforcers are complaining.
Those at the lower level of that totem pole
Are now being affected by these policies.
Maybe a short time ago that wasn't the case.
But as I said, the thing is starting to eat itself from the feet up.
And right now they're gnawing at the toes.
That's really what's going on.
Thanks for the call, Ron.
Appreciate it.
Curtis in Louisiana, been holding patiently.
You're on the air, sir.
Curtis, are you there?
He may have been on hold the last hour and walked off.
I'll put Curtis on hold and see if he comes back.
Let's talk now to Howard in Texas.
Howard, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
How you doing, Alex?
Hey, Alex.
There was a book that was written, and this was written when you were about nine years old.
And you probably heard of this doctor.
He's an independent Baptist.
And it's the pastor, what's it, S-I-L-E-V-N's?
Dale writing.
This has to do with a preacher in Nebraska who would not conform to the state of Nebraska over licensing his school.
But what is really interesting about this book is there's a section in the book, and now Alex, this was written 20 years ago, and he talks about
Like on chapter 36, let me make this real short.
What I see in the future, and this is what he says, and if you're a Christian, you better listen and you better find this book.
This is what he says.
As society moves towards a one-world economic system, the Church of Jesus Christ will ever increasingly become an obstacle to this satanic conspiracy.
Christians refuse to use the worldwide code
Christians will refuse to pay higher and higher taxes for ungodly state purposes.
The state will be found to declare all persons who refuse to bend to the incurably insane, and they will be herded.
Into large concentration camps at first.
These camps are already built in America.
Now, Alex, that was 20 years ago.
Well, there had already been Senate hearings about that at the time.
The person was already covering things that were public.
And it says church properties will be sold for taxes.
And this is where he's a little wrong on this.
It goes to the state.
It says church properties will be sold...
For taxes and turned over to the One World Council of Churches.
That's eternal to the government.
Eventually, because of this tremendous cost, carrying for millions, many Christians will be executed and some will become forced labor.
Christians who do not prepare now by getting out of the banks and making alternative plans to Social Security will lose all
The bottom line is, don't expect the rapture to rescue you from this time of trouble.
What do you think of that, Alex?
Well, I know that Christians have been persecuted throughout history.
That is real Christians, not state-sponsored Christians.
That's right.
And that it is a cop-out to say that we don't have to worry about any adversity.
We're going to be raptured.
We don't know what's going to happen, and we know that evil must be faced like our founding fathers did, and we're going to give any liberty and freedom and future to our children thanks for the call.
Yeah, the executive orders were public way back then about putting people in forced labor camps, taking your homes.
Now they've got the pretext.
Now they've built the infrastructure.
Now they're expanding it.
Now FEMA's in control of all the radio and TV transmitters.
Now they have militarized the police.
They've dumbed down the public.
Now they're moving forward.
That's why we've got to expose...
And bring light to the issue of who's carrying out terror and why.
How the New World Order Military-Industrial Complex is doing it to create the fear as a pretext to carry all this out.
Let's talk to who's up next, Mark.
Carl in New York.
You're on the air, Carl.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
And they say there's no heroes anymore.
Thanks for being you.
I was on Route 84 in New York earlier today, and coming about five miles apart the other way was short little convoys of military vehicles hauling tanks.
I don't know where they were going.
And stopped at the bridge, at Newburgh Beacon Bridge.
It looked like maybe a 70-foot gun barrel on the back of a tractor trailer, all wrapped in wood, a long, slender, tapered,
...thing with some government vehicles around it.
And I don't know what's going on there, but that's just something interesting.
But that's not really why I called.
Probably just the end nozzle of a particle accelerator rail gun or something, if you say it was a 100-foot-long barrel.
No, it was about 70-foot, but it was on a very heavy truck.
It wasn't a light pipe or anything like that.
You said 70 feet?
About 70 feet.
Well, they're looking for bunker busters, and one thing that'll do it is a rail gun.
The problem is loading one into a jumbo jet or something and then having the accelerator back in the aircraft and then accelerating it out the end of the barrel.
Yeah, I don't know what this thing was.
But the reason I'm calling, I get you on a satellite, not a satellite, on the shortwave late at night.
So I'm just pulled over to the side of the road to give you a call, because I know you're on.
But I'm trying to copy your road to tyranny.
Stay there.
We'll talk about it on the other side.
You're on a break, and I am going to get into this World War III news and a bunch of other key tidbits.
The listeners are bringing up a lot of fascinating topics.
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This is what I'm going to do.
I'm going to let job.
Carl in New York, finish up, then Elias in Michigan.
And that's it for calls, because I want to cover news the last 27 minutes of the show.
We get back in the next segment, because I've got to get to all this stuff, and it's so vitally important, the information we have to cover, so please stay with us.
Right now, Carl in New York, you were saying you're trying to copy 911, the road to tyranny, and we got cut off by the break.
Go ahead.
Yes, I'll make it real quick.
Could you put together a primer on a CD that could be copied off a computer so that I could spam it out to as many people as I could get?
And so could everybody else.
Yeah, I'm working literally.
I worked 20 hours yesterday.
I don't have the time or energy to do that.
How about you put together a primer?
Or how about my other friends?
I'll see what I can do then.
See what I can do off of the information I can get.
Yeah, we need more people being leaders, more people being purveyors of truth, not less.
Good, I'll work on that then myself and see what I can do.
But second point, the book My Awakening, there's an article in there referring to the Bible about Joseph and his dream coach.
And I don't want to get into the whole story, but it has a lot to say about what's going on today, about taxing the farmers at 20% and capturing the wealth of the people and then doling it back to them as they become slaves.
And it's a very interesting story.
And the last thing is I finally got to hear the voice of the late William Cooper.
And I know that you interviewed him years ago, and I was wondering the mystery around his death, what happened, and what the bad blood between you and him was about.
And that's it, Alex.
Good night.
All right.
Thanks for the call.
You know, I don't like talking about other people.
I guess it was about five, six, maybe six and a half years ago that he was in trouble with the IRS.
He said, we're surrounded.
Please help us on this website.
I called him up and said, Mr. Cooper, I'd like to have you on and try to aid you.
He began screaming and cussing at me, sounded like he was drunk.
I don't like talking about dead people, but you asked.
And then he said, okay, I'll come on.
Then he came on the air and I had to cut him off because of profanity.
Then, you know, when Cooper wasn't talking about, when he wasn't mixing flying saucers into real stuff, he was, you know, off talking about the new age.
He was a great broadcaster, had a lot of talent.
And I heard he was a really nice guy like 10 years ago.
Of course, he was gunned down at his home last year by a SWAT team there in his home in Arizona.
There in, what is it, Red Rock.
Cooper, I guess the stress.
A lot of people flip out when they've been fighting this a long time.
And Cooper thought that he had all the answers.
Nobody else did.
He then, about three years ago, took
We're good to go.
He had totally isolated himself.
His family was no longer with him.
He was up there alone.
He'd gone off the air.
And he had just flipped out.
And I don't know what really happened to him.
The situation in his death was very suspect.
The police claimed that he had threatened someone, screamed and yelled and brandished a firearm in town down the hill with one of his neighbors.
He was above the city.
And that they went up there to apprehend him, had a fake fight down his gate.
He came out in his truck with his dog.
And in the process, a deputy got shot in the face.
He got shot a bunch.
His dog got killed.
And I'm sad for all those that died.
The reason I think something weird may have happened was that the night after he'd been killed on my show, I suddenly got calls by people bad-mouthing him, saying their names, who they were.
Who never listened to my show.
And I didn't take the bait.
I stood up for Cooper.
Said, you know, this is a sad thing.
We need to find out what happens.
This stinks to high heaven.
I later did internet searches and found Arizona Republic articles with those people's names and found out they were federal informants.
So, I think something stinks, okay?
Luring him out of his house, this happening.
But then again, I had him scream and yell at me on the phone and talk about how he knew everything.
Everybody else was idiots.
So I don't know.
I just think that he was a veteran.
I don't know.
He'd been through a lot.
He was an amputee.
The guy didn't act rational to me on the phone.
I was just trying to help the guy.
You know, I try to help fellow patriots.
But the things Cooper said about me were manufactured distortions, and that's a provable fact.
But God rest his soul.
I hope he's in heaven.
All right.
We'll be back.
Take one more call.
Cover Nash.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Don't worry.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I would say to those that are tuning into this show, and in the future I'm just going to do this.
If you call in about Bo Greitz or William Cooper, I'm going to hang up on you.
I don't want to talk about any of these people.
I want to talk about the New World Order, the big threat to our liberties and freedoms.
People listen to this show.
It's the number one patriot show.
Christian show in the country, the fastest growing, because people don't want to hear all the backstabbing and lying and double-dealing and the rest of it.
I ignore people that attack me and talk bad about me, unless it was the first hour where I just illustrated where I was on a show and people were saying, we're conservative, we want to turn our guns in.
I was illustrating that that's the new conservatism, and you notice I didn't give any names of who the people were.
I just talked about the case as a sociological study.
It's like I talk about how I've done these 850-something interviews in the last 21 months since September 11th, and the response that I've gotten is 90-plus percent positive.
That's an important facet, a poll that I've done around the country.
People are waking up at record levels.
But it really is.
We need to stay away from all the infighting and all this.
It infests so much of the anti-New World Order, pro-freedom movement.
And people do this because they think by attacking their peers, it'll make them number one.
It's all about their ego and they've got all the answers and they're right and they know how to defeat the globalists.
This person's a Mason.
That person's a Catholic.
This person's involved in this.
That person's involved in that.
And this person takes money from the media.
90% of the time, it's total lies.
And we've really got to stop it.
We've got to stay focused on the tyranny, what the government can do to our lives, what it's setting up, what its plans are.
The imminent terror attacks that the globalists are going to carry out to ratchet up the level of tyranny to the next level.
We've got a brace for that.
We've got to ring the alarm bells, to yell from every church top and every mountain and every hill that the time is now at hand to get the word out and to fight the New World Order and that we're under attack by real enemy combatants that are seeking to overthrow our republic.
So it's just that simple.
There's just a little too much of that on the show today.
I think we've had three calls talking about other people today.
And who were in this, quote, movement.
And I just think people need their own discernment.
They need to be able to listen to a host and decide for themselves if what they're saying is true by checking the documentation out.
Almost everything I talk about on this show every day is AP, Reuters, BBC, legislation.
Streaming audio, video, clips.
And what we do is we analyze that propaganda, we look at what they're doing, we tie it into the greater plan of the New World Order from their own policy papers.
So when I say they're putting RFID tags in half the Walmart products and next year all of them...
So for all these kooks and people that we've got
With half-baked ideas and conspiracy theories, this show's about reality.
We go out and shoot video of the things we talk about.
We go out and expose the things we're discussing.
We bring the guest on to this broadcast.
This is about real information.
That's how, year after year, I just click along, move along, expanding what we're doing, fighting the globalists, getting the word out, fearlessly, in the face of the New World Order.
Last caller, then I've got to cover news.
Elias in Michigan, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
I think you're very right.
What is needed is a vast political movement that would encompass all types of people and not attack each other.
A pro-freedom, pro-liberty, constitutional movement where all leaders are all educators.
You know, I saw in the 1940s
It went around a long time.
I saw it in the 1940s.
And you know who it was in the 1940s who brought forth such a large movement?
And you probably wouldn't agree with him.
But it was Henry Wallace, Vice President of the United States, under Roosevelt.
Of course, they threw him out in 1944 because they wanted Truman.
You know, because Henry Wallace was from far to the left, they said.
So, of course, he was very religious.
But the progressive party was started then, and it was a great movement.
He didn't win, of course.
Absolutely not.
But that's what we're doing today.
A giant movement of all kinds of people, of all persuasions.
And in any of these movements, NRA, American Civil Liberties Union, Kiwanis Club...
Across the board, any big group has basically good people, low level, who pay their dues, who volunteer, but they said it best.
The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
The evil people use the ignorance of the general public who mean well.
The evil people tell us something evil is good.
We don't investigate it, don't have a historical comparison.
We go along with it.
I've seen this for 50 years.
I've seen it growing.
This isn't overnight.
What is happening now has been coming on for years and years.
But now we're seeing the final fruition of all New Order's evil plans.
It's primarily because people in this country don't have any big political organization.
They have nothing.
They're known as what you would say apolitical.
They have none.
They ignore it.
They hate it.
Even my daughter, my kids.
What do you want to buy all of that for?
Who cares about them people over there?
I hope they kill them all.
I hear that from people.
I know.
You know?
Kill them all.
I appreciate... Elias, I appreciate the call.
I really do.
And, you know, this has happened.
A hundred years ago in Italy, grandparents, when they were young, would have planted olive trees knowing that maybe when their grandchildren were grandparents, they would be picking olives out of those trees.
We're good to go.
I think?
If it wasn't for those people dying at Valley Forge against 5-1 redcoats, we wouldn't be in the somewhat free society we are today.
We wouldn't have that Second Amendment.
We wouldn't have private property rights.
We wouldn't have our God-given right to raise our children as we see fit.
And in the past, it was all about your children, all about the future, all about building something better.
You understand that that was done for you.
You understood the timelessness of it.
You understand that you were planting seeds for the future.
Today the corporations work on a six-month to a one-year plan.
They will blow out everything, destroy the stockholders' future just to show profits this year so they can still be CEO.
They will genetically engineer crops to take over the market knowing that it will cause destruction of the environment later.
And you're absolutely right.
People sit there and say, kill all them ragheads!
And that somehow, that type of racism is acceptable because, oh, it's that group, and the media gives a wink and a nod to it.
Don't you know that if you're for killing Arabs indiscriminately and torturing them, that the police and military that do that are going to come back here and be police officers and be police chiefs and be state representatives and future presidents?
Don't you understand that you can't contaminate somebody else's country with evil and then not have it blow back on you?
That if evil's going to be practiced on your neighbor, it's going to be practiced on you, and your neighbor's going to laugh when it's happening to you?
Don't you understand that when you don't plan for the future, when you don't take the time out to make your children the focus of your life, to educate them on the way the world really works and the dangers,
That you are delivering not just your children but yourself to a future of living hell.
You don't take time out to raise your children to teach them morals, to give them a proper upbringing, to stand up for the right cause, and to stand up against what the majority is doing, even if it's something they all want but it's corrupt.
That when you're old, your children will let you be euthanized because everybody's doing it.
When you let the UN get away with its white slavery rings, what do you think that foretells for America?
When you let them get away with arming all these enemies and preparing a national draft for world occupation, don't complain when your child comes home in a body bag.
So you better think about the future.
You better think about this society.
You better think about what's going to develop.
You better do it now.
And you better start thinking about the stream of humanity, the people that broke their backs, that spilt their guts, literally, so that you wouldn't be a slave.
And you take all that that they laid on the table for you, thinking about you.
That was the norm.
Now it's the exception.
You take all that and you flush it down the tubes.
You take that incredible trust.
What is civilization?
It is the accumulated knowledge of all those that came before you being transmitted to the next generation and the sacred responsibility to transmit that on to the next generation and the next and the next and the next.
And instead, my friends, we're barbarians inhabiting a high-tech prison.
People don't know what the Bill of Rights is.
They don't know about history.
They don't know how dangerous governments are.
They don't understand the basic cause and effect
Of the political paradigm, all they know is about the Chiefs and the Cowboys and the Rangers.
They have no idea what America is and what freedom is.
So the government can tell them that big government is conservative, and they'll buy it.
So you better wake up, folks, because you think things are bad now.
They're going to get a lot worse.
Until you start standing up and letting the globalists know that you know what their paradigm is, you know what their plan is, you know that they're behind the terror, and you're going to stand up and speak out and become leaders.
If you don't fight them, they're going to get their way, and they're going to feed on you whether you fought them or whether you served them.
You better get your morale up.
You better ask God into your heart.
You better get into the fight on the side of decency and honor and family.
You better ignite those receptors in your brain that were designed by God to have you stand up for the tribe, stand up for your family, stand up for your city, stand up for your county, stand up for your state, stand up for your country, and stand up against the world.
The real fight isn't left or right.
It is humanity against our own species that is breeding us and turning us into mindless cattle to be fed on by their system.
The future of humanity is on the line.
This is the fight to save the world.
This is the fight against the Prince of Darkness.
This is the fight against the unholy Black Brigades right out of the pit of Hades.
It is real.
The New World Order is Luciferian and a cult.
They are wicked beyond your wildest nightmares.
To me, there's not a choice.
There's not a question.
I am committed on this road of fighting evil, and I ask God every day to make me a good vessel, a worthy vessel for this job.
I will never surrender.
I will stay the course because it is my very ingrained programming.
Just ask God to activate it.
Ask God to turn you on and to turn it up
You've got to do it.
You've got to make the change.
You've got to come into the light.
You've got to come into reality.
You've got to come out of the darkness, come out of Babylon, come out of this new world order.
It's got to happen now, or it's over for you and your family.
They've got things planned for you that make all the evil that's going on in plain view look tame, look dwarf, look insignificant.
All right, let me get to this news.
I'll get to this news in just a second.
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We'll come back and hit some final news we haven't had time to get to.
And we'll end this edition of the show.
Then I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
You can't stick your head in the sand.
The New World Order is not going to go away by denying its existence.
Getting into some of the news here.
They're going to use RFID technology in Iraq.
The war with Iraq has created the first opportunity for the U.S.
military and the Navy who developed it to use RFID technology on a massive scale for tracking combat casualties.
The RFID chip embedded in wristbands is being deployed to track the unidentification status and location of soldiers and civilians.
Got to wear your little wristband so in case you go to the hospital, they'll have it.
It's for safety.
Our government makes new plans for war on Pyongyang.
First, a couple months ago, they said they would attack the militarized zone, go after all that first, while trying to kill Kim Jong-il.
Now they're saying they will start bombing immediately.
And they're now saying a $17 billion upgrade of capability of U.S.
forces in South Korea would give them the ability to take down North Korea's heavily...
Presence on the border within an hour of war breaking out.
The report coincided with a visit to South Korea and Japan.
By the way, they have over 100,000 pieces of artillery that can hit the city of Seoul.
They're up in the hills above it, the North Korea is.
And their orders are, this has been publicly said, open fire randomly on the city as soon as bombs start dropping.
So that'll be real nice carnage.
During all those images of burning and total destruction,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Both Korea said Tuesday South Korea apparently sent warships into its territorial waters in the Yellow Sea in an attempt to trigger a naval battle.
I don't believe anything comes out of North Korea, though.
Six South Korean sailors were killed in a skirmish in the Yellow Sea off west coast of Korea Peninsula in June last year.
So there's overflights, there's escalations.
We could see North Korea attack us first because that psychopath has now been pushed.
The Ayatollah says Iran attack would mean suicide.
Iran's Supreme Leader has shrugged off U.S.
warnings to his country, saying any nation that invaded Iran would be committing suicide.
threats are not new.
Hey, get it straight, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
Let me tell you something.
The globalists control America, and you know that.
Told tens of thousands of people who had assembled to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Ayatollah Ramallah Khamenei's death.
Mexico's Fox seeks closer ties with Russia.
Mexican President Sente Fox said to Sunday he wants to boost economic and political ties with Russia.
The two nations found common ground as opponents of the U.S.-led war in Iraq.
And now, of course, the G8 saying they're for a war going into Iran.
Fox met with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, on the sidelines of a Group of Eight summit in Evian, France.
Fox and nearly a dozen of their leaders from developing countries were invited by the G8 leaders for talks on development and aid.
Fox is controlled by our government.
This is all staged.
Reports, CIA believes Saddam Hussein is alive and in Iraq.
Well, of course, folks, he was flown out to Russia with our government from all the evidence.
The Republican Guard was paid off.
They still had a staged war to bomb, zero resistance.
And they admitted they were trying to give him an amnesty deal.
Then he accepted, then they withdrew it.
Then the war started, they were given the deal, flew out, and they paid him in gold bars.
That's admitted.
CIA has internal documents that make clear Iraq leader Saddam Hussein is alive and hiding in Greater Baghdad, protected by underground resistance network.
Oh, yes.
And it goes on and on.
Big story here out of CBS News.
A diary that never sleeps.
Pentagon Project to develop digital super diary that records heartbeats, travel, internet chats, everything a person does.
Also should provide private copies of powerful software to analyze behavior.
They say drones will fly around at all times, looking through your walls, recording everything you do.
Sounds like a free country, doesn't it?
Big Brother watching News Super Diary.
AP did a report on it, too.
They're going to start it out with the CAPS-2 system.
When you go to the airport, total background check.
If you have bad credit, you won't be allowed to fly.
That means you might be a terrorist.
So starting the new debtor prison is kind of like wearing yellow stars with the Jews in Germany.
Also, a story I didn't get to.
Global tax on guns that the G8 called for.
Bush, of course, thinks it's wonderful.
Global taxation to shut down gun ownership.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight, and back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
Be sure and join us.
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