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Air Date: June 3, 2003
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He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
It's already Tuesday, the 3rd of June, 2003.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We'll be live for the next three hours.
We have...
Three different guests coming on the show, and of course we'll be taking your calls.
The toll-free number to join us on air to discuss any of the issues I raise or any news items you'd like to bring up, any questions you have, is 1-800-259-9231.
That's 800-259-9231.
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Coming up, we have the FCC ruling where they say that they can start controlling even more of the media.
The consolidation of radio, TV, newspapers.
They can all buy and sell each other.
Having five companies owning 75% of the total market is not enough for them.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
You're going to just kill everybody, basically.
And of course, every time we research who's behind all the terrorist groups, whether it's the Black Bloc, as the anarchists are called, or the white supremacists, or the Hispanic supremacists, or Al-Qaeda, or the terrorists in Northern Ireland, it leads right back to the federal government or one of the global intelligence agencies.
And I was reading a news story yesterday out of the Associated Press.
Richard Jewell, the security guard who found the explosives, they think that Richard... Well, they thought Richard Jewell had done it and tried to frame him.
That all came out in the news, and now they say, oh, he didn't do anything.
Richard Jewell thinks that Rudolph may not be guilty, and they may be trying to railroad him.
But I've seen some of the news headlines that read from all over the world...
Olympic Park bomber captured.
Now, they've already convicted him in many cases, and now they're saying that he didn't just traffic in marijuana, now he's a cocaine dealer.
So he's one of these Christian pro-life cocaine dealers.
So we're seeing this paradigm, this shift.
Also, they've been saying for years that he was a special forces...
Army Ranger.
Well, wait, so was McVeigh.
So was one of the shooters, Mr. Muhammad, supposed shooters up in the D.C.
area, D.C., Maryland area.
Over and over again, we have these former military people doing this.
It's starting to really get suspicious and stink to high heaven, especially when we have the Northwoods document, the Northwoods U.S.
government plan.
It calls for fake sniper attacks and how to frame people, real sniper attacks that they blame on folks, and plastic explosive bombings around the country to create fear.
The government calls for this, and then we see it happen, and we have all these discrepancies, and the government trying to frame innocent people in the past, and planning DNA evidence.
Can we trust anything they say?
That is the question I'd like to hear from you on the subject of Eric Rudolph and on the subject of the FCC consolidation, on the subject of all of this information at 1-800-259-9231.
We'll be right back.
I'm Alex Jones.
We're good to go.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
You want answers?
Government cover-ups.
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're going to go to calls early in this first hour today.
Joe and Marilyn and others are up first.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
This broadcast is all about liberty, all about freedom, all about standing up to tyranny.
More on the FCC allowing more media takeover and consolidation, and how that's going to jack up advertising rates, give you less choices, and destroy much of the First Amendment.
We'll also get into Eric Rudolph, and well, do you think he's really guilty after they already tried to grab two other people, not just Richard Jewell, it was some other guy they said they thought had done it.
Now they say they're sure Rudolph has carried all of this out, and here's the headline out of the Washington Post, very predictable, is terrorism tied to Christian sect?
Is terrorism tied to Christian sect?
Religion may have motivated bombing suspect.
Perhaps it needs to be banned.
And the FBI and FEMA don't just train the police that Christian identity people are terrorists, which of course they're not.
They also train the police that all Christians of any type, if they believe in the second coming of Christ, if they believe in homeschooling, if they're against vaccinations, if you're pro-second amendment, if you're a quote, defender of the U.S.
Constitution, that you are a terrorist.
Now, I may not agree with the tenets of British Israelism.
That's basically what it is.
The Queen of England says that she's really Jewish and she's coronated on a stone from, really from Baghdad, from Babylon, and says that they're the true lost tribe.
And that's really where all of this grew out of.
And, of course, there was a large migration of some Middle Easterner people, including Jews, into Israel.
What you could call medieval England.
So I guess there's some truth to that, but it doesn't really matter.
I don't want to get off into a big, long discussion and argument about that.
The point here is, is terrorism tied to Christian sect?
Religion may have motivated bombing suspect.
The arrest of alleged Olympic bomber Eric Robert Rudolph may finally allow authorities to answer a question that has loomed since the beginning of the five-year hunt for him, but has taken on deeper residence since September 11th.
Oh, connecting it to September 11th.
Is he a Christian terrorist?
The question is not just whether Rudolph is a terrorist or whether he considers himself a Christian.
It is whether the planted bombs, the 96 Olympic Games in Atlanta, two abortion clinics and a gay nightclub who advance a religious ideology, how numerous organized and violent others who share the ideology, the ideology, I can't suddenly talk today, the ideology may be.
So, how numerous organized and violent people
We're good to go.
Asserts that North European whites are the direct descendants of the lost tribes of Israel, God's chosen people.
Some investigators also think he may have written letters that claim responsibility for the nightclub and abortion clinic bombings on behalf of the army of God, a violent offshoot of Christian identity.
Now wait a minute.
The Jews say they're the chosen people.
Is that racist?
Is it racist then if Northern Europeans say they're the chosen people?
Is it racist when the black Muslims, certain sects of that, led by Khalid Muhammad, say that they are the chosen people?
Certainly, we see this all over the world.
There are a lot of different Asian groups that think that they are the chosen people.
Most groups, if you really get down to the bottom line, think they're the chosen people.
And it's very tribal.
I mean, to say we're the chosen people, we're the best, we're better than anybody else.
But why is it that only a few groups are allowed to say that they are the chosen people and it's not called racism?
I think that when Khalid Muhammad says, kill all white people, and I have him on videotape saying this in a debate with Anthony Hilder, he says, kill all white babies and kill all white women because they're the military manufacturing centers of the devil, because white people are the devil.
Why is that then okay?
Why is it okay if Israel says that they are the chosen people and everybody else is basically, well, the word is goyim or cattle?
I find that offensive.
You see, I don't dislike any of these races of people.
But when they get together in tribal units and start attacking others and attacking other countries and carrying out violent actions, and it's okay for them to do it, but then you come in and you demonize a whole other group, we have a serious double standard, don't we?
Very, very interesting, ladies and gentlemen.
So think about that paragraph I bumbled through.
Let me read that again.
Federal investigators believe Rudolph has had a long association with the radical Christian identity movement, which asserts that Northern European whites are the direct descendants of the lost tribes of Israel, God's chosen people.
Some investigators also think...
That he may have written letters that claim responsibility for the nightclub and abortion clinic bombings on behalf of the army of God.
Oh, they believe.
The feds who've falsified hundreds of cases we know of at the FBI crime lab.
The feds who were caught nationwide controlling informants as hitmen and drug dealers for them.
The same FBI that's been involved in all these assassinations and co-intel programs.
You can't trust them, people.
The question is not just whether Rudolph is a terrorist or whether he considers himself a Christian.
It is whether he planted bombs at the 96 Olympic Games in Atlanta, two abortion clinics, and a gay nightclub to advance a religious ideology and how numerous, organized, and violent others who share that ideology may be.
So, oh, we need to, if he's guilty, then this other large Christian sect, probably a million people or plus in it,
Then they are all evil and involved in terrorism and have to be watched.
And maybe rounded up, maybe arrested, because they've been calling for that in the news.
The ADL, the Southern Poverty Law Center, has called for that.
I've heard Sean Hannity on Fox say, round up, arrest all the militia people.
I've heard your precious Bill O'Reilly, who's a shill, say that.
So let me ask you a question.
Some of the radical black Muslim groups truly say kill all whites, but that's acceptable.
Israel obviously has an elitist mentality.
Their own post-Bible books written after Babylonian captivity say that they have a right to kill and exterminate whoever they wish.
Is that acceptable?
Why is that acceptable?
Because I have to tell you,
I surf around on the web.
I see all these different sites.
I look at Matcha, who calls for killing whites on some of their websites.
I look at all these different groups, white, black, it doesn't matter.
And frankly, the most tame of all the racial identity groups is the Christian identity.
You want to talk about the amount of members and the amount of violence that we can prove they've ever been involved in, they're the tamest group out there.
Tamest group out there.
So it's really interesting to see this happening and to see this demonization taking place.
You knew it would happen, and now it's happening.
But I want to remind you that the FBI training manuals, the FEMA training manuals, the FEMA member that I have teaching a classroom of police and firemen in Kansas City, Missouri, he says, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson are terrorists.
He says...
Christians are terrorist, period, enemies of the federal government, word for word.
Then we have their training manuals, homeschoolers, gun owners, quote, defenders of the U.S.
Constitution against the United Nations takeover.
If you say that, people that say that you have a right to travel, it lists all of these groups.
It lists homeschoolers.
The Washington Times wrote about that.
Now, this is going on in Kansas City, people, in the breadbasket Bible Belt.
Imagine how bad it is in California, New York, liberal cities like Austin.
It is horrible.
To the point they pull over just a mainline Christian lady, Abby Newman, Navy veteran, no criminal record, at a checkpoint.
We have the video out of the squad card.
They have microphones on their ties.
The state police, do they come over?
They say, we want to search your car.
He says, no, this is a warrantless checkpoint that they stopped her at.
All these other cars were stopped in front of her and beside her.
They jerk her out of the car, bind a pocket constitution.
Find a Police State 2000 video and say, on tape, on video, this may be illegal.
And have a discussion and call her constitutional material paraphernalia.
They go, look at this.
This document says that Social Security is voluntary.
Wow, let's arrest her.
So see, it's not just about Christian identity.
Understand, you're like, well, I'm a Baptist.
Well, I'm a Catholic.
I'm going to be just fine.
Well, I'm a homeschooler.
Well, I'm a Second Amendment proponent, supporter.
You're in deep trouble.
And we're the majority, black, white, old, young, northerner, southerner, westerner, and if we stand up and say no to this demonization, then they're not going to get away with it.
But if you go along with it, you're in deep trouble.
See, first it's the Muslims.
You probably saw all those reports.
So what do you think is really going on on this subject?
We'll come back and talk to Joe and Marilyn and others.
Some of the other news.
Senate opens Iraq weapons probe.
Yeah, the U.S.
Congress has ordered a whitewash over never finding the weapons of mass destruction.
British strike threat over...
Indian call centers.
We'll tell you what that means.
BG workers threatened to strike yesterday over the transfer of directory inquiry jobs to call centers in India.
Losing all your jobs.
Putin suspends sale of nuclear material to Iran.
It's all coming up.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Waging war on corruption, crashing with the lies and disinformation.
Going to your calls here in just a second.
Bottom line...
The FBI has been caught.
Their crime lab falsifying evidence in hundreds of major cases that have been reversed.
Thousands in question.
Former head of the lab quit in 97 to tell us this vital information.
Bring forward this information, Dr. Frederick Whitehurst.
They've been caught running organized crime rings around the country controlling hit teams, drug dealing arms from Boston to Los Angeles, from Houston to New York.
And they grabbed Richard Jewell, the security guard that got a little too close to the BATF, who I believe was behind the bombing at Olympic Park.
They carry out most of the bombings.
And they tried to frame him.
He didn't roll over.
Now they've got Rudolph, and they say they will torture terrorist suspects.
They've said it on the news.
You've seen them.
You've heard them.
You've read them saying it, calling for it all over the media.
So you can't believe anything that ever comes out of their mouths or comes out of Rudolph's mouth now.
Because they could torture the living daylights out of this guy.
But I don't think he did it.
Because they were having a lot of trouble with people peaceably protesting the abortion clinics.
They were breaking Catholic priest arms and Baptist preacher's arms and pepper spraying babies in the face and women sat on the curbs.
We've got the footage of this.
And so, what did they do?
Suddenly there's all these bombings, and we know they're behind everything else we've researched and we've caught them in.
I don't know.
I just look at the MO, the track record, the activities, and how they played up Rudolph the last six months and then suddenly caught him so easily.
And just like all the so-called Mohammed, the lead sniper, supposedly was Special Forces, Ranger, and now we've got McVeigh, the Ranger, and we've got...
This guy being the ranger, it goes on and on.
It stinks to high heaven.
Then we have the Northwoods plan, the U.S.
government plan, that called for carrying out sniper attacks and bombing attacks by the U.S.
government to be blamed on groups they don't like.
Joe in Maryland.
Joe, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Thank you, Alex, for taking my call.
You bet.
Good to have you on the air with us.
I called you back when I first discovered you.
Oh, how are you listening to us?
Oh, they're wonderful.
They're carrying all three hours of the show.
That's just what I called to tell you.
And I think it's wonderful.
And then they repeat the first hour from 6 to 7.
Well, we want to thank them and you to support that fine station that helps us reach millions of people.
I do, and I just wanted to know that they let you know.
And I think it's great.
So that tells me that they must be listening around this area.
Oh, certainly.
Well, I'm also informed about what's going on with all our affiliates, and I do want to thank them.
I do, too.
And they emailed me yesterday.
I missed it, and I didn't read it until he always lets me know.
Because I support you, they always let me know.
What's on your mind today?
Thank you so much.
Well, you asked a question at the beginning of your, you know, when you came on about what do we think about all this.
I think Christians is in trouble right now.
And I think that's Rudolph.
It's funny that you don't think that he did it.
When I looked at him and I was thinking, now this is before I even heard you ever say anything about him or whatever, and I'm thinking, you know what?
They're framing him.
I didn't believe the man did it.
And you can almost tell in his eyes or whatever.
I don't know.
There was something that I just don't believe it.
Well, after they're done torturing him, which they said they'll do.
I'm like you.
To any terrorist.
And they can secretly execute him, too, and not let him have a jury trial.
When they're done doing all of that, you can't believe anything that comes out of his mouth.
But here's the problem.
They already tried to frame Richard Jewell, and I want to get him on the show.
They tried to frame that guy.
That was in the news.
They tried to grab some other guy and drop that.
Then they picked Eric Rudolph because he's a right-wing Christian.
This is really getting serious out here, and people is oblivious.
And I just
It just irritates me when you can't really talk to the Christians.
They don't want to hear it.
Well, let me tell you, when they see The Road to Tyranny, and they see FEMA to the classroom of police and firefighters saying, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson are terrorists, all Christians are terrorists, homeschoolers are terrorists, that will wake anybody up.
I pray so.
I have your films, and I have your new one, and I'm...
I'm going to start making copies.
I just got your recent... What did you think of Police State 3 Total Enslavement?
I haven't watched all of it because I'm doing it in segments, you know, so I've only watched the first segment.
Yeah, it's two hours and 37 minutes long.
So I watched it for about, I don't know, 40 minutes maybe.
But anyway, it's good.
You know, you're very factual.
And I try to explain to people, you know, that you don't just talk to...
In that film, everything I say has three news articles flashed on the screen.
So I try to explain this to people, you know, that you don't just make stuff up.
Well, I really appreciate the call, Joe, and keep spreading the word about the show in your area of Maryland, and God bless you.
Keep the good work up.
Take care.
Alright, I've got an update on a lawyer, Linda Kennedy.
It's about a 5-10 minute update, then we'll go to Jeff and others.
This lady helped trafficant, the congressman, she's helped expose court fraud, now they want to disbar her.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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That's 888-803-4438.
We're good to go.
Tune into the show via InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com on Global Shortwave during the day at 12.172 and 93.20 and at night from 9 to midnight at 5.085 and 68.90 or on our growing list of AM and FM affiliates.
Now coming up,
Report assails roundup of immigrants after 9-1-1.
The Justice Department is apologizing for beating up and detaining illegal aliens.
Now, here's the problem.
This is all to balkanize, to make it a left-right issue, so the average person thinks, oh, it's just those illegals, because the government knows in polls people are sick and tired of the borders being wide open and know it's a major security threat and don't care too much what happens to immigrants.
The whole Patriot Act 1 and 2 is written to attack citizens in every form of crime and things that aren't even crimes.
In fact, AP just reported that the government's using Patriot Act 1 to grab people's bank accounts that are overseas without even naming criminal charges or why they're doing it.
And then you can't say anything to them because it's a national security issue.
So, sophisticated propaganda, we'll be getting into that.
They're now, of course, saying that Christians may be terrorists, period, because Eric Rudolph is part of an obscure Christian group.
Of course, I don't believe the guy's even guilty, because they even tried to frame Richard Jewell before, and all the other evidence that we have in past activities of the FBI.
They're also setting up a puppet dictatorship in Iraq as the news expands and comes out that they plan to invade North Korea, Iran, and Syria.
We'll be getting into that news.
I know we have Richard in Missouri and others that are patiently holding.
But before I go to the calls and those other pieces of important news, and the FCC consolidation, that's important as well,
Linda Kennedy is a lawyer who helped James Traficant cover the trial.
We had her on air.
She's been on many other shows here on the network.
She's a great lawyer, in my opinion, and she's broken some big news stories.
She digs around in the trash cans behind the courthouse and finds the original transcripts before they edit them.
They've been caught framing a lot of people in multiple states.
She's been involved exposing that, and she can't join us today because she's preparing her defense tomorrow
Before the Virginia Supreme Court where they're trying to just bar her.
And joining us is Joyce Riley, Captain Joyce Riley, who has her own show in the mornings here on the network from 7 to 10 p.m.
Central, a.m.
Central, excuse me, to tell us about the situation that Linda Kennedy's dealing with right now because they're trying to disbar her, and they've told us why they're trying to disbar her.
Well, it's the foxes trying to throw the foxhound out of the henhouse.
So the foxes and the weasels don't want someone protecting the covey here and warning the farmer.
Welcome, Joyce.
Tell us all about it.
Well, thank you, Alex.
I think you put it very well.
That was a very good explanation of what is taking place.
Linda Kennedy has been fighting for the people and against judicial corruptness for a long period of time.
She is a member of an organization called Hot Seat for Judges where they literally hold the judges on the hot seat for the decisions that they make.
Linda has come before the Supreme Court because they do not want her practicing in the state of Virginia or probably anywhere because of the stand that she has taken.
Now, this particular issue right now is going to surface tomorrow morning before the Supreme Court in Virginia.
Those of you that are in Richmond, Virginia, please, if at all, anyway, shape...
Now, Joyce, you talked to the bar just a few minutes ago, right before I went on air, and they told you something that was, well, amazing, but so many times now, so often, they will
We're good to go.
Is because she is a member of a fringe group called Hot Seat for Judges, and because she thinks that courtroom proceedings are not fair, are corrupt.
And they said because she has been alleging that so many times, that's the reason this has taken place.
I could not believe, Alex, that they actually told me that.
I was shocked.
Well, she has come to this conclusion... Now, wait a minute, Joyce.
She should do a search engine for...
A top federal judge says judiciary is hopelessly corrupt.
I forget the particular judge, but it's a top judge who just retired and said things are hopelessly corrupt.
What was that, about two months ago?
That's right.
That's right.
I mean, this is mainstream news.
We've got the FBI planning evidence on hundreds of people, and they admit at the FBI crime lab we have corruption all over the place, and they're saying that you're not allowed to have that opinion and say that?
That's right.
And they will probably take action.
I mean, that judge that said that may very well come under scrutiny.
I don't know.
But what took place is that in part of her hearings, she found that there were transcripts that had been literally changed.
In fact, the statement that we received in a news release permitting the state bar to perjure itself and then allowing the bar and the hand-picked judges to rewrite the transcripts in the Kennedy case in order to justify the lynching.
And yes, after all this, the Supreme Court refused to preserve the actual record in the lower court, which was different in the altered transcripts.
Now, she found those altered transcripts.
She literally got them out of the dumpster.
So she has the before and after transcripts.
And we told the Bar Association that if she provides those, if she gets disbarred and she provides those, then are we not looking at criminal activities here?
Because I said, I understand the FBI has been notified about this.
Well, the question here is, are we going to allow them to get away with this?
You see, in this proceeding tomorrow, when she goes before the Supreme Court and confronts them on this issue, if nobody is there to support her, if there are no picketers outside, and we need to have picketers outside that courthouse... And for those that don't know, she's had a long track record of standing up for people for getting the truth out, for exposing corruption, and flat out, they don't want that.
In fact, Joyce, I'm reminded of the Stephen Megritz case...
In Wisconsin, and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran the headline, Paper Terrorist Gets Five Years, and the state prosecutor was on the record saying he sued public officials.
This is unacceptable.
He is a paper terrorist.
And this was involved in people involved in the government taking his 65 acres for a development.
So they're now trying to set this precedent, Joyce, where you cannot stand up to them using the legal system.
We're good to go.
And folks, please be polite.
Because you're going to be talking to just some secretary.
Explain to them that this is wrong, this is corrupt, and just tell them that multiple national radio shows are talking about it.
Joyce Riley, Alex Jones, I know others will be talking about it.
Tell them that a lot of people all over the country are talking about this and that you support organizations that are watchdogs of the judicial system.
That is such a vital part of our republic.
That we stand for a just court system, and I have told them that I will be getting those transcripts from Linda Kennedy, and we better be able to prove, and I am taking the unbiased position that I am in the middle of this.
I am going to hold her to telling us what happened, and I am going to hold the Bar Association to addressing these issues.
But I tell you, when you call them an hour ago or 45 minutes ago, Joyce, and the bar tells you, who were you speaking with when they said, oh, well, you also told me that she's, quote, made claims of government corruption.
This is a major sign that she's bad.
That's exactly right.
That's what their position is.
Now, that comes from the Attorney General's office.
I talked with both the Attorney General's office and with the Bar Association.
What did they say exactly?
Oh, golly, let me think back.
Let's see.
The Attorney General's Office called me back and said that the reason for this action against her license is because she is a member of a fringe group called Hot Seat for Judges and thinks all court proceedings are unjust or bad.
Now, that's the Attorney General's Office.
By the way, I know that organization.
That is not what they say.
And I told the lady, Kelly, from the Attorney General's office that this does not address the issue of changed transcripts.
Whether she's a member of an organization or not is not the issue.
We've got to keep focused on what the issue is.
Illegal action allegedly taken by the Virginia Bar Association.
Well, I've got to tell you, Joyce, I've been to court hearings where the DPS beats somebody up on the side of the highway and the tape has always got a black spot when they do it.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
On how to surveil the public.
And when people came to protest, the police came out and pepper-sprayed them and beat them up.
That's from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
So, yeah, now you try to come, cover the secret police, and the Darth Vader people show up in their black outfits and beat you up.
That's right.
That's right.
Let me give the phone numbers real quickly here.
Now, the Virginia Supreme Court is tomorrow, 8.30 in the morning.
Be there and have a sign.
If you're anywhere near that area, it is 100 North 9th Street.
Now, the phone number, if you need to know, to the Virginia Supreme Court, if you want to tell them your concerns, is 804-786-2251.
If you want to call the Attorney General's Office, who I have been addressing most on this, is 804-786-2251.
That's 804-786-2251.
That's a real important one.
If you will call that number and tell them you want to know if the Attorney General's office is going to allow changed transcripts.
Now, Joyce, also what this does for those that don't know, obviously you know this, is that it lets them know that the country is watching.
And that tends, in many cases, to make them do the right thing.
That's exactly right.
That's what we want them to know, is this is not just going to be some local little thing that you can just disbar somebody and play like they never existed because they're speaking up.
804-786-2071 is the Attorney General.
What's the name of the Attorney General in Virginia?
Oh, gee, I don't have it with me right now.
I just lost it.
I know how it is.
I've got piles of papers here, too, Joyce.
Sorry about that, but thank you very much for this opportunity, and if you're in the area, please be there and please be supportive, because you'll get to see her in action telling the Supreme Court exactly what is going on in that state.
Well, we've had her on as a guest, and so have you, and she's a great lady, done a lot of great work.
Too long to tell everybody about it, but we need to support her, and thanks for joining us.
It's Jerry Kilgore.
It's the Attorney General, Jerry Kilgore.
Jerry Kilgore.
Yeah, thank you so much, Alex.
Appreciate it.
Thank you, Joyce.
I appreciate that update and that call, because I wanted to get Linda Kennedy on, and she's too busy preparing her defense, so Joyce came on in her defense here on the show.
Let's go ahead now and talk to Jeff in Missouri.
Jeff, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
How are you doing?
Not too bad.
The weather here could be a little bit better.
It seems, Alex, right now we as American God-fearing people are under attack and we're getting hit on a bunch of different sides.
Are you familiar with the situation that is currently escalating up in Alaska with the Hale family, the family of 17, 15 children that are being harassed by the Park Service to try to get them off their land?
There are just too many cases to keep track of, sir.
There's hundreds of cases every month in Austin of them grabbing people's children, stealing property, police raping women all over the place.
It's hidden in the back of the paper.
It's just total corruption growing to out-of-control proportions.
I'll tell you though, Alex, one thing I believe, one function that I believe you serve, and you serve very well,
...is a source and a gathering point of intelligence and information that we as Christians need to take before the throne of God.
Let me raise this point.
Have you seen Road to Tyranny where they say Christians, period, founding fathers, period, homeschoolers, period, constitutionalists, period, are terrorists?
And that particular five-minute snippet was a piece of gold because if anything else,
That particular snippet on your film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, is without any exception the biggest eye-opener.
And look, I'm not just talking about video.
These news articles are out there as well.
We just have the video of them set, reading out of the manuals to police.
These are real folks.
The Washington Times reported on it.
So have some West Virginia papers.
When we're sitting here looking at this, I want people to understand that when they say, this is the Washington Post, question, is Eric Rudolph, this is a quote, is he a Christian terrorist?
They're saying this all over the news, and quote, do they need to watch and investigate others who share this Christian ideology?
So you see where this is going, don't you Jeff?
Oh yeah, well you know, we knew it was coming.
And, you know, those of us who have been faithful and listening have been preparing for it for quite a few years.
But the key thing that I really want to remind myself and everybody out there on is ask the Holy Spirit to discern in our hearts who Eric Rudolph's spiritual father is and intercede and pray for him on his behalf because if anybody right now needs it in his situation, he does.
Well, Jeff, I really appreciate the call, and those are fine points.
Let me just say this.
Bombing abortion clinics is wrong and is bad.
Abortion is wrong and is bad.
But the reason bombing an abortion clinic is bad, number one, is that it's only going to aid the enemy.
They're going to use that to demonize everybody that's peacefully protesting and that are turning the tide against abortion in this country.
And then I look at Rudolph, and I'll tell you right now, from the evidence and all the key indicators I have,
From the evidence I have, you cannot trust, basically, Joseph Stalin to try Eric Rudolph.
I mean, that's what our government is.
They plant evidence.
They murder people.
They carry out terrorist attacks.
They lie.
They falsify stuff in trials.
They tried to frame Richard Jewell.
So it would be like saying, oh, we're going to trust Joseph Stalin to try somebody.
Think of the track record of this government.
They've tried to frame other people on this.
They've tried to frame other people on the anthrax attack, which we know was launched by the global government.
We know the White House was on Cipro four weeks before the first anthrax case showed up.
That's admitted.
We know who's behind the terror over and over and over and over again, and who stands to gain from it.
So, I don't...
And I know that the federal government is not legitimate because it's become so criminal.
It's the enemy combatant.
It's the group overthrowing our constitutional republic.
It's the counterfeit.
And so it can't try, Eric Rudolph.
Can the state do it?
Give him a jury of his peers.
They're at the state level.
And let's see what happens.
We'll be right back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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And I'll go to your calls a little bit quicker.
In about 50 minutes, I'm joined by the family's doctor out of Colorado.
Where they did not want their child to be vaccinated, so the doctors came back and said, oh, the test shows you have hepatitis, when the test said that it was 40% of the time was a false positive, which is a quick test.
Then later it came out that she did not have hepatitis.
Didn't matter.
They had an emergency meeting, went ahead and vaccinated the baby despite that.
I just want you to know how serious things are in this country, and I want to go over some of the news of what's in these vaccines, mainstream, what it's doing to the kids, and how the government's trying to give these institutions, these military industrial complex companies, liability protection.
So that's in about 35 minutes or so.
And we'll also, of course, take calls before then and cover a plethora of very important news and information.
The toll-free number to join us, 800-259-9231.
Let me go ahead and dive into some of this news now.
Is terrorism tied to Christian sect?
Now, again, I'm going to go over some more of this, because the Washington Post and MSNBC and everybody else, it's all over the news.
Are Christians terrorists?
Do we need to watch Christians?
Not just Christian identity now, it's all Christians.
Well, I told you, under Clinton...
Under Bush, it's expanded radically.
They are training them that Christians, period, are terrorists, that the Constitution is illegal.
It says the Constitution is a terrorist document.
We have video of them arresting a woman in Virginia for having a Constitution in her car.
Video of the police saying it and doing it.
Do you understand how crazy that is?
And then now they've made...
Rudolph, you know, the size of a rock star or something.
And, oh, the Rudolphs are going to get you if you don't let us take all your rights away.
They actually say this in the Washington Post.
Oh, we've got to watch all these Christian groups now because they may be about to carry out terrorism.
And then, of course, all the Patriot Act provisions will apply to you.
Also, U.S.
Senate opens Iraq weapons probe.
It'll be a big whitewash of how the government lied about how Iraq had weapons.
We're good to go.
I think?
North Korea is basically going to happen.
Also, first post-Saddam elections canceled by the British government and the U.S.
But wait a minute.
They were already just going to appoint 250, 300 delegates appointed by the globalists to then elect who they want to run Iraq.
Now, how is that an election?
It's not.
It's total kangaroo false elections.
But now that's not even good enough.
They're going to go ahead and suspend that indefinitely.
Korean tensions soar over border dispute now that our government has released a document where they plan to attack North Korea as early as this October, just a few months away.
Now North Korea is threatening everybody, doing overflights, they're escalating things.
And now our government says that Iran is next.
G8 leaders now accuse Tehran of doing a Saddam with nukes and saying they're next.
Oh, look, the G8's all behind it now.
Europe was always behind it.
This is totally staged.
Before I end this hour, you've heard a lot about 9-1-1, the road to tyranny.
For just the roadside checkpoint and just the FEMA video, you need to get it.
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Second hour coming up.
More than 700 chemicals have been found in our drinking water.
And did you know that you can have greater exposure to these chemicals by taking hot showers than when you drink the water?
That's because many chemicals are in here.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, in the last hour, I talked a lot about a Washington Post article that's been mirrored, or imitated...
Cloned in a hundred other papers that are all over the place and on television, is Rudolph, Eric Rudolph, quote, a Christian terrorist?
And should the Christians be watched?
Not just the Christian identity, but everybody.
The question I have for you is, can you trust an FBI that already tried to frame Richard Jewell?
Can you trust an FBI that says that they will torture people who are terrorist suspects?
Can you trust any confessions?
Can you trust an FBI that has falsified and been proven in court in hundreds of FBI crime lab cases to falsify and plant evidence?
Can you trust an FBI and a BATF that have planted evidence across the country and control violent informers who commit assassinations and deal drugs for them?
FBI got caught two years ago from Boston to Los Angeles doing this.
Can you trust a government that's totally illegitimate to dispense this justice?
The answer is no.
They got evidence of Rudolph.
Make it a state matter.
Get a real jury of his peers in North Carolina and see what happens.
That's the question.
See what happens.
See what the evidence is.
But I know this.
You can't believe any confessions or anything that come out of Rudolph because this government says they torture people.
And I look at the MO of what these bombings did.
It aided the police state.
It fits their MO.
I believe the globalists are behind it because they were behind everything else we've been able to investigate.
So, we'll take your calls on that in the next segment.
Toll-free number to join me.
I'd like to hear you chime in on this subject.
What do you think?
What's your gut?
What's the evidence tell you?
We'll get you up and on the air today.
Our government is now saying they're preparing an invasion...
We're good to go.
And I think North Korea's totally eviled.
But so are the globalists, and the globalists have given them the nuclear reactors.
The Gulf of Tonkin started by our government.
This is now admitted fact from declassified documents that came out last year.
That North Vietnamese speedboats did not fire on ships.
That was made up.
Will this happen again?
Or will North Korea launch a preemptive strike because Rumsfeld, it's now come out, on purpose leaked a weapons blueprint, an attack blueprint for war, preemptive strike against North Korea?
So they're advertising preemptive strikes.
What's going to stop that psychopath Kim Jong-il from launching his own preemptive strike?
The North Koreans will not be a pushover like the stage war in Iraq or Afghanistan.
Their people, whenever one of their boats is captured, one of their fishing boats, spy trawlers is captured, they always take cyanide.
That's communist hardcore mind control.
Notice the globalists wouldn't take them out in the 1950s, though, in the Korean War.
You notice that they had to instead give them nuclear reactors in the late 1990s with Donald Rumsfeld, the head of the board of the company ABB, that gave them the weapons.
So things are escalating very seriously here.
And when I get back, I'll get into now it's Iran.
G8 leaders accuse Tehran of doing a Saddam with nukes.
And go ahead and get ready for the invasion there.
So, it's getting more and more serious by the hour, by the day, and we'll be here tracking this, how it develops for you.
I'm Alex Jones.
Infowars.com and presentplanet.com are the websites.
Stay with us.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The New World Order clan, the New World Order gang, has said they want World War III.
And to get it, from their own policy reports, from the Project for a New American Century, to the CIA, to Brzezinski and his own publications, Richard Perle, Wolfowitz, Bush, all of them,
Democrats, Republicans have said they needed, quote, Pearl Harbor catastrophic events, terror attacks, to get us mobilized behind a war for empire.
And you're not going to be any part of that empire, just in case you thought you were.
So coming up more on the escalation with North Korea, one of the most serious developments in modern history.
At the G8 summit, they're saying, get ready to go into Iran and Syria next.
That's coming up in one moment, just a few minutes.
And I've got a bunch of other news stories here.
prison population largest in the world.
Yeah, it's been that for decades, but now it dwarfs everyone.
It's all coming up.
But right now, let's go to John and Rhonda and others that are holding.
John in the United Kingdom.
Welcome to the airwaves, sir.
Good to have you on with us, John.
Sorry, Alex, I'm having some problems with my phone here.
That's okay.
Let me just swap hands.
Go ahead.
First of all, I want to apologize if I upset any followers of Jesus last week.
I didn't mean to take the Lord's name in vain.
It was just I was expressing what people's reaction was.
I understand.
Go ahead, sir.
I appreciate you having me back on.
What's on your mind?
I wanted to say to you there's a story in the press here today.
I'm going to try and change phones back here again.
There's a story in the press here today that...
The Labour Party is going to put it in their manifesto to receive ongoing health treatment, because you know we have our National Health Service here.
I've got the story.
You've got it.
First they get you addicted to national health care, then they say you can't be overweight, you can't drink, you can't smoke cigarettes, and then they're going to use the national ID card to swipe and track what you buy and eat.
And then they get everybody socialized and go, well, their unhealthy lifestyle is costing us money, and so none of you have any of your own privacy.
Tell us about Maximum Orwellville.
Well, it sounds a bit like a fascist thing to me, don't you think?
A total control freak Orwellian dream.
I don't mean to steal your thunder.
Tell us about it.
Well, you know, it's crazy.
I mean, as I said to you last week, myself and my friends were waking up to all of this, and we've been talking about, well, when the ID card comes in, you have to use an ID card.
Do we use it, or do we fight against it?
Do you end up stepping out of the system?
We're good to go.
Plenty of other people have said that, you know, with all these four-hour lines at the airport and, you know, you're getting caught up with all these guys and they have to make sure you're not a terrorist, but if you can prove who you are... Now they're going to put, from England to the U.S., hardened checkpoints in the road where volunteers help searching your car.
They call it a seatbelt check, but I have the plan from 98 where the feds said that it was about searching your car and setting up national tollways.
Yeah, I heard your report about that last week.
The problem is...
Well, Blair announced...
Three years ago, from Runnymede, the end of the Magna Carta, do you remember that?
I remember that.
He went to the field, we're in 12-14, that happened, and said, we're getting rid of juries, grand juries, everything, reinstating double jeopardy, trying you twice for the same crime, and for people who don't understand, because I'm jumping around here.
In this world, you will swipe a card.
They will tell you what to eat, when you can go out.
You will be retina scanned at the sight of your, quote, tires, so you can drive your car.
It's total control freak world.
Go ahead.
Yeah, basically, we don't have a constitution of our own, but it looks like we're going to be taking on a European constitution, which is...
Just madness.
An unelected board running things.
Yeah, but instead of taking our own constitution, which a lot of people would like to prevent our further integration with Europe, we're going to integrate further and take a constitution which will still leave it open-ended.
And as I've explained to people, when I studied politics at university, we were taught, oh, there is no end game to Europe.
It's a continual process.
No, it was designed to be that way.
And people go, yeah, okay, fine.
And I had a module which was about political ideologies, and I believe the module was called The End of Ideology?
And I was not allowed to reach my own conclusions.
I now realise why, because if I'd reached my own conclusions, I would have realised, not the end of ideology, it's still going.
Well, they're training us that we're not allowed to criticize.
In Europe now, some people have been fired, some arrested for criticizing the EU.
See, first it's, don't talk bad about this racial group.
Next it's, everybody's bleeding heart and goes, oh, yes, that's reasonable.
And then next it's, you can't criticize the EU, and you've got to accept genetically modified food, and you've got to turn in your firearms, and we're going to take your private property, and we're going to inspect your house, and we're going to, yeah.
So what are people saying about having to give a pledge and then swipe your ID cards to buy your food so you can, quote, be tracked for the health care system?
Well, I mean, there's all sorts of, I mean, you know, I wonder if people are going to say, oh, well, the chip in my arm makes much more sense than carrying the card around with me.
That's when I know that the world has completely lost all sense of, you know, normalcy.
Now, your government is farther along than ours.
You have...
In some ways, but we don't have the media bombardment and propaganda quite in the way you do.
But again, we are lulled into this false sense of security in believing that because we think we have a free press, oh, well, none of this is going to sneak up on us because our journalists will expose it.
They're now having an argument, did Blair deceive us over weapons of mass destruction?
Of course he deceived us.
He's deceived us for six years.
But instead, oh, did he... And I watched him on the news last night, and this guy is going to get hung on his own petard because he's said too much.
He's answered the question, no, I didn't lie.
Well, on that alone, he's a liar.
So let's get him.
But the problem is, who do we replace him with?
The same thing, probably.
The guy's a puppet, and they've always got another puppet behind him.
Bush, Clinton, Gore, Blair.
Yeah, although it's less easy to see in this country who's the power behind the throne.
It's less easy to be able to... I mean, with Bush, obviously, you can see Skull and Bones.
You can see all the people around him.
Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld.
But with Blair, it's much more difficult to the untrained eye to see the connection.
Well, look at who voted in your parliament.
The Conservatives teamed up with the Liberals.
Same thing happens here.
The conservatives vote together on open borders, gun confiscation, selling out our sovereignty, on key issues of crippling the size of the BATF to take our guns.
They're together.
Well, they need a budget so they can plant bombs, Alex.
Pardon me?
It costs a lot of money to plant all that plastic explosive.
Where do they get the budget from to plant all those bombs?
They need the money, don't forget.
Yeah, the government needs the money to terrorize us and imposes our savior.
But on the issue of national ID card...
Your government was more honest about your driver's license being the national ID card and that everyone now has to have the card even if you don't drive and that you're going to have to have this to, quote, even leave your house.
There is massive resistance to that.
How are things going over there in fighting that?
I don't think there is a fight at the moment.
I mean, I think Liberty might kick up... Liberty, the rights organisation, might kick up a battle.
But there isn't really... I don't think there's much of a storm at the moment.
At the moment, everyone is... Well, according to The Guardian and BBC, the polls are like 80% are against it.
The politicians are saying they're not going to vote for it, as they already implement it.
Well, as is always the way.
I have to tell you, actually, it's an interesting story.
When I was going over to the States, and I'd just turned 21...
I had to order myself a photo driving license because our old driving license here was just a piece of paper.
No photo.
No photo ID.
And actually, you could use that ID to get all sorts of things.
You'd use a non-photo ID for a passport.
It was ridiculous.
And in that sense, I agreed with the photo ID, but I had to get it to prove my age so I could go into a bar.
But they still... Oh, you've got to have an ID to get to a bar now.
It's a funny story.
I was in Houston with some friends, and I went into this bar,
Well, let me tell you...
It was a poll like three years ago.
Al Gore was still in office.
It was about four years ago.
92%, that was the number, 92% of high school seniors couldn't tell people who the vice president was.
So they've done a great job dumbing us down.
Thanks for the call, John.
I appreciate that call.
I didn't mean to jump around, but I wanted to paint folks a picture of how serious things are across the pond.
Let's talk now to Rhonda.
In Missouri.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Thanks for coming up to Kansas City last month.
Really appreciate getting to make some connections up there.
Well, I enjoyed seeing all those great folks, that crowd.
Well, I really appreciate you spending your whole life, dedicating your whole life so that I can have a little bit of a life.
And, you know, Kim Jim over in Korea, it's
I believe they're not going to make a move without orders from the New World Order.
And then he can retire to the hot tub with Bin Laden and Hussein to get his endless supply of little children to feed on, too.
He is into that.
He's been caught kidnapping mainly 18-year-old Asian film stars.
He will have a plane hijacked.
Brought to his country, and then he kills them after he's done with them.
He just apologized for that, though, about six months ago.
I'm sure the illuminated ones will keep him in full supply.
Oh, well, he's certainly one of them in his taste.
As far as the courts go here, from what I'm understanding, the reason they're getting so arrogant is because they understand that this is a corporation, and we are under corporate law.
And as debtors, you have no rights.
You have no constitutional rights.
Going back to the 33, trading with the enemy, and that whole nine yards.
Did I hear you say one time Rush Limbaugh was a member of CFR?
His books are published by a subsidiary of their publishing house.
You want to add some more, Rhonda, or are you done?
No, I just wanted to say that the courts know that we've got to understand that we're in a corporate law.
You're right.
It's a contract law, but it's a fraud because they trick you into signing on to it.
Great points, Rhonda.
Thank you for the call.
Call back any time.
All right, I'll tell you about the war with Iran that's coming up when we get back.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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All right, folks, so let's get this straight.
The Project for an American Century, a group chaired by Wolfowitz and Cheney before the election, wrote in dozens of major essays publicly on their website that they needed a big terror attack in America to get us behind endless wars to take over the entire Middle East to attack North Korea and to have a national draft and to set up World War III.
Now they've gone into Iraq.
They publicly let everything break down and organized some of the looting.
They only guarded the oil fields.
Now they're mowing down people that protest peaceably in many cases.
Or if it's a wedding and somebody shoots a gun in the air, which they do over there, everybody knows that.
Now they have said they didn't find any weapons of mass destruction, but oh, they promise they will.
Of course, any real weapons of mass destruction they may find were sold to them by the U.S.
government, and that's a fact, folks.
Senatorial hearings by Alfonso D'Amato in 1994 got the actual purchase orders on the Sarin, the VX, the Botulism, the Anthrax, the West Nile, everything we're now enjoying in this country.
That increases the government's power in the name of keeping us safe from all of it.
And now they want to invade North Korea.
They leaked a document two months ago.
I've got to bring that story back.
That's such a big deal.
We can't just glaze over Rumsfeld's 100-plus page battle plan being, quote, leaked to the Washington Post.
Now, do you really believe that?
They leaked the top-secret battle plan, which tells North Korea, we're going to invade you.
We're going to attack you in October.
We're massing forces to attack you preemptively.
In October, then suddenly Richard Purtles at White House dinners laughing, oh, don't worry, we're going into North Korea and Iran and Syria next.
I have family who are officers, one in particular in the Army, in logistics, and let me tell you, they're going to war with Syria.
They've been told that in the next two years.
That was three or four months ago, so now it's about a year and a half away, maybe sooner.
And so they're actually saying now, we have these articles posted on InfoWars.com, that they're going to, quote, find the weapons in Iran or Syria.
That's where Saddam sent them.
We're supposed to believe all this.
Oh, wow.
G8 leaders accuse Tehran of doing a Saddam, the headline says, with nukes.
World leaders yesterday accused Iran of secretly trying to make nuclear bombs.
A hard-hitting statement issued from the G8 Summit for the world's richest nations in Evian, France, condemned rogue states with weapons of mass destruction as the greatest threat to the world peace.
It's a coup for Tony Blair and President George Bush, who have warned Iran and fellow Axis of Evil members...
North Korea to stop production of banned weapons.
And now Putin has announced he will stop the transfer of nuclear reactor parts to Iran.
Now, it turns out that Britain and the U.S., according to the BBC, have transferred key parts more important than the parts that have been given by Russia to Iran and China, who our government's given everything, including multiple warhead technology, MIRV technology, and perfected their long-march three-stage intercontinental ballistics and two-stage missiles as well.
And again, they've armed North Korea with the reactors to make, quote, 100 nuclear warheads a year, according to the Associated Press.
So, arming all the enemies for this global war.
We're good to go.
I think?
And it's okay if there's no 9-1-1 investigation of blatant prior knowledge and CIA involvement, because we're in a war.
And, oh, we've got the Christian terrorists now, the headline says, attacking us.
We've got to arrest them and torture them, too, because it's a war against terror.
All of this flying in the face of the evidence.
So now here's Europe, who claimed they were against us the whole time.
Oh, they're suddenly all for it.
And so is Japan.
And so is Russia.
In action, they're together.
In rhetoric, they're against it.
That's the only difference here.
So the U.N.
can play the part of the good cop as America plays the part of the bad cop.
But some fear America is mounting pressure for an attack on the world's fourth-largest oil producer coming so soon after the Iraq War.
It sparked anger in the House of Commons.
Again, that's in England, totally staged.
Are we going to lay waste to half the world before we have finished?
Said Anne Cryer, a member of Parliament.
And anti-war veterans campaigner Alice Mahoon said it is absolutely outrageous to start making threatening noises against other countries.
Well, they've already said they're about to start transmissions into Tehran and Syria and into Tehran and Iran and Damascus and Syria.
They're already starting it, folks.
This is incredible.
Massive escalations, and the feds had the plans and said it would go just like this four years ago.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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You know, I was talking about how they're getting ready to attack all these sovereign nations after they've armed them.
And they're also going to have a national draft for you.
They've got lined up compulsory service.
This is the shift of America into total tyranny, and there's nothing like a war to smokescreen the looting of our economy while using what's left of America to empower the New World Order and then blaming America for the takeover of the New World Order before handing everything over to the United Nations and NATO as the savior of the world.
I've got a bunch of other news coming up in your calls.
We've got several guests on with us.
We'll be going to here in just a few minutes.
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Because most people aren't evil.
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And so the road to Hades is truly paved with useful idiots following what they thought were good intentions.
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It's up to you.
Take the road to tyranny.
Last comment.
We have FEMA to a group of police on video saying Christians, the founding fathers, homeschoolers, gun owners, defenders of the U.S.
Constitution are terrorists.
And then we have the training and function where state police in Virginia arrest a woman at a checkpoint for having a pocket constitution.
It's on video.
That's about five minutes of my two-and-a-half-hour film, The Road to Tyranny.
Get the videos.
War in America.
What this war on terror is really all about.
All right.
Let's go to our guests.
The family's going to stay in anonymity.
They've already been in some news articles, but we're not going to tell you their names because they don't want to.
I think it's frankly safer to come out and stand up.
They're standing up more than most folks here on the air.
There are thousands of these cases that we see every year in the mainstream news.
This is just one of them.
Dr. Sarah Case is a chiropractor.
We have the mother and grandmother.
And later, because we can't have four people online at one time, I don't think anybody can, we're going to have the father on.
They wanted to have a home birth.
And I'm just going to recap things because I heard this on Joyce's show today.
Just to recap the story, and I've also seen this in the news.
The story a few months ago when this happened.
Just to recap the story briefly, and they can tell me if I'm wrong at any point.
I want to tell you that you're much safer in a home birth if you have a midwife statistically, but then in a rare case, you do have a problem.
You've got to go to the hospital.
The baby was too big.
They get to the hospital.
They tell them, we don't want any vaccinations.
They act like that's weird.
They won't sign for a Social Security number, which I didn't get mine until I was like 14.
Why do they want it at birth now?
They freak out over that.
Suddenly they say, this test says you've got hepatitis, when it was a test that 40% of the time is inaccurate, just a quick smear test.
Later it turned out she didn't have hepatitis.
They said, we've got to vaccinate your baby now for hepatitis B. They called in a kangaroo court with a bioethicist,
They had a staged event, forcibly injected the child, took the child away, injected it, gave it back to them.
The social worker said, if you don't give them the other shots next week when you're supposed to get it two months later, because I've had this hepatitis shot because I worked in the medical field in college.
I know about it.
You get it two months later, three shots.
They said, you take it next week or we're going to take your child.
They then got the information that they didn't have hepatitis.
It was made up.
And I think they should sue.
They've got a major lawsuit.
Their civil rights, their God-given rights, their constitutional First Amendment right to practice religion has been violated.
But this is a family that knew what they were doing and still got caught in the clutches.
Dr. Sarah Chase and also the mother and grandmother who were under attack, and they are patriots.
They know about the New World Order.
Welcome to the airwaves.
Did I, in a nutshell, recap what happened accurately?
Yes, you did.
Thank you so much for having us on, Alex.
This is Dr. Chase.
I do need to correct just a few minor things.
The baby wasn't too big.
The baby was in good shape, good size and everything.
The problem with the home birth is that the baby went transverse and the child cannot be delivered in the transverse.
That's fake first?
It was transverse.
It was sideways instead of in the down position.
Most of the time with natural intervention methods, we can get the baby to turn.
This is one of those rare instances where we could not get the baby to turn.
I know you've been involved in these.
For those that don't know, I've investigated it.
We've had guests on.
I've even read the mainstream news.
Statistically, home births are safer.
Oh, so much more.
And that's because of the hormones they use, the shots they give, just bad medical care.
Yes, and I will have to say most women that say, oh, I'm so glad I went to the hospital because of this, this, or that, most of those things that happened were because of medical intervention.
If they were involved in a home birth with a good midwife and hopefully a chiropractor at hand, that wouldn't have happened.
And they're also trying to shut down midwives now nationwide, which have been around longer than doctors.
Now, why is it in third world countries, and even third world Eastern European white countries, it's not just a thing of color, why can women have a baby in an average of six hours, but in the U.S.
the average is now 18 hours?
Why is that?
I think part of it is the state of our health.
So many people's health is that they're not taking care of themselves, but also the medical intervention.
So often they're inducing the labor and...
I think so.
That a birth is a medical process rather than a natural process.
If the babies and mothers were just left alone, the baby would come on its own time of its own choosing.
Well, I had a friend in high school whose mother was a doctor, and in one of their rooms, as an antique, they had a Swedish birthing chair, and they said in Sweden a woman squatting, I don't want to get into too many details, would have a baby in an average of two and a half hours.
That's common.
That's common.
Well, why does it take 18 on average now?
Well, it also depends on what we're talking about.
Once the water breaks, oftentimes the baby normally naturally will come within a few hours.
But before the water breaks, how long has a woman been having labor pains?
It actually could be for days.
I'm not talking about hard labor.
Once the water breaks, the woman will go into much harder labor.
But, you know, it's not uncommon for a woman to have labor pains for several days.
But, I mean, it just seems like gravity, that the old-fashioned way they did it in the Bible, is the way, it seems like with gravity, that that would be the sensible way to do it.
It certainly makes sense to me, Alex, when they lay these women on their backs and they're pushing against gravity and it causes so much more back pain and it's so much more difficult for the baby, of course, it's going to take longer.
The way that they birth babies in hospitals...
Not in the birthing centers, but in the regular hospital medical rooms.
In my opinion, it's horrible.
Well, people can't defeat the statistics, and that's a fact if you check it out.
So what happened, again in this case, and are you guys going to sue these people?
The family is pursuing legal remedies because they feel, I'll let them tell you all this, but they feel it's their moral and ethical obligation to not let such statistics
Tyrannical tactics go unnoticed.
Well, it's the state saying they own your kids, and it's basically kidnapping.
Let's bring the grandmother up, and we'll just call her Grandmother Mary.
Exactly what happened, and what has this been like for your family?
We'll bring the mother up as well, and thank you for your courage coming on the show.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'm Mary.
It was a nightmare for us.
My daughter needed help, and the baby was transverse, couldn't be born in a transverse position.
We recognized that.
We took her to the hospital, and when we got there, a doctor met us.
We had called ahead, and a doctor had met us, and he said, I know you think we're the enemy, but I'm not here to get rich off of you.
I have an office full of patients, and I'm not here to get rich on you.
The attending nurse, I thought this was a strange comment, the attending nurse turned to the doctor and smiled and said, no, we don't want your money, we just want your firstborns.
And that was our introduction to the hospital.
Oh, that didn't come out earlier today.
Did you know that I've covered this in Austin?
Oh, how nice.
When you go to one of the city hospitals, in some weeks, the average is one-third of the kids are being grabbed.
If you're poor, don't know your rights, they come in with police.
We have this on video.
We've aired it on TV in Austin.
They say, sign these documents now.
The mother cries, signs the documents, and they never see the kid again.
So she told you, this nurse said, now that's cruel and unusual.
That was vicious.
That shows premeditated activity.
This nurse said, we just want your firstborn.
We don't want your money.
We just want your firstborn.
And it was somewhat riveting, but I blew it off.
I thought, okay, bad joke.
But then in light of what happened, looking back at that,
I think it's quite telling.
I've heard the tactic.
I don't know about this hospital, but that's how they, in some of the other cases, they will claim, oh, the mommy had a hepatitis thing.
We've got to keep the baby for observation.
They take them into neonatal, and there's no problem with them.
Then they use that to freeze things to get the order to take the child.
Of course, it turned out that your daughter, and she's on with us now, did not have hepatitis, totally off this little test.
We knew that from the beginning.
She wasn't even at risk.
So they do this now, starting to look premeditated.
Well, it makes you wonder.
It makes one wonder.
The doctor did the C-section.
The baby was taken to intensive care unit to monitor the baby.
They kept the baby there.
They didn't release the baby until two days later.
Well, actually that evening.
It was getting close to midnight.
But they...
Did the baby look like a pin cushion by the time they were done with it?
They poked the baby a lot.
They took a lot of blood samples.
It was not fun.
But they made the blood sugar.
An issue.
I talked to a pediatrician that was... Well, that's because the child wasn't nursed.
If it was immediately put on the breast, the milk would flow, the colostrum, and, of course, after labor and the stress of that.
I looked at the old statistics we've had guests on about this.
Of course, the blood sugar is low in most children at birth.
Now they consider, what, a 45 level, which was averaged just 30 years ago.
They consider that as low, correct?
Is that what it is?
The criterion was 50.
The baby was nursing.
The criteria was 50?
That's right.
Oh, man, that's a major scam.
The baby was nursing.
The baby was nursing well until they forced the vaccination.
And then the oxygen levels went down.
They had a criterion for oxygen.
That's listed as one of the most dangerous vaccines, even on the insert.
Correct, Doctor?
Oh, yes.
We knew that.
Especially for newborns whose immune systems are not fully developed.
Well, they were holding... The last day the baby was there, they were holding the baby because blood sugar would not meet the 50 criterion.
My daughter was so exhausted, we were trying to get her a little bit of rest.
The whole experience was a nightmare for her.
They kept coming in, having her sign papers.
She signed the papers?
There were papers that she did not sign.
These are wolves.
Now, in the predatory world, I'm going to point this out.
The government does this.
The old, the young, the infirm, the sick.
This is what wolves do, or hyena, on the African plain, wild dogs, lions, they target other mammals when they're down on their backs, when they're down on their sides.
That's when they attack.
And the same way here, with the New World Order, vicious attacks, with CPS, when the family is most exhausted.
Well, it was exhausting.
So you're surrounded by hyenas.
What did you do is you're surrounded by them baying at you.
Well, they walked in.
They told her she had hepatitis B. They felt, my goodness, she felt as if that was a death sentence.
They said, we've got to vaccinate your baby, you have hepatitis B, when in fact all they had was a screening test.
And you got the medical report.
You've got the medical report.
Again, folks, I've worked in dentist offices, hospitals.
There's a large animal vet I know about this stuff.
I've sat there and watched the test done.
They know that test is 40% wrong.
And he told your daughter she had hepatitis?
That is emotional damages right there.
This was not even her doctor that told her that she had hepatitis B. Was it the pediatrician?
This was a neonatologist who was in charge of the neonatology.
Hospital pediatrician.
Stay there.
We'll be right back.
And expose the death camps.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
We know you're paranoid about hospitals.
Don't worry.
We don't want your money.
We just want your firstborn, is what they told them.
Here in Austin, we've done TV shows, folks, where poor people, no criminal records, done nothing wrong, show up, CPS walks in, and says to them, Oh, what do you do?
Well, I'm a maid, and my husband is a construction worker.
Well, how are you going to take care of this baby?
Well, here, just sign here.
They don't even tell them what it means.
We've been there with cameras.
The police are telling them to stand back, and the mother's crying, and the officer grabs the woman by the arm and says, Sign it!
And they go, Ah!
And sign it, and they take the child and laugh.
We have video.
We've aired this in Austin.
It just horrifies people.
This is a middle-class family, young parents with good parents and grandparents, with doctors who are in the family.
Sarah Chase is a member of the family.
It's our sister's daughter.
And this is how they operate.
This is what they do.
I want you to know, and going along with them won't help you, the brain damage, the disease, the attack, the IQ reduction by the military industrial complex is public.
We have Henry Kissinger's plan on Infowars.com, a national security document, public, where they say they want to sterilize half the women in the world at birth through different systems.
And the baby girls are really in trouble.
And the doctors, of course, don't know.
They think it's all good, and they're following good orders.
Because they're not the ones manufacturing these vaccines.
The AMA does a good job of keeping this all quiet.
But now the head of the medical school of Chicago up in Illinois has gone public about how dangerous the vaccines are.
Going back to Sarah Chase, the doctor, the family member, the grandmother, the mother, and the father, Michael, are joining us.
We're about to end this hour.
I want to hold you over, but any other key areas you want to hit on about how... I remember you said this morning when you were on Joyce and Dave's show that
You're sitting there, and they call this hearing that night.
Don't tell you about it until you were calling around looking for lawyers, and you call the lawyer's office.
They go, oh, we're already there having the hearing.
You run up to it, and they say, why isn't the mother here?
Doesn't she care when she just had a C-section and couldn't even get out of bed?
Can you talk about any other key areas for us?
Whoever wants to jump in.
Well, this is Dr. Chase.
I'll be real brief so the others can talk.
I think so.
Challenge the jurisdiction.
I did it probably way too late, but I asked the judge, what right do you have to do this?
You know, you have no jurisdiction over the family, and he said the child's here in the hospital.
So when you take your child into a hospital, they claim jurisdiction over it, so it's a very dangerous place to be.
Well, also I would add a caveat to this entire discussion that...
If they recommended that you take the next shot in a week or you'd be arrested, even the insert says, because I've read it, that that is dangerous for the hepatitis B shot and that you shouldn't do it until at least a month and a half to two months.
So they were recommending that.
That right there is malpractice.
That was going against recommended protocol.
The Center for Disease Control hotline was called in the,
Department of Health and Human Services, and we asked about that.
Even if we had chosen to give that shot on our own, the protocol that the CDC recommends is at birth.
And then no sooner than one to two months after, and they said if it was given any sooner, the child's life would certainly be in danger.
Yeah, they violated AMA.
I would hit them on that point, and then I would hit them on the threats, the, oh, we only want your firstborn, showing poor knowledge and racketeering, and do not waver.
They all need to be, they need to lose their houses, everything they've got.
Well, there's another point.
Tell us the name of the hospital, too, before we end this hour.
Mary's Hospital.
What hospital?
Mary's Hospital in Grand Junction, Colorado.
That's right.
Grand Junction, Colorado.
I wanted that for all our Colorado audiences on our four affiliates there before we aren't with them.
They don't carry the third hour.
Well, the social worker at the hospital.
Stay there.
We'll hear it on the other side.
We'll be right back.
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All right, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome back.
Already to the third and final hour of this worldwide edition.
I'm here Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central.
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And then back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
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to 1 a.m.
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And we're talking to Dr. Sarah Chase, who is the sister.
Her sister is the mother of the 19-year-old young lady and her husband, who wanted to have natural childbirth, went ahead and went to the hospital.
They claimed that the mother had hepatitis, told her she had it when they knew the test was 40%.
Inaccurate, false positive.
Then they say you'll have to take the hepatitis shot now and forced it.
And then say you'll have to take it again in a week or we'll take your child.
And they say don't take it for at least a month and a half or two months.
That's the own guidelines from the insert.
Just out of control.
They also told them up front, don't worry, we don't want your money.
We just want your firstborn.
It's real funny.
The sick power trips these control freaks and witch doctors get on.
This is a massive crisis because this is a family that knew what they were doing and was middle class.
Imagine being working class.
Imagine being blue collar.
It is a nightmare.
So we were discussing the things they went through.
We'll have them on with us about another 20 minutes and they can stay with us and I'll get into other international and national news.
Believe me, you don't want to miss...
Dr. Sarah Chase, and we're just talking to the grandmother, the mother, and the husband, who we haven't heard from yet, the father.
I believe the grandmother, Mary, was trying to say something about the social workers.
Any other disgusting things they said or the nurses said other than talking about how they wanted your child?
Well, I think the mom should speak to that because this was told directly to her and her husband.
Okay, let's talk to the mother again.
Go ahead.
I was laying in the recovery bed or whatever it was and a social worker came in and well my husband and I had already said that we had a conviction against vaccinations and we did not want vaccinations to be given and she came in and said that she wanted us to sign all these papers for getting the vaccine.
She said, you know, if you don't sign these we're going to take your child or you could potentially lose your child over this and I
She went into all sorts of other things that we had no business having a midwife and no business having a home birth.
And none of this is illegal.
And statistics show midwives have a better success rate than the hospitals.
Yeah, that's true.
It was basically a whole scare tactic of what she was trying to do.
They told me I had hepatitis B and that they were going to do all these things that we didn't want done and then they were going to take our child.
And after everything I had been through, it was very...
You've just had a child.
You've got a cesarean section cut.
What did you say to this greebling creature?
Well, you know, there were several different things we tried to say.
She was just somewhat just nasty and
And said we basically had no idea what we were doing, and we're incompetent parents.
Did you say, hey, social workers and their foster homes are five times more likely to abuse or kill children?
How about we have you arrested?
Just say that because statistically you're worse.
Let's just go ahead and say you're guilty and arrest you.
We didn't say that, but then you think of that.
We're talking to the father.
Did you say that?
We basically told them that our first and foremost concern was our child and that as the parents we had to make the decisions we thought were best for the child and that they could threaten us with custody issues if they wanted to, but we were not going to give our permission for them to vaccinate.
Now, you didn't cave, sir, and I want to commend you.
Usually in that stack of forms is a system where you relinquish your child.
Did she ever put one of those in front of you?
Not that I know of, but they were trying to get the waiver so that they could give the shot without getting into any liability.
Also this morning I heard that the social worker did bring forward in the little kangaroo cord to terminate and to take the child, correct?
They took and actually supposedly granted protective custody of the child to the Department of Human Services.
Stay there.
We'll be right back.
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All right, folks.
We've got about 51 minutes left in this live broadcast for stations that carry the news in the last segment.
Talking to Dr. Sarah Chase.
Her sister is the mother of the young lady, 19-year-old, who is married and...
We're good to go.
Except for two-month spaces, they said we wanted to be given the shot in seven days, which, again, the insert says don't do that, and it's very dangerous.
The CDC says don't do that.
So that right there is a big place to have that on the record, with witnesses a large point to sue these people personally.
They'll claim immunity.
They don't have immunity.
That's a con job.
And the threats are continuing.
So we're talking to the father as well.
Michael, you were trying to say something about what happened to your child.
Please continue.
Oh, it was just about the custody issue that, yes, the judge did order the county to file.
Basically, they took protective custody of the child for a period of about three weeks.
Thankfully, we were able to avoid getting the second shot, which could have probably killed our child.
But we did go through three weeks of basically terror
Where we had physical custody of our child, but they had the right to do whatever they wanted.
And they were saying, take the shot in seven days, and we're going to take your child.
They claimed your wife had hepatitis B. Turned out, of course, she didn't.
We've caught them in other areas doing this.
I don't know if this was on purpose in their case, but the comment to your wife, we don't want your money, we just want your firstborn.
What was that like?
Did you witness that?
I didn't personally witness that.
I want to talk to your wife.
What did the nurse say, or did the grandmother see this?
What setting did this take place in?
What happened?
It was right when I was rushed into the hospital.
We were trying to figure out, you know, what emergency procedure, whatever they were going to do.
And for me, I was not really the one who caught it.
It was more my mother.
I was kind of...
Focused on all my breathing and labor pains and all this other stuff.
I understand.
I want to recap that.
Let's bring your mother or your grandmother back up.
What exactly did this nurse say?
She smiled and said, We don't want your money.
We just want your firstborn.
Now, when the CPS person is saying, Take all the shots.
We're going to take your kids.
Sign these papers.
Did anybody point out that even...
Time Magazine had this headline a few years ago.
Five times more likely to be abused or to die in their custody.
Did anybody point that out?
That, hey, you guys have the bad track record?
We didn't.
We weren't aware of that exact statistic, but we definitely did not want our child falling into their hands because we've heard the horror stories.
It's unbelievable.
They knew too much.
They knew they could not let that happen yet.
They also knew that they could not consent to their daughter being vaccinated.
Is this Dr. Chase?
This is the mother.
Oh, this is the mother.
We've got a lot of folks on here.
Dr. Chase, do you have any comments to all this?
Yes, when the nurse said, you know, we just want your child, I thought over our dead bodies you'll take that child.
But the court wanted to maintain protective supervision of the child, maintaining the
Obviously that they think they have more of a right to our children than the parents do.
Now, and of course it's for their best interest as usual.
Hitler said that.
So they are running around now.
Afterwards, you brought them the blood test and their own blood test saying she didn't have hepatitis B. What did they say to that?
Well, we got social services to at least petition to the courts to drop the dependency and neglect charge.
And we told them we were not going to get that second vaccination, especially in a week.
The court documents... Man, I wish you would have recorded them telling you that, no, you've got to take it in a week, you've got to take it in a week.
You would have them so red-handed.
Oh, it's in the court documents, Alex.
That's practicing medicine without a license?
Oh, this is incredible.
It's in the court documents.
You're telling me they said that in the court?
Yep, it says in the court... Oh my, oh my, oh!
It's actually in the court order.
It says in the court order that the second vaccination has to be done in one week.
So now the judge is practicing medicine.
Oh, and they also said, quote, We hereby find by clear and convincing evidence that...
The mother has been diagnosed with hepatitis B. She was never examined by any doctor for hepatitis B. And the test says it's just a quick test, a little kit, 40% false positive.
Yes, they're making a diagnosis off of an erroneous screening test.
We have been trying for weeks to get copies of the transcripts of that court hearing.
And we have been blocked from that.
We have not even been able to get the transcript.
Now, that's criminal.
You need to put in a judicial complaint for judicial misconduct.
They will also try to edit those transcripts.
At least a lot of people try that.
But you do have your witnesses of what they said.
No wonder.
Oh, they know.
You better sue them now and get a subpoena.
And, oh, man, I tell you, this is incredible.
Yeah, we just keep getting the runaround over and over and over about why we can't get the transcripts yet.
Well, they have to give you the transcript.
Well, we're trying, but they just keep putting it off and putting it off.
And the transcripts have been paid for.
Well, there's a lot of stuff that they have to do and that they're legally required to do that they're just not doing.
I mean, it's interesting for all the listeners to note that it was pointed out by myself and by Dr. Chase and others in the hearing itself about the Bill of Rights and even the Colorado...
Well, the FBI was caught in Denver arguing in court that the Constitution is not a defense and that you can't use it.
And the judge agreed.
But let me just say this.
We're good to go.
I think?
You have got major lawsuits here, just the practicing medicine without a license, all of this stuff, and telling you to give the child the shot, having that order.
You can get all of that.
You ought to put the newspaper onto this.
I know they're probably part of the establishment and don't want to.
You need to get on local talk radio, though we're on in Colorado.
What is Grand Junction close to?
It's in itself the biggest...
Western Colorado, it's pretty much the biggest city.
How far away from... Five hours from Denver.
In between Denver and Salt Lake.
Okay, everybody's talking at once.
Michael, where is Grand Junction?
It's located about halfway between Denver and Salt Lake.
It's on the western border of Colorado.
Pretty much the biggest city in that area.
I believe you can hear my show in that area.
No, we've got four affiliates that basically cover the state.
Well, this is just par for the course, what they do.
So when they finally dropped it, have you confronted the doctors and people themselves with this fact?
Yes, we have.
And they said it was in the child's best interest, just in case.
That they wanted to err on the side of caution.
Now, there's liability.
A lot of times when they give a test, you have to sign a form saying you know that it means that you may not really have it, especially with tests like the quick hepatitis B test they give.
They had to know that.
They did.
Do you have any suspicions that your wife really didn't, that the test never even said that?
Well, we saw a copy of the lab report.
And it was positive, but it also said this will be confirmed by another method, and we knew she didn't have it.
I have trouble believing, though, that the test ever did really say that, or if it did actually say that, it was a screw-up on their part, because of the four or five tests we've done since then, not a single one has turned out remotely positive.
That's a big thing for you to have in court.
So are you planning to sue them?
At this point, we are looking for legal counsel.
We are not one of those families that can pay someone $300 an hour to do this sort of thing.
We've got somebody that wants to talk to you.
Then I want to give some contact out for you for folks that want to help you or put you on to good people in the Colorado area.
Mike in Arizona, you're on the air with our guest.
We'll have to fade some of you guys down when he talks and fade you back up.
Go ahead.
Go ahead, Mike.
Yes, hi.
I'm curious.
Why did somebody think that the mother had hepatitis B?
It was an initial screening test that they did when we first went into the hospital.
It was a planned home birth that ran into complications, and we decided that for the best interest of our child, we should head to the hospital.
And the doctor wanted to do an immediate C-section, and standard procedure before they do any type of surgery is to have blood tests.
Yeah, obviously.
What do you think about what is being said here, Mike?
Yeah, I think it's just an unfortunate set of circumstances.
There is, you know, one of the ways, about the only way that an infant could get hepatitis B is from, well, an infant, a newborn, is going to get it from the mother, vertical transmission.
So there is legitimate concern there.
What about saying we only want your firstborn?
Well, I think that was just some dark humor on the part of the nurse.
Just a sick joke and totally inappropriate.
But I think there is a problem with this elitist mentality that we know better how to take care of your child than you do.
You sound like a doctor, Mike.
Yeah, I am.
And I think the way you...
Well, Mike, I'll hold you over.
Let's do one more segment with our guests so they can stay.
But let me just say this, and don't hang up, Mike.
I've been to the hospitals.
I've covered this, sir.
It may not be like this in your hospital.
It is hell on earth in Austin, Texas.
Do you believe me, Mike?
Mike, are you there?
Well, we'll see if he's there when we get back after the break.
Mike, you still there?
We'll be right back, folks, on the other side of this quick break.
And we'll talk to Mike, who says he's a doctor, and we'll let the family talk.
We've got, like, six people online now, so we'll try to keep this all juggled and balanced.
Kind of hard to do with audio-wise, but the folks are doing a great job up at Genesis.
Stay with us.
Stay with us.
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All right, we've got Dr. Sarah Case.
We've got Richard, or Mike, who's a doctor.
We've got a bunch of the family, the grandmother, the mother, the mother, the father.
I think we're good to go.
But since they're good, they think the 20% that are bad must be good, and then have to protect them.
The doctors are just useful idiots carrying out whatever the establishment has to say.
Same thing with doctors.
And I have seen, especially in city-run hospitals, they are child-kidnapping mills.
I don't know about this hospital, but I know what we put on TV in Austin.
I mean, the lies in the CPS reports, it would say the baby was abused a year and a half ago.
We have nine witnesses, and it's a newborn baby.
And they've got the name of the newborn baby.
You know, it's stuff like this.
It's insane.
Mike, you were making a point when we hit that last break.
Go ahead.
Well, just a couple of quick observations.
You know, it's ironic that that system has developed where we allow doctors and attorneys and other people to second guess the parents and put them in the position of the parents, in effect.
We assume that the parents are idiots and can't make good decisions, and unfortunately there are instances where that is the case.
But that's the way the world works.
It's better to have some idiots out there than have a big, giant government.
Yeah, I guess you have to come down on that side.
Certainly I do.
But it's kind of ironic that the system also says that, well, women ought to have the autonomy to be able to decide to terminate that child life.
What about the hospitals saying, okay, you sign a form saying we have no liability?
And then that would protect the hospital.
Any comments, Dr. Chase or Case?
Any comments from the family on what Mike is saying?
Well, I think he's right.
It's amazing to me that they will kill unborn children without flinching an eye, but that they will violate parents' rights as parents and as Americans just on a whim if they think they have something to gain from it.
And I'd
I'd like to make a little bit of clarity for Mike and any of the other listeners out there.
There was a confirmatory test that was scheduled to arrive 16 hours later at the time of the hearing, and the judge refused to wait for it.
And he also refused to wait for the following day so that we could get a little better of a defense together.
So those are two other pretty major issues, I believe, in this.
Let me ask Mike and Chase about this.
What about the situation where you have them where the insert of the hepatitis B shot says don't take it for a month and a half to two months after the first shot, and they're saying you will take this in seven days.
Isn't there a major liability there for the social worker?
Oh, I think that's negligible.
I believe it was the neonatologist in the hearing and also recommending to the judge and the judge declaring that the second shot had to be in seven days.
Well, I mean, that doctor had to know.
He has to be a pediatrician first to be that type of doctor in the hospital from what I've read.
Is that correct from what you know?
And he should know what those guidelines are if he's out there recommending vaccinations.
Mike, do you have any comments to that?
Oh, sure.
But, you know, I think the way that the take-home lesson here is that, like dealing with any professional, whether you're a mechanic or an attorney or a doctor, you go in armed with questions and with knowledge and put them on the defensive.
Otherwise, they assume that they know best.
If you're going to have a home birth, I would have a backup with a hospital.
I would shop around with doctors, and I would get to know them first.
Isn't that a smart thing to do?
And you ask them questions like, is there mercury in the preservative for this vaccine?
Show them that you've done your homework.
Ask them questions that they probably won't be able to answer.
And act like you're a fruitcake.
Deliver them 25 mainstream news articles where major countries like Japan are stopping giving shots to children until age 2.
Alex, it was amazing how in such a short notice for this hearing, how the family was able to gather information.
And in that court hearing, they put up a really good fight.
With so little notice and no expert help.
Okay, well, I want to commend you guys for your courage.
I hope you sue them on 100 fronts.
I have 10 different things you're suing them for, so they can't stop at all.
How do people contact you guys if they want to give you help or want to tell you about a lawyer in the area?
We should have a pretty bare-bones website up in the next couple hours at horsevaccination.com.
I'll tell you what, let's just do three or four minutes on the other side.
I've got news I've got to cover in some calls, but I want to talk about this more, and I want to... You need to give out a number, even if it's to Dr. Chase, because you need to have people contact you now.
You need to get on this now.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
I'm Alex Jones.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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20, 30 years ago in America, your children were yours.
We could have our doors open at night.
We had more freedom.
The more government we get, the more control we get.
I got articles here out of England, what they're doing with the health care system.
Once they socialize it, they take total control of your life, say what you can eat, what you can drink.
They're going to make you swipe your national ID card to have a record of what you eat and what you do, to, quote, decide if you get health care, you don't take the vaccines, they take your health care away, and it's not even a law.
This is the control of the New World Order, the micromanagement of the control freaks on steroids.
And all the crimes they commit, all the falsification of evidence, all the judicial misconduct, all the institutionalized evil is acceptable and okay because they're the boss, they're the government, we're their property.
No, that's not the case.
We're about to go to Clinton, Missouri, who wants to talk to this family member
Talking to Dr. Sarah Chase, who is the sister of the mother of the lady who had the child, who's married to the husband who we have on as well, Michael.
We have the grandmother on.
Do you guys have a phone number we can give out for people that want to point you to a good lawyer or common law person or somebody that really knows what's happening?
I get a lot of different opinions.
Or for anybody that wants to be able to assist you in paperwork and stuff, how do people get in contact with you?
Yes, they can call us at 970-268-5570.
Again, 970-268-5570.
5570 and leave a message and also an email contact where I can email you the situation, what happened, and also a list of who was involved in this court hearing and also people to call, legislators, judicial commissions, whatever.
That email address is katcc2 at hotmail.com.
Say it again?
katcc2, the number 2, at hotmail.com.
All right, and that number again is 970-268-5570?
All right.
I hope folks will contact you.
One quick call and then some final comments from you, and I appreciate you staying on so long and your courage.
Thank you.
Because this is happening to everybody now, especially blue-collar folks.
They're even in more trouble.
And this is Grand Junction, Colorado.
Clint in Missouri, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I just want to tell the family, don't feel bad.
When my wife was in the hospital with our second child, when she first got admitted, her water had already broken at home.
And they took a lab sample and everything and came back up and told us her water didn't break.
And then we informed them, yes, it did.
She would know when this happened.
And then they called the lab and said, oh, yeah, they made a mistake.
It did break.
So that's the kind of...
Foolishness that you run into.
Yeah, some of these lab techs are drug addicts because they like to get near the drugs and they're sitting there in the back just lazily listening to heavy metal music doing this stuff.
There's a lot of mistakes.
Well, it just goes to show they really do think that parents don't know.
They think you're so stupid that you wouldn't know when this happened.
Yeah, I assume this was a young couple and they thought they could just railroad them over and plus they kept telling the young couple, oh, just comply, everybody else does.
Yeah, just go into the railway car.
Everybody else does.
I have a comment.
I misidentified myself earlier as the mother.
I'm the grandmother.
I'm the grandmother.
At the hearing, we had some evidence that was faxed into us at the last minute.
They gave the parents 15 minutes notice, but we had faxed into the hospital some information.
There were three different reports written by medical doctors.
One of the reports...
She said that 75% of the screening tests for hepatitis C are false positive.
And the other two reports had different figures.
They were all very high, but the highest was 75%.
And of course it turned out that she did not have the antibodies for it and did not have hepatitis.
That's true.
And we knew that.
We knew that the people at risk for hepatitis are people who have promiscuous sex or handle blood or do drugs or...
Well, any of those.
Or have had a recent blood transfusion.
And our daughter and her husband, neither of them were at risk for any of those.
The first time they kissed was at the marriage altar.
They don't handle blood.
They don't do drugs.
They were not even at risk.
I have another sister who is a medical doctor and told her about this.
And she said that they should not even begin treatment of a newborn for hepatitis B until there are three confirmatory tests.
For hepatitis B in the mother.
Well, you've got a major lawsuit, even though they've tried to refuse to give me the transcripts.
And just get on it.
Do what you have to.
Do it pro se if you have to.
And sue them personally.
You know, what's interesting, Alex, is the family has contacted all the legal Christian organizations out there, like the Rutherford Institute and some of the others.
Who are supposedly out there fighting for the liberties of Americans.
All of them said, no, we're not going to help you.
We don't think you have a case, or we can't help you.
So we are talking to other attorneys, but the Christian organizations turned us down, which makes me wonder what their real agenda is.
Well, I think we know what it is.
A lot of them are sold out to the New World Order.
I think so.
Anything else you want to add, Clint?
Yeah, I was wondering if you would mind if I gave out a phone number.
Here in my area of the country, we only have two options on AM radio right now, and that's Rush Limbaugh between the hours of 11 and 2, and Bill O'Reilly.
And Bill O'Reilly isn't doing so good, and I expect the other station to drop him.
I was wondering if I could give out that station number to have listeners call in and request that they carry your show.
What's the station call address?
K-A-P-E-A-M-1550, Cape Girardeau, Missouri.
Go ahead.
Give it out.
Dairy coat 573-339-1550.
Now, you know if it's a Clear Channel on station or a West Winds, you can forget it.
Well, it's a local company, I think, called Withers Broadcast.
Oh, okay.
Well, that's good news.
What's the number again?
Area code 573-339-1550.
Please call and request the station manager to carry the Alex Jones Show.
All right.
Sounds good.
Thanks for the call.
Thank you.
Well, I appreciate Sarah Chase coming on the show.
Sarah Chase and her family.
And this is just an incredible story of what happens to educated Christian families.
Middle class people, imagine what's happening to blue collar folks that have no idea what their rights are and weren't taught anything in school.
It is an epidemic of evil.
The child grabbing services are all over the place and they attack at birth.
You need to be aware of this and be informed and have a support group with you when you...
Go into one of these hospitals.
And they're not all bad, but they're becoming bad because of the system and the training.
Thanks for coming on the show.
Thank you.
Could I give out that website one more time?
Well, sure.
You say it's not up yet?
It should be up by the end of the day.
We're hoping to have some links to articles about how harmful vaccinations are.
A lot of more personal stuff about the baby.
Well, sure, we do this on InfoWars.com.
We post articles every day, but I'm sure your website's great.
What is it?
It's forcedvaccination.netfirms.com.
Yeah, we've got a bunch of people online, so every time you're talking, somebody talks or moves a phone.
Say it again, because I'm missing it.
It's forcedvaccination.netfirms.com.
All right, thanks for coming on the show, and God bless you.
Thank you.
Good job protecting your child.
Most people just roll over.
The government ships in the heroin, the cocaine.
The government creates this media of death and destruction and wild sex to break down our society, to break down the family.
It's their own public plan.
And now they're going after Christians, homeschoolers, constitutionalists, anybody that doesn't fully submit to Babylon's will.
What do you think about this situation and all the news we've been covering today?
How the government wants to go into Iran and Syria and North Korea?
How the G8 says, yeah, let's go ahead and go in there after the globalists have armed all these countries?
What do you see for the future of this country?
I think it's clear.
Talking about hospitals, this is out of the London Guardian.
Smokers to sign pledge with doctors.
Smokers and overweight people will be asked to sign contracts with their doctors to agree to a program to quit smoking and lose weight under radical plans being drawn up by the government.
And yes, they want you to swipe your national ID card when you buy or sell to know what you're eating and what you're doing.
In an attempt to remind people of their own responsibilities, the Health Secretary, Alan Milburn, is examining plans for patients and doctors to agree on formal program of treatment.
Labor sources insisted last night that the plan outlined in a Labor Party policy document as part of preparations for the next general election manifesto did not mean patients would be defined and denied treatment if they refused to sign.
The documents have come out, they're already doing it, and they're already saying if you don't take the vaccines, no health care, when there's no law saying you have to take the vaccines.
But the labor document makes clear that patients, particularly overweight people and smokers, will be reminded they must have a role in caring for themselves.
And the whole argument is, well, we're socialized, so everybody's going to be having to pick up the tab because you smoke and drink.
Or because you're overweight.
And they're talking, the big federal departments in this country, last year you probably heard about it, the Department of Agriculture wants a plan to tax fast food, to tax soft drinks, to tax beef and chicken.
And other things, saying it's not healthy, there'll be an extra tax on the food, and they say to control that, they want you to swipe your ID card to do it.
They're getting you trained for this casual society control grid.
All over the place by making you do it to buy beer now, to buy spray paint, to buy glue, to buy ammunition.
It's, quote, the policy of the stores, and now they're passing state laws where you have to swipe your card, and it goes into the driver's license.
It's really a federal database.
And then, of course, the children are having a thumb scan in thousands of school districts to get their school lunches, training them for the cashless society, getting them into the system.
So, we're only a few years away from this.
You heard they want to sue Oreo and shut them down or not let them feed it to children.
And, of course, you'll have to have an ID card to have Oreos is what the lawsuit's calling for.
And, of course, that ID card will be swiped and just so happens to be set up like a credit card with a database of a record of what you buy.
We're good to go.
This is Seattle Associated Press.
Police using pepper spray arrested 12 people Monday night at a march and rally by about 400 activists protesting an annual training seminar at the Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit.
Protesters equated the group with a secret police force.
Well, they fit the exact definition.
The five-day LEIU seminar titled Criminal Intelligence and the War on Terrorism began Monday at the Red Lion Inn.
Now, we have footage out of these similar seminars by FEMA.
They say George Washington, Thomas Jefferson are terrorists, are enemies of America.
Christians, all Christians, are enemies of the federal government.
Gun owners, homeschoolers, they're all criminals, and they need to be arrested.
We have the training manuals, we have them on video, Washington Times, other mainstream news articles, and video of them saying it.
We're good to go.
Scheduled seminar topics include bioterrorism, the current state of criminal intelligence, cybercrime, protecting U.S.
borders, which they throw into the conservatives by it, hate groups, see hate groups, thought crime, and outlawed motorcycle gangs.
Arrests were made for assault, property damage, obstruction, and reckless burning, Seattle Police Spokesman Danetta Nolet said.
Now, let's go back to my film, The Takeover, produced in late 99.
The first 35 minutes of the film is dozens of police, five different clips of newscasts, multiple news articles, admitting that through a federal grant in Oregon, they trained 50 black block anarchists.
They're not black people.
Black block is the name of the group.
Last time I said that, I got an email, why are you blaming black people for riots?
No, no.
Black block is anarchist.
That's what they're called.
They hire them.
They train them.
Then they send them to Seattle during the 99 WTO protests.
You've got 60,000 peaceful people saying no to the WTO, being private, run for profit, no elections, telling us what we can do with our land, taking over our trade, insisting we eat genetically engineered food and accept irradiation of food.
Left-wing, right-wing, farmers, apple growers, they're all there.
The government said 60,000.
It looked like 80,000 to 100,000 to me.
Fifty thugs show up, black uniforms, police marching on each side, protecting them.
Special security units, we now found out, Seattle Weekly and Seattle Post-Intelligencer, were Delta Force.
Some of the black block members had earbuds getting orders from the hotel where the president was staying, from the Secret Service, and Delta Force leading the terror team.
We're good to go.
Guarded by police, and the police the next day after the media said, do something, look at these, this whole protest is bad, they savagely attacked the 60,000, said no protest allowed, put 500 in a FEMA camp, and announced that FEMA was putting people in a camp at Sand Point.
So, every time now, in every major department, I've talked to cops.
They show them footage of Seattle, show them the thugs, and say, these guys are going to show up.
And in every big city from D.C.
to even in Austin, the anarchists show up.
Four years ago, three and a half years ago, they had the Fortune 500 in Austin.
I have this on tape.
I've heard it on TV.
I've got to put it in a film.
Why do I always forget to put that in a film?
And there was only ten black blocs in Austin.
They run over.
They say...
We are going to kill you.
They said, because I was bullhorning that they were working with two cops that were controlling them that were in black ski masks.
I got the media.
I said, we've got cops provocateuring a fight.
We've got cops provocateuring violence.
Cops ran across the street, pulled out their undercover guys.
Then their anarchists came over.
This redhead said, I'm going to kill you.
I said, you see the FBI up in those buildings?
Those are your bosses.
They said, yeah, they are.
We're taking over.
Man, they told me we worked for the feds.
They said they were so angry about the takeover.
And I saw it right there.
I faced evil.
I faced government provocateurs.
Man, I always forget to put that in a film.
I've aired it on TV about ten times.
I've got to get that.
I've got so much footage that no one's seen unless you live in Austin and watch the cable show.
That is such incredible footage.
I ought to take that and remix it with the stuff in Seattle.
We'll be back with more news.
Stay with me.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
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We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
All right, my friends, final segment.
We'll have time to talk to Raphael and Sam.
I'm sorry that's all we have time for calls.
Boiling it down, I have seen firsthand, and I have the newscast and police eyewitnesses and hundreds of news articles, where the feds have cadres.
There's only a few hundred of them nationwide.
Ten will show up, 50 maximum in your city.
They burn trash cans, bust windows, watch as the cops stand there and watch it.
As the news media videotapes it, as soon as they pull out, they will attack people with babies, pepper spray them.
It's all been on the news.
They will savagely attack you.
They will put you in FEMA camps.
They will charge you with felonies.
This is what they do.
And this is out of the AP out of Seattle.
They were protesting this meeting with the CIA and local police.
Because when people start throwing debris at police, the police are going to move.
But that crowd, they have to.
Stanford, the police chief, said, the last time that officers did not move a crowd, we ended up with a police captain who almost lost an eye.
Oh, I see.
So you'll have a group of detectives and Delta Force guarding the terrorists.
That's what they're provocateurs, soft-target terrorists.
They'll move against the good police officers who will stand there under orders.
I've got video of them getting hit in the head with bottles, and their captain's going, Stay there!
Stay there!
Stay there!
And then when those guys pull out to government buildings to be guarded, the terrorists, the government, then they attack all the peaceful people.
It makes me so mad.
And then I've been in the middle of it when I stop cops from provocateuring and the anarchists run over and say, we're going to kill you.
And I go, go ahead, buddy.
I know you work with the feds, that FBI guy on top of that building with the camera, don't you?
That's right, and we're taking over!
They're not anarchists, they're communists, ladies and gentlemen.
Raphael in Florida.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, man.
Did you ask those people?
I couldn't hear the reception.
I'm going to have to re-listen to that interview.
But I did catch parts of it.
Did they have a vaccine waiver signed?
Yes, they had everything.
They had a vaccine waiver signed, and they still forced vaccinations on their child.
And they tried to force them to take another shot in seven days, which the insert says you can't do for a month and a half to two months.
They were trying to abuse the child, the government was, and they went ahead and did it.
And this occurred where?
In Grand Junction, Colorado.
Let me tell you, you're in the capital of child kidnapping, government kidnapping.
Florida is the kingdom.
So I'm just surrounded by the evil, in other words?
Well, there's different evils everywhere, but there's a major concentration in child kidnapping by the government and your state.
Convicted pedophiles run the database, according to the Miami Herald.
There you actually have a kidnapping ring.
Thanks for the call, sir.
Sam in New York.
Last caller.
Go ahead, Sam.
Thanks, Alex.
I recently read some information about the Denver International Airport.
Yeah, it has pictures of Nazis, machine gunning children, piles of dead bodies, and giant New World Order symbols.
Type in Denver International Airport murals into a search engine and prepare yourselves.
And some of the other things that it mentioned were concrete corridors, huge concrete corridors.
Nothing in these corridors, but fitted every six feet or so with sprinkler heads.
And the question was... Well, they admit they have a giant FEMA camp at the airport.
I've had the city councilwoman on to say you will be rounded up.
There is a camp there for you, but it's for your safety.
Thanks for the call.
Sorry I'm out of time.
Call me back tonight, 9 to midnight, or back tomorrow from 11 to 2 Central.
I'm out of time.
If you believe in this show and what we're doing...
Go to InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com, order Police State 3 Total Enslavement, my newest film, get 9-1-1 The Road to Tyranny, get my book Descent into Tyranny, get the films, make copies, spread the word, InfoWars.com or net, or 1-888-253-3139.
You want to fight these monsters?
You gotta wake up the sheep out there.
The films do it like nothing else I've found.
Or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Or 888-253-3139.
Tell your friends and family about the show.
We're back tonight, 9 to midnight, and back tomorrow, 11 to 2 Central.
God bless you all!
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