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Air Date: June 2, 2003
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
Welcome to another live edition of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Alex Jones.
It is Monday, the 2nd of June, 2003.
We'll be live for the next three hours.
Huge amount of vital news and information as we expose the true character of the globalists and their minions, their servants, and the allied crime syndicates.
to appoint Iraqi leadership.
That's right, it's official.
They've already done it in some of the cities.
They will go out and pick 200 to 300 people who then vote in a special election.
So our government picks...
We're good to go.
I think?
Just as Bin Laden has been used, FCC Chairman, the son of Lord Powell, defends easing of rules so they can buy up all the radio, TV, and newspapers.
75% ownership by just five companies isn't enough.
Bush remarks confirmed shift in justifying war, but...
In fact, just two weeks ago in his radio address, he said, we found weapons of mass destruction, the exact trucks that Powell talked about.
Of course, it turns out that's a total lie.
Now they're saying, okay.
In a Vanity Fair interview last week, Paul Wolfowitz, Deputy Defense Secretary, said, we don't need to find anything.
It was never about weapons of mass destruction.
We just told the public that in a bureaucratic move.
We've now reached pure evil point.
When you reach pure evil point, they admit they're lying to you and they say, so what?
And then the public accepts lies as acceptable.
When you reach that point, you're in deep trouble.
We're all in deep trouble.
So we'll get into that.
seeks ability to take down North Korea quickly.
When you hear U.S., think bankers that control America.
The Wolfowitz and Pearl slash Rumsfeld plan is to start the bombardment in October, according to their own document they leaked on purpose, trying to escalate North Korea into attacking us, kind of like the Ten Park Plan to get the Japanese to attack us in 1942, 1941.
Also, I talked about this two years ago.
It was in the French, German, and British newspapers.
It's out again.
Tales of orgies and murder rock France.
I think.
Also, in some of the other northern European countries, they will find dead children but can't even prosecute the killers because it was government officials killing the children from all the evidence.
I mean, I have all these BBC and ITN newscasts as well that listeners tape off the news off cable.
I mean, I've just got stacks of this stuff.
It's so incredible.
But the average American never even hears about these articles.
So we'll get into that.
Again, it says detectives have reopened the investigation into the disappearance of 115 young women in the area between 86 and 97 and are probing earlier claims they were paid to establish a prostitution network by respected local leaders and they torture them to death in these facilities.
Story here, my horror at POW sex abuse pictures that our government has seized.
The British troops were having these developed pictures of people tied by their ankles or arms, hanging from forklifts.
They forced Iraqi men to engage in sexual actions.
Ultimate torture.
Just pure evil.
Hey, the followers, the minions of Satan, do as their father, don't they?
Bush tours Auschwitz, says evil must be resisted, but wait, it was your grandfather who funded all of this.
Very interesting.
You may not be able to have fireworks this year due to Homeland Security.
That's from Associated Press.
The Iraqis are baffled having to turn in all their guns.
Hey, welcome to the club.
We'll be right back.
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Now, I got a bunch of news as it comes out that there aren't any weapons of mass destruction, and it was totally made up from the start, and the government knew this, and they're now admitting it, but they lied to you for your own good, and don't worry, they're going to go ahead and invade Iran and Syria and North Korea next, and this is all about freedom, and they've got a national draft lined up for you and your family, and they're going to go ahead and pass a bunch of new gun control laws and raise about a dozen taxes while cutting one tax.
I've got lots of fun planned for you, so we'll go over that.
But I have, I don't know, probably five different BBC and ITN and DWTV, I've probably got more than that, newscast that listeners have sent me where they will cut to Norway or Belgium or France or England
And say thousands protested today, saying no one's being brought to justice for the five dead babies they found buried in a basement.
And it says the government has refused to prosecute the person who's admittedly done it for years because it's connected to the top ministers.
Or they'll cut to the head minister from Italy.
I got on tape on a BBC newscast.
A listener sent me saying, I'm sick of the EU.
It's run by pedophiles and murderers.
And then I've got another newscast with protests.
And I've got stacks of news articles.
But the average American has no idea about this.
Now, we've had Colonel Craig Roberts on the show.
And he's written about in his book, The Medusophile, and I have a clip of the newscast of this from 1989, where in D.C.
it was a whole warehouse full of child porn and videos of snuff films and things I can't mention on the air.
And this all happened because they caught a van with two guys that looked like CIA, you know, in the three-piece suits with a
We're good to go.
You add to that the stolen bones.
They buried the footage shot inside of it where they're slitting women's throats going, Hail Satan!
And then a guy comes out and says, I am Lucifer.
You can now join us.
You've committed your sacrifice.
And they put that on Fox and ABC and the rest of it.
You just accept it.
You remember that three years ago.
It was first broken by the New York Observer.
They got the footage.
I snuck into Bohemian Grove, and I was there for one of the 15 days from July 15th to July 30th, if I have it, but I was there just four hours on July 15th, and the rumor was true.
I hid in the woods, shot the video of the Moloch worship, the human sacrifice they claim was a mock sacrifice, and there were the world leaders admittedly there.
The world leaders admit they go there.
The Bohemian Grove Club admitted on the Trio Network in a documentary, an hour-long documentary about the footage I shot
Admitting, yes, Mr. Jones got this video, but his interpretation is different than ours.
So there's no debating this.
And the Washington Times, Parade Magazine, Spy Magazine, Reuters.
Oh, there's a bunch of other news articles.
They're all in my film, Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove, until the film starts.
They admit that, yes, the world leaders run around, and, yes, they ship in by Learjet bus loads.
You know, the Learjet's land, they load buses full of male prostitutes, ship them in.
If the men want female prostitutes, they've got to go to some of the hotels in town.
This is Parade Magazine.
This is Washington Times.
And eyewitnesses, criminal police reports, the man that was hired by the Republicans to whitewash things wrote a book about it and went public.
The former head of the Republican Party in Nebraska, Senator DeCamp, wrote a book about it.
And long before we'd ever heard of Bohemian Grove, he wrote a book where he said the children talked about this big owl and the snuff films.
We don't know if that's Bohemian Grove, though.
And by the way, when a Virginia news station criticized DeCamp and said it wasn't true, he sued them and won over a million dollars.
So, you know, he's defended what he has to say in court and won over a million, okay?
And he names names.
So you start adding all this together, and then every day from Italy to Brazil to the United States to France...
All over the place.
I have these articles where they're digging up the bodies, where hundreds more women are missing up.
In Burgundy, there was a castle owned by an elite organization connected to Bilderberg Group.
And this woman broke out.
She weighed like 85 pounds.
It was a literal concentration camp victim running.
She ran to the police station naked and said, help me, save me.
They've got other women in there.
The police wouldn't help her, so she ran on to the state police.
They busted in, found dead women, another woman who weighed like 75 pounds, in a cage.
And then suddenly the investigation was shut down.
It was linked to top ministers and judges.
And it goes, I mean, I've got all these mainstream articles, folks.
Castles with cages and women in them.
This stuff is so bizarre to us who never thought about it until we saw these articles.
I have stacks of these articles, stacks of videotapes of mainstream news reports from BBC and ITN and DWTV out of Germany and England that I don't even know.
It's insane.
It's crazy.
Remember this article last week?
Remember this article last week?
Ex-minister held in child sex ring case.
Portugal's spiraling pedophilia scandal has threatened to engulf the nation's elite after the arrest of a top politician and a warning from judges that the arrest of more members of parliament could be imminent.
And it goes on to say the trial of a top TV presenter, a former ambassador, and a leading child health expert on similar charges is expected to start soon.
The country's attorney general denied that the Socialist Party leader, Bernardo Furrow Rodriguez, was suspected of any involvement in the child abusing ring.
Alleged to include senior members of the Portuguese establishment.
Rodriguez, the government minister until last year, had earlier revealed that his name was included in documents which led to the arrest of his party spokesman.
However, the judge leading the investigation, Rue Texaria, has told the Speaker of Portugal's Parliament, Moda Amaro, that there are other pedophile cases alleging involved politicians currently under investigation.
The scandal first erupted in February when a former pupil at a leading Lisbon children's home launched a legal action against a social worker named BB, allegedly at the center of a child for sex procurement ring involving leading politicians and media figures.
You read the actual Portugal papers, it's much worse.
One of the guys who went to the Bilderberg group meeting this year is about to be under indictment.
It is claiming that children from the home were picked out and flown to holiday homes and influential figures where they were repeatedly abused.
Well, this is exactly what we get out of Boys Town.
Now admitted.
Convictions made.
Flown out.
Loaded on the jets.
This is what we get out of other... This is what CPS does.
The Miami Herald.
The guy that runs the database.
187 of them.
The top people in the Florida child CPS system.
Many of them are convicted pedophiles.
Turns out a lot of these missing kids may have gone into rings.
Killing rings, stuff rings, torture rings.
A former Social Security minister, Teresa Costa Macedo, backed their claims by saying the pedophilia ring operated from within the children's home.
Other victims have since come forward following the shock arrest of Carlos Cruz, one of the country's top television entertainers.
And it goes on.
It says the former Social Security Minister was remanded in custody and dawned Thursday morning after 13 hours of interrogation charged on 15 counts of sexual abuse.
It goes on and on.
Now, again, this is just one article from Friday that we covered London Guardian.
I have another one here.
And there was also, again, I read Friday out of Portugal News, the News of Portugal, one of these articles.
And then we have this article.
I'm trying to dig it out here.
It's deep in the stack.
Here it is.
I'll find it in a second.
Here it is.
Where is it?
Well, the point is I'll find it in a second.
They're being posted on Infowars.com right now.
They have this stuff out of France.
And a story that was in the Times of London, London Guardian, BBC,
I guess about a year ago, and that's when the story first broke, the original article said over 400 women missing, and they found dozens of their bodies.
They also found children.
Of course, in the Dutch Royal Palace, they dug up some kids two years ago, but that story's been completely and totally shut down.
So you've got to ask yourself, what's really going on here?
Here's the story.
London Guardians.
Tales of orgies and murder rock France.
Politicians and police linked to scandal.
And I've got to get those newscast clips on BBC, ITN, and DWTV on tape and play that here, because I've got newscasts where they find dead babies.
I mean babies.
And there's video of them killing him, and world leaders involved, and then they won't charge the guy, and nothing happens, and then there's a total shutdown in the story, and the government comes to the guy's aid.
And that was out of Belgium, another one out of Norway.
This was out of France.
And wait till you hear about this, okay?
Because this is confirmed and admitted, okay?
This is confirmed.
So, you wonder why the government can put cancer viruses in your vaccines.
Folks, these are the most depraved, satanic people you can possibly imagine.
You better face the truth.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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So, in the last week, I've got this article out of Portugal where you've got this Bilderberg group member tied to all this stuff.
And we've got castles with dead bodies all buried around them and women running out of them who've been in torture cages who look like concentration camp victims and the government's killing the investigation.
Now, here's the Guardian.
London Guardian.
Tales of orgies and murder rock France.
Just rocking all these countries.
Because they keep digging up the dead bodies.
Again, the local police are not bad.
They don't know what's going on.
And the globalists have gotten so out of control in their appetite for children that it's all breaking down.
Tales of orgies and murder rock France.
Politicians and police linked to scandal.
The police involved...
And it continues.
The claims involve white slavery, sadomasochism, rapes, sex with minors, drug dealing, and appalling brutality.
All in the heart of the government of one of France's most historic and most civilized cities, the southern city of Toulouse, known as the Vile Rose.
Because of its sun-drenched Spanish-style buildings has been scandalized by allegations that public officials protected a barbaric serial killer charged with murdering prostitutes recruited for orgies in the city's courthouse.
Now, a couple years ago in Burgundy, the same thing.
That's where this woman escaped, and they found the other one in the basement of the castle.
And it goes on, Justice Minister Dominique Perbin sacked
Palooza's Prosecutor General Gene Voloff last week for covering up links between senior officials and the exploitation of vulnerable girls.
Voloff has denied any wrongdoing.
So again, you get the whitewashed version.
When this first came out, it was a lot worse.
The allegations focus on the activities of Patrice Alger, a convicted murderer awaiting trial for father killings.
Two former prostitutes have claimed his activities were covered up.
A former mayor and three judges have come forward to give their version of events.
In a TV appearance, the right-wing former mayor of Toulouse, Dominique
Bull Diss, now head of the broadcasting watchdog, claimed he was being framed by pro-pornography lobbies who wanted to smear him for opposing the showing of X-rated material on national TV.
And you never know.
But the dead bodies, the people involved, that is a fact.
That could be true.
The question is who's involved.
So that could be the case.
The three judges have also denied any involvement.
They will be questioned about acts of torture, barbaric acts, pimping and raping of underage girls.
Detectives have reopened an investigation into the disappearance of 115 women in the Toulouse area between 1986 and 1997 and are probing earlier claims that Al Jure was paid to establish a prostitution network by respected local leaders.
According to press reports, senior political officials covered up his role as a pimp in Toulouse.
The most startling accusations of sexual violence were given by a woman known as Patricia, 32, who went into hiding in 1992 after witnessing two murders.
She told examining magistrates that
Al Jure was in charge of recruiting prostitutes and organizing orgies.
She identified men of whom she said had sex.
Toulouse's palace did justice and said sadomasochistic orgies went on at the Chateau owned by Toulouse Council.
She claims she had witnessed the killing of, by Al Jure, of two girls he had recruited.
Another prostitute was allegedly strangled while being raped by Al Jure in front of witnesses after she tried to alert police that a vice squad inspector was part of the white slave racket.
The other witness, known as Fanny, was 17 when she was forced into prostitution in 1990 after being recruited by Alger, who for a time worked in the police station canteen.
She had also witnessed the second murder, but had kept quiet about Alger's involvement until tracked down two years ago by a squad, a federal squad, investigating unsolved killings of prostitutes in Toulouse.
And an apparent cover-up by local police.
The appointment of Michael Burr, a prosecutor general, has concerned lawyers because he was credited with stopping an investigation into corruption among senior right-wing politicians in Paris before last year's general election.
So who knows what the truth is?
I just know this key piece of evidence.
Ladies and gentlemen, being posted on InfoWars.com right now is the Portugal story from last week.
I'll tell my producer and webmaster to post the other Portugal story out of the news of Portugal about the Bilderberg connection.
We'll post four stories.
And this new one today out of France with the UN government white slavery kidnapping ring archive.
It's now got about 20 stories in it.
All mainstream.
Where DynCorp, the folks that get the contracts for security for our bases overseas...
DynCorp was convicted in civil court, lost several lawsuits by a U.N.
employee and a DynCorp employee who refused to go along with this, of the kidnapped 200,000 women and children loaded on jets in a U.N.
operation run by DynCorp.
Now, this is Reuters, BBC.
So, again, it's government-wide.
How do they devour 200,000 out of Eastern Europe alone in one year?
That was in 2000.
They got convicted last year.
How do you run something that big?
There must be hundreds of thousands of people involved.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Some people believe a group of wealthy men control political parties, the American media, and the wealth of our nation.
Is this true?
Dr. Stanley Monteith spent 40 years studying... 888-803-4438.
Call now and get free shipping.
That's 888-803-4438.
Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
All right, let me just recap the government-run white slavery ring news I've been covering.
Then I'm going to take calls and get into U.S.
to appoint Iraqi leadership.
may help Iranian terrorist group headline.
FCC chairman defends easing of FCC restrictions.
Bush remarks confirm shift in justifying war.
Now they're saying it was never about weapons of mass destruction.
Don't you remember?
It was never about that.
This and a lot more and a bunch of gun grabbing by the government coming up.
And your calls, toll-free number to join us on air, 1-800-259-9231.
And I'll get you up and on the air at 800-259-9231.
We're already 34 minutes into the first hour of this worldwide broadcast.
All right, bottom line, recapping.
I have hundreds of news articles, mainstream, a whole bunch of video clips from reputable TV networks, BBC, ITN, Deutsche Television, DVTV.
Where they come out and they say that the people are having protests by the thousands over cover-ups of government white slavery and child and woman kidnapping rings, and that the governments are using this to compromise members of government, training them to go over, to cross boundaries, and to get dirt on them.
And it's also very profitable.
Well, I did mention the Reuters report of about a year and a half ago where...
Two bold producers on Italian television, two good Christian men, aired blurred-out images of videotapes that had been seized in Italy by local police, of course the top police, federal police were involved as usual, of hundreds of snuff films of small toddlers, boys and girls, in Russia.
The investigation then led to outside Beverly Hills and a member of the media, and he was arrested, but nothing's been done.
The individual was selling each tape for like $20,000, the report said.
The Italian producers were fired for airing it.
They literally went live with it and warned the people.
They were so angry about it.
Nothing happens.
Nothing happens.
When DynCorp and the UN get caught kidnapping 200,000 women and children in Eastern Europe alone and get convicted in civil court and have to admit it and pay out the multi-million dollar lawsuits for their employees that got fired because they refused to go along with it, the average American still has no idea about those stories.
This stuff goes on and on and on.
So that dovetails with these articles here.
Out of the Observer and out of the Guardian, ex-minister held in child sex ring case.
Portugal's spiraling pedophile scandal has threatened to engulf the nation's elite at the arrest of a top politician.
And a warning from judges, the arrest of more members of parliament could be imminent.
Members of the top TV people are being arrested.
Tales of orgies and murder rock France.
Again, politicians and police link to scandal and massive deaths.
So, you know, these are just the articles the last few days.
On Friday there was a Portugal article, the news of Portugal, all their big papers.
One of the top Bilderberg members involved in this, and it mentions that.
They were worried about allowing him to go to the Bilderberg group meeting because of the spotlight that was on him.
This stuff's all on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Do you have the will and the strength
To go read the four articles we posted today and then to link to the archive of all the mainstream articles and to look at it for yourself.
That's the question.
Do you have the will to face the horror?
And then to understand that police, CPS workers, and government officials have a much higher rate worldwide of being caught being involved in this.
And then you look at history.
Nero, Emperor of Rome from 63 to 67 A.D., the Roman histories of him is that he would strangle a little boy every morning for his enjoyment.
Caligula, before him, would marry his horse, fire the Senate and make it the head of the Senate.
He would go and consult his horse.
According to the Roman histories, and according to the sculptures and statues he put up, as his horse would be defecating in the Senate, at the head of the Senate, he would then go and consult his horse.
Now, those are just a few examples of Rome.
You're saying, well, what does this have to do with this?
Well, this is what they always do.
It's the nature of evil.
The nature of people that get into positions of power...
You know about the reports of rich kids that kill somebody for fun.
You've all heard about those cases around the country.
This is what happens, people.
When you exercise power, when there's never enough, you've always got to do more.
This is what they do.
The Aztecs would sacrifice every year at Chichen Itza, and I've been there, in southern Mexico and Yucatan Peninsula, they would sacrifice 10,000 people every year on a certain holiday.
They would go around capturing all the neighboring tribes, kill their own people.
And because of peer pressure, parents would hand over their kids to have their hearts cut out to chocobool up there on top of the steps to be kicked down.
The main source of meat was the bodies kicked down every morning they had a sacrifice.
They would cut them up, and that was the number one source of meat in the Aztec kingdom was dead bodies.
So, this is history, folks.
This is why we have a Bible.
This is why Christianity swept the world.
This is why the Jews' religion is that the covenant they got from God is so powerful, because God, in the Bible, if you read it, lays this out, explains that these tribes worship Satan, before there was no good or bad God, and explains that this is what the devil wants, and this is what he does, because he hates humanity.
And it explains how high places do this and how to stop it and how to have a moral and upright society.
And then we got this system with Jesus Christ and if a society is Christian, you don't have this type of stuff.
When a society becomes evil, it always happens.
Torture, giant prison camps, child kidnapping rings.
When they truly get into power, they will make it public.
So this is the reality, and the question is, do you have the will to face the horror?
And this is a news show.
It's not a religious broadcast.
I am a Christian.
I don't hide that.
I make no bones about that, because the world is satanic.
Now, you watch all the shows about witchcraft and the occult and you look at the media and you watch MTV, you can't deny the New Age slash occult garbage they're pushing.
And so we've got to stand up and say no to this system.
And even if you are an atheist, okay, and don't believe in God and don't believe in the devil,
You should understand that the things the elite are doing are wrong and are wicked and that they believe in the devil.
The greatest evil is not recognizing evil and not facing evil and not knowing history.
And when a government starts admitting they're lying to you and starts saying, so what if we lie to you, and the people then accept the lie and can't differentiate what wickedness is, that's when you know you've reached a bad point.
And it's happening now because the mainstream media continues this illusion that all of this is okay and that all of this garbage is acceptable.
And it is not acceptable, and we should not put up with it, and we should not go along with it as human beings.
So I challenge you to pick up a history book, to read what elites have done, and to face what's happening.
And, you know, if you need more evidence of what they're doing, you know, they're on the nightly news saying torture's good.
In my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement, I've got all these mainstream news articles, mainstream news clips where they say, let's go ahead and torture terror suspect children.
The pundits saying, yeah, it's a great idea.
The newscast, the clips.
This is evil, but people can't even recognize it anymore.
Well, here's a story out of England.
It's in the BBC, London Telegraph, Sun News, you name it.
My horror at POW sex abuse pics.
And the government will not release these photos.
Of course they won't.
A young mom who uncovered the Iraq POW sex snatch scandal said last night, I felt sick to the stomach at those pictures.
Kelly Tilford, 22, called police after developing a film in her photo op shop.
The shocking pictures revealed by the Sun yesterday showed male Iraqis apparently forced into sexual positions by their British captors.
In another, a prisoner was suspended by rope from a forklift truck driven by a laughing Brit.
For those who don't know, being hung by your wrist is a serious form of torture.
Folks, I have photos from AFP and other mainstream publications of people sitting out behind barbed wire in the desert with bags over their heads, with babies in their arms.
They're dying en masse.
They're being machine-gunned.
It's now coming out.
Same thing happened in Afghanistan.
Anybody protests, they're being mowed down.
This is total evil.
But I hear the neocons, who are really the big government anti-American super liberals, on the air legitimizing this, going, so what?
And the mind is being warped to accept torture and evil and corruption here in the United States.
All right, let's go to the calls.
Don in Texas.
Don, thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, how are you?
Pretty good, other than all this evil I'm having to cover.
Well, it's overwhelming even what you're saying today.
I've listened to you for years, and the information you're putting out today is almost unbelievable.
But I know you do your homework, so...
You are like the modern-day Paul Revere.
I want your listeners to really know that.
I mean, you're a unique voice.
You're a voice crying in the wilderness, Alex.
I have a question for you that's got me a little confused.
One of the goals you said that the New World Order has, I think you said this last week, was to basically bring the world's population down to about 550 million.
Is that correct?
That's their public policy reports and statements, an official CIA document posted on Thursday at Infowars.com.
So I can, actually, that's what I was going to ask you, is where can I read, that's what's amazed me most about these evil people, is that they're actually coming out publicly with their policy statements, and it's open to the public to read.
How many people are going to know how to find a 30-page public declassified CIA document of a successful sterilization program to sterilize half the women in the 13 most populous countries?
Not me.
Not me.
But how are the globalists going to communicate with their hundreds of thousands of enforcers?
How are they going to give orders?
A certain amount of it has to be public.
By the way, you made a prediction months and months ago, and I'm reminded of it now, and it's come to pass already.
Not that I approve of what this man did, Eric Rudolph, the one we caught in the mountains of North Carolina, but you did say months and months ago, Alex, very clearly on the air, that pretty soon they would start using the term Christian terrorists.
And now they've done it.
It was on MSNBC today, where they're calling him a Christian terrorist.
So they're making the link now between being a fundamentalist Christian and being a terrorist.
Well, I also predicted, I said that he probably had been killed by some fan of Bogeyman, but I said there's another good chance, of course I was speculating, and I tell you when I speculate, which is rare, that the way I saw them play him up,
Six months ago, real big, that he'd probably be suddenly captured.
And I don't believe Rudolph did what they're saying because they already tried to frame Richard Jewell.
Remember that?
They tried to frame another guy.
And the witnesses say they saw a BATF officer leaving the Olympic Park bombing suit, the backpack.
And then they have the supposed bombing of the dumpster at the abortion clinic.
The video camera zooms in on it as it explodes.
I remember seeing that in London.
There was about four years ago a bombing, and it was on ITN, and they zoomed in right as the car blew up.
Now, they said, oh, this camera just so happened to catch it.
The camera zooms in as it blows up.
I mean, come on.
Then it later came out this year that the British had actually carried out that very bombing.
So when you see something like that, it's so hidden in plain view.
I mean, the last question I have for you, Alex, is,
We're good to go.
You know, a lot of these elections are probably fixed.
What can we do?
I mean, what can we really do about them?
They're not probably fixed.
And what can we do, Alex?
They are.
I mean, short of having a real bloody revolution, what can we do?
Well, it's a process.
The world didn't accept that the world was round, that the planet was round overnight.
People like Galileo had to say it and then be locked up for the rest of their life.
But a few decades later, you were a kook to say it was flat.
The process is already happening.
It's a catch-22 for the globalists.
They have to accelerate their program, but by accelerating it, it makes it more visible, so then they have to accelerate it more to try to clamp down on the psyche before we have a full awakening and renaissance and revelation.
So the globalists have said in their own policy reports that everything is information warfare now.
That the predominant function of a war, 80% of it is the psychological war.
They use the lie, we use the truth and history.
And decency and honor and love, they use hate and evil and avarice and just pure wickedness.
So we're in a race for good people to become leaders, good people to face their fear, to go through their fear, to come through knowing it's better to fight this than to go along with it, and that you're safer by doing that, and by being with a side of good and decency and honor and family and love and God.
That's what we have to do.
You've made the point several times in the past, if I'm not mistaken, don't take up arms now because that's what they want you to do.
Don't take our what?
Don't take up arms.
In other words, don't have a bloody revolution right now because that's what they want you to do.
You're playing into their hands.
Well, yeah, they have to blow up cars and bomb buildings to blame it on us.
Hundreds of times that we've caught them.
Putin has to blow up buildings to blame it on the Chechnyans.
And then gets caught doing it, and they cover it up.
I mean, they need that.
I'm saying offensively, they are the enemy combatants.
They are the overthrowers.
We must expose that we have an illegitimate government run by enemy combatants destroying what the red, white, and blue symbolizes and educate more people and then if things get bad, we have the Second Amendment to defend ourselves against all forms of criminal activity.
God help us if they take that away.
They're not going to take it away, sir.
You know, power is not given.
It is taken.
It is demanded.
It is affirmed.
You have the power to defend yourself and your family.
You have an entire armory of peaceful ways to defeat these scumbags.
And so you are hopeful?
You think we're winning this race?
Sir, we don't have a choice.
They will destroy those that serve them first.
We're already in the best place, and there is a God, and he protects those that do his work.
Well, God bless you, Alex.
I really mean sincerely, and everyone who can hear my voice, you're a unique individual.
Well, all of you are that are in this fight, and thank you.
Folks, you're part of history.
You're a vessel, a tool to be used by God asking to use you.
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A nightmarish post-September 11th world where the military and the police are merged.
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Alright, in a nutshell, then we'll go to your calls.
In a nutshell, what is the New World Order plan?
We'll go to Curtis, Jacob, Wesley, Mike, and others.
You have an elite.
Elites like to practice...
Predatory activities against their populations.
It's the nature of people that get into higher positions of power.
They enjoy the exercise of power.
They enjoy doing radical things, and so they've always got to do the most radical thing next they can possibly get away with as part of an enjoyment, but more importantly, as part of a practice.
We've got to be worse than the Soviets.
We've got to be worse than the... Always as an excuse to carry these things out.
And then the elite do not want you to have access to the life extension technologies that they have already developed.
We're good to go.
So it's all about control, maintaining that control.
And yes, they have plans for the vaccines with sterilization hormones, through the food and the water to sterilize you, or through Planned Parenthood-type propaganda.
And so that's how they're getting that job done, and through genetically engineered plagues that the government releases to the World Health Organization.
And that's just the facts.
That's the facts of history.
And we need to educate people about these facts.
If people find out what's in the vaccines, they just won't take them anymore.
The government will engineer more plagues and then say, oh, we've got a vaccine that will save you to get you to accept it.
There's no end to the ruthlessness that they will bring forward against us.
But understand, going with them always makes it worse because no matter, I mean, if we served them totally, they would still feed on us.
And at a greater accelerated rate.
It is their nature.
So that's their plan, and that's their goals, in a nutshell.
And they're putting in the cashless society control grid to control us, to track us, to trace us.
In the name of fighting terror, they're erecting their police states.
They're getting rid of the Bill of Rights while going on about their dastardly deeds and business.
We'll break and come back with Curtis and Jacob and Wesley and Mike and others.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
In the minute and a half I got left, I just want to remind the listeners that I produced nine amazing documentary films.
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You want a tool to turn the tide against the globalist evil?
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Again, I produced nine films, Police State 3, Total Enslavement,
Here's my newest video.
It is 2 hours and 37 minutes long.
Patriot Act 1 and 2.
The Casual Society Control Grid and Total Information Awareness Network.
The satellite tracking boxes in the cars.
The government-run white slavery rings.
The genetic engineering.
We get into masses of information.
The film starts with about 45 minutes.
I don't know, 35, I forget.
A large portion of the first part of the film...
Is dozens of examples of other government-run terror attacks that we can prove that we didn't cover in 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, The Masses of Terror.
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
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Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Already 30 seconds into the second hour of this show.
2nd of June, 2003.
Worldwide edition.
Already into the sixth month of this year, my friends, as time is flying by us.
The New World Order is metastasizing like the cancer it is.
Going to take a bunch of calls now, and then I'm going to get back into the news.
Coming up, more on the horror at POW sex abuse pictures.
They're not only hanging the POWs by forklifts from their arms, like the Nazis and North Vietnamese and Communist Russians did.
Now they're sexually abusing them on tape, just like the UN's been doing.
A lot of these are hardened troops from UN operations of child torture and kidnapping.
And by the way, in the America Destroyed by Design, made in 97, we have pictures of UN forces burning small children over open fires.
Some of the photos posted in AFP, International Photographs, I could not put in my video.
Because they frankly are snuff film, even though they are public.
I didn't want to take the risk of them doing other things to children.
We do show them murdering children, though, beaten to death with their teeth knocked out and eyes gouged out.
We do show you that.
Some quick snapshots of that.
Take Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
I did use the British media photos of them eating babies, the communist Chinese, but we don't show too much of it.
Only stuff that's already been in mainstream news.
Frankly, though, this is...
Just out of control.
I haven't seen these photos because they won't release them.
It's all over the British news.
Not much in our news about it.
Four snaps of the British trooper's film roll show 25 exposures shocked the mother.
One apparently taken in a warehouse has shown a man stripping at least two and suspended high in the air by a rope attached to one of the forks of a forklift truck.
And another picture showed a pair of... Well, it goes on with the Iraqi men naked, posing in sexual positions.
It shows a sicko that did it.
I'll tell you more about this.
This is just out of control, ladies and gentlemen.
Out of control!
Let's go ahead and talk to Curtis in Louisiana.
Curtis, you're on the air.
Go ahead, sir.
Hey, Alex.
How you doing?
Just trying to expose the evil of these people.
Well, the first thing I wanted to say is about this North Korea thing.
They say that North Korea wants one-on-one talks with Washington and Washington saying that they'll only accept the multi-level.
Why won't they at least see what they have to say one-on-one if they really want peace and don't want to have to go in?
Well, again, first Rumsfeld arms them with the nuclear reactors on the board of ABB, doing that deal with Eric Clinton.
So now they've escalated the crisis.
And then Rumsfeld, a couple months ago, on purpose, leaks his dossier that he wants to invade in October with a preemptive strike on North Korea.
I'm no fan of Kim Jong-il.
Talk about a demonic creature.
Again, he does all the same thing the globalists do, and more.
But, yeah, they want to get North Korea to attack North Korea or South Korea or to attack us.
Imagine the radical re-engineering of society that will come if North Korea nukes an American city.
Yeah, I guess so.
And they say that they have them pointed at us anyway.
Absolutely, sir.
This is the...
This is the reality of what the globalists are all about.
And notice, just like they create Saddam, they arm Kim Jong-il.
They always arm the enemy.
They perfect the communist Chinese missiles.
They can hit the whole U.S.
I mean, they give them the MIRV technology so multiple warheads can be in those missiles.
And now that you mention Saddam, brings it to my second thing.
I was watching the little thing that they were showing about the war and different stuff that they have, and they were saying that the intelligence, they weren't really...
Getting much, and they admitted that they didn't have him, and I guess he's still around.
And so is Bin Laden.
They tell us, just forget about Bin Laden.
Thanks for the call, Curtis.
Good points.
Jacob and Leslie and Mike and Lisa and many others, your calls are up next, and we get by.
Stay with us.
Hello, everybody.
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soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
Only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Coming up in about 25 minutes...
Joining us on the show, we're going to have an organization that's very upset about the plans to irradiate the school lunch meats.
Now, this means they can feed rotten food to your children.
That's what it means.
They can take stuff that already had the bacteria growing on it, irradiate it, and sell it to your children so they'll eat dead bacteria and the toxins in the bacteria, and the schools will cover it up.
And this is just one more example.
Of course, it destroys the food value of it, and it'll take the money, the massive money off the school lunch program and help build the infrastructure for the irradiation centers all over the country to do it to the general public's food supply.
So it's getting worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and worse.
Let's go ahead and take a call.
Jacob in Florida.
Jacob, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Glad to pick you up today.
Most of what I know about Eric I learned on Bo's talk program.
About Eric?
Who's Eric?
Eric, the one they caught, you know, they apprehended.
Oh, I haven't mentioned that, of course.
I did mention last hour briefly they caught Rudolph, and I don't believe for a minute that the guy actually did it because of the M.O.
surrounding it and the past activities.
Now, the FBI tried to frame two other people, one of them Richard Jewell.
Right, exactly.
Where I picked up on another program was that the type of explosive that I guess it was Richard Jewell found in this trash can was some kind of real rare, very rare explosive that was only available to the military.
Yeah, that's what we've done.
In fact, I should go back and do shows on this and have the guest on.
This has actually been in news articles, but it never gets out nationally.
A rare type of plastic explosive found and witnesses saw a well-known BATF agent leaving a satchel a minute before the bomb went off and so a good security guard helps the case and so they go after him to destroy his character and then drop that like a hot potato.
They tried to blame somebody else and then, oh, it's this Christian pro-life guy.
It's all him.
Yeah, it seems like if...
The investigation, some of them might have been getting too warm to the truth.
So they had to invent some booze.
Yeah, all the FBI guys aren't bad.
It's the higher-ups, and this is how they... Well, it's like the government's saying now that the most weaponized anthrax ever seen, they say the machines that make it cost like $100 million, the smallest particles known, coded individually in bentonite, a U.S.
government weapons patented system that no one else has, and now they're claiming that a bucket in Maryland that they found in a river or in this lake, in a pond, this bucket, it was all made in a bucket.
And it just so happens the White House, the cabinet was on Cipro September 10th, four weeks before the anthrax showed up in Boca Raton, Florida.
At one time, Bo was talking about a defense fund for Eric, you know, at one time, you know.
And I don't know where that's going right now, but I would like to, you know, I mean, I'd like to see Jerry Spence or somebody, you know, really jump into this.
Well, here's the problem.
Number one, Eric Rudolph is now in their custody.
They admit that they, quote, torture terrorist suspects.
So we can't believe any confession that ever comes out of his mouth.
And we have the U.S.
government plan, Northwoods, that calls for bombing with plastic explosives.
It says plastic bombs in the article.
Committing sniper attacks and blaming it on patsies.
It describes how to frame patsies.
So we have a government plan that says they want to carry out terror.
To get control and how to frame patsies that calls for plastic bombs, sniper attacks, the list goes on and on.
Then it all happens and aids the government.
So, again, we have an illegitimate government.
We have an FBI crime lab caught planning evidence hundreds of times.
The former head of it quitting and admitting this, Dr. Frederick Whitehurst, who we've interviewed twice.
So we can't believe anything that comes out of their mouths.
They say they torture.
We have plans where they call for it.
We have a track record.
We have a corrupt crime lab.
What do you say to that?
Well, I think once these people go on the run for a while, because they don't think they're going to be treated fairly, they just try to... They've got a whole list of things when they're not around to defend themselves.
And they've been demonizing him for five years.
They've had a million-dollar reward out for him.
But the people in North Carolina wouldn't help him.
Turn down the million bucks.
What does that say?
Well, one thing...
You know, have you ever gone to a post office and looked for his poster?
I haven't.
I mean, you know, there might be some out there.
Oh, they're there in North Carolina.
They are?
They set up checkpoints.
We have photos, articles where they set up military outfits with landing bases on top hills with special forces troops.
Oh, yeah.
They use it as an excuse to take over that whole area.
Let's see.
At one time, Bo had the idea of a defense fund.
Well, listen, I don't really...
Deal with Bo Grice, so... Well, I know he's made some blunders, but I still, you know... Blunders?
Yeah, he's made some mistakes probably, but... Well, I mean, sir, he got on CNN and... Remember the pipe bomber?
Um... Remember the guy who was bombing the smiley face in the Midwest?
Yeah, he's kind of rash sometimes.
Well, hold on, sir.
Go ahead.
Well, I appreciate your call.
Thanks for the call, Jacob.
Uh, look...
I'm not going to say anything, but remember the pipe bomber in the Midwest?
It was bombing a smiley face.
A listener called in and said, that looks like a smiley face from that movie Fight Club, you know, where they bomb smiley faces.
And said, I bet it's a liberal.
And from all the M.O., it did sound like something.
And it was some young punk kid from the Minnesota University bombing a smiley face.
And you know what?
The listener was right.
So we bring all these minds together here on this show.
The little sir did.
I didn't think of it.
And said, it looks like a smiley face.
It was part of the smiley face.
The two eyes, half the mouth.
He said, looks like a smiley face.
And it turned out he bombed and it was a smiley face.
Turned out it was a liberal punk rock pothead.
Well, Bo got on national TV on CNN, looked at a script and said...
These paranoid, shortwave, right-wing listeners, that's probably who's behind it.
They've got to be stopped.
Now, that's right out of the ADL line, so that's it for Bo.
And then I got him up, and he wasn't apologetic about it on the show, and I don't want to get off into this discussion.
One of the few people I've actually gotten mad at, because I supported Bo with his legal defense fund, was nice to him, friendly to him, and I really saw his colors when he did that.
I don't want to get into it.
I shouldn't have ever even gone after him.
It just made me really mad, and I did it.
Wesley in Tennessee.
Wesley, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good morning, and God bless you.
How you doing?
I just want to say thank you for following God's mandate to all of us to expose the truth.
Expose the works of darkness, yes.
And also, there's another part of that, and that is that if we see evil and we don't expose evil...
Jesus said that we are doubly damned.
That's right.
He said that we are in worse shape than the perpetrators.
Than the perpetrators, that's right.
And I thank you so much for being aware of that and for carrying that message forth.
People say you've got all this courage to fight them.
Folks, the Bible says fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.
Well, that means fear of the devil is the beginning of idiocy.
So, I mean, I'm a lot more afraid of God and his laws, and you reap what you sow, than I am of the devil and his two-bit scum.
Listen, I've got some good news for you this morning.
I heard that Arizona is, I don't know whether this is official yet or not, but at least it's under consideration.
Of withdrawing from this color code warning system that the federal government came up with because they felt that it's... Yeah, no, that's true.
I've got the AP article on that.
I need to get to some of the news so I can cover that.
Yeah, they're coming out with their own currency, their own silver currency, and they had a bill that almost passed two years ago.
I had the state rep on.
She did it because she saw Police State 2000.
A listener gave it to her.
We found that out on the air.
To pull out of the Union if, quote, martial law is declared or they begin gun confiscation.
Well, we don't need a violent revolution.
We need to peaceably withdraw a confederation of states and reform the United States.
Because the United States is gone since 1913, War Powers Act 33, National Security Act 47, Homeland Security Act 2002.
That's not an official government.
That is totally bankrupt and private.
We've got to have states secede, reform, maybe the original 13 colonies.
Start like that.
Get 13 states to do it.
I can tell you, having taught history for many, many years, that here in eastern Tennessee, and I've actually seen the textbooks, Alex...
The history books that they're using here in eastern Tennessee ignore the first 169 years of history of this country, and they actually begin at the end of the Second World War, which is that much more reason for homeschooling.
Well, absolutely.
And those that don't know history are doomed to repeat it.
They certainly are.
They certainly are.
Well, listen, God bless.
Keep up the good work.
Oh, and as far as... I just wanted to make one last comment about the difficulty with transporting fireworks.
Since when did you ever know a congressman or a senator that was smart enough to know the difference between a firecracker and a stick of dynamite?
Thanks for the call.
Yes, for those that don't know, when I grew up, the big hobby with my dad, other than boating...
Water skiing and stuff and camping was Estes Rockets.
From the time I was a little bitty and we would buy the rockets, put them together, you know, a little rocket engine.
They're sold in all the stores, or they were.
We'd go out to the soccer field or the baseball diamond when nobody was there and shoot the rockets off for hours.
I even got race cars and cut the backs out and put rocket engines in them and
It was really fun.
We'd go up on the cul-de-sac when there were no cars and, you know, create a dragster that would shoot down the road.
That is, Estes may have to shut down now, they've said.
They can't ship it through the mail, Homeland Security.
And it's just a teeny little, you know, two-inch, three-inch, some cases half-inch, little rocket engines.
Same thing as in the back of the little rocket you buy at the fireworks stand.
And that's shutting down.
And they had a bill this year in Texas.
They're trying to pass it to ban fireworks in Texas.
But the feds are saying you can't transport fireworks, so you may not have your fireworks this Fourth of July.
But don't worry.
There'll be lots of plastic Chinese flags.
Lots of those.
And the border will stay wide open with 18-wheelers busting open full of dead illegals.
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We have Tom Taylor joining us in the next segment, just for about a 10-minute interview, from the Organic Consumers Association to talk about the irradiation of the food, starting with your school children.
They start the thumb scanning for the school lunches with your kids.
They start the irradiation.
They start the semi-force inoculations.
They start the barbed wire fences, the ID cards.
They start telling them there is no Second Amendment.
They've got your kids as they brag they do.
Better wake up to that.
Lisa in Michigan, then Chris, Richard, and others.
Lisa, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
How are you?
I wanted to call about these supposed trailers that they found over there in Iraq that are supposed to be for biologicals.
And I wondered if anybody else was paying attention when they got those troops in there kicking stuff around, no gloves, no chemical suits, saying, oh, yeah, this was a biological lab.
I mean, how stupid do they think we are?
Let me stop you.
That's like when the UN inspectors said, oh, we found some five-foot rockets, and it shows the UN guy unscrew the tip and stick his nose in it.
Now, believe me, if that's sarin nerve gas or VX, you don't unscrew the tip and stick your nose in it.
I just couldn't believe what I was seeing.
I'm saying there's just no way that this could be true, but all these people are like, oh, yeah, we found it.
Also, here in Michigan, when somebody applies for social services,
One of the things on there that you have to sign for is that if your children are not up to date on vaccinations, they penalize you $25 a month.
And even if you say it's against my religion or whatever, it's still $25 a month they penalize you, and you have to sign for it.
Ma'am, that's how they're going to do it.
They're going to blow up the economy where we all have to go on welfare, just like Argentina, and then, oh, you don't have to do this, but no money if you don't.
Yeah, well, my niece tried to do that, and she said she wouldn't sign the paper, and they refused to help her altogether.
Well, your niece should move in with you, get together, work as communities.
You don't need their help.
There you go.
That's what I told her.
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
Every family that puts their kids...
In Head Start.
Just owe Head Start for your kid.
We want to help.
Gets three CPS visits a year, and a large portion of those kids are seized.
Do not do that either.
Go ahead.
My son, who's now 20, when he was three years old, had a seizure from having one of these vaccinations, so I quit.
None of the other kids ever got any of these vaccinations.
Well, all through school, I had to sign special papers saying it was against my religion to do this.
Well, now, if you try doing that, CPS shows up at your door and tries to take your kids, saying that you're not giving them medical care.
When it is not the law, you have to take it.
You don't talk to them.
You sue them for discrimination against your religious beliefs.
You also have all the medical evidence of how dangerous it is.
But this is the new world.
This is what, this is the type of world we're entering.
I appreciate your call, Lisa.
Let's talk to Chris in California.
Chris, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Chris.
Uh, hi.
Um, it's actually Canada, not California.
Okay, go ahead.
Yeah, I saw something interesting.
The first thing was, um, our national news show is, uh, the Broadcasting Corporation.
I had a couple things.
BBC, and, uh, the other day they had a special on exposing secret societies, right?
So I was listening, and they had this guy on who said he was going to expose the Bahamian Club.
So I had just seen a little bit on your, on the website, infowars.com, about it, and, uh, so I was listening, and then, uh,
He came on, and all he said, he said the exact same thing.
He sounded like a White House spokesperson.
All he said was, you know, they invited me down there in the spring, and they showed me everything.
And, you know, it's really funny.
We have the richest white guys in the world here come together, and they just act like a bunch of frat boys in their sophomore year.
They don't meet in the spring.
They meet July 15th.
Yeah, no, he was saying they invited him down before they meet, just to show him around.
Oh, yeah, okay.
Yeah, and so he was just saying how, you know, it was nothing.
It was just a big old...
And the guy has attacked me on international television in these documentaries, and yeah.
Now, Harry Shearer says he's been there when it's going on.
Oh, yeah?
That's what he said on British television.
It's now aired here 15 times on Trio Network.
That might be true.
I don't know.
And then another thing, I said a question from a friend of mine.
He was saying that, like, let's say we do, you know, we fight the good fight and there is, like, a revolution happening.
Don't you think we'll need a political leader for the revolution?
You need local leaders that have a track record of fighting corruption who will follow a Bill of Rights and Constitution, a Magna Carta in your case, and that's what we need is enforcement of the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
Okay, we need education of the people, and we're not revolutionaries.
We're restorationists.
You want your Magna Carta back from 1214.
We want our Bill of Rights back from 1789.
Our Declaration of Independence from 1776.
Okay, thanks a lot.
Thanks for the call from Canada.
Richard and others, you'll need to hold about 10-15 minutes, because I've got a guest coming up that will get back to your calls, and I'm going to then blitzkrieg through some of the news as well before this hour ends.
I'm Alex Jones.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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Again, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
The websites are prisonplanet.com, infowars.net, and infowars.com.
Schools get irradiated beef.
Parents get a note at home.
It's from Scripps Howard News Service, another one here.
USDA releases guidelines for use of radiated meat in school lunches, authorizing that.
It's horrible.
It can literally feed you rotten meat now, folks.
It has bacterial growth.
It can kill it.
You're saluting the toxins.
It destroys the nutritional value, the ring structures, the cofactors, the vital enzymes that are in the meat.
Now they're putting in thumb scanners for your kids to get school lunches, training them for that cashless society, so might as well send the bag lunch.
Folks, got to do it or get them out of these systems.
We're about to go to Tom Taylor, field organizer for the Organic Consumers Association.
The way to go is organic, ladies and gentlemen, and to keep the government out of the organic movement, which they're trying to destroy.
Before we go to Tom Taylor, I just want to say that I hope you'll all support the show by spreading the word about the broadcast, whether you listen on AM or FM dial in your area, global shortwave, or the Internet, or satellite.
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You get my video, that you make copies.
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That's a substantial discount, and you support the broadcast.
So you can get a discount, and you support the broadcast, and you can make copies of the films, because I want you to, to have an effect to air them on Axis Television in the grassroots with the alternative media.
It's having a massive effect.
Keep it up.
We've got to expose who the real terrorists are here.
And that's the military-industrial complex.
You must see the Northwoods document in 9-1-1 The Road to Tyranny.
The public U.S.
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The toll-free number to order is 1-888-253-3139.
That's 888-253-3139, or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, L-A-M-A-R, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
All right, now going to our guest, Tom Taylor.
Tom, I really appreciate you coming on.
Your organization's website is one of the better ones and is quite large, organicconsumers.com.
And the Organic Consumers Association, we do have a link to Organic.
Consumers.org on Infowars.com.
Tell us about your organization, what we're facing with the irradiated food in the schools, and what this means.
All right.
Well, first of all, thanks for having me on.
It's a pleasure.
The Organic Consumers Association was founded in 1997 over the first rules that were rolled out by the U.S.
government over the then-intending new National Organic Food Standards.
The first proposed rules said that irradiated food could be labeled as organic.
Food produced with genetic engineering could be labeled as organic.
Food grown with municipal sewer sludge applied as fertilizer could be labeled as organic.
This has no moral authority, for one thing.
And also, it doesn't even fit the spirit of organics that most organic consumers have been supporting.
Religiously, for about 30 years.
We were formed over the need to generate comment.
Over 300,000 comments were generated, the most for any public comment period.
That was our founding moment.
Our national director is a man named Ronnie Cummins.
Radiated food, there's no question that there's a problem in our meat industry right now.
But the way the beef industry is approaching this is they're trying to solve the symptom and not the problem.
The problem is filthy meat.
It's how it's slaughtered.
It's the packing plants.
We need to slow those lines down.
There's current movement to privatize the meat inspectors.
It'll be like letting the fox guard the hen house.
The decision last week by the USDA to open the door further to serve irradiated meat in the public school systems is morally corrupt and wrong to treat our children as guinea pigs this way.
In Minnesota, this is where I live, there's been three school districts that were targeted to pave the way for this.
They were going through an education and assessment program through Freedom of Information Act searches.
I got a hold of what that educational material is.
And it's all PR for the industry, for SureBeam, the company that makes the food radiator, as well as for the filthy meat industry.
But all is not lost.
Your listeners should know that the USDA has assured everybody that the ultimate decision will be made at the local level
If local school districts will be ordering irradiated meat.
But let me stop you.
Yes, sir.
The problem is that we have the lobbyists at the state and federal level.
We have the feds on a host of issues.
As the schools, obviously as testing grounds, and I'm not trying to do this as a cliche, Hitler said you get the schools, you got it all because you got the kids.
They take thumb scanners.
Hundreds, well now it's thousands of school districts making kids thumb scan to get their school lunches, putting them into a database.
The government says if you want school lunch program money, you're going to have to put these systems in.
I have the president of the school board in Akron on how the feds are trying to force them to do this.
So it's the same thing with this.
We're good to go.
I'm already seeing irradiated food on store shelves with microscopic labels on the back, even if they're there.
We know it's going into the fast food chains.
We know the restaurants are buying it.
And for those that don't know...
They do have filthy meat.
There's bacteria growing all over it.
It's hanging in there.
People aren't wearing the proper equipment.
It's dirty.
It's filthy.
I have family that's worked in these places.
There's no reason to do this.
If we set good standards, the industry will have to hire more people.
It'll only add a few cents per pound of the meat.
It'll hire more Americans.
But instead, they're cutting and cutting and cutting and cutting and cutting.
And we're getting more E. coli.
We're getting more food poisoning.
And now when they irradiate it, it just kills the bacteria.
But now you're eating lousy meat with dead bacteria all over it, full of the toxins that are still inside the bacteria.
That's right.
And it also depletes the nutritional value in the meat.
It creates particles that have never before existed.
So how our safety experts can say, oh, this is safe to eat when they're...
Particles that have never existed before is beyond me.
Have you heard about the test where dogs won't eat in many cases irradiated meat?
Yes, sir.
Pigs won't eat genetically engineered corn in many cases?
That's right.
If offered a choice.
If they've given two buckets of the corn, they won't eat it.
But getting back to the irradiated meat, it's fecal matter.
It's pus.
It's tumors on the meat.
And with the privatization of the industry...
They're going to let this go forward.
There's no secret that this is to take the liability off the corporations, off the big meat corporations.
Millions of pound of ground beef were called out of a plant out of Colorado last year, enough to feed a quarter pound hamburger to every citizen in the U.S.
Now, if this had been done by an alleged terrorist, people would be screaming bloody murder.
But under the new Homeland Security rules, food packing, farming, nuclear power plants, chemical plants don't have to release information in lawsuits.
It gives them more liability protection.
That's right.
But when this goes forward, just as business as usual, it's another, well, oops factor, if you will.
Well, for those that don't know, who haven't seen videotape of slaughterhouses, and I eat meat, but very little now because it's so contaminated, and the mad cow and the rest of it in Canada, and believe me, it's here.
And my family raises cows, by the way, in East Texas.
That's what our family's been doing since 1830 here.
But you've got to know that this is ruining the entire industry because this crisis is being hidden and festering so long, like a boil, pun intended, until the whole industry is going to collapse through this if we don't get containment of this now.
And for those that haven't seen video of the slaughterhouses, I mean, all the chunks and guts and all that is just swept into big vats, ground up, put into your chilies, put into your hot dogs.
The beef itself, the big chunks are beginning rancid.
I don't think people understand what this means.
It's quite appalling if people knew.
You know, everybody seems to think, oh, well, the FDA's looking after it.
They're not going to let anything...
Like this happened.
Tyson Chicken had 1,300 violations at one plant.
That's right.
In 1997, and Clinton said nothing could happen, and they went ahead and shipped that chicken to you.
That's right.
And, you know, we're seeing, you know, I mean, who's stirring the drink in Washington?
Well, it's the corporations.
I mean, Clinton's, the transition chief for his team was Vernon Jordan.
Vernon Jordan was a head attorney for the Monsanto Corporation.
Who is in charge of producing most of the genetically engineered food that we're being shoved down our throats.
Tom Taylor, there was a big CEO, I forget the name, I had the article like a year ago, who said that we're going to go ahead and get genetically engineered systems into all the crops, then you won't have a choice.
Do you know who made that quote?
I believe it was Robert Shapiro from Monsanto.
Yeah, that was it.
And I had the article, AP Story.
I mean, when they're arrogantly admitting they're engaging in biowarfare against us to take over the biosphere, why aren't more environmentalists concerned about this?
Instead, they're off on land grabbing issues.
Well, this is a huge issue.
I'm sure you probably know that last week it was announced that the U.S.
government is going to file a WTO lawsuit against the European Union over their moratorium of genetically engineered food.
And that's because their farmers are going nuts when they try to push it.
And that's because of the grassroots.
That's right.
And, you know, when farmers buy genetically engineered seed, they do not own the seed.
They're leasing the intellectual property right of what that crop has been genetically engineered to do.
And Monsanto's been caught planning genetically engineered crops in key growth belts, then claiming they own the crops when they find it in the crop when the people didn't want it in the first place.
And, you know, this past fall, South Africa was given corn food aid from the U.S., and it was genetically engineered.
They refused it.
And one of the reasons they refused it is that they grow corn in South Africa.
And they ship that corn to Europe.
Europe will not buy genetically engineered corn.
And it is a way to, it's a backdoor attempt by Monsanto to contaminate their corn supply.
And we've got Shapiro saying this, so what about, I know the courts are on their side, but what about suing them?
Because we've certainly got racketeering here for their own arrogant statements.
That's right.
You know, the technology agreements that farmers must sign before they plant this stuff actually says if you are going to sue, you have to sue in district court in St.
Louis, Missouri.
Louis, Missouri is the hometown of Monsanto.
Where they've got the judges in their hip pocket.
I would imagine that, too.
One good thing, Alex, that has happened, there was a farmer, a canola or rapeseed grower in Canada named Percy Schmeiser.
Had him on many times.
And he lost his lawsuit, but the Canadian Supreme Court just announced about two, three weeks ago that they are going to hear his appeal.
What was also like the Alamo, watching what they did to him, he had his receipts that he bought his seed, that he developed his own seed.
They found one or two plants out of tens of thousands, sued him, tried to take his land.
You hear the stories how they make old farmers have heart attacks threatening them, how they have the Mounties working for them.
That's right.
How they got FBI working for them in South and North Dakota.
These people are incredible.
And there's no mistake about it.
The biotech industry, Monsanto, Adventus, they're all saying this is to feed the world.
This is not to feed the world.
This is to take over control of our food supply.
Well, they've already stepped with the water.
They're grabbing all the water supplies now.
So irradiating the food, they always do it to our kids first.
Remember the school lunch program, talking about the government not getting trusted to certify food, and it's even worse to have private people doing it.
Remember when Clinton ordered all those raspberries and strawberries from Mexico sprayed in human fecal matter, and it had the hepatitis on it and all the kids got hepatitis on the West Coast?
No, I'm not sure about that.
That was in 96.
That's the type of, they feed the worst trash to our kids.
How we treat our elderly and our kids, this is, it's just wrong.
Oh, that's right.
Here in Minneapolis, we've approached the Minneapolis Public School District about trying to redirect what we're serving our kids to a more sustainable, organic approach.
But it's really like trying to turn around the Titanic.
The Minneapolis Public School System gets seven cents a day from the U.S.
government to feed those kids.
And so they are forced to accept this commodity crap.
Well, why not have it, the feds take a dollar, send 30 cents back with strings attached.
Why not keep our money at the states?
Well, there's a good thing there.
Well, I think that if you're going to have school lunches, it should be organic, and parents shouldn't put up with this.
People knew what was in the non-organic food.
I mean, corn with salmon genes, tomatoes with grasshopper genes.
Now they've got the goats that are part spider.
That's right.
You know, where is this going to stop?
I mean, one thing that's beginning to happen, Monsanto has applied for the growing of genetically engineered wheat in the U.S.
and Canada.
Did you hear about proteogen in Texas with the HIV virus in the corn?
Now, folks, 96 locations, HIV-producing corn spread into soybean fields.
That's right.
That should be top story.
The average person has no idea about that.
Yep, there was 500,000 bushels contaminated in Nebraska that were dumped into an elevator from Prodigy.
There were 115 acres of corn in Iowa that had to be burned on the stock because of cross-contamination.
And you know their pollen by that time had already hit other fields.
Well, you would think so.
Are they trying to create a giant meltdown so then the government comes in with them and takes everything over and makes the big farms like armored camps with their people guarding them and go, oh, this is to save us from the plague?
I think it's just raw greed.
I don't think they're looking past their next stock reporting time.
I promise.
Just stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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That's 888-2533-139.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
This is how we fight them, and you've got to demand your school not irradiate.
And they won't tell you, by the way.
They'll just start buying irradiated food.
How do people do that?
Where do they check that?
Tom Taylor, field organizer for the Organic Consumers Association, and tell them about the website as well.
We have the most extensive website on organic, sustainable, and safe food products.
In the world, definitely in the nation.
The URL is www.organicconsumers.org.
On the right-hand side of the page, there's a link that says Join the Action Network.
I urge all your listeners to go there and click on that and give us their name and email so we can keep them abreast of when they can weigh in and let people know.
On the left-hand side, there's subject matters, genetically engineered food, organic food, or radiation is the third link if they want to learn more about what's happening in the radiation food industry.
And I can't urge your listeners enough to call their local school district and tell them they do not want our children to be treated as guinea pigs.
Well, you've got to tell them that if they don't notify them before a change, you're going to find out and you're going to sue them.
That's right.
Because you'll never know that your kid's eating a chicken fried steak that was irradiated and has absolutely no food value.
That's right.
You know, they're spinning this.
The beef industry is spinning this as a value-added product.
This is costing our schools that are so short of money more.
Well, I pointed out that this is also going to be the seed money to develop radiation systems everywhere.
This is also going to be used to help them build their infrastructure, correct?
It will be.
Right now, they're using an electron beam accelerator.
It's like a linear accelerator to radiate the food.
If this gets into full swing, they're going to be trafficking in spent fuel from nuclear reactors.
This is a horrible accident waiting to happen.
It's unbelievable, folks, and you better get involved.
You need to...
Go to the website, organicconsumers.org, and get involved in this fight.
This is something that conservatives and liberals should agree upon.
That's right.
Everybody eats.
Everybody eats.
I appreciate you joining us, sir.
Oh, well, thank you very much, and keep the faith.
You bet.
And if you're not ranting and raving about this subject, you're crazy.
Richard in Alabama.
Richard, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Thank you very much.
Okay, let's put him on hold.
Let's get him to turn that radio off.
So we don't hear the Delight Show.
Go ahead, Richard, you're on the air.
Well, I had a couple of questions for you.
Just before the Battle of New Orleans, there was a peace treaty signed, and I'd like to know where I can find the text of that treaty.
Is it possible?
You're talking about Andrew Jackson fighting the British?
Yeah, there was a peace treaty signed before the battle, and...
It was signed somewhere over in France.
Yeah, that should be available at your law library.
I don't have the particulars.
I can't even find the name of it anymore.
I remember when I was in school, I was told the name of the treaty.
It was signed somewhere in France.
Maybe it was the Treaty of Paris or something.
I believe that's it.
I believe it's the second Treaty of Paris.
I'm going from memory.
I may be wrong.
But I sure would like to read it because it contains something about the...
Instruments for ratification for the original 13th Amendment.
Isn't it?
About titles and nobility?
I know they did that, but I don't know if that was the treaty.
You caught me unawares here.
Do you want to hold over and ask more questions?
I've got another question.
Okay, stay there, Richard.
We'll get your question already in the third hour.
Stay there.
And yes, it'll be a news information cold, blitz hour.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It's unbelievable.
We're already into the third and final hour of this worldwide broadcast.
I do this show Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central Time, back from 9 to midnight.
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We're just talking about a radiated meat in the last hour.
We're going to give it to your school children now.
Again, they're the testing ground, the training ground.
The drugs, the riddle in the Prozac, the vaccines, the irradiated meat, the checkpoints, the ID cards, the biometrics.
It's all there.
You can talk about that if you want at 800-259-9231.
to appoint Iraqi leadership.
Also, U.S.
Appoint the leadership.
may help Iranian terrorist group.
FCC chairman defends easing of rules on consolidation of the media.
Bush is now saying we don't need to find weapons of mass destruction.
It was never about that.
So was Wolfowitz of the Defense Department.
A bunch of other news coming up.
Big third hour.
Right now, Richard in Alabama had another question holding him over from the last hour.
Go ahead, Richard, to the airwaves.
I need a resource, either books or websites or numbers, where I can get advice on predatory building code enforcement.
That is a very important area.
You know, federally, they have the National Association of Counties, Cities, and State Governors, and National Association of City and County Managers.
And they go and learn how to control and manipulate at these.
And really, you have federal zoning now.
North Carolina and many areas have a tax on rainwater.
For the rain that falls on your house.
They now have home inspections from Chicago to Dallas where they knock on your door and demand to inspect your house as part of the zoning.
It's getting worse and worse.
So it's these seemingly innocuous areas of law where they're attacking us.
And I go back to the Bill of Rights.
I go back to reading the actual state law.
You'll usually find that they have policies out of the law that aren't the actual law.
That's how I would fight them.
There are a lot of resources, but I can't
I can't think of them off the tip of my tongue.
Well, I'm in very specific trouble, and I need very specific advice.
Okay, what are they doing to you?
They won't tell me what's wrong with my yard.
They tell me a yard is unattractive, but they don't say why, and I visited all my neighbors, and they won't say if there's anything wrong.
Okay, let me explain.
We had a case of this.
You may have to hold over again, Richard.
We had a case in 1997 of Rowling Ellingston.
And he had moved into his house after World War II.
He had a house up front and a house behind.
And frankly, his yard, you could say, most of the time looks nicer than mine.
He was being given $2,000 a day fines for three-inch grass.
He was down with cancer.
And was unable to mow the yard.
He had English ivy covering most of the yard.
And he is in an area off West 37th Street that is now gentrifying.
The houses are going for 400 grand apiece for three bedrooms.
Mercedes everywhere.
He just had an old truck, an old arborist.
He was just an old arborist.
Worked on trees.
And we went out, and the tickets they were giving him on a weekly basis for $14,000 apiece said weeds and questionable, objectionable material.
And that was a three-inch grass.
He cut all that, moved all that.
We helped him.
The police came and arrested him at his door and would not say why.
They then dropped the charges and dropped the fines.
And I'll tell you how we got that to happen when we get back.
Stay there, Richard.
But I need to hear about the ticket you're being given.
Probably a white ticket, front face, listing.
Does it say objectionable material, Richard?
Does it say objectionable material, Richard?
We'll find out if Richard's still there when we get back.
I'll try to tell the story.
It's all part of the freedom.
We'll be right back.
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All right, we're talking to Richard in Alabama.
And he's getting letters or fines from the local government saying that there's something wrong with his yard.
And then I'll tell you about a story we have here in Austin, how we found out it was federal in nature, and what their plan is, how they target mainly senior citizens.
Or they have like a database at the hospital or something, because we know they target people once they have trouble in even the small upkeep fashion.
They targeted my grandparents as well.
My grandfather's dead now, but they targeted them as well here in Austin.
With a drainage ditch that wasn't even part of their property, that was part of the city, they were trying to fine them for not cleaning branches out of it that weren't even from their yard.
And, of course, my grandmother had polio and had trouble walking, and my grandfather was 76 years old when that happened and said, I'm not going to climb the fence and get back there in the gully and clean branches out.
And we had to get involved, and they were going to fine them $2,000 a day.
And all this started after my grandfather had been to the hospital for a heart attack and a stroke.
And they also got hit by the IRS right after that.
And we've seen a trend of this.
We know the zoning is federally written.
Tell us the story, Richard, exactly what happened.
Describe your yard.
Describe the letters.
Describe what's developed so I have more information.
I'm through this because it's a long story.
I am already convicted, and the time has lapsed for appeal.
And the judge is calling me into hearings once a month.
And she says she's going to put me in jail one week per month until my yard is satisfactory, in her opinion.
Number one, are you in a homeowners association?
Number two, do you live in a rural area in the county?
No, I'm in the city limits.
Okay, what is in your yard?
Several ladders, a wheelbarrow.
Three cars, two lawnmowers, a portable building for which there is a permit.
I tried to build a privacy fence, but they wouldn't allow it.
Is this happening to other neighbors?
Yes, but they've been able to negotiate their way out of it without permission.
They sort of bought their way out of it without having to get as far as going to jail.
Is a new housing development being built near you?
No, this is a very declining old neighborhood with a mix of old white people and young black people.
Okay, I'm trying to understand the exact information so I can try to understand what's happening.
Oh, the city is drowning in debt.
I understand, sir, but what do the letters that you receive from them say?
Oh, they don't send letters anymore.
They call me to the judge.
The judge does all the talking.
Sir, that's because you were found in contempt or didn't answer it.
What I'm trying to understand is what do the original charges state?
They would not be specific.
They said that my yard violated the trash junk litter ordinance, but they didn't ever mention anything specific.
And I can tell by their behavior in court that the judge did not want them to mention anything specific.
Now, did the letter simply say objectionable material?
You know, I can't remember whether it said objectionable or unattractive or what.
Okay, for those that don't know, here in Austin, I was just telling the story earlier, 70-something-year-old World War II vet, retired arborist, you know, he worked on yards and trees himself, owned two homes, one front, one back, on a large piece of property near the corner of West 37th Street, now downtown Austin.
The houses were going, three bedrooms for $400,000.
If you can believe that.
In that street.
We went to his house.
I'd say 50% of it's covered by English ivy.
He had three-inch grass.
It was no big deal.
There was nothing in the front of the yard.
We're good to go.
Hadn't cut it.
Three inches tall.
He was sick from chemotherapy.
We went over with neighbors that liked him.
Cut the grass.
Still got $2,000 a day fines.
They then said, we're going to foreclose on your house unless you pay.
That was like $28,000 he built up in the last few weeks.
This happened.
Then a police officer, a good police officer, called me and said, Mr. Jones, called our comment line.
We're good to go.
I think?
So we showed the video, showed her car, showed it all, put it on TV.
It was dropped.
The next day, fines were dropped after we aired that, made it in the newspaper, and then a week later the police came, knocked on the door, wouldn't say why, drugged Rowling Dellingson out, who could barely walk at the time, on chemotherapy, took him to jail for two days, and that's how that developed with Rowling Dellingson.
So this is the new America, and this is what they do.
I also went to city buildings and showed that they had taller-than-three-inch grass, and there was incredible outrage in the community.
But you've got to have an access TV show.
You've got to have a radio show, which I had both of at the time and still do, to fight them.
You've got to have an advocate that will tell the truth.
I would contact Local Talk Radio, make an issue out of it.
And I would go back in and appeal it to a higher court, say that they must show cause, show specifically who's been harmed, and there's some other things you can do, sir, but that's about all I can say for you.
Well, I was hoping for something more specific.
Well, I don't know about your particular code there.
I am beyond the time for appeal.
It's elapsed.
Well, sir, there's always a higher court.
But the time limit has elapsed.
Well, that's not really the case if they're bringing more charges or arresting you again.
Consent of court, they call it.
Pardon me?
They call it contempt of court.
Well, sir, they're going to tell you that you don't have any rights and you can't appeal.
I'm telling you that's not true.
But what about putting the lawnmowers and the two ladders up?
Well, they never complained about them, so I don't really know.
I understand.
I don't know whether it helped or not.
Well, it's the same thing.
Look, my grandparents, grandfather's dead now.
God rest his soul.
But what happened here is they live backed up to a creek.
And the property line is about five feet on the other side of the fence.
And you got the gully, and they're way down in the neighborhood, and limbs were washing in, and they got a letter with the $2,000 day fines saying, remove the debris blocking the creek, or we're going to take your house.
So I went down, and we ended up cleaning it out.
But the point is, and we ended up calling them and getting them to drop it, pointing out it wasn't their property, it wasn't their job, it was a creek.
But this is what they do, and it seems to be old people.
After you have a heart attack, the IRS hits you.
Same thing.
So I don't know, sir, how old are you?
Do what, sir?
I'm 63.
Well, that's not that old.
But you say they're doing it to other neighbors.
As you said, it's serfdom.
It's feudalism.
You don't own your own land.
All right.
Well, just get with the local land rights group in your area.
Do you have Take Back Alabama?
Are they in your area?
I've never even heard of them.
Well, a lot of states.
I believe Alabama has a Take Back Alabama.
I wish I could find them.
Sir, I mean, you know, the judge may say he's going to execute you if you don't do what he says, but they really can't do that.
Well, I sure do hate spending one week a month in jail.
Well, they do it all over the country, sir.
You just need to learn what the law is in your area and use the private property defense and say that they must specifically show what is owed.
Thanks for the call.
Yeah, and you've got to respond to that stuff instantly when you get it.
And I understand they wouldn't let you see it, and so it got worse and worse.
But this was just one more facet of the tyranny.
Toll-free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
We'll get you up and on the air.
Let me jump straight into the news now.
to appoint Iraqi leadership plans to allow a national conference of Iraqi groups to elect an interim administration...
May be scrapped, a senior U.S.
official in the country has suggested.
Instead, he said, a political council made up of 25 to 30 Iraqis may be appointed.
They said that before the war.
What do you mean, may be scrapped?
Oh, because of the rioting, they claim this.
But you go back three months, and they said this was the plan.
Following a consultation between U.S.-led coalition authorities and political and religious groups, the original plan was to assemble a national conference in July with a wide variety of delegates who would themselves select a new administration.
Oh, yeah, they would get a couple hundred people and have them appoint them.
That's bad enough.
In a parallel move, a constitutional convention would be set up to draw up a new constitution which would then be put to referendum of the 300 that they appoint.
The officials said proposals were provisional and based upon...
Consultation with Iraqi people.
Yeah, you mean the thugs are putting in before adding that they were motivated by a real sense of urgency.
So that's a puppet dictatorship where they come in and pick 300 people per city to elect who runs the city and 300 nationally to appoint who is going to be the new regional governors.
And by the way, most of them are Ba'athists.
Most of them are members of the Ba'ath Party.
This is out of Australia, out of the Age newspaper.
may help Iranian terrorist group senior Pentagon officials are proposing widespread covert operations against the Iranian government, hoping that dissident groups will mount a coup before the regime acquires a nuclear weapon.
They're also planning for an invasion of Iran and publicly saying they may take over Iranian radio and TV with aircraft transmitting in their airspace.
Again, escalating.
They say they're going to invade and a preemptive strike on North Korea.
Escalating somebody to hit us first.
The controversial plan involves offering financial and military backing for a terrorist organization that is outlawed by the U.S.
Senate State Department as well as intelligence collaboration and other support for dissident student bodies and resistance groups.
Terror groups tied to Al-Qaeda working for the CIA.
No change.
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All right, folks, we're back live.
Your calls are coming up in the next segment.
Billy in Texas and others, be patient.
Poll-free number to join us on air today, 800-259-9231.
So understand, the government is going to pick the leaders they want to then elect who they want.
So that's totally staged.
How about we go to that here?
Well, they already are with the regional governments.
You can elect the city and county officials all you want, but then you've got regional governments that control the federal and state purse springs that are privately chaired telling you what to do.
So it's a total dictatorship, a puppet dictatorship, a classical British model being set up there, and now our government may help Iranian terror group.
About a month ago, they already said they were giving amnesty to the Al-Qaeda Connected Organization.
And the influential Pentagon figures argue that the terrorist status, according to U.S., to the armed Mujahideen group in 1997 should be removed, allowing the group, which has been based in Iraq, to play a similar role in Northern Alliance in Afghanistan.
So it happens it's an al-Qaeda group, but al-Qaeda is CIA.
So that's what we're going to do over there in Iraq is have the terror group out enforcing things for them.
And all the Ba'athists, too.
They're taking a lot of the Ba'athists and putting them in high-level positions of power.
One reason people who were for the takeover in Iraq are now rioting.
They're very upset.
FCC chairman defends easing of rules.
This is from The Guardian.
Carrying an AP article, a move to ease rules governing ownership of newspapers and television and radio stations will not lead to massive wave of mergers.
It's already happening, folks.
Federal Communications Commission Chairman Michael Powell says, in a vote set for Monday, Powell said two fellow Republicans on the five-member commission were expected to allow companies to buy more television stations and in some cases own both the newspaper and a broadcast station in the same city.
Now, already 75% of the total market is owned by five companies, and the others, most of the other 25%, is owned by friends of these groups or people that are interlocking, and you have leaders of the big companies that also own the little companies.
Diverse interests opposed to deregulation say relaxed rules will kick off merger frenzy, putting a new spin on a few large companies in control of what people see, hear, and read.
They say that they will...
Homogenize viewpoints and diminish local emphasis in news and entertainment.
Powell said some of the changes are more modest than critics contend.
This is not a complete deregulation of the media, Powell said on ABC's This Week.
There will be rules and restrictions on everything that the media companies would like to do.
It's not going to be permitted.
That is not true.
That is not true.
And it's not free market how they operate.
And they will come in and pay ten times what a station's worth just to turn it off or put it on all sports or all music.
And what Clear Channel does, and the other big conglomerates do, is you'll hear a local newscaster who you think is local.
This is a fact.
They have a fake name, they give you so-called local news, and then you drive around the country, it's the same voice.
I work in radio, I can tell you.
And so what you get is you get total control of information flow.
Even smaller media companies are now doing this.
So already you'll have where Clear Channel, say in Knoxville, Tennessee, or Austin, Texas, could own six or seven, depending on the market, of the stations.
You've got three big blocks.
You've got the Westwinds, CBS.
You've got Infinity.
You've got Clear Channel.
And they already own almost everything other than the local co-op station that's got a bunch of socialists on it.
And then you've got some little AM like I'm on, owned by Simmons Media Group, and now the big boys can come in and buy that up.
And then Alex Jones is off the air.
One station owned by one private group that only owns, I don't know, 40-something stations, and now they can come and buy News Talk 1260 KWNX.
I'm not saying they're coming to buy it.
I'm not saying it's being sold.
This is what happens.
And I'm getting calls from station owners everywhere who have us on the air around the country who have had us on for years and have gotten a great response, and the big conglomerates couldn't buy up more stations in the area, and now they're trying to.
Weeks before this goes through, already setting up the buyouts.
They also have fake dummy corporations that are subsidiaries that they use to buy everything up.
And by the way, if you're a big conglomerate, you get a license like that, get power increased like that, don't get harassed, don't get messed with.
You're a small mom and pop, you get harassed and controlled and manipulated.
And I would tell our stations, a lot of them have been bought and sold.
As we gain new ones, lots of them get sold.
So we kind of stabilize the number of affiliates the network has at a little over 300 in between all the shows.
If you hold on another 5, 10 years, they will pay you $80, $100 million per station instead of $5 million per station when it comes down to the final buyout.
So don't sell out to them.
And folks support these stations, so they don't do that.
It's incredible, folks.
It's all about a total monopoly of news information.
And we need the old media of AM and FM to promote the new media of the Internet before they shut that down, too.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Nuclear reactors provide electrical energy across our great nation.
But during an accident, would you be prepared?
Medical Course Potassium Iodate gives you virtually complete protection from the most... 605-9200.
Call today.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, Billy and others, your calls are coming up in just a second.
Let me cover a little bit more news and we'll get right back into your calls at 1-800-259-9231 on this live Monday edition of the World Wide Broadcast.
Bush remarks confirm shift in justifying war standard approved for weapons drops.
And this is out of the Washington Post.
They admit that
Okay, we falsified evidence.
Okay, we haven't found weapons of mass destruction.
And they have Bush's quote, we found the weapons of mass destruction.
The trucks, just like Colin Powell said they would.
Now Bush says in his radio address that they do not need to find weapons of mass destruction.
And then they also say we're going to find weapons of mass destruction.
Don't worry, no matter what.
And then last week in Vanity Fair, Paul Wolfowitz, the Deputy Defense Secretary under Rummy Rumsfeld, says, hey, it was never about weapons of mass destruction.
That was just bureaucratic for the media.
So admitting that they were lying.
Also, U.S., when you hear that, it means globalist, seek ability to take down North Korea quickly.
Reuters, U.S.,
Plans to transform Allied forces to the Korean Demilitarized Zone would be aimed by ensuring U.S.
and South Korean forces could begin taking down the North's heavily fortified front line from the first hour of war, a senior U.S.
defense official said today.
Now, about a month ago, Rumsfeld's plan got leaked on purpose, saying they had planned to attack in October, trying to get the North Koreans to preemptively strike and then usher in World War III.
It's a big deal.
What General Leon Laporte, commander of U.S.
forces in South Korea, is working on is quite a transformation in the way both our countries would be postured while we can't completely compensate for the fact that North Korea has so much stuff right up front on the DMZ.
We could begin taking it down from the first hour of the war, and that would make a big difference.
It would save lives, and ultimately it has to strengthen deterrence, the official said.
And Rumsfeld says...
There's 100,000 artillery pieces in the hills above Seoul right across the DMZ in the north.
They've been fortifying it since the end of the Korean War 40-something years ago.
They say that they will attack that and attack their missile silos full of the weapons our government helped arm them with.
But that's okay because Bush is fighting evil.
Bush tours Auschwitz, says evil must be resisted.
When it was his grandfather, Prescott Bush, who way back in 1942 got the biggest fine in U.S.
history for trading with the enemy, running 53% of Nazi steel production money through Brown Brother Harriman that was chaired by other Nazis.
A grim-faced President Bush toured the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camps on Saturday, pausing at the ruins of a Nazi crematorium
To state his case for standing up to evil dictators and terrorism.
Why'd they tear down that crematorium?
I wonder why.
Mankind must come together to fight such dark impulses.
Bush said that the sprawling complex where Nazi German invaders committed genocide during World War II with assembly line efficiency.
Oh, like the Reuters report about the U.S.
announces death camps at Camp X-Ray.
These sites are sobering reminder of the power of evil and the need for people to resist evil, he said.
And, of course, went on to talk about Iraq comparing Saddam to Hitler.
Oh, your former business partner, again.
Bush came to Poland citing the Holocaust as one of the greatest lessons of the past as he sought to justify the military force in Afghanistan and Iraq, former Soviet bloc country, back of the Iraq War at a time when European powerhouses, France, Germany, Russia, were leading the opposition to the U.S.
and British invasion.
Bush showed his gratitude for making Poland the first stop on his week-long European trip.
So that's that article right there.
And so he must be good.
He said Auschwitz was bad.
But never mind his granddaddy being involved in it.
And IBM selling the machines, the primitive computers for the Nazis to decide how much to feed a slave laborer, how long to work and what output to get, and that's now come out in the news.
Fireworks shows put in jeopardy by new rules.
This is out of the AP.
The shipping of fireworks may be banned under Homeland Security, and already SS Rockets cannot ship its rockets, its little toy rockets, so you can have that with your Boy Scouts Club.
But the border stays wide open.
Here is an article.
Iraqis baffled at deadline to turn in guns.
Coalition commanders opened weapons collection points around Iraq on Sunday as they began a two-week countdown to imposition of new firearms controls and a bid to stem post-war lawlessness.
But by midday, none of the designated police stations visited.
AFP correspondents reported even a single weapon being turned in.
Good job for you.
You got total lawlessness in our government.
Guarded this illegal, illegitimate government, guarded all the power plants, and guarded all the fuel and all the oil and all the refineries, and bussed people to the looting stations.
And Defense Secretary Rumsfeld said that freedom's untidy and the rioting's a good thing and isn't a big problem, as cholera spreads, but they want to take your guns.
Just like they want to take our guns during riots here.
But by midday, none of the designated police stations visited by AFP correspondents reported even a single weapon had been turned in.
Many Iraqis said they were battled by the policy.
And would be unwilling to give up their treasured weapons despite the pending ban.
Why should anyone want to just give away their weapon when they can sell it for good money, said Arkan Al-Zabaki, waving a 1950s vintage Webley and Scott pistol at Baghdad's open-air arms market.
So they're just totally ignoring them, doing what they want, and those guns are stopping homes and businesses being robbed and looted.
That's the only thing stopping total breakdown.
In fact, groups of citizens have been out stopping the looters.
We have also been using the loudspeakers that our psychological operations teams have.
Flyers in Arabic will be posted around the city.
A coalition military spokesman said, for three days, coalition radio has broadcast appeals to Iraq to turn in their huge arsenal of military hardware that has passed into civilian hands since the collapse of Saddam Hussein's armed forces.
The new regulations coming to force June 15th will not require Iraqis to completely abandon their love affair with the Kalashnikovs.
We're good to go.
But the Iraqis go on to say that if they register them, they can confiscate them, something Americans can't figure out, which has happened everywhere from Australia to England to Canada and now in New York, Chicago, L.A.
Let's take a call, then we'll go back to the news.
Very important tidbit here, U.S.
seizing foreign accounts.
Right now, Billy in Texas, thanks for holding.
You're on the air, Billy.
Hello, Alex.
How are you doing today?
First of all, I just want to say thanks for all you do.
Just a couple things real quick.
I was just wondering if you got to catch 44 Minutes last night, the movie that was made about the North Hollywood shootout in 97.
It was total assault weapon ban propaganda.
I don't know if you got a chance to catch it.
No, I didn't.
Yes, it's going to re-air.
I'm going to record it, and I'll send you a copy of it.
It was just total assault weapon ban propaganda.
It was terrible.
I couldn't believe some of the things that they were putting in there.
Well, Bush says that he's going to sign that, and Karl Rove and Lionel Shetland have been publicly dispatched and are instructing Hollywood what to produce.
I have an article about this out of Canada where a new film's coming out,
Written by Lionel Chetwin, produced by a neocon, a former socialist, but oh, now he's a neocon, where Bush is the hero of 9-1-1 to air on Canadian and U.S.
TV, and Lionel Chetwin's the guy that at the studio for the show Conspiracy Zone in L.A.
threatened me in the bathroom and told me, we're going to get you.
So if anything ever happens to me, we know the one guy who's threatened me in person, Lionel Chetwin.
I want that on the record.
And something interesting that Washington Post just put out about an hour ago, that the Pentagon has gave out 25,000 gas masks to everybody in the Pentagon to train them how to use them in case of a biological or chemical attack.
That just came out about an hour ago.
That's kind of scary to me.
You know, the things that you've predicted and the way these globalists work, it's like they're getting them ready for something big.
Oh, they promised us, Mr. CFR.
Gary Hart has said we will be hit by smallpox.
They will take our rights up.
We will be chained down to our beds, our cots, and the 747 hangers.
And I have an article today out of Canada where they're going to start chaining down SARS victims.
Just in case they try to flee.
And one other real quick thing.
I know you're busy.
You've got other callers.
I took your advice.
I've listened to you for quite a while.
This is my first time calling and getting the chance to talk to you.
I took your advice when you tell other people to get out there and create their own websites, get their own talk shows, you know, to start spreading the word.
And I have one question on the logistics of putting a website together, like using a few images from your website,
And to link them to your site, is that legal?
Is that okay?
Or how does that work?
Well, yeah, it's fair use.
You're doing it not for profit, and it's fair use.
Link to whatever you want off my website.
Okay, and if I could give you the website off the air, because I'm not trying to get a plug on the air, and if you think it's worthy, I'd be glad for you.
Look, go ahead and plug your website.
Well, as long as you don't mind, sir.
Sure, go ahead and plug your website.
Okay, it's www.86freedom.com.
For those that don't know, what I don't like is somebody that calls in, doesn't talk about anything, and then just out of the gates tries to plug their website.
That's when I hang up on somebody.
Okay, well, I've heard that happen before, and I didn't want you to think that's what this main cause was.
Well, no.
If it's somebody I don't like, or it's an organization that I don't trust, but I'm not going to sit here and badmouth them on air, I will just simply say, not on my show.
And it's just a website I do out of my house here in Austin.
Well, that's great, sir.
I hope you spread the word, and good job for getting involved.
I hope the best tool I know of is getting my videos and making... I've already got them.
I've got them sent out to Michigan, California.
I think pretty soon there's going to be an access show in a place called Battle Creek, Michigan, my hometown.
They're going to be airing that.
They've already aired...
9-1-1 Illuminazi up there, so I'm trying to talk to some people that I know up there, and I access channels in Battle Creek.
And then because of you, tens of thousands will see the truth.
God bless you.
Thanks for the call.
Thanks, Alex.
You bet.
Appreciate that, Billy.
Let's talk to Hank in Texas.
Hank, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good to talk to you, Hank.
I appreciate the call.
Or maybe not.
Is anybody there, folks?
Okay, go ahead, Hank.
You're on the air.
You were talking earlier about the President's speeches about the Nazi dead camps and all that.
I just wanted to mention, and it appeared, by the way, in the Sunday San Antonio Express News, an article about that,
But just a few days ago, dated May 26th, there was an article that appeared apparently in, I think it's called the Mail on Sunday in Australia, somewhere in Australia, that the headline was, U.S.
Plans Death Camp.
And the first sentence is, the U.S.
has floated plans to turn Guantanamo Bay into a death camp with its own death row and execution chamber.
Yeah, that article is on Infowars.com last Monday, so...
What would last Monday be?
That would be about the time, I think.
Well, no, I know the article.
It was the Sunday Mail.
It was also carried by Reuters.
The story you're reading is the news of Australia, their big official newswire, is what you're reading from.
That's on Infowars.com, last Monday, hot story.
Okay, yeah, I didn't notice it, but... Yeah, and how you find that is you go to the website, you go to the calendar at the bottom of the page, you click on whatever date last Monday or Tuesday is, and then you'll be able to read that story for yourself.
Okay, well, good.
I just didn't know if you had it on there.
I talk so fast.
I talk so fast.
When I read this article about Bush and the death camp, I said, I said, yeah, and we've got our own government announcing death camps.
I didn't hear it.
I listen slow.
I'm from the South.
Hey, I'm from the South too, but I talk fast.
I drink a lot of coffee.
But no, seriously, that's a great point you made, and I'm glad you made it.
So that's pretty hypocritical when he's announcing death camps, and his daddy was involved with the Nazis, and their key bank in the West, and was pro-Nazi, by the way, in the Senate, and now he's going to save us from the Nazis, isn't he?
Great guy.
Thank you for everything you're doing, Alex.
Appreciate it.
I really do appreciate your call, sir.
Let me get some more news here.
Justice Department using expanded anti-terror powers.
This is from the Associated Press.
The U.S.
Justice Department has begun using its expanded counterterrorism powers to seize millions of dollars from foreign banks that do business in the United States, creating tensions with the State Department and some allies.
Law enforcement officials say the tool has proven invaluable in seizing ill-gotten money that criminals, not terrorists, have hidden overseas that was once out of the government's reach.
Under the calendar of terrorism measures approved by Congress over September 11th, attacks, prosecutors are not even required to trace the money back to the target of the investigation.
You understand?
They can randomly grab money.
Under the new rules, prosecutors are not even required to trace the money back to the target of the investigation.
That was a section of the Patriot Act that I analyzed and warned you about.
Officials at the State Department, however, have raised concerns about the practice, in part because most of the seizures have involved fraud money laundering investigations unrelated to terrorism.
But then we have President Clinton pardoning the multi-billion dollar money launderer.
Remember that?
Remember Rich?
And all they're going after is tax shelters that aren't under their control.
They're allowed to have Enron and Halliburton in multi-billion dollar offshore secret accounts.
That's okay, but they're going to grab anybody's bank account they want when they want with the IRS in investigations and don't even need to track it back to any criminals.
Not even criminals, it says.
Now that's what the Patriot Act 1 said.
More than $3,000 in cash, folks, will get you secret execution.
Because it says it's terrorism, then you read what they can do to terrorists, secretly arrest, secretly execute, see?
This is all part of the new freedom.
Here's that article out of the Toronto Star, 9-1-1 movie, paints Bush as hero.
In real life, Wyatt Earp probably dove under the bed at the first sign of trouble, but he sure looked brave on the big screen.
It says, taking on troublemakers in Dodge City.
It wasn't Dodge.
It was, just so you know, Canadians, it was Tombstone.
I guess he was in Dodge, too.
I guess you're right.
Of course, anyone's story can be magically transformed by Hollywood screenwriters who routinely turn the podriest tales into historic sagas.
Even so, they must have dug deep into the bags of tricks to write a Maper TV movie filmed in Toronto this spring of George W. Bush's heroic handling of 9-1-1 Crisis, the film which qualifies for generous Canadian federal and provincial cash.
I'll tell you who's behind this, the guy that threatened me.
The head of the media takeover.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The casual society control grid, infallible microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
Or by calling 1-888-253-3139.
That's 888-253-3139.
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Bookmark it today.
All right, I've got to move quick here.
Toronto star 9-1-1 movie paints Bush as hero.
I have a tendency when I get in a hurry to just start babbling trying to cover it all.
Lionel Shetland, the writer-producer of this hearty pro-Bush movie, is a kind of West Coast David Frum, a Canadian who has fully embraced the Bush administration, even joined the administration, sitting on the White House Arts Committee.
His film, unlikely to enhance the reputation of Canadian filmmakers, portrays Bush as decisive and in charge on 9-1-1, commanding officials on Air Force One to take him to Washington.
If some ten-horned dictator wants me, tell him to come and get me.
I'll be at home waiting for the bleeper.
And it just talks about Bush who wants to physically attack the enemy and he loves America.
He cries for America.
He defeats the enemy.
He's just this incredible leader written by Lionel Chetwin, produced up in Canada.
Lionel Chetwin, according to AP, on the board of this deal, taking over the media and they've got all this propaganda.
Reminds me of Waco.
Now this is Bush making a movie about himself with a member of his administration about how he's a big hero for your TV station near you.
I'm sure this is going to be disgusting.
With Waco, before the siege was over, they had a made-for-TV movie out.
The producer and maker of it has now apologized, saying it was all lies.
Shows Catherine Madison with a machine gun, shooting the feds first.
Shows all this ridiculous lies.
Shows the feds lovingly petting the dogs, saving the dogs, when in truth, publicly, they shot the dogs in the pens, held their dead bodies up to the children, lined them up outside.
This is all admitted.
But made-for-TV, they're saving the dogs.
I mean, it's incredible.
We got the facts of who carried out 9-1-1, and now the people that are involved in the administration, in the cover-up of all this, are making TV movies.
And Lionel Chetwin, on the set, on the set of The Conspiracy Zone, walks up to me and goes, You're Alex Jones.
We're going to get you.
And gave me this really mean look.
And I got in his face.
And he admitted it in front of one of the assistant producers.
I said, he just threatened me.
And Chetwin goes, oh, I was just joking.
And he heard about me saying this on the air and had people call me.
And I said, hey, buddy, I got witnesses.
And he shut up and said, okay, I'll leave it alone.
Yeah, that's right, Chetwin, you will.
How dare you?
You better hope nothing happens to me.
Because you're mentioning in my will, buddy, what you said to me.
I don't take it lightly.
When a senior administration official says, makes a mean face, makes a fist, and points his finger and says, if you're making a fist, we're going to get you!
How dare you!
And now you make these sick movies full of propaganda.
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That's 888-253-3139.
Or infowars.com or next order.
Again, that number.
And the mailing address is also posted on the website.
I'm out of time.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight, on your local AM or FM or at 5.085 or 6890 shortwave.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
Tell your friends.
Tune in.
God bless you all.
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