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Air Date: May 30, 2003
2312 lines.
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He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks.
It is Friday, the 30th already of May 2003.
Yesterday I got sidetracked talking about Army checkpoints in Alabama diverting the entire traffic off the interstate into a checkpoint and black helicopters and torture and police state and kids thumb scanning to get their school lunches and what's happening with the economy.
I didn't talk about a story that broke a couple days ago.
Bill Clinton said he wanted to get rid of the 22nd Amendment so he can run again.
But Republicans have introduced bills as well.
So the princeling, George W., from Kenny Buckport, Maine, can run again.
And then I heard Dick Morris on the radio, Bill Clinton's former top advisor, political advisor, admitting some truthful things that Bill Clinton really wants George Bush to win and
Folks, they're big buddies.
This is totally and completely staged.
George Bush is taking every Clinton policy and doubling it, quadrupling it in many cases.
And we'll talk about this double teaming that's taking place.
We're probably actually going to see Hillary in there in 08.
Before 08, probably by 06, you're going to see Bill Clinton as Secretary General.
He'll then serve a eight-year term there and then run for President here.
It's a frightening prospect, but we'll discuss the real political paradigm.
I'll give you insightful analysis from my years of study on this subject and my predictions coming up in the next segment.
So stay with us on that issue.
POW torture photos investigated.
Allegations Iraqi prisoners of war were mistreated by UK troops are being investigated after photographs allegedly showing the abuse were discovered.
Yeah, it kind of embarrassed the UN when those photos of barbecuing small children got released and, well...
That's what the globalists are all about.
Iraqi mass murder, freed and mixed up.
Oh, I guess like the 8,000 Taliban and Al-Qaeda leaders that were freed and mixed up by our government in Afghanistan.
Anti-American anger at soldiers searching homes, gun confiscations in Iraq.
They are burning and pillaging now police stations, especially after our troops shot a bunch of people at a wedding procession because one of the Iraqis was firing a gun in the air, which they do.
So it's Tiananmen Square every week over there now.
Also, miniature confirms that cluster bombs were used on civilian areas in Iraq.
gunfire kills three teens at a wedding.
Already mentioned that.
Got a bunch of other news.
Rumsfeld's new line on missing arms.
They say, hey, we never said there was weapons of mass destruction.
He actually says that.
And never said we needed to find them.
Wolfowitz says it's purely bureaucratic and that no weapons need be found.
Also, we're going to get into more of the fake dossiers that they were putting out.
military plan against Iran recently released, and Rumsfeld says they need to go ahead and invade Iran or somebody's going to nuke us.
So see now, overnight, well, yesterday on Fox & Friends, the question was in the morning,
Time for talking or time for tomahawking?
And they open the phones up to stage calls, screen calls, saying, Time for tomahawking!
Time for tomahawking!
Kill them with the tomahawks!
So that'll be the 61st country, 61 on the list to be hit, and they told you 62 countries to be hit, and they're moving on down the line.
So that's coming up as well.
Turns out there was no bunker where U.S.
bombs targeted Saddam.
Well, of course, that was all staged.
They've already flown him out of the country.
Rumsfeld now publicly says invasion of Iran is needed.
Big show.
Got a couple guests coming up as well.
Big show today.
Big show today.
Stay with me on this live Friday edition.
We're good to go.
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He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, so does he.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We are the leader in real information, in true analysis.
You don't hear the mindless infighting on this show, the conspiracy theories, the issues of little or no significance.
You hear on some of the other so-called patriot talk shows.
We certainly cut to the lies of the false left-right paradigm.
So go ahead, folks.
Stay with us and keep up with the Joneses.
We'll be live for the next, what, two hours and 50 minutes, and we're going to take a lot of calls today on this Open Line Friday.
And I do have one of the senior people from the War Crimes Court over in Belgium coming on, just so you can hear the evidence of the mass murder.
Now, last Friday, I had a doctor on
Who had been there and seen Marines kill children and then chant, we love killing children, we love it, and this evidence is all over the foreign press, photos, videos of it, you name it.
Well, now I've got the prosecutor coming on, and of course the court is illegitimate.
Anything that goes over the head of a sovereign country is illegitimate, but it's the evidence we want to look at.
Now, it's not a U.N.
court, it's a Belgian war crimes court.
You've probably already heard a lot about that.
But that's coming up with some new information for you.
And, of course, we're going to open the phones up.
And I'm working on getting either for or against some of the school board people on from up in Ohio where they're putting in the thumb scanners for the kids to buy their school lunches.
Now, it's happening all over the country, but...
Here they spent $700,000 to do it, to train your children for the casual society system, training them how to get into the system, getting them into the system.
It's a Pavlovian training mechanism.
So that's all coming up as well.
Before I get into POW torture photos investigated and what's happening over in Iraq and the total breakdown of the society, which is being done by design to further extend the occupation of that oil producing and military launch base for the New World Order.
Before I do this, at the end of the show yesterday, I mentioned this, but I didn't spend enough time on it.
It is of great importance that Bill Clinton wants to repeal the 22nd Amendment.
That's the amendment to the Constitution passed after Roosevelt, saying that a president cannot run and win and get into office more than two four-year terms.
Now, the funny thing is, when Bill Clinton, six months before the election started, about a year before Clinton left office, Henry Hyde, the guy who just tried to impeach Bill Clinton, well, who had gotten the indictment in the House and then in the Senate, Bill Clinton used blackmail and threats, according to David Shippers, the head prosecutor, to go after people.
We've had Shippers on the show about that and about Bush's prior knowledge of 9-1-1, of course, but that's a separate issue.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
They can come in and vote for a law.
And they did get it ready, and all it would do was prepare the passage for five years.
That's what the specific bill said.
Well, now a Republican and a Democrat have entered two different bills in the House and Senate, which will repeal the 22nd Amendment, and you've got Bill Clinton saying he wants to get rid of it.
Now, Bill Clinton wants to basically be George Bush Sr.
and George Bush Jr.
and Jeb Bush all rolled into one, because that's the political dynasty that we have set up.
That's how they're setting the runs up here.
King George I, King George II, King George III.
Bill Clinton just wants to embody all of that himself.
Bill Clinton wants George Bush to win...
That's why he bad-mouthed the other Democrats in the 2000 election, probably losing the election for Gore.
Bill Clinton really kind of buddies with the Bushes.
This is all a staged deal.
It'll be Hillary in 08.
And it was incredible.
Now, what Morris didn't mention, he's a Republican, of course, working for Clinton in the past, admitting that this is staged.
But what people don't tell you is,
There were 11 meetings from 90 to 92 between former CIA Director George Herbert Walker Bush, the current president at the time, and Bill Clinton, William Jefferson Clinton, Clintonista, the illegitimate Rockefeller prodigy there.
They had this staged event.
Bush couldn't get tax increases through.
He couldn't get a ban on assault weapons through.
He couldn't sell it.
He couldn't sell his New World Order to conservatives.
And so they had a staged event.
They were business partners at MENA Arkansas.
This is admitted.
They were involved together on a hundred fronts, arming the communist Chinese, Rumsfeld arming nuclear reactors in North Korea during Bill Clinton's tenure.
All this was happening.
This is a fact, folks.
And so they had that staged event.
The conservatives were still going to vote for Bush.
But there was this big fissure in this division, so they brought a ringer in, H. Ross Perot, who's with them, got his first contract from Nelson Rockefeller in New York, next contract from the CIA for data management with EDS.
He makes 90% of his money off the government.
They bring this ringer in, who's going to be on the 10-member health care secret board.
He attacks Bush in a staged event, and so they get Bill Clinton in.
So they advance the agenda with the liberals, then they switch over, switch hitters, folks, is what they are, as they destroy our liberties.
They switch over to Bill Clinton and back and forth.
This is how they do it.
The actual actions, tripling the size of the BATF, expanding the Department of Education, open borders, NAFTA and GATT, globalism, transferring supercomputers, nuclear reactors, arming enemies, taking our liberties, expanding the power of the federal government.
They're all on the same page.
And so this is how they're getting their agenda through.
And there was Dick Morris admitting this.
I was about to fall over.
But here is...
An article that I didn't really cover yesterday out of World Net Daily.
Now, I've been ranting and raving about this.
The Republicans come to power.
I'm sitting back going, George Bush is the son of Mr. New World Order, Mr. CIA Director, Mr. Ambassador to China, Mr. UN Ambassador, his daddy's been all those things, CIA Section Chief in Dealey.
We're good to go.
And I'm not going to go after Bill Clinton.
I'm going to block Dan Burton's committee.
I mean, they could have arrested Bill Clinton.
This guy was pardoning convicted cocaine dealers and taking money from them.
That's illegal.
They can pardon them, they just can't take money from them.
Taking money from convicted money launderers and arms traffickers.
This is all out in the open.
Bill Clinton could be behind bars right now, but no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
George Bush says, you know what?
We've got one more vote than the Democrats in the Senate
But we're going to go ahead and give them 50-50.
Never happened before.
Bush ordered the Republicans, give them 50-50.
Then they had Jeffords switch in that staged event to give the Democrats control of the Senate.
Now, that was totally staged, folks.
They admit it.
Then Bush says, we're not going after Bill Clinton.
We're moving forward.
He ordered Dan Burton drop it, and the federal prosecutors won't help Burton.
Here it is.
Bush looking forward, not at pardon gate.
Spokesman questioned about probe into Clinton clemencies.
And this was from yesterday.
Today's White House news briefing.
We're on that daily.
Asked Presidential Secretary Ari Fleischer about the failure of the U.S.
attorney in charge of investigating President Clinton's last-minute pardons to issue a report.
We're on that daily.
The Gallup poll has just reported that on the question, who do you regard as the greatest president...
Bill Clinton is tied with President Bush.
That shows you what these polls really are, and it shows you how sick things are.
Bush for the third, at 11%, receiving more votes than three of the four presidents on Mount Rushmore, and more votes than President Reagan.
And my question, does the president, as the nation's chief law enforcer, still believe it is wise and just to tolerate the U.S.
Oh, see, Bush is tolerating.
It's an accident.
Bush has said he's leaving Clinton alone.
For the Southern District of New York, not even giving a report on the three-year-old criminal investigation of President Clinton's pardon gate.
And here's the comments from the press secretary, Fleischer.
Lester, this is one of the most bizarre bank shots I have ever heard.
Lafter, again, when he asked about President Clinton's pardon gate.
Roll that daily.
Has there been any report...
He was charged.
It's a criminal investigation.
Pardon gate.
The president is looking forwards, not backwards, and I would highly recommend that you, too, as well, roll that daily.
He's just got to just drop it.
It's just been dropped, right?
If you're asking judicial questions, you know the appropriate people to ask.
And it goes on and on.
You know, people out there, when you listen to these neocons, they'll make fun of stupid liberals with moron policies and the useful idiot low-level people.
They don't talk about real substance.
This is totally and completely staged.
Remember, Booker's going to sign that assault weapons ban of Clinton's.
They're going to reauthorize, and I've read what they're actually saying, folks.
It's a lie that, oh, it isn't going to pass.
It's got a good chance.
Bush says he'll sign it with the semi-automatic shotgun ban in it, with the gun show shut down, with the... Folks, you want the most gun control ever seen, something Bill Clinton would never get away with?
Don't listen to this show.
If you really love liberty and the Bill of Rights, wake up, people!
Now we're losing it!
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I'm here, folks.
And then, of course, we broadcast the daytime show from 1 a.m.
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Coming up, we have the president of the school board.
Talking about the $700,000 thumb scanners for the kids to get their school lunches coming on the show.
If you don't like it, you can just pack a lunch as the new system training them for this.
I said I'd talk about the real plan.
Now, we've demonstrated here that Bush is ramming through what could only be called the Bill Clinton New World Order agenda on steroids.
But it's obvious that it isn't Bill Clinton or George Bush's agenda.
It's the globalist destruction of liberty and freedom, world empire agenda.
And so what you're going to have is Bush elected in 2004.
You're then going to have Hillary Clinton or some other creature put into power in 2008.
And long before them, in the next two years, Clinton's already lined up most of the G8 countries.
She's got six of the eight.
To be Secretary General in the next two years.
Clinton will serve as Secretary General for eight to ten years until Hillary leaves.
He will then come back and be President here.
So we'll have Bush and Clinton double-teaming us, and then we'll have Hillary Clinton in there while Clinton is a Secretary General.
So understand...
We're good to go.
Able to see he's doing it.
And they'll be loving all the FEMA training that's been expanded under Bush, that Christians, gun owners, homeschoolers are terrorists.
It actually says that.
News articles and clips of video in my film, The Road to Tyranny.
So that's the reality of what we're facing right now.
And that's what you're going to have.
And you're going to have your guns at a gun club by the time Hillary's in office.
You'll have to go check them out at a hunting club.
And there's going to be more and more terror.
It's going to escalate and get worse and worse.
And the phony right wing will all be behind it.
The phony left wing will all be behind it.
And the U.N.
will be controlled by Clinton and the presidency by Hillary.
And now there's discussions that after Hillary has served her two terms, that by, I guess what...
Twelve years from now, you will then have Bill Clinton back in.
So this is the new system for you and your family.
Political dynasties.
I mean, it should worry everyone that we have the son of a president as the president.
It's like North Korea or something, where we have hereditary leaders.
And then we'll have the Clintons back in.
And it's just all the same agenda, the same people, working for the same set of goals.
And they're not running anything really in reality.
It's the military-industrial complex running this entire mammoth system.
The question is, what are you going to do about it?
Well, you've got to break the political paradigm.
You've got to get down past the rhetoric to the actual actions of these administrations and realize what they truly are.
You've got to focus where you can have an effect in your county, your city, your neighborhood.
You've got to get elected as dog catcher or constable or sheriff or county commissioner or city council member.
You've got to use those platforms to educate people.
You've got to stop the federal touch screen systems going in.
Even the liberals and conservatives at the grassroots are now pointing out these are totally fraud ridden, run by the federal government.
We're good to go.
You've got to get us out of the UN.
You've got to point out that they're giving us two false choices of a liberal New World Order or a conservative New World Order and point out we don't want a New World Order, period.
This has to be done now.
You've got to grow up, put your thinking cap on, figure out what's happening, expose who's behind the terror, or they're going to keep using it.
To destroy your future, to take your pension funds, to wreck this nation, to privatize everything that is not free market, that is organized crime.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Is this true?
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I'm Alex Jones.
Now, in 97, I was arrested protesting the DPS thumb scanners that had been federally funded and put in in Texas.
I read the federal plan.
They said to buy at grocery stores and banks.
You will have to do it.
You will be tracked and traced.
Everything you buy, uploaded to Echelon.
That's the Pentagon and the National Security Agency.
This is their official documents.
And you can see me being arrested, of course, in my film, America Destroyed by Design, with 100 protesters.
And they get into how they're going to tax and trace and control you and how they wanted to put in the schools to prepare you for that.
Now thousands of school districts from the United Kingdom to the United States are doing it.
Dozens of school districts in Texas are doing it.
Training the children how to be prisoners.
This is a story, and we're about to go to our guests.
I appreciate you joining us.
The Akron School Board, OK's fingerprint system.
Story out of the Beacon Journal by Stephanie Warsmith.
Students will scan for meals.
Akron students will be fingerprinted beginning this fall to identify them in school lunch lines.
After a lengthy debate, school board members voted 5-2 Tuesday to spend $700,000.
Man, with all the cuts.
On a controversial, modernized cafeteria system, board members Rebecca Hemingbaugh and Mary Stormer voted no, mirroring the concerns of parents about the cost and privacy issues involved with fingerprinting students.
And it goes on and on here.
You now know this is Total Information Awareness Network, folks.
This is all part of training the kids, the teachers, the public.
This is what happens.
I do not believe that any parent or student has ever had the expectation that in order to go through the lunch line or to buy a cookie or carton of milk, that they or their children would be requested to first be fingerprinted, said Hemingbaugh, who says she will probably refuse to have her three children in the Akron schools fingerprinted.
And there's also criticisms here by Mary Stormer, who is on the school board.
I believe the head of the school board.
Mary Stormer, it is great to have you on the show today.
Thank you for coming on.
Hi, thanks.
It's great to be here.
I don't know if you're aware of the history of biometrics, but maybe you've heard about the Total Information Awareness Network in the news?
Well, I have the plans from 1993.
They're integrating these.
They're now going in our grocery stores here in Texas.
It's into the state and federal database.
This is obviously a Pavlovian psychological training mechanism.
Tell us about how this happened in your school district.
Well, the federal government subsidizes our lunch program, as they do in all school districts, for children that are in certain lower socioeconomic status that qualify for free and reduced lunch.
And you have to fill out paperwork in order to qualify to get the subsidized lunch.
So this was brought to us as a more efficient way.
We are a big city school district.
We have about 30,000 students, and we have 58 school buildings.
But now it's for all the kids.
The article says it's for all the children.
Well, it will be for all the kids.
See, of course, yes.
So anyway, normally children that are on free and reduced lunch buy a lunch ticket, and they use the lunch ticket to purchase their lunch.
Well, in order to, allegedly, this is what they're saying,
To reduce the stigma associated with free and reduced lunch, which is about 43% of our student population.
Oh, it's for the children now.
It's for the children.
But really, the other thing that is disconcerting to me is the fact that they can track, find out a lot of information about students' parents.
Now, it didn't say this in the article, but I said this yesterday because I've read the plan.
You mentioned, as I said, the feds were involved because I've seen it in other areas.
We can only use this money.
It's $700,000, which is a lot of money.
It's ridiculous.
But we can only use it to put in place a more efficient means of...
Of collecting our revenue.
Yeah, and for those that don't know, if the parent doesn't do things properly, then they then, of course, get into the Child Protective Services roles.
This is a spy system.
Please continue.
Well, so anyway, they did this saying that it would be more efficient.
Well, you know, and that this is the funny part.
So they were explaining to us that they're not going to actually keep the fingerprint.
They just identify certain points on the finger, and then those points are converted into a binary...
Well, I just looked at our head of food services and I said, well, isn't that how they use fingerprint identification, identifying certain points on the fingerprint?
So, anyway, she wasn't sure about that.
Let me stop you, because they have consultants for the government that go around
With the local news agencies on CBS here, when they started putting the thumb scanners in the grocery store on CBS News.
They have the head of Biometric Access, a company in Round Rock, north of Austin, saying, oh, we don't keep your fingerprints when you get your food at the grocery store.
It's just zeros and ones.
Well, I mean, folks, that's what digital TV is, zero and ones.
That's what a digital photo on your computer is.
It's like... Well, I've got to tell you, it would be pretty creepy to me to go to the grocery store, get my fingerprint or my thumbprint scanned,
And then start getting coupons for things that I purchased on a regular basis.
Oh, they admit that.
But see, let me stop you here.
This is the point I'm trying to make with the incredible lawyer-type lies here.
That's what computers are, are zeros and ones and points on a finger and a calculation.
It is an image.
I've studied biometrics.
It is a digital photo of the thumb.
It then calculates and creates a digital barcode off the human.
That's what biometrics is.
It is a fingerprint.
But they say in the news, oh, don't worry, we're not really taking your fingerprint.
It's zeros and ones.
Well, of course something in a computer is zeros and ones.
They recombine it.
And have the image of your thumbprint.
So that's just a blatant lie that we hear everywhere.
Please go ahead.
Well, anyway, I have four sons.
And just as a parent, I don't feel comfortable with my children's fingerprints or any part thereof ending up in some federal database somewhere.
So that was... And anything that I think I don't want for my children, I think as an elected...
...person that it's my responsibility to not victimize other people's children in this way.
So the feds mandated this for your school district?
So the federal government did mandate this?
Well, they mandated it the way the feds mandate a lot of things, by saying you can have this money, however you can only spend this money in this way.
So while they don't tell you exactly what, you're limited on what kind of scanner...
Mary, if I was on in Akron on the AM or FM dial, I could stop this.
Well, the big conglomerates are buying everything up and buying any station we get on, but the point is, if we were able to warn people we could stop this, this is, ma'am, this is a 1968 Defense Department plan for the Cashless Society.
You've probably heard in the news now they want to
We're good to go.
How about some lawsuits?
How about some parents protesting?
How about people just don't accept this?
How about you lead that charge?
Because this is such an important fight.
Well, I think that that might very well happen.
I think that there's a lot of things that when, you know, big city school districts have a high number of kids from lower socioeconomic areas.
And those children and those adults for years have been victimized by their training for the government to be a paternal figure in their lives, to give them things.
Oh, incredible.
Sending them into the cattle chutes.
And then they just make it sound like...
You know, they're taking care of them and they care about their well-being.
But notice now it's for all the children.
See, it was five years ago, it was, oh, it's just for people on welfare.
The reason that they're saying that it's for all the children is because once children get to be junior high and high school age, they don't like the stigma associated with having a lunch ticket and people knowing they're on free and reduced lunch.
So, you know, it's amazing how people have allowed...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Free breakfast program.
Late for school, past the time for it to be.
And I've heard parents say to their kids, when it's past lunch, past breakfast time, you get up there and you tell those people they have to feed you.
The school can't let you go hungry.
Well, obviously, the family falling apart, people caring more about the football or baseball game than their kids, is helping the feds take over.
This system of leaning on the government has made us dependent now.
Well, it's just like their big lie about what's wrong with public education.
You know, 91% of the students in this country go to public schools.
Supposedly being in a crisis for the last 20 years and all the federal reforms and crap they've put in place, including the big lie about the testing, SAT scores have remained flat.
But let me just say this.
This is the problem with education.
The feds take a dollar from the state or the county or the school district, send back 30 cents.
If it's state-administered, 71 cents stays on average.
So this is not free federal money.
This is a rip-off.
We need to get the feds out of our lives.
You need to talk to Charlotte Iserby.
DeliberateDumbingDown.com, she was the deputy head, the head of policy at the Department of Education, 80 to 84.
Did you know there's actually, and I'm not kidding when I say this, these CIA documents of how to break down the schools, how to make them fail, how to federalize them.
They're doing it.
Pardon me?
They're doing it.
All they're doing.
It's happening.
The federal government is, all this stuff with no child left behind, it's the big lie.
And people believe this.
They believe that our schools are failing.
It's absolutely not true.
Anybody that knows anything about curriculum...
And they're doing it by making people uncomfortable with having their children in school with people that don't look like and think like they do.
Well, they say all this so when there's a crisis, and there is in some schools, obviously, they can then bring in more federal control.
But the problem, the reason that schools are in crisis are mostly because everybody wants there to be discipline for everybody except their kids.
I know that when I was in school, if I smarted off, they'd take me down and give me three pops.
They'd make me run around the track until I threw up.
But you can't do that anymore, so the kids instead are spoiled brats and come in with a gun and shoot people.
Right, and then you have parents that, you know, they come in and they think their job is to be their kid's best friend, and they take the child's part in this.
I mean, you know, parents are ruining their children because they're uncomfortable with being parents.
I know this.
I want schools where they pop you.
I want schools where they run you around the track until you throw up if you're bad.
We had better schools at that point.
We've got to have this.
We didn't have better schools.
Our schools weren't as good.
The other thing about schools is that now it's federally mandated once again, which is going to destroy your test scores, every single handicapped child in the country...
...has to go to the public school of their residence.
Their district has to educate them.
So children that used to go to schools for mentally retarded and physically handicapped no longer do that.
They're all mainstreamed.
Children on respirators, children who will never contribute to society in any gainful way, are all... Most children, if their behavior is their handicap...
They are also protected by handicap law, and you can't discipline them.
All right, well, let me stop you right there for a second.
I want to get back into the biometrics and not have a big discussion about education, because that's huge.
You've got to talk to Charlotte Iserby, though.
This is a government plan.
Okay, I would love to.
We're talking to Mary Stormer, and she's on the school board in Akron.
Ohio, the story is on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com right now.
So the feds are saying, take this money, put in these thumb scanners.
All the kids have got to do it.
It goes into this federal and state database.
I'm begging you and others to get the parents together to protest against this and get this removed.
Is there any way to send the money back and call for another vote?
Well, sure, we will.
We will have to send it back if we didn't spend it.
What's interesting to me is... Don't the feds say like 95% of the kids will let the thumb scan or you won't get the money or something?
Well, if we don't spend it, they'll take it back.
But the other part of that is...
That I have gotten more emails and more phone calls on this than on anything that we've voted on in the last three years.
Have they told you to take a particular biometric company they want?
Well, they always make a recommendation to the lowest and best bidder.
Who do they recommend?
You know what?
I can't remember, but they came and did a huge presentation for the board.
Was it Visionics?
Which I didn't go to because... Visionics, Choice Point, Biometric Access, you don't remember?
You know what?
I don't remember.
North American Morpho Systems?
It's Biometric something or other.
Biometric Access, probably.
Yes, that sounds familiar, but I wouldn't swear by it.
Yeah, that's a military industrial complex company just north of Austin.
That line about how they don't take your fingerprint, it's just zeros and ones, is what they like to spout on the news around here.
And I've seen their president on TV spouting that, so that's the exact line I've heard.
Sounds like him.
You know, it's very frightening.
By the way, you know those things only cost them $25.
The thumb scanners and the computers cost them about $60,000.
And the digital line of the federal government costs another couple thousand.
And then to administer it a few thousand a year sounds to me like you're getting scammed.
Them requiring that school districts report how many lunches that they sell every single day and report it on a daily basis
It is, and so they break down the family, break up the communities, and now 40-something percent, you saw the kids need the lunch, and...
Soon we won't have any jobs.
We'll all be going to the government's soup kitchen.
That's all this is.
Train your kids how to go to the soup kitchen.
Train them how to live on a plantation.
Do your schools have fences and ID cards and armed guards?
A lot of them do around here, and they're training them how to be little prisoners.
So where does this go, Mary Stormer?
I mean, you say you've got more emails, more calls.
The community's outraged.
I hope these thousands of parents... You know, it's interesting to me that the community's outraged, and another person who was on the board that's...
You know, a Republican and a moderate to conservative like myself voted for it.
And I was just stunned that she did.
Sounds like a neocon to me.
But the people that love it the most...
Are the people who have grown up with a pattern of the government taking care of them.
Oh, yeah.
And there was absolutely strong argument.
Well, I want to tell you who runs this.
Give me some ammunition, Mary.
A convicted five-time felon runs this from DARPA and the National Security Agency, Admiral Coindexter.
Okay, that's frightening.
Yes, it is.
Anything else you'd like to add?
We really appreciate you coming on.
No, I'm grateful for the opportunity and I'm grateful for the work that you do.
So thank you for that.
And someday, maybe they'll let you get on a station in Ohio.
Well, call them and tell them.
We're on Star Guide, the best satellite available.
Do you have a website for the school board so people can e-mail and call them?
Well, we do.
That's AkronSchools, A-K-R-O-N, schools.com is our website.
And my e-mail address is M-A-S.
The number 4kids at AOL.com.
All right.
I hope people send you information.
God bless you.
Stop this evil takeover.
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A nightmarish post-September 11th world where the military and the police are merged.
Witnesses' populations beg for national ID cards and, yes, even implantable microchips.
Troops on the streets, foreign NATO aircraft in the skies, psychotic UN population control plans, and much, much more.
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All right, folks, we're back live.
We will take calls.
I just had that guest on.
We're good to go.
I think?
I think?
I think?
I think?
I think?
So I hope you visit the Akron School website and get involved and educate these folks, because this fight is everywhere.
That's why it's so special and so important that we're on in Austin, Texas, and Pensacola, Florida, and Rochester, New York, and Washington, D.C., and Denver, Colorado.
That's why it's important you pick up the fight and start organizations and get involved and say no to this before they put it in in your area.
We have got to make a stand.
Because once the biometrics go in everywhere, we're only a few years away from this, you won't have a choice.
They'll have you captured.
It is so important.
Halliburton settles 20 class action suits.
We'll get into that.
Wow, we'll get into that.
We'll also talk about some other interesting articles here about POW torture photos, what our loving government is doing to people in Iraq at the giant extermination and re-education centers.
That Reuters story from Monday, the U.S.
announces death camps.
I want to get back into that.
That story is so big, I ought to cover it again.
It's all coming up on the show.
On this 30th of May, 2003, and coming up, your calls at 1-800-259-9231.
Before I go to your calls, I do want to remind the listeners that I have produced nine full-length feature, professionally produced documentary films where I lay out their master plan, the globalist master plan on how to stop them.
The newest film is Police State 3, Total Enslavement.
It is...
Oh, it's long.
It's two hours and 37 minutes.
I suggest you watch it in three 50-plus minute segments.
I suggest you make hundreds of copies of it and get it out to friends and family and opinion makers so people that have an idea of what's happening have the full agenda.
Imagine what a Mary Stormer would do if she had my films.
There's a lot of people that know something's wrong.
They just don't have the big picture.
They are not outside the box.
We are.
Help spread the truth.
A renaissance of information.
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Don't wait.
We've got the numbers.
We're the majority.
But Peter Jennings isn't going to tell you that or unify you.
You've got to do it at the grassroots.
Your calls and a guest and a ton of news we haven't hit.
Coming up in the second and third hours.
Please stay with us.
We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back.
Already into the second hour.
About to go to Mike, Regina, Linda, and others who are patiently holding.
We've got Frank Doral.
New documentary, The War Against the Third World, coming on.
Because it integrates with that story that Joyce reminded me of, of the admitted plan to sterilize half the women in 13 countries.
It was carried out in 74 successfully through 1988.
It's still going on right now.
And then I have the War Crimes Tribunal guy coming on the show in the third hour.
Right now, let's go to Mike in Illinois.
Mike, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
How are you doing?
Hi, Alex.
What did you think of that?
That school board lady talking about the federal takeover with the thumb scanners.
Alex, I'll tell you what, I'm not surprised.
I was actually going to call you on this.
My daughter goes to a private school, thank God.
But last week, I still get all my mail from the district, the school district, you know, in the homes in the area, still get all the district mail.
And it was for the lunch program starting next year.
They're going to have an ID that the child... It's not the school ID.
It's a separate ID for lunch, and there's a barcode in there.
You've got to swipe it, and it goes to the... You've got to swipe it, and this... A lot of colleges already do that.
Absolutely, and now it's all in the grade schools, Alex.
Grades pre-K through 8.
Training them for the cashless society.
It's just as bad as biometrics.
It is, Alex, and we're on our way to a cashless society very rapidly.
In fact, what I wanted to ask you, Alex, is...
I listened to a Christian station in the evening here locally in the Chicago area, and I forgot the gentleman's name.
I had it written down at home when I left for work this morning.
I forgot it, but I know the name of his video.
It's called Monopoly Men.
Have you ever heard of it?
What do you think of it?
Pretty good.
It's pretty good.
Basically, he was a guest, and he was saying...
That, you know, we're probably five years or possibly less away from cashless society where cash will be, you know, deleted completely.
Sir, they're already pulling out the checkout lines doing self-serve.
Self-serve everywhere, Alex.
At grocery stores.
Then they put the thumb scanners in.
That's now happening.
Then they pull out the rest of the lanes and you've got to do it or no food.
And basically, Alex, you're familiar with Home Depot.
Do you have those down in Texas?
Yeah, they're pulling out the lanes, putting in self-serve.
Now the biometrics are about to go in.
HEB put in the self-serves.
Now they're putting the thumb scanners in.
Already happened.
Alex, that's all I wanted to tell you.
Basically, I'm about to order the 9-11 Road to Tyranny film, and I'm going to show it to a bunch of people at my local church in a couple of weeks when I get it.
That's the first film everybody should get.
It's the best.
Thanks for the call.
Thanks, Al.
Let's talk to Regina in Pennsylvania.
You bet.
Regina, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I just wanted to say I can't quite understand.
That lady was great, but she seemed to think that lady that was a Republican, you know, I think a lot of this is the consolidation kind of thing where they think they're going to save money by keeping track of everybody.
Well, of course the people going along with the feds don't know.
They're useful idiots, but this lady's waking up.
But I'm talking about whoever is running with her that she said was like a conservative moderate but voted for it.
I think some of these people seem to think that, you know, this is causing us too much money, and this is a way we can control everything.
Well, of course, that's how it's sold to them.
That's how it's sold to them.
Pardon me?
That's what I mean.
And what I wanted to bring up was, and I want to thank Joan from Florida.
She got in on C-SPAN on Greg Pallas today, and what an answer to prayer.
And I don't want to be critical of him, but he was questioned on the W1999.
I believe that's what it was referred to.
But he didn't actually give the documents.
A number, and she brought it up, and I was just so thankful.
Did she plug InfoWars?
Pardon me?
Did Joan plug InfoWars?
No, he didn't.
Well, I know she's done that before.
I'm not talking about Joan.
I thought you meant Pallas.
I thought you said you wanted to thank Joan in Florida.
Right, but I'm saying that Pallas said... Did you say she called in?
Okay, well, I don't know why...
Regina, I'm trying to understand something here.
You say Joan from Florida called in.
She called in and plugged W1999, okay?
He brought it up earlier, but he brought up McKinney and the fact that she brought up a document, and then she immediately was misrepresented as blaming Bush for 9-1-1.
I just couldn't understand, you know, what he was really doing there.
But one of the things that, and I was thankful she actually... You're going to have to hold.
We've got a guest coming up, but Regina and Linda and others, just hold, because the guest isn't going to be on long, and we'll get to you during the guest.
We'll be right back.
Stay there.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The Republicans can see the corruption of the Democrats, but can't see their own corruption.
The Democrats can see the corruption of the Republicans, but can't see their own corruption.
But it's all run by the same people, the globalists, the people that Eisenhower warned us about.
America's being turned into a total police state.
We're going to take one call, and we're going to go to our guest, Frank Doral, who's made a new powerful documentary film, The War Against the Third World.
But right now, let's real quick go to Linda.
And Linda, where are you calling us from today?
Kent City area.
You're on the air.
Okay, thank you.
I want to point out something that has to go along with the schools.
Can't say star today.
Page A3.
aims to put irradiated meat on the students' menus next year.
And there's discussions of not letting you bring back lunches because parents don't know what to send that's healthy while they put vending machines full of Snickers and Coca-Cola and the kids are all getting fat and are hyped out on sugar bouncing off the walls.
Then they put them on Ritalin and Prozac.
And, yeah, this was the plan, and now making you thumb scan to get your food, training them for that.
We had the school board president on last hour from Akron, Ohio, talking about that nightmare.
So, yeah, I'm going to put that right here.
This is an associated press article.
And it has to do with the poison into the food supply that goes along with everything else going on.
Well, for those that don't know, it's dead meat.
Literally, meat is still alive if it's fresh, but it breaks all the ring structures, all the key enzymes needed.
So they're going to feed our children, as usual.
I've seen some of our articles, the trash of the trash of corporate America.
Well, it's totally non-nutritional.
And what the long-term health problems are, I can't say.
It's already been linked to bowel blockages and other things.
I don't want to mention it, but irradiated meat does not break down in the digestive tract.
The naturally occurring bacteria that are in the meat and in your stomach have trouble getting together and breaking it down.
It's horrible.
It sounds like it's a very bad news for our total food supply.
And then they're going to destroy our water as quick as they can, I'm sure.
Oh, yeah.
Hey, I appreciate the call.
Anything else, Linda?
That's about it right now, except for what I heard on Derry Brownfield this morning, that there's a House bill and a Senate bill.
I don't have the numbers.
A Native Species Act.
Invasive and harmful species.
And, of course, cattle are part of that.
Dogs and cats and all kinds of fish.
Nothing to do with the environment.
All about land grabbing.
I've been to smart growth conferences.
It's all bankers up there.
Mainly Republicans rubbing their hands together with mindless Democrats following them and useful idiots believing they're helping the environment as they genetically engineer everything and truly destroy the biosphere.
You've got it.
All right, thanks for the call.
And if we don't break this phony left-right paradigm, it's over, folks.
It's totally over.
Bill Clinton and George Bush working together.
Joining us now is Frank Doral.
What you didn't learn in school and don't hear on the mainstream media, the war against the third world.
That's a screening at Fairfax Saturday and Sunday, June 14th, 15th.
I hear it's great.
I haven't seen it.
I've seen some of the pieces that are in it, though.
The documentary is...
A provocative compilation of incendiary exposés showing a shocking portrait of globalist foreign policy, they say U.S.
interventions and CIA covert operations revealing a corrupt history of power and politics...
And it gets into what they cover, the war against the third world.
This documentary on Earth remains of more than a half a century of secret wars, assassinations and genocide by U.S.
military intelligence, alphabet soup agencies, chemical, biological, psychological, economic warfare, and how the refined science of advertising PR or propaganda are used to carpet bomb historical records, ergo the intelligence classic to cover up.
And Mr. Dorrell has compiled a two-hour shocker, a clear-eyed vision of what the terms of CIA covert operations and the U.S.
intervention as World War II.
It opens with the short but extremely powerful clip of Dr. Martin Luther King addressing a crowd.
All right, folks, now understand something here.
I brought this back because I heard Joyce mentioning it, and I'd totally forgotten about it.
The confirmed 30-page CIA NSA slash National Security Council document, I have it on Infowars.com, top story from yesterday.
The official document where they said they want to exterminate, by forcible sterilization, the wombs of half of 13 third world most populous nations.
And they're doing this.
I mean, this is Nazi, folks.
Joining us is Frank Dorrell.
Frank, thank you for coming on the show today, sir.
Alex, thanks for having me very much.
You bet.
Reading about your film here, it sounds very exciting and accurate.
Of course, the CIA ships in the drugs, uses it to control the Third World, sets up guerrilla forces on both sides to destabilize, pays off governments to take IMF and World Bank loans and not pay them back.
What are we facing?
What is your film about?
Well, about all what you just talked about, what it is, it's two hours long, and it's a compilation I put together.
Some of the best truth-tellers to ever speak out in this country about U.S.
foreign policy and these issues, and some of the best documentaries ever made.
I've edited it all down into this two-hour compilation called What I've Learned About U.S.
Foreign Policy, The War Against the Third World.
And I've been distributing it for the last couple of years.
Since 9-11, a lot of copies have gone out all over the country, and a lot of people are watching it.
The people on the video are very believable, they're credible, they're known people, they've been there.
People such as Martin Luther King, XCA, John Stockwell, Bill Moyers, Ramsey Clark, Amy Goodman, and many others, Father Roy Bourgeois, who are speaking out.
Now let me stop you and then I'm going to let you talk.
Here's the problem.
I know Clark.
I rebuilt the Brass Davidian Church.
I'm not a Davidian, but I built a memorial church that seats 400 with the help of the listeners.
I know Clark.
I've spoke with him there about five times.
Clark's got a lot of good points, but then he thinks that the liberal agenda is going to save us, and it's not.
And you mentioned Moyers.
He'll expose the Patriot Act, but he's a member of the CFR.
It's kind of controlling the paradigm.
And still I understand what you're saying, but does your film expose that this stuff goes on in Democrat administrations as well?
Oh, definitely.
The Democrats have been in power just as much during all these wars as the Republicans.
Because if we don't point that out, we don't go anywhere.
Oh, no.
Believe me, we're not...
I am not a Democrat.
I used to be.
I used to be some years ago.
It's like I used to be a Republican.
You learn, you live.
Well, Ramsey Park says it on the tape, and Noam Chomsky says the same thing, that we don't... There aren't two parties.
There's only one party, the business party, the military business party.
But I wouldn't even see... You know, you say USA did all this.
Or you say the business party, corporate America.
It isn't corporate America.
It's organized crime, Jolly Roger, piracy.
They operate as crime syndicates.
They don't operate as businesses.
Well, yeah.
You understand what I'm saying?
I think we're saying the same thing with different terminology.
I know, but then all I see is the low-level left galvanizes a battering ram against the middle class.
They're busy out grabbing farms and ranches.
Take the environmentalists.
I don't know.
I can't speak for everybody, Alex.
Well, I apologize for getting on the beaten track.
It's okay.
This left-right paradigm is really what I focus on.
What I'm trying to do, and I work with Veterans for Peace, and I work with many of these groups.
What I'm trying to do, and also I published the book Addicted to War, Why the U.S.
Can't Take Militarism by Joel Andreas, which is pretty popular out there right now.
Yes, it's a great book.
Thank you.
And the book and the video, what I'm just trying to do is wake up your average American citizen who don't really understand any of this,
And as Michael Perrini says, they learn from their mistakes.
They do learn from their mistakes.
They seem to get, you know, they know what they're doing.
They're like the board.
I hate to put it that way.
They're like the board.
They just keep, yeah, assimilating.
Oh, so your film, I mean, tell us about your film when it gets into.
Well, like I said, it's a tense segment.
It starts out with Martin Luther King speaking out against the war in Vietnam.
And he's the one person on this tape who, you know, we feel was assassinated for what he was doing.
He was a threat.
He had a lot of big audience, millions of people listening to him.
Well, it's a fact that he was assassinated.
And ex-CIA John Stockwell, talking about the history of the CIA.
He's the highest level CIA officer ever to testify to Congress.
He worked for George Bush, who was the director of the CIA at the time of 1975.
And then there is Bill Moore's documentary, The Secret Government, which covers the Cold War and the history of the CIA up until 1987 when he made that.
By the way, that thing has been disappeared.
You can't find it anywhere.
We just happened to record it off of TV.
And there's a cover-up we had around ContraFair, which is made by the Empowerment Project, narrated by Elizabeth Montgomery, and talks about what we did in Nicaragua and the arming Iran and the connection there.
And it deals a lot with the drug cocaine, CIA cocaine connection.
The School of Assassins is about the School of Americas in Fort Benning, Georgia, and everybody's students are surrounded.
They say there's a war on terrorism in this country, and then we have this School of Americas where they're training terrorists in Central and South America to terrorize their own populations down there.
That's up in Georgia.
They also have one in Alabama where they train them how to blow buildings up, and the very people who were trained at the school are then suddenly Al-Qaeda bombing us.
Yeah, right.
I learned something new every day.
Well, see, I'm a documentary filmmaker in my own right.
Oh, no, I know that, yes.
I can tell you authoritatively the Global has carried 9-1-1 out.
I've seen your documentary.
I've seen that, yes.
Oh, well, thank you.
Which one did you see?
The one on 9-11.
Now, was it video clips or was it just me at a desk?
You at a desk.
No, that's a TV show called 9-1-1.
Everybody seems to have seen that, but not the actual video.
I made that like a month after it happened.
That was just me in front of a desk.
I've got to send you the real video.
I'd like to see that, yes.
Well, I'll tell you what.
Stay there.
Yeah, that's just a little TV show I did.
See, I called it Road to Tyranny Emergency Release.
Then I made the real video where it's not me at a desk.
Stay there.
I want to come back and detail some of this stuff, get into certain areas and...
Talk about how to stop this, because when they drop the next hammer, it's all over.
And somehow, folks, we've got to get the new road to tyranny in these people's hands, because so many activists have only seen the one I made a month after the attack.
Be right back.
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The unprecedented video documents how the Talmud incites Israeli aggression.
How the loss of freedom under Homeland Security results from unconditional support of Israel.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Coming up in the next hour, for about a 20-minute interview, I have one of the war crimes prosecutors from Belgium trying to indict General Tommy Franks and how the global government is freaking out over that.
Because it's not a UN court, it's a national court in Belgium with all the eyewitnesses.
We had one of the doctors on last week where the Marines would kill children, he would confront them, and they'd say, we love killing children.
Then we have from a counterpunch...
Respected Alexander Cockburn publication, the only Times writer, where the Marines have had a chant for five years.
They talk about killing American schoolchildren.
And we have the Pensacola News Journal from 99, where the Marines take over the school, point their guns at the kids, and say, Bill Clinton wants you to know what martial law is like.
It's all part of a larger plan.
And, of course, more of your calls and a bunch of news coming up.
I've been kind of preaching at Frank Dorrell, and I appreciate his work.
It's just that...
We don't get these activists, I'm sure he knows, but the general activists have to realize the whole system's fried.
We're not going to really get changes here, but I want to get a copy of his film because it sounds really good and informative.
Frank, continuing, talking about this mind control, this mass hypnosis, they admit that's what it is.
How does your film get into that?
It focuses on how the mainstream media is
It is the seminary of information in this country.
It's what most people listen to and hear.
They watch mainstream TV and read mainstream newspapers and they're being constantly told 24-7 what the truth is, what's happening, what it is.
People like you and me come along and other people that are trying to reveal the truth and we don't have that kind of access to the mainstream and what we're saying sounds so offbeat.
It sounds so weird.
It sounds so un-American.
But it's really just history.
I understand.
And I think the beauty of my tape is that the people on here are known people, and they're believable.
Believe me.
They've been there, and they're telling this history in a way that it's hard to stay in denial after you watch the tape.
So it gets people out of the box.
An example of propaganda, Fox two days ago was asking Peterson and the Peterson murder case, oh, he's changed his haircut.
That was the big news all day.
Yesterday it was.
For the listener line, is it time for talking with Iran?
Time for talking or time for tomahawking?
I mean, it's just turned into mindless drumbeat propaganda.
Yeah, it sure is.
It's really...
Almost unbelievable to those of us that know what's going on, how they can do this and get away with it, because what they're talking about is killing people all over the planet.
Well, now they say, hey, it was bureaucratic, Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld, we never needed to find weapons of mass destruction, we won't find them now, probably still will make something up, and by the way, we're going to go ahead and invade Iran or they're going to nuke us.
Yeah, it's just this almost complete control of what comes out, and the mainstream media, they have no...
They have no spine.
No, they have no ability to tell the truth.
If somebody tries to do any kind of reporting, investigative journalism, they won't have their job.
Well, they're owned by GE and Lockheed Martin, and they're owned by the globalists.
That's one of the main issues you have to tell people about.
They don't understand this.
So it's a hard one because most people, I think, are just...
We're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
We have to just go with it, Alex, what you're doing and other people that are putting the word out.
With our book, Addicted to War, and with the video, The War Against the Third World, we're trying to show as many Americans as possible what they haven't been taught, what most people don't know.
Of course, a lot of people don't want to know because it's kind of overwhelming.
You're going to be in Los Angeles in June showing the film, correct?
Yeah, I live in Los Angeles, and they're going to show it at the Lemley Theater in
Fairfax-Lemley, June 14th and June 15th, Saturday and Sunday at 9 in the morning.
It's the only time I can get to the theater, but it's a big step.
It's the first time it's been shown at a big theater.
All right, yeah, we've shown some of ours and had a sellout turn off.
If folks want to buy a copy of the book or the film, how do they do that?
Okay, well, the website is addictedtowar.com.
It's the title of the book, addictedtowar.com.
And you can go there and order the book or the tape, either one.
My phone number, if you want to call me, I get calls every day from all over the world, all over the country, is 310-838-8131.
I'll repeat it, 310-838-8131.
If people want to send, I ask $10 for the book, $10 for the tape.
I make them real inexpensive.
My P.O.
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Box 3261.
Culver City, C-U-L-V-E-R, City, California, 90231.
All right, we've got to let you go.
I really appreciate you coming on the show, and I appreciate your work, Frank.
I'm trying to get alternative media people promoted here on the show.
All right.
And so I really appreciate you coming on, and good work.
Keep it up.
Thanks for having me, Alex.
You bet.
Keep up the good work.
You bet.
I'm going to come back and cover news and take calls.
Thank you.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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That's 800-259-9231.
What do you think about all the news that's been discussed?
The biometrics going in the schools, the government carrying out the terror, the government now saying, okay, we knew there weren't weapons of mass destruction, it was just bureaucratic, so what?
We're going to invade more countries now.
North Korea, Iran, they're going to start the invasions.
We're about to get into that.
What do you think about all this?
Or Bill Clinton saying, get rid of the 22nd Amendment, George Bush protecting him, blocking pardon gates still.
The press secretary saying this yesterday.
Bush saying he's going to reauthorize the Clinton assault weapons ban with all these added addendums, banning semi-automatic shotguns and more.
It's all coming up.
So what do you think about this?
1-800-259-9231, or kind of like C-SPAN Journal in the morning, like that lady that called earlier and said, yeah, the Kansas City Star says they're going to irradiate the school lunch program food.
I'd heard they were going to do that, but now they're saying they're going to do it.
See, isn't that nice?
If you've got a news item like that, we haven't seen that you need to bring to the attention of the listenership in 30 states on the AM and FM dial and global shortwave worldwide, the Internet worldwide.
All right.
Let me go ahead now and jump into some of the important news items.
Fox asked for action on immigration.
President says Mexicans working in the U.S.
are reliable people, not security risk.
Well, the point is, Mr. Fox, is that when you have ID cards you'll issue to anyone for $22, the matricular card, when you have Poland and 100 other third world countries now doing it, 100 plus,
When you have a southern border that's wide open, but the government's saying take the liberties of citizens, you've got a problem.
There's another article here out of World Net Daily where the government is not allowed to stop or arrest illegals, but they will do that to citizens, as I've been pointing out, at the checkpoints they had last week.
Now some countries gain more foreigners, counties gain more foreigners than U.S.-born, the Arizona Republic reported.
Two migration patterns closely linked are sweeping across population centers of U.S.
states along the Mexican border.
Many counties are absorbing more immigrants from other nations than from within the United States.
And an even more dramatic shift, some of the counties are seeing more U.S.
residents move out than U.S.
residents move in.
Together the trends are escalating the concentration of foreigners in southwestern counties.
But until 1990s, dependent on newcomers,
From other parts of the United States with the bulk of their growth.
The extent of the foreign immigration coupled with declining or reversing domestic migration or birth rates has revealed an analysis of the latest Census Bureau estimates for the county population's changes covering April 2000-2002.
They have over a million and a half illegals coming through Cochise County in Arizona alone each year.
Interesting story out of VOA News out of Mexico.
Steps being taken to solve Juarez murders, says Mexico's Attorney General.
Mexico's Attorney General Rafael Mercido de la Concha said important steps are being taken to solve more than 300 murders, cases involving young women, whose bodies have been found in ravines and garbage dumps around the border city of Juarez.
Over the last decade, the Attorney General also defended federal probe into the possible origin of trafficking as a motive for the murders.
Well, we forget what Texas Monthly reported almost 10 years ago.
And then a couple years ago, they found more dead bodies.
You let your college kids, even your high school kids, go over the border into this area, and they are being sacrificed by satanic cults.
Now, that's admitted.
And they mention that here in the article.
So what do you think about this?
I mean, how bizarre is this that these drug dealers who sell their drugs predominantly to the CIA...
Are Satanists.
Now, I know that sounds crazy, but it's the fact.
It's more bizarreness.
You remember hearing about that, folks?
300 murders of young women.
They found their bodies.
Mexico plans to x-ray all vehicles at borders.
Mexico is developing an x-ray system.
In developing, it's already on the northern border.
If you're leaving the U.S., they do it to you.
Not if you're coming in.
Harder to get out than to get in.
Slaves can get in, but they can't get out.
Busco is developing a vehicle x-ray system.
It plans to install the crossings along its northern and southern borders in order to better catch would-be terrorists as well as drugs and people smugglers.
Yeah, right.
They walk across.
They don't come across in the trucks generally.
That's a small portion of it, though it is still substantial in the hundreds of thousands.
Turkey's military chief warns pro-Islamist government a possible coup.
And Turkey's armed forces warned the government yesterday that the possibility of military intervention still existed and the government should be sensitive to the country's secularist constitution.
And so this invasion of Iraq is destabilizing as the experts said it would.
Soldier guilty for refusing anthrax shot court-martialed convicts.
Army reservists from New York were refusing to take anthrax vaccine.
Another woman's being court-martialed because she wouldn't take a smallpox shot when she was breastfeeding, though the bottle says, the injector, the ampule container says, do not give to breastfeeding women.
It's out of control.
By the way, this isn't even authorized to be used as experimental, but troops are still being given something that you can't give animals.
Of course you heard on Monday that Bush has assigned a $15 billion government funding system to help fight AIDS.
No, it's not.
It's to give AZT that kills the people.
Something they won't even give cancer patients is too deadly.
And as Tommy Mortis and the Boxer and as Magic Johnson have told you, that's the stuff that kills you.
They're fine because they won't take it.
So, really, this $15 billion is about population reduction.
It goes into some of the vaccine programs.
What was the government itself, BBC, now reported three weeks ago, that has been caught with HIV in the hepatitis and in the polio shots.
By accident, of course, though.
POW torture photos investigated.
And again, I know we've got callers.
We'll go to you here in a minute.
Toll-free number to join us.
What do you think about all this news?
At 800-259-9231.
Linda, John, and others, stay right there.
POW torture photos investigated.
Allegations Iraqi prisoners of war were mistreated by U.K.
troops or being investigated after...
Photographers allegedly showing the abuse were discovered.
That includes children, men, people being beaten.
They're dying of cholera dysentery.
They're in areas in just sand dunes with barbed wire around them, with machine gun nests.
Children sitting in mommy or daddy's lap.
The mommy and daddy have bags over their head.
They're not being fed.
People are dying in mass.
They're machine gunning people.
That's okay.
Iraq mass murder freed and mixed up.
The Ba'athists are all CIA folks, and that's what they're putting into power now.
Yeah, sure.
The Ba'athists.
The same people who ran Saddam's regime.
The U.S.
has admitted it accidentally released a former Iraqi official accused of being involved in the murder of thousands of Shiites.
They say it's an accident.
But they have the British investigating the Americans, and the Americans investigating the British, and they always say, oh, we're good.
The Age out of Australia reporting anti-American anger as soldiers search homes.
Authorities are trying to keep a lid on things, but in Iraqi town of Het, it's all too much.
Keep a lid on, by Tyler Marshall, one of the third consecutive day of violence against the U.S.
military occupation situation finally exploded.
Curious about house-to-house searches in the western town of Hett.
Mobs ransacked the police station, stoned U.S.
armored vehicles, and set police cars on fire.
With people still roaming the streets, it dusk fell.
It was impossible to say exactly what triggered the riot, but it interviews laced with anti-American rage and threats of vengeance.
Residents said the problems began when police allegedly assisted U.S.
troops searching homes for weapons.
Gun confiscation, folks.
If night fell on Wednesday, there was no sign of either the police or U.S.
forces in the town, and plumes of smoke billowed into the air as the remains of the two police cars burned.
Pentagon said it was aware of the anti-American disturbances in several cities on Wednesday, including Ette.
Already this week, ambushes in Baghdad on Tuesday in the city of Valjalla on Monday and Tuesday have left four U.S.
soldiers dead and 15 wounded.
As in the earlier incidents, the violence in Het appeared to have been driven, at least in part, by the fury of living conditions that have plunged the lives of many into chaos.
Even in Kurd areas, the Kurds are rioting.
It's so horrible.
How would you like not having water or power and people searching your house for guns?
By the way, I hear the neocon, ultra-socialist, big government liars on radio and TV saying, hell, there are the liberals saying it's an occupation, it's a liberation.
Our own government two weeks ago said it is an occupation.
Minister confirms that cluster bombs were used on civilian areas.
London Independent, British troops used cluster bombs in built-up areas during the war in Iraq.
The government confirmed for the first time yesterday.
Adam Ingram of the Armed Forces Minister insisted that the use of controversial weapons in Basra was justified because they were directed at Iraqi military units posing a threat to the British troops' lives.
The Minister made his comments to the Independent revealed they had written a letter in the run-up to the war, according to there were occasions when the use of cluster bombs against certain targets would not be legal.
By the way, they say, oh, support the troops, don't criticize the war.
Our troops were injected with deadly anthrax shots.
Get with nerve gas and not treated.
And that's now a fact.
But you don't really support the troops, do you, out there, airheads?
You support the New World Order.
I'm talking to the minority out there that are neocons who think, you know, the Hillary Clinton type.
You know, Hillary was for the war.
gunfire kills three teens at a wedding, City Morning Herald.
soldiers open fire on a festive wedding parade earlier this week, killing three teenagers and wounding seven others after...
Celebrants fire weapons in the air, which they normally do.
Shooting on Monday night was only one in a series of deadly incidents this week that have sharply increased tension between the U.S.
troops and Iraqi civilians.
By the way, if one gun goes off, Marines just fired any crowd that's seen.
They're going to come back here and be police officers, folks.
The incident highlights a clash of cultures.
This popular custom in Iraq to fire weapons in the air to celebrate weddings and other festivities.
But the practice has been prohibited under new weapons policy being enforced by U.S.
Three teams remain in very critical condition on Wednesday.
Four other young people were in stable condition, said Dr. Abul Rahman, who helped treat many of the victims at the Samara General Hospital, a 90-minute drive north of Baghdad.
Oh, my goodness, it goes on and on.
It goes on and on.
Rumsfeld, new line on missing arms.
Iraq may have destroyed itself.
...reported chemical weapons and biological weapons before it was invaded.
In March, the United States Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, said, well, yeah, the stuff our government sold them and you were the bag man for the sales in the mid-'80s, Rumsfeld, were bombed by our illegitimate government and were destroyed.
Our troops breathed it.
And now it's coming out that the documents, all the documents the government brought forward were fake and false.
A bunch of articles about that.
Here's another one.
military plans against...
Iran ready.
And that's Rumsfeld.
Also, no bunker where U.S.
bombs targeted Saddam.
Turns out our government knew.
Runners are reporting that nothing was there.
It was totally staged to claim they killed Saddam when they'd already flown the guy out from Tikrit under military escort to Russia.
And see, they're never going to catch Saddam.
If we complain a lot, what they will do is they will grab one of his doubles and then try that guy.
The Baghdad Bunker, which the United States said it bombed on the opening night of the Iraq War in a bid to kill Saddam Hussein, never existed.
CBS Evening News reported Wednesday.
So there you go.
Totally staged theater.
About to go to your calls.
Rumsfeld pushes for regime change in Iran.
This is Financial Times.
Donald Rumsfeld, U.S.
Defense Secretary, spearheading efforts to make regime change in Iran.
The official policy goal of the Bush administration of this campaign is meeting with considerable resistance from senior figures, according to officials and analysts.
And of course it says, it's the State Department says it's not right, it's not good, and as soon as they build up the troops in Massimoor and threaten us with nukes, saying Iran's going to nuke us, suddenly Powell will say, okay, it's good, and they'll go, oh look, even the dove is for the war now.
This is totally staged.
policy towards Iran coincides with an initiative launched by powerful conservative figures from the Islamic Republic to engage in the U.S.
A reassessment of U.S.
in an attempt to restore relations and thereby preserve the clerical regime in Tehran.
Rumsfeld has now come out and has a dossier for an attack plan starting as soon as next month with aircraft broadcasting over their TV and radio stations.
Here they just buy them up.
Putting out propaganda for the overthrow which will escalate
They've also leaked on purpose an invasion plan for October 2003 for U.S.
forces to attack preemptively North Korea, which could then push Kim Jong-il into launching Taepunggang-2s and 3s at the U.S.
It can hit dozens of western states from Alaska to California.
Again, this was a ten-part plan to get the Japanese to attack.
Same thing again.
When that nuke hits, if it does, American life will never be the same, folks.
According to one official, Condoleezza Rice, National Security Advisor, has slipped in to freeze the fierce debate with the administration of Iran.
The official denied reports that a level policy meeting on Iran was held on Tuesday.
On Thursday, excuse me.
I've got a lot of other news coming up.
Let's talk to Brett in Alaska.
You're on the air, sir.
Go ahead.
Yeah, good morning, Alex.
Fine, sir.
How are you doing?
Hey, I just wanted to mention something.
A couple of things I've been seeing on TV with the commercials, a lot of commercials.
I don't know, I just saw this yesterday for the first time, a new gel commercial.
There's a roll-on ad for antiperspirant where SWAT teams are running around aiming guns at you and you've got the air at extra dry so you're okay with them.
Is that what you're talking about?
Yeah, well, not that one.
Dell just came out with a new commercial, and it all talks about torture and stuff, and they got people hooked up to all this equipment and stuff.
That one, I saw that one yesterday.
Tell me what the Dell commercial does.
One thing I'm noticing a lot, too, in any of your commercials that have any kind of landscape scene or anything like that, chemtrails.
They're always showing chemtrails now in the sky scenes.
Yeah, conditioning you, that's okay.
But let me ask you a question.
Yeah, I got another thing.
Here's an interesting thing that happened in Anchorage.
I want to hear about the Dell Torture commercial.
Describe it for us.
Well, I'm trying to remember exactly.
Well, it shows that they've got a helmet on the guy, and he's sitting in the chair, and they're, you know, trying to convince him he's got to buy a Dell computer.
And he goes through a number of other things, different kind of things, and then the commercial, right toward the end, it goes into some other really bizarre stuff.
But the thing that I wanted to really bring up is that when I was down on Anchorage, actually I was on the website for the airport there, Ted Stevens International Airport, and they built a railroad out to the airport.
I thought that was kind of odd.
Well, they admit.
I have the article out of Indiana where they admit they built a railroad spur to the airport to fly, quote, detainees out.
They're building infrastructures for millions of Americans to be moved quickly, and they admit in mainstream news they built large FEMA camps.
Oh, yeah.
I'm aware of all that.
Oh, yeah.
But what was interesting about the Anchorage thing is I ran into that about two weeks ago.
I just spent...
About a week and a half out of town.
I live out in the bush here.
I just spent a week in Anchorage, and then I went down to the Conspiracy Con down there in Santa Clara.
And when I was in Anchorage, I was talking to people about the railroad.
I ran into like six people who didn't know anything about it.
Then I was talking to my brother-in-law, who's a major contractor in Anchorage.
Tell you what, Stan, I want to hear the details of this when we get back.
And I've got some comments about...
Dell New World Order Computer Anti-Gun Systems.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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You absolutely must see this DVD.
It covers the history of government-sponsored terrorism, the police state and homeland security, the nightmare UN population control programs, the cashless society control grid, satellite tracking and findable microchips, and much, much more.
Bottom line, this film is waking people up.
Order your copy on VHS or DVD today and man the guns of the Infowar.
Order right now by calling 1-888-2533-139.
That's 888-2533-139.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Yeah, Michael Dell's big in with Bush.
I'm right here in Austin, Texas, where he's based.
They're getting rid of a lot of their employees, moving their main plants to China.
But about two years ago, Dell got caught when somebody from a firearm manufacturer that sells to police...
...combat firearms tried to buy a computer.
And they said no, because this is listed as something that has to be reported to the government as a terrorist action.
And I know of four people who've been fired from Tennessee to Austin, where they're based, if they visit InfoWars.com.
They have a policy you can surf at lunch, but you can't go to porn, gambling, hacking, or terror.
Well, my website's all mainstream news articles and government bills.
I mean, you know, we have city council people on and congressmen, and it's really mainstream when it comes to the facts.
And now I just found out from the folks that host Infowars.com, they also host a pro-life website.
It's just pro-life.
It's a big pro-life group.
And they found out that an employee got fired from Dell who visited that.
They called him in and said this is a terrorist website and I'm allowed to visit it.
So that's Dell, folks.
If you've got a mainstream gun group or anything...
They're firing employees left and right.
If you visit it, and they do all this, and they've got these horrible lads, they're moving to China.
I didn't know about the new torture ad.
I haven't confirmed that.
I mean, I believe Brett from Alaska.
But it's all part of acclimating us that all this is okay.
And so we should all boycott Dell and continue to boycott Dell.
You had a point about the railway head to the airport.
Go ahead, sir.
Go ahead.
Anyway, just recapping.
I had been in Anchorage for about a week before I went down to Santa Clara to the Conspiracy Con, and I was running around talking to people.
I said, did you hear about the railroad out at the airport?
A number of people didn't know anything about it at all.
And then, like I said, my brother-in-law is a big painting contractor in the Anchorage area, and he didn't know anything about this project at all until it was announced in the paper that this thing was done.
And what did they say it was for?
Well, they're saying it's for hauling tourists.
Well, if you know anything about the tourist industry in Alaska, there is really no need to have a railroad going into Anchorage to haul tourists.
Well, I'll just say this, Fred.
Haul tourists down to Seward.
Yeah, Brett, I appreciate your call.
Thank you.
Let me just say this.
Yeah, you bet.
Thank you.
There's really no need to even talk about this story.
I mean, I'm glad you called in about it, but...
You have Rocky Mountain News, AP, Reuters.
Monday, U.S.
announces death camps.
I'll dig that article out and cover it next hour.
You can't just cover something like that on Monday and leave it alone.
I've got to recap the week.
They say it's a death camp.
They say it's for, quote, terrorists, but the definition of terrorism is anything.
And they admit they're building these camps, and that's mainstream news, and it's in my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
They have a large 20-minute segment of the 2-hour and 37-minute film, a large 20-minute segment of a film,
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So, you need to get Police State 3 total enslavement.
You need to get it, you need to make copies, you need to get it out to everybody in your area.
And tell everybody.
A lot of corporations now are sharing lists of websites they're blocking.
Mine's one of them.
So, turn the heat up.
Tell 50 people a day via email about InfoWars.com, about PrisonPlanet.com.
Get involved in the guerrilla information war.
Get my videos.
Who else authorizes you to make copies of their work, folks?
Make copies.
I do.
Go to InfoWars.com or net.
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Order 911 The Road to Tyranny.
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Make copies.
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Just take action.
Expose these people for what they are.
Do it now.
Third hour coming up.
Stay with us, please.
Hello, everybody.
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Already into the third and final hour of this live Friday edition.
I'm Alex Jones.
Last Friday, I had a doctor who'd been in Iraq for the duration of the war and before the war.
I saw them shooting women and children indiscriminately and engaging in celebratory dances over the killing of children.
This is all part of the new freedom.
And Brussels, with its constitution, can have its own war crime trial.
It's not a U.N.
And I've got some articles on Infowars.com about the guests that we have on
Lawyer Jan.
Berman presented the complaint against Franks.
That's General Franks, the head of the takeover of Iraq.
Lieutenant Colonel P.B.
McCoy, commander of the 3rd Battalion U.S.
Marines, the federal prosecutor, despite recent charges in Belgium, war crime legislation to prevent such charges against Americans.
The accusations against Franks focused on the bombing of civilian areas and discriminant shooting by U.S.
troops when they entered Baghdad and the failure to stop the looting.
Fox News ran the footage and was real proud of it, of people sitting on the tank shooting civilians
Civilian cars were on the other lane.
People falling out with bullet holes in them.
Dead children splattered all over the road.
They cut away real quick.
This is really embarrassing.
And this isn't America that did this.
It's the bankers that run this country.
Jan Furman, again, bringing forward this evidence.
I appreciate you coming on the show today, sir.
It's my pleasure.
Tell us what's really going on and how this war crimes trial is being blocked.
Well, we filed a complaint on behalf of 17 Iraqis and 2 Jordanians, as you probably know.
Through recent amendment of the law, the Belgian government has the possibility now to decide to pass over the file to the US, which they say they intend to do, but there's no formal decision yet.
And of course we will fight that decision because it's very clear that Iraqi civilian victims cannot get a fair trial before a U.S.
military court that would have to go into war crimes committed by U.S.
troops in Iraq and more especially by the supreme command of those troops.
So it's being blocked.
What are some of the crimes that are being alleged?
We have five types of incidents which we are pointing at.
It's one, as you said before, the indiscriminate shooting of when U.S.
troops went into Baghdad, the indiscriminate shooting at civilians.
The second program is about firing and attacking press journalists, buildings of press organs.
We have some incidents related to the use of cluster bombs in civilian areas, more especially children picking up unexploded...
bomblets from these cluster bombs and being very seriously injured by that.
There is some incidents related to the looting.
A small cultural center, independent cultural center that was completely destroyed with U.S.
troops just standing there.
And the three main incidents which I think are the most serious incidents are three incidents in which
Ambulances were shot.
In one of the ambulances, two pregnant women were shot and then the ambulance took fire and they burned alive.
So I think that these three incidents particularly are very serious because it's very clear that
All the laws of war expressly forbid aggression and attacks against medical infrastructure and medical personnel.
All right, stay right there.
The Belgian doctor we had on last week actually witnessed some of that, by the way, and when he confronted Marines about this, they just said, we love to kill children.
We love to kill children.
We'll be right back.
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The cashless society control grid, infallible microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
Only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, we're talking to lawyer Jan Furman.
Presented the complaint against General Franks and Lieutenant Colonel...
BP McCoy.
And our troops, folks, are being taken over by this system.
They're being brainwashed.
They're shown atrocity films while Metallica plays in the background.
It's been in our newspapers that they have chants about killing children, so it's no surprise the Belgian doctor we had on last week, when confronting Marines about killing children, one of them looked at him and contorted his face and said, I love to kill children.
I love it.
They're going to come back here and be police officers.
We have four members of Delta Force from one unit coming back and slaughtering their wives in a week period.
Folks, this is horrible.
We are becoming the bad guys.
But it isn't America that did this.
It's the private banks, the big military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about that's doing this.
I just want to tell you something, Mr. Furman.
I want you to know that here in America, we have more prisons than anybody else.
We're building giant prisons everywhere.
Our police now wear black ski masks, carry submachine guns.
They're raiding people's homes, beating up old women, blasting people's animals, their children.
They are shutting down highways, running giant checkpoints while the border stays wide open.
I just want you to know that America is falling right now.
They're buying up old radio and TV.
I want you to know it is worse.
Well, I know that the U.S., since September 11...
...had a lot of problems with basic rights.
But on the other hand, I have to tell you, and I think it's also very important for me to see so, that when we announced the complaint and when some articles were published about it and some television interviews were made, that also a lot of Americans have sent me emails saying, well, we think it's fine that...
The American troops, and especially the command, they should be held accountable for what happened in Iran.
I think that's a positive aspect of the situation.
Yeah, it draws attention to the mass murder, but a lot of Americans, most Americans, conservatives and liberals, are against what's happening, but there's almost a total media shutdown, so we're unable to network is the problem.
Yes, but still a lot of Americans seem to have had access to the complaint, and well, of course I get hostile reactions also, but...
I think there is also, from what I can see, I think there is also a healthy part of the American people and even of American politicians who think it's normal that, well, also U.S.
troops should be held accountable.
And that's basically what we are trying to get here, that there is some form of accountability for what happened.
But, sir, this comes from the establishment.
This training...
Yes, but I think that's a problem which, of course, cannot be solved from Belgium.
I think what we can try to do is to get an independent inquiry on the way U.S.
commands behaved in this war and then try to get this information back to the American people.
And then we, of course, I hope that some part of the public in the U.S.
at least
We'll understand that what was told to them about this war being a clean war and being necessary to go after weapons for mass destruction and so on, simply is not the truth.
Well, that's now been proven that that's a fact, and so the neocons, who aren't really conservative, are saying, okay, there isn't weapons of mass destruction, so what?
We've gotten rid of a horrible dictator, a dictator they put into power, a dictator they told to invade Iran and invade Kuwait.
Did you know that our U.S.
ambassador, April Gillespie, met five days before the invasion of Kuwait with Saddam Hussein and said, go ahead and invade?
Were you aware of that?
Yeah, we knew, of course, that indeed...
And we also know that as long as the Iraqi regime was indeed attacking its own people, that, well, not only the US, but also some European countries were very strongly in support of the Iraqi regime.
We are aware that the Iraqi regime was placed on the axis of evil, not because it was attacking its own people, because at some time it wanted to, in some way, to get away from...
The control of the U.S.
and some European countries.
So, yes, I think we are aware of that.
Are you aware of the Project for the American Century, Bush's think tank, with Cheney and Rumsfeld authoring a report in 1999 where they said that Saddam wasn't a threat, that he was a pretext to get the oil?
We have a confession written by them that this whole thing was a fraud.
Well, I didn't see this report.
I saw a report...
Of the Rand Corporation, describing, I think, in 1998, the necessity of the war in Afghanistan.
But I, of course, can very well believe that, indeed, this kind of report has been published, because I think it's very clear that the...
That pretext, for example, for Iraq were used to attack a country which, in fact, was too independent and which didn't want to just hand over its natural resources to the U.S.
Well, the Project for an American Century, this was written by them,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
40,000 U.S.
and British troops massed into Tajikistan and Uzbekistan one month before, had a launch order on his desk two days before 9-1-1, and so it's totally staged.
Well, I think we're not... Many people in Europe are not naive about this, and they know that...
The rhetoric about the war against terrorism and the rhetoric about weapons of mass destruction and that, well, they are just a way to hide the real geopolitical and economical issues.
Well, they're still dying.
Yes, of course, and
They have been dying for years under the embargo and of course even today Iraqi people are dying and probably they will do so for tens of years because I in the meanwhile got some information about the use of depleted uranium in Iraq and it's also a very serious situation and
Hundreds of tons of depleted uranium have been used and will probably lead to thousands of people suffering, children also suffering from cancer, dying from cancer.
By the way, that's been proven.
But I want to warn you, though.
The globalists, you know, Rumsfeld now said, okay, we won't find weapons of mass destruction.
It still was warranted.
By the way, I want to invade Iran.
I want to invade North Korea.
I want to invade Syria and Damascus, their capital.
And they're about to launch a propaganda war, taking over the radio and TV stations.
And now our news is saying, okay, it's true.
Hundreds of articles.
We are an empire.
It is a new world order.
We're going to take everyone over.
And I hear a lot of people calling in going, yeah!
Yeah, but what Americans don't understand is they're going to be slaves inside this new Reich.
They're going to be slaves inside this new Fourth Reich.
Well, from what I understand, we are trying, of course, to follow up also what happened in the U.S.
And from what I understand is that, for example, the Patriot Act initially targeting foreigners and aliens...
From what I understand now, in Patriot 2, the administration will try to extend all the violations of basic rights to Americans themselves.
Okay, Jan Berman is basically like a prosecutor.
He's a lawyer who brought the evidence.
For the indictment of Franks in Belgium, let me give you the skinny, sir.
I was the first person to write an analysis of Patriot Act I. I've read the entire bill at least five times, and I've read Patriot Act II, the House and Senate version.
Let me tell you what Patriot Act I did.
Patriot Act 1 is for citizens and non-citizens.
Section 802 of H.R.
3162 of the bill that was passed October 27, 2001.
No one was allowed to read it while the Capitol was under Bush anthrax attack.
The CIA had mailed those to break things down and create hysteria.
Inside that legislation, it says, terrorism is redefined as any action that endangers human life that's a violation of any federal or state law.
They've already arrested citizens.
They're already holding them at camps.
You're not allowed to know the names of them.
Patriot Act II just widens the definition to not even committing a crime or being under suspicion.
Okay, so just so you know, it's already there, and they are arresting citizens, and states are passing laws mirroring it.
Were you aware of that?
Well, of course we're not aware of all the details, but I can tell you that after the 9-11 attacks and under the influence of the U.S.
Stay right there, Mr. Berman.
Stay right there.
We'll be right back.
We're good to go.
I think?
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Those running our government are the enemy combatants.
They are the overthrowers of the Constitution of America.
They are the traitors.
We are the real Americans.
Our final segment, we're about to go to some calls for the lawyer who brought, who filed the war crimes complaint against General Franks.
We have these stories posted on Infowars.com.
Lawyer Jan Furman.
You were trying to make a point, sir, about after 9-1-1 with the Patriot Act, and we hit that last break.
Go ahead.
Yeah, what I told is that unfortunately also in Europe the same type of legislation and the same type of approach has been accepted by some governments and very often under pressure of the US governments.
So we are more or less familiar with this kind of legislation and this kind of approach of the
Of the so-called war on terror, which in fact I think is a very big problem also for all those who are in one way or another trying to fight for a just world.
Yeah, when you try to follow where the terror came from, it's always the CIA, Mossad, or MI6.
But continuing along this line, we'll go to some calls.
When you look at what's happening in these governments, Spain, one of the big allies of this global system, is saying that criticizing any war might be terrorism now.
Yeah, that's true.
And other governments, our government's trying to say they may not allow protests now.
That might be aiding terrorists.
Oh, you did hear about Spain?
Yeah, we heard about Spain, and Spain is even worse than that because the Spanish are trying to...
...proposed during their presidency of the European Union a bill on the European level saying that even protesting, even protests from anti-globalist movements should be considered as terrorism.
So, yes, it goes, of course, very far as well in Europe as in the U.S., I think.
Well, see, that's the opposite of what freedom is supposed to be.
Just like Hitler burned the Reichstag to get control, they've now done it again.
Let's take a call.
I appreciate you joining us, sir.
Let's talk to Jason in California.
Go ahead, Jason.
You're on the air.
Yeah, I just had a question.
I actually had two things about the Bilderberg conference in Versailles just recently.
In Versailles, yeah.
In Versailles, yeah.
It's Versailles.
However you pronounce it, it doesn't matter.
Go ahead.
I was just wondering who actually attends that meeting and
Is it the President?
The Dutch Roll Family, the British Roll Family, the Rockefellers, the Crumps, the Vice Presidents, people like that.
Are you aware of the Bilderberg Group meeting that they have, Mr. Furman?
There are a lot of meetings like that.
Yes, of course.
Formal and informal meetings.
There are also a lot of informal meetings between European leaders and U.S.
I think we're good.
The treaty, or at least the discussions were amongst others on the extradition for persons who were, well, searched for on the basis of clearly political activity.
Absolutely, and they call this freedom, and the police wear black uniforms and skull patches.
Do they wear black ski masks in your country, Mr. Furman?
Yes, well, I don't think there's a lot of difference there between our two countries.
Yes, they also have this special equipment, and they also do this kind of thing, and unfortunately, more and more.
Now, I was reading the Russians did that 50 years ago.
I wonder why our...
Police are covering their identities.
That's never a good sign for a free society.
Well, that's true.
Indeed, it was also an old tradition, at least in my country, that the police had to be... that you need to have the possibility to identify a police officer, because that's, of course, essential...
To get any form of accountability.
If you can't identify the policeman, then, well, there's no form of accountability whatsoever possible.
Have you heard the former KGB chief is going to run our new internal passport system?
Did you hear about that?
No, I didn't hear about that.
Does that concern you, to have the former head of the KGB running things over here?
Well, I don't know if... I should be worried about that, because...
You know, it's my feeling that a former chief of CIA would be as bad as a former chief of KGB.
Well, we've got a president who's the son of one, and then they've got their little KGB buddy, exactly.
Mr. Furman, I really appreciate you joining us, and I hope this goes well.
I hope they don't throw it out, and I really appreciate you joining us.
Okay, thank you.
Thank you so much.
I'll be right back with more calls, more news.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, folks.
I'm going to go back to some calls at 800-599-231.
Again, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Then I'm going to jump back into a bunch of the news we have not yet gotten to that is very important, so stay with us.
Is it Dan or John in Michigan, Mark?
Don in Michigan, you're on the air.
Go ahead, sir.
How are you doing today, Alex?
Fine, my friend.
I haven't talked to you in a few months, but I was having trouble getting that Northwoods document off the Internet.
I finally got it about four or five days ago.
A buddy of mine helped me out.
I've been showing that to everybody, just everybody.
I've been printing documents, everything you have in your films, you know, to support...
The government's involvement and running of the whole thing.
For those that don't know, you know what you're talking about, but others don't.
Tell them what Northwoods is.
Tell them what the document covers, who wrote it, what it does.
Well, it was a memorandum to the Secretary of Defense by the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Lemonser was the general at the time in 1962 who...
Came up with a plan on blowing up American airliners, bombing Washington, sinking U.S.
ships, just like they did to Maine way back when.
All as a pretext is a justification for military intervention in Cuba.
Yeah, and we're not for Cuba, folks.
The point is that you don't become Fidel to fight Fidel.
And this got Greenland all the way up to Kennedy, who said no.
And it also called for sniper attacks in D.C.
and Miami, how to frame patsies, how to blow up ships full of U.S.
troops to blame it on enemies, how to attack U.S.
bases with army dressed up like foreigners.
Same thing the Germans did when they attacked one of their radio stations on the Polish border to blame it on the Poles with Nazis dressed up like Poles.
Hijacking jet airliners by remote control full of college students.
It said killing students would work extra good because people care about kids.
It actually read a helpful wave of casualty lists in U.S.
newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation was the exact words, actually.
Yeah, and Northwoods is about a minute of my 170-minute film.
Every minute is hardcore documentation just like that.
I just wanted to tell you about... 170 points.
Go ahead.
That one thing about Northwoods, because that was bugging me for months now.
No, to answer your question before you've asked it yet, I haven't got the city to pass the resolution yet, the Liberty Preservation Resolution.
But I did speak with the mayor the other day at the Memorial Day Parade.
I wanted to touch base with that.
For those who don't know what the Liberty Resolution is, some cities have passed minor parts of it, hundreds of others have passed other resolutions, reaffirming the Bill of Rights and saying, no, you can't arrest citizens secretly and blow their heads off.
Two last things I have, Alex.
One thing that really ticks me off, and it's just, I mean, not just the horns and the hockey masks and the Miami SWAT teams,
Who are these clowns who had T-shirts on or uniforms on that say, Somebody Gonna Die?
Who are these guys?
Well, an article written by one of our writers, who's a retired Army officer himself, has seen it.
I've seen it on Inside the LAPD.
I've seen him wearing the stuff in Austin.
Somebody Gonna Die.
Just all sorts of threatening T-shirts about killing.
And then it was in the newspaper in Eugene, Oregon.
I haven't killed anybody in two weeks, two and a half weeks.
And then they went ahead and arrested the people for having potting soil in their garden, growing roses.
And kitchen timers.
And a kitchen timer.
And this is the new America.
When they went in the house and killed the two people's dogs and shot the other one as it jumped out the window, running from them, they went ahead and arrested the guy with a $3,000 fine for having a parking ticket.
This is mainstream news.
So now when they come and kill you or harass you or drag... Oh, in Eugene, they drug the naked blonde out, you know, 30-year-old woman.
She was a real good-looking drugger, naked out of bed, laughing at her for hours out there, naked in the street.
Stalking around, and the National Guard was there, of course, all part of the freedom.
Did you know that, I just stuck this in, David Shipper's daughter lives here in Cadillac, Michigan, believe it or not?
Well, for those who don't know, David Shipper is, of course, the guy that impeached Bill Clinton, says the government had prior knowledge, tried to warn him, they wouldn't help him.
We've interviewed him for the Road to Tyranny, but...
No, I didn't know David Shipper's daughter.
I didn't know.
Yeah, that's pretty wild.
And there's, you know, the border guy, the park ranger who was murdered last year in Arizona?
Yeah, his family lives there.
Yeah, they're doing a lot of work trying to get border security to beef it up.
Last thing I had, Alex Jones.
Did you know the people that download music and stuff off these music shares?
Yeah, you will be considered a terrorist, life in prison, or secret execution.
I heard a little bit about that.
I was looking around for some Patriot stuff or somebody with some good stuff, and I just found your... That Oregon law, and this is federal what you just mentioned, but the Oregon law that they're trying to pass, everyone wants to pass it.
The bill that gives you life in prison if one person in a protest blocks traffic, everyone gets life in prison, says it word for word.
It also lists owning guns, it lists tier-to-tier music transfers, life in prison, 25 years of it in a forced labor camp.
It actually says it.
It's crazy.
Oh, no, it's freedom.
Life in prison for transferring music, it's freedom.
I just wanted you to know, I don't know how you felt about it or not, but I found your Road to Tyranny on there, and...
My golly, I've got the whole thing now.
I've got videos.
I've been passing them out like crazy.
I found them over in the tyranny where?
Off Kazaa.
Oh, you're talking off of one of the download sites?
Yeah, Kazaa.
Yeah, about 50 people have posted it.
More folks should post it.
It's been viewed by millions of people.
That's awesome, Alex.
Well, I think you ought to order the original and make copies of it.
I will.
Making copies of some internet video.
I don't have a burner, a DVD burner, but anyways... No, you just buy a VHS tape from me and you make copies of it.
I'm going to, Alex.
All right, appreciate the call, sir.
God bless you, buddy.
You bet.
Good to hear from you.
Ryan in New Jersey.
Ryan, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, hello, Alex.
How are you?
I'm just calling to see if you knew.
I'm pretty sure you might have known, but for anyone who listens to your show, there's something very positive that's coming out within...
About 23 days.
Today will be 23 days.
There's going to be an ad that's going to be running in 12 major newspapers.
And this ad is basically being ran by FromTheWilderness.com, which is a website that does very similar to what you do.
Yeah, I know who it is.
Oh, okay.
So you probably know about what I'm talking about then.
That's a great thing.
So far, I was looking at the website this morning.
They need $100,000 to raise... Sir, I don't support that organization.
I'm not going to say anything about it.
I'm just not going to talk about it.
I'm not going to sit here and talk about people.
I just don't support it.
Not on my show.
Oh, okay.
No, I just wanted to let people know.
Yeah, no.
Anything else on your mind, Ryan?
Well, no, just keep up the good work, and I hope you know that I'm doing everything I can to help you out.
Well, it's helping yourself out fighting this new world order, Ryan.
What do you think about our government admitting that there's no weapons of mass destruction, but so what?
They're going to invade more countries.
Well, you know, it didn't surprise me at all, to be honest with you.
I was kind of expecting...
Well, a lot of people are waking up, and I appreciate the call, Ryan.
Thanks a lot, Alex.
Have a good day.
I get three types of calls on this show from people that have gotten my films or gotten other information out.
Either 100% are waking up, 90% are waking up.
You've heard the calls yourself.
Or 10% are waking up.
And it really seems to be New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio is just almost totally brain dead.
But there are some waking up there.
But if somebody doesn't want to hear the truth, wants to be a slave, wants their pension funds taken, wants liberty totally annihilated, then let them have it.
By the way, they're not going to be safe going along with it.
The globalists just feed indiscriminately.
Because the whole thing's run out of ignorance.
This pyramidal structure of power is run out of compartmentalization.
And they feed on anybody and everybody.
I found they feed on their own servants more often than they do on us.
Because their own mindless servants are easier targets.
So, and you know, I don't get into bashing other people on this show, and they can bash me all they want.
I'm just not going to get into it.
I'm going to unify the country, move forward, and promote those that promote the reality of what the New World Order is, not from a left-wing or a right-wing perspective, but from a constitutionalist perspective.
With the Christian values, the real Christian values, not the neocon, you know, Pat Robertson, forced abortion is good, and
In China.
No, I don't agree with that type of conservatism.
If that's conservative, I ain't conservative.
But there's very few people that I'll talk about on the air.
I'll talk about a few of them, but I'm not going to get into it on other people.
It's just not going to happen here.
Not going to happen on this show.
So, more calls coming up in a few seconds.
I want a few minutes.
I want to cover some more news now.
The toll-free number to join me on air is 1-800-259-9231.
And I will get you up and on the air, my friends.
Some of the news items that I want to go into that are coming up concerns the operation eradication of what's really going on in Iraq.
Also, Wolfowitz, the Deputy Defense Secretary, reveals Iraq PR plan and admits that they don't need any weapons of mass destruction.
Some good news, Philadelphia Council condemns Patriot Act,
Lynch says they can't discuss POW rescue.
Now she can't discuss how that was totally fake to the news.
It's national security.
On our Yahoo group at Infowars.com, we have posted the 9-1-1 commission testimony, National Commission on September 11th Terror Attacks, remarks on NORAD personnel by Major General Craig McKinley.
It's 35 pages long, but you should go scan through it.
India test fires medium-range missile.
Ottawa ready to discuss missile shield with the U.S., merging that Pan-American Union defense forces.
Feds catch illegals and let them go.
Lack of federal agents allows aliens off the hook despite high terror threat.
That's not true, folks.
They can have one guy to deport and they won't do it.
They only do it in little staged events for the media.
Also, Secretive Convention of Police raises questions.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the police meeting secretly with the CIA and others.
See, that's what's happening.
Also, a radar gun for everyone.
They're now getting a set of the Tattletail Mode for the National Seatbelt Initiative.
Now it's radar guns they want to use to get you into the Tattletail Mode, the secret police mode for internal checkpoints.
Also, you may have heard that top TV people, top government officials, members of Parliament have been caught in a child kidnapping pedophilia ring.
A lot of this came out because some of the deaths of the children, children being found dead.
It's happened in many countries of Europe.
The investigations have been killed, even when they find the poor dead babies.
Babies in many cases, but now it's an article out of the mainstream.
Front page news out of Portugal's weekly newspaper in English.
And Maruso bombed off to Bilderberg meeting, and it turns out that you have this... Mr. Rodriguez is currently fighting off a pedophile scandal following the arrest of socialist member of parliament, Pablo Pedestro, and claims in some newspapers that the leader also has been accused...
We're good to go.
Also, a shot peace activist may not recover, says Mother, London Telegraph.
Peace activist shot by an Israeli soldier, was flown back to Britain yesterday, still in a coma, from which he is unlikely to recover.
Tom Herndahl, 22, was left brain damaged when he was shot in the head while protecting children in the Gaza Strip last month.
Photojournalism student flew back to Heathrow with his parents, who were conducting their own inquiry into the incident.
He has been transferred to the intensive care unit of the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, North London.
We got the Israelis shooting British Reuters reporters, AP reporters in the head, running over Michigan State freshmen with an armored bulldozer and then backing back over, killing her.
We've got them.
Then when the parents come to the memorial service, the Israeli troops shoot at them publicly, laughing.
You go, oh, we'll support Israel because the neocon phony Christians say so.
If the Antichrist was running Israel, a guy with red horns was running Israel, would you say, oh, worship the Antichrist, we'll set his temple up there because he says so?
This is really sick, folks.
We've had Jewish writers on who'll tell you Israel's controlled by the globalists.
And that's all that's happening here.
It's totally staged.
And Israel founded Hamas to continue the destabilization to push all this control.
So that's what we're dealing with there.
Before I get back into the news and then some of your calls and some more of the news, I do want to take just a couple minutes out to tell the listeners that this broadcast, what I do, is fully supported and funded by your purchase of my videos
I know we have such an honest audience that I authorize you and encourage you to make copies of my films for non-profit educational, not-for-sale purposes.
And I have produced nine of them.
I've also written the book, 9-1-1, Descent into Tyranny.
It is only $12.
230 pages long, as I said.
The films are all over two hours.
My ninth film is Police State 3, Total Enslavement, where I don't focus on 9-1-1 like I do with 9-1-1, The Road to Terror, and Part 2 of That Matters to Terror.
I focus mainly in this film on dozens of other confirmed, admitted examples of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide to get people to accept tyranny in a police state.
And it's a pretext for more control.
I cover Patriot Act 1 and 2 in great detail.
I get into Homeland Security.
I get into the Total Information Awareness Network.
I get into the white slavery, government-run pedophile rings and trafficking from Israel to Germany to France to Belgium to the United States.
And DynCorp convicted of this for the U.N.
The U.N.
and DynCorp are together on that.
It's all in the film.
Two hours, 37 minutes, a tour de force.
I suggest you watch it in three parts.
It's really about five different segments, five different films.
Get it, make copies, get it out to everyone.
Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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And remember, your purchase supports the broadcast.
You can write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, L-A-M-A-R, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
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That's 888-253-3139.
Paul, get the videos.
Make the copies.
Get them out to your friends and family.
Wake America up now.
They're waking up 90% of those that see them on average.
1-888-253-3139 All that evil men and charity to flourish is that good men and women do nothing.
Take action now.
Turn the tide of evil.
We can win this thing with God's help.
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In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
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soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the Masters of Terror.
Only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
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We don't get involved in mindless garbage or conspiracy theories.
We analyze the globalists, their own policy reports, what they're doing, expose the left-right paradigm.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
With the dollar, this appreciation has sent prices up by $55 since the start of April.
Some analysts believe gold is set to rise further, driven not by the dollar's weakness, but by demand from Asia following a plan by Chinese government to allow individuals to trade gold.
Gold is coming to its own, and we are trying to see it going up faster this time.
When it was $3.20, it was a buying opportunity, but now demand is coming from Asia, said Ian Williams at Der Launcher.
And it goes on and on.
There will be a massive increase in demand as China is allowing its citizens to invest in gold as a means of recycling the trade surplus, keeping upward pressure off their currency.
So what happens is they're dumping fiat dollars and buying gold.
The commies tell their people to do it, but not here.
Oh, it's bad.
Don't buy gold.
You ought to be in gold 5% or something.
I know I am.
I mean, you're just nuts if you don't.
I'm in gold about 20%.
It goes on and on and on with this vital news.
And, you know, the Shiites and the Shias were all for America, but here it is now.
Iraq Shiites protest at alleged U.S.
Reuters, more than 500 Shiite Muslims marching back that Thursday to protest against the alleged arrest of several of their clerics by U.S.
No comment was available to the U.S.
military on whether they had made any arrests.
Some of the protesters distributed a leaflet from the previously unknown military wing of Al-Hawaz, a powerful Shiite religious seminary.
And, of course, Operation Iraq eradication.
We warned the Bush administration that invading Iraq would destabilize the Middle East and spread radical anti-American Islam, which is what they wanted to do to further escalate the war.
Told the American people that taking out Saddam Hussein would let a viable government replace him, would open a vacuum for anarchy, which they had before Saddam came in, before the CIA put him in the first time.
Civil war and a power grab by radical Iranian-backed Shiite clerics.
Now the anti-war movements and doomsday scenarios have been fulfilled so completely that military history sources scarcely mention a more thoroughly botched endeavor.
We will be living with a fallout for years.
More on that.
Wolfowitz reveals Iraq PR plan.
There has been a very candid statement by the U.S.
Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz of the U.S.
decision to stress the dangers posed by Iraq's supposed weapons of mass destruction above all other reasons was taken because of disputes within the Washington bureaucracy.
And now he says that no weapons of mass destruction need be found.
That's not why they went in.
Really, I thought you said it a hundred times.
It was.
Again, good news.
Philadelphia Council condemns Patriot Act.
Reuters, Philadelphia on Thursday became the largest U.S.
city to date to condemn the U.S.
Patriot Act as a threat to constitutional rights of citizens.
And yes, it does affect citizens.
I'm out of time for all the news you didn't have a chance to hear us cover in the first couple hours or any news we didn't get to.
Visit the websites.
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Greater variety.
I'm out of time.
I love this country.
I love liberty.
I love freedom.
You've got to become a leader.
Stand up to the new world order and defeat the globalists.
It's got to be done now.
Please join us in this fight for liberty and freedom.
You could double your current coverage without coverage.