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Air Date: May 29, 2003
2314 lines.
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas Alex Jones.
Wednesday, the 29th of May, 2003.
I'm Alex Jones.
And I was wrong yesterday.
I said Michael Haga, the economist, was coming on yesterday.
It was today.
I wrote it down wrong in the book.
So that's coming up in the second hour to talk about the economy, the dollar, where things are going in the future.
He's a best-selling author and an expert who's done some incredible forecasting.
We have another guest coming on.
In Alabama and Georgia and other states in the south,
We're good to go.
I think?
This is what the National Seatbelt Use Initiative was all about that Bill Clinton funded with billions of dollars a year in 98.
When you hear about a National Seatbelt Initiative, click it or tick it, it's about training the police, the public, and the military that there is no Fourth Amendment because it's, quote, for safety.
So training you that there is no posse commentatus law against troops on the streets.
It was going on before 9-1-1, and they said in their own government policy reports that they needed terror attacks to get the public to accept this.
So that's coming up.
Also, evidence is pouring out now that...
The Iraq report, the documents they got from Saddam, 8,000 plus pages have been cut out.
Now we're finding out they rewrote portions of that, rewrote other dossiers, total and complete lying fraud in your face.
Another article here out of Ohio.
Students will scan for meals.
They say cash and cash registers are outdated.
So are meal tickets.
If you want food, you've got to enroll and thumb scan.
And yes, if your parents forget and don't put money in the credit card system, Child Protective Services will be called on you.
And I have the Pentagon saying they want to know what we watch, who we talk to, what we eat.
We'll all swipe national ID cards to buy and sell very soon.
It's already unfolding.
And this is simply training the youth for this total information awareness network system.
So that's coming up as well.
Folks, I've never seen such tyranny.
It's in high gear.
Also, durable orders drop, renews economic fears, Supreme Court ruling increases federal power, CIA truck trailers in Iraq, had bioweapons labs, they're trying to say that now.
Also, I heard Joyce Riley yesterday talk about a report that we covered a few years ago, but I think it's important to bring it back.
And I actually went and didn't just get the news article, we dug out the actual National Security Council slash CIA report.
We're posting this on Infowars.com right now.
Brazil launches inquiry into U.S.
population activities and it was a sponsored program using IMF World Bank money to forcibly sterilize half the women in Brazil and 13 other countries.
They say 10, and you read into it, it's actually 13.
So that's coming up.
Your government forced sterilizations through the vaccines, through other systems, admitted with Henry Kissinger and others involved.
We have the actual 30-page report here.
It's all coming up.
Al-Qaeda warns of threat to water supply.
When you hear Al-Qaeda, that means CIA.
They're going to get you unless you give all your rights up to them, and then still they're going to get you.
Canada's SARS quarantine spreads to suburban high school.
plans extended stay in Iraq, report says.
A bunch of the so-called bombing suspects are dying in custody, so, you know, they weren't good patsies.
The torture didn't work, so they went ahead and took them out.
It's all coming up.
Big show.
Stay with us.
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And my friends, again, we have a guest coming up in about 23 minutes.
I have video of military checkpoints, helicopters, troops searching vehicles from back in 1999 on video in my film, The Takeover.
We know that the government's been getting rid of the law that bars them from doing this, posse commentatus.
And now in Georgia and Alabama and other areas, they set up giant military checkpoints and they route traffic off the road through the National Guard armories.
They search the vehicles.
This is the new America.
We've got a guest coming up about that.
Then I have Michael Hager coming on today.
It wasn't yesterday.
It's today.
The Economist will talk about the economy, obviously.
And we're going to have wide-open phones.
I heard Joyce Riley talking about the report out of Brazil yesterday, so I went and got the actual document.
We're posting it on Infowars.com right now.
Of course, this has been out for years, but I think it's important to remind people of it.
She reminded me when I heard her show yesterday morning.
And I have the actual report put out by the National Security Agency and the CIA, Population and National Security, 30-page report where Dr. Kissinger and others talk about exterminating half of the third world's population through birth control, forced sterilization, and it's been going on since the mid-70s, tens of billions of dollars of your tax money to do it,
And my friends, it's just amazing.
Here's the headline.
Brazil launches inquiry into U.S.
population activities.
Millions sterilized to meet U.S.
policy objectives.
A U.S.-sponsored program that resulted in the sterilization of nearly half of Brazil's women has prompted a formal congressional inquiry sponsored by more than 165 legislators from every political party that is represented in the Brazilian legislature.
The investigation has ignited after information about a secret U.S.
National Security Council memorandum on American population control objectives in developing countries was published in the Journal of Brazil and other major newspapers in early May.
Now, again, this goes back to the early 90s.
We have the 30-page report directly off the Library of Congress.
You can link through at InfoWars.com and read it.
And it goes on to say the U.S.
Foreign Policy Document, officially known as National Security Study Memorandum 200, or NSSM 200, detailed a plan to target 13 large developing nations with intensive efforts to promote population policies that would allow the U.S.
to run massive birth control and sterilization projects in those countries.
And in Brazil alone, 44% of women were sterilized.
Brazil, the study said, was placed on the list of 13 target nations because it clearly dominates the continent of South America demographically and its population was projected to equal that of the United States by the turn of the century.
This is the report which was jointly prepared for the National Security Council in 1974 by Central Intelligence Agency and the Departments of State and Defense.
And the Agency for International Development, this is what the Army does, folks, taking over your life, suggests a growing power status for Brazil and Latin America and on the world scene over the next 25 years.
The NSC report listed 12 other nations whose growth could give them increased political influence and which were also to be targeted under the International Population Program.
Those are Nigeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Turkey, Bangladesh, India, Thailand, the Philippines, Mexico and Colombia.
The document, which is over 200 pages in length, was written after a proposed world population plan of action was denounced by large numbers of African and Latin American nations by the Vatican.
During the UN Population Conference held in Bucharest in 1974, the formerly classified strategically strategy document was approved as an integral part of American foreign policy in 1975 by Brent Scowcroft, who served as then-President Gerald Forrest's Secretary Advisor
And it says he occupies the same office, of course, in the first Bush administration.
Reports about the document as well as about the Brazilian inquiry have since appeared in every part of Brazil and throughout Central and South America.
And the report goes on to say that they wanted a sterilization of half the women in the country.
I think.
I think.
News reports charge that many of these women underwent the operation without their knowledge or consent.
Of course, the UN is involved in this too and was part of the forced sterilization of tens of millions of men who were castrated over the last 30 years in India under UN funding.
And it goes on and on and on and on and on.
So this is the mindset.
You go ahead and take your vaccines, America.
People wonder why the male sperm count is down by 76% as of 2000.
I haven't seen the numbers in 2001 yet or 2002.
They come out years after.
Europe's sperm count is down by 80-plus percent.
I know dozens of women that are friends of the family who are healthy, who don't use drugs, who are 30 years old, who cannot have children.
Europe's population in some cities is off by 50%.
Overall, in the next 30 years, Europe will lose about 40% of its population.
Whole cities are ghost towns now in Germany and France and England.
They're replacing them with immigrants from the third world.
So you can see what the policies have done.
It's not just in Africa and Latin America.
So you go ahead and take your tetanus shot.
You go ahead and give your daughter that tetanus shot, and you wonder why she can't give you grandchildren 15, 20 years from now.
Okay, no grandchildren for you.
No grandchildren for you.
And by the way, the 30-page report goes in to details of how to do this.
They're doing it through vaccines, through forced sterilization.
A lot of the contraceptives they implant in people through the big parenting so-called centers.
They're sterilizing people.
You are totally insane if you take anything from the medical establishment.
If you believe anything they do or say.
You are nuts.
You are off your rocker.
Again, last week I read all the mainstream news articles about five times we're likely to have autism or brain damage from MMR.
They found cancer viruses, bizarre synthetic hormones that sterilize all this garbage in the vaccines.
They admit the anthrax shots they gave the troops made a bunch of them die or become ill.
They admit the plant had been ordered shut down, but they didn't care.
They're still injecting.
It goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on.
Yes, it's horrifying.
Yes, it's terrifying.
Why don't we start telling the truth?
Why don't we stand up and say no to all this trash and do it now?
There's another article, a newer one,
The government has taken $200 billion of your tax money backing up IMF and World Bank loans to the dictators of the third world who were ordered not to pay back the loans.
Then they signed deals for forced sterilization and inoculation programs to carry this out.
This is another national security memorandum.
But they're counting on you not to read it.
Little-known agency for international development project seeks to turn block corporate assets into birth control funds.
government has contracted with a large accounting firm, this is from 1992, folks, to negotiate the release of up to $200 billion in block corporate assets located in developing countries and to buy off massive, that's a quote from the document, amounts of foreign debt in exchange for capital to extend the U.S.
The U.S.
population program.
The effort, which was launched in 1991 under President Bush...
Theoretically produced billions of dollars which would be funneled into secretive activities to compel the use of birth control by millions of people in the developing world, including sterilization.
The first contracts were in the billions.
And it goes on here to explain how they do it.
And guess who the accounting firm is that did the deal?
Deloitte and Touche, again tied in with Enron and others.
And Arthur Anderson.
I mean, it just never ends, folks.
It never ends.
By the way, population growth is now massively slowing.
The West is dying.
It's incredible.
It is absolutely incredible.
So, I told my webmaster to post this.
It's being posted.
It may already be posted.
Population and National Security, the 30-page report by the CIA.
This is mainstream.
Hear that?
Right here, ladies and gentlemen.
And then you can read the news articles out of Brazil and other countries.
This is your loving government.
You go ahead and care about them.
You go ahead and do whatever they say.
They're going to take good care of you.
Got some interesting articles here today.
Bomb suspect dies in custody, London Guardian.
The man who allegedly organized suicide bombings that killed 43 in Casablanca 12 days ago has died in police custody, officials said.
This is the death of Dilla Mousabata, was blamed on heart and liver problems.
Oh, it says he died while they were interrogating him, but it's all accidental.
Yeah, just like Lee Harvey Oswald got gunned down being let out in the parking garage.
Got to get rid of the patsies.
Pentagon report new Guantanamo suicide attempts.
That brings the number up to 27, and there's been some deaths, too.
And General Baucus, the head of the camp, resigned saying he wouldn't torture 12-year-olds, but...
That doesn't seem to matter.
They've got a new general and the article in Reuters on Monday.
Death camps.
announces death camps.
Nothing like freedom.
Death camps.
Doesn't scare me.
It makes me mad.
Don't worry.
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I think?
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Folks, you've been listening to the show for four or five years, six years some of you, some of you eight years.
You live here in Austin.
And you know I don't make stuff up.
I post the documents on InfoWars.com for the five years we've had the website.
We tell the truth here, and I'm sorry if the truth is scary.
But truth is stranger than fiction, and you had better wake up.
I mean, the evil is spiraling out of control.
Now is the time to stand up for America.
We have got to do it now!
We could not wait any longer.
The government is setting a precedent.
To produce vaccines at just a few plants, companies that own the military industrial complex, that are owned by the big banks, they are sterilizing us and brain damaging us, changing our DNA in a massive program of eugenics, and we have their own documents.
For the love of humanity, I pray that you will wake up
And that you will face the horror, and together we can spread the word and save America.
But ignorance is holding up this scaffolding of evil.
The average doctor giving you the shot is mandated by the AMA.
It's not a law, but he will try to bully you into it.
How dare you question him?
The AMA says it's good.
It must be good.
The AMA is a corporate body owned by the military-industrial complex.
And it's compartmentalization.
Only the people working at the vaccine plants at the higher levels, only a few hundred, know what they're doing, and they're all CIA.
Many of them are Nazis, ladies and gentlemen, literally.
We are under attack, ladies and gentlemen, and you've got to face the facts.
The head of the University of...
University of Illinois scientists' medical school went public about the vaccines with the cancer viruses and all the trash.
More people are standing up and saying the world is round, not flat.
The problem is they're going to carry out more terror, and they're going to say you've got to take all these injections.
Thank the good Lord above that...
The mass of doctors and police and firemen refused the smallpox shot.
They were going to then have them forcibly inject you.
They passed the law.
But it's an illegitimate criminal law.
We are not going to take their injections.
So now I'm reading hundreds of reports a month where they're moving to engineer the vaccines into the food supply.
They're already trying to ship pharmacological corn, pharmacological...
Beats, pharmacological rutabaga, pharmacological all this stuff, to Africa with the trash in it!
And Africa is dying en masse, panicking, refusing the food.
Everything is just bonkers, ladies and gentlemen.
We are under massive attack.
By what can only be described as pit of Hades satanic forces.
I mean, it just freaks me out every day to do this show.
I cannot believe how insane things have gotten.
And the stuff I forget about.
I mean, I had forgotten about the policy report that's been public for over a decade where they said they want to sterilize half the women in 13 third world countries and now they did it, they carried it out.
And to have this published report where they talk about forced sterilization and to have all these articles that just... Oh, how do you deal with it?
But I'm glad I know the truth.
I don't know.
I'm just glad I know the truth.
I'm glad I'm aware of what's happening and I'm glad that more of you are waking up every day because this is just insane.
This is totally out of control at every level.
What they're setting up is so horrible, America.
What they're doing to this country makes me so mad.
I mean, look at this article.
I've been warning you now for four years about this since we first learned of it in Pennsylvania.
This is out of Ohio.
Texas schools, dozens of school districts in Texas alone are doing it.
Thousands total worldwide from England to the U.S.
Students will scan for meals.
This is out of the Beacon Journal.
Students will scan for meals.
Akron students will be fingerprinted beginning this fall and identify them in school lunch lines.
After a lengthy debate, a school board members voted 5-2 Tuesday to spend $700,000 on a controversial modernization cafeteria system that's, by the way, federally funded.
Board members Rebecca Hemmenbaugh and Mary Stomer voted no, mirroring the concerns of parents about the cost of privacy issue involving the fingerprinting of students.
I don't believe that any parent or student has ever had the expectation that in order to go through the lunch line or to buy a cookie or carton of milk,
They or their children would be requested to be fingerprinted first.
It's in him-ba.
You say she'll probably refuse to have her three children in Akron schools fingerprinted.
The school says we're getting rid of the cash registers.
You're gonna do it!
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, folks.
Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, I'm here live and back from 9 to midnight, blasting out on the AM and FM dial from Austin, Texas, to Rochester, New York, and Northern California, simulcasting on Global Shortwave during the day at 12.172 and 93.20, and at night from 9 to midnight at 5.085 and 68.90, and the Internet at InfoWars.com and Net.
Coming up in the middle of the next hour, we do have Michael Haga coming on.
It was today that he was coming on, the economist, best-selling author, talk about the economy.
We're about to go to Bill McFallin, who's in Alabama, who has seen these massive military checkpoints with the black helicopters the whole nine yards.
We've gotten these on video in Texas, but they're intensifying it.
It's been going on since before 9-1-1 and during the click-it-or-ticket system, the Army directed people into the National Guard Armory.
That's coming up in just one moment.
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Now, we're joined by Bill McFallin.
And he's done a couple other interviews, I'm told, and he lives in Alabama, and I've gotten a bunch of other calls from listeners in the last week since they had the click-it-or-ticket checkpoints about military involvement checkpoints from Vermont to South Texas, from California to New York, from Florida to Alabama.
And here it is.
I have video of this in the takeover.
Them searching vehicles, part of the highway shut down.
In the police state of 2000, I have the highway shut down.
In the road to tyranny, I interview a Marine who in 88 was kicking down gun dealers' doors in a police uniform.
Never been in the police as a military SWAT team guy.
They've been getting rid of posse comitatus quietly for a long time.
Now they shut down highways, shunt traffic into a National Guard armory off the side of the road in Alabama.
Search your vehicle.
Helicopters in the air.
Has nothing to do with seatbelts.
The federal plan, the National Seatbelt Use Initiative plan, part three of the four-part plan, we have the documents in Police State 2000, says that the seatbelt check is the excuse to search your vehicle and to train people to accept internal checkpoints and tolls.
And thus, they now have seen, quote, citizen volunteers out at these.
Folks, this is horrible.
This is worse than Russia, what they're setting up.
This is totally un-American.
And joining me is Bill McFaulin.
Bill, tell us exactly what you saw, because I've been getting a lot of calls on this issue in the last week.
Tell us exactly what you witnessed.
You say you witnessed this years ago.
We heard about it years ago.
Absolutely, and I moved to Alabama three years ago, and...
US-331 goes north to south through the middle of Alabama down to the Florida coast in the Destin-Fort Walton Beach area.
The roadblocks have occurred roughly 40 miles south of Montgomery, Alabama in the town of Brantley.
They have a huge National Guard armory that sets off to the right side of US-331 going north.
By the way, folks, this is a roundup drill.
Go ahead.
Two years ago, I was coming back from Montgomery, pulling a 16-foot trailer full of pipe, and we saw a hand-painted sign.
My neighbor was 76 years old at the time and was with me to just take a day trip to get away from home.
We noticed a hand-painted 5x5 plywood sign that was placed beside the highway sign
And it was white with black hand-painted letters that was done with a paintbrush.
And it said, roadblock ahead.
We looked at it and both commented that it must be a high school prank.
It must be high school kids doing something.
It was not professionally done.
A few hundred yards past that was another sign that said roadblock just ahead.
Rounded a curve, and there were several state, federal police officers, vehicles.
Many of the people were armed with M-16s.
They had a black helicopter circling overhead with an M-60 machine gun stuck out the door, and they were systematically stopping cars and trucks.
The car in front of me had an elderly couple that appeared to be in their late 70s, early 80s,
Both had white hair.
They were driving a white new Volvo.
They were pulled over and made to get out of their vehicle.
The traffic was stopped on 331 South at this time.
And it was rather sobering to see all of the federal people as well as state and local that were taking part in this.
You also mentioned National Guard.
And there were National Guard people there with M-16s.
We were allowed to pass through, although we drove very, very slowly after the stop.
Yeah, they just randomly picked cars out.
They're saying they stopped the Volvo with the old people.
They stopped the Volvo with a very old couple in it, and as we drove slowly past them...
FEMA operators, the type listeners you've seen in the road to tyranny in Kansas City teaching a classroom of police that, quote, Christians, founding fathers are terrorists, so what if they have to die?
We have the training manuals, constitutionalist homeschoolers, and you look conservative.
We've seen these happen.
If you've got a giant turbine on your head, you speed through.
The FEMA directors on the ground will direct the young troops and the police to go after middle America.
This is training them.
Go ahead, sir.
Yes, the troops and the police officers looked inside my vehicle as we were driving at two to three miles per hour through the checkpoint.
They were lined up in the median of the highway, as well as on the shoulder, looking inside vehicles and deciding who was to get stopped.
Now, in Police State 2000, we have the video of I-35 shutdown for 15, 20 miles, an hour and a half to get through it, cars going one mile an hour, cars everywhere, people being arrested all over the sides of the highway, giant spotlights beaming it in your face.
This was during the day, though, was it not?
Okay, please continue.
Yes, it was.
This is 11 o'clock in the morning, and they had several sheriff's deputies posted on approach roads for at least five miles past the checkpoint that was scrutinizing and looking.
At every vehicle that passed.
Now, they have these all over the country.
They claim they're a seatbelt check, but did you hear me mention that the federal funding of this, billions a year, is to federalize police and train them there is no Fourth Amendment?
What occurred this previous Saturday during the Memorial Day weekend occurred at the same location.
Now describe from the witnesses and the people, because I've been getting calls from people who were eyewitnesses but are afraid to come on, what happened at the National Guard Armory this time?
Yes, most of the people who are afraid to come on, they're getting Social Security checks.
They're getting retirement checks, and they do not want to jeopardize their livelihood.
So this is our free country.
You go through an Army checkpoint, you're afraid to talk about it.
That's the freedom of America.
Go ahead.
Yes, it is.
This was occurring on all traffic going 331 North, Saturday morning, 11 o'clock in the morning.
My neighbors were coming south out of Montgomery.
At that time, they were not stopping any beach traffic coming south because, quite honestly, they could not.
There were thousands of cars going to the beach on 331 South.
So they were stopping the sparse traffic going north.
And they were pulling everyone into the National Guard Armory parking lot, which is quite large.
And they had state troopers.
They had National Guard.
They had local sheriff deputies and city police.
And they were all looking in the cars, searching some vehicles.
And checking driver's licenses and checking driver's licenses of individuals, I am told, who were not even driving automobiles but were just passengers.
Oh, but the average person, it's about seatbelts.
Now the EAS FEMA alert system has nothing to do with Amber Alert, is now flashing report illegal guns, report terrorist, click it or ticket.
This is the new America.
What was going on with helicopters this time?
They did have a helicopter circling overhead, and that seems to be normal for all the checkpoints.
Now, you saw the heavy machine gun hanging out the window two years ago.
That is correct.
The neighbors who were driving down did not see the machine guns hanging out the windows, but they did see the helicopter.
And the...
Helicopters are overhead in case they have a vehicle that decides to turn around and not go through the checkpoint.
So I guess the Army's going to then shoot at you.
I mean, what's the point of the M60?
Well, you know, that's what I thought two years ago when I saw the black helicopter with absolutely no markings on it whatsoever and an M60 machine gun hanging out the window, is what if somebody decided not to stop?
Were they going to shoot you off the highway?
And I know that this is going on because I...
We're good to go.
These are facilities that have at least 15, 20 acres.
Newsmax reported that three one-million-man camps are being built.
They have the federal purchase order.
These are facilities that would first resemble a weigh station that they have the little off-ramp going off where the 18-wheelers get weighed and then get right back on the interstate.
However, these facilities have...
A half a mile of concrete scattered around on the facility, several buildings, towers, radio telecommunications, satellite, and everything, one on either side of the interstate.
Yeah, those are just pickup centers, and they've got helicopters that fly undesirables to FEMA camps.
Well, you know, they have the facility there that can hold at least a couple of thousand cars at any one time at those facilities, and they're being built all along...
The Florida Turnpike.
Did anybody ask them, what does this have to do with click it or ticket?
You know, the country is supposedly strapped for money, and states are crying that they don't have any tax dollars, and yet we see...
Billions of dollars being spent on these facilities that are going up beside the interstate.
The National Seatbelt Initiative is $4 billion a year.
It started out at $2.4 billion.
I have the federal plans, and it says internal checkpoints that will be funded by tolls.
Which means they'll start placing tolls on federal interstates to support... They already have in Kansas and Missouri and other areas and...
Sir, let me read you an article.
It's crazy people think this is about stopping terrorists.
This is out of the Tribune Review, Pittsburgh Tribune Review.
Greensburg police stop immigrants.
A wrong turn led a truck of illegal immigrants into a seatbelt awareness checkpoint in Greensburg on Monday.
But after an hour-long detainment, police let them go.
Police officer handing out click-it-or-ticket flyers to drivers on North Main Street near Cabin Hill Drive noticed two men, later determined to be Mexicans sitting in the front seat of a truck, were not wearing seatbelts.
They were told to pull over.
A search of the truck found five other Mexican men lying side-by-side in the back, concealed by hidden windows.
Two women were riding behind the front seats.
None of them spoke English.
Turned out that all of them but one were illegals.
It was a coyote.
The police chief called, and the feds, the new U.S.
Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration that got rid of the INS, said it wasn't interested in getting involved and ordered them to release them.
The police chief says that 1,262 vehicles were searched, hundreds were arrested and fined and feed, but only citizens, illegals, were ordered to be released by the feds.
So, isn't that nice?
Isn't that nice?
It had nothing to do with seatbelts.
They were searching vehicles, but if you're a felon, you go through.
Well, look at the NAFTA agreement where the broken-down tractor-trailer rigs can come across the border from Mexico and run all the way to Canada.
And I'm told... By the way, they're turning over and exploding and smashing every day on I-35 in Texas.
It's like a death trap driving down it.
Coming back from Kansas, we saw a Mexican truck overturned, smashed into 50 pieces with another 18-wheeler.
You see them driving with their tires, the rubber flying off of them.
Well, sure, I'm told... And the brand-new American rigs are pulled over being harassed by military police.
I'm told that the Mexican...
Truck drivers cannot be fined under NAFTA.
They cannot be, no.
And they can run their products from Mexico all the way to Canada.
You know, I manufacture nutritional products, and I am having a very difficult time even getting my products into Canada right now.
Canadian Customs are holding my products as long as 45, 50 days.
Same thing with my videos.
Just holding them, and we're having a difficult time getting products to the doctors.
Anything else?
What else happened?
Any other key areas of stuff that developed during these loving military Nazi checkpoints?
The people who are calling me tell me that they have witnessed the same scenarios in rural areas of Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and I'm sure that as time goes on I'll be getting more phone calls
We're good to go.
In one of these situations where you're stuck there for several hours a day.
They have said that if there is one attack, they're going to shut down all the cities, lock everything down.
Folks, when they go to Red Alert, you'll have only a few hours to get out of your city.
And they're going to lock it.
This is martial law, folks.
This is military dictatorship coup d'etat.
We have the federal plan.
Does this disgust you, Bill?
Yes, it does.
Anything else you'd like to add?
I would like to add that I'm sure you've told your listeners a thousand times, please stop procrastinating and start preparing.
It's never too late.
You're never going to get finished, because I've been preparing for ten years.
I certainly never will be finished.
But you've got to have a starting point, and you've got to start getting things together.
All right, Bill McFallon, a witness to this multiple years, thank you for joining us.
Take care, my friend.
Thank you.
I'll be back with a bunch of news.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
We're good to go.
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I think?
Yes, I'm hysterical, folks.
I saw the federal plans to put hardened checkpoints with goons.
It's said they're going to have the new Citizen AmeriCorps at the checkpoint.
You heard callers yesterday, and I do have the news reports, of volunteers out helping search the cars, getting us all involved.
Cameras are going up on all the roads, everywhere, rural areas.
And the border stays wide open, and the feds order, Homeland Security orders, illegals released.
They are untouchable.
And what is the ACL doing?
They're saying, I've got the report here from the APA,
We're very angry.
They're stopping illegals.
They're targeting illegals.
These checkpoints are racist and need to be targeted on everyone.
It's being done to everyone.
Buff the illegals.
This is incredible.
And I just read the Tribune Review article about that out of Pittsburgh, and I've got dozens of other reports I've seen the last week on this subject.
I mean, it's just out of control.
And then I read this article, students will scan for meals.
The school board woman said, I do not believe that any parent or student has ever had the expectation in order to go through a lunch line or to buy a cookie or carton of milk that they or their children would have to be first fingerprinted, said Heming Bob, who says she will probably refuse to have her three children in the Akron schools fingerprinted.
But now they're saying they may not allow packed lunches.
For safety, and they may inspect their food to make sure CPS will be involved if it's not nutritious.
Same schools that put all the junk food vending machines in.
The state-of-the-art futuristic technology is only being used in one other Ohio school district, Garfield Heights.
The system will replace the meal ticket method that has been used in Akron Middle School and cafeterias for nearly two decades.
It will not be used, at least initially, in elementary schools.
Students' fingerprints will be put into a scanner that will make a template of binary numbers corresponding with the unique swirls and arcs of each print.
And then it says here that I think we're in the 21st century, said board member Linda Kersker.
I mean, come on, man!
Imagine 20 years ago making some 1984 movie or Brave New World movie, you know, a PHX-1138 type film, where the kids, imagine a future movie.
Imagine if they'd have made America with a K with Chris Christopherson and with a communist takeover.
Imagine the movie, the kids having to thumb scan to get food.
You'd have been, oh, that'll never happen.
Imagine that nightmare future.
And now there are dozens of school districts that we know of in Texas that are doing it.
It's happening in England to get library books, to get food.
Oh, man!
I mean, come on!
And simultaneously, it's going in the driver's license facilities, the banks, the grocery stores, people, from Kansas to New York to Texas.
Come on!
You want to fight these people?
Get my videos, make hundreds of copies, air them on AXS TV over and over again.
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That's 888-253-3139.
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Or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, L-A-M-A-R, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Again, that's 888-253-3139 or InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
Your calls are coming up right when we get back and a bunch of other news and a guest in 30 minutes on the economy.
Ask God for guidance on this issue and realize that from Colorado to Texas in major cities are trying to make it the law to thumbscan to buy and sell.
It's like nothing else on Earth.
From the Romans through the Renaissance.
From the Industrial Age to the Space Age.
Gold has weathered the test of time for 6,000 years.
Gold has weathered... This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Did you ever think you'd open up the newswire on Reuters and read U.S.
announcers' death counts?
Do you ever think you get reports from all 50 states of military checkpoints pulling people over into National Guard armories, searching old people's cars as lumbering 18-wheeler Mexican trucks with the tires flying off of them roll down the road at 75 miles an hour?
Do you ever think you'd hear announcements of hover drones to watch our cities?
That you'd hear they'd sign deals with Canadian and Mexican troops to, quote, deal with American terrorists?
Or that national news would say every child needs a microchip?
Do you ever think you'd hear about forced inoculations?
Do you ever think you'd hear about red alerts where you can't leave your house?
Do you ever think you'd see FEMA saying Christians and gun owners are terrorists?
Well, it's fact.
It's here, ladies and gentlemen, for sterilization, total degradation.
They plan to herd you into the dehumanization chambers through the threat of terrorism that they, the globalists, are bringing you.
We have economist Michael Hage.
He was unable to join us yesterday.
I had it wrong in my book.
It was today, coming on in about 29 minutes.
We got calls.
We got news.
We got it all today.
And I just love this country so much.
I can't believe how fast things are moving and how bad they are.
But there is a massive awakening taking place.
The toll-free number to join me on air will take a lot of calls in the next 30 minutes.
Is this having the same effect on you?
Do you have a desire to defend freedom against this evil?
Give a burning desire to fight this slave grid.
Grant in Minnesota.
Grant, you're on the air worldwide.
Speaking of out of control, I was recently just surrounded by the military on an unsigned search warrant looking for bombs and explosives.
I was lured away from the court by activists on false charges.
And while I was there, I have Siberian tigers on my property.
While I was there, the military surrounded the place.
As they were confiscating my tiger cub, the military were high fiving each other and laughing.
Was this in the newspaper?
We need to call the newspaper.
That's very newsworthy.
So they decided you couldn't have these Siberian tigers.
They've been stealing people's wildlife on a lot of ranches and farms, even here in Texas.
What type of army showed up to steal your goods?
It looked like the bomb squads in the military.
They had greens with ski masks.
A lot of them had sniper rifles.
I'd say there were at least 30 of them.
And they showed up with fish and wildlife or BLM?
I'm not sure.
I'm supposed to be protected by U.S.
Code Title 28 Endangered Species Act.
So what exactly happened to you, sir?
Describe what developed.
Activists were... All they have to do is say somebody got scratched, and they'll come in and... All somebody has to do is lie to the police.
And this girl lied in court...
Five times on the stand.
So it was an endangered species grabber went and lied in court.
I know, I've seen those stories in the press.
And so what happened?
The troops hit you, it hit you hard.
Yeah, they took my guns, found no explosives, confiscated the tiger.
Now a judge has just ordered it to be put to death.
And I can send you a copy of that.
Yeah, send that to me.
I'll have you as a guest.
You should send that to the local news.
What did this happen in Loving, Minnesota?
Seven miles south of Red Wing.
Minnesota, about an hour south of the Twin Cities.
And it's going on on a nationwide scale.
No, I know.
I've seen them all over the place.
People that have lions and tigers and have them on their property and, you know, big 20-foot fences.
They just show up and say, you can't have these at Machine Gun Point.
No warrants, no nothing.
On a nationwide scale through false fraud zoning and public nuisance charges.
I want to hear more about this.
So they were high-fiving.
And my dad was a police officer for 30 years.
Oh, they could care less.
I want to hear about this when we get back.
Roving teams.
You heard yesterday about them raiding the Widow.
Sculling crossbone license plates on their vehicles in Georgia.
This is the new America.
Army checkpoints.
Giant FEMA camps.
Go team!
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Monday through Friday, 11 to 2 Central and back from 9 to midnight, I'm here live.
Folks, I have to tell you, every indicator of a police state, every indicator of a tyranny, of a despotism is now upon us and
I mean, I know people personally out in the country, no criminal record, veterans, old people, SWAT teams raid them, point guns at them, search around, tear stuff up, walk out of their house.
It's a sick joke.
And then we talk about this in the news, all these checkpoints and pulling people off the road in the National Guard armories.
Our whole society is just imploding.
And then I hear about people who have exotic game or exotic animals on their ranches or farms.
And the environmental groups show up with the police, SWAT teams shove you around, take your wildlife, which you're legally and lawfully allowed to have.
Just everybody's being harassed, and that's what Grant, Minnesota was telling us about.
The Army showed up with a SWAT team and took his Siberian tigers, and they said put them to death.
The judge ordered that.
And so this is the new America.
He said the troops were giving each other high fives.
What did you say to these guys when this happened to you?
They just...
They just screwed over the wrong guy.
Well, look, I mean, why were they high-fiving each other?
Because I've seen it when they shove an old woman down into a fire ant bed, tell her to sit there in it as the ants crawl over.
They'll then do high-fives and, like, do weird monkey behavior.
They're not out fighting foreign troops.
They're just shoving people around.
It's horrible thugism.
So what exactly, what'd they do?
How long were they at your farm?
Well, they were here for four hours, and when I got back from court,
I couldn't get near my driveway.
They had about 40 vehicles in the way.
So let me get this straight.
You went to court because of the complaint.
On false charges.
Okay, I understand.
But you were at court going through the judicial process.
And then hold on.
And then while you were gone, they raided you.
They had the place surrounded.
By the way, in California, when you go turn in your SKS, which they run TV ads saying turn them in, almost everybody gets held at gunpoint at the police station.
Then they tear your house apart for bringing in the gun they said turn in.
So this was all part of the new America.
Go ahead, sir.
And all the investigators were laughing as they left, and I had a brand-new satellite 800 Grundig, and it doesn't work no more after they left.
They also destroyed one of my surveillance systems.
It no longer works.
And as they were torturing the tiger on a 10-foot pole with a wire around its neck as they were duct-taping it, the militaries were high-fiving each other and laughing.
And a zoo would have taken that Siberian tiger and what, paid you 50 grand?
They're going extinct in Siberia, and now they're trying to... No, no, just the San Antonio Zoo, and it said that it's a very rare type of cat.
And I believe the same thing happened in the 30s and 40s.
They had it down to 25 tigers in the wild.
And so you've got this out at your farm...
They show up, and they were high-fiving.
What did you say to them?
Did you say, this is wrong?
I said, what's going on?
Why do you have so many people here?
Are you sure you've got enough guys here?
And my dad, who was an investigator in Minneapolis for 30 years, he was in the military for 46 years.
He fought in Iwo Jima and Korea, and they have me surrounded.
So I watched the police go from totally helping the community in the 60s and 70s to...
30 years later, it's totally backwards and they're attacking everyone.
Well, sir, now you say that, and then we're going to go to Ann in Louisiana and John and Bill and others.
But tell me, now, you say they confiscated your guns.
What did they say that was for?
They didn't.
Well, earlier you said they took your guns.
They took my guns and all my paperwork.
What does that mean?
But you say they didn't.
They did?
You're saying they did.
So what happened?
So I'm in the process of getting all the charges dropped.
No, there's been no, nobody's committed a crime.
Have you gotten your guns back?
No, not yet.
How many guns did they take?
Did they have a warrant?
I'm signed warrant.
Oh, yeah, just a blank sheet of paper, yeah.
All that was for was bombs and explosives and paperwork.
Bombs and explosives.
They were investigating a terrorist.
By the way, now when you hear about any type of case, anything, it's all called terrorism, and the Deputy Attorney General, Mike Van Winkle in California, said that protesting is now going to be terrorist.
I have the...
I have the Oakland Tribune here.
He says, because that aids terrorists to protest the war.
So this is the new America.
Well, sir, get me some documentation.
Call the newspapers.
Tell them about it.
Somebody will write a story in your area.
Do I mail that to you where I order your videotapes?
Yeah, just write it to Alex Jones at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
I'll mail the copy of the judge's decision.
Yeah, you need to call all the newspapers and tell them about this.
They've been attacking us in the media, all negative.
They won't help.
You said there is an article.
Will you send me the articles, please?
What did the media say?
That you were an evil terrorist?
That I won't answer.
They can't answer one of my questions.
My sister has mailed them two sheets full of questions, and they can't answer one.
But they say in the newspaper articles I won't answer their calls.
Oh, yeah, that's a favored tactic.
Thank you for the call.
Send me the articles.
Very important, sir.
And your information.
We'll have you on as a guest, and we'll give the phone numbers out.
Find out who the thugs were that came to your house.
It's like every day now we get these calls, whether it's a widow or some guy on a farm or Eugene, Oregon, where the school teacher comes out and says, Can I go to school?
You know, they have the street block.
I didn't kill anybody in two weeks, what they said to her.
Let's talk to John, or no, Ron in New York, and then Bill and others.
Ron, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Alex, this thing with the Akron School District is the most in-your-face outrage.
Oh, where they make the kids thumb scan, no cash allowed, yeah.
That's right.
It's happening everywhere.
And you know what gets to me, really?
I've got to say that I'm more disgusted at the type of response that's being reported by parents.
They say things like, well, I'll give them a bagged lunch.
That's not an appropriate response to this type of thing.
What they should be doing is organizing to raise hell
Get those school board members removed from their positions.
Well, the school spent $700,000 on it.
It is admitted total information awareness.
I've got a Pentagon article where they say they, quote, want to know what you eat, how you sleep, what you watch, what you look at, what you do.
This is it.
Your children thumb scanning to get food.
That raises greater suspicion.
Why would a school district want to spend that amount of money to implement what's really an unnecessary system like this?
Let me tell you about some of the school districts in Texas.
They have fences with a bar bar facing in.
The children wear ID cards with their social security number in a barcode.
They are searched on a weekly basis.
There are police with black combat boots marching up and down the halls.
They have been caught right here in Texas molesting the children.
There are CPS people.
They do monthly interviews with all the children, asking about mommy and daddy so they can set CPS on them.
We are already in a Soviet system, but the news doesn't report on it, and so the average person doesn't know, or it happens to them, and they think, oh, it's just me.
Well, any community, and in the case of Akron, it is being reported, the community that's under siege like that, the parents in that area,
The school board.
So this is a federal plan.
They're putting them in banks, grocery stores, the DPS, Department of Public Safety.
Yeah, safety in your state, really federalized, is getting the template, the face scan, the thumb scan for the system.
It's happening, sir.
It's happening right now.
I know that it is, and I'm pretty certain that they're using all these little indirect methods with very, very poor excuses as cover stories.
Sir, I'm not pretty certain I have the Pentagon Plan in 1968.
Well, it's being implemented here because there's no justification for taking down the fingerprints of a child in order to get some lunch.
And when that school board member made a statement to the effect that we've got to go forward into the future, who the heck is that member to determine what the people in Akron, Ohio have to do with their children's
To go forward into an Orwellian future.
Sir, they are now fining and arresting parents in Germany and England if they refuse to open their mouths to the dentist.
They are doing so in Ohio, in Pennsylvania.
They take five-year-olds and do genital checks.
They caught a lesbo ring doing it in one area.
You all heard about that.
I know that the schools have been turned into sort of penitentiaries.
And this has been going on for a while.
I saw reports, and this was on mainstream TV remarkably recently,
Of a school somewhere in Georgia where they have kids lined up.
I mean, they look more like victims in a concentration camp, and they have the police go up and down with a dog and sniff them.
Could you imagine having a young mind having to be educated in that kind of environment?
They're training them for checkpoints.
They're training them to thumbstand and eat food.
They're breaking their will.
That's what they're trying to do.
They're breaking their will to have any self-respect.
And now they're trying to shut down the homeschools.
Yeah, that's another thing.
That's right.
In California, they're going after homeschooling with a vengeance.
Oh, they're just saying it's illegal, haven't even passed a law.
They just say, you can't do it.
Sir, sir, they're now... I have a clip of the newscast in Police State 3 Total Enslavement where they announce on CBS, in Travis County, you are now guilty until proven innocent, and it says you must leave jail, you must sign a form agreeing that you are a criminal, and in the newscast, they admit people that get arrested for not having a seatbelt, which they now do to everybody here,
They say in the newscast, you must sign a form that you are a drug dealer, family violence, a criminal, and many people then sign the form and have their kids seized the next day for being taken in for parking tickets.
It's in the newscast!
And when Mike Hanson, my cameraman, four years ago, he went to jail for refusing a search...
That was Carr.
And they tortured him and said sign it and began doing the pressure points under his neck.
And then when he got the surveillance camera tape, five minutes was missing.
By the way, this is in the Houston Chronicle today.
Remember when they used Homeland Security to go after the legislators when they left?
Democratic legislators.
It turns out that the DPS FEMA command center, the tape, the five minutes with audio and video where the speaker was in there giving orders, that five minutes malfunctioned.
It just happened to be that five minutes.
Of course!
How more obvious can they make it?
Look, on the video of Mike getting tortured, you see him walking up around the... How more stupid can we be that it hasn't reached the point now... Sign the document!
It's America!
We're gonna choke you!
It's freedom!
Sign it that you're a criminal!
Red, white, and blue!
We wear black ski masks!
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
One of my friends, an Army veteran, no criminal record, a contractor, has a little successful contracting company, pull him over to checkpoint, demand to search his car, he says no, they pull him out, beat him up, and he was torn up pretty bad, big guy, didn't even resist him.
And then we went to court, and they went through all this trouble, subpoenaed the videotape, and right when it shows them dragging him out of the car, the videotape cuts for two minutes.
And when Mike got tortured, we got the surveillance camera tape.
It's Mike standing there, being booked in.
They walk over with a piece of paper.
And then suddenly you see Mike calmly talking.
And then all of a sudden you see four or five more jail guards walk up, and the tape goes bleep for about five minutes.
And then I got this article here.
I'm trying to dig it out of the stack.
Posted it on Infowars.com.
And it says here in the article that, oh...
Oh, here it is.
This is Houston Chronicle.
Malfunction blamed for gap on DPS tape.
The Texas State Police officials on Monday blamed a faulty duplication machine for a five-hour gap in the Capitol security tape that was given to a House of Commerce investigating how authorities handled the Democratic walkout.
Now, it's been confirmed that they called out Homeland Security and federalized the matter, and they were using the signs, flashing, look for the Democrats.
Oh, about terrorism, see?
I thought it was for missing kids.
I don't know if people are trying to run out the clock so we're not in town anymore, or if it's just incompetence.
Either one, it's bothersome to Representative Kevin Bailey, Chairman of the House General Investigation Committee.
Bailey's committee is looking into how the Texas Department of Public Safety coordinated its search for the five missing legislators on May 12th.
Whether anyone associated with the U.S.
House, majority of their time delay, helped direct the search.
It's been on our news that the...
A bunch of the leaders of the House were running around in the command center, the FEMA command center, joint DPS center.
The controls, the takeover, radio and TV stations and billboards and everything.
I mean, it's just insane.
So, it's, see, cameras, yeah, they could be a good thing, but no, because evil people run them.
DNA testing, oh yeah, it's 100%, but they get caught running frauds all the time, see?
Let's talk to Bill in Alaska.
Bill, you're on the air.
Welcome, sir.
Yes, sir.
Alex, how are you today?
I am just... This stuff is just out of control.
I understand.
I'd like to try to encapsulate this for these folks that might be listening.
You know, a fascist government, their whole motivation is power for profit and profit for power.
If people look up the definition of fascism, they'll find out we have a fascist government.
And the only way that these people can compete against the world economy based on slave labor is to enslave us.
Is to make us slaves.
That's it.
Yes, sir.
And now the biggest part of our economy is prisons and people getting 20-something cents an hour in those prisons taking your jobs, people.
And you go, good, make them prisoners work.
Well, that's the way it's working up here in Alaska.
If they have a contract going and need some heavy equipment operators...
Rather than paying them scale, they'll find out who's behind in their child support or something like that and get them to work for $5 a day instead of union scale.
That's it, the people mopping the floors at the jails and the city buildings?
Yes, sir.
See, look, you get arrested for no seatbelt, not having your insurance on you, parking tickets now.
They take you, they say sign it to get into these classes that cost over $1,000, and then they say, okay, you also have to go through community service.
That's it.
Yes, sir.
You know, Alex, what I see here is that, if you remember right, it was just a handful of Assyrians that came down there and took the Jews into Babylonian captivity.
And I prayed about it and asked God, I said, what's the deal here?
There were enough people to rise up and throw this yoke off.
God showed me that they had no righteousness.
You can't have righteous indignation about what's going on if you have no righteous foundations to push you from.
That's it.
And that's pretty much all I wanted to say.
But it's the American people's fault.
The repercussions for their sin is built right into the...
Yeah, I don't think we can have 50 million abortions and God isn't going to punish us.
You're right, brother.
I just beg God for forgiveness.
I'll let you go, Alex.
Thanks, sir.
Thank you, my friend.
Absolutely on target.
Larry, Louisiana, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I was listening to the news out of Baton Rouge last night, and it was a lead story and a trailing story I'm going to go over real quick.
You heard the lead story was a female soldier was found guilty for not following orders at Fort Drum...
New York, she refused to take the anthrax shot, citing later-in-life health reasons, found guilty.
Now, get this, she's going to Leavenworth and or dishonorable discharge.
Trailing story.
A company called Gentech...
Has just a stock gone up 37% today because the Food and Drug Administration has authorized human trials of the anthrax shot.
Oh, yeah.
The feds say they're going to forcibly inject us with dozens of vaccines.
So those GIs are less than human.
They're not even as good as any pig.
Just give them the shot.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
More than 700 chemicals have been found in our drinking water.
And did you know that you can have greater exposure to these chemicals by taking hot showers than when you drink the water?
That's because many chemicals are inhaled when they are free.
Call now and get free shipping.
That's 888-803-4438.
I love America.
America's about freedom and liberty, and that's all disappearing.
They're on the news saying torture's good.
They're on the news saying a police state is good.
They're on the news, and then is it any surprise police will torture you for a traffic citation once they get you to the jail?
Is it any surprise they've got military running checkpoints now around the country?
Is it any surprise kids are being searched every week at school and having to thumb scan to get food?
The new economy, the number one part of the economy, according to Forbes, is prisons now.
And prison labor that competes against you.
And conservatives haven't thought this out, folks.
They say, oh good, make them prisoners work.
They're taking your jobs, people.
This is the new America, getting you into the system.
They just say, here, plea bargain.
They don't even tell you it's a plea bargain.
They say, sign here.
Wave your rights.
It's happening.
We're about to go to Michael Hagan, economist, and get into more of the calls.
I've got a bunch of other news I haven't even covered yet.
I want to remind the listeners that I produced nine full-length feature documentary films, Police State 3, Total Enslavement is now out.
It is an incredible film, two hours and 37 minutes.
I suggest you watch it in three 50-minute blocks.
I suggest you see the film, that you make copies of it,
You get it out to everyone in your area.
I also have 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, The Masters of Terror, those two films about September 11th and the takeover there.
I have my book, Descent into Tyranny, $12.
They're all excellent.
The films are $25.95.
Order three or more, they drop down to $20.
I mean, take Police State 3 Total Enslavement, Patriot Act 1 and 2 detailed, in stunning detail.
Homeland Security, Total Information Awareness Network, dozens of other confirmed examples of government-sponsored terrorism, where the government carries out terror to scare you into submission.
The film goes on and on.
There's no way to really describe everything that's in it.
You need to get Police State 3 Total Enslavement if you were impressed with the other films.
If you haven't gotten any of the films, get The Road to Tyranny.
The Masters of Terror and Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Get them, make copies, get them out to everyone now, folks.
The toll-free number to order the films is 1-888-253-3139.
That's 888-253-3139 or Infowars.com or net.
Or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Again, that's 888-253-3139 or InfoWars.com or the mailing address.
You want to do something about this?
You've got to wake people up to the plan.
Not just where they see pieces of what's happening.
They need to see the whole thing to understand it.
You better stand up and speak out in your area and stand up against this federalization, the multi-jurisdictional task forces, the checkpoints, the FEMA takeover of the media, for the Amber Alert, all of it.
You better do it now.
Michael Haga is a best-selling author, economist, worked for some of the big Fortune 500 companies, and he joins us now.
We appreciate him coming back on the show.
We've seen a plunging in the dollar.
They're obviously manipulating markets, having it go up and down, the Treasury bad-mouthing the dollar on purpose.
We have durable good orders down, sales down, shutdown of factories across the board by design.
Michael Haga, why?
You've done some incredible forecasting five years ago, what's now happening.
What is the New World Order?
What is their model?
And what is their plan?
How are we going to stop them, Michael?
Boy, that's a mouthful.
Alex, the New World Order is all about power.
And, you know, when I first started doing radio and writing books, my background has always been the traditional American way.
I mean, I was a prosecutor for a while, went to Baylor University Law School, working on my MBA at the same time.
You know, when I graduated from law school, I thought I was going to do great things.
And you were talking, before we get into the economic side of this,
About prisons and factories and things.
When I began as a prosecutor, fresh out of law school, what you're saying is true.
In our federal system, specifically, every prison, I shouldn't say every prison, but almost all minimum or even the maximum security prisons across the country on the federal side,
And private profits by people in the current administration?
They work in these factories and they can be anything from companies making clothing to signs.
It used to be license plates, but many, many products.
And the residents, that's what they are now, not inmates, the residents are paid up to, I believe it's 20 cents an hour.
We're good to go.
And we're paying.
We're subsidizing to keep these people in prison.
And then just like sharecropping, the same private company that has the contract of the prison sells them the Doritos for $2.
Yeah, but then the products that the prisoners make, that the residents make, are sold in the open market for less...
Same type of products.
It can be anything, jeans, anything that you see on consumer shelves.
A lot of stores like Walmart and different things, they buy these products because they can buy them cheaply and sell them and make a good profit.
So the industry makes a good moneymaker for, I should say, the federal government.
They're subsidized by the federal government, but a lot of them are private industry companies.
So they're sweetheart deals.
But how does a real private company compete with that?
They can't do it.
And so they all dive into the private prison market.
So the fastest growing industry in America today is the prison industry.
Well, Forbes says it's now the biggest as of two years ago.
Yeah, it is.
Well, it's fastest growing.
And it is.
It's huge.
And it is an industry.
We don't lock up big-time drug dealers.
We lock up small-time drug users.
Well, I've seen the statistics.
They'll release a murderer after four and a half years.
For some little pothead who was caught with an ounce of marijuana, he gets five years and works the whole time.
I mean, we don't go after the big fish in America.
We go after the little fish.
And especially the big fish that have money and political connections.
They can do anything they want.
We have become a land of lawlessness.
Well, as long as the predators go after weak people.
If you're a talk show host battling them, they leave you alone.
They go after ignorant people that don't know their rights, Michael.
Yeah, they do.
They do.
And it's scary.
And our rights are disappearing.
And I am honestly... When I first started all this, Alex, I thought people like you were crazy.
But you're not.
And people like me need to wake up.
Because the country, our rights are disappearing.
We are being slowly taken over through the financial sector, which really controls Congress, the White House, everything.
Everything is based on economics, and that is the key to this quote, New World Order.
And in the New World Order...
These prison systems could become a way of life for each and every one of us.
And theoretically, they already are.
Look, most people are deeply in debt.
They don't own their homes.
They pay a mortgage to a bank.
So they're basically renting, but they think they have a vested interest.
They don't own their cars.
They're making payments to another lending company.
They don't even own their land because the state can come and seize it if you don't pay your taxes.
So really, we don't own anything in America anymore.
We are working for the, what, the country store?
Like in the old days, you worked for a mining company.
I owe my soul to the company store.
And we're paying taxes that we really legally don't have to pay.
But if you don't pay them, they'll come after you, if you have anything to come after.
Your rights, as you said, have been eroded.
We have become a police state.
And it all comes right back down to the financial structure.
And the financial structure is the Federal Reserve.
And the Federal Reserve is part of the international banking community.
And the most powerful man in America is Alan Greenspan.
He controls the president.
He controls our lives daily, hourly,
The Fed has a license to steal.
Well, it's the viceroy for the big central banks of the world, as you've said.
We also need to add here that they designed a financial system where you cannot pay the debts, but there is a vortex created that is designed to totally consolidate.
They don't care about our standard of life, do they?
Look, we talk about people like Saddam Hussein, who we put in power, by the way.
Raping the country.
Well, go to Washington.
Our leaders are raping the country.
They are living like princes and kings, and the rest of us have become indentured servants.
And they give themselves immunity from the very things they put on us.
Oh, yeah.
And if people understood, legally, Washington, D.C.,
Should have no power outside of Washington, D.C.
That's why we have a separation of powers and states' rights.
But through this little known thing called the Interstate Commerce Clause, the federal government owns the one inch strip of land between each boundary of each state through this thing called the Interstate Commerce Clause.
And they've utilized that clause
To slowly take over everything from transportation to banking to labor laws to prisons to everything.
And is it constitutional?
Well, there's a huge question of whether that is even constitutional.
But we don't understand history.
We don't understand the Constitution.
We the people.
And so our leaders who have
Well, I've already been told that.
Most people will say, okay...
You know, it's like the story of a guy that comes up to a gal and says, you know, would you go to bed with me for a million dollars?
And she says, she thinks a minute and says, yeah.
And then he says, how about a dollar?
And she says, no, what do you think I am?
And he says, we've already decided what you are.
You know, we're just negotiating on the price here.
And that's what our politicians have done.
And I don't fault them because...
Power, ultimate power corrupts, and it corrupts absolutely.
Let me read you a story to talk about this, how they're going to net us all in the system.
This is New York's Hometown Connection Daily News, New York Daily News.
Ticket for what?
Almost anything, even feeding birds draws a summons.
Ella and Sarage Schultman were ticketed for blocking their driveway, their own driveway.
Alexander Orts...
Was ticketed for improperly binding newspapers to be recycled in his front yard.
It says the black license plate frame that came with your car, illegal, $55 fine.
Taking up two seats on a train, $50.
Feeding pigeons in the park, $50.
It used to be that cops wouldn't bother writing a ticket for minor obscure infractions, but with the city hurting for money, ordinary citizens suddenly are finding themselves
They claim it's for money.
Well, we know the states actually have their comprehensive annual financial reports, their double set of books.
They have plenty of money for all their checkpoints and the rest of it.
They're claiming, oh, we can't fill the potholes.
We're going to lay cops off unless you stop everybody.
We're going to lay school teachers off unless you follow what we say.
It's a pressurization process to get them to follow the orders.
But now here in Austin, this has been on our news.
Not wearing a seatbelt, arrested.
When you go to the jail, it's been on the news, they say sign this form, you can't see a lawyer until you do it, 90% of people sign it, and Mr. Hage, it says you agree to all these criminal charges, you agree to classes, you agree to probation, and did you know that in some of the schools now, the public schools, half the kids are on probation for missing a day of class?
I mean, sir, it's already happening.
It's worse than you may know.
Oh, no.
I understand everything that's taking place.
Well, not everything, but lots of what's taking place.
You are a prosecutor, but what is that called where you go to jail for not paying five parking tickets?
It's been on the news.
And they say, sign this form saying that you've been involved in drugs, family violence, all this stuff.
Then CPS comes to your house, takes your kids, and says, you signed a form saying you did this.
Well, it's called NOLO contendry.
In other words, you're saying I'm not guilty.
You're saying, I don't admit or deny my guilt, but when you sign it, you're really admitting guilt.
People don't understand it.
Yeah, well, it's not even a no contest now.
They've changed that in Austin.
Oh, have they really?
No, it says, I am guilty, but they're deferring prosecution if I take these classes, and it's got all this fine print, and then they sick the social services on you.
Take your kids, you know, and then your rights are infringed, and people don't realize what it does to them down the road.
It is scary, Alex, and again,
It comes back to the financial structure.
We have been sold out in America, and it's hard for me to fathom this.
Again, I've always been a traditional American who believed in the system, and as I began researching it, it's just awesome.
I've been fortunate in my life to be in positions where I've met people in power.
Including Alan Greenspan and Ben S. Barneke, one of the Fed board members here who is an inflation hawk, really.
He loves inflation.
So does Alan Greenspan.
But the bottom line is this.
We, the people, sold our souls to have creature comforts, and now we've become very lazy.
And we don't want those comforts to be disturbed.
So we turn a blind eye to everything.
We say, it doesn't matter.
It doesn't affect me.
It's kind of like a recession is when your neighbor's unemployed.
A depression is when you're unemployed.
Well, more and more people now are being thrown into this depression that has been created by the Fed.
But since the majority are not faced with this situation yet...
They continue to turn a blind eye.
We've had psychological warfare against the American people for so long that they've lost, I think they've lost the ability to even reason.
And so we've become controlled people.
Stay there, Michael Hague.
It's great to have you on.
I want to talk about the plunging dollar.
I want to get your advice on the economy.
Talk about some of your best-selling books as well that forecast all this.
It's all coming up, InfoWars.com.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
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Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
During the break, I was talking to Michael Haga, who was a prosecutor, best-selling author, of course, and has worked for some of the major big corporations out there.
I saw this from the inside.
I was telling him about how in Austin now, many of the public schools, half the kids, there's a school with like 1,200 kids we looked at, over 500, had criminal charges against them.
If you're late to class three times, that counts as an unexcused absence.
Criminal charges are filed.
I mean, that's hundreds of thousands of dollars right there over the years in just these schools alone.
We have this happening.
I was talking to you, Michael.
You were saying that you were familiar with such things, and you said you knew things that would scare me to death.
Can you describe those things to me?
Then I want to talk about the dollar and all this other stuff.
Well, just that there is so much corruption, Alex, in the legal system that it has become absolutely unbelievable.
Yeah, it is.
If you have money, you're above the law.
If you don't have any money, you're going to pay.
And the rich can do whatever they want.
Look at O.J.
Simpson, on and on and on.
The most outlandish things are acceptable.
But if you're a little guy, if you're part of the Joe and Jane or John and Jane six-pack, as the politicians refer to us as, you better watch out.
So, there is no justice in America for the average person.
There is no security in America for the average person.
There will be no retirement plan for the average American working today.
There will be no Social Security.
99% of all pension plans are unfunded.
And they said they're changing it, quote, on CNN, so that you do not own your pension fund.
You don't.
You have no vested interest in Social Security.
They can cancel that tomorrow.
You're expected to pay into it, but there's no contract.
So it could be canceled tomorrow.
They just announced veterans above 65 who are promised lifetime health care aren't getting it.
Are not getting it.
And isn't it interesting that all these things are being announced while the President is asking our troops to continue going into other countries in harm's way
And their spouses left at home are existing on food stamps.
And have CPS grabbing their kids.
Yeah, and they're being exposed to all of these neurological agents.
It is a travesty and a tragedy.
But again, it's been mind warfare.
But I do have a little bit of hope for the future, Alex.
And here's the reason.
The Federal Reserve has been in power in this country...
Since inception back in 1913.
They changed the banking system.
You have mega wealthy people that control nations, that control the world.
It's an interlocking structure.
The American Fed has its counterparts in other countries.
But worldwide right now, you see, the Fed can only exist through inflation.
And over the years, that's why salaries have gone up and the cost of living has gone up, because the Fed creates the illusion of prosperity.
Because eggs and milk stay the same price, but a $15,000 car eight years ago is $35,000.
But the people are pacified because every year they're getting a wage increase.
So they don't notice that everything is really outpacing their wage increase.
So what's the good news for you in this hour?
Well, the good news is this.
The Fed is scared to death for the first time since 1913.
Well, actually, in the 30s, it almost killed them, too.
Well, I've said this.
They are pushing so hard right now because they're in trouble.
They are in major trouble worldwide, and it is a thing called deflation.
And it means that the Fed can continue to print money and push credit, but who can afford it?
Stay there, Michael Haga.
Second hour coming up.
We'll take calls.
Your station doesn't carry the second and third hour.
They really should, folks.
Call them and tell them to please do so.
You want to hear this third hour of Michael Haga, and we'll take your calls.
I'm Alex Jones.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're talking to a counselor.
You should call an attorney in the modern system.
Best-selling author, prosecutor, economist Michael Haga.
He'll be with us for another 30 minutes.
We're going to take calls for him coming up in the next segment.
Toll-free number to join me on this last Thursday edition, 1-800-259-9231.
I've got a bunch of other news I haven't gotten to yet as well.
You'll want to stay with us.
Michael, when I found out how evil the globalists were, when I saw their own policy reports of how they want to sterilize us and dumb us down, they know we're not going to read their policy reports.
That is but a small fracture of the public.
I see them setting up a textbook dictatorship, but I do see a massive awakening taking place.
And the globalists' own greed, bankrupting all the third world countries, no one can plug into it anymore.
They're creating a collapse.
But you say that actually endangers them.
How does Secretary Snow, bad-mouthing the dollar, how does all this tie in together?
Why are they driving down the dollar right now?
All right.
The dollar's been high for a long time.
That means that it is harder for people to purchase American-made goods, which there aren't that many anymore, overseas.
But it was good because it made...
Investing by foreigners in America, very attractive.
Because then they have dollars, they have dollars, and they can buy cheap goods to fill the Walmart shelves, but now they've shut down the factories so we don't have jobs to buy those goods, and now they're even going to kill the dollar so we can't buy those goods.
Well, if they kill the dollar, theoretically...
And you have to remember, Greenspan and company operate in theoretical... It's doublespeak, and it's so bizarre you wouldn't even understand it.
I mean, I've met Alan Greenspan, and he's an amazing individual.
But by forcing down the value of the dollar, theoretically, American-made products become cheaper, and so...
More money will buy American products.
Yeah, maybe in 10 years if we redevelop industry, but they're going in the opposite direction.
Well, but here's the Achilles heel.
China's currency is tied to the dollar, and we have our main balance of payment deficit with China.
So as the dollar falls, so does the Chinese currency.
And so it's a no-win situation.
The rest of the world theoretically benefits, and theoretically America will ultimately benefit.
Am I right in saying that a 25% reduction in the value of the dollars, supposedly creating more buying of American products, isn't real because it's still that 25% doesn't compensate for the slave state in China, the no environmental laws, the no workers' compensation.
It just doesn't work.
No, it doesn't work.
But they're hoping to force the dollar down in hopes of stimulating short-term the U.S.
It doesn't make sense, but that's how it works in macroeconomic theory.
So they're forcing it down.
But the reason that these guys are finally scared to death, Alex, is central banks creating credit out of nothing.
And remember, even our dollar is nothing more than a promise to pay.
It's not pegged to anything.
It's totally fiat.
Yeah, it's a fiat currency.
It's worthless.
It costs the Fed 2.5 cents to print every bill, whether it be a dollar bill or a thousand dollar bill.
So they're making a killing.
But the credit, there's very little actual currency.
Most of it is just credit.
Again, we don't own anything.
We just borrow to buy things.
And it was a good system as long as we had inflation, because everything kept going up, and you could borrow cheaply today and pay it off with cheaper dollars tomorrow.
But here's the killer for the Fed, and it's got them scared to death.
Give us the killer when we get back.
Michael Hago, honored to have you.
Great economist, folks.
Tell you about his books as well, you'll need to get.
And we're going to take your calls when we get back at 800-259-9231.
Give us a call and stay with us.
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I think.
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The casual society control grid, infallible microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
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And much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the Masters of Terror.
Only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
We're talking about the doublespeak of the private run-for-profit Federal Reserve Central Bank.
Why did Treasury Secretary O'Neill badmouth the dollar two years ago?
Well, Davos, Switzerland, Economic Forum almost four years ago said that they wanted to empower the euro, make it look good, to get everybody behind that, then say, oh, we've got to have this Pan-American Union to match the euro, when in truth the same people own the stock in the central banks.
It is a European monopoly, with the Rockefellers owning some of it.
And now they're bad-mouthing the dollar.
Treasury Secretary Snow, the new Treasury Secretary, is bad-mouthing the dollar, saying it needs to go down further.
It's now gone to, what, $1.20, and then back down to $1.12 against the dollar from just $0.90 of the dollar.
So we're in between $0.15 and $0.30 down, depending on how it fluctuates.
They're obviously making products and currency speculation.
George Soros is running around enjoying himself.
We're good to go.
I think?
And Michael Hagan was telling us why they're in deep trouble right now, or is it part of a greater design to implode things and bring in a crisis of military proportions?
Why are they badmouthing a dollar?
What are they afraid of?
Tell us about that, Michael Hagan.
Break that down for us, sir.
Chris, we have a guest on, Michael Hagan.
Okay, first, we're going to see more terrorism in the United States because they need more diversions.
And most of the terrorism has come internally, as I believe you know.
It's all part of the plan.
By internally, you mean the establishment's carrying it out?
Yeah, and we're going to see some technology unleashed that's going to scare us all half to death.
So keep that in mind.
We're going to see some of the new technology to bring down buildings and different things that is going to be absolutely mind-boggling.
We're good to go.
The only way they can get people to borrow money and expand credit and get them more deeply in debt is to have inflation.
In other words, they convince you to borrow money today, and then as your salary goes up next year, you can repay today's debts with cheaper dollars.
And people have done that for years.
So slowly, we have inflated our way to prosperity.
But there's a downside.
Look at it this way.
Worldwide, central banks can continue to create prosperity out of fiat currencies and credit as long as you have an ever-expanding pool of borrowers.
Then you create a bankruptcy law that says, okay, if you get maxed out, we'll let you bankrupt out and start over.
But we will ingrain in people that bankruptcy is a terrible thing to do from a moral standpoint, so most people will never do it.
So we grew up with this scenario for, what, 50 years?
But in the last five years, people began to look at bankruptcy as not being a moral no-no.
They said, hey, let's just do it.
Everybody else is doing it.
Well, that scared the Fed.
So the Fed began putting pressure on Congress to tighten up the bankruptcy laws.
Let's don't let these people walk away from this.
So right as the world is now deflating and people are heavily in debt,
And the pool of borrowers needed to continue to inflate and create this false prosperity is declining.
The Fed's caught in a predicament here because if you borrow money today, say you go out and buy a new car.
They're saying new cars at 0% financing for five years.
But if suddenly we're having deflation,
We're good to go.
It's happening in every industry.
This is like getting somebody strung out on heroin and then reducing the size of their drug allotment.
They'll go into shock.
Yeah, and that's what's happening.
How do you repay that debt today that you borrow?
Say you borrow $10,000 today, but suddenly your salary is going downhill.
Well, even if you're borrowing at a zero interest rate, you're paying 10% or whatever your salary is going down.
So you're paying a real interest rate.
But as we deflate, the borrowers begin to lose their assets through foreclosures.
And it's very interesting, and bankruptcies and all these things, and it is very interesting that the bankruptcy laws are being tightened right at this point in time.
That is part of the plan as well.
You're not going to be able to walk away from your debt.
You're going to become an indentured servant to your lender.
And like Argentina, they'll use the national ID card that's your driver's license, folks, they just didn't tell you, to then put supplemental credits on there.
You go to federal retraining.
It's federally controlled, but it's a private corporation.
I watched Ridge a year and a half ago on TV at a Homeland Security meeting where they even passed it, saying they're going to have troops in the factories, police, we're going to work for the government, but the profit goes to private corporations.
I mean, this is textbook Soviet Union.
It is.
And think about it.
More people work for the government today be it state or federal
Then work for the private sector.
And so now they'll let you declare bankruptcy, but you'll be an indentured servant to them on a five-year contract, having to work for them in a supplemental job, and they'll own a stake in your house to control it, thus turning everything into public housing.
That's right.
So you further give up a lot of your rights, Alex.
And it's here.
We just don't realize it.
So they couldn't get us on welfare or get us into the criminal justice system.
They'll now just bankrupt us and get us into the debtor's prison.
Well, they're going to come out with a new economic system.
And it's going to be amazing to watch the implementation of this.
Now, we're going to get the new currency this next year again.
Remember, we just got the new currency.
Training us for changes, the Federal Reserve Policy Report said.
They'll be able to devalue it off the RFID chips that are in the money.
And it'll be totally traceable and trackable.
In other words, if you've got a little lucrative business running off the side somewhere in cash...
We're good to go.
I think?
We're in the ninth inning of this game.
Now, whether it goes into overtime, I don't know.
None of us know.
But we have a bankrupted nation.
We have a morally bankrupted people.
We have police being trained that torture's good, wearing black ski masks and skull patches.
Well, and we have even armed forces now that...
At this Desert Palm testing thing, they ask a question.
Will you fire an American citizen if you've done confiscation?
And they will.
Oh, I have video of them doing it in Police Day 2000.
Let me read you an article.
It's by Jim Wolf.
It's a Reuters story.
Pentagon seeks to sort and store lifetime experiences.
This is LifeLog, part of Total Information Awareness Network, today.
The Pentagon is shopping for ways to capture everything a person sees, says, and hears as part of a project it says is meant to help create smarter robots.
Now wait, they admit the DARPA plan is to track and trace this, but oh, now it's about another program because they got in trouble over it.
The projected system called LifeLog would suck in all of a subject's experiences from phone numbers, dialed, emails viewed, every breath taken, step up and place gone.
And it says, the idea to index the material and make patterns easily retrievable is never to make machines think more like people.
Now wait, a month ago they said that the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, or DARPA, the Pentagon's total information awareness was about watching us for police state.
Now it's, oh, we couldn't get the funding, so it's a robot program.
And it says the Pentagon's cradle of revolutionary technologies is sponsoring a competition to bring out proposals for setting up such a system.
DARPA announces this.
I got the article five years ago where they put microphones up in Austin, hundreds of them, and DARPA did it.
The face scanning cameras are DARPA.
The ID cards are controlled, and the standards are issued by DARPA.
The thumb scanners are going in the grocery stores, in the schools.
This is it right here.
Yeah, it is.
And it's fascinating, but it's also frightening.
And what's frightening to me is that the American people still seem to be pretty much in the dark.
Well, when you said they're going to watch everything we do, I mean, there it is right there.
Let's take some calls.
John, Louisiana, you're on the air with Michael Haga.
Go ahead.
Yes, good afternoon, Alex.
And, Mike, it's a great pleasure to hear you again.
Mike, I think a few of us understand that the government, the federal budget, only includes 80% of the total spending.
That 20% of the money being spent is done on a black budget for the CIA and other things.
Now, we also know that the Washington Times is the only major newspaper in the country that's supporting the Bushy regime.
That and their magazine, Insight.
Well, that's a stage deal.
Let me add something, Hager.
What about the $1 trillion missing in the last eight years from the Pentagon they just calmly announced?
I mean, it's amazing.
And actually, John, it's like 35% of the real spending is off budget.
Now, listen to this.
Moonie and Sun Moonie, who owns The Korean, who owns The Washington Times, is subsidizing most of the televangelist celebrities.
Now, he's doing this in various ways.
Now, is it possible that the CIA is funneling huge amounts of money into Mooney because Mooney is losing money on every one of his businesses that he runs?
How does that grab you?
Wouldn't surprise me.
And look at it this way, too, John.
We're good to go.
Those are reported if the church is a non-profit to the IRS who then compares those totals against your tax return but yet the government knows everything you give to your church if you're attending a non-profit church.
And yet, we can't have a copy of the Ten Commandments in a courthouse.
Because there's supposed to be separation of church and state.
The CIA is subsidizing the Christian conservative movement.
Well, I don't know about Mooney, but I do know that there's a film out about the preachers.
A lot of them are government operatives.
Thanks for the call.
More calls from Michael Hague on the other side at 800-259-9231.
I'm Alex Jones, prisonplanet.com.
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Waging war on corruption.
Let's go ahead and talk to Steve in Ohio.
You're on the air with our guest, Michael Haga.
Go ahead, Steve.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Good afternoon, Mr. Haga.
Mr. Haga, I first started listening to you back around 1992, 1993 on the American Freedom Network.
And I listened to you religiously back then.
I was working in a bank myself, handling the mutual funds and annuities and other insurance products for the bank.
And I took your advice.
I got out of the market when I was setting, the Dow Jones was setting at $3,300.
And I bought $410.15 gold, and I'm still waiting for my gold to come back, and the market's been to $11.06 and back and forth.
Bought a few of your books, and I put them up on my bookcase.
They're right beside my copies of The Late Great Planet Earth by Hal Lindsey.
So you said in that book that you were a little bit premature.
I guess you were about seven or eight years on the peak of the market.
I guess...
What I'm hearing you say today, Mr. Hagin, with all due respect, is anybody that reads Alex Jones' Infowars.net or Infowars.com and stays abreast of the current mainstream publications and stuff, I'm not hearing anything new out of you, Mr. Hagin.
I'm still waiting for the $3,000 to $5,000 gold.
Well, have you been watching gold?
Yeah, I've been watching it.
I've been watching it for the last nine years, you know.
Well, and I haven't recommended it that far back.
Oh, yeah, you were on American Freedom.
Now, I've listened to you religiously back then and would call into your talk shows.
Well, it was... Sir, didn't they start in 1995?
What, the...
Me on... Yeah, I wasn't even back on the air back then.
American Freedom Administration, I guess.
Oh, yeah, you were.
Well, sorry, I believe that organization started in 95.
I'm not saying you're... Well, they changed their name in 95.
They used to be something else.
I forget what it was.
Okay, well, let me just tell you something.
The Davos, Switzerland people said they were going to plunge the dollar almost four years ago.
Right, I understand.
Well, I've been saying that.
I'm not disagreeing with what you're saying, Mr. Jones.
You've been right on the money for some time now.
Okay, well, well.
I'm just saying Mr. Hague is just a parent.
Well, okay, well let me say this, okay, because he's our guest and you can say you disagree with him and please no name calling.
Let me just, because I'm not going to censor you, let me say this right now.
The PE ratios in the mid-90s were, what, 30 to 1.
Oh, that's crazy.
They hit 40 to 50 to 1, 60 to 1 on some of the stocks.
Hold on.
Now, that was insane there.
The bubble did get a lot bigger than most people thought it could, and then it did plunge.
The advice I got from Hager three or four years ago with the few stocks I had was get out then when it was at $11,000, and I made a little bit of profit.
Okay, because I didn't own very many stocks.
He was saying get out.
Hold on.
All I know is I did good, Ted.
Oh, sure.
You know, we have been premature.
And nobody expected the Dow to crest at 11,722.
Well, you said that a month ago when you were on without him calling in.
Yeah, and I kept saying when I was on the radio that it was time to begin unloading stocks, but we were still in some stocks.
And we did very well.
Four years ago is when I told people, get out of this market completely.
That's when you wrote the crash book.
Yeah, and we did, and we made money, and guess what?
The Dow dropped back down to, what, 72.86?
Now, there's been a modest rebound, but we're three years into a great bust, and people are still believing in the promising boom.
What is the average 401k down?
By, like, 60%?
Some are down by 90%?
Some are down, yeah, 90%.
Some have gone completely under.
So you can sit there and believe in all of this, or you can prepare.
All right, let Steve respond to that.
Or John, excuse me.
Go ahead, John.
I'm still Steve.
Yeah, I agree.
I've been prepared for some time now and continue to prepare.
We've got a lot to prepare for.
Well, you hear Mr. Haga.
He's not even recommending stocks or anything.
Well, no, he hasn't been for some time.
That's all I'm saying.
Today, he's correct.
Would you rather Lou Dobbs five years ago tell you how great Enron is?
I take what I...
Well, you know that he may not have foreseen also the Federal Reserve, and they've been sued over this, artificially depressing the price of gold by making large sales amongst their own banks at incredibly reduced prices.
See, I mean... I'm not impugning your information, Alex.
Don't misunderstand what I'm saying.
No, you can if you want.
I'm just saying, Mr. Hagee, any comments to the gold situation?
Well, I'll clear off and wait for somebody else.
Thank you, Steve.
Gold is telling us
That the Fed is trying desperately to inflate, but it is telling us that deflation is coming.
And that means that these currencies will collapse.
Well, I mean, look at the euro, partially gold back.
Look at the DNR.
Yeah, anything with gold in it is going up, and gold is telling us what's coming.
All right.
Mr. Haga, I know you're supposed to go now, but stay with us another five minutes, because I want to go to John in New York.
All right.
A few others, so you can respond also to what Steve was saying.
We'll be right back.
Thanks for being with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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I'm here live and back from 9 to midnight.
I'm just going to keep Michael Hagan on for another five minutes instead of talking to John in New York.
Then I'll take some of the other calls and get into some of the other news I haven't covered yet.
Stay with us.
Any other comments about these markets and the insanity?
And also more about your meeting you had with Greenspan, because we said we were going to talk about that.
And then how do folks get your books?
What books would you recommend?
Well, let me just say one other thing to Steve here, too.
The first book that I wrote, the title is On the Brink, How to Survive the Coming Great Depression, Developing Between 1993 and the Year 2000.
And 2000 was the peak in the stock market.
And we did recommend getting rid of some stocks, maybe too early, but I think we've been right on track.
So maybe Steve wants to go back through and read those books again.
A lot of people.
Richard Lamb, former governor of Colorado, is a good friend of mine, wrote the prologue in the book.
I've had a lot of people that...
Well, I was just saying...
You also talked to Greenspan.
I wanted to hear more about that.
This was interesting.
On the 13th and 14th of May, I was fortunate to be in Washington, D.C.
I went to the National Economist Club in Washington.
Alan Greenspan was there.
He gave a talk on the economy.
It was very interesting.
I got to talk to him after this meeting.
And he stated, gosh, clear back in November 20, let's see, the last meeting was, the prior meeting was November 21, 2002.
And he said at that meeting, with inflation rates now quite low in the United States, some have expressed concern that we may soon face a new problem, the danger of deflation or falling prices.
This concern is not purely hypothetical.
It's brought home to us whenever we read newspaper reports about Japan where what seems to be a relatively moderate deflation, a decline in consumer prices about 1% a year, has been associated with years of painfully slow growth, rising joblessness, apparently intractable financial problems in the banking and corporate sectors, and it goes on and on.
He does.
Now, that was on November 21.
At this last meeting, well, at that previous meeting, he said, could it happen in America?
It is possible, but not probable.
Now, at the May 13 and 14 meeting at the National Economist Club, Greenspan said, it is not only probable, it is very possible.
Well, he was on the news saying that too.
And he said, we are very concerned about deflation.
Can the central bank lose control?
Could we go into a very severe period of contracting falling prices?
Well, how then?
It's already happening in real estate.
I mean, Austin's the hottest real estate market in the country, they say, per capita, and the prices are plunging here.
Yeah, and they are here as well.
So the man is very concerned, and I said, do you think deflation really is going to envelop America?
And he said, yes.
All right, let's take a call.
Let's talk to John in New York.
John, last caller for Michael Hager.
Go ahead, sir.
Yeah, Mr. Jones.
Protecting Mr. Hager, as you did from the last caller, was noble of you, but we read his book.
I'm calling you from the economics department at Syracuse University up here in Syracuse, New York.
Some of my students have read it.
Mr. Hager's book, he used it as a reference.
Mr. Hager needs to go back to read his book, Mr. Jones.
Here's the point you're missing.
Here's the point he's missing.
The lawsuit that's going on in New Orleans right now, Mr. Hager, about gold and intrinsic value, and the manipulation of the gold market, which you touched on many times in the past, because I've listened to you speak also,
Here's the thing.
That all this gold that Greenspan needs and desperately wants, because at one time Greenspan wanted to back the money with gold, and backed away from his own ideas.
These ideas are going to come to the forefront again, because instead of deflation, if you look at it real, real close, the economy is retracting.
Because at the same time, transportation, Mr. Hagan, is civilization.
Roger Kipling said that, by the way.
And transportation is forcing the economy to retract.
Because the price of fuel is driving everything in a different direction than it was before.
Well, what you're saying is that we have massive inflation on key items.
And we said that on the cars, on the fuel.
Let me give you an example, Mr. Jones.
Mr. Jones, let me give you a great example.
Forty octane diesel right now.
Forty octane diesel in New York is as much as...
94 octane low lead gasoline.
That's a paradigm shift in the economy.
I've had students bring that to my attention, that we are suffering a paradigm shift in economics where the first time the trucking industry is having to pay as much for diesel as the guy who drives the hot rod who burns 94 octane gas.
And the heating oil.
Explain that to me.
Well, yeah, it's stupid because it's cheaper to produce diesel.
Mr. Haag, any comments?
Well, the paradigm shift is going to come in the future.
You know, we're in this war for oil.
But the paradigm shift in the future is going to be a new vehicle of fueling.
We're getting away from the oil-driven economies in the coming future to a whole different type of fuel, which even Bush has talked about.
Do you speculate, Mr. Hager, what it's going to be?
Do you think we're going to go to methane, hydrogen, or are we going to go to plutonium?
You know, I don't know.
That's the key.
But that will be the paradigm shift.
I can't tell you which way we're going to shift there.
Why is distilled gasoline at 94 octane cost as much as non-distilled diesel fuel at 40 octane?
Well, sir, it's a scam they're running.
Sure it is.
Everything's a scam to you, Mr. Jones.
Something's got to be legit.
The boys that are calling the shots have got to tell us what's going on sooner or later.
You need to settle down a little bit, number one, sir.
Hold on.
You need to settle down just a little bit and let me talk.
Now, look...
Exxon and Mobil, Exxon Mobil, BP, Dutch Royal Shell, they're all posting record profits.
Their own Project for the American Century, written by Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz, says the invasion of Iraq is to grab oil and to have a military base to invade Syria and Iran.
So I go with what they say.
You say everything's a...
So that means that fuel is inflating.
That's what we said when we first started.
Okay, they claim there isn't inflation, but on key issues like automobiles and fuel, it's going up.
But then at the same time, they're going to de-inflate many sectors of the economy where you cannot physically then have the money to go and buy those more expensive items or pay yourself out of the debt by the increase in your pay each year.
So they're manipulating things.
They're squeezing you.
They're having more fines, more fees, more checkpoints, more arrests.
At 100 levels, they're turning up the heat while removing the capacity to pay.
Can't you understand?
Hold on, hold on.
Can't you understand that they increase the price of essentials, okay, while decreasing the overall worth of the currency and what you're paid?
Take Argentina, okay?
They blow out the economy, grab people's bank accounts, and then triple the price of water and heating oil overnight to cause pressure.
They call it the IMF riot.
I've had Greg Pallas on.
They engineer riots and looting.
Then there's a police state crackdown.
Then they put in one of their client governments.
Michael Hagan, am I accurate on this?
I believe you're very accurate, Alex.
And the paradigm shift in the future, right now, there is a battle taking place.
The central banks can only have control through inflation.
And inflation is good for the oil industry and everything else because they're taking more of your disposable dollars.
The battle is between the inflationists, the credit markets, those in control of the financial markets, and the people who are running out of the ability to be able to borrow at any price.
Sounds like a right-wing attack dog.
Anything else you want to add, John?
I mean, what are you getting at?
You say Mr. Haggis should read his own book, and then you come out and agree with us that they're doing it, and then you say it's not a scam.
What do you think, John?
Well, I don't think it's a scam for one reason.
And you better hear me out on this one.
Oh, okay.
It's not a scam because if anybody was to talk about supply and demand and whoever's dog that is, please be quiet.
We're good to go.
Once it gets there, it's being manipulated.
Wait, wait, hold on, hold on.
I'm going to stop you, John.
Is that a scam, Mr. Jones?
Hold on.
This is insane, what I just heard.
You just said they're manipulating, they're at record production levels, they just opened back up the Iraqi oil, and then you say the prices are more, but it's not a scam?
Of course it isn't.
Oh, it's not a scam for profit.
They have more oil.
If all Americans believe that these guys are always running a scam, then there's no consensus, Mr. Jones.
That means that they do whatever they feel like.
John, come on.
Splash some water on your face.
Thanks for the call.
Michael Haga, that was nuts what I just heard.
Yeah, it was.
Look, look.
People are... And part of the paradigm shift here, Alex, is this.
And this is one of the things that I went through.
And I'll say this to both Steve and John.
When you grow up and you attend traditional universities and you get all these degrees and you go to work for these corporations, I mean, we helped build Columbia HCA, which is now HCA, the world's largest healthcare organization.
I believed in these things.
But the people at the top, which is what I managed to rise to, become, I guess, insulated from...
The people that provide the means to build everything.
In their ivory towers, they can't see what it's doing to the villagers.
No, and so you're sitting there figuring out ways to line your own pockets.
But, Michael, how could he say there's more oil, which is true, and it gets to the refineries and we pay record amounts, and then say that's not a scam when they're posting record profits?
I mean, I don't understand what he just said.
Well, he totally contradicted himself.
Because it is a scam when you're taking more of the disposable income of the people.
And you have a bigger supply and it costs more.
A bigger supply means price goes down.
What are they teaching at this guy's school if he doesn't understand that?
Well, look, economists today are econometric or econometricians.
They plug everything in computer-generated models.
They're more attuned to a statistician or a math major because nobody understands history.
So they leave out the historical equation and the politics and the people.
But, I mean, I told him, Michael, I said, we have the White House constituted a cabinet during the election.
Before that, in 96, they funded the Project for the American Century.
They wrote policy reports, 99-2000, saying it was about oil.
Saying it was about a military economy, and then he says, oh, we won't have any consensus if you say that.
I didn't say it.
The president did.
Yeah, yeah.
So, what do you say to these people?
I don't know, Alex.
It's like Jeffrey Dahmer admitting he has the bodies in the refrigerator, and they go, oh, no, we don't want to say he did this.
Yeah, yeah.
All right, how do folks get your book?
What books would you recommend?
Well, they can read After the Crash, How to Survive the Coming Great Depression.
I believe you can get it online now.
The small publisher was bought out.
I've got some new books coming out from a major publishing house in New York, and they took over all the rights.
So they're going to be bringing these things back out.
So I don't know what.
Just go online or your bookstores and see.
It depends on what the publishers do, I suppose.
But, Alex, the bottom line is this.
I'm not here to sell books.
I could care less.
I've got a good life.
But the American people had better wake up.
And it is scary.
And when I first started talking about these issues, it was the result of years of learning and observing and going back and studying history.
And it was a shock.
And when I first heard people like yourself, I thought, these people are crazy.
Any radical idea or any idea that is contrary to what we've been taught is radical.
Yeah, we shouldn't have black people as slaves.
That was radical in 1800.
The world is round.
That was radical in 1620.
And the fact that we're talking about America ending as we know it is radical.
But right before our eyes, it's unfolding.
You read their policy reports, they say they're going to do it, Michael.
Yeah, they are.
And they're doing it every day.
And they're doing it through our schools and through our churches and through our financial organizations and even through health care.
Well, Michael, I've had you on about five, six times over the years, a few times the last few months.
I've never heard callers like this.
And the last guy was totally incoherent.
And it sounded like frustration and anger just at the system itself, spelling over in hysteria is what it sounded like to me.
Well, it doesn't bother me.
Well, no, it scares me for them.
I don't understand.
That was La La Land when I was just hearing.
Yeah, and this guy says he is a professor.
Well, good luck to the students.
I don't know what sort of economic... He doesn't know why there's more oil, but it costs more.
But then he says, no, it's not a scam, as they post record profits and say it's about record profits.
We have confessions.
We have the market.
We have the facts.
And then he says, I don't know anymore, Michael.
But you're wrong.
He says you're wrong.
So, look, the markets are telling us what's coming, Alex.
And people, you know, four years ago I told people, get out of these markets.
Not ten years ago.
And everybody laughed.
But today their 401Ks are down anywhere from 40 to 99.
Even some are gone completely.
The market's rebounded.
It's a slight rebound in a bear market.
We are entering into something... Well, if you look at the graph, it's going straight down over the last three years.
Well, and the smart money is moving into gold.
I've never really been a gold bug.
I believe in gold, but I'm not a fanatic about it.
All right.
Michael Hager, thank you so much for coming on.
Next time you're on, I won't keep you on an hour and a half.
All right.
I really appreciate you coming on.
I'll be back with some final news, tidbits, and key information.
Stay with us.
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Al-Qaeda warns of threat to water supply.
Do you really believe that?
When you hear Al-Qaeda, it means CIA.
This is the Washington Times, a spokesman for Al-Qaeda.
It's told in an Arabic language newspaper that a terror group will try to use poison to attack the United States, specifically threatening to contaminate the nation's water supply.
Anything to control our lives.
Some of the other articles that I have here.
Many army to protect leaders at G8 summit.
France has deployed a small army of 15,000 soldiers.
Regular police and anti-riot forces to preempt terror attacks and keep the peace at the G8 summit.
Oh, yeah.
Continuing, it's now come out that there were fake reports put out by both governments in England and the U.S.
Explodes key weapons of mass destruction claim.
Downing Street doctored a dossier on Iraq's weapons program to make it sexier, according to senior British official, who claims intelligence services were unhappy with the assertion that Saddam's weapons of mass destruction were ready for use within 45 minutes.
It goes on and on.
The Iraq weapons dossier that was released by the Iraqis, 8,000 pages were taken out.
More info on that being fake.
There's an article here about Ari Fleischer's press conference.
He just did another one.
...where he leaves, where they said, are you going to go after Bush for not, you know, why won't Bush go after Clinton for pardon gate?
And he says, the president is looking forwards, not backwards, and I would highly recommend that you do that as well.
He's just going to drop it.
It's just dropped right.
If you're asking traditional questions, you know the appropriate people to ask.
So, they're not going to go up for Clinton for pardoning cocaine dealers and money launderers.
That's your conservatism.
See you back tonight, 9 to midnight, back tomorrow.