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Air Date: May 28, 2003
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
Thanks for tuning into the show.
It is already the 28th of May, 2003.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
My websites are Infowars.com, Infowars.net, and PrisonPlanet.com, all being updated as we speak.
In fact, be sure and visit PrisonPlanet.com for the audio and video section, as well as the original commentary that's there, the legislation that's posted, and all the news articles from around the world so you can make your own decision about what's going on and happening.
Here's an article...
And it says, guest opinion, principles of a new world order.
We're going to get into that article.
Also, we need a multipolar world.
Russia-Chinese leaders say they want their own new world order.
Iran denies secret nuclear sites and Al-Qaeda links and says it's a pretext for war.
Something good happened in Colorado.
Governor Bill Owens okays.
Bill barring use of Mexican ID cards because of massive pressure by the citizens.
But are there holes in the legislation?
Well, of course there are.
But it shows they're having to bend our will, the majority will, plus it's constitutional.
Also, DNA pinpoints Louisiana serial killer police say, and I have no doubt that this guy could be a serial killer.
The problem is the next article says,
Conviction tossed out on FBI lab misconduct.
They've been caught planning evidence, falsifying evidence.
You can't believe anything they do.
You notice they didn't catch this guy in Louisiana who was up in Georgia.
They didn't catch him with the DNA evidence they demanded from people at checkpoints and door to door.
That was all part of training people to accept that.
Imagine a knock on the door and they tell you, Hey, give me your blood right now or you're going to jail.
No warrant, no nothing.
So, conviction overturned as a result of FBI misconduct.
How can you... See, that's the thing.
I'm for the death penalty, too.
I believe that a serial killer or whatever should be executed.
I mean, that's an eye for an eye.
That makes sense.
It's something that needs to be done.
But you have the big criminals running the government.
How can you trust them to mete out the death penalty?
So, death penalty moratorium considered in North Carolina, a blue-collar town known for its...
Furniture factories, law and order, conservatism hardly seems the kind of place that would call for a moratorium on the death penalty.
But people don't trust the government, so how can you trust the government to hand out the death sentences?
I mean, certainly you're for the death penalty, most of you, so am I, but in Soviet Russia, would you be for Stalin handing out death sentences?
No, that's illegitimate.
When you get a corrupt government and corrupt courts and corrupt FBI, and you know they've been caught doing it, you know they've been caught running hit teams and running drugs, that's been confirmed, how do you then trust them to mete out so-called justice?
You can't.
It's an important issue.
Maybe we should discuss the death penalty.
I want to hear from you on the death penalty.
What do you think of this issue?
Do you understand where I'm going with this?
Look, it's like drugs.
I'm against drugs.
Other than caffeine.
I do drink coffee.
But I think illegal drugs are bad news.
So are big pharmas, pharmacological over-the-counter and prescription garbage.
But at the same time, we're forced to decriminalize because the government ships the drugs in to create the crisis.
The bigger the war on drugs gets, the more drugs, the more people in prison.
That's a fact, people.
So do you understand that I'm against drugs, but you can't be for having them be illegal because the government ships them in to create the crisis.
And that's a fact.
So what do you think about my take on that?
Toll-free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
I know this is an open format show and I don't usually go on particular topics, but I'd like to discuss these two issues.
The drug war, the death penalty, auto scans of Texans' face, fingerprints rejected, an incredible propaganda lie out of the Houston Chronicle.
Also, we'll talk about touchscreen voting fraud.
Now it's mainstream news.
We've got three guests coming up today.
I'll tell you about them when we get back.
A bunch of other news.
Just stay with us.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to another live edition of the World Wide Broadcast.
I have Tom Flacco, who's written for World Net Daily...
From the Wilderness Newsmax and Arco News, Judicial Watch, joining us at about 1245 Central Time, so about an hour and 30 minutes from now, and he'll be with us for the full third hour, but I wanted to have him on for part of the second hour.
Also, I have economist and best-selling author Michael Haga joining us at noon in about 51 minutes.
To talk about the economy and the dollar and what's happening to real estate and how this is all designed to consolidate wealth by the establishment that is not free market that operates as an organized crime syndicate.
And we have another guest coming up later I'll tell you a little bit more about as well.
I want to take calls on a bunch of subjects today.
They haven't found weapons of mass destruction, but don't worry, they're going to find some here pretty soon and say, see, we told you so.
I can see from what they're doing, that's the propaganda that they're setting up.
That's the play they're running on us right now.
Also, they found this alleged serial killer, the Louisiana serial killer,
After doing door-to-door DNA checks and highway DNA checks, that didn't help, but they did catch him up in Georgia.
And everybody's saying, oh, look how great DNA is.
But the government's been caught hundreds of times at state and federal level planting DNA evidence and sending innocent people to prison.
So how can you trust DNA?
Yes, DNA is about 99.99%.
But it's so easy to frame someone.
It's so easy to claim that you have results that are not accurate.
We have the former head of the FBI, Time Lamb, who quit a few years ago, refusing to go along with it.
And now they're having to throw out a lot of convictions.
So what do you do, what happens to law and order when the system itself is corrupt?
It came out a few months ago that in Boston, not only had the FBI in Boston, but it turned out nationwide used informants as hitmen, as drug dealers for them, had actually protected the mafia system-wide in the FBI.
So how do you trust the FBI?
See, this is the point we're making here.
And I already said it, I'll say it again.
I am for the death penalty.
I believe that in a perfect world, the death penalty is just.
I believe that a degenerate scumball like Jeffrey Dahmer needs to be executed.
But here's the problem.
You get people in governments like Hitler and Stalin and Mao and Pol Pot and Ho Chi Minh and Fidel Castro...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Obviously, I would say this government's illegitimate, and they are not competent to run trials or to impanel juries, which of course they didn't have, and to carry out executions.
And so now we have a government that wants to start doing all these federal executions and has built all these federal execution centers, and I read the headline yesterday out of Reuters, U.S.
Plans Death Camp.
This was first reported in the mail on Sunday in Australia on Sunday.
And they say they want to set up an execution mill at Guantanamo Bay.
No juries, no judge.
You can't face your accuser.
And some will say, oh, well, that's just for that group.
No, it's going to be for you, too.
The definition of terrorism gets wider and wider and wider, as the Deputy Attorney General of California said in the Oakland Tribune last week.
Protesting a war on terror is aiding terrorists.
You can be arrested as a terrorist.
See, it's widening now.
And it doesn't scare me.
It makes me angry.
It makes me want to fight this system and stand up against it.
So, understand, how do we then have a death penalty if we've got a government that cannot be trusted?
If we have a government that we know frames people and creates false evidence?
How can we have a drug war?
I'm against cocaine and heroin.
They're horrible, mind-destroying drugs.
But you've got 10 million people on Prozac, over 10 million on Ritalin-type drugs.
What are we going to do about that?
Those drugs kill more Americans every year, cause more side effects, more deaths.
Did you know those are the actual statistics?
Doctors kill more people in malpractice than all the illegal drugs do in this country.
So why do we have this drug war?
So men in black uniforms have a pretext to break down your door, so the feds can give them, the local police, the seized money to federalize them, so the CIA can ship in the heroin and cocaine, so they can break down the society and cause more crime, nine out of ten robberies drug-related.
So again, I'm against drugs, but I know the government ships them in to create the crisis.
I'm for the death penalty, but we can't have a death penalty with this corrupt government.
You begin to figure out how things work.
I'm certainly for a state death penalty, but you need to have massive evidence to do it.
There need to be strong rules in place.
But no, there should not be a federal death penalty, ladies and gentlemen.
It's unconstitutional.
It's dangerous.
You don't want a central government having that power.
Now, that's my take on these issues.
But this gets into the more intricate issues.
Systems that we're facing.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
Do you see where I'm going?
Do you disagree?
Do you agree?
Toll-free number to join me on this live Wednesday edition, 1-800-259-9231, and we'll get you up and on the air, 800-259-9231.
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But again, the toll-free number is 1-800-259-9231.
It is an open secret.
The government ships in the drugs, then lets your local police clean it up and militarize the system while they're at it.
It's clear the death penalty is good, but not when you have a criminal bankrupt government.
You disagree with me?
Do you agree?
Jumping into some of the news, yesterday I read a Washington Post headline where it said, suited for empire, the military victory in Iraq seems to have confirmed a new world order, not since Rome has one nation loomed so large above the others, indeed the word empire has come out of the closet.
Respected analysts of both left and right are beginning to refer to the American Empire approvingly and the dominant narrative of the 21st century.
So it's now a pride issue.
Oh, we're an empire.
But that empire is going to abuse you more than anyone else.
Don't think that here in the heart of the new Reich, the Fourth Reich, here in the homeland kingdom, you're going to be safe.
We're good to go.
I think?
They're going to make you thumbstand to buy and sell.
Your neighbors are going to be tattling and spying on you.
Protests won't be allowed unless you get special agreements.
It goes on and on.
This isn't a country we should be proud to live in.
We should change it.
We should move forward with the Bill of Rights and Constitution and make America better than it was, not worse than it was.
I hope you know where I'm going with this.
The California Aggie, and this, of course, is a college...
A college website says, After the fall of the Berlin Wall, President George Herbert Walker Bush ushered in what he called the New World Order.
The former president followed up his statement by invading Panama and then going to war with Iraq in the first Persian Gulf War.
Like his father, President George W. Bush, is aggressively pursuing his New World Order.
See, I'm glad everybody's talking about the New World Order now.
So when the FBI is sitting there teaching their training manuals to police that say a New World Order doesn't exist...
People are insane if they believe in it.
It says delusional.
The cops will go, wait a minute, I saw Tom Brokaw talk about it.
Well, wait a minute, it was in my newspaper.
Or maybe they won't.
Maybe they'll sit there and go, mm-hmm.
People are crazy if they talk about it.
Got an article here out of the Houston Chronicle.
It says, oh, Texas isn't going to...
Thumb scan and face scan you in the headline.
Later, in page two, they admit they already are, but it's a bizarre propaganda story.
It's this new tactic of denying what's already officially been going on for ten years in this state.
Ten years, and they're denying it in the Houston Chronicle because people are waking up and getting upset about it.
Also, got a bunch of news about them not finding weapons of mass destruction.
Well, they did dig up an anthrax dump that was buried underground.
That's coming up.
Some good news.
Governor Bill Owens in Colorado.
Okay, he's a bill barring the use of Mexican ID cards.
It's all coming up.
But your calls in the next segment.
Any of the issues I've mentioned.
What about the death penalty?
What about the drug war?
Do you see what I was saying with that?
Not a left-right issue.
It's the corruption of the government systemically breaking down all of the societal functions of a wholesome system and replacing it with pure evil.
We'll be right back.
Stay with me.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I'm for the death penalty.
I believe it's a good thing to kill once a jury of the individual's peers have found them guilty of some horrible offense like murdering a child.
I believe that's natural and wholesome and the Bible says so.
But the problem is, I don't think that Julius Caesar, Adolf Hitler, or George Bush...
Are proper heads of a government, and they're so corrupt, they cannot be trusted to run a government that carries out executions or trials.
So, therefore, I'm against the death penalty.
And they make this a whole left-right debate and an issue, and obviously the communists don't want a death penalty when they're taken over the country, as General Benton K. Parton has said, because they want to be able to get their people out of jail, just like Bill Clinton gave the communist bombers the waiver right before he left office and pardoned them.
Alex, how are you doing today?
I really just wanted to kind of touch on the drug war, and I...
Not necessarily the drugs themselves.
I agree with you that cocaine, heroin, crack, methamphetamines, I do agree with you that all of those drugs are bad.
And all of those drugs that you'll notice are synthetically made by humans.
Now, marijuana I don't consider to be personally a drug, and I think that's very important for people to understand that a lot of the drug laws, as they were put down as time passed, were not really made to stop the drugs.
Well, sir, let me stop you.
This whole line, and I agree with some of what you're going to say and what you've said, but look.
Nightshade grows naturally.
It'll kill you if you eat it, too much of it.
Cyanide shows up naturally, and that'll kill you.
So this line that marijuana isn't a drug is a joke.
Also, the marijuana George Washington smoked...
According to historical reports, you'd have to smoke about ten pipe loads of it to even mellow yourself out.
The marijuana today is so strong, it's full of so much THC that it's become a mild hallucinogen and it turns a lot of kids into little deadbeats.
Oh, I'm not going to argue with you on the fact that it's not a drug.
I'm more...
I definitely agree with you that children and people of a young age should not be smoking marijuana or doing any other drugs for that matter.
Yeah, you just decriminalize it.
You don't make it legal, you decriminalize it.
You don't put a kid in juvenile hall because they were found with a marijuana cigarette and then have some gang member rape them and give them HIV.
I agree with that.
My thing more than that is, I don't know, I recommend for all the viewers, or all the listeners out there, is that everybody sees a documentary called Glass, narrated by Woody Harrelson, and it really points out in detail how the government used marijuana when it first started coming in with the Mexican immigrants.
Marijuana was really made more of a legal to discriminate against the immigrants.
Well, that's partially true, but have you seen the film, what is it, Weed?
I think I have.
Yeah, I think that's the one with Harrelson.
It's an excellent documentary.
Yes, that's the one I'm talking about, yes.
And like you're saying, I mean, through the 50s when heroin was becoming a scare, they attached marijuana to that, and the more and more this goes on, it's more of a war.
It turns what should be more of like a medical issue.
Well, sir, the reason they really hate marijuana and spend almost more money going after pot than they do cocaine and heroin is because that's a crop that's grown domestically that the CIA doesn't control.
They control heroin and cocaine.
They ship that trash in here, and it makes me,
Want to puke!
So I agree with you on the issues you raised.
Mike, anything else?
No, I mean...
I want to say, I guess another point, I see myself being against the death penalty just because of the fact that I really don't see it as a detractor from violence.
Oh, yes it is.
It is an incredible deterrent.
The death penalty is a good thing if it's done by the states or locally, not federally.
And now you can't believe anything this federal government hands down because of all the DNA fraud they've been involved in.
That's my point.
We've got to get rid of the federal death penalty because this government can't be trusted.
Yeah, I mean, with the way the death penalty's set up now, I mean, I agree with you that the death penalty under circumstances is a good thing and can be used as a good thing, but the way that the government has a society set up now, I mean, black males, the way the drugs are shipped in and the way the police are set up, it's almost like it's
The courts are so corrupt, and judges even admit this, and the government's been caught framing so many people that you can... Again, folks, would you be for the death penalty in Stalin's Russia?
No, because Stalin's corrupt.
But we have a corrupt government trying to set up that same system, and they can't be trusted.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
And now they've reported, again, U.S.
death camp plan.
They're admitting they want to build death camps now.
Mainstream news.
Folks, we better stand up against this now.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
until 2 p.m.
Central Time.
I do this show and then back from 9 to midnight.
Thanks for joining me today.
We're talking about... I've got a bunch of other news about the war on terror and the Second Amendment and the police state and the National ID card and all the rest of it.
That's coming up.
And Michael Haga on the economy in about 27 minutes.
An economist, best-selling author.
And then I've got Tom Flacco, writer for World Net Daily, from the Wilderness Newsmax, to come on to talk about the hearings.
He went to the 9-1-1 hearings.
Now evidence has come out the White House was on the phone with the FAA an hour before the hijackings even began and some type of weird coordination.
That's why Bush is scrambling to make everything that's already been public classified.
I mean, these smoking guns are getting so big.
These red flags are getting so huge that no one can avoid it or ignore it.
That's coming up as well next hour, so stay with us.
Right now, we're talking about the death penalty.
I'm for the death penalty, but I'm not for a corrupt government like Adolf Hitler's government or Joseph Stalin's government administering it, and when our government gets caught planning DNA evidence, falsifying evidence...
I then have to say that I am against having a federal death penalty because they cannot be trusted.
Their courts cannot be trusted.
And now they want these warrantless arrests.
You don't have a public trial.
They have a military tribunal.
They can execute citizens secretly.
And I talked about that out of Reuters, the Mail on Sunday, and other publications yesterday.
plans death camp was the headline.
So, I am firmly against the federal death penalty, and I don't think DNA evidence should be admissible, because state and federal government has been caught planning evidence so many times.
Same thing with the drug war.
I'm against drugs.
They're legal drugs, over-the-counter.
Stuff can be dangerous.
The prescription stuff's even worse.
Causes more carnage, statistics show, than illegal drugs.
But I'm against cocaine and heroin, too.
And the CIA ships it in, controls the cartels, uses it to create crime.
They then militarize and corrupt our police.
So we've got to decriminalize.
The better the drug war, the more drugs.
Omar in New York, and then Bob and others.
Omar, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Uh, Omar, I missed.
But, uh...
You know, America is the most technologically advanced nation on the planet, yet we still engage in barbarity and savagery.
You know, like, I figure that you should take the criminals, once it's been proven that they're criminals, they don't commit these vile acts or whatever, put them on the island with their own kind.
And, you know, never let them off.
You know, that's an idea that's been tried before.
It's just like, you know, they think they're exempt from the same things they want to put us under.
And then, like, the analogy you made about Caesar, when he washed his hands, you know, and put it back in the people's lap to kill Jesus.
Yeah, Pontius Pilate, yeah.
Pontius is playing different.
Roman governor, you got it.
Right, right.
So why should we become the thing that we hate?
That's where I'm at with it.
Another thing I wanted to bring up, I heard something about they said...
Snipers on the East Coast, they used the Bushmaster .223 rifle, and then they made another distinction when they said Master Bush .322.
Would that happen to be his lodge number or something like that?
Well, yes it is.
There was also a Death's Head Skull and Bones card left.
Witnesses saw white men in white vans
And under the Northwoods document, page 9, the U.S.
government terror plan calls for sniper attacks in D.C.
and then even tells the feds how to frame patsies.
And you've got Malvo with his eyes the size of saucers running around yelling, I mean, it's got mind control written all over it, which is an admitted government program.
And as usual, the other guy's a Gulf War vet just like McVeigh.
So it's the same story over and over and over and over again, Omar.
We can't say for a fact what happened there, but we know what's happened with the other terror attacks.
And we know who has the motive as a political distraction.
We know who launched the anthrax attack.
That was the CIA.
And so these are the issues we have to face.
But, yeah, a lot of numerology, a lot of key things left at the scene, letting folks know where this came from.
Omar, thanks for the call.
All right, have a good one.
Appreciate it, sir.
Bob in New York.
Bob, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
How you doing, Alex?
Fine, sir.
Hey, just like you, I am for the death penalty, except I kind of, like, change it a little bit for myself.
What I would call for is the death penalty for treason.
And in that, I would include individuals that have been in government and gone to the corporate world, from the corporate world back into government.
If that makes any sense to you.
Well, I'll say this.
Again, when you talk about a federal level, central government, it's dangerous to ever have a federal government that can carry out executions, period.
So even if we convicted all these traitors that gave supercomputers to China and nuclear weapons systems to North Korea and others, I would not be for the death penalty after they were indicted and tried by a jury and convicted because...
Well, in terms of, like, the low-level death penalty, I have so many issues.
You know, you're exactly right when you say, you know, so many times the cops are under pressure to solve the case, and they haul somebody out of the dregs of society and say, yeah, he did it.
And then later on we find out, I mean, there's a reason why a Republican governor of, what is it, somewhere in the Midwest, just said, I'm going to stay all executions because I can't trust the judicial system.
And the neocons get on the air and say that's wrong, that's evil, when they're not conservative at all.
And this is the point I continue to try to make, Bob.
It's just a fine line.
You get so angry with what they're doing in terms of selling America down the river.
Well, it's simple.
You wouldn't say that Joseph Stalin could have death penalty powers against the public because Joseph Stalin's a thug.
What if we just tied it just to government officials?
Yeah, but then they would use that against each other, you see.
That's why we have a Constitution Bill of Rights, is to limit the scope and power of government.
We have a separation of powers, and we're losing that under Homeland Security, and they are taking those type of powers under themselves.
I appreciate the call, Bob.
More calls coming up here in a minute at 1-800-259-9231.
Let me get into some more of this news.
Because there are so many important facets that we need to go over.
Iran denies secret nuclear sites.
Al-Qaeda links.
This is out of Reuters.
Iran on Wednesday denied U.S.
allegations that it had secret atomic facilities or links with al-Qaeda and accused Washington of double standards in the war on terror.
officials have increased pressure on Tehran in recent days, accusing it of taking insufficient steps to root out members of al-Qaeda in Iran who may have played a role in suicide bombings in Saudi Arabia earlier this month.
For those that don't know, Iran doesn't like al-Qaeda.
It's a different branch.
They've been in fights with them.
And they know they're the CIA and have tried to keep them out.
It's just totally made up like the weapons of mass destruction claim.
Foreign Minister Spokesman Hamid Razieh, ASEF.
...said a handful of suspects were still being questioned, and it was not yet clear whether they could include senior members of some of Bin Laden's network who may have been known about Riyadh attacks.
White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said on Tuesday the arrest had not quelled U.S.
concerns that senior al-Qaeda members were still in Iran.
See, these convenient bombings of a former car law group company, not admitted to this day, CIA front, the Times of London said those bombings a few weeks ago,
We're good to go.
On the contrary, we believe America is not serious about fighting terrorism.
It adopts a double standard of policy in confronting them, which shows its indecision in dealing with terrorists, he told Reuters.
Iran has expressed concerns that the United States has not definitely dealt firmly with its main opposition threat, the Iraq-based People's Majahideen militia, despite the fact that it is listed as a terrorist organization by the State Department.
Yeah, to the contrary, our government has just hired them in a new Rumsfeld plan and given them amnesty to start attacking Iran.
But in the news the last two weeks, dozens of times, admitted.
Washington, which broke ties with Tehran shortly after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, has also accused Iran of interfering in neighboring Iraq, as leader Saddam Hussein was overthrown by U.S.-led forces last month.
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said in comments published on Tuesday the United States would not allow Iraq's neighbors to remain in Iran's image.
Senior U.S.
policymakers are due to hold a meeting in Iran on Thursday, with the Pentagon reportedly pushing for a tougher line, including actions to destabilize its critical rulers.
Thirty-four people, including eight Americans, died in the Saudi attacks on May 12, blamed by Washington on al-Qaeda.
So you got that situation.
Some good news here.
This is out of the Rocky Mountain News.
Owens okays bill barring you some Mexican ID cards.
Now, he said he wouldn't do this six months ago.
He's doing it because 80-plus percent of Coloradans, including most Hispanics, want the borders shut, want illegals deported, want the infrastructure protected.
Owens okays bill barring use of Mexican ID cards on land security cited in rejecting consular papers.
Governor Bill Owens signed a controversial bill into law Friday that bars Colorado states and local government officials from recognizing the matricula identification cards now issued by Mexican consulates and Polish consulates and Nicaraguan consulates and now over 100 consulates.
Owens defended the legislation, but he quickly disavowed himself from Representative Tom Tancredo's use of the photo of Mexican President Sidney Fox on a mock ID card to criticize their use.
President Fox is a friend of the governor, and they have met on a number of occasions, said Donna Hopkins, press secretary for Owens.
Yeah, so, I mean, they got federal and state laws that illegals can't be in your state, but they won't arrest them as they mass and take all the jobs and march and protest and take over day labor sites.
So just because I was going to sign this law doesn't mean anything's going to be done.
You've got to continue to hold the feet to the fire.
So it's very important.
Some view it as anti-Hispanic.
See how they try to make it racial?
But 80-plus percent of Hispanics now in major polls want the borders controlled.
They're not dumb.
They're just as American as anybody else.
They know there's 400-plus million Latin Americans coming this way who will work for $2 an hour.
What's that going to do to our wages?
What's that going to do to our infrastructure?
What's that going to do to housing?
What's that going to do to sovereignty?
Again, some viewed it as anti-Hispanic.
On Friday, Mexico's U.S.
Ambassador Juan Jose Bremer fired off a letter to Tancredo calling his behavior neither acceptable nor honorable.
Tancredo said there was nothing anti-Hispanic about the proposition.
The dispute involves the growing use of the cards which are issued by Mexican consulates to their citizens.
Whether they are legal or illegal in this country, many banks and other businesses now recognize the cards for identification purposes.
It's a federal law, folks!
It's state laws.
If you try to... Folks, I live here in Texas.
I've been in Mexico many times.
If you look at a federal Iran, they'll knock your teeth out, torture you for a month, extort $50,000 out of your family.
They will shoot you.
They will confiscate your truck or van or car if they like it.
They'll put you in dirt floor cells.
They'll rape your wife.
They're about as corrupt as it gets.
It's almost like North Korea down there.
But that's okay.
Oh, that's okay.
They'll beat you up and call you a gringo if you're white.
But that's okay.
It's not a racial thing.
It is racial, or at least nationalistic with Mexico.
But America is not supposed to defend its sovereignty.
DNA pinpoints.
Louisiana serial killer police say FBI and Louisiana police are searching for a 34-year-old man.
They say he's identified by DNA as a serial killer who murdered five South Louisiana women from September 2001 through this March.
It says Derek Todd Lee, 34, of St.
Francisville, Louisiana, was charged with first degree murder, aggravated rape, and a warrant obtained Monday by a federal and state task force.
...of four other South Louisiana women.
Lee was charged after a 10-month DNA dragnet, which police sought and obtained DNA evidence from an estimated 1,000 South Louisiana men, compared it with evidence found at murder sites.
So see, now they need to have DNA dragnets where they, give me your DNA, give me your blood, or I'm arresting you.
At checkpoints and door-to-door, and according to the Louisiana papers, it was a lot more than that.
I think USA Today is wrong.
I think it was over 5,000 people were forcibly tested.
So, now this is happening, and here's the problem.
The guy may be guilty.
The problem is, we've got this, conviction tossed out, FBI lab misconduct.
This is AP.
I'll tell you about that when we get back after this quick break, and we'll go to more calls with Michael Haga, economist on the economy and best-selling author.
And then we've got Tom Flacco, who's been inside the hearings with shocking new 911 revelations that, believe me, you want to hear.
That's coming up in about 45 minutes or a little bit longer.
You'll hear it the next hour.
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Again, make the call, get the videos.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
All right, let's go back to the calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mark in Canada.
Mark, you're on the air.
Welcome, sir.
Hello, Alex.
How you doing?
Very well, sir.
What's on your mind today?
Well, I was at the automatic teller machine, the bank machine, the other day.
Thinking about the cashless society control grid you always talk about.
And on a whim, I stuck my driver's license into the bank machine.
And it thought it was a bank card.
I went through.
I picked my account.
I selected the amount I wanted.
It asked if I wanted a receipt.
I said yes.
And when I asked for the money, it told me that there was something wrong with it and that I should try another machine.
Yeah, they're already being set up.
There's a whole town in Canada where everybody thumb scans.
That was on MSNBC.
They've got all the stores to put it in.
Arlington, Texas is saying it's not the law, but stores, quote, have to make you thumb scan.
They're putting them in.
There's a county outside Denver that's trying to do it.
People aren't going along with it.
And so, yeah, this is happening everywhere, sir.
Yeah, I tried it also down in Portland, Oregon.
It worked there, too.
Or it didn't work, but it did think it was a bank card.
Well, they're designed, sir, as national ID cards to buy and sell with them.
That's a federal admission.
So, yes, it must be going on in Canada, too.
Yeah, amazing.
One more note about something that's going on in Canada.
They're trying to foster this phony anti-Americanism.
We've got some of these nitwit politicians out there calling George Bush a moron and other things.
Well, yeah, this is what the New World Order does.
It plays good cop, bad cop.
It energizes the left and the socialist by his actions, and then it also keeps the right in line while the whole agenda moves forward.
There's no difference in action, only in rhetoric.
Yeah, exactly.
While they synchronize our social services plans and plan to adopt a common currency.
So while they'll use anti-Americanism as if America did all this, no, America's been hijacked by the New World Order.
That's it.
So when you read a headline that says the U.S.
is going to attack these people, those people, the U.S.
has been hijacked, being used as the muscle for this New World Order.
Thanks a lot, Mark.
Wesley in Texas, you're on the air.
Wesley, welcome.
One of your staunchest supporters here in Houston.
I just wanted to let you know I was thrilled to see your comprehensive annual financial reports exposed today.
On public access on Channel 17 at 3 p.m.
Memorial Day.
Wow, that was a good time to have it on.
I know.
I was really happy.
Also, I wanted to point out, Jesus once said something about the death penalty.
He said, who kills by the sword must be killed by the sword.
And I think that's just purely a practical thing.
Well, my whole point is the death penalty...
For really bad people, it's obviously a good thing, but you can't trust a corrupt government to carry this out.
That's the problem.
You're absolutely right.
After that, he said, who leadeth into captivity.
Here's the problem.
Big prisons are factories for more crime.
And look at the facts.
The facts are here.
More crime, more prisons, more drugs.
And the bigger it gets, the more liberties we lose.
And now we're all treated like criminals.
I think the state should only have the power of death.
And I think it's like no quarter, no half measures.
If somebody's vile and wicked enough...
Then you have to put them to death.
But when you put them in prison, all that does is create a situation where, oh, that's merciful.
It's okay to put somebody in prison because they walked on the grass.
They put nonviolent people in prison.
They come out hardened thugs.
It's a historical fact.
And I wanted to also recommend the Socratic method to you because when you directly oppose somebody's argument, it causes their ego to puff up and cuts off the circulation to their brain.
Yeah, they think you're trying to put them down, so tell us about the Socratic method.
Well, Joseph Chilton Pierce wrote a book called The Crack in the Cosmic Egg and Exploring the Crack in the Cosmic Egg.
We'll be right back.
It's amazing.
Ted Pike's monumental new video, Why the M├ętis Bleeds, exposes the two main causes of international Arab terrorism.
First, a century of Zionist abuses, an atrocity against Palestinians.
Second, evangelicals.
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks.
We've got economist Michael Hager coming on.
Talk about the economy, obviously.
Then I've got Tom Flacco, who's a journalist, sat in on the whitewash hearings and some incredible new revelations on September 11th, coming up in about 45 minutes.
And we've got more of your calls here as well.
We're good to go.
I think?
Unless you've really got a hard egg, as they say, who just wants to deny it, you've got to show them how they're threatened by the New World Order, and later they'll wake up on their own.
That's the point I've made.
Just because somebody laughs at the time you warn them, later they're going to run into the New World Order and remember what you said.
Finishing up real quick, Wesley in Houston, go ahead.
Theocratic method is just simply to ask leading questions gently.
And if you argue with somebody, the fact is you can actually induce hallucinations in these people.
They will continue to see.
Whatever it is that isn't really there.
I mean, really, it's cognitive dissonance.
It's so scary, they don't want to believe it.
There are too many laws.
I think we should just have one more law, and that being that nobody...
...is allowed to hurt anyone else unnecessarily, especially with the law.
Yeah, mutual aggression, Drew.
Use the jury.
We have to have our juries back.
We've got to have our grand juries back that have been made into rubber stamps for the government.
Thanks for the call.
You bet.
Good to hear from you.
Let's talk to Don in Georgia.
Don, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, good afternoon, Alex.
How are you doing?
Very well, very well, considering.
I just wanted to let you and your listeners know that I had a really weird visit yesterday...
In South Georgia, where I live, they've taken a portion of the sheriff's department from all the surrounding areas and kind of condensed them into one drug squad.
Yeah, multi-jurisdictional task force.
Well, I have some children over I'm watching for the summer and everything.
I had about seven or eight children here yesterday with my own.
And I was in the house fixing him lunch, and all of a sudden, you know, there was a helicopter like right there on top of our roof.
And I thought, well, you know, they're doing their, you know, nosy pass, and so no big deal.
Well, it didn't go away.
It stayed right there.
And so I went outside to see what was going on.
By the way, I want to make this point, and I'll hold you over if I have to.
They'll have a helicopter for five minutes over your house for a drug raid, which endangers the officers.
It's like they're idiots or something.
Go ahead.
Oh, yeah.
This guy stayed right over my house.
The whole thing lasted over an hour.
The whole time... We live on a farm, you know, in the country, and you can't see our road.
You can't see the road from our driveway.
You have to go down our driveway halfway, and then you'll finally see our house.
So what happened next?
Well, so, you know...
You know, the kids were saying, man, you could shoot that thing out of the air.
I said, no, and don't even talk like that.
I said, you know, half the time they can hear what you're saying.
I said, you don't have to worry about the guy in the sky.
You've got to worry about who's fixing to come down the road for reinforcements.
And sure enough, in just a little bit, here come two brand new, you know, dually crew cabs, and they were unmarked.
I mean, they were nice, shiny chrome.
So what did they do?
What did they do?
They came down and they said we saw something suspicious from the air.
And I asked them if they had a warrant.
I said, well, you know, maybe this is where I should tell you all to leave if you don't have a warrant.
And they said no.
Or maybe I should say that's where I want my lawyer called or anything.
But my husband, who's recently passed away, knew the guy through his business and everything.
But I said, you know, Rex, I don't believe you're going to find anything here.
I said, I have nothing to hide.
So you all are welcome to look.
I wouldn't have done that.
See, that violates the Fourth Amendment.
It creates that perception.
So what happened next?
Well, what I want to go into is... All right, well, stay there.
Stay there.
I'll briefly let you finish on the other side.
But this is our new wondrous free country.
You even know them and they still... No!
No, it's not if you have anything to hide, let us look.
It's out of the Fourth Amendment.
My kids aren't going to grow up in a police state.
Get out of here.
I'm going to sue you, buddy.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, for those that just joined us, Dawn's in Georgia.
Her husband just passed away.
It's the summer.
She's there at her home in the country.
Helicopter's over her house for an hour.
She's keeping some of the neighbor's children as well as hers.
And then two big, shiny, dark, doodly trucks pull up with the police.
They don't bother having a warrant.
They just say, we saw something suspicious.
And she makes the big mistake of saying, well, I have nothing to hide.
Well, they do, and it's a violation of the Fourth Amendment, one of the big laws, one of what America's all about.
What happened next, Don, when you said that?
Well, you know, the one guy that was the head of the squad, he kind of stayed there and talked to me the whole time.
I was talking about, you know, the United Nations and their laws and what's going on.
And I even went in the house and I said, you know, I said, I'm being courteous to you, and we're neighbors.
And, you know, I would like you to do something for me.
Ma'am, how much land do you have?
Seventy acres.
Oh, this is all about your property.
That's what I was going to say.
They had white trucks with dark windows, but do you know what was on the front of these?
Now, these trucks, Drug Squad couldn't have had them for more than two weeks.
They're brand new.
They used to have these black Blazers, but now they've got these white trucks.
But do you know what was on the front of each, on the license plate on each one of the trucks?
Was it the local land commissioner?
No, sir.
It was the Skull and Crossbones.
They were flying the Jolly Rogers on their front bumper stickers.
For those who don't know, the Nazis did that.
When men in black uniforms start wearing the Jolly Rogers, you better watch out.
That's what I told the guy.
I said, you know, I don't know if this is a subtle hint or if you guys don't realize what's going on,
I said, but do you realize with your forfeiture and seizure laws, and then you're flying the Jolly Roger flag?
It's piracy.
I said, don't you get the connection?
And I went in and I got your tape, 9-11, The Road to Tyranny.
And I asked him, would he please watch it?
You know, I would give it to him.
I said, I just want you to have it.
I'm a good citizen.
And I said, I want you to be a good officer.
And he wouldn't take it.
He read the back of it and he said, no, I can't.
I can't.
And I said...
What do you mean you can't?
So what are they doing?
You have them in your house?
No, I never let them in my house.
Good job.
And I told them, see, since my husband's died, people have called D-Fax on me.
People have called the health department on me.
What's DFACS?
Department of Children and Family Services.
Of course.
This is the new... So, folks, for those that don't know, this is the new America.
Let me stop you.
Let me stop you.
Let me stop you, Don.
This is the new America.
You've got a widow on her 70 acres in Goons wanting to get the property with skull and bones on their license plates.
And what's even worse is, now listen...
They went back in the very back, and we've got about 30 acres in the back that's just all old natural timber with oak trees on the edge of a pond and everything.
So we've let the Boy Scouts go out there and have camp outs and this, that, and the other.
One of the officers came back, and he said, there's something suspicious back there.
And I said, sir, can you tell me please what's suspicious?
We make that available to our friends and their children.
And what was suspicious was the campground
With two metal cans, one of them was an old gasoline can and the other one was an old denatured alcohol can.
That they'll use to put gas in if they can't start their bonfire out there.
Of course.
Let me stop you.
You heard about Eugene, Oregon, where they raid the end of the street in the neighborhood.
Don't find anything.
Go ahead and arrest people for a cooking timer and a bag of potting soil in their garden.
This is the new America.
Let me tell you why I knew it was about property.
Almost everybody I know that owns a couple hundred acres has had a SWAT team visit.
And what they do is they come out looking for stuff.
The problem is in California they usually shoot you.
Then they get the land themselves.
They've been caught in news reports.
This has been the mainstream news.
Before they raid you, getting the land assessed for its value.
So we're only a few steps away from them killing you and taking your land.
So he starts saying this is suspicious.
Did you bow up to this bullier?
Yes, sir.
I said, I wonder.
I try to be cordial and I try to be polite.
But I'm with you.
That doesn't get you anywhere with these people.
They're criminals.
But I told him, I said, well, I wonder if they went in your house, how much they would find that was suspicious.
I said, you know, this is just stuff that we normally use for cleaning supplies or we normally use for recreation.
But what blew my mind was they're flying the pirate flag.
I mean, wake up, people.
Wait, this thug says this.
You should have said, hey, you're here on my property without a warrant.
I'm being nice to you, and you're looking for stuff to get me in trouble.
This is a free country.
I can have a gasoline can where we have a bonfire on our own 70 acres.
Now, you get out of here, you thug.
You know what?
We're so nice to these thugs.
These criminals think they're okay.
It's like the rapist who rapes women and goes, oh, they really like it.
No, we don't really like it, and we're sick of you, you drug-dealing filth.
So what happened next?
Well, you know, they were real nice, and they said, you know, we appreciate your cooperation.
Oh, they're trash.
And that's what, you know, and I told the children, all the children were there, and we had, see, I homeschool my children.
And they've called GCF on you.
They're real nice.
Oh, absolutely.
But see, my children read better than their friends.
What did the child grabbing services do to you after your husband died?
Well, I... By the way, the hospitals have tracking records of that.
They know when a woman's alone.
They attack like predators when you're weak.
They're child kidnapping trash.
But I had some run-ins with the IRS, so I know a little bit about these alphabet soup agencies.
You've had lots of fun in this free country.
And I go out with my yellow pad...
And before they come in, I have to see their identification.
And their, you know, their, you know, something as far as... You don't let them in your house, period.
So what happened?
So the guys got back in their trucks with their skull and crossbones and drove off.
And I told the children, I said, you know, years ago, those, because they flew the Jolly Roger flag, that meant that they didn't have to obey a law.
That meant that anything they could wrestle from you, by sword or by gun, was theirs.
And I said, you know, this is our police.
And, you know, it was really neat.
I mean, I think God was in it because there were all these children and these cops weren't nice.
You know, they were just like, you know, big, you know, like you say, big bullies, you know, just go, oh, we have a right beer.
They come out and the only way that you know that they're the law...
It's because they have their shiny badge and they have their gold.
They're only a step away.
They're now recruiting illegals, criminals, you name it, and they've caught them in California.
They're only a step away from walking you to the back of your house, blowing the back of your head off, and throwing down a bag of marijuana and taking your land and moving into it with their fat, stinking bellies.
Well, I want you to know he would not take your 9-11...
The Road to Tyranny tape.
Cowardly criminal.
But I told them, I said, you know... And I'll say they're criminals because they're in a widow's house without a warrant, violating the Constitution, snooping around.
They make me sick.
And if widows getting bullied with children by the IRS and by child grabbing services and by SWAT teams with skull and bones insignia, if you don't know that ain't America, people, there's something wrong with you.
I'm sorry, Don.
I just am sick of it.
I am too.
God bless you.
And listen...
You don't know how many people out here you've woke up.
I give your tapes away.
Yeah, I want you to make 100 copies, and I want you to tell the neighbors that story and say, we need you to make 100 copies, and for them to make 100 copies, let's have 10,000 copies of my video in that area so people know what they're dealing with.
Let's expose the criminals.
Well, it makes me sick, and like I said, there were these big, white, shiny trucks, and the only black beside their smoked-out windows...
Was the big old, I'm telling you, it was the skull and crossbones on the front of their truck.
And I thought, you know, well, and I asked the guy, I said, is that supposed to, you know, be the new, you know, to serve and protect?
I said, is that supposed to give us the warm, safe feeling?
And what did this grease bag say?
Oh, you know, he was just doing his job, and they had something suspicious, and I said, well, where did you see something?
I would have said, answer the question.
Why do you have a Nazi symbol, a symbol of murder and mayhem and piracy, on your vehicle?
You face it!
You answer the question, you weak-minded rat!
I wish I just had your grasp for what
You know, what it means.
I mean, mine's pretty good compared to some of the people I know.
But I just admire people that can pull out from history the facts that you just can't dispute.
When they start wearing black uniforms and skull and crossbones, look out.
Absolutely, you know.
Black ski masks.
Give me a break, folks.
It's about intimidation.
They're good guys.
It's about anonymity for their criminal activities.
Bank robbers, terrorists, thugs, child molesters, robbers, wear masks.
Don, if these thugs give you any problems, give me a call.
God bless you, sir.
I appreciate the call.
All right, thank you.
Folks, if this doesn't make you mad, something's wrong with you, and it happens all the time.
She's lucky they didn't spray machine gun fire into those children and plant a gun on her.
They do it all the time.
Makes me want to puke.
Ron in New York, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Hey, Ron, what's up?
I don't know how I top a call like that.
That's some story.
I'll tell you one thing.
They were nice compared to most areas.
Oh, are you kidding?
Yeah, well... It was in the newspaper out in Eugene, Oregon.
A school teacher tried to leave.
They had the road blocked off.
And she said, you know, the raid had been going on for four hours.
She said, I need to back out and go to school.
Nothing was found.
Is that okay, officer?
I hadn't killed anybody in two weeks.
With a mask on, no insignia, and they still arrested the people's houses for cooking timers, for potting soil in their garden.
Well, I'm going to move on in a moment to my original comments.
But I'll say this, as far as that situation with that woman I just called, two things that stood out, very glaring.
Go ahead.
Hey, one of these individuals was somebody that she knew her husband conducted business with, so there was something of a friendship or an acquaintance there, and guess what?
Yeah, they knew they had 70 acres.
Hold on a second.
In the final analysis, when it boiled down to it, the fact that she knew that family and he was friends with them meant nothing to him.
Okay, people got to realize that.
These are not your friends any more than the rattlesnake you may keep as a domestic pet in an aquarium.
They train them.
Hold on, I'll let you finish.
They train them how to lie, how to make us feel good.
They train them as criminals.
That's true.
There is a certain degree of training there in something called verbal judo, how to basically stroke people.
That's a term that's used, in fact, to get what you want from them.
The second thing that came out is... Yeah, it's what criminals do to let a woman... to get a woman to let them in the car.
We talk their way into an apartment, right, and do something.
Hey, baby, wanna take a... Hey, child, I got some candy.
Want some candy?
They're criminals!
Stay there, I'll let you finish up, and we'll go to... We'll go to Curtis in Louisiana and others.
I am outraged, and if you aren't, there's something wrong with you.
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Something about men in their black uniforms with their skull and bones.
Alright, I'm angry.
Garbage makes me mad.
Widows cornered with children, and she's being nice to them, has some suspicions back there.
How do we get this land?
I'm going to get it.
It's going to be mine.
There was a story out north of Los Angeles, and the park service kept trying to buy this guy's 400-plus acres.
It's family land.
He had no criminal record, a great member of the community, his wife out there, they lived.
They kept saying, you better sell it to us, you better sell it to us.
He refused, and police came out.
No drugs, no nothing, they just shot him dead.
And then the wife, the widow, fought him.
And the police, the evidence shows, witnesses saw police vehicles leaving, caught their house on fire, burned it down.
Last time I checked, they'd gotten the land.
So she couldn't pay the property tax.
They'll get your land because they love you.
It's about fighting Al-Qaeda.
You're not with Al-Qaeda, are you?
We're just fighting terror now.
That's all we're doing.
Let's go ahead now and take a call.
Let's go back to Ron in New York.
Let him finish up.
We're trying to make a point, Ron.
Go ahead.
Then you go to a judge and get a warrant.
And you say, I have children.
I want to live in a free country.
I don't trust you not to plant something with police records.
You want this land.
You go get a warrant.
You follow the Constitution.
Our veterans have fought and died for.
Why are you walking on the graves of our veterans?
That's a reference to that.
Next thing I'm moving along to is, here in the city of New York, I've called you about this before, the police commissioner keeps making high-level appointments.
And he keeps...
Drafting, I guess, or he keeps getting people from the intelligence community.
I think they used to call them spooks at one time.
Yeah, you got the Mossad people, you got former Mossad security, you got CIA people.
CIA, left and right.
The NYPD, a local police department, is becoming saturated with former spooks from the intelligence community, in particular the CIA.
This place is going to be a substation for the CIA.
Well, it already has been.
was their first major substation, totally run by the mid-'60s by the CIA.
They started the SWAT teams, started it all there.
That's so they can more control the street market and narcotics and child slaves.
And nothing but continuous expansion and growth of these joint task forces.
And it disappeared right off the radar screen very quick over here in New York.
The third thing, are you familiar with something called the U.N.
System of Accounting?
Well, not particularly under that term.
I was watching a documentary, and I remembered this about ten years ago, and it would only air once on PBS and never again, in which they say that, at least at that time you could go to the U.N.
and see the volumes of this economic theory, that the U.N., okay?
...enforces an economic system on each country that the system must conform and harmonize... Sir, that's the OECD, the Organization of Economic OECD, Cooperative Development, shut up during the Marshall Plan.
That's right.
And it says that the tax at the world level has to be 87%.
And if, in fact, you have a society that is not consumer-oriented or could be exploited in some way, even if the country is the most decent country on Earth, you just don't meet those economic standards...
You'll wind up having economic sanctions or embargoes placed against you.
Or a private bank invasion force.
Yeah, it's OECD.
They say the world taxation will be set at 85% to 87%.
Thanks for the call.
Total control.
I'm fully aware of it.
Just wanted to do that term.
Thank you.
Let's talk to Curtis in Louisiana.
All right.
Go ahead, sir.
Alex, I heard a disturbing radio broadcast today with Sam Donaldson.
They were talking about this female soldier who had got court-martialed for not taking the anthrax vaccine.
It was smallpox and she was breastfeeding, that one?
I caught it at the end.
Yeah, I don't know which one you're talking about.
They're mainly going after... Yeah, they say don't give the... The Bible says don't give it to breastfeeding women or pregnant women, but they're demanding and holding them down and injecting them.
Well, the thing that got me is one lady called in and was saying that her son was in, and she said, well, if it means the safety of my son, you know, I might have, you know, deformed grandchildren, you know, but as long as it's the safety of my son.
And one guy was in there saying, well, you know, the military rule is you obey orders and you...
I guess that means that Hitler was good then, and I guess the Nazis were good at just following orders.
Sure, real quick, and we've got a guest coming up.
Stay there, my friend.
I'll let you finish up briefly.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Alex Jones.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Don't worry.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a curtain ring of fire.
Tom Flacco is coming up in about 15 minutes.
Or even less than that, in about 12 minutes.
He sat in on the hearings that were public that Bush now wants to make classified.
Turns out the White House is on the phone with the FAA.
An hour before the hijackings even began, doing some weird operation.
The government was running a drill of flying hijacked jet airliners into buildings.
That's AP as well that morning from the CIA headquarters.
Just some of that nice stuff for you, your loving government that's got the police in black uniforms wearing skull patches.
That's coming up.
Believe me, you don't want to miss this interview.
And I know we've got a lot of callers.
Real quick, because then I've got another guest that's on for just a few minutes.
Curtis, you wanted to finish your point.
Go ahead.
Yeah, this point is about the microchip.
As far as I understand it, if you take the microchip, then you have the mark of the beast.
Is that true?
It's up for debate, but this whole system, the biometric cashless society system, is a totally dehumanizing program.
It's to track and trace and tax you at a very high level.
For the World ID Card System, and it needs to be resisted.
But not according to Pat Robertson, the chip isn't a problem now.
Go ahead and take it.
But obviously, obviously it's bad news, and a world government system wants you to take a chip to buy and sell.
They're promoting it in the news, so we see where this is going.
Well, what I was thinking is that if it does say that in the Bible, that that's the mark of the beast, you can just say that because of your religious beliefs that you don't want to take it.
Oh, yeah, and the FBI's training police that Christians are terrorists.
See, that's the problem.
Hey, Curtis, I appreciate the call.
Good points.
All right, thanks.
You bet.
Before I go to our next guest, I just want to remind the listeners that I have produced nine documentary films.
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And take advantage of that three-tape or four-tape or five-tape special.
Let's now go to a special guest.
I appreciate joining me on short notice.
Good friend of mine.
Great sponsor of this show.
And then in about eight minutes, we've got Tom Flacco, who's been covering the 9-1-1 whitewash hearings with some real stuff slipped through the cracks.
Ray of sunshine to expose these evildoers.
Jim Shepard...
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Okay, we're going to get Tom Flocko on now, and to get into some really hardcore news.
I just tell people, take advantage of this special and this deal.
Now, Tom Flocko has written for dozens of major publications that I respect.
Scoop, World Net Daily, Newsmax, Narco News, Judicial Watch,
His website is tomflacco.com.
Tom and then Flacco's F-L-O-C-C-O dot com.
I've been admiring his work for years.
And he has been sitting in on the 9-1-1 Whitewash Commission meetings.
And I talked to him last night.
He has new developments.
Just in the last 12 hours, and the bombshell he dropped on me was amazing.
White House on the phone with the FAA finagling something right before the hijackings.
You add this with the CIA doing drills of flying planes into buildings that morning right while it was happening.
That was the stand-down of NORAD.
You've got the public officials like Mayor Willie Brown being told not to fly, Ashcroft not flying, admitted.
You add all this together with the hijackers with credit cards and homes and cars paid for by the FBI.
It starts getting really scary, folks.
Tom Flacco, who sat in on the hearings, great to have you on, sir.
Good to be with you, Alex.
You bet.
You were there, the top story.
Can you tell us what you, first off, about this FAA call from the White House?
Well, there are a number of conflicts of interest.
We've got, it's a little bit of an insider's club.
They look to me like they were going to go after...
As I said, I just put up a brand new story that went up in the last hour, less than an hour.
It's called 9-11 Commission Testimony Too Hot to be Under Oath.
All of this convoluted, confusing testimony, conflicted testimony, none of it was under oath.
I literally discussed in the story a little bit about how I was treated.
I was brushed off.
I went up and I laid my head on a pillow.
Actually, it was late in the afternoon on Thursday.
And the real testimony started, you know, where we had government officials in the afternoon at 1 o'clock.
In the morning you had senators and congressmen pontificating and basically sticking up for the families and calling for all, you know, the right things.
We need a full investigation and so forth.
But in the afternoon it began to get... Basically a bunch of theater at the first.
It was theater in the morning, exactly right.
Photo op type of theater.
And in the afternoon...
It started with Jane Garvey, and of course there were problems with the timeline.
They started really hitting her with the timeline, and really on the surface it looked like the commission members, there were ten commission members, three of them, by the way, had to recuse themselves because they represent airline companies who are being sued by the families, which to me should really even disqualify them.
Because, see, here's the problem.
What they're not saying is that they provide...
Yes, we are.
Evidence, information... And especially because it wasn't under oath, but also you have in this some of the Intelligence Committee people who were in the first whitewash and now still involved, meeting with the head of Pakistani Intelligence the week of 9-1-1, while the head of Pakistani Intelligence wanted $100,000 to Mohammed Adda.
Yes, there are... Exactly, that's...
The story we did last week, Thursday or Friday, the damage control team testifies on Friday.
I think we put that out on Wednesday or Thursday.
And I listed specifically...
The evidence that must be subpoenaed, in other words, this evidence is a must for us to get to the bottom of the military.
I know you've done a lot to cover, but right out of the gates, before the shower ends, you were telling me about the White House involved with the FAA before the hijackings.
We're still working on that story.
This was a bit of a bombshell.
I think, regardless...
We're good to go.
I think?
And, of course, they have certain protocols.
And the big issue was, you know, why did you wait so long to contact NORAD?
Well, when they did contact NORAD, there's some things that we're going to be reporting.
We've got some inside information.
As a matter of fact, there are any number of little stories that we're going to be getting into, none of which I've seen yet in the media anywhere.
You know, some of it takes a little bit of digging.
But this FAA, Laura Brown was her name,
We're good to go.
I think?
And I said, you're kidding me.
You were contacting other government officials.
Yes, we were involved with the Defense Department and NORAD and the White House, she said.
She said the White House.
Now, I was standing there and we got this information and I corroborated this with another fellow, my co-founder, the guy that worked with me originally with
Unanswered questions.
Kyle Hentz, you had the two of us on when we first started back in... So think about this.
We've got them just walking around admitting, oh yeah, we got the FAA and NORAD and the CIA.
They're all doing something that morning before the hijacking.
Well, we asked them when this happened, when this phone... They call them teleconferences or phone bridges and so forth.
And that was mentioned in the story, but they spun it a little differently the next day.
Stay there.
I want to... The meat and potatoes, when we get back...
In this Florida Garvey situation and all the names with Tom Flacco who's been on the show before.
We're honored to have him back on.
Stay with me.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is very powerful information.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
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We're good to go.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the Masters of Terror.
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We're good to go.
I think?
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
All right, we're talking to Tom Flocko, investigative journalist for some major publications, like Newsmax, World End Daily, Initial Watch.
And he's been there, and he's up there walking around, and there's people that are handing out business cards, trying to testify, I guess trying to get information to the Whitewashing Committee,
And, again, tell us who this lady is again, her name, and what her possession is, and what she told you.
That was damage control.
And, basically, she was saying that she was trying to say, well, you know, there was other people.
And her name again?
Her name was Laura Brown.
Laura Brown.
And, you know, it's a question of the next day.
You know, we had called, and we had tried to confirm all this, and then
Then the White House, by the time we called after dinner that night, I called individually, called on the phone on my cell and got her on her cell.
I said, well, now this happened.
She had told us earlier that, I said, when did this happen?
She said, well, we started all the phone calls minutes after we had ascertained that the first plane had been hijacked.
Now we're talking about as early as 8.13 in the morning, according to
The two best timelines, that was when the first air traffic controller said the plane was hijacked at 8.13.
So somewhere, the NORAD would say, and the other timelines, the government timelines, they try to compact and back it up because it makes them look better if it's not an hour, hour and a half over the period of the crashes because of what they were doing and the actions of high government officials during that period.
So when you have these actions going on for an hour and a half,
It looks much worse than if it were going on for, say, half an hour.
Yeah, so Bush is leaving his hotel to go to the school, and they now admit he already, quote, knew a plane had hit a building.
Alex, let me tell you, he was told seven different times by seven different individuals before he walked into the elementary school that the first plane had hit the tower.
That's important.
Yeah, that is important.
Because later he claimed that he learned there on television that was more theater in your face, America.
So what exactly did Laura Brown from the FAA have to say?
Well, by the time we got to nighttime, then she said, well, it's not the way.
She wouldn't even talk about the way.
I'm not going to talk about that now.
What did she say earlier at the committee?
She had said that basically there were phone conversations going on
And I said, well, you know, I said, well, what, about 813, 825, 820, yeah, somewhere in there.
I said, Laura, that was before any of the planes crashed.
That was before even the first plane had impacted the building.
So conversations going on between who?
You said FAA and NORAD?
NORAD, Department of Defense, Rumsfeld and NORAD, Department of Defense, you know, the FAA, the White House.
I'm not sure whether the FBI and CIA were involved.
She said CIA.
Yes, she did.
She said CIA was involved.
What happened was, by 8 o'clock that night, when we called back for more information to confirm and to further discuss it, she wouldn't talk about the White House and she wouldn't talk about the Times.
And she said, I'm going to send you a statement.
Wait for our statement.
In other words, she was back talking with Garvey.
And again, who is Laura Brown, for those that don't know, her exact position?
She is the public relations director for the FAA.
So what happens is you get something this big, there's always spillage.
How were they covering up the CIA, quote, running a drill that morning of flying hijacked jets into buildings?
Well, see, that was brought up.
You've heard of Amalgam Virgo?
Okay, that was what it was called.
There was also a National Guard program Mindy Kleinberg referred to, but there was literally a hijacking drill that was going on.
It was brought up by Ben Venista.
And by the way, Richard Ben Venista, if you look at the story on my site TomFlocco.com, look on the brand new story that went up in the last 45 to 55 minutes.
And at the bottom of that, you'll see the words conflict of interest.
And I really get into the major, and we can do this later on, of Richard Benvenista.
Okay, stay there, Tom Blanco.
We'll get to this when we get back.
But think about this, folks.
Think about it.
And, of course, that was the smoke screen to have the good people in NORAD stand down.
You just, oh, there's a hijacking drill going on, boys.
State, sit down.
Sit down.
Are you prepared?
Seems that more terrorism on our soil is inevitable.
Chemical attacks, biological, nuclear, who knows for sure what dangers lie ahead for America.
Recent articles have pointed to vulnerability in our ability... This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks, we have a link to Tom Flacco's website at infowars.com.
Right up there at the top of the page, we will post who our guests are.
Visit it via infowars.com or presentplanet.com or simply by going to tomflacco.com.
Flacco is spelled F-L-O-C-C-O.
Tom is an investigative journalist.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And so this is amazing.
Now, we also know the CIA was, quote, running drills of flying hijacked jet airliners into buildings, starting at about 8.20 in the morning, according to Associated Press.
So this so happened they were running a drill of these exact things happening.
That's how they could tell the military, stand down, it's just a drill, and it happens.
They say, shut up about it.
This is how you control a compartmentalized system.
Tom Blanco, continuing with what you said, later you called her that night, and she's, hey, I'll send you a statement.
What happened next?
What she said now, the statement said that it was the FAA and I think you mentioned the CIA.
It was the FAA Command Center, FAA Department of Defense.
You just said in the last segment CIA, Tom.
Rumsfeld, the CIA was not mentioned at this time.
Earlier you said that someone mentioned the CIA.
Secret Service was mentioned, and other government agencies.
She took out the White House and put in other government agencies.
Oh, wait, you're talking about... Let me just stop you so we're clear.
You're talking about the second statement didn't mention the CIA.
She did in person the first time.
The second... It would mention the CIA both times, the statement that I have here.
The White House was left out the second time.
And they changed the initiation of this phone bridge.
To be shortly thereafter, a few minutes after the first plane impact of the building, which would have been 838.
And NORAD tried to change the impacting of the first plane to about 843 or 845.
In other words, there was a lot of discrepancy.
Despite the fact that the news had it at 833.
You can't change the date.
It either crashed at a certain time or it didn't.
You know, you can't.
You can't have two or three different times that it crashed.
Of course, the news just so happened to have their anchors standing in front of big glass windows with the World Trade Centers in the background right after, you know, within seconds, just all perfectly scripted.
Yeah, because you see what happens here is that now the problem, the whole thing, we're raising all kinds of problems here.
And there's a lot of journalists.
News reporters are starting to catch on to the story.
Some of us have been looking pretty hard at this for months and months and months.
And you can't snow people when you know the timeline, the facts, and you know certain things.
You can't say one thing when it just isn't going to fit.
And when you look at the fact that this was going on, it boils down to the fact that the commissioners are so conflicted
That they can't... They can ask so much, but they can't hone in.
And I'm trying to nicely say to them, you know, hey, we need real good prosecutors.
You need a lawyer, and you need someone who can really hone in.
Ben Venista was very, very good.
A guy who is unbelievably conflicted.
Well, it's obvious, Tom, it's a giant whitewash.
You've been in the hearings.
I want to hear what you saw, what you witnessed when we get back.
This is amazing information, and you've written some incredible reports at TomFlocko.com or link through, folks, at InfoWars.com.
We're talking about the government attacking us on 9-1-1 to get a police state in a new world order.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I have written a book on 9-1-1 and made two films at prisonplanet.com.
We have about 500 news stories in the 9-1-1 archive, government involvement archive.
Go look at them, and you will have...
No questions.
It's clear they had total prior knowledge, funded and trained the terrorists, protected them.
It looks like there weren't even terrorists on board.
Most of the hijackers have been found alive.
Most of their houses and cars and credit cards were paid for by the FBI.
They were trained at military bases.
They have CIA passed.
This is serious business.
And Tom Flacco has been in D.C.
covering this.
He writes for World Net Daily, Scoop, Newsmax, Carco News, Judicial Watch.
Tom, continuing, you've been in the hearings.
What are the key points you want to cover and go over here today and this whole conflict of interest and this whitewashing board?
Well, if you could just get a little run here.
Tell us all about it.
You know, I began to look at this thing, and I said, this testimony is, there's a problem.
People were murmuring.
People were looking at each other.
There was, you know, little smirks and so forth when she was, I mean, there was disagreement in the timeline.
The commissioners would hone in, but they wouldn't go in for the kill.
They wouldn't entrap them to get the real
You know, the real information and really prove it.
You know, the next morning I said, we've got to get this testimony sworn in, and there's just something that has to be said.
So I talked to a fellow by the name of Alvin Feldsenberg, F-E-L-V-E-N-B-E-R-G.
He's the communications director for the commission.
He's a former Heritage Foundation fellow, and writing for the Weekly Standard is some of his background, so he's heavily tied in with the administration.
He's a neocon!
Well, that's about right.
We were...
You said it.
We will not be swearing in witnesses during any of the 9-11 hearings, public or private.
I asked him, is this how wise a decision considering yesterday's hearings with Garvey?
He looked at me and it conflicted.
The disagreement with the timeline and so forth.
It was going to get worse.
It hadn't gotten to that point yet because this was at the outset of the morning on Friday.
The best stuff was getting ready to start.
I was amazed with Garvey.
And Felsenberg required, he says, Congress has indicted individuals for false statements made under oath, and we don't think it's necessary, so no one's going to be sworn in.
Would you please sit down?
It was literally curt to me.
And so, all right, okay, so I sat down, and we started to listen to the testimony.
And one of the key things that when Mineta came in,
He started talking about, you know, agreeing with Garvey.
You know, we didn't know anything about planes being used as weapons.
You know, and then Tim Romer really got picked off.
And he, you know, he talks a good line.
We're going to see if he's going to push the subpoena of the president, the vice president, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Myers, Arnold, all the key players that had strange actions at the exact time of the attack.
Now, let me stop you, Tom, for a second.
Obviously, it's a whitewash because who's on the committee and the conflicts of interest, but...
But I have MSNBC here classified censoring the report about 9-1-1.
Bush officials are refusing to permit the release of matters already in the public domain.
I wrote about that.
And so they're panicking.
Obviously the White House is scared of something.
Are they scared that this thing is too much, is leaking out even in their whitewash, or what's happening?
It's coming out all over the place.
And this is one of the key things that happened.
We found out that...
I looked up and this guy Felsenberg said that we're only going to have five or six, four, five or six more public hearings and it's going to shut down.
That's a quote.
They're just going to have a few more public hearings and all of the private interviews, hundreds he says they're going to have, are going to also be unsworn, not under oath.
He kept saying we're finders of fact, not triers of fact.
But what are you going to do when some of this stuff proves incompetence, negligence, likely criminal wrongdoing?
Who's going to prosecute these folks?
And Jamie Gorelick.
Well, they learned back in Iran-Contra that they can go to jail for lying.
Look at Admiral Poindexter, the new head of the spy division.
Now, you know all the players up one side and down the other.
Tell folks who the key players are so we hear these names we know you're talking about.
Well, under commission, you want to look for Jamie Gorelick.
Jamie Gorelick is the only female.
And her conflict as a commissioner, she's, we're going to try our best.
We don't need to swear a minute.
Well, I looked up when I got home.
My goodness, she serves on the Central Intelligence, the CIA National Security Advisory Panel.
So she's tied in.
She's on President Bush's Intelligence Review Panel.
And this is a commissioner.
And this gives her a total tie in.
Because she has time.
She can go talk to the lower food chain folks and say, these people know who's going to be subpoenaed.
They know when they're going to be subpoenaed.
They know the information flow that's going to occur in each of the various areas.
They're closely tied into the very people that could be considered culpable, the people that could be subpoenaed to testify.
We're good to go.
And not along political battle lines.
And that's what's going to happen.
Because how are you going to get six votes out of ten to subpoena the President of the United States to say, why won't you share what was in the intelligence briefings in July and August and the Phoenix memo, all of which talked about planes flying into buildings.
They talked about scores and scores of Arabs taking flight lessons all over the country at the nation's civilian airports.
They talked about a number of other examples.
Well, at the World Economic Meeting they had in Italy months before, they had anti-aircraft guns on top.
There have been hundreds of news articles before September 11, 2001, where the media was reporting about plans to do this.
The Pentagon had had drills before in 2000 in November.
I mean, the list goes on and on.
But Alex, how do you...
I have two major problems that I'm pretty well honed in on.
I've done a lot of reading about these and studying.
How do you justify, how can the president, how would he be able to justify his actions?
Because remember, he's five miles from the elementary school, and he's read all these briefings.
You have planes flying into buildings.
Tim Romer came up with about eight to ten prior examples of the
The terrorist attacks and using planes, the Eiffel Tower story, all the different... He listed them all, and it was just... We're shaking our heads.
It was incredible.
In other words, they were... He was saying that there's no way that you could not have known that this was going to be a problem.
And, of course, the CIA Newsweek had that headline, or it wasn't a... Hey, they didn't use the right word.
I used that headline.
You know, the attack is going to come.
It will be a massive attack.
It's already in preparation.
It will come without warning.
All this kind of stuff.
He's reading that, and then five miles before he goes to the elementary school, he gets a phone call saying a plane has hit the tower.
Then he hears it again.
There's another call, and then more people tell him, and one more in the car.
When he gets out of the car, one of his aides rushes up to him.
This is all before he walked into the building.
So he walks into the building, starts talking with the kids, and he's already heard seven times from seven people that a plane has hit the tower.
And then...
Andrew Clark comes in.
The second plane hits the tower.
Now, we're not talking about, you know, a little apartment store or a store apartment building or something like that.
We're talking about the World Trade Center has been hit twice and the look on his face, you've seen the photos, you've probably got them in your videos.
You know, and he's...
He continues to stay there.
You have to read the reports.
I didn't know this.
He stayed there for 15, 20, 25 minutes.
And he had to because then he had to be away from people so that people couldn't say, hey, shoot down the other planes.
Well, exactly.
Exactly right.
And so he's still there.
All the reporters had left the elementary classroom to cover the real story, the two planes hit the tower.
He's still in there chit-chatting, but at the same exact moment,
At a time when the President of the United States is totally vulnerable.
Everybody in the world knows where he is because it's announced at the photo op he's there.
They know where he is.
At that moment, Vice President Cheney is being dragged by his elbows down into the basement to the PEOC Center.
That's the Presidential Emergency Operations Center, PEOC it's called.
And that's where they all met.
Mineta was down there.
Garvey, I think, was down there.
Members of the CIA, the generals, and so forth, and Cheney.
And so you have these kind of strange things.
But then I've got some other information that I'm not going to... I'm working, still making some calls on my source.
I'm dealing with a... We have a source, and you're not going to go on the record, I don't think, so we're going to have to say it's the source here.
They just won't go on the record.
But we know that there's strange things happening with Myers.
You've got to remember, it's already been reported that General Myers spent a full hour incognito and did not come out of his office with Max Cleland...
Now, what about the meeting?
Sir Tom, what about the meeting in Nebraska with all these CEOs and then Bush flies into there and Warren Buffett?
I mean, what are these weird meetings they're having?
That I don't know about, but Max Cleland's on the commission.
Think about that.
In other words, Max Cleland has total access to all of the information flow, the military stand-down, who's going to be subpoenaed, when they're going to be subpoenaed, what people have said after they've been subpoenaed.
And this is a guy who is closely tied to Myers, who next to Bush was the key guy in the military stand-down.
And they're in a room locked up together.
Oh, it's incestuous.
And then they've got Gorelick for the CIA ties, okay?
And then I went on about, I mean, after you coming up on a break here, I've got to tell you, the stuff with Richard Benvenista is incredible.
We'll talk about that when we get back.
And tell us who this individual is.
Richard Benvenista?
Yeah, who is he?
Richard Benvenista is the former Watergate prosecutor.
He's got a number of other ties, too.
He represented the world's most famous drug dealer.
That's Barry Seale.
And he's on the commission.
So we've got a guy who represented the most famous drug dealer in the world on the commission.
Well, whether that's a conflict or not... The giant CIA operation.
It's just... What we're talking about here is a lot...
Tom, how do they answer the thing of the NORAD drill of flying planes with the CIA flying planes into buildings as it's happening that morning, the drill starting right when the real stuff actually happens?
That's incredible.
They spun their way out of it.
I'm sure that information is available.
One of the key things that was hit that your listeners should be aware of is that there were multiple planes.
At one time, 21 or 26 planes were called.
I think it was 21 were called hijacked.
And there was an order to shoot down every one of them.
And it was given by, well, they didn't say.
It was either Cheney or the president.
And NORAD would not tell...
I need to tell you that answer.
That was a critical thing.
When that order was given, because they kept that off the timeline, too.
Yeah, later, just to make it look good to the military.
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Again, I'm Alex Jones.
We're talking to Tom Flacco.
We've got your calls.
Call it up in the next segment at 800-259-9231.
We'll get you up and on the air.
Tom, there's so many facets to this.
We've got to expose the involvement and the prior knowledge in 9-1-1, or they're going to continue to carry this stuff out until all our liberties are destroyed.
The anthrax led back to the CIA and the feds.
It goes on and on.
Other key areas of these hearings, what are some of the other things you saw during these hearings, and more on the conflict of interest by the panel?
Yeah, the issue of the conflict of interest...
With regard to Richard Benvenista, this is the kind of thing that's going on.
Benvenista represents Meyer, Brown, Rowe, and Maul, which is a German international law firm.
Now remember, German international law firm.
You're going to catch this in a minute.
It's absolutely incredible.
This firm is the lead firm which represents...
United Airlines against the 9-11 victim families in the litigation in New York City in the District Court of Manhattan regarding the 9-11 suits for airplane negligence.
And after trying to turn it into an airplane negligence situation rather than the other issues of the military stand down, the insider trading, all the other issues that are also addressed here.
So the government investigator is working for the airlines?
Well, he's a partner for the law firm.
See, it gives him access.
He has access to all of the information, all of the subpoenas, who's going to subpoena, when they're going to subpoena, what they said when they were subpoenaed, all the interviews, all that information.
He's a partner in the firm.
The way he said he's going to deal with it when we asked him is that all he's going to do is just not going to write any decisions about improving airport security.
But who the heck cares?
That's not the important thing if he has access to all the other areas.
And the media calls this an independent commission.
It's a total conflict of interest.
He represented Barry Seale, and that makes your eyes raise.
A CIA coke runner.
Meyer Brown also is involved and represents the...
Bayer Corporation, which is the maker of Cipro, which fights anthrax.
Larry Klayman has... And Bayer also just got caught shipping known age-tainted blood to the world.
New York Times Monday.
The Bayer makes Cipro, which fights anthrax.
And, of course, the president was taking Cipro on the first day of the attacks.
Almost 30 days prior before they even discovered anthrax on Capitol Hill.
And the White House press secretary slipped up and admitted that.
Yes, exactly.
And Klayman's going after that information.
Meyer Brown, this is Ben Venista's law firm, also has another partner named John P. Schmitz.
He was a 12-year deputy counsel to George H.W.
Bush during his vice presidency and presidency.
This gives now a partner in the firm...
The same firm as one of the commission members, access right to the White House with discovery, subpoenas, evidence, everything.
And it goes right to the top.
But Myra Brown also represents Enron.
They also represent Deutsche Bank, knee-deep in the insider trading.
Are you seeing what's happening here?
You've got to realize that almost every one of these commissioners is linked in with a key person who...
is likely considered to have had potential prior knowledge, almost positively prior knowledge, of the attacks.
And that's why they don't want to... And they all stand to gain by setting up the military-industrial complex, takeover of America, invasion of all these countries, grabbing the oil, weapons sales, and political hay.
Alex, the only way you're going to stop this, because there's nobody on the commission, all they're going to do is gather facts and issue a report.
If they have the most incredible negligence, criminal wrongdoing, they're going to do nothing about it.
The only way that this is going to... We need to have literally an independent counsel...
To investigate this.
I never thought I'd say that word, but we need some... Yeah, but you know this so-called independent counsel would be like Starr, somebody who was on the law firm that was in Hunters and Wampo, the commie Chinese.
Then who are we going to get to do it except turn it back to Congress?
Hey, we just need to educate the public.
We need to keep suing the government like Stanley Hilton's doing.
We need to continue to just educate people until we all know the fraud.
I mean, look, you say independent investigators, sure.
It would be good to have congressmen and women who weren't involved on this who were independent.
Maybe have 20 members.
But that's not going to happen, is it?
Congressman on the committee.
You've got to remember, if George Bush releases the unredacted version of the July and August briefings,
Which would show that he had prior knowledge.
Then he's also going to say, Hey, Wayne, why are you going after me?
Because all these guys on the Senate and the House Intelligence Committee, they got most of this stuff, too.
So they're all involved in it.
But what I'm saying is, Tom, you know, an independent investigator council isn't going to be independent.
They never are.
Of course, but we've got to get somebody to... Tell you what, stay there.
Well, how about Henry Kissinger?
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We've got people who represent folks like Barry Seale, the admitted CIA drug trafficker, who are in law firms that represent the airlines that are being sued by victims' families, who represent banks who are involved in insider trading.
We've got CIA people that are on the CIA board on the committee.
We've got generals.
I mean, it's a sick joke, and that's why I made the joke there at the end of the segment, last segment with Tom Flacco, that, okay, well, then let's just go ahead and appoint Henry Kissinger.
They already tried their independent...
We're good to go.
This is the government takeover.
They all get power out of it.
It's all happening right now.
Before we go back to Tom Flacco, who's just done incredible work.
His website's tomflacco.com.
And then we're going to go to John and Wyatt and others that are holding.
The toll-free number to join us on air, take calls to the balance of the broadcast for Tom Flacco, who's been there in the committee's hearings.
Bush now wants to make even the public hearings secret.
That's how desperate they are.
Just these tidbits are hurting them.
The whitewash is out of control.
Something this big and grisly, you can't hide all the bodies.
It's quite a mess.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
But what really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
The government needed a crisis to convince the people to willingly give up their liberty in exchange for safety.
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Now the painful facts are in.
The dark forces of global government are funding, training, and protecting terrorist networks worldwide.
My book, 9-1-1 Descent into Tyranny, and my film, The Road to Tyranny, document the ruthless history of governments orchestrating terrorist attacks against their own people to scare them into total submission.
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Tom, you were there.
Any other key tidbits of stuff that leaked out the testimony that freaked out the chairman?
I've heard they limited key witnesses to like three minutes and tell them to shut up.
What happened there?
And then we're going to go to these calls.
Well, yeah.
And by the way, all my people are reading the stories on my site.
There is a direct link to Alex's show.
Just go right at the top of my top button where it says Support Live Media.
Alex has a link right there.
Anybody reading my stories can get right to your site, Alex.
Thank you, Tom.
It stays up there 365 days a year.
There are other issues that are coming along.
I found that the NORAD situation, the timeline was quite a bit different.
There were a lot of arguments.
The Romer had a big problem with some of the issues, particularly...
When the order to shoot down the planes was given.
Because, you see, that becomes a very, very critical part of the timeline.
It tells you when the president was really in charge.
And so you've got that issue, which is one that just has to be dealt with.
And they're going to turn it in.
They were so adamant about that that they said, look, we want this turned in.
And we want it turned in right away.
But now that has not come out by the news, and we've got to wait for the next hearing.
And there's only going to be four, five, six more hearings.
Now, Bush wants to make this classified.
Why do you think he's doing that?
Oh, he's got to, because he could lose his presidency.
If the public finds out in those July and August intelligence briefings that he knew ahead of time, and God forbid if he was literally on the phone reacting before any of the planes crashed, because you know the planes weren't traveling full speed.
Ben Finisto said, why were you flying planes out of the neighborhood?
In other words, why were you scrambling jets from miles and miles away when you had Anacostia right across the river?
You know, you had, what was the other base?
There's another base right there.
I can't think of it off the top of my head.
But the issue was that he was asking, why were you bringing in complaints that you knew weren't going to get there in time, in other words?
And that was the whole part of the issue.
And you've got to remember, remember, Ben Veniste's company, or law firm, Meyer Brown, also represents Enron.
And they also...
You know, Enron's got an office right there in
Uzbekistan, which is right in the Caspian Sea basin where all the oil is.
But, Tom, you add to this the hijackers having their homes, cars, and credit cards paid for by the FBI, none of the hijackers still alive, people trained at U.S.
military bases, U.S.
troops massing in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, Bush having the launch orders on his desk to invade Afghanistan two days before 9-1-1.
You add to this all these hundreds of other factors, public officials admitting they were told not to fly to New York that day,
You add all this together, then the motives, the police state that's being shut up, the border still being wide open, all of this, you add it all together, it's obvious this is a globalist coup d'etat.
Well, you know what?
One of the things that needs to be done, the President of the United States, if he doesn't come before the Commission or somebody and offer his testimony...
In front of competent individuals.
That's the key thing, because you need people like yourself.
There's a ton of us out there who know the questions.
You need a lawyer who can sit there and say, hey, this is what's got to be done.
You know, we've got to work.
Yeah, well, that's hoping for, you know, it's just not going to happen.
It's grasping at straws.
Let's go ahead and take some calls, Tom.
John in Tennessee, thanks for holding her on the air, sir.
Yeah, instead of covering the 9-1-1 hearings, C-SPAN this week has been showing high school leadership sessions sponsored by Comcast, Scripps, Howard, AT&T, who are members of Bohemian Grove.
Very few replays, right.
I noticed that, too.
And the U.S.
military always runs a war game at the same time it's making a first strike.
Attack, though usually it's not attacking the United States, it's attacking somebody else.
Well, I hope that people will send me the hearings on video, because I have very little of it.
I'm asking listeners to get me any copies you've got.
I'd just like to tell a story that happened to me when I was in the Air Force in England in the 80s, when the U.S.
Air Force and Navy made a first-strike attack on Libya.
They called it Operation El Dorado Canyon.
And we were in the middle of a week-long, routine NATO exercise,
Loading live weapons on all the aircraft.
We first learned of the invasion on TV that morning on our way to work.
It was obviously a bait and switch to not only fake out the Libyans, but to fake out the British news media and to fake out the U.S.
military members who wouldn't volunteer to kill a bunch of civilians while they slept in their homes.
According to the Chief of Public Affairs of the U.S.
Marine Corps at the Pentagon, Dr. Stoney Merriman,
Who retired to run a newspaper in Al Gore's hometown of Carthage.
He said U.S.
Special Forces actually rescued President Gaddafi as the U.S.
jets were closing in on the bombing runs, which ended up killing two U.S.
So how many U.S.
pilots would have volunteered knowing the whole mission was fake?
And that's like 9-1-1.
Who's going to volunteer for...
There's definitely a cover-up here.
The problem is, are the right people going to testify?
And we know who they are.
You've got Arnold that's got to testify, and I doubt they're going to call him the President, Cheney, Rumsfeld, the whole bunch.
Tenet, Ashcroft, I mean...
Mueller, the problem is they're going to bring Mueller up.
He'll testify.
But Mueller has already lied to Ted Koppel on ABC during a rant contra.
And I already printed part of that interview from the television show.
So you've already got examples.
You've got to bring people underneath at the bottom of the food chain, work your way up, and get conflicted statements.
Look, we've just got to educate the public one person at a time of this matrix-like lie.
We've got to do it or they're going to keep carrying out terror.
And I think people are waking up.
And to what's happening.
We've just got to keep pushing that way and totally discredit the system and all the things they're doing.
Anything else you want to add, John?
Didn't the Pentagon found C-SPAN?
Aren't they inventors of C-SPAN?
There is a board of directors.
I know when we had our press conference on June the 10th last year, it's coming up on a year, at the National Press Club, we launched unanswered questions when we were first working with that.
We've researched the heck out of it.
There's not much
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
That makes the decision, and somebody called up and said, we don't want this covered.
I'm sure that happened, because this thing was what they had, innocuous things taking at the same time.
It just didn't make sense.
Well, it makes sense if you know they're terrorists.
Thanks for the call, John.
You know this government's totally corrupt and not our government.
Wyatt, Maryland.
Go ahead, Wyatt.
Go ahead, Wyatt.
You're on the air.
You're on the air.
Hello, how are you doing, Alex?
Tom, there's a lot of things that is terrible.
Mary Skievo, did you hear her?
She's a former Assistant Secretary of Transportation.
Well, I have mixed... I know inside things about that situation.
Well, tell us what you saw Mary Skievo say.
Oh, well, what I heard her say was, first of all, as she was being introduced, they had already...
We're good.
Very, very closely.
You want to watch my website?
Well, what did Mary Skievo say?
Okay, well, this is what happened.
She started laying it out that, hey, everyone had knowledge about the possibility of planes flying into buildings.
And as she kept going on, she really wasn't summarizing her story.
She wanted to speak.
She wanted to lay things out.
But then they interrupted her after about five minutes and said, your time is up.
And she was off.
But I think if you can get in touch with Mary Skievo, you might have some information.
Also, I don't know the time of this, but the Washington Post ran a five-part series on the timeline of the entire incident with who knew what and where.
And that would be something to research, go back on to Washington Post.
And find out, because there may be lots of conflicting evidence, because in the Washington Post article it said that Dick Cheney gave the order to shoot the plane down in Pennsylvania.
Yeah, and again, that's later at the end of the final plane to look good for the military.
Sure, sure.
And also, one of the final things, Alex's video shows film footage from the French film crew of the first plane entering power, the
The South Tower.
Well, when the film crew, when they panned back, when they pulled the camera back so you can see the building in its entirety, you can see something streak past.
Yeah, a white aircraft.
It's a jet.
It's a military jet.
And you can still frame it and catch it and see it.
Well, if that's the case, then they had jets in the air.
Well, yeah, there were jets in the air.
No, I mean, there were military jets right there as it happened.
Well, earlier Tom talked about how he talked to this Mrs. Brown, Laura Brown, the FAA's PR lady, and she's like, oh, yeah, you know, when the transponders were first off, we had the phone tree with the Pentagon.
And when she realized that, she said the White House was involved.
Then the whole thing changed because when she says that this took place right after the first initial hijacking incident,
You know, they noted that the hijacking started.
Well, then I said, wait a minute, that can't be, because if that happened, that means they were all talking before any of the planes even crashed.
And Jamie Gorelick, when she questions people, she formulates the question stating all the facts that she wants answered with the yes or no.
I told you, she's CIA.
Yeah, I know she is.
But it's a whitewashed...
Anytime anyone is not under oath, they should lie with abandon.
No, Wyatt, it's an independent commission.
We're going to have John Gotti and all the other mob bosses over the trial of a low-level gangster.
It'll all be very good.
The whole thing is a RICO operation, Alex.
Yes, it is.
Good luck.
All right, thank you, Wyatt.
Tom, we've got a final segment, a few other calls on the other side of this quick break.
Any other key areas you want to hit on?
But, you know, I'm glad you've been there.
I want to tell you who the real chairman of the committee is.
Would you like to know?
Oh, sure.
Tell us now.
I'll tell you now.
Okay, right.
Well, the real chairman of the committee, I believe, is Lee Hamilton.
As nice and as full of integrity that Tom Keene is a nice guy...
You know what?
He's not up to speed in this, baby.
For those who don't know, we'll tell you who Lee Hamilton is when we get back and more about him.
It's all coming up.
Ladies and gentlemen, in the final segment, I'm Alex Jones.
And our guest is Tom Flacco.
He's spelled Flacco, F-L-O-C-C-O.
Spread the word about the good work we're doing, folks.
Tell your friends and family.
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And we're going to fight the New World Order.
We're going to stand up against these people.
Now, this is the facts of the matter.
And so many people say, oh, there's been an investigation.
You know, they tried Henry Kissinger.
Why do you think they tried to put Henry Kissinger in there?
They have to be delusional in their ivory towers to think that we would buy Henry Kissinger, Tom.
What do you think about the Henry Kissinger attempted appointment that they had, Tom?
I did a research on that.
I was going to write a story, but it wasn't that important.
Keene was appointed the very next day after.
In other words, Kissinger was just stuck up there as a straw man.
They knew they were going to take that, and then they had Keene, and he came up the next day.
But you were asking about what other folks.
I think a key player to watch is the commander of NORAD on the day of the attack.
His name is Major General Larry Arnold.
I had some individual face-to-face with him that I'm going to be writing a story about coming up shortly.
I'm still working on that one, however.
But in his direct testimony in the attacks, he confirmed Mineta and Garvey saying, you know, we didn't know anything about planes being used as weapons and the whole concept was unavailable to us.
But yet, Keene and Hamilton didn't stop the commission and ask him whether the president had shared the intelligence documents about planes and buildings with
And Arabs have taken lessons that the president... Yeah, the CIA report, the CIA briefing.
Now, what about the real unofficial chairman of the committee?
Tell us about this guy.
Well, that's Lee.
I believe it's Lee Hamilton, because any time the two of them stood together, Hamilton did all of the talking, and Keene would just stand there.
He's a nice guy, and I think he was picked because he's not up to speed.
And by the time he gets up to speed, the commission will be over.
That's my... If I was going to have to... If you pushed me against a wall...
That's what I'd be saying.
You've got to remember, Hamilton was the guy that was heavily involved in helping to cover up the Iran-Contra and BCCI scandal.
Tom Flacco, do you think...
These people will ever be brought to justice, or is it that they're in control?
It's too horrible to believe what they've done, and so now they're just going to be able to carry out more of this and get total control of our lives.
Alex, there's not enough of us.
That's why I doubt it's going to happen.
They don't have anything set up to prosecute these people.
The only thing that would stop it is if we basically got in there and started lobbying like AIPAC and some of the other groups and go in there with busloads of people in the halls of Congress.
And literally sitting in the halls and, you know, civil disobedience, phoning, faxing, calling the offices.
But then the CIA would just mail anthrax to the Capitol again and shut the whole Capitol down.
Yeah, and you'd have to shut down offices so people would realize.
This is what happened with Clinton when he was impeached.
What I'm saying is the feds would shut down the Capitol if we started doing that by mailing some more anthrax.
Yeah, they'll do anything.
It's very difficult.
I don't see it happening.
Tom Flacco, we'll have to get you back on.
We'll watch your website for developments.
Thanks for coming on, bud.
Take care.
We'll be in touch.
God bless you.
Bottom line, the globalists did it.
It's above Bush.
It's above Clinton.
Bottom line, it's about a takeover of oil reserves, attacking sovereign nations, weapons sales, setting up a police state, grabbing the Afghan opium that's now at record production worldwide, the world leader in smack for your children, for the garbage they pump onto our streets.
Wake up.
Stand up against the new world order.
Educate everybody in your area.
Get my videos.
Make copies.
Until the sun don't shine.
Get it out to everybody.
Tell the truth.
Never stop.
Our numbers are growing.
Grow them even faster.
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