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Air Date: May 23, 2003
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to another live edition of the Alex Jones Show.
We're good to go.
I think?
Our websites are Infowars.com, Infowars.net, and now PrisonPlanet.com.
A lot of news and information to cover.
Let's launch straight into it.
Outrage over new wrong door blunder by police.
You may have heard last week how a SWAT team went in the wrong apartment of an old city worker building.
She had a heart attack and died.
Well, this time, they've raided an entire building and found nothing and then said, oops, sorry, wrong building.
We'll get to that.
Just this new Gestapo world.
Also, 911 panel urged to use every power in its whitewashing abilities.
There's a northern revolt, ABC News is reporting.
Alaska passes anti-Patriot Act resolution.
Second state to oppose the feds.
Now it's Hawaii and Alaska.
Greensburg police stop illegal immigrants at a seatbelt checkpoint.
They were giving everyone else tickets, but they didn't give the illegals tickets and let them go because they are above the law.
This is out of the Pittsburgh Tribune.
We'll be covering it.
Also, Cloudcroft chief stops Israelis with suspicious cargo out of Alamogordo, New Mexico, but the feds are keeping them from opening the boxes in the back of the vehicle.
Wonder what was in it.
Is it like 9-1-1 again?
Also, NASDAQ proposes...
Fingerprinting, FBI checks, so does the New York Stock Exchange as well.
Biometrics for everything.
CIA to review Iraq intelligence and to whitewash all their lying.
penalizes China firm over alleged missile aid to Iran.
Better penalize yourself then, globalist.
Pentagon okays robo-war research.
15 billion project to develop new army weapons network.
Also, six French journalists detained, sent back to France.
I'm not allowed to
Come to our country, I guess, now.
Freemasons identities revealed on the Internet.
New revelations on 9-1-1.
Ridge says unmanned drones could be patrolling.
Not just our borders, but our cities.
Also, envoy hints at Moscow cooperation on missile defense, merging our militaries.
General Tommy Franks is retiring.
We'll tell you why.
Analyst Israel weighing EU membership in the European Union.
More mad cow-linked herds under quarantine in Canada.
Could it spread to the U.S.?
Actors flee Morocco after attacks.
Hollywood rejects poor Cannes films.
Putin orders the clouds not to rain on his parade using weather control systems.
The Times of London.
Another SARS case surfaces in Toronto.
Vice President cancels appearance because of security fears but sends his wife.
Doctor gets ill after investigating SARS overseas and swung back to the U.S.
It goes on and on.
We are going to discuss it all here on the show.
Radio ID chips may track banknotes already happening.
Again, they say may track banknotes as it's already being made official with the RFID tracker tags, firms.
Up for Iraq contracts.
Bush acquainted with Hitler in the new Matrix sequel.
Outrage over new police measures nationwide.
It's all coming up.
Big show.
Several guests.
Lined up for you, including Big Jim Tucker from American Free Press and the Bilderberg Group, on this live Friday edition and wide open phones at 1-800-259-9231.
I'll go to your calls early in this hour.
Stay with me.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It's Friday.
All right, folks.
Wide open phones.
We've got the geopolitical and national news coming up.
We've got this massive string of bombings all over the Middle East, and now, of course, at Yale.
As the globalists accelerate the terror to scare us into submission, and the New York Post reports outrage over new wrong-door blunder by police.
Now, it's not a blunder, folks.
They're setting the precedent.
Residents of a Bronx building are outraged after getting an unexpected morning greeting yesterday from a police drug squad, which burst into their homes, waved guns at children, and then left after finding nothing.
At 7.50 a.m., they burst down the door to the building, said Joe Salesis, a teacher whose mother and sister live in the home.
I think?
We're good to go.
The NYPD spokesman said the cops stand by their decision to raid the building and noted that two simultaneous raids in the neighborhood both uncovered drug dealing and led to seven arrests.
The spokesperson said the information that led them to the building was accurate, unlike a May 16th raid in which a bogus tip led cops to the home of a 57-year-old church volunteer who died of a heart attack after a stun grenade was tossed into her home.
In the Bronx last night, the Olinville Avenue residents insisted there was never been any drug activity there, and they want compensation.
I want the city to pay.
It's Jennifer's mom.
How can a 12-year-old forget having a gun pointed at her?
She was treated like she was in Iraq.
Well, that's the point, lady.
Look, this is happening everywhere.
We talked about the situation out in Oregon.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And this is the new America, folks.
And when a school teacher came out four hours into the raid at like 7 in the morning and said, I need to go to school, may I back out of my driveway, please?
The police officer in a black ski mask with no badge or number visible said, I haven't killed anyone in two weeks.
So this is the new America.
You'd expect to hear stories like this out of Russia or China, but no, it's here.
And more often than not, the SWAT teams kill innocent people and plant guns on them.
They've been caught many times from Miami to Lubbock, Texas.
Miami, Florida to Lubbock, Texas.
Last year, cops shot two of their own officers, killing one, tried to frame people.
They are the number one cause of death for police officers now, SWAT teams.
They've shot their own members twice here in Austin that we know of.
Several other cases are very suspect.
9-1-1 panel urged to use every power.
This is UPI, the commission established to inquire into September 11, 2001 attacks.
Oh, sure, yeah.
On Thursday, it was urged by senior lawmakers to cooperate and complete the work of congressional inquiry into the perceived intelligence failures that allowed suicide hijackers to kill some 3,000 people.
I urge you to use every power you have been given by Congress to obtain the information you need to fulfill the mission the law gives you, said Senator Joe Lieberman, whitewasher from Connecticut, told the 10-member panel during its second public hearing.
The unflinching representative, Jane Harmon, Democrat, California, the most senior Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, urged the commission.
Folks, Bush has already made all this stuff secret.
They tried to have Kissinger the head of it.
It's not working.
No one's buying it.
It's nothing but a cover-up that dwarfs the Warren Commission.
We've got a northern revolt is the headline out of ABC News.
Alaska passes anti-Patriot Act resolution, second state to oppose the feds.
Alaska has joined a growing national rebellion against the USA Patriot Act, willing to oppose the massive federal anti-terrorism law passed by Congress soon after September 11, 2001.
The state legislature used some of its strongest language yet in passing a resolution condemning the USA Patriot Act following the lead of Hawaii and 112 cities, towns, and counties.
It's over 400, by the way, folks.
The country that have passed similar resolutions against the law.
But Alaska's measure goes further than most, advising police and other state agencies not to initiate, participate in, or assist or cooperate with an inquiry, investigation, surveillance, or detection if there is not reasonable suspicion of a criminal activity under Alaska state law.
Now, what has happened here?
Well, in liberal California, the Deputy Attorney General said in the Oakland Tribune,
That if you protest the war, the war's against terror, so you're aiding terrorists, and they actually say on the record that protesters can be shot at even if they're non-violent because they are terrorists, and that protesting may be a terrorist action.
In Oregon, in Salem, they're trying to pass a law.
Where you get life in prison if one person blocks traffic.
Every protester gets life in prison.
It says it word for word.
It's even wider than that.
It lists possession of guns they ban as life in prison.
It lists copying music, life in prison.
Tier to tier, computer to computer, transfer of music, life in prison.
Hundreds of little crimes, life in prison.
Go read it for yourself.
It's on InfoWars.com.
Just type in the search engine, Oregon law, life in prison, labor camp.
Also mentioned, 25 years in a forced labor camp.
So it's all right there.
So we see this trend, and the Deputy Attorney General, the head of this terrorism database in California with the feds, said that, well, people think terrorism is bombs or killing people.
It's not.
It's blocking commerce.
It's aiding terrorists by protesting.
So they're trying to sell this idea, and it's not working.
The problem is the globalists will let everybody complain and gripe, let a movement build against it.
Then the globalists will carry out more terror and say, Oh, see, you caused all this to happen.
You're with the terrorists, basically.
We hope that the resolution like this, with the bipartisan support of that it has, will urge Congress to re-examine the provisions of the USA Patriot Act that challenge the individual freedoms that make this country great.
Representative John Coghill, a Republican from the North Pole, who co-sponsored the resolution, if we sacrifice our freedom, we let terrorism win.
Bravo, John Coghill, a real conservative.
We have a concern the Patriot Act can be abused.
The potential for it is too great.
Representative Dan Guttenberg, a Democrat who co-sponsored the resolution.
America is an open state.
There's a cost to that.
We are willing to sacrifice for that.
Guys are dying on the battlefield to protect our freedom.
It's up to us to protect those freedoms here at home.
And they're doing nothing about the open border, folks.
Any argument about national ID cards and all the surveillance and total information awareness and giving up your liberty is a sick joke.
And then you find out who's behind the terror, it really becomes a sick joke.
Now here's an incredible illustration of what we're talking about.
Greensburg police stop immigrants.
This is out of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, being posted on Infowars.com right now.
I even heard mainstream talk show hosts pointing this out yesterday.
Good job.
Finally, you're starting to get it.
All over the country, I talk to cops all the time, I see the news articles, they will stop 18-wheelers full of illegals, just like the folks that died, tragically, 19 of them, a couple weeks ago here in South Texas.
And the police arrest them, INS won't come get them, they're ordered to release them.
And if they don't, the Mexican consulate sues them, or the Ford Foundation sues them.
Now, understand, this is widespread.
Over 800 cities now accept the matricula card.
Poland and others are chiming in, saying they're going to issue fake ID cards to everybody.
They found out these things are fake over and over again, but nobody seems to care.
Greensburg police stop immigrants.
Now, listen to this.
There's multiple...
We're good to go.
We're not wearing seatbelts.
They were told to pull over.
To search the truck, found five other Mexican men lying side-by-side in the back, concealed by tinted windows.
Two women were riding behind the front seats.
None of them spoke English.
And it goes on to say City Police Chief Walter J. Wally, Lyons.
Said police conducted immigration officials about the matter, but the U.S.
Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services, now been changed under Homeland Security, said it wasn't interested in getting involved unless any of the Mexicans had a criminal background or an outstanding warrant.
Lance Payne, a spokesman for the Immigration Service Bureau, did not return calls for comment yesterday.
Of the nine Mexicans in the truck, seven were illegal aliens, one had a green card, and one, the driver, had the naturalized lion's set.
Yeah, that's the coyote.
I think?
Some were arrested.
Cars were searched.
There were drug arrests.
But the illegals went on.
And the police chief says that he is very angry.
He says that, you know, we're in a war on terror and they did this.
Folks, if you're an illegal, you get a free ride.
It's by design.
It's about keeping control of you, the people.
We'll talk more about this when we get back.
Stay with me.
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Big Jim Tucker's joining us from American Free Press.
Been covering the Bilderberg Group for 26 years.
He is the world expert on this organization.
Just got back from Versailles, where the Merovingians were meeting.
So that's coming up.
Look, I'm looking at an article here where they're announcing drones are going to surveil the border for your safety to stop the illegals.
Meanwhile, Bush has called thousands of Border Patrol off the northern and southern border.
That is a fact.
Thousands and thousands have quit in Texas alone to become air marshals, and then Bush supplemented it with 640 more.
So you lose thousands and they add a few hundred more and call it an added amount of border patrol.
We need the military on the border, but they're not going to do that.
If they do it, it's going to be to harass you 50 miles on our side checking your vehicles.
So they're saying they're going to have drones.
Well, Senator Warner, in a report that I read, his actual quotes, his testimony on the Armed Services Committee said, surveilling U.S.
cities, 80-plus FBI aircraft are surveilling us, manned aircraft, Cessnas bristling with antennae and sensors and infrared and radar that looks through your walls.
They are now going to launch massive drone surveillance against us.
It's already begun.
I have family who's in the Army, who is at Bergstrom Air Force Base.
It's still an Air Force Base.
It was the big Air Force Base.
Now it's supposedly the airport, but half of it's the military.
They're in an office with the APD and the state police out there.
They've got drones.
They've got helicopters.
They're there.
They're already surveilling us.
And then you've got police stopping vans and trucks full of illegals, even after the deaths of last Monday, of 10 days ago, and nothing, or 12 days ago, and nothing is being done.
Nothing is being done.
They're ordering them released, and the Tribune Review, the Pittsburgh Tribune Review reports
Thank you.
Thank you.
And in Alamogordo, they caught Israelis with sealed boxes.
The feds have gotten involved, and they will not tell us what are in those boxes.
Now, they caught Israelis in the Midwest with bomb diagrams and explosives.
They were ordered release.
They had diagrams of nuclear power plants.
And the names trace back to Mossad.
We're good to go.
I think?
The Mexican Congress and that story was shut down.
Folks, we're in deep trouble.
And by the grace of God, police are profiling and are, without the feds controlling them, catching most of the terrorists.
Again, a round of applause.
They are stopping the New World Order.
Police in Florida, in Jacksonville, caught a special forces officer planting explosives on a secure location on the one wire that would shut off half of Georgia's power.
They don't know how he knew this classified information, how he got into the structure.
They caught two guys outside of Fort Bragg trying it.
Police continue, by the grace and by the direction of God, to catch these people.
If we had these attacks carried out against nuclear power plants and other facilities in the Mexican Parliament, the Mexican Congress, we would be in deeper tyranny right now.
And the police just continue, good police officers, to see suspicious activity and to stop it.
I've got to commend you.
This is what you're supposed to do instead of kicking down old ladies' doors and spraying them with machine gun fire, looking for narcotics shipped in by the CIA.
So, again, I want to thank our good police officers, our good peace officers, the men and women, in uniform, doing a real job.
I mean it.
I've got to commend you.
Great job.
Great job.
This police chief who caught these illegals, good job.
Of course, you're outraged you were ordered to release them while giving citizens tickets.
Are you starting to figure things out?
Are you starting to understand the ballgame?
By the way, Bill Clinton's National Seatbelt Initiative of 98 said in Part 3 of the four-part plan they were going to use these as internal checkpoints.
This is about training us to be in checkpoints.
It has nothing to do with seatbelts.
It's training you that the Amber Alert does things other than Amber Alert.
The highway signs flashing, click it or ticket, you know, garbage like that.
It's about training you to have checkpoints.
Wake up!
The federal plan says it!
They're going to have drones watching us, but not the borders.
We'll be right back with Big Jim Tucker.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Yesterday I had the journalist on, former BBC documentary maker, head of a large branch of the media union over in England, who was at Bilderberg meeting this year.
Today we're joined by the granddaddy of it all,
Jim Tucker of American Free Press, formerly with the Spotlight, for 25 plus years, he has been covering the Bilderberg Group.
He's an expert on the New World Order.
He's an old-time journalist, worked with some of the big syndicates in the news before he found out about the New World Order 20 plus years ago.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And it's an amazing story.
So Big Jim Tucker is on with us fresh back from France and the Merovingian folks that are over there.
Jim, it's great to have you on the show with us.
I appreciate you coming on the show, Jim.
Do we have Jim Tucker there?
Can he hear me?
Oh, yes, I can hear you.
Jim, thanks for coming on the show with us, sir.
I'm very happy to join you.
Tell us a little bit about yourself, for those that haven't heard you in the last few months, and how you got involved in Bilderberg, what Bilderberg Group is, and what happened this year, and any inside information you got out from inside the complex.
Well, it's a quick capsule.
I spent 20 years with the establishment press, with Washington Daily News, Akron Beacon Journal, Richmond Times, Dispatch, other newspapers, until 1975.
When I was being interviewed by Willis Carter at Liberty Lobby for the position of editor of a newspaper he was getting ready to create called The Spotlight, he asked me what I thought about Bilderberg and I said, who are they?
And he gave me a brief description.
I said, that's impossible.
I've been with newspapers all my life.
Such a group could not exist without me knowing.
He gave me some background material and I became fascinated, then enraged that such an organization could exist.
With the collaboration of the American press.
They've been operating absolutely secretly all these years, making decisions that affect the lives of all of us in Europe and North America and sometimes throughout the world.
Bilderberg is a group of 120 men with a solid membership of about 100 year after year, replaced by those who die in the fullest of time.
They've met under the name Bilderberg since 1954.
There's normally two or three newcomers each year.
Some are invited back, others are cast aside when they're found not to be useful.
But they do make decisions that affect war, peace, the economy.
They make decisions that affect the lives of all of us.
What is the relationship between Bilderberg Group and larger organizations that have similar memberships at the top, Trilateral Commission, CEFR, Committee of 300?
Well, the Trilateral Commission is sort of the junior varsity.
They'll have 300 members, and they are less secret.
They have an office in Washington.
You can call them up, and they'll cheerfully tell you where their next meeting will be.
They will not take over the whole resort like Bilderberg.
They will take over two floors of a hotel and maybe some big meeting rooms, and they'll mingle in the lobby with others of unwashed multitudes.
They include Japan.
I think we're good.
We're good to go.
I think?
It wasn't Bilderberg meeting.
Within a year of scholarly white paper coming out, we'll support that view.
So basically, the Bilderberg Group is the 100 top upper echelon, the Dutch, the British Royal Families, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Crumps, all these classic names, and then you've got the Trilateral Commission with 300 that comes up with the, that more fine-tunes the policy, and then you've got the 300
Yeah, sort of the propaganda ministry.
And, of course, the collaboration of the American press is nothing short of a scandal.
They're journalistic prostitutes.
The Washington Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, the three major networks, they've all participated.
The Washington Post is quite regular.
Every publisher since the late Phil Graham in 1954, then his wife, now the late Catherine Graham,
Now the Sun, the publisher Donald Graham, they attend these meetings on promises of absolute secrecy, and they're quite successful, and a complete blackout in the American press.
They're not so successful in Europe.
Several European reporters were there.
I was interviewed just this morning by BBC from London.
They interviewed me twice at Versailles.
Reporters from Norway and several other countries were present in Versailles.
You also got a lot of photographs of them.
Now, last year...
The media was all saying the attack was coming in 2002 for sure, they said.
You said, that is not correct.
I have it from inside Bilderberger, from our sources inside the estate where they were meeting outside D.C.
You said, I have it that they're going to be attacking in February or March, and that's exactly what happened.
You said you saw Arab leaders there, something you never saw.
So what internal information did you get out this year?
This year, the rift between the American and European Bilderbergs broadened even more.
Understand that for half a century, it was all very congenial.
The Europeans and the
Americans and Canadian Bilderberg luminaries had a love affair.
They split over the war last year with Rumsfeld promising to not go to war in 2002.
Interesting that Jim Hoagland of the Washington Post was there.
He let his own newspaper continue with the prediction that the war would start in late summer or early fall of 2002 when he knew that Rumsfeld had made the promise not to go to war in the year 2002.
But rather than
But Trey Bilderberg, he let his own newspaper make the mistake, or make a wrong forecast, I should say.
Well, Graham was there, too, so it's obvious what they're doing now.
Who were some of the folks that were there this year?
I hear that after having riot police and basically the Army out there, that later, near the end, they all got on buses and went up to the palace, and that some of the reporters were actually able to talk to Rockefeller, David Rockefeller, and others.
Were you involved in that, and were you able to talk to them?
No, I was meeting sources back near the hotel at that time.
Christopher Boleyn of American Free Press spent a lot more time after the first two days prior to their meeting.
Christopher Boleyn was the European press outside the gates most of the time.
He was the one who played tourist and walked up and photographed David Rockefeller and his bodyguard.
It will be in the next issue that you receive of American Free Press.
Excuse me, I didn't come back with SARS, but they teased me about it because of heavy cold.
Well, Rockefeller's actually looking physically better than he did a year ago.
He stooped and failed a year ago.
He's upright and a little bit friskier now.
Well, I'm sure all the advanced medical techniques that his medical cartel have suppressed are helping him.
Well, he's in his 80s now.
I'm not sure just how old he is, but he's 80-something years old now.
And, well...
In spite of all the evil done, he's always been a very gracious chap.
I've talked to him a number of times where he knew who I was.
He was most gracious.
He may not tell you anything, but he was very gracious, soft-spoken, unassuming.
Interesting difference between the personalities of Rockefeller and his valet, Henry Kissinger.
Those are Ph.D.
in economics, but Rockseller is Mr. Rockseller.
Kissinger is Dr. Kissinger, always Dr. Kissinger.
And he's a pompous ass anyway.
He affects the German accent.
He's been in this country since he was 14 years old, but if you take him by surprise with a question, he'll forget to affect the German accent for a moment and catch himself and then get back into his German accent.
Now, also, there's that British lord who was in the documentary we were in about Bilderberg, if I forget his name, but he was yelling and cussing and screaming, basically, at the news reporter.
How many of them behaved like that?
And who was that lord in that Secret Rulers of the World video?
You know, I don't remember.
I saw it once, but that was a year ago.
I don't remember either.
I know the name.
It'll pop in my head in a second.
But how many of them act like that are real arrogant and out of control?
I know the story of last year, a couple years ago, they didn't have his wine, Rockefeller's wine, so they sent a jet back to the U.S.
just to get him wine.
Yes, that was some years ago.
People who are filthy rich are just used to living that way.
I couldn't.
I'm not much of a winer myself, but I couldn't imagine having jets fly back to get the right kind of wine and having it driven from an airport 40 miles to the site of the crime.
But you have to think about the way those people live.
Now, you said in an article before Bilderberg this year that it's violating federal law to have public officials meeting in secret with the power elite.
What's the law?
Why do you say that?
Well, the law came to my attention during the Clinton years when the first alleged Lady Hillary decided to reform the nation's health care system into a Canadian-style single-payer system.
She set up this big, fat health care task force.
It involved so-called experts from the private sector and the government.
They held secret meetings.
Judge Royce Lambert, the federal judge, chewed the White House out, chewed out their lawyers.
He pointed out
And he said it's against federal law for federal employees to meet behind closed doors with private citizens to discuss and plan public policy.
Wasn't Ross Perot on that board?
On what board?
On the secret health care board.
I don't know if he was or not.
There's about 300 of them.
Well, actually, the board itself, I don't think it was so secret.
They didn't say.
They were kind of proud of being on the task force.
There'd be stories about this guy and that guy on the task force, there's this or that, but they would actually have secret meetings behind closed doors.
Nobody knows what transpired behind the closed doors.
But the White House has signed several hundred thousand dollars for violating the civil penalty for violating...
Yeah, Rumsfeld and the Prince of Darkness Richard Pearl are there.
Right in the middle of all this.
Richard Pearl was positively identified among those.
Well, the Asian Times reported that Rumsfeld was there and that Pearl was there, but you're saying you can't confirm that Rumsfeld was there?
I've not personally confirmed Rumsfeld, I've personally confirmed Pearl.
Now, who else was there and what were some of the other agendas that you got from your spies inside?
Let's see.
As far as who is there is concerned, the next week's paper is going to list all those that we identified.
I, of course, don't have it in front of me at the moment, but as I said, so far as we can determine, the regulars were there, Roxelles, Kissingers, and Richard Perls, all identified.
As far as their agenda was concerned, they were, of course, angry about
The invasion of Iraq.
Anyway, they didn't like it any better.
And they questioned the motives of the war.
They were teasing the Americans.
Well, teasing may not be the right word.
Sarcastic inquiring.
Where are the weapons of mass destruction?
You are so concerned that the UN inspection team
Was not finding them.
Your boys have already gone home after not finding weapons of mass destruction.
Now, Jim, we all know that the central bankers of Europe own our Federal Reserve.
We all know that they're together on these big moves.
But you believe there is a real fissure on the subject of the Pax America or this global empire being based in the U.S., not Europe.
Well, then why is Bush bad-mouthing the dollar and helping Europe out by driving up the euro when we saw the Davos-Switzerland Forum almost four years ago where they agreed to drive down the dollar?
We see unification on subjects like that.
Yes, the dollar is... It costs about $1.15 to buy one euro now.
So when you travel to Europe, it's going to cost you a little bit more.
And the Secretary of Treasury says, that's just fine, it'll help our exports.
Oh, just the usual shadowing, nothing dramatic as far as being grabbed or detained.
Not Shadow is always with me, of course.
They're not hard to spot.
It's just the same two men who are always in the same room you are at all times.
And that lasts for as long as you're in the Trianon Palace.
I don't think they were... I didn't observe them underfoot at the Novotel where I was staying along with the other reporters, which was about a mile away from the...
Well, three years ago in Portugal, there's a video of the black cars or the men in black sunglasses following you around.
Yes, that was when the Channel 4 of England guys, of London guys, were with me.
They were driving.
They were very concerned about these guys following us around, but I told them it's rather normal.
Well, as far as the
Their agenda is concerned.
They're also very cynical about our role in the Middle East.
They were telling the Americans that Sharon should be ordered by the United States to accept the very modest demands made on the so-called Roadmap to Peace, which only requires that the Israelis withdraw to the
They're outposts as of March of 2002.
Not all the way back or anything like that.
And Sharon contentiously said, rejected it.
At the same time Bilderberg was meeting, he was contentiously rejecting the roadmap to peace.
And they're saying things to the effect that American administrations always oppose Israeli expansion.
With your mouth, but not your money.
All right, stay there.
There's also an article about Israel joining the EU.
We'll find out if you heard about that.
Take a call or two.
In the conclusion of our interview with Jim Tucker, I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
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I think?
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Coming up at the bottom of the next hour, in about 35 minutes, I have a doctor involved in the Belgium war crimes tribunal, which of course is totally illegitimate, but so are the globalists in this country.
And they're in a fight over power right now, and they're trying to indict Tommy Franks.
And you'll see the response of the globalists on this side of the Atlantic.
That's come up in about 35 minutes.
I know we have callers for Jim Tucker, and we're going to take your calls coming up here in a few minutes.
He's going to stay a little bit in the next hour with us.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
We really appreciate Jim.
He's very busy when he gets back from Bilderberg meetings.
We're staying with us for another 15, 20 minutes.
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Jim, I know there's other points you'd probably like to make, and we'll do those coming up the next hour.
But right now, let's go to Regina in Pennsylvania.
Regina, you're on with Jim Tucker covering the Bilderberg Group for 26 years.
Go ahead.
Thank you, Mr. Tucker.
I just had to bring something up, Alex.
You mentioned about Rockefeller getting his wine and going a long ways.
It came up real interesting this morning on a 50,000 watt coming out of Pittsburgh area.
There was a comment by the talk show host that...
In Russia, for some kind of celebration, he might be familiar with what this was.
Vladimir Putin's going to use aircraft and magnetic systems to clear the skies.
Yeah, isn't that wonderful?
Yeah, that's from the Times of London.
You can purchase that for $1,500,000.
They will guarantee to clear any skies, any time, for any parade or function.
But the general public says there is no weather control.
Well, that confirmed it for sure, and it's way out in the open.
And I just encourage people that with the good work you've done with this, all your movies and stuff, but laying it out in this Descendants of Tyranny, with us going into this commission under Lee Hamilton and the governor, you know, get this information into your congressman and make him not forget that... Do you have any comments, though, for our guest?
Just the good work, and he just makes everybody realize that it's all our job to really find out, even though it's intimidating.
Twenty-six years ago when he started, no one knew about Bilderberg Group, and now most Americans know about it.
Thanks for the call, Regina.
Jim, any comments to what she just said?
I'll just thank her for these kind words.
Jim, we're about to break.
Any other key areas that you can reveal about this year's Bilderberg Conference that you'll tell us about when we get back?
Very good.
What are some of the other areas you might mention?
Oh, especially the split over the Middle East situation, the pressure being brought upon President Bush for the first time.
Such direct pressure has been brought upon the President of the United States to...
To insist that Israel accepts the roadmap to peace, or we stop giving away billions of dollars.
I want to understand that division and who the power players are here.
And if it's a real division, when we get back, you can answer that.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back, second hour.
Are you prepared?
Seems that more terrorism on our soil is inevitable.
Chemical attacks, biological, nuclear, who knows for sure what dangers lie ahead for America.
Recent articles have pointed to vulnerability in our ability...
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Already into the second hour of this live Friday edition.
We've got Big Jim Tucker on the line.
We'll have time to take a few other calls before he leaves us.
The total free number to join us is 800-259-9231.
For 40 years, he's been covering politics in Washington for some of the big syndicates.
Then 25, 26 years ago, he started covering the Bilderberg Group.
I think?
We're good to go.
And he was telling us about a rare division.
Have you ever seen division like this in the 100-power elite, Jim?
Not until last year and to a much greater extent this year.
I mean, the language is something so congenial, but sometimes kind of really rough, like the European Bilderberg who told a grim-faced American, you are too stupid to know when you've been insulted by a moral midget.
And he was referring to the fact that at the very moment...
Secretary of State Colin Powell was on his knees before Errol Sharon saying, please accept the roadmap to peace.
He was rejecting it with sneering contempt, according to the Jerusalem Post.
He ridiculed any idea that there would be no suspension of settlements in the occupied areas, in the occupied Palestinian lands of West Bank and Gaza.
He made the point that...
Sharon made the point that all American presidents, all American administrations have always opposed Israeli expansion and occupation of Palestinian lands.
But we do it anyway.
And the strong implication there was we're going to give them blank check aid no matter what they do.
Why would the Rothschild-controlled EU, allied with the Dutch and British royalty, why would they be against Israel's expansion?
All these years, it's been much more widely reported in Europe.
The brutality of the occupation, the wars of expansion in 1967, they call it a preemptive strike.
They destroyed the Egyptian Air Force on the ground.
They deliberately sunk the USS Liberty ship, killing 34 American... Trying to blame that on Egypt.
Trying to blame that on Egypt.
Yes, but...
Even earlier stories have been confirmed by Casey, the late CIA director, in a book published posthumously.
We just had something this week.
He said that he was absolutely sure that Israel knew it was an American ship, as was Secretary of State... Oh, Lord, what's his name under...
The Secretary?
Dean Russ.
Dean Russ.
Well, I've had Admiral Moore, Thomas Moore, on this show to say that they let that happen, that our government was involved with Israel trying to sink a deployment on Egypt for World War III.
Oh, yes.
Admiral Moore is very strong at that point and has been all of these years.
And he was...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Okay, but the question is, why is the EU?
I think this is only on the surface.
Why is this going on?
We've got a few calls for you, Jim Tucker.
Stay there.
Final segment with Big Jim Tucker.
I'm Alex Jones.
We'll be right back.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Exposing the liberals, exposing the neocons, and reality between the Republicans and Democrats, there's no difference, only in the rhetoric.
A neocon talk show host, lie to the public, manipulate the public, try to steer you into thinking the Republicans are going to save you when they're really the heart of the New World Order takeover.
We know what the Democrats are.
The Republicans are Trojan horses.
We're talking to Jim Tucker, American Free Press, and we're about to go to Umar and Daryl and others, and then we're going to have another guest coming on.
You say in your 26 years of covering Bilderberg, you've never seen divisions until last year.
Now we're seeing divisions again.
Do you believe this is a genuine split inside the power elite of the New World Order at Bilderberg Group?
I believe it is a genuine, heartfelt dissent, but I do think they'll repair it and kiss and make up this will pass.
But it's interesting, they're capable of disagreeing, particularly over the war in the Middle East.
To a lesser extent, on this issue of the independent European Union army,
It is not eyeball to eyeball between the United States and the European Bilderbergs.
Many European Bilderbergs are opposed to the separate European Union Army, especially, quote, Lord, quote, George Robertson, the Secretary General of NATO.
Obviously, he does not want to see a rival.
Well, the European Union Army would not be much of a rival to NATO, but he says it would be incoherent to have a separate force.
So we have jockeying of will NATO be the global force?
Will the EU Army be the NATO force?
How will America's military factor in as a unit?
Of that force, this transatlantic battle over the shape of the New World Order, you say is a surface thing, but deep down at the roots, they agree on the overall New World Order strategy of destroying national sovereignty.
I think the result will be nothing more than a European Union army that is a wing of NATO, a sublet of NATO, or maybe it will not come into existence at all, although it seems to be gearing up pretty quickly because, as Robertson and some of the others said, this has been incoherent.
NATO has now been established the last two years
As the World Army of the United Nations.
I think we mentioned this last year because it came about during the 50th anniversary celebration of NATO in Washington when heads of state said this.
They said that now that we've invaded Yugoslavia, the first time a NATO fire was shot in anger was to invade, not to defend Europe as its charter required.
We can now go anywhere in the world
Where our services are needed.
Okay, one more question, and then I've got two final calls, and we'll let you go, Jim.
This is very important.
The founder of the Bilderberg Group, this Dutch prince, he was a Gestapo Nazi officer.
Kirk Valtime, who ran the U.N., was a Nazi 70 to 82.
We have the Bush's grandfather, Prescott, trading with the enemy, running most Nazi operations in this country, Brown Brother Harriman.
How does all this factor in together?
Because it seems to be cut from the same cloth.
Then you've got weirdo Rothschilds involved.
What is the overall driving ideology of the Bilderberg Group?
Who is the dominant subgroup in that 100 power brokers?
Well, money is power, and power is money.
You make money on wars, arming both sides of...
So it's just power and control?
The Rothschilds, at least in recent years, were not attended by name.
Twenty years ago, there would always be Baron Edmund Rothschild and there was Evelyn Rothschild.
At first, I thought Evelyn Rothschild was a woman, but it's a man.
Now, the Rothschild family is there, but through marriage and so forth, they have different last names.
Okay, let's talk to Umar in Michigan.
Umar, you're on the air.
Go ahead, sir.
How you doing?
All right, Mr. Tucker.
I'm very familiar with your work in the spotlight.
Yes, sir.
You know, being well-read on the subject of the New World Order, I done talked to various people like Dr. Don Coleman, Anthony J. Hilder, and Bill Cooper.
I read a lot of books about it, this and that.
And up until now,
You know, nothing never happened as far as them coming out like they have recently.
Now, with what I understand from reading Carol Quigley's book, Tragedy and Hope, they want to get rid of blacks, undesirable population, and, you know, the scars and other race-targeted virus that they got out here, like HIV and everything.
This leads me to believe that
The question I think he's raising is how the Ted Turners and Prince Phillips of the world say they want to reduce world populations and then lo and behold are involved in controversial vaccine programs worldwide.
Any comments to that environmentalist agendas in the Bilderberg Group?
Well, it's interesting.
They want to control the world population and they all have a platoon of children themselves.
So any comments to what you've gotten in the 26 years of covering them when it comes to eugenics and population and all that?
Well, year after year they've called for population control.
By population control they mean stop breeding so fast in the poor countries.
And they advocate, which many of us would not, publicly funded abortions on demand, which raises moral issues with a lot of
Not enough Americans.
China is also their model with forced abortion and infanticide.
They love the Chinese model, do they not?
Yes, I think in China you're punished if you have more than one child or something.
One last question, and I'm going to let you go.
With all this proof that we have, or rumor, or hindo-hindo about treason and so forth...
Why isn't anything being done about it?
You know, I mean, we can pull up all kinds of stuff.
I understand the question, and thank you, sir, for the call.
We only have time for one more caller.
Because the establishment is the establishment, they regulate themselves.
We've got the fox guarding the hen house.
Any comments to that, Jim?
Except that I agree with you.
All right, let's talk to Darrell in Pennsylvania.
Last caller for Jim Tucker, then I'll take more calls.
We've got another guest coming on.
Darrell, you're on the air with our guest.
Yeah, and Alex, I tend to agree more with you.
Go ahead.
I think this so-called rift is much more just on-the-surface type stuff, sort of like the professional wrestling we see between the Republican and Democratic leadership in the House and Senate.
And to think that guys like low-level guys,
Now we've got Bush driving, we've got Bush bad-mouthing the dollar, exactly what the Europeans asked for four years ago in Davos, Switzerland.
Jim, any comments?
The anchor between the Europeans and Americans was quite visible.
I think it is sincere, as far as the two main topics of the Middle East and the invasion of Iraq is concerned.
Otherwise, they're all singing in the same choir.
So on a hundred other issues of globalism, they're together, and that's all expanding.
Why is the EU contingent of the Bilderberg Group against taking over all these sovereign countries, or do they want to do it through detente instead of the military?
Okay, but why is that?
Because they have large Muslim populations and the general public is against it?
Yes, and they... Well, they're very concerned over so-called nationalism.
The election in Belgium this past Sunday, they were discussing it even while they were meeting.
I forgot.
The name of the party escapes me.
The strong nationalist party in Belgium that picked up about 18 seats in their legislature, which they're considering punishing Belgium, even as they punished Austria for having a free election, in which George Heider's party did well a few years ago.
So all of these elements come into play.
There's also been assassinations carried out against more conservative organizations.
I believe so, yes.
Anything else real quick?
Yes, Alex.
Would you not both agree that John Kennedy was the last American leader that really showed a big streak of independence?
And I'll drop off.
Thank you.
Okay, thank you.
Comments on JFK?
Yes, I voted for Nixon in 1963, but Kennedy was very strong on trying to control
Well, he'd always gone with their agenda, and then suddenly after he saw the Northwoods plan, the U.S.
government plan to carry out terror to blame it on enemies, and then this has even been on Frontline now, they finally mentioned it.
He moved to abolish the CIA, abolish the Federal Reserve, print our own money instead of Federal Reserve notes, get us out of Vietnam and the Israel thing, and I think all of that together contributed to the globalists going after Kennedy.
Why do you think Kennedy defected into the people's ranks there at the end, Jim?
Well, the Kennedys never have been associated with the big bucks boys because they're snobs.
The Kennedy money was new money.
The Rockefeller money is old money by American standards.
I think so.
They were not part of the elite.
Well, I really appreciate you coming on the show, Jim Tucker.
We'll check in with you.
It was my pleasure.
We appreciate your work.
How do folks go to the website, or how do they call and get a subscription to American Free Press?
Just call 202-544-5977, and we'll be happy to sign you up.
202-544-5977 or AmericanFreePress.net.
All right, Jim.
Thank you for coming on the show.
God bless you.
Appreciate it.
Of course, my websites are Infowars.com, Infowars.net, and PrisonPlanet.com.
And I would add a caveat to all of this, that this is theater to manipulate the population, but definitely there are some internal fights going on, but as Jim said, on the surface.
We'll be back.
Take more calls.
And I've got, speaking of Belgium, I've got a doctor involved in the war crimes tribunal over there.
Talk about the indictment of General Franks for war crimes, some of the real stuff that went on in Iraq.
We'll talk about this whole development.
Stay with us.
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Alright folks, welcome back.
Let me jump into some more news.
Then we've got a guest coming up in the next segment from overseas.
Earlier, I got into this very revealing article out of the Tribune Review, the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.
It's on Infowars.com.
Greensburg police stop immigrants.
A wrong turn led a truck of illegal immigrants into a seatbelt awareness checkpoint in Greensburg.
Of course, it had nothing to do with seatbelts.
They said they had a lot of arrests and fines and fees and other traffic citations at the checkpoint.
But for citizens...
They detained the illegals and were ordered to release them.
The INS, well, no longer the INS, now a division of Homeland Security, U.S.
Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services, said, release them.
We don't want them.
We don't care if they're felons.
What an illustration.
But it says here in the lengthy three-page article that the citizens were grilled.
There were many arrests, many fines and fees handed out to everyone.
And this was a four-hour checkpoint with 1,262 vehicles.
And it goes on and on and on with all the arrests and all the other stuff.
And it's got the police chief saying that he's angry because they're going after citizens but not illegals.
Well, that's the way it is.
If you're in California, you're an illegal, you get more tuition than a citizen.
800 plus cities accept illegal ID cards from hundreds of countries now.
We're just totally wide open.
You can buy a fake ID anywhere.
It's totally accepted.
The bank's accepted.
But if you're a citizen, now they're putting in thumb scanners, not just the ink readers, to get a bank account, not just to cash a check.
And then I have this article here where they're going to have drones over our cities.
But, oh, it's to stop illegals.
Do you really believe that?
Senator Warner said it is to watch the American people.
There was a backlash to military drones, so now it's for the illegals.
Everything is for the illegals.
Right here in Texas, when they started thumb scanning part of the federal plan, it was to stop the illegals.
And then they were given waivers and don't have to go through the system.
So, basically, you are a first-class citizen if you're an illegal, second-class citizen if you are the bovine-type creature citizen that we all are citizens to fund and be bled by this vampiric, parasitic state.
So, what an amazing illustration.
And then another story out of the New York Post.
More raids in New York, this time of an entire apartment building.
Busting down the doors.
Wasn't even government housing.
They just said we can search wherever we want, whenever we want.
Nothing was found.
Of course, last week they raided an apartment, kicked down the door.
The old lady, the city worker, died of a heart attack.
They don't care.
They say they're just doing their job.
This is the new America.
But there is massive resistance starting to mount to this.
And then I have this bizarre story out of the Alamogordo News online at infowars.com, mainstream.com.
News article.
Wildcroft chief stops Israelis with suspicious cargo.
They stopped them.
They told a bunch of different stories.
They lied.
Their visas had expired.
They had sealed crates.
And the feds took over and won't tell people what was in the crates.
We're good to go.
They were arrested, the government ordered their release, and then it turned out that Mossad really did run the moving company.
They were in, and the storage company, and they went to the building a week later, and everything was pulled out.
A day after the event, everyone had already been out of the building, computers, desk, everything gone.
Files gone.
This is a subject we've got to talk about, folks.
It's got to be discussed.
And we've got to tell the truth as patriots, as Christians, as Americans.
I'm not even saying Israel carried out the attacks.
The deputy FBI director did get up there on Fox and say we've arrested hundreds of Israelis before and after 9-1-1, shadowing al-Qaeda.
Yeah, but the FBI was paying for their homes, paying for their cars, paying for their credit cards for the actual people that they say were the hijackers.
So Israel is just as much involved in this as our government.
I'm not going to say that it's Israel because Israel couldn't train hijackers at U.S.
military bases in Florida and Monterey, California.
They couldn't have a no-fly list for public officials and tell Mayor Willie Brown not to fly.
That was the FAA to New York that day.
They could not have U.S.
troops mashing into Tajikistan and Uzbekistan for the invasion of Afghanistan.
They couldn't have Bush on Cipro, the anthrax-spotting antibiotic, on September 10th, four weeks before anthrax popped up in Boca Raton, Florida.
They certainly are involved, that is clear, and a lot of good police have been stopping them, involving all sorts of unsundry activities.
Got another guest coming up to talk about the war crimes trial of Tommy Franks.
And the globalist response to that, stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
More than 700 chemicals have been found in our drinking water.
And did you know that you can have greater exposure to these chemicals by taking hot showers than when you drink the water?
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That's 877-605-9200.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, my friends.
Joining us from Belgium is Dr. Van Morten.
He is going to be giving testimony in the war crimes trial, if it ever gets off the ground, of General Tommy Franks and some of his other minions.
He was a doctor in Iraq.
He witnessed machine gunning of vehicles full of pregnant women.
Now the U.S.
government, the global government, is trying to pressure them not just to not have this trial, or they're going to move funding out of there and move some of the government buildings out of there, the global government buildings out of there.
They are also wanting them to never have a war crimes trial.
Hello, nice to meet you.
Well, it's one of our languages that we learned at school, so...
And by practicing it in some places, I get a bit better at it.
Tell us about yourself, what you saw in Iraq, and what's happening with this war crimes trial that Belgium can carry out.
Well, first of all, we have a law in Belgium that makes it possible to make a court case against people, even if they are not Belgian citizens, and even if they committed crimes outside Belgium.
But this law was already adapted some weeks ago under pressure of the United States, which felt already that there might be a possibility that maybe some Iraqi citizens would introduce a court case against the U.S.
So it was already adapted and weakened so that the possibilities of making that trial was already lesser.
But nevertheless...
The United States, when they heard that we were preparing a court case, and when I say United States, I don't mean the citizens of the United States, but I mean the regime and the president and the authorities, that they were already pressuring the Belgian government, not allowing that there would be introduced a court case.
So even they first pressured to change the law,
And then when they hear that somebody wants to use that law, they do not respect the sovereignty of Belgium as they neither did with Iraq.
And they put already pressure on a government which officially you have the separation of the forces.
So normally a government doesn't have to interfere into court cases.
But the United States, the regime, they think that they can order what they want.
They think that they can give orders to the Belgium government.
To do like this.
And unfortunately, the Belgian government feels the pressure of the United States, the only military superpower in the world, and they're now trying to shift that court case out of their hands and giving it in the hands of the court.
Of the United States, which is, of course, when you know that already so many pressure was put from the United States to Belgium to not try to dare to introduce a court case, how fair will be the chance for a court case in the United States?
Because the most important things for war crimes are war crimes described as this in the Geneva Convention, a special protocol that is not signed by the United States.
And now you've got weird terror alerts in your country, I guess kind of a smokescreen over all of this, just like we have here for political gain and as a way to divert attention with these Reichstagian events.
You were in Iraq, and you're going to be testifying if this trial ever gets off the ground.
I want to get back into some of the pressure that the cartel is using that runs this country to block it, but what did you see, Dr. Van Mortar, in Iraq when you were there?
What was your position there?
Well, first of all, to come back to the crimes that were committed over there, normally you should try to avoid not to target the civil population.
Well, by bombing and destroying the electricity and water supply and telephones, etc.,
Who you think who is hit by this?
We have seen it.
It's the civil population who is targeted by this and hit by this.
Even we had the high-ranking Belgian military who said, if you don't hit the civil population or not target them, you never will be able to win a war.
So, even in military circles, they say you have to hit the civil population, but officially, they say, of course, we do our utmost best not to touch them.
But with water and electricity in a modern society which Iraq was...
When you take away this, this causes a lot of dead people, even without using a bullet directly to kill children.
You know, one in four children is malnourished in Iraq.
When they have no drinkable water, and you give this, this makes them having infection, diarrhea, they will die.
But during the days when they were conquering Baghdad city,
At that time, they were shooting at really everything that moved.
I make the comparison, it's like an ordinary bank robbery, which a holdup, while the difference is that with a holdup, people that do it, the bandits, they cover their face and they do not say, we do it in the interest of the...
The workers and the owners of the bank.
In this context, I have seen the ambulance that shifted two heavy wounded people from the hospital that we were working to another hospital, came back ten minutes later, and it was shot all over.
Two young people that still had a chance to survive when I entered that ambulance had fresh keyholes, I mean bullet holes.
We're good to go.
Without warning, without stop sign, without shooting in the air, directly they were shot by American GIs who were standing there.
Dr. Van Mortar?
I have just a few questions here for you.
Number one, Iraq's been under siege for 12 years.
Number two, Saddam was the CIA's creation.
They told him to invade Kuwait.
Ambassador April Gillespie said go ahead and do it.
He'd always followed orders in the past.
This was a setup.
And I saw footage on Fox live of the tanks driving through Baghdad.
You had civilian trucks on the highway, the Marines whooping and yelling, machine-gunning trucks, men, women, and children spelling out dead on the street.
Images of burned, dead, molten bodies.
They would cut away from it quickly.
It was a bloodthirsty free-for-all.
We now found out that most of the Republican Guard had already been paid off weeks before in gold bars by British SAS and U.S.
Delta Force.
Thank you.
Thank you.
And now they're fighting to keep this news out of our country.
It is embarrassing.
This is a stage war.
You have the Project for a New American Century pinned by Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld saying Saddam isn't a threat, that they wanted the oil and as a military launch base.
All of these factors together, though, answer those questions or comment on them.
How can Belgium, though, yes, you're sovereign, but how can Belgium then ever bring justice to people like Tommy Franks?
Well, we gathered from about 20 Iraqi people, gathered their testimony, and they willed to bring Franks to a Belgium court case.
So, we do not say it's an individual soldier, because stories with ambulances, I can tell you another one where two pregnant women were inside, it was shot at when they were clearly with the serene noise and with the lights flashing, and clearly seen as an ambulance who was shot by an American tank.
And when the husband who was there with his woman in labor, he found himself when the car exploded outside of the car, and when people wanted to rescue him, these people were shot at by American GIs.
And later, in that incident with the ambulance where I was seeing the ambulance returning, I went to an American tank with my hands up,
And shouting, I'm a Belgian medical doctor.
And when I arrived to that tank, my heart beating because I did not know if they were shooting at me, yes or no.
Because normally we would have been taking that ambulance if there were not that two heavy wounded people.
So it could have that we have been killed by it.
So I said to this man, are you crazy?
You shoot to an ambulance.
You know what he answered?
He answered, he was not really nervous.
He was sitting relaxed over there.
And he said, well, it might have been full of explosives.
Well, if you reason like this, then it's a kind of the preemptive strike that Bush was doing to Iraq that these soldiers were instructed to do in Iraq itself.
Also, Dr. Van Mortar is there in the middle of this.
Also, now North Korea is saying they'll preemptively nuke people because of this policy.
Japan is now going to arm with nuclear weapons.
They covertly have already built hundreds, the evidence shows.
They're now going to launch a bunch of ships
That's true, and for that reason I say it's not all the world is in danger by this Bush and his administration.
Not only those countries he's attacking, but also, I say also with the citizens of the United States, because who is paying for all this militarization?
Well, let me just give you news from the U.S., Dr. Van Mortar.
They are now saying, the Attorney, Deputy Attorney General of California, that they may arrest you if you protest.
That may be a terrorist act.
They've got a law they want to pass where you get life in prison if one person blocks traffic in a protest.
You say the words that I was going to say, if they made a comparison with Saddam and Hitler, I think the comparison Bush and Hitler is much more accurate, because he is now responsible for militarization and for repression in his own country.
And we see the same things in Europe as well.
We see here in Europe that all decisions are made on European level and that there is no democratic control anymore about it.
And again here, as in the United States now, if you dare to protest you will be coming on very relatively easy on a list of terrorists.
Well, they just arrested...
Six French reporters, reporters without borders, with credentials to cover a computer trade show.
They said this whole group isn't allowed here now because you went into Iraq unembedded.
I mean, now they're making it illegal globally for any reporter to cover things outside globalist control.
You mentioned how Europe's going under Terry.
They're getting rid of juries.
They're getting rid of freedoms.
They're getting rid of your sovereignty.
They have an unelected board.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Well, the officials said already, if you dare to do that, it will have heavy consequences.
I think mayors are something like this.
The head of your army, or I mean the total army, you use other terms than in Belgium, I mean the whole of the military, the head of it, he came to Brussels to the NATO office and he said, well, if this is going to happen...
He clearly said, well, we threatened we will not come here anymore with NATO, so they are threatening with economical, they are threatening with isolation of Belgium, and even now that the government is saying that they want to shift the process, the trial to the United States, we go and appeal for that.
But it is what the position of the Belgian government, even with an illegal procedure that they were following, even now they're doing everything what the United States is asking.
Now even officials from the United States said they are not satisfied yet.
They want the Belgian government to change that law because it will never be possible anymore to make one American citizen
Thank you.
Let me stop with Dr. Van Morter, who was a doctor involved there in Iraq, saw this eyewitness to this stuff, and is now going to be a witness if they ever have this trial over there.
Now, here's an article out of the Herald.
Civilian deaths in Iraq could be as high as 10,000.
We know it's well over a million from the sanctions.
Even Secretary of State Albright said that was a good price to pay, 500,000 dead Iraqi children alone.
That was on NBC four years ago.
We know what they're doing.
We know what they're all about here.
This is so evil.
But, again, I want to show that you mentioned Europe's going under tyranny.
It's a worldwide thing.
Belgium was going to do this separately, I guess not part of the U.N.,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
It's incredible.
And then all the lies, how they claim they got nuclear parts from Africa.
It turns out that was a falsification.
This mass grave, a falsification.
Falsification after falsification after falsification.
How can we believe anything that comes out of this crime cartel?
Well, at least the witnesses that I had recorded there, they are original.
So, you see the victim, you see people with amputations, you see people who are paralyzed, etc., that I videotaped when they were telling, yes, we want justice to be done.
And this is, I think, also from the psychological part already.
People who lost their relatives, their limbs, their lives, their everything, at least if they know that this impunity, that in some place in the world maybe there is a chance that somebody goes for a court case,
That is already a psychological support.
And I say to the United States authorities, if they have nothing to hide, if they are sure they did do nothing wrong, well, that they'd be happy that there comes a court case and they can defend themselves.
But apparently, if they do everything to stop the possibility to start a court case, it means they say already in advance they're guilty.
And I have seen what they have done.
So they are guilty.
These are...
There was an article in the BBC, and there were several others, where news people witnessed...
That's another question.
Well, I think the people in your army are those who are the most brainwashed in the world.
I talked with a lot of them when I had to enter the hotel and they wanted to have a physical check on me.
So I most of the time said, what are you doing here?
You're destroying here.
You're looting.
Because that's one of the points as well.
They organized the looting by saying hello.
Stay there, doctor.
Can you stay with us for more?
Okay, great.
Because I want to take some calls and let you finish the story.
A witness inside the whole thing, folks.
I tell you, it's disgusting.
And they're going to come back and be your cops.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're talking to Dr. Ben Mortar.
He's a Belgian.
A doctor, obviously.
Medical doctor over there in Iraq.
And he saw what was happening.
And it is confirmed that our government was directing looters to tear out the infrastructure so the IMF and World Bank can fully own the country.
And so they can prolong not even putting in a puppet government.
And folks, if you want to understand how the globalists create crises to offer solutions, you need to get my new video, Police State, Three Total Enslavement.
I'll tell you about that briefly, and then we'll go back to Dr. Van Mortar and hopefully hold him a little bit into the next hour so we can take calls.
Joining us from Belgium.
My new film, Police State 3, Total Enslavement, is out.
If you want the facts of the tyranny being set up here in the United States and globally, how the government's using terror to scare us into submission, dozens of confirmed examples from around the world, from Germany to England to the U.S., to Italy of the government carrying out terror to blame it on their political enemies, you need to get Police State 3, Total Enslavement.
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Again, folks, get the videos, make copies for non-profit educational purposes, spread the word, expose this tyranny.
Because thugs aren't going to stop until we stop them.
They're not going to quit, folks.
We've got to expose this.
Dr. Van Mortar, you were talking about the looting.
Other key areas you'd like to discuss that you were a witness to, and the witnesses you talked to as a doctor during the invasion and the takeover of the oil supplies in Iraq.
Dr. Van Mortar, what did you see exactly?
Well, from the looting, that was also one of the most hallucinant pictures that still remains in my memory.
That when I was, for example, on the fertility hospital, where people were looting, they were taking gynecological tables, ultrasound equipment.
So I went to one of the soldiers that was then at the Saddam Center for Plastic Surgery with the only hospital that they were protecting at that time because Reuters asked them because one of the British journalists from Reuters who was shot in the Palestine Hotel when I was there as well
They asked to the American soldiers, please protect our British journalists.
So I went to the soldiers and I said, you know, three, four hundred meters from here, they're looting the hospital.
So the other said, so what?
It's not my task, man.
Things like this.
And nobody's perfect.
Answers like this.
So it was so hallucinant that you could see when even they did not shoot in the air, they did not say stop, they were waving at them.
So it's more than stimulating.
Well, let me stop you, Doctor.
Rumsfeld then gave a press conference and said, freedom is untidy, ha ha ha, this is what freedom looks like.
Saddam was gone, this was the people's infrastructure being destroyed, now cholera is sweeping the country.
I know.
I can understand if you say people were suppressed and that they're attacking the symbols of the Saddam state, for example, photos, etc.
But at that time, even who was destroying the statues of Saddam Hussein?
It was the American army who was doing it, or the Marines.
At the time that they said, we don't have enough manpower in here to protect hospitals or museums, etc.,
At that time, their men could be used, were used to topple the statues, as if the statue of Saddam was going to run away.
Come on, be serious.
This was really disgusting.
This is organizing the chaos for having the excuse for staying there, for, as you said, not only to install a puppet regime, but to say, we are needed here for law enforcement.
Dr. Van Mortar, please stay there.
I'd like to speak with you some more and take some calls.
Stay right there, sir.
Ted Pike's monumental new video, Why the Mideast Bleeds, exposes the two main causes of international Arab terrorism.
First, a century of Zionist abuses, an atrocity against Palestinians.
Second, events... This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Already into the third hour of this worldwide Friday edition of the Alex Jones Show.
I've got a bunch of news about weather control devices that Russia's going to use.
I've got Second Amendment news.
I've got news about terrorist plots that may have been foiled in this country.
And no, it's not the Islamics doing it.
More on the Cashless Society.
Control grid, the biometrics going into the money.
It's all coming up as we track the police state that's developing.
Here's a story out of the Herald.
Civilian deaths in Iraq could be as high as 10,000.
And the looting was organized and directed to break down that society further so the globalists can stay in the country longer.
Dr. Van Morder is a medical doctor who was in the war, who was in Iraq during the war, and he's going to give his testimony in a war crimes trial, if they have it, in Belgium, but now that's being blocked.
And he is a witness to much of this.
He also interviewed other witnesses to it.
And we're going to take calls for Dr. Van Morder
When we get back in the next segment, if you'd like to talk to him or you have any questions for this eyewitness, 1-800-259-9231, 800-259-9231.
Dr. Van Mortar, you talk about how they organized the looting to break down the society.
Can you talk more about that and more of what you saw, and you said the most brainwashed troops in the world are our troops, thinking that shooting women is okay.
Can you talk about that, please?
Well, if you talk to normal people, I mean not, and I don't generalize, neither did the Iraqi people, also did not say the Americans.
Not generalizations, they were always talking about
The president and the regime in the United States.
So please apologize if it comes over that I am attacking the United States population.
This is not my purpose.
I do apologize in advance if I should have been misunderstood by this.
But what I've seen is by these Marines who I was talking with,
Nobody of them apologized him for the shooting of the ambulance.
Even if I was talking, someone was saying, come on, don't give me that shit, things like this.
If I was even telling what was happening, they were going to say that I was a liar.
I say, come on, it's turning the things upside down.
So I became a lot of times angry, and most of the time they started with giving excuses.
If you tell the stories, if I tell in Belgium the stories, what I've seen, people say, oh, that's pretty bad.
Oh, I feel sorry for you.
Oh, that is criminal, etc.
This is a normal human being reaction.
If you tell them stories about how they were shooting at everything that moved on their way without any excuse.
So if I tell this to Marines...
I understand all the things they were saying, but we don't need to go into that anymore because I have a lot of children listening.
But trying to understand something here for people...
In America now, SWAT teams, every week I see articles where they go to the wrong house and shoot somebody or somebody has a heart attack and dies, or they shoot their own officers, you know, these devil teams, these guys that dress up in exact Nazi uniforms, you know, with skull and bones, crosses and everything, and black ski masks covering their identities, no badge numbers.
Well, the Nazis not.
They don't.
Every week I see them killing innocent people.
They go, they raid whole apartment complexes now.
But if they catch illegal aliens on our streets, they order them released.
Citizens are under attack here.
So the general public is used to this.
We have shows like Cops where they train us like the running man, like a gladiatorial sport chasing us down.
The police dogs bite us on the news and blood sprays and people cheer.
So I want you to know that much of the public here has been warped into this bloodthirsty mindset, Doctor.
Well, it's pretty to hear that for the American population.
A large portion of us aren't like this.
But more and more... Sir, they teach us that 2 plus 2 equals 5 in America.
I'm not joking.
Were you aware of that?
Can you repeat that, please?
The government teaches children 2 plus 2 equals 5.
No, I'm not joking.
I can send you the articles.
They're training us to be dumb here.
They're training us to be a giant satanic army, basically.
Stay right there.
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I think.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
I think?
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the Masters of Terror.
Only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
Order online now at Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling 1-888-253-3139.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Delving deeply into the reality of the world.
Clearly, the globalists want to legitimize the EU in their courts.
England is taking everyone's rights away and destroying their freedoms, getting rid of the Magna Carta from 1214.
And so, the British people have to go to the EU, which legitimizes that organization, where you have non-elected officials running the board and the presidency.
But in the case of Belgium it's an independent government with its own war crimes and they have attempted to do some just things in the past.
I personally don't think because of national sovereignty they can go after
Franks, but our government tries to go outside its sovereignty against sovereign nations and go after people.
So I do believe that it is a just thing to prosecute Franks and Bush and then above him, his bosses, Pearl and Rumsfeld and Cheney.
Bush just reads off teleprompters, the most puppet-like president we've ever had.
We have confessions by the globalists of what they're doing.
The Project for the American Century, projectfortheamericancentury.org, where the think tank that's Bush's administration basically says that Saddam isn't a threat.
They want the oil.
They want Iraq as a military launch base.
Well, Dr. Van Mortar is a medical doctor who was there and saw all this.
We're about to go to Alan and Sue and others that are patiently holding to talk to him.
And you can call us at 1-800-259-9231.
But we're talking to Dr. Van Mortar.
Doctor, let's just talk about the war itself and get your response to that, not just the carnage and the organized looting and the mass murder of women and children by psychotically brainwashed globalist forces.
They're not even American forces now.
Let's talk about that, because they said they were going to find these weapons.
They didn't.
They did give the stuff to Saddam.
I guess he destroyed it or hid it well.
The point is it's an illegitimate war because hundreds of countries have these weapons.
Now they're saying they want to invade Iran.
They want to invade other countries like Syria.
They want to go into Damascus.
They want to attack North Korea.
Rumsfeld's battle plan's been leaked on that.
It's clear they're trying to escalate World War III after arming all sides.
Your response to that and where you think all this is going?
Well, I'm glad to hear that you make that kind of analysis, because we in here, I'm active in here in a Stop USA committee, where Stop USA stands for Stop the United States of Aggression, not Stop United States of America, but in this context, it is the authorities of the United States of America who are now acting like the United States of Aggressions.
So, we...
We make that analysis as well.
As you said, that Bush is more like a puppet.
Well, I think the strong man is Dick Cheney behind him, and behind all this is the petrol industry and the military-industrial complex.
As they wanted to invade Iraq, it was clear and obvious for all the world, I think, except some people in the United States, because when you would have looked to Fox TV, I don't think the people who only look to Fox TV, they will not know where it's really about.
They really were making... When I was hearing these journalists from Fox TV, when I could hear them speaking on the Palestine hotel roof, I thought, hey, this man lives in another place than I live here, because he was telling stories that I did not know.
Doctor, people like
Oliver North.
I mean, he's known CIA, still is.
A lot of those reporters are publicly been part of the government, been part of the secret police apparatus, been part of all sorts of different enterprises.
Well, I could find out that, for example, NBC, the journalist, was interested in my story of things that I have seen.
He wanted to bring me on his show for NBC, but a senior guy in the United States, he decided, oh no, we don't need that guy.
Well, I mean, we've got a colonel who was running Iran Contra, and a guy who's been running special operations takeover stuff for decades, and now he's on Fox telling you what's happening, embedded with the troops, wearing Army and Marine Corps insignia.
I mean, this is not fair and balanced, folks.
Yeah, but I'm glad to hear that there is a radio channel and that you have a show, at least where people get some other stories, because I was told that in the United States, the big majority of the press, the mainstream press, is...
Telling just what the government wants them to tell so that they influence the public opinion in that way that the majority believes that they were there for saving the Iraqi population.
The media here, they will pay ten times what a station's worth just to get it off the air.
They're buying everything up.
They're trying to shut down the Internet here.
They're trying to regulate it.
But they are in trouble.
People are waking up.
I just want to tell you that.
That's the good news.
Anyway, I wanted to tell if people wanted to support us for that court case that we want to do against General Franks, there is an international appeal for that, which you can find on www.stopusa.be.
There is an English version as well of the appeal for supporting that at least impunity will be bring for court and that there at least will be a chance that responsible for making this massacre in Iraq that they will come for court.
Now let's make it clear, doctor, that's the United States of Aggression you're talking about.
I would call it stop the criminal cabal that's hijacked America takeover system.
Because that's what's happened, is that we have the military-industrial complex that Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us about in that famous speech in 1960, has hijacked our government, has carried out terror attacks, and is using that to attack sovereign nations.
And the Project for a New American Century says, and this was the White House's own document, they need catastrophic terror attacks in America as a pretext for this new world order, and they wrote this years before 9-1-1.
Well, it might be interesting for having in your program one of my friends in Belgium, Peter Frentzen, who is a journalist who wrote a book about the September 11 attack with the title, Why the Kidnappers Get Freedom of Doing It.
Let's take some calls.
Alan in Kansas, and then Sue and others.
Alan, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
How are you doing?
Hello, Alex.
Fair, fair.
I understand you're a medical doctor.
That's correct.
Now, my question is, and understand, we know from Afghanistan that our pilots were using a substance similar to amphetamine.
He's asking about our troops who were hopped up on drugs, including ground forces now.
In some tests, we're given aggression drugs.
They're then given amnesiacs after committing murder of children.
Now, that's my question to you, Doctor.
In your experience, from what you saw and talking to the American military, did you see evidence that they may have been using some kind of
Well, in case the doctor doesn't know, let me just tell him.
They admit they're drugging ground forces now, and not just giving them amphetamines for speed, they're now giving them aggression drugs that make them go into psychosis.
Doctor, did you see any evidence of the troops on drugs?
Well, I did not see them literally taking the drugs, but it's quite possible if I describe you the way that I say that they look for me brainwashed, with eyes staring a bit in... I apologize for my language.
Do they look like they were hopped up on something?
You're a doctor.
Well, sometimes I had the impression that people were really not when I was talking normally to them, and I did not get normal eye contact with them.
They were avoiding eye contact with me and giving some standard answers that I thought, well, everybody tells the same story.
It's as if they're repeating the brainwash story in their head.
So it's quite possible that at that time they were... Let me just tell you, we had a whole Delta Force unit come back.
Well, that's possible.
I think before you're able really to shoot...
Well, our troops rarely did that in Vietnam.
Our government couldn't get them to do it.
Why have our troops changed from the 70s
To now in 2003, they will.
And, Doctor, it sounds nuts earlier when I told you they teach the kids 2 plus 2 equals 5.
I have the mainstream news articles.
Caller, tell him, have you heard about how they teach fuzzy math?
Tell the doctor what I'm talking about.
Alan, have you heard of that?
Well, you know, I'm not certain about that, but I know instead of teaching math numerically, they've been doing a lot of verbal math.
Well, for those that don't know, I have the Wisconsin Tribune article, the headline, 2 plus 2 equals 5.
They are brainwashing.
Our test scores are dropping, Doctor, on purpose.
So there is brainwashing going on.
Yeah, but it was clearly that these Marines that I talked to, it's clearly that they were brainwashed.
Well, I saw them on the news.
A lot of them look whacked out.
Any other comments, Alan?
Well, that is pretty much it, but I'd just like to say to the doctor, I've been at war.
I know what an adrenaline surge is, and I know how people act under it.
I've been there and done that.
But this question about them doing things as though they enjoyed and as though they were past what a normal person would understand and know to be right,
I'm wondering if that might not be drug and dude.
So you're saying, sir, you've been in combat and killed, and you didn't enjoy it?
No, sir.
Well, that's what I've heard from family that have killed.
Well, I heard from one who was making it at the entrance of the Palestine Hotel, who was aggressively trying to search me.
I'll tell you what, let's hear the story when we get back.
Stay with us, Doctor.
We really appreciate you joining us.
Sue and others are up next.
Stay with us.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're talking to Dr. Van Morten, and folks, you remember Delta Force coming back, and out of one unit, four of them killed their wives, one of them even tried to get to his children, and then went into some type of bizarre spasm flopping around the ground, what the police reported.
Doctor, what type of drug, the Pentagon admits they've got some new secret drugs, aggression drugs, and then they give them a type of halcyon amnesiac afterwards to forget it, but...
Do you, as a medical doctor, know of a drug that will make you become psychotically aggressive?
Well, I'm not a specialist in that topic, so I cannot give you the right answer on that.
I've seen some people having strange reactions over there.
For example, one guy who was trying to search me and I said, don't search me too much, man, because he was kind of aggressive to me.
So he said, I'm just doing my job, man.
And I said, sorry.
He said, I'm doing my job just as you are paid for doing your job.
So I answered to him.
Sorry, man, I'm here as a volunteer.
I'm not as a paid doctor in here.
But you are paid here with the troops to kill children.
I said, because I was so angry because I just have seen what I've done.
And he answered with a face I should have been able to videotape it.
He just shouted to me and said, and I love it, man!
I said, how is it possible?
A man so shouting.
He loves to kill children.
He was shouting to me.
Was it a leering, satanic type face?
Yeah, really satanic, really.
All the muscles in his face were so tight and so... Kind of like this?
I love it!
Yeah, really shouting.
We're the good guys.
I said, this man was... I think this is a lunatic or something.
This is not normal anymore.
And this was the man who had to control me to see, to check if I could come back inside the hotel.
Yes or no?
He said, you said you kill children.
It took a lot of courage, and you're not armed.
He is.
You say you love to kill children.
He goes, yes, I love it.
So what did you say to him when he said, I love killing children?
Well, I'm not going to say it on your radio here, but then I lost my self-control for a moment as well.
Well, let me just say this.
You can go to counterpunch.com.
Times writer, Alexander Cockburn, runs it.
The L.A.
They interviewed a retired Marine who, in the late 90s, they changed one of their cadences.
This is system-wide, you know, the little songs they sing.
And it's about taking American schoolchildren out, putting candy on the ground, and then killing them.
No, I'm not kidding, sir.
In reality...
Sue in Missouri, then Jason in California.
Sue, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Great meeting you had in Kansas City.
Well, thank you.
Oh, and did you see my Wisconsin article, 2 plus 2 equals 5?
That was in my presentation.
Yes, I was there.
I wanted to ask the doctor, what is the position of the Communist Party in his country or any other...
Well, I'm wondering what that party in his country, what their position is.
On the war.
Well, you know, officially nearly everybody was against the war.
But those who were in Parliament, they in Belgium were a bit hypocrite in that way as well.
They said we are against the war, but they allowed American troops to pass via Belgium and via the seaport of Antwerp.
Well, I would add that the former ten communist blocs
And Poland and others were involved in the war, and Putin's involved in his own deal with the Chechny, and so I think at the higher levels they're all in it together.
Is that what you're saying?
No, I said the official parties who are in the parliament, but you have the Communist Party in Belgium, which calls in here the Labour Party of Belgium, I believe, in English.
They had a firm stand against the war, and were also active in mobilizing people in rallies
But what I'm saying is that then makes the left wing look good.
I'm saying at the higher levels of the Soviet Union, which is still around, at the higher levels of that, they are actually involved in this war and not really against it.
Only on the surface were they against it.
I don't know about the party there, but...
Well, in the Belgium context, that's different.
That's real.
I know some people from them as well.
I know from most parties, I know people.
So I made an appeal when I was in Baghdad.
I made an appeal to the Belgium politicians, of whom I know a lot of them, to do really to stop the transport of U.S.
weapons via the Belgium seaport.
And they were still discussing, discussing, discussing.
What I was saying, well, you don't have to discuss while the killing is going on.
You have to stop the murder while the killing is going on.
Okay, hold on, Doctor.
The only party who really actively protested against it and tried to block it in the Antwerp seaport... One more quick segment, Doctor.
We've got a break.
We'll just do about eight more minutes with us, and we'll come back and talk to Jason in California and a few others.
Does that answer your question, Sue?
Yes, thank you.
Thank you.
We'll be right back with Jason in California and others.
I'm Alex Jones.
The websites are infowars.com and prisonplanet.com.
Dr. Ben Mortar, stay right there.
One more segment.
Thank you.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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From Rochester, New York, Pensacola, Florida, to Austin, Texas, to Denver, Colorado, to Northern California.
And we're reaching millions of people.
It's important for you to get involved in this fight.
We're talking to Dr. Van Morter, a medical doctor who volunteered and went to the area.
Doctor, was that part of Doctors Without Borders?
Or what organization did you go with, or did you go by yourself?
No, I went with Medical Aid for the Turled World.
Which is a small Belgium-based NGO and the first goal most was in the preventive medicine.
We say that doctors and health workers have to be involved in actions and rallies against the war because I give the example.
If you do not only treat a lung cancer, you also try to prevent it by doing actions to stop people smoking.
So if you want to avoid that people get victims in a war,
Thank you very much.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
I think?
Now, our media is really saying nothing about the cholera spreading, the 12 years of degradation, how it's worse there now.
When you left Iraq, what was the situation like, and we'll take a call.
Well, it was pretty bad over there.
It was already pretty bad because of the sanctions and the embargo.
I told you one in four children is malnourished, and then if you put on them no drinkable water anymore, or no water, then they die from diarrhea.
But they said that was all Saddam's fault.
Now they're in control, and it's worse, and they're mowing crowds down that protest.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Well, I'm sure the propaganda will continue, but what I know, I saw a recent report now, that the acute malnutrition is already doubled.
So I'm sure a lot of children and people will die now, without a bullet, but because of having no purchasing power, because having bad living conditions.
You know, the water system is destroyed, the shoeing system is destroyed.
That's 10 million people.
And folks, before you say, ah, so what about those Iraqis?
I thought it was to liberate them, folks.
All they've secured is the oil.
How would you like not having water and power and medicine?
Let's talk to Jason in California.
Jason, you're on the air with our guest, Dr. Van Mortar.
Hey, how are you doing today?
Go ahead.
Good morning.
Happy Memorial Day, everybody.
I just had a couple of questions.
I wanted to know when this general goes to the International Criminal Court,
I wanted to find out who actually decides the outcome of that.
This isn't the International Criminal Court.
This is a Belgium war crimes court, and now it's all being shut down.
But what would happen if Belgium did indeed indict General Frontman Tommy Franks?
Well, stay there, and I'll let him answer your question, Jason.
How would the process work, Doctor?
I told already, now the government is under the pressure of the American regime is trying to get rid of this court case.
So they're trying to give it in the hands of the United States.
So, I think it is really unfair they are killing the victims for a second time, because there is no one single chance that in the United States there will be a fair trial.
That's clear, because they do not recognize, or they did not sign the Geneva Convention, the second protocol, and they do not accept the International Criminal Court case.
Now, there were also calls to indict Ariel Sharon, but then there were some car bombings killing witnesses in Europe.
Do you know anything about that, Doctor?
No, but I know why we took Franks and not Bush and Blair, because in that law there is immunity for presidents or for ministers.
That's why we don't take a minister, or I think you don't call it minister in your country, like Cheney and Rumsfeld.
We did not take them because they have immunity.
Yeah, they're part of the cabinet.
Yeah, so for that reason we took the highest ranking man who was actively in that war.
For that reason, it was taken General Franks.
Now, he's retiring now.
Do you think that's because of all the heat, or what do you think's going on there?
I don't know.
You should ask him, but I think...
This man and also Bush and Blair and other people, I should like them to have at least for one day the fear that the people had in Iraq, the children when they were not able to sleep at night during the bombing, to see the pain that victims are feeling when they are wounded, when they were not alive.
Enough major painkillers due to the embargo of the United States and Britain.
Well, I wish them to feel for one day the pain and the fear and then I will see if they are still able to sleep because I cannot imagine how somebody who is responsible for making such a mess can still sleep.
Well, they publicly meet every year at Bohemian Grove and have a ceremony about not having a conscience or caring.
It's called the Cremation of Care at Bohemian Grove.
And by the way, yesterday we posted on Infowars.com from the Pentagon the transcript of a speech where Cheney gave Rumsfeld the Doolittle Award.
And he talked about Bohemian Grove in that speech.
You can go read that.
These guys are out of control.
They enjoy this type of stuff.
They are very, very sadistic and ruthless people.
And, you know, they have divorced themselves from a conscience.
And I would also have people say, well, Saddam kept all the money for himself.
Certainly he was a thug.
That's why the CIA set him up in power in 58 as a hitman, and they got him into power in 76, admitted to historical fact.
But they would allow him to sit on the dental chairs, but not the tubing.
They would allow to send the drill bits for a dental piece, but not the dental piece.
They would not allow them the parts, folks, and you don't know what this is like until you've experienced it, and it's horrible what has happened, and now it's gotten worse, so where's the excuse there?
Anything else you'd like to add, Jason?
Yeah, I was just going to say, in the case of an international criminal court trial,
Who actually serves, who decides the outcome?
Is it a jury, a judge, a president, the United States?
Who, do you know?
It's a tribunal, correct, doctor?
But it's not for the International Criminal Court case, so I'm not a lawyer.
Who decides, I don't know how it is.
This is a thing in Belgium, sir.
In the court in Belgium, it's a federal prosecutor.
Who first have to examine the case and then to see if they accept the case or not, and if they will ask for an investigation.
And at least, if you look, if you let people of the record, from judges of the record, they said to President Hill as well, that the file that is introduced normally should require at least, at minimum, that there is an investigation on it.
Because it's really talking about war crimes.
So, but what the caller's saying is, in your federal court, in your country, it would be a group of judges, correct?
A tribunal?
Yeah, judges.
We've always pointed out that, and I know you've grown up under it, so you don't accept it, but you do accept it.
We don't accept it.
We believe in juries of the people, and obviously England now is getting rid of juries, and that's a bad trend, so...
Well, but in... I remember now, although I'm not a judge, I know from the Rwanda genocide where some people judged in Belgium for that, and this was for a jury.
So when it should come to a point whether he will be... Franks will be...
Condemned, yes or no, this will be by a jury.
So that's how it works.
The prosecutors and the judges decide if you're going to be tried, and then when it gets into more serious phases, it's a jury.
Well, that's better.
Yeah, that's the procedure.
But as I said, the Belgian government is trying to get rid of it.
So they want to give it to the American court.
That's a joke.
Hey, you see how the pressure is working in here?
Doctor, did you know in America, they now arrest citizens without a trial secretly?
Well, that doesn't surprise me if I know what they're doing already to the people in Guantanamo who are almost two years already without a trial or without the right to see an attorney.
Doctor, did you know that General Rick Baucus, the general over the camp, resigned refusing to torture the people there?
And it turned out none of them were real Taliban or Al-Qaeda?
And did you know that our government admits they torture people to death in Afghanistan?
Those are war crimes right there.
By the way, for folks that are tuning in and think, oh, well, that's just for those foreigners or for citizens that are bad, for terrorists...
The definition of domestic terrorism in Section 802 of H.R.
3162, the USA Patriot Act, passed October 27, 2001, is any action that endangers human life that's a violation of any federal or state law.
Now the Deputy Attorney General of California has said that protesting the war is an act of terrorism.
Open Tribune.
So I want to warn everybody.
It's just like Germany.
It's one group first, then it's everybody next.
And that's a lesson from history.
Let's talk to Clint in Missouri.
Clint, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I wanted to ask the doctor a question.
Sir, in your opinion, do you think we bought the Iraqi officials off?
Well, that's admitted fact now, sir.
They announced it before the war and then after.
Go ahead.
Hang off the Iraqis and gold bars.
Doctor, any comments?
Well, I didn't see with my own eyes, but what I saw that was at a certain moment in Baghdad, the people in the streets were ready to fight.
And let me say, they won the war up till now, but they did not won the hearts nor the minds of the people in Iraq.
I saw a lot of people who said to me, we are obliged to have a double face now.
We have to say thank you, thank you, welcome, welcome when we see them.
But when we are back, we say, please leave our country.
And I saw before, during the bombing, the morale of the people was still high and of the soldiers as well.
And so suddenly, it all collapsed.
So, I'm still wondering what's the reason of that.
And I think it's quite possible.
Some people said to me that I was treason on a high-ranking... Let me clear all this up now, because I read the news wires daily.
Rumsfeld before the war said, don't worry, it'll be an easy victory.
We're in contact by cell phone, fax, and email with the Iraqis.
We're promising them amnesty or deals.
If they give up, already whole divisions have given up before the war starts.
Then it came out in the British and American news that, yes, gold bars, euros, and dollars were paid by Iraqi officials, Republican Guard generals.
They were flown out by helicopter.
That is a fact.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I just, you know, the other thing I wanted to comment on a couple days ago, somebody commented about the Hitler movie.
You know, I sat back, and I'm one of your columnists on Prison Planet, and I wrote an article about it, and I had the same feelings, too.
I couldn't help but wonder in my mind if whoever produced that movie wasn't trying to warn everyone.
Well, for those who don't know, the Hitler parallels to using a crisis to seize power, all of this is parallel, and as the doctor, any comments to that?
Well, I see a lot of parallels when you see that the American economy has now difficulties to sell its products on the world market, so they invest in the products that they are sure that are going to be used and to be bought.
Because every American citizen is paying for the militarization of your country, but the profits go there to the shareholders of the military industrial complex.
So in the time of Hitler, he was investing as well in his military apparatus.
And at a certain moment, he also had to invade other countries to use that army and also to get the regions, the regions in that country.
So he robbed the national banks in countries that he was invading.
Well, I think exactly the same is happening in Iraq now.
And they're also using Iraq as a launch base for military operations.
And when I was interrupting you, you were saying the Iraqis were ready to fight.
There was the halt in the bombing.
Suddenly everything collapsed.
It's the exact same system again.
Did you know, Doctor, in Afghanistan, the Taliban and al-Qaeda leaders all work for CIA, and they have the young men lined up out there in the front lines getting bombed, young men, goat herders that the Taliban and al-Qaeda grabbed, then the so-called Arab fighters loaded on CIA C-130s, this is mainstream news here, were flown out to Pakistan and were paid in gold bars again.
I think.
There were actually aircraft that were escorted by our aircraft into Russian airspace.
I think if we keep saying this, though, they may try some innocent patsy, one of Saddam's doubles as Saddam Hussein, who knows.
What do you think about that situation, Doctor?
Well, I think... I hope the truth will come out one day, but it's...
It's a possibility.
Even people in Iraq are wondering where he is.
I heard some people as well saying that at the end he was still playing the game of the United States.
And that he was rescued by the United States as being a spy for them and doing plans or doing things that were good for the American people.
Well, he was that boy in 1958, but I believe they got him cornered, let him have the amnesty at the end.
That's actually been in some mainstream newspapers.
Clint, anything else you'd like to add?
No, thank you, Doctor.
Thank you, Alex.
Doctor, it's been a real pleasure having you on.
You have a lot of courage going to Iraq.
And thanks for your information and your testimony you gave us.
If we don't stop this militarism and this police state, it's going to affect all of us.
Domestically, we're under attack by the same system.
But the people have been mesmerized.
And I want to thank you and Godspeed to your work, sir.
Thank you.
And maybe a last suggestion, if people want to know more about Iraq as well, we have a good website, www.iraq.com.
Iraq, with a K from kilo, dot B-E.
So Iraq, dot B-E, but Iraq written with K, where there's a lot of English information as well.
Give that website out one more time.
W-W-W dot Iraq, so I... Stay there.
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We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
All right, Dr. Van Mortar is still with us.
He didn't have time to really give out that website.
We should have done it earlier.
If folks want to check out a website detailing all of these crimes, how do they do that, Dr. Van Mortar?
It's on the website www.dl.gov.
So it's Iraq written with a K from Kilo at the end and not with a Q. Iraq dot B-E.
Iraq with a K dot B-E.
So Iraq dot B-E.
All right.
Well, thank you for joining us, and we'll perhaps have you on again as this develops.
And if you're wanting my contact information, you can just email me at alex at infowars.com or... I'm sorry, Alex?
Yes, alex at infowars.com.
Infowars... Dot com.
Dot com.
Or tips at infowars.com might be a better one.
And I believe you have the phone number here to my office.
If not, I'll have my producer call you next week and give you that number.
I know it's a little too late for us to do that now.
They're in Belgium.
What is it, about 10 o'clock at night?
I think 9 or something like that.
I don't know.
All right.
Well, thank you so much for coming on the show, and God bless you, sir.
And do you have a website as well that I heard?
Yes, infowars.com and prisonplanet.com Prison?
Prison Planet.
That's what we're turning into, yes.
Thanks for joining us.
Thank you.
Take care, my friend.
All right.
Well, look, I mean, obviously, none of that stuff's going to really go anywhere, but it does illustrate that people are mad, and it really is a war crime, folks.
But that's not going to stop the globalists.
And I don't want to hear, oh, you're a liberal, Bush is a conservative.
Bush says he's going to sign Clinton's assault weapons ban, expand it, ban all semi-automatic shotguns, sign S-22, the Senate version of the Patriot Act that's got gun registration in it, open borders, destroying your liberties, definition of terrorism to any action you carry out, basically.
It goes on and on.
The record is big government, tripling the size of the BATF, expanding the Department of Education.
We're good to go.
Where, you know, they're killing kids, killing women, and you heard him talk about the Marines saying, I love killing children.
And then we have other independent media articles from a year ago where they chant about mowing down American school children.
Then I have the Pensacola News Journal article where the Marines took over the school and said, Bill Clinton wants you to know what martial law is like.
Now, this has been going on from long before 9-1-1, long before Columbine.
Training us to be prisoners.
Don't think they're going to have some empire overseas and not here.
Don't think you're not going to be enslaved.
Before I end this segment, you really do need to support the broadcast.
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Remember our troops and people in our country who fought for liberty this Labor Day, this Memorial Day.
And I will see you back, well, back tonight, 9 to midnight, and back tomorrow.
Take care.
We're good to go.