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Air Date: May 20, 2003
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Wake up, boys, there's a light at the window I can hear someone knocking on the door
There are voices in the street And the sound of running feet And they whisper the word Revolution There are men coming down from the valleys There are tall ships flying off the coast
And they carry the light in the dark of the night Like a whisper in the wind Evolution!
Bring my gun and a handful of silver By the sea we will gather for the fight
It's been so many years So many tears We have lost once before Now we'll settle the score When our cannons will roar Revolution!
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
All right, folks.
Alex Jones here.
It's already Tuesday, the 20th of May, 2003.
And we're going to be live for the next, what, two hours and 55 minutes.
We've got several guests coming up that, believe me, you do not want to miss.
And a bunch of news.
There's been another terrorist bombing, this time in Turkey.
And our government's saying, brace for it here.
Oh, it's going to happen for sure.
Give up all your rights or you won't be safe.
More on the economy and draconian Big Brother legislation.
It's all coming up today, right here on the Alex Jones Show.
And yes, I'm Alex Jones.
The websites are Infowars.com, Infowars.net, and PrisonPlanet.com.
We'll be right back and jump straight into the news, so please stay with us.
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We're good to go.
He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, my friends, another live edition.
It's Tuesday, the 20th of May, 2003.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
And we've got a bunch of guests coming up today.
I've got a talk show host who's been fighting New World Order for over 30 years.
Joining us, he's on one of our affiliates, WALE, 50,000-watt blowtorch up in Rhode Island.
And we're going to discuss the New World Order and ways to fight it and how to educate the public some of the issues that they're having success with in their area of the world, fighting the globalists.
In about 22 minutes...
We're scheduled to be joined by a writer for Wired Magazine.
A spy machine of DARPA's dreams is the headline, and we'll be discussing the Pentagon surveilling the American people in 100% violation of the Fourth Amendment as the border stays wide open.
So that's coming up as well.
And I've got a bunch of stories here.
Banks require more ID federal rules designed to block terror activity.
So now we see much of Patriot Act compliance being phased in.
I want to know how wide-reaching the first Patriot Act is, passed in the days after 9-1-1 in 2001.
Type in Patriot Act Compliance into a search engine and prepare yourself.
Everything is going under its control, everything of any size.
It's part of the backbone of the economy and the infrastructure.
I have another report here that banks are putting in more of the inkless thumb scanners.
The feds are pushing them to do that.
With the Department of Defense, I was up in Kansas City, Missouri,
Over the weekend and during my speech, I said to the crowd, the large crowd, I said, have they put the thumb scanners in your grocery stores yet?
And most people shook their heads.
A few people nodded.
I have an article here out of Topeka, Kansas, and it says that, yes, biometrics come to Topeka.
This is out of the Capital Journal.
We're good to go.
The school children for about four years have been paying.
Now it's at the thousands of school districts for their lunches with their fingerprints.
No cash allowed.
We're good to go.
And very close to the state line.
Bringing this up, hey, are you thumb scanning in Kansas and Missouri?
And people shaking their heads, weren't aware of it, and here it is.
It says it's going to go into their grocery stores.
They're going to tear out some of the checkout lanes and have self-service lanes.
And, of course, once you're trained on that, they'll tear out the rest of the service lanes and complete your journey into pure tyranny.
Also, Matrix Maker rejects crime links.
We're not saying crime links, and I'm not saying crime links.
Some have said mind control trigger links.
There was a bunch of news on that in the London Guardian and the Times of London yesterday.
This is out of the BBC.
We'll be going over it.
But in more even serious and immediate news, one dad after blast rocks a cafe in the capital of Turkey.
A bomb was exploded at a cafe in the center of Turkey's capital, killing one person and injuring another, and police say they are investigating whether it was a suicide attack.
One person was killed after a bomb exploded.
The state prosecutor, Ahmet Mutula, said...
We're good to go.
Kit Zolley, twisted metal, glass, and shards of wood were scattered on a walkway next to the busy street.
Witnesses said a young woman was seen entering the cafe's toilet where the blast is thought to have occurred.
According to the state-run Anatolian News Agency, only a few customers were in the cafe at the time of the blast.
Witnesses said there was no immediate indication
Flame of responsibility for the attack.
Police cordoned off the area surrounding the cafe while bomb squad units sifted through rubble on the top story of the building.
Witnesses saw police picking up pieces of a woman's body.
I heard a loud explosion at about 9 a.m.
and came rushing over.
I saw body parts including a hand on the ground, a shopkeeper said.
Cafe owner Shadula Kayalar told reporters he had received a warning ahead of the attack.
We didn't receive any threats.
We weren't expecting anything like this, he said.
Several militant groups, including the leftists and Kurdish rebels, have in recent years carried out attacks on civilian targets in Turkey, a popular terrorist destination.
A small bomb exploded outside of British consular generals in Istanbul in early April, which police suspected was a protest against the U.S.-led war in Iraq.
So, let's get this straight.
A couple weeks ago, we have a tragic bombing in Saudi Arabia at a building in a company formerly owned by the Karloff Group, admittedly still a CIA front, the current company, headline, Times of London, a CIA front.
You have the leaders, the owners, the head honchos gone at a trading mission, 50 plus of the 70 employees there.
Then right on time, you have a bombing in Israel.
Then there was another one in Morocco over the weekend.
And now another bombing, this time in the capital of Turkey.
And the globalists told us lots of chatter.
See, it's all Al-Qaeda, they said.
Notice a few months ago it was, forget about Al-Qaeda.
We're never going to get bin Laden.
Don't worry about him.
We really defeated him.
Good job, America, for getting behind this war.
You're all going to be safe now.
And, oh, by the way, forget about Saddam now.
No one will discuss where he's gone.
Off to Russia, taking the amnesty deal.
They admit the Republican Guard were paid off in gold, bars, euros, and dollars.
And that deal was set up, so that was a staged event, and they've allowed the disintegration of the Iraqi infrastructure, what was left of it after 12 years of siege, so now they can say, oh, there won't be elections for years now, things are so bad, anybody that protests gets mowed down on the street, in many cases when they're not even armed or engaging in a threatening activity.
I think we're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
Federal forces are being shot by Mexican troops routinely.
Their vehicles are being shot up.
They're being killed.
People are being raped and murdered.
The northern and southern borders are wide open, but they're going to tell you to accept the National ID card and cashless society control grid.
It's a sick joke.
And along the lines of the impending next wave of globalist terror to escalate us into tyranny, the Scotsman Report, Saudi diplomat warns of more attacks in the U.S., Saudi Arabia's ambassador to America last night predicted possible terror attacks in the United States, Prince Banar bin Sultan, oh boy, said there was chatter, oh, that's a CIA line, a high level of chatter...
Regionally and in other international spots that something could happen in Saudi Arabia or the U.S., Prince Bandar's and Saudi authorities have obtained information during recent months that Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda network blamed for the 12th of May attacks in Riyadh that killed 34 people had been racked by divisions but had now mended its differences.
Ask me any information about imminent terrorist attacks.
Prince Bandar said, My gut feeling tells me something big is going to happen here in Saudi Arabia or in America.
And now when something big happens, they'll go, How did Crystal know?
He's such a neocon.
He's magic.
In that article about neocons, Call for New World Order, How did Prince Bandar know?
He's so good.
He's so wonderful.
Oh, Prince Bandar, we'll give all our rights up to you.
And they use it as an excuse to crack down on their population as well.
Ask me any information about imminent terrorist attacks.
Prince Pandar said, my gut feeling tells me something big is going to happen here, Saudi Arabia or the U.S.
He added that Saudi authorities have received an unspecific warning of a terror attack before last week's suicide bombings on western compounds in the capital, Riyadh, in which two Britons were killed.
Yes, we had warnings.
Yes, we had heightened alert.
But we never had a specific time and place designated, he said.
Also, Americans killed in that blast.
I would add some Australians, folks from Portugal.
Iraq police found a suspected suicide bomber's lair in Casablanca, and Saudis grabbed a gunman at the U.S.
consulate yesterday as a senior Washington official conceded there was no end in sight to the war on terror.
See, it's just going to go on.
Bush told us decades, generations, a hundred years.
It's the shadowy enemy.
Then I think back to that article last year in London Guardian and another one in Reuters where it came out in hearings.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
When you have the globalists getting caught carrying out 9-1-1, when you have the Northwoods document where they call for bombings to be blamed on enemies for endless war, you look at this, you look at who has the motive, you look at who founded and controls Al-Qaeda, you look at how the globalists use Bin Laden to attack the Serbs to start that war, things become very clear.
Don't they?
As investigators, we know who has the motive.
More news.
We've got a guest on DARPA coming up and another guest.
Stay with me.
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Notice that one war ends, and suddenly there's more terror bombings in the Middle East, from Israel to Saudi Arabia, into Morocco, and now Turkey, the perfect pretext for more forces, more massing of troops, which is now happening.
And the globalists now have 61 other countries on their hit list.
A few months ago, Rumsfeld purposely leaked a document, a battle plan to invade North Korea.
North Korea is freaking out, threatening to nuke everyone, running around massing troops, doing flyovers into South Korea.
Massive escalations there.
The Rumsfeld war plan calls for attacking North Korea in October.
Kind of an October surprise.
They love that.
Are we really going to see this?
Well, I would guess any war plan they purposely leak will not be the accurate one.
Will it be two years from now, five years from now, next week?
The battle plan calls for going after their major cities, their missiles, obviously, the hills with the thousands of pieces of artillery that are lined up to fire into Seoul just a few miles away over the DMZ, the Demilitarized Zone.
Somebody flip the switch right before 9-1-1 and our economy, our stock market, our pension funds, our dollar, everything's sort of going into the abyss, but it doesn't matter.
We'll all be patriotic and affix giant magnet flags to our car doors signaling that, hey, we're patriotic.
We'll accept whatever happens to us when the group that's destroying America is allied and sworn to destroy our sovereignty.
It's absolutely amazing to see this type of garbage happening.
And what are we going to do about it?
Well, we've got to expose their system.
And I was talking earlier about biometrics.
Biometrics comes to Topeka, Kansas.
They're not safe anywhere.
The president of Follies Food for Less, Topeka, envisions a day when consumers will shop for groceries, approach a cash register rather than reach for a wallet or purse and pay for this entire purchase with a touch of a finger.
Topeka's Follies Food for Less stores are nearing this future with the installation of fingerprint recognition systems for check cashing.
They admit it's to condition you for the checkout lanes.
And here in Texas, they're now tearing out the checkout lanes, putting in the thumb scanners.
The stores have installed Biometric Access Corp.
That's here in Austin or Round Rocks.
Secure touch, touch and pay systems at customer service counters and all like the bigger stores are used by those wanting to cash payroll or government checks or personal checks for $25.
You come in and you can put your finger on a piece of glass and
It knows it's you, said Stan Eddy, Bali's Food for Less of Topeka President.
What's it all designed to do is to keep you and your ID out of sight.
And, of course, you're going to have to do this.
And the banks, the Association of Banks in Minnesota just announced, if you have an account, setting up an account, it's not just cashing a check.
You'll have to do it.
It just so happens it's going in the grocery stores, and it just so happens it's part of the driver's license database in the states that do this, which is, what, 42 now of the 50 states.
By taking a digital image of a consumer's right and left index fingers, the system creates files from which it can match the unique pattern of ridge characteristics of a person's fingerprint.
In order to complete future check-cashing transactions, the person standing at the counter must be the same as the person who enrolled.
The new system currently isn't used for purchase in a regular checkout line.
It only is used for check-cashing at the service desk.
And in the new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement,
I have a local newscast where they say they're putting the thumb scanners in.
Now they're testing in other areas of Texas.
And they say, oh, don't worry, it's not in the database.
And then I walk up to the employee where they have it, at HEB, and they admit, oh, yeah, it's in the driver's license state database.
And, of course, it is.
That's how they check it with it.
And you enroll yourself in this at your own peril, folks.
But they're going to have it where, okay, you're in the big line with the people that don't want to do it.
They're going to take out that final checkout lane.
We're about three or four years away from this being put in.
Everywhere, probably quicker if there's more convenient terror to scare us all into accepting this.
And then they'll start ripping out all the regular checkout lanes.
It's already begun.
Just a warning to all of you out there.
And that's about three minutes of the two-hour and 37-minute film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement, to give you an idea of all the information that's in this video.
It is that jam-packed.
And I suggest everyone go to InfoWars.com or InfoWars.net.
If you haven't gotten my videos, we've got 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, about September 11th, The Masters of Terrorist, part two of that, my book, Descent to Tyranny, three police state films, and many others.
Big discounts when you get three or more of the videos.
Be sure and go to InfoWars.com or net, or call toll-free 1-888-
That's 888-253-3139.
Make the call.
Don't wait.
Get the videos.
Get the word out.
We'll be right back with a guest.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire.
Now, I've been studying what I call the cashless society control grid, the surf slave tracking grid, for years.
I've read the articles where your television is already watching you, that is, if it's a digital cable box, building detailed psychological algorithms.
It's worse than physically watching you like Big Brother's telescreens in 1984.
I've had the FCC lawyers on to admit that the Amber Alert system was set up in 97 as the EAS FEMA takeover system, just like the movie Running Man, where the billboards talk to you and say, report this terrorist.
They're now flashing report guns, report terrorists on the Amber Alert system.
They want your phone to ring.
You've got to answer at a special ring, or they'll send police, or you'll get a fine, a Homeland Security warning.
You won't be able to leave your house.
If there's a red alert, FEMA has said you'll, quote, be considered an enemy of the state.
They're training us how to live in a new Soviet America, but it's all for our safety.
And there's been articles written about DARPA and Echelon and their new name, Total Information Awareness Network, run by the convicted felon, Admiral John Poindexter.
But I've found an article here by the editor of defense.org, Rights for Wired News,
And it's Noah Shackman.
And let me just read a few paragraphs of this article, and then we've got Noah up on the show.
It's a memory aid, a robotic assistant, a epidemic detector, an all-seeing, ultra-intrusive spying program.
The Pentagon is about to embark on a stunningly ambitious research project designed to gather every conceivable bit of information about a person's life, index it, and make it searchable.
What national security experts and civil libertarians want to know is, why would the Defense Department want to do such a thing?
The embryonic, lifelong program would dump everything an individual does into a giant database, every email sent or received, every picture taken.
Every web page surfed, every phone call made, every TV show watched, every magazine read.
All of this and more would combine with information gleaned from a variety of sources, a GPS transmitter to keep tabs on where that person goes and went, visual audio sensors to capture what he or she says, and biomedical monitors to keep track of the individual's health.
This gigantic amalgamation of personal information could then be used to trace the threads of individuals' lives, see exactly how a relationship or trend develops, according to a briefing from the Defense Advanced Project Research Agency LifeLog sponsor.
So it's worse than 1984, worse than Brave New World, and the kids are being trained in it right now.
They say the wrong thing, they write an essay about guns, they write an essay about basically anything,
They're arrested.
They're interrogated.
Your kid misses three days of class or is late three times to class in Austin.
The parents are arrested and fined.
It's not even breaking a law.
They don't care.
It's a new level of corruption.
We're all prisoners.
The kids are thumb scanning to get school lunches in thousands of school districts.
The thumb scanners are going in the banks, going in the grocery stores, going in everywhere.
It's total.
It's 180 degrees from what America's supposed to be, and they say it's to stop terror while the borders are wide open and while the feds are starting to accept in 800-plus cities the fake IDs of illegals from Poland to Mexico.
And Noah Shackman is on the air with us.
Noah, thanks for coming on the show today, sir.
Thanks for having me.
This is... There's no way to really understate this.
This is...
Or overstate this, I should say.
This is scary.
This is the Pentagon doing it.
We've got our new NORTHCOM watching us to take good care of us.
This takes the surveillance of the East German Stasi and makes it look like something good.
Yeah, well, I mean, the only sort of hopeful note is that this is still very much in the proposal stage, and it's something that they're looking to get funding for and do more research on.
So there's still a chance if people are outraged enough that maybe there's a chance to affect this.
You know, I remember six, seven years ago in the year, reading articles about Echoline, this ring of surveillance that could track everything, transmissions, e-mails, phone calls, radio, all this stuff.
We know in the late 90s they put snooping hubs into all the big telecommunications grids.
Now they're just giving it a new name, Total Information Awareness.
Maybe it's in the embryonic phase of them having people in there schooning and going through the data.
But, I mean, it's here.
It's totally un-American.
Yeah, I mean, I'd agree that's totally un-American, and I'd also agree that there's, you know, if this one particular project isn't fully formed yet, there's certainly an effort by DARPA and the Pentagon to snoop on almost every aspect of our lives, and it's really disturbing.
And I think you're right that, in general, it can't be overstated.
But from Topeka, Kansas to Austin, Texas, sir, they're pulling out the checkout lanes and putting in thumb scanner banks.
And they admit this is hooked into the state database.
I don't know as much about that.
What I do know about is this research for the article, which really attempts to take every aspect of a person's life
I think we're good to go.
Yeah, but the spin on this is it's all loving and nice, but
They're just doing this whether we like it or not, and clearly the main mode is for social control.
Well, yeah, what I was going to say is the Microsoft effort might have some nice qualities to it, but it's hard to imagine the Defense Department effort having similar warm and fuzzies.
Well, Microsoft's been caught with these programs that send data back to Microsoft and...
They've already got the biometric access systems built into their new software.
I mean, they're really gearing up for this web of control.
Yeah, well, certainly a lot of computer makers are trying to implement iris or fingerprint scans as a way to secure data.
And what exactly happens with that is anyone's guess.
What I'm saying is across the board, you talk about the government and private sector institutionalizing and meshing their systems.
I'm saying they're already putting it in.
I mean, the big National Association of Banks up in Minnesota, they're doing it.
Now, even if you have an account, they're going to want you to thumb scan.
Like I said, I don't know about that particular program, but I know that there's definitely an overall effort to make that happen.
Well, that makes the cash digital.
And basically a part of a digital system.
You know there's already RFID tags in the money.
No, I wasn't aware of that.
Yeah, radio frequency identifiers have been in for six years, and the Federal Reserve says if you don't keep your money in the bank, they're going to devalue it off those tags.
So what I'm telling you is this is maybe a lot further along than you knew, sir.
Yeah, you know, it could be.
You know, this lifelong program that I reported on today is one of numerous, numerous efforts.
Tell us about DARPA, because obviously you've got pieces of the puzzle we don't.
You just went over this new report.
When I think about DARPA, I think that, and part of this answer you may like and part of it you may not, I think there are good people at DARPA that are really trying to do interesting scientific and computational research.
Well, it's compartmentalized, of course.
Then there are other people at DARPA that clearly want to take this good work and use it to really intrusive ends.
DARPA basically funds a number of research areas across several different disciplines.
They're doing things like developing new kinds of mines for...
You know, for U.S.
troops to use new kinds of body armor and things like that.
And then they're also working in these information-driven areas.
Well, I mean, yeah, but look, DARPA is involved with the spider goats.
That's where they take the goat.
It's part spider and produces the body armor, and DARPA is involved in that.
You mentioned... Let me give you an example.
Five years ago...
Now it's 98, so yeah, five years ago.
We fined an $847,000 a year grant with DARPA into Austin to put wireless microphones up around town.
Every year they put $844,000 worth of microphones up.
There are now, sir, hundreds and hundreds of microphones hooked into wireless cameras.
In our neighborhoods, hanging out of trees, they're everywhere, and they brag.
The private company, of course, makes the money off of it, getting the licensing from the DARPA company, from the DARPA agency, and they brag on there, you know, oh, these can be used for gunshot detectors.
If you go to the website, you can listen to a kid in the street playing at 100 yards.
That was the headline.
They were bragging on these shotgun mics.
So, I mean, here's DARPA, four or five years ago, putting in the grids the microphones in Austin, Texas.
Yeah, it's creepy.
You know, I think what's going to be even creepier is, you know, not just that there's this mass of information out there, because in some sense the mass of information is so big that it's hard to find a needle in that large a haystack.
But what DARPA is really focusing in on right now is how do you get at that needle quicker and more easier.
We're going to build profiles.
Building profiles.
Yeah, exactly.
And I think you're going to start to lose some of that anonymity of the massive amount of information.
Well, on its face, this is a violation of the Fourth Amendment.
This goes light years ahead of any tyranny ever seen when it comes to invasion of privacy.
And, you know, we hear all this about how Congress isn't going to fund it.
Well, they're funding it through other mechanisms.
Right, and, you know, there's so much in the Pentagon budget that's black that it's sometimes a little hard to cut off funding for a program like this.
Well, did you see the San Francisco Chronicle?
There's $1 trillion missing.
$1 trillion?
You know, it's real money.
So, you are the editor at DefenseTech.org.
I've seen the site.
You also write for Wired.
Great site.
In the whole tech community and folks that are in defense, is this starting to... I mean, do people in the military and government realize this is like as Big Brother as it gets?
Or are they just saying, oh, this is part of the new freedom, freedom plus good, that they spied on?
Yeah, you know, it's interesting.
I was at a sort of defense contractor convention not too long ago.
And I was surprised at the level of concern that both military and industry types had about privacy.
They definitely at least were making all the right noises about it.
However, I'm worried that despite their concerns that there are those higher up that don't share them and can override them.
Well, I wonder why they have this convicted felon, Admiral Poindexter, running things.
I have no idea.
Not only is he a convicted felon, but he's not even that much of a technological whiz.
He's the guy that designed the White House email system back during the Reagan years and then couldn't figure out how to actually delete his email, and that's how he was caught during Iran-Contra.
It's very confusing, and it's very upsetting.
Oh yeah, it's upsetting.
I mean, read your article.
It goes on and on.
People should go to InfoWars.com and link through over to Wired and read this.
Where is this so... I mean, look, I'm telling you it's further along than what your article says, but you've got some facets here that I wasn't aware of.
Here's what they're saying.
They're looking to fund a series of 18 to 24 month research efforts, the culmination of which will be
To take the researchers themselves as test subjects and send them on a trip to Washington and track everything about that trip.
You know, who they talked to, how they bought their tickets, you know, what their bar bill was, etc., etc.
And then the plan is from there to start expanding it out.
That's what they're saying.
Well, it's like this Caps 2 program.
Your credit, all the data about you, criminal record, private stuff.
You know, to travel, look at what they're setting up.
And I know the feds.
I read the plan in 98, again 98, the National Seatbelt Initiative.
Well, it says in Part 3 of that plan, sir, they're going to have hardened checkpoints.
Internal polls will fund them.
I mean, this is a Nazi-type system, and this was set up long before 9-1-1.
So, you see, to test this DARPA integration, they already had to have the control grids and the proboscis sucking up the information already into these pools.
Yeah, well, you know, there's certainly an effort underway to gather up as much information as possible and to try to find those needles in the haystack.
And, you know, some people may not be bothered by that.
They figure, well, you know, I'm not doing anything wrong.
But, you know, what is right and wrong can get redefined real quick.
And I think that's a concern here.
Well, I mean, if you read Patriot Act 1 or 2, they've got secretly arrest you for not even committing a crime.
It actually says that.
Secretly hold you for life.
Yeah, just suspecting.
Secretly execute you?
I mean, this is disgusting.
Yeah, it really is.
I mean, America's America because we have liberty and freedom.
I couldn't agree more.
You know, and I think it's something that people on both sides of the political fence should be concerned about.
On the conservative side, if you're for small government, well, this ain't it.
On the liberal side, well, liberals have never really been comfortable with governments flexing their muscles in this way and spying into people's lives, and so it's no good for them either.
I mean, you're painting a very bleak picture, but I'm afraid it's largely accurate.
Well, we have to paint this bleak picture.
All they're going to hear is, I see probably...
50 biometric articles a day, and 95 of them are positive, and the few I see in Wired or maybe WorldNet Daily are more balanced.
I mean, all I see is the establishment promoting this stuff like it's the best thing since sliced bread, and also it destroys service.
I mean, where are we all going to work when everything's automated?
And they're going to say, well, it's about profits.
Well, no, it's not.
When you lay everybody off, then that destroys your economy.
I mean, the Biometric Consortium and the grocery stores say they want to pull all the checkout lanes out and make you self-serve and thumb-scan.
And, I mean, I don't want to back my own groceries.
You know, that's a more low-level threat here.
And they're going to put in thumb-scan or checkout lanes and then pull out the other ones and make you do it.
That's the plan.
We're only a few years away from this.
Well, I think on this point, I'll agree to disagree with you here.
I don't see this as necessarily a job killer, but I do see it as a really invasive intrusion into our lives.
Well, what I'm saying is, sir, they pull out three checkout lanes of ten, put in biometric ones, self-checkout.
Then they pull out all the rest of the lanes and make you check your own stuff out.
They're saying they're going to do this.
Well, I haven't seen that, but even assuming that's true, the biometric part is nerve-wracking to me, but bagging my own groceries doesn't bug me that much.
Well, I've got a few other questions for you, and I appreciate you joining us.
Just do five more minutes with us on the other side, if you can.
Editor at defense-tech.org.
And we'll be back and talk to Noah on the other side.
I'm Alex Jones.
My websites are infowars.com, infowars.net, and now prisonplanet.com.
We'll be right back as we track the latest global developments inside the global slave state.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
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All right.
We've got talk show host who's been fighting the globalists for 30 years, Rick Adams.
He's on one of our affiliates, W-A-L-E, 50,000 watt blowtorch up in Rhode Island.
Joining us to talk about the globalists and track some of the news here.
Convenient terror that's pushing this whole agenda.
We're talking to the editor of DefenseTech.org, Noah Shackman.
And, Noah, I mean, I understand that, you know, the buggy whip makers were in trouble.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Yep, I hear you.
I don't necessarily agree with you, but I hear you.
Okay, what do you disagree with?
You know, I guess I'm more on the perky whipmaker part here.
I mean, the part I'd like to concentrate on in the area that I think we can both agree on is that the amount of surveillance, the amount of digging is really growing to unacceptable levels.
And, you know, it's got to be stopped.
Yeah, but Clinton also helped build the infrastructure, so I want to point out it's both parties.
Yep, yep, you're right.
So how do we stop it?
What do we do?
Your expert opinion on that.
I wish I had an easy answer about pressing the delete button on your computer or something like that, but I think you've got to make noise in the traditional political ways, and I think you've got to support organizations.
That aren't going to stand for this, and I think it's got to become a litmus test for political candidates.
It's got to become a Bill of Rights culture where people are concerned and upset about what's happening.
You've got to educate people, get the Fourth Amendment back into schools, being taught.
Instead of the schools, now you get frisked, there's fences, you wear ID cards, you thumb scan to get lunches.
I go back to that.
They're training our kids to accept this system.
Yeah, I think you're absolutely right.
What all does defense-tech.org cover?
DefenseTech.org covers a whole range of issues, from predator drones to new spy programs like this.
Now, you know Senator Warner said he wanted them over our cities for anti-terror.
When that didn't work, they said, oh, it's to stop illegals.
That's not true.
I read the policy report.
Yeah, well, there's a number of ways in which drones are going to be used.
In the States, some of which are perfectly kosher and some aren't.
You know, drones are actually pretty useful for climatology and for some crop rotation stuff.
Yeah, but they're also going to use it like they do in Australia to make sure you're not cutting down a tree where you're not supposed to.
I tell you, this is a control-free stream.
What they have done, though, is they've tracked storms and done stuff like that.
And in Japan, drones are used to
To dust crops in valleys that they've got there.
And they're using drones now for some Hollywood stunt shooting and stuff like that.
I understand all those uses, but I'm talking about what the Pentagon wants to do to us.
Yeah, absolutely.
There's some really creepy uses for drones domestically.
Well, it's like they live where a little drone flies up.
It even looks the same.
You ever seen They Live?
I'm sorry, what'd you say?
They live, that's what, the Rowdy Roddy Piper movie?
Yeah, that's the John Carpenter film.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's great.
The drones even look the same.
Is that right?
I haven't seen that movie in a long time.
We've got one that can see.
Maybe you can see, Noah.
Thanks for joining us, my friend.
Thanks much.
Take care.
I'm out of time for this hour.
We've got Rick Adams coming up with a lot of key info.
Stay with us and your calls.
The toll-free number to get my videos is 1-888-253-3139 or at fullwars.com or net.
We'll be right back with a second hour.
Get my videos.
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Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Already 30 seconds into the second hour.
Of this worldwide broadcast, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We've got two hours left.
I do this show Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central during the day, and then back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time with a rebroadcast of the daytime show from 1 a.m.
until 4 a.m.
as well, so nine hours a day of the show that you can tune into.
All right, in the news, one day after Blast rocks the capital of Turkey, that's coming up,
Saudi diplomat in a chilling statement, our government's doing it too, says that Saudi's going to get hit, America's going to get hit, England's going to get hit by something even bigger, they're saying.
Total fear-mongering.
The dollar is further plunging as our government badmouths it.
It's all coming up in a bunch of other news I have not even hit on yet, but we've got a guest on today.
I've been on his talk show.
He's on WALE, one of our fine affiliates up in Rhode Island.
I think.
I think.
I think.
And so we're just here having a discussion with Rick and picking his brain about his experiences and what he's seen develop and change in this fight and where he thinks things are going.
Rick, I appreciate you coming on the show.
Thank you, Alex.
It's a pleasure.
You bet.
Tell folks a little about yourself and how long you've been fighting this thing and where you see it going.
Well, I was one of those thinking people like yourself who in college began to start waking up
I think so.
I think so.
I think so.
Radio Free Rhode Island.
And it's very popular.
I've been on the show and, of course, on the station.
Tons of calls, tons of listeners, and certainly you have definitely helped make us a real big powerhouse.
Unfortunately, the powers that be, of course, do not like that, and they would like to keep things under their control, Alex, as you very well know.
Well, the good message is here.
I've talked to your program director, and he says that
He gets about 99% people waking up in a dream, but of course the local host can't stand it, that now the truth, the phony left-right paradigm is being exposed, and this is a microcosm of what we can all do.
If we just have the facts, tell the truth, don't get off into conspiracy theories, but cover what we can prove, the truth will bring the globalists down.
Well, you know what really angered me, Steve, because a few years ago I was off radio for a short time, and 9-1-1 occurred.
And I remember being in my house watching and listening both to television and talk radio.
And I heard something very disturbing on talk radio locally.
The big stations owned by Clear Channel and Citadel and so forth.
And that was anyone who attempted to even hint that the United States government was part of this 9-1-1 tragedy was either cut off...
...was censored or was made fun of and belittled.
And that got me so angry, Alex, that I said it's time to get back on radio and do something that no one else will do.
And so we launched Uncensored Radio Free Rhode Island, and that's why we call it Uncensored.
Tell you what, stay there.
We'll come back and talk more about it in the Information War and take calls at 800-259-9231.
I'm Alex Jones.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're talking to Rick Adams, been fighting the New World Order for decades, and we're just discussing the history of that and the trends he's seen develop.
Rick, I remember ten years ago, I remember back further than that, but Patriot's talking about everything that's now happening today.
And now what's happened is our credibility has exploded because over the years...
People heard us warn them about all this.
Now they've seen it happening, so our credibility has skyrocketed.
You know, when I was in college, a lot of people thought I was the nut.
And now, several generations later or decades later, I meet one or two of my friends from college and they say, exactly what you've just said.
Rick, I apologize.
I thought you were the nut.
I was the nut.
I didn't believe because I didn't want to believe.
But everything you said was going to happen.
Did in fact happen.
So you're right, Alex.
We have a momentum now that I think has frightened to death these internationalists and globalists because they know that if enough Americans wake up and put a stop to it, they can in fact stop much of what's going on right now.
Well, we've got to do it, and this is not a pep rally, folks.
It's the truth.
We're telling you we're having victories.
Stop cowering.
If you cower, they're going to win.
What type of world, from your studies, Rick, do the globalists want to build?
Well, I have to go back to a biblical perspective, and I know this turns off some people, but I have to say it because I'm not a phony, and I'm like yourself.
I tell it like it is.
We're dealing with, as the scripture says, forces of evil in this world today.
We're not wrestling, as the apostles said, under delusion that we're fighting flesh and bones.
We wrestle against powers and principalities of evil, Alex.
And the Scripture says that they are in where?
...high powers.
High places, not low places.
It's not the man on the street, the average American, whatever group he might belong to or ethnicity.
It's not him or her.
It's evil in high places, the Scripture says.
So you see, we know we're fighting a spiritual battle.
And in order to win and to fight, we need to be spiritually minded.
That's why I have said repeatedly on my show that you can take a group of pigs...
And you can dress them up and you can clean them up and you can make them the nicest pigs on the street.
But you know what?
If they're still pigs and degenerates, they're still going to be penned in and enslaved eventually.
And then where will they be led, Alex?
To the slaughter.
Well, the globalists know that a profane...
Mindless, decadent population won't stand up as easily controlled.
They are afraid of a moral, upright, intelligent, informed population.
It's our job.
We don't have to have the majority, but we've got a large minority that is aware.
Many of them are afraid, though.
They need to move against this evil, or the evil will be able to continually expand.
That's right.
And right here in Rhode Island, let me give you a little example, because we have a rich history, you know.
From the colonial days, when we were the last to ratify the Constitution because of a holdout on the Bill of Rights, we were fearful of that power, giving that much power even to the federal government then, can you imagine?
So we have a rich history, but along the turn of the last century, of course, we saw changes being made, even way before the New Deal, before the state went Democrat.
I think we're good.
And as you know, the Income Tax Amendment came around the same time as the direct election of Senators and the Federal Reserve in 1913.
That was a watershed year, Alex.
We were part of that change, unfortunately, in that we had a Senator who proposed the Income Tax.
And as you know, the Income Tax was supposed to be a tax on the rich fellows.
They appealed to class bigotry, class warfare, and they always do that even now, don't they?
You're absolutely right, and it's a sophisticated system they use.
What do you think about all these latest bombings?
Well, you know, once again, I hate to say it, but Alex Jones is right.
We've been saying this all along, whether it's in Israel, you know, where all of a sudden when Sharon is faced with another opportunity to make peace with the Palestinians instead of warring with them,
All of a sudden, more Palestinian suicide bombers and terrorists in Saudi Arabia, in Morocco, which, as you know, Morocco has been friendly to the Israelis, been friendly to the United States.
All across this Arab world and even in the Philippines, we're seeing this threat of terrorism, and it's no surprise either.
I agree that...
We have a CIA network with the Mossad, with the British MI6, and other agencies that are actually behind much of the bombing.
There's no question in my mind... Well, they've been caught red-handed dozens of times.
Israel admits they founded Hamas.
The British have now admitted the last 24 years, almost every bombing, their government carried it out.
They didn't provoke a turret.
They carried it out.
Our government...
That's right.
They're going to need more terror, and they're saying, get ready for a massive attack in England or America.
It's going to happen on the scale or bigger than 9-1-1.
Can you imagine what it's going to be?
Well, that's my great fear, Alex, and the thing is we are at their mercy right now because we are still basically a small group of people who think, unfortunately, 97% of the population of history, as a matter of fact, we're not movers and shakers.
It's that 3%.
I remember the book by John T. Flynn, While You Slept.
Books like The Naked Communist, The Naked Capitalist by Dr. Cleon Skousen from the FBI.
These are books that you could not read on the bestsellers list of the New York Times.
The New York Times is part of that.
The Washington Post is part of that controlled media.
And so guys like you and me have to get on the air to tell the American people what the media won't tell them, Alex.
Absolutely, Rick.
I want to take some calls.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
It's a live Tuesday edition.
Don in Texas, you're on the air with our guest, Rick Adams.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
I was at the gun show at the Crockett Center in Austin.
I know where you... You know where that is, and...
I didn't believe it until I saw it.
They were showing your Masters of Terror there, and you indeed did predict that there would be a terrorist attack on New York, and it was in July, and you told people to call Washington, so I was amazed by that.
So congratulations on that.
I have a question for both of you, which has really been confusing me for a long time.
This conspiracy, and I agree with you, has biblical roots, sir.
The Founding Fathers, though, in this country, from what I've read, and I was not a history major, were not really Christians.
They were Masons.
They were deists, if you read... Well, that's not true, sir.
About a third of them were Masons, some of them high level, most of them low level.
They were Christians.
That's kind of a view that's been put out by the left, that they were not Christians.
Some were not.
Clearly, Benjamin Franklin was not.
He was a British agent.
Clearly, Alexander Hamilton wasn't British agent, but most of them were.
And before their deaths, they spoke out against what was happening in the Masonic Lodge and other facets.
So you have some kind of skewing going on there.
Rick, any comments to this?
Yes, that's generally true.
There is an attempt now to belittle our founding fathers so much that you really have to be very careful.
Look at it with a jaundiced eye.
I will say that there was some mystery surrounding the Constitutional Convention, and as you know, the whole point of it was to refine the Articles of Confederation, Alex, so that we would still retain state sovereignty and this business of competition between the colonies, rather than have a strong central government.
So if you read some books, Robeson's... Well, there was a big fight within the Founding Fathers between the Federalists and the Non-Federalists.
Right, right.
So you'll find there was this attempt by these forces.
I call them the Invisible Government, as Dan Smoot referred to them from Dallas, Texas, many years ago.
You probably know him.
The invisible government operating centuries and millennia ago to do just that, to try to create a situation where the federal government would be, in actuality, strong.
A strong central government.
But the founding fathers, by and large, they opposed all of this.
And what did we have just a few years later in the war?
Between the states, we had Abraham Lincoln basically creating a dictatorship.
And that was the beginning and the end of the republic right there, Alex.
All right.
Anything else, Don?
Yeah, Alex, I just want to say God bless you.
You do a lot of good work.
You're having much more of an impact than you realize, Alex.
All right.
Thank you for the call.
I appreciate that.
Who's up next, Mark?
Allen in Texas.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, I first wanted to thank you for your work, and I...
Wish we could all do as much as you do, but they keep us pretty busy out here, so we can't.
You were asking, what can we do?
And he said, well, we use our traditional routes.
And I just mailed off a letter this morning to ATB here in Texas, letting them know that I was very, very upset about the automated checkouts, that I thought that was the most dehumanizing, demoralizing, and I was concerned with the effects on our local economy.
And that for thousands of years, the exchange of food has been a human-to-human, face-to-face.
It's in our DNA.
We go back hundreds of thousands of years of that stuff.
And I just think by writing letters every time, every story we go into that we see that stuff, right now they're doing an experiment.
And I think we can tell them that we hope their experiment fails.
And we can fill out a form every time we go into one of those places, tell them we will not shop there again, that we will go somewhere else, and we just do not support the system.
Well, we've got to do it now because when all the stores put it in, it's just a few years away, then you don't have a choice.
Then they're going to harass the truck farmers and others out of existence so you can't go get the food.
The government will also carry out terror and claim that it's anti-biometric groups that are doing it, but then outlaw the protest of the biometric control grid.
Do you see where I'm going with that, Alan?
Tell you what, Alan, do you have more you want to add?
Those letters today.
Tell you what, stay there, Alan.
Don't hang up.
Stay there.
I'll let you finish on the other side with our guest, Rick Adams, joining us from WALE that carries my show Monday through Friday, the full three hours.
We really appreciate that.
They carry the daytime show there.
We'll be right back with Rick Adams, talk show host at WALE, fighting the New World Order since the 1970s.
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Seems that more terrorism on our soil is inevitable.
Chemical attacks, biological, nuclear, who knows for sure what dangers lie ahead for America.
Recent articles have pointed to vulnerability in our agricultural industry.
An attack on our food supply would be devastating.
Jerry, good
The book,
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I can't be turned around folks.
It's ingrained in me to resist an attacking force against humanity.
You need to reawaken out there to reality, to history, and resist the globalists because they are a synthesis of the most evil people in history and the most corrupting, dehumanizing systems.
We're talking to Rick Adams, talk show host on WALE.
I've been fighting the globalists for decades, and they were taking calls.
We were talking to a caller in Texas, Alan, who was talking about how they're pulling out the checkout lanes, putting in the thumb scanner lanes.
We know the plan is to then get rid of all the checkout lanes, and it's hundreds of grocery store chains that are doing this.
You were continuing, Alan, when we hit that last break.
Go ahead.
Yes, I just encourage everyone, when you're at the checkout lane, when you do stand in your line to face a human being face-to-face to do your food exchange like we've done for hundreds of thousands of years, ask them for a comment form.
And they'll have the address on the comment form, but there's not enough room on there.
Write a letter to the store.
Do this at Home Depot.
Do it at HEB, wherever you see those machines, and let them know how you feel about that.
And I let them know that I was very upset
Well, I mean, do it even if the place doesn't have signs saying they're putting them in, or even if the store isn't putting them in.
Let them know beforehand you're not going to be part of that.
That's a good idea.
Another thing that we can do, now, in December, I'm self-employed, and we got so slow in December.
We went down to file for food stamps for the month of December.
They asked me to go in there to thumb-scan on that thing, and I'll tell you, the feelings I had in my gut were the...
Most twisted, horrible feelings that I could imagine.
And I found out later, and you mentioned on your show, you don't have to do that.
There's an affidavit for religious reasons that you don't... You can fill out an affidavit and bypass their thumb scan process.
They don't have to have it.
There's another way to do it.
But here's the plan.
That's why they want to destroy the economy.
They've set it for, quote, federal retraining.
We're all going to get food stamps.
All get our multi-pass.
Like Argentina, they're going to put credits...
We're good to go.
We're becoming a nickel-and-dime economy.
And they told us Naftan Gat was going to be great, Rick.
Well, just like here in Rhode Island, they told us once we adopted the state lottery, we'd never need to worry about financing the government schools again.
Oh, yeah.
And guess what?
Now they're talking about casinos and everything else because there's no end to it.
Government has an insatiable appetite for money, and unless we deny them the money and take the country back, they're going to keep taking folks.
They're going to keep grabbing.
They also have this tactic of not filling the potholes.
Not putting new tires on the ambulances, pointing a camera at it and saying, oh, look, we're bankrupt.
Folks, it's the oldest trick in the book.
The state governments are not bankrupt.
They have giant slush funds.
They're scamming you.
Yes, and Alex, just to give the caller some encouragement, all is not hopeless, although we are going through some prophecies right now.
Go ahead.
I have to say, do you remember the metric system ploy that was being pushed on us when we were in radio, we were told to give the Fahrenheit and the Celsius?
You remember that in the 70s?
I remember hearing about it.
And we rejected it.
The American people never wanted a dual system, one that was universal like the metric system and one that was based on Fahrenheit.
Well, it's like the smallpox shot.
They were going to vaccinate 11 million.
They said, you've got to do it to keep your job as a fireman, a policeman, a medical worker.
99% plus refused.
And now the globalists can't launch their smallpox attack as a way to shut things down because they're all enforcers.
Can you hear me?
Okay, Alex, what happened with your deal when you went down to do your license and they asked you to thumb scan?
Yes, sir.
Wasn't there some kind of an uproar?
What became of all that?
To see the video in America Destroyed by Design, you ever seen that footage?
No, I've seen Masters of Terror just last week.
We picked that up.
Really enjoyed it.
My mom wants to use it at her church in Wisconsin.
Well, I suggest it's a primer road to tyrannies, the best we've got production-wise, but...
I would suggest you get that one.
They're all great.
Were you able to get around the thumb scan?
They have a waiver.
Some people have gotten it.
They will not give it to you and will refuse it.
I could sue them, but then I wouldn't have time to be on the radio six, seven hours a day.
Like tonight I'm going to be on Jeff Rents.
Okay, but I can fight for a waiver.
I'll be filling in for somebody for two hours a day here locally.
I mean, I'm just working all the time.
I can fight for a waiver down there, though.
Yes, you ought to sue them.
People can make each little individual area their area of the fight.
We can't all take it all on, but together we can bring them down.
Thanks for the call, Alan.
Big things education.
Rick Adams, will you keep riding the shotgun with us?
I sure will, as long as you need me, Alex.
Okay, more calls.
We've got a caller from Rhode Island, one of your listeners, one of mine.
Mike in Rhode Island up next.
A bunch of calls when we get back.
Stay with us in Fort Worth.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right.
We're now at the halfway point of this worldwide broadcast, and I keep taking calls, and I've got a bunch of news I want to get into and get Rick Adams' take on it.
There's a lot of it here.
So definitely stay with us.
Before we go to Mike and John and Don and John and Charles and many others, Rick.
Your show's on the weekends there in WALE, and the station also streams on the Internet.
What's that web address, and what's your show time?
Well, it's 2 to 4 Eastern Time on Saturdays, and I buy my time from the station because I've always liked to do this, because when you buy your time, you have the privilege that you have as much freedom as possible to run your show the way you want.
That way you get your own sponsors, and it can even be a private thing.
Yes, we do.
We have sponsors and people that...
That like us, and obviously those that don't, who listen in.
We have a number of closet listeners, as I'm sure you do, probably right at the White House as well, Alex.
Well, we're on in Washington, D.C., so we do.
Right, but you know, we're on streamaudio.com, and all you have to do is, I guess, type in Renaissance Radio, W-A-L-E 990 on the dial, and you'll be able to stream along with us.
We appreciate WALA picking up the show three hours every day and doing that, but I'm also glad that they have folks like yourself on there, Rick, because I've been on your show and you've been on the air for, what, almost close to 30 years, and it's certainly having a big effect.
The plunging dollar, you know, when I was on a talk show at 6.30 this morning, and the host goes, yeah, they're saying this plunging dollar's good.
That's like the kid whose parents have gotten divorced and the kid tells you how great divorce is.
I mean, this is killing our economy.
We don't have any industry left.
And they're bad-mouthing the dollar, saying the Europeans like it and we like it too.
And look what the stock market's doing, tanking over all this.
All we had left...
Well, this is all by design.
You know, you have to remember, there were some people before us, Alex, during the 20s and 30s who were warning.
That once the Federal Reserve System was in control, from now on, you will see engineered depressions, recessions, and recoveries.
Everything that goes on goes on for a purpose.
And I like to compare what's going on now to the 1930s worldwide.
You remember what was going on?
You had the Germans, you had the Nazis, you had the Italians.
You had this world war being built up.
You had this global consolidation.
Global is like a blowout of economies to consolidate.
We're seeing a repeat, I believe, of the 1930s now with worldwide...
Depression and the destruction of America because we know from people who have told us that from the Reese Committee in Congress in 1953, the tax exempt foundations in this country were trying to work to destroy our standard of living, to lower it so that the other nations of the world would be raised, that we might be merged under a one world system.
So I think this depression is being engineered and war is being engineered for this decade.
We're seeing it now.
And the globalists killed conservatively 200 million people last century by engineering the communists, engineering the Nazis.
That's why we've got to stop this now.
We've got to educate people now.
Because, folks, if we don't, believe me, you're not going to be safe, even if you serve these people.
You're right, Alex.
And thank God for you, and thank God for the others that are out there that can't be bought and can't put a price on your head.
You tell it like it is, and you're not one of these corrupt neocon talk show hosts that are lying to the people.
And they know they're lying to the people, but they're comfortable.
They're cushy.
They have their millions.
But they don't have a soul, Alex.
That's the problem.
Well, they're lying whores.
The big government pimps, the worst we've ever seen, calling themselves conservatives.
I mean, how the government's exploding at all levels.
Liberty's being destroyed.
But there's this thin veneer of sicky-sweet patriotism that's deadly poison.
What's that website again for W-A-L-E?
It's amazing.
Excuse me?
What's the website again, W-A-L-E?
Well, we have our own website, W-A-L-E 990, and the search engine will take you right there.
And if you want to get on Stream Audio, just wherever you are across the world, you can just type in streamaudio.com and follow the signal by typing in AM 990, W-A-L-E Renaissance Radio, we call it.
All right, let's take some calls.
Let's talk to Mike in Rhode Island, and I'm sure you'll listen to both shows.
Welcome, Mike.
How are you doing today, Alex?
Fine, sir.
I appreciate you two guys being out there.
WALU may be changing format.
Is that true?
Well, the station for the last five years has been in and out of sale agreements, and they haven't sold anything yet.
There is a sale pending, I believe, an auction that is pending, but that is basically at this point unconfirmed as to what will happen.
Yeah, and that's not really the subject of our shows, what stations are up to.
But do you have anything else you want to talk about, Mike?
Yes, I just...
Hey, good job.
I don't think there's a state in the union
Other than maybe California or New York, but per land mass, per capita, don't you have more of the globalist bigwigs and their minions in Rhode Island than any other place?
I'm not sure about that, but we have our fair share of traders and globalists.
Well, no, I'm not saying that the people of Rhode Island are bad.
What I'm saying is that the robber barons all built their houses there, and you've got Martha's Vineyard.
Well, that's Cape Cod, Massachusetts, the Kennedys, but right here in New England, definitely.
I'm just saying that whole area around Rhode Island, the coastline, including Rhode Island.
You remember Vermont, the typical social estate where we had the Bretton Woods Agreement?
You remember reading about that?
Yeah, but here's a question about Vermont.
How can they be so, you know, globalist but leave the gun owners alone?
Well, that's a sort of a dichotomy that's hard to figure out.
They're traditional in one way and very non-traditional and globalist in another.
We here are the same.
We're very...
We're good to go.
Yeah, that's it.
And of course, the robber barons built a lot of their palatial manners there as well.
Brown University.
You know, the classic example, Ivy League school, where you have a number of kings and potentates and socialists who have come in and out of there, and that's part of the problem is what comes out of Brown University.
Hey, Mike, keep spreading the word about fighting the globalists.
Thanks for the call.
Let's talk to Jonathan in Texas.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Jonathan.
Hey, Alex.
You think maybe Ari Fleishner was a closet listener?
No, I think he's getting off his job to go sell books and do a speaking engagement and probably get a show on Meet the Press or something.
In other words, a rat jumping ship.
I would even say that.
They just rotate in and out.
Maybe he is a rat-jumping ship.
That would be a good sign, but I don't think so.
What do you think, Rick?
Well, you know, it's amazing.
He hasn't been in there very long, has he?
And he's already decided to jump ship, I think, for whatever the reasons behind the stories that we're given.
You know, he'll be taken care of.
Well, he also screwed up in two press conferences I know of.
I'm sure there's been other mess-ups.
But two mess-ups that took place that we saw develop is he, at one press conference, admitted Bush and his whole cabinet were on Cipro September 10th, four weeks before it showed up, the anthrax in Boca Raton, Florida.
Well, yeah, there have been a few slip-ups in his statements that he's made, and I can't name them all, but to put it this way, he's been a very slippery, smooth, and syrupy, you know, press agent there, but the important thing is that no matter who is there...
You will not see an Alex Jones or Rick Adams or anybody from American Free Press or whatever questioning him or the president at any of these press conferences.
They won't let you in.
They even try to take World Net Daily's press pass.
Yeah, yeah.
We have right now, I think, in my generation since I've been around, we have the most vile...
Administration that I can remember makes Clinton look like a puppy dog in terms of lying, in terms of... In terms of big government, gun grabbing, open borders, campaign finance reform, supercomputers to China, reactors to North Korea.
Go ahead, Jonathan, you were trying to say something.
I think I might have got you guys off on a tangent there.
Oh, I'm sorry.
The reason why I called is the guy, the dude from Texas, talking about HEB, brought up...
Kind of an interesting question in my mind.
Just finished watching your latest documentary.
But you mentioned tracking devices in all the new vehicles.
It's really good.
You've mentioned this before.
I've got a 2003 Kia Spectra.
Do you know, do they generally put those tracking devices in one general spot?
All the new cars have in their ignition the software for the tracking box,
The satellite tracking $25 interface, and then Oregon said, we want to make it the law, you've got to do this.
A bunch of other states are being federally funded to tax you to drive your car, to make your car basically a toll taxi.
I don't know about your particular Kia.
Most cars already have a black tracker box that tracks your movements, how fast you drove, how you stopped.
They've got the plug-ins for the satellite and other systems.
All right, good.
I'm going to find mine and rip it out.
Well, that's the problem.
It's built right into your ignition.
I don't know about the particular Kia.
That's built in South Korea, right?
I'm sure I can probably figure out a way to keep it working.
Well, I think Samsung makes a lot of the parts.
I know for some of the South Korean cars, Samsung's got a base right here in Austin.
You might go research on their website what type of components they're selling.
You might find the very component that's in your car there on their website.
Hey, thank you, Alex.
I appreciate it.
Oh, one last question, Jonathan.
You still there?
So you saw Police State 3 Total Enslavement?
Yeah, I just got my copy of it the other day, and I sat down and watched it as soon as I got home.
Well, I'd like to say I thoroughly enjoyed it, but, you know, as usual, excellently, very well made, and very scary.
So I'm turning out copies of my own now.
God bless you.
Thanks, Jonathan.
Yep, yep.
You know, Rick Adams, the founding fathers of news...
The small portable printing presses in the guerrilla information war, now we're not revolutionaries, we're restorationists.
We want our country back.
The videos, they are such an incredible tool because I authorize listeners to make copies of them.
And I know of hundreds of listeners that have made thousands of copies, thousands of listeners that have made hundreds of copies.
We're good to go.
For companies and turns on the cable TV and there's my shows.
That's a microcosm example of what people can do in the information war.
People need to, first of all, be aware of what's going on in the sense that they have to value their freedoms.
And if they don't value their freedom, their God-given freedom, by the way, they're not going to care what you say, Alex, or what I say, because as I said before, they're pigs in the trough.
Oh, they push it on the kids?
I mean, they...
Playing sports is one thing, but if you're not spending time with your family, but you spend more time with the boob tube or with the radio, listening to the idiot box, idiot shows, mindless stuff, I mean, it's a religion.
And it's disgusting.
And people, you've got to start valuing liberty or your standard of living is going to go to the floor.
And the family.
The family unit is the most important thing we have.
Well, that's it.
And that is under attack daily.
And if people, folks, we told you NAFTA and GATT was bad.
The government told you it was good.
Look what it did to you.
Let's talk to Don in Tennessee.
Don, you're on the air with Rick Adams and Alex Jones.
Go ahead.
Yes, just a while back, y'all were discussing about the 16th Amendment and some of the elections around that time when it was supposedly ratified.
And through my research and everything that I've been able to find... They were not ratified.
Yeah, that's right.
They were never ratified.
Neither was the 14th Amendment, by the way, legally ratified.
Yes, that's true, too.
The 14th...
They manipulated the 13th, the 16th, and 17th.
All frauds.
And the thing is, is that we as a society need to just wake up.
I just appreciate everything that you do, Alex, because I've got a number of your videos that I didn't buy from you.
They were given to me.
Somebody made copies and gave them to me.
So, and...
I have shown them to the people, and I just appreciate what you're doing.
Well, please pass it on.
Please make topics.
And just keep up the fight.
Thank you.
I appreciate that, Don.
We'll go to John and Charles here in a second, and others that are patiently holding with our guest, Rick Adams, and let him jump in and make some of his great points.
But let me just say something here.
This is a key point.
If someone gives you a video, especially if it's a copy of a copy of a copy, and it isn't high quality and crisp,
Get the originals from me so you can make high quality copies so people can make better copies off that.
I get a lot of emails and calls.
I've talked to congressmen that were sent tapes that were 10th generation where the video was breaking up so bad you couldn't even see an image, but they listened to it.
Folks, you need to get the original videos.
If you don't have a high-quality copy of a copy that someone gave you, generally four generations and it gets pretty bad, buy originals by going to InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or call toll-free to get my new video, Police State 3, Total Enslavement, or to get 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, or my book, Ascent to Tyranny.
Call toll-free 1-888-
Again, that number is 1-888-253-3139 or InfoWars.com or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001.
South Lamar, LAMAR, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Take action.
Make the call.
Get the films.
Make the copies.
Wake up America.
Because, Rick, we're seeing 90% conversion rates.
People are waking up 90% of the time, we've never seen this before, when they see these films.
Not just the fact that they're good films, but people are ready now.
They've seen enough of it on their own, and when they see the films, it makes a lot of sense to them.
So that's the bottom line message, folks.
Get the videos.
Get them out.
Make the copies.
Founding fathers said it best.
When evil men and tyrants flourish, when good men do nothing, it's up to you, folks, to defend your family in this country.
We're back with Rick Adams, our guest, and John and Charles and many others that are holding.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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We're good to go.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
John, Charles, Curtis, Emmett, many others your calls are coming up.
We've got Rick Adams, talk show host for almost since the late 1970s, fighting the New World Order.
For the decade before that.
And he's here with us riding a shotgun, and if he wants to stay with us partway into the next hour, he is welcome.
We're going to get into more of the news then.
Rick, you want to do that with us?
I'll stay as long as you can keep me before you kick me out.
Okay, great.
We appreciate your hard work and your insight.
Let's talk to John, listening in Knoxville on WBCR in Tennessee.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, John.
I just wanted to say thanks for your videos.
They're more exciting than Hollywood horror movies, and you saved me a lot of money since I don't have to go to the theater anymore.
Well, they are scary.
In regards to people being arrested for giving out your tapes,
What I do now is I make at least an eight-hour tape and usually a series of tapes.
That way, if I'm ever arrested for giving them out, I'll just demand that the judge and jury watch the evidence against me, and then I can convert them, too.
Well, you're not going to be arrested for doing that, but what happens is I was talking to Colonel Roberts.
I drove back from Kansas City to near his home on the highway with Mike and Mason behind me in my truck.
From the meeting we had up in Kansas City.
It was real successful, by the way, and I enjoyed it.
He told me a story of in the early 90s, he wrote a book called Hellhound.
Now, he's a best-selling author.
He wrote the book Hellhound, and some cops were on the force with him.
He was a detective and helicopter pilot and all that stuff.
We're talking about the book and the plot where some Arab terrorists are going to steal a helicopter, this Russian helicopter called a Hellhound.
They get it over to the West Coast.
They're going to attack nuclear reactors with it.
And from that, a schizophrenic who was not in the records behind them hears it,
Paul's and Robert's ended up getting investigated by the FBI for that.
And see, this is what happens.
I heard a story where a guy had an American Free Press, gave it to a 25-year-old newspaper, gives it to the plumber.
The plumber thought, you're not allowed to have papers like this.
And then they run off and tell stories.
Go to the police, and they come around and ask questions and then laugh it off later.
Now, someday that'll be different if they're able to change the culture.
But Colonel Roberts was telling me, and I get the same M.O.
here in Austin, that about a third to half the cops are now awake because they heard us talk about this years ago.
They saw it happen.
They're seeing it happen.
They're waking up.
And Colonel Roberts said he doesn't think the government knows just how many police are now awake.
Rick, any comments?
Well, that's a good point.
I know that the police, you know, are... Well, years ago, you remember LEAA, the Law Enforcement Administration?
Basically, that was the beginning of the federalizing of our local police.
It started, I believe, in the 70s, and Patrick Murphy, who was head of the Police Foundation, which basically ran this thing...
What they were trying to do was to federalize our police.
They do it with drug money.
They do it by bribing them.
They give them the so-called federal money, which doesn't exist, and try to wean them away from our local control.
Yeah, by federal, they take a dollar and send 30 cents back with the strings attached.
I mean, it's like getting a blood transfusion with part of your own blood.
I mean, it's preposterous, but again, it's a very subtle process.
In England, it was the Fabian Freeway, you know, Fabian Socialism.
They got the new bill, S-45, to federalize all the cities on the face of it.
And right here in Rhode Island, I have to mention this before you run out of time, we have this new bill, the Emergency Health Powers Act.
H-5747, and what it does is, in the name of a so-called biochemical attack, or so-called terror attack, basically takes you, your family, and everything, and puts you into quarantine and isolation.
I mean, this is the kind of draconian legislation... It shuts down all the cities, and they put it in the Homeland Security Package, page 76, federally, because the states wouldn't pass it.
Anything else real quick, John?
Yeah, I wanted to bring up on all these so-called suicide bombers lately...
When I lived in England with the Air Force, a woman, a British woman, got on an airliner, and she didn't know she had a bomb in her bag, and they found it, prevented the bombing.
But it turns out her Arab boyfriend had given her a package to deliver.
And it's possible these other suicide bombers are just victims and are triggered by remote control.
Great point.
Third hour coming up.
Stay with us.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks.
Already into the third and final hour.
We're talking to...
Long-time talk show host, been fighting the New World Order for over 30 years.
Rick Adams, I'm from one of our fine affiliates, 50,000 watt blowtorch, W-A-L-E, in Rhode Island.
I'm Alex Jones.
Of course, my websites are infowars.com, infowars.net, and prisonplanet.com.
And your calls, a bunch of them are coming up in this hour at 1-800-259-9231.
Then I will get into a spy machine of DARPA's dreams, just how bad this surveillance is going to be.
Another bombing in Turkey.
And Saudi diplomat warns America's going to get attacked, so Saudi Arabia, give up all your rights, maybe we'll all be safe.
More on the dollar, more on the Second Amendment.
Just a bunch of news we will be covering in this hour, as promised.
Rick Adams, you ready to go back to the calls?
I am, Alex.
Okay, fantastic.
Charles in Pennsylvania, go ahead, you're on the air.
Yeah, good morning or afternoon, Alex, and to your guest, Mr. Adams.
Hey, Alex, a friend of mine gave me some...
Older Issues American Free Press.
And there was a quote in there by Camus.
And I thought, this is you.
And it says, the duty of thinking people is not to side with the executioner.
That's Alex Jones there.
Albert Camus.
I think he was an existentialist if I remember right.
But what I called you about, you guys, was this morning they had a gentleman on a 50,000 watt station out of Youngstown, Ohio talking about
He can reduce the prison population by putting cameras and monitoring these people in their homes.
Instead of $65 a day, $4 a day.
And see, now, all of us, there's all these new crimes.
They won't even let you have a trial now in many cases.
They make you plea bargain criminally.
And yeah, this is the new system.
Cameras in the homes.
In Michigan, the state bathrooms have cameras in the stalls.
Well, I called the guy up and I asked him, he talked about people under suspension.
And I asked him, what crime is that?
Anyway, who's the injured party?
And how do you get thrown in jail when you don't have an injured party?
And he, in fact, didn't know what I was talking about.
Yeah, habeas corpus and all the rest of it.
They have a million people under suspension just in Ohio, okay?
There's like 3 million, 3.2 million people.
MSNBC two years ago, remember the summer when all the... Remember the summer when like 25 kids died in cars because parents left them in there in the heat?
Well, GM and Ford said, well, by 2005, we'd like to have an infrared camera hooked to a cell phone, kind of an OnStar system, that gives them a heat reading, and then the camera turns on wirelessly.
If the heat gets too hot, it'll save children.
Aren't you for it?
Yeah, it was really scary what this guy was saying.
He claims that right through your telephone, they can monitor everything that goes on in a house.
And they'll put cameras in there to make sure that you're not drinking if that happens to be your offense.
Then you'll have a tracker put on you, and it will alert them if you go into areas that you're not.
I mean, this is unbelievable.
A friend of mine lives down in Pittsburgh in one of the projects.
He said they've put up all these cameras all over the place.
He said they're like $8,000 a piece, and they can hear through those cameras.
What's being said and all this stuff.
If you're down there after 7 o'clock and you don't have an address or you happen to get lost, they take you right to prison.
They claim it's private property and you're trespassing.
That is what the compact cities are like.
The control grids, they get us herded in, they get you under government control, they blow off the economy, so you have to live in the projects, they do this.
We'll get Rick Adams' take on this on the other side.
That's the New World Order system.
He's not kidding.
We'll be right back with Rick Adams' take on what Charles just said, and we'll talk to Curtis and Emmett and others.
Call for a number to join us, 800-259-9231.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Our borders are more open than ever.
And DARPA, right here in Austin, has hundreds and hundreds of microphones all over the place, rotating, listening.
Thousands of cameras in Central Texas.
I drove to Kansas City over the weekend.
Giant cameras everywhere.
Devices that scan your license plates.
All manner of military industrial complex control.
Huge toll roads that go 200 miles, 100 miles, that have mechanized systems tracking and tracing internal checkpoints.
And then you get a call from Charles in Pennsylvania last segment, and he's saying, yeah, they're on local radio saying anybody who's had a suspended license, which happens basically for anything now, cameras in your house to make sure you don't leave and drive the car off.
Oh, they're cheap.
We don't have to imprison people anymore.
We'll just imprison them in their homes.
And this is the new system.
And we're talking to Rick Adams, talk show host, longtime talk show host.
We've been fighting the New World Order.
This is out of Wired Magazine, Rick.
I read it in the last hour, but listen to this from two hours ago.
It's a memory aid, a robotic assistant, an epidemic detector, an all-seeing ultra-intrusive spy program.
The Pentagon is about to embark on a stunningly ambitious research project.
They tell you it's a project designed to gather every conceivable bit of information about a person's life, index it, and make it searchable.
It's already in place.
What national security experts and civil libertarians want to know is why would the Defense Department want to do such a thing?
The Embryonic Life Log Program would dump everything an individual does into a giant database.
Every email sent or received, every picture taken, every web page served, every phone call made, every TV show watched, every magazine read.
All of this and more would combine with information gleaned from a variety of sources, a GPS transmitter to keep tabs on whether the person went or
Audiovisual sensors to capture what he or she says, and biomedical monitors chips to track the individual's health.
And they're going to chip all the armed services in the next two years.
I have this from inside the government and in the news.
This is 100 times worse than 1984, 50 times worse than Brave New World.
It's total evil, totally on America, worse than Russia, worse than China, worse than East Germany at their heights of evil.
And they're just announcing it and doing it, shutting it up.
Rick, your response to this, your take on it, how do we fight it?
You know, we saw the Millennium Bug come and go, and people were all prepared for that and psyched up, and basically nothing happened, okay?
So therefore, people assume, well, you see, you guys were going out warning people, and I wasn't one of them.
I was very cautious.
People saying, well, you guys went out and said one thing and it didn't happen.
Therefore, it can't happen.
The reality is it is happening all around us, and the technology now has reached the plateau point, Alex, where in fact technology can and will be used to enslave the entire planet if we continue to allow it to happen.
We are all being weaned on this technology.
The computer, for instance, you know, where agriculture, everything we do now is tied into that computer.
I mean, it really didn't used to be just about 10 or 15 years ago.
You know, we didn't dream that we would advance that far, but now we have.
We have the technology, the resources, that is the government does, to use and abuse that.
And as you know, Alex, any invention that's ever been created on the face of the earth has always been used for good and for evil.
And now I see it being predominantly used for evil.
Let me break something down with a short story and try to illustrate this.
People every week ask me, well, how do you do a radio show out of your house?
Well, how are you on in different parts of the country?
And we're talking about cops, firemen, general public.
And I'll say to them, I'll say, well, how do you see Peter Jennings on your TV?
Well, I don't know.
I never thought about that.
Well, it's called a satellite.
And, you know, how does somebody at a baseball game do a remote?
It's off digital phone lines.
And yesterday I was gone with my wife, and an employee came over to the house, because I have an office and I have an officer at the house too, messed up the alarm.
The alarm goes off.
The police come.
They say, well, we've got to do a walkthrough.
And the cop sees all these computers in a studio and says, what's that?
I'm real mad about it.
And it's stupid alarm.
It's almost more trouble than it's worth.
And so this is all going on.
And the cop didn't understand that I could do a radio show anywhere that there's digital phone lines.
Or even they have digital connections.
You can do it by microwave.
Didn't understand that.
Was threatened by a bank of computers.
Was freaking out over it.
You know...
It's just amazing.
So people don't understand this control grid.
The general public doesn't know why Peter Jennings is on their television set.
They don't know how they hear Rush Limbaugh all over the country.
They don't know how Art Bell can do a show from his double wide.
They just don't understand where the technology's at.
Yeah, it used to be we'd use phone lines.
Now we're in the digital satellite age, and that same technology can be used to enslave everyone.
Well, they're like children.
They're like children, Rick.
I'll never forget, we all were rolling laughing so hard we almost had heart attacks.
I've got a cousin, she's now grown up, but I was about, I don't know, 12 years old.
She's about 7 years old.
And we're pulling into a hamburger place, and she's with myself, my dad, and my mother, and one of my other cousins.
And we go in, we're eating hamburgers, and she says, she says, do they do surgery on the cows to get the meat?
And my dad laughs, yeah, they got a particular type of surgery they do.
Now, a child doesn't know where the T-bone steaks come from or the ground meat at the store.
But now I'm finding the general public never really thought about where it came from.
Well, the general public can be classified generally as brain dead.
You know, we have a generation today of kids, when you go into a donut store, you go into any store to make change, they cannot do it, Alex.
They can't count, they can't do anything because they've been tied to that machine, that computer, that calculator.
That in itself should frighten every one of your listeners into thinking, what are we raising as a generation today?
We're raising a generation to be controlled robotically by the government, by technology, rather than learning to think on their own, ladies and gentlemen.
Well, we've had a war on terror.
There's already more terror.
A war on drugs, double the heroin, double the cocaine, triple the heroin on the streets.
Our present population's at all-time records.
And so everything they do, people say, well, we've got to have more funding, education's failing.
It's a job is to dumb the kids down.
That's exactly correct.
The public school system is there, created for that purpose, and Karl Marx said so, to control the minds of generations.
And that's exactly what they're doing.
Right out of the Communist Manifesto, and that's why the powers that be, Alex, as you've said, are threatened by the homeschool movement and want to shut it down.
It's unbelievable, folks, the evil we're facing.
And as you drive through your neighborhood, you don't realize all the horror stories that are behind those doors and those people's minds they can tell you about.
Everybody thinks that bad stuff just happened to them.
But, you know, I told the story, too, of this secret police mentality.
About two years ago, three years ago, I had a carpet cleaner in my house.
Big chain here in Texas.
And they come into my studio, and sitting there on the wall is a legal, lawful, over-the-counter, no big deal, shotgun.
And the guy freaked out when he saw it, and later I was smart and called the outfit and found out there had been discussions of calling the police on me for having a shotgun.
Now, shotguns can be bought at all these stores.
They're totally legal.
But this idiot had heard on the news, see, they watch sitcoms and dramas and movies that are set in New York, Chicago, L.A., where the cops go in the house, you can't have this shotgun, got a permit for this, whereas in Texas, Vermont, Alabama, you know, all these states, you don't have to.
That neighbors, I hear about it all the time, somebody's putting their guns in the back of their truck to go deer hunting, and neighbors call the police on them.
And I've talked to cops.
The cops get the calls all the time.
911 has to tell the person, well, you're allowed to have guns.
See, there's all these tattletale calls.
The general public is already primed for this whole thing.
Yeah, and you've got groups like the ADL and others that are going around trying to condition policemen to question you as a hater if you question your own government.
Can you imagine that?
And the police don't know any better in many cases.
Well, you've seen my films, and it's been in the news.
Christians, gun owners, homeschoolers, those that make frequent references to the Constitution, defenders of the Constitution, listed as terrorists.
Yes, they tie them in with Timothy McVeigh, who was a government agent.
I think?
We're good to go.
Let's take another call.
Let's talk to Curtis in Louisiana.
You're on the air, sir.
Thanks for holding.
Hey, Alex and Mr. Adams.
I wanted to mention something that I don't know if you've read on your show, but it's a thing called PLC, and basically what that is is broadband over power line communications like for Internet.
And if it's ever deployed in your area, if somebody has a shortwave or they're an amateur radio operator like I am,
It's going to have so much noise because of the power lines that your show might not be able to be heard.
Yeah, there's been a lot of complaints.
It may totally kill shortwave, this technology they want to deploy.
Have you heard about that, Rick?
I haven't heard about that at all, but it wouldn't surprise me.
The Internet is another engine that they can't control directly, so what they're trying to do is make it so expensive to get on and maintain the sites and so forth, so they force you off the air, basically off the net, that is.
And this is the power we're dealing with.
We're dealing with the multinational corporations that are buying up media, buying up satellite now.
It's just incredible.
It's threatening the only independent voices that are out there which are waging war against the New World Order media.
Well, I wanted to give that website out where people can go read the article.
It's eham.net.
And eham.net, and you can go on there and look for PLC, and I also have places where you can go and file electronic comments with the FCC and let them know what you think about it.
And the second thing I wanted to talk about, Alex, is the thing you brought up about the OnStar.
Yeah, stay there.
We'll talk about it on the other side with you, Emmett, and then we'll talk to...
Ryan and others, toll-free number to join us on air, 1-800-259-9231.
I just love taking calls because they take us in many different directions with key information.
Again, I'm Alex Jones.
The websites are InfoWars.com, InfoWars.net, and PrisonPlanet.com.
Spread the word today.
We've got 40 minutes left.
Stay with us.
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All right, folks, Alex Jones here back live.
We'll take some more calls in the next segment.
I'm going to go over news with Rick Adams.
Let's let Emmett in Pennsylvania finish up.
We'll go to Ryan and others.
Go ahead, Emmett.
You were trying to make another point.
I know.
That was a man in Louisiana.
This is Emmett in Pennsylvania.
Okay, I was talking to Curtis.
I've got the names all messed up here.
Are you still there, Emmett?
Yes, I'm here.
Okay, let me put you on hold.
Is Curtis still there?
Okay, Curtis is gone.
Curtis had another point.
I said, hold over.
Go ahead, Emmett.
I apologize.
I have control.
I've made copies of your video 9-11 and given them to the neighbors and my friends, and they get back to me, oh, I really don't think so.
Oh, he exaggerates.
Well, that's why, let me stop you, that's why I say 90% of the time we have wake-up calls.
I mean, in most areas it's 90-plus percent are waking up.
Then we'll run into a nest of people that half of them or all of them don't listen, and that's where you get the 10%.
And it seems to be a nest in certain areas in Pennsylvania.
So folks seem to love tyranny in your area or just don't think the government ever did anything wrong?
Explain this to me.
They're a bunch of Rush Limbaugh followers.
Oh, they're neocons.
Hey, Rick, did you see that article two weeks ago, Knight Rider News Service headline, Neocons Call for New World Order?
I didn't see that one, I confess, but again, not surprised.
Tell folks what a neocon is.
You want me to tell them?
Sure, go ahead.
Well, you know, I call them neocoms because they're actually former, so-called former communists who were actually working within the Democratic Party and found it far more receptive to go to the Republican Party to take over the operations of the party to work to destroy the whole country because what they want...
We're good to go.
I think?
And that is Americans.
They're not Americans.
And government's growing under them.
Liberty's being destroyed.
They're coming after our guns, and they call this conservative.
So your poor little neocon friends were liberals and didn't know it.
Go ahead.
Anything else, Emmett?
Oh, yes.
I got more.
This past Sunday, the 18th of May, they were discussing on Meet the Press...
We're good to go.
Frightened to death.
Well, the White House said they're going to seal up all the information, even public stuff, because it could, quote, hurt the administration.
No kidding.
You know, Alex, it's important to remember what happened in the 50s when Senator McCarthy was trying to investigate the treason in the State Department, and he found the real problem was in the White House or the Eisenhower administration.
And what did Eisenhower do?
He invoked something that hadn't been invoked before, and that was executive privilege, to basically keep the information secret and keep the American people from knowing what was really going on at the core in Washington.
That is absolutely an abomination.
Well, what McCarthy discovered is that there was a layer above the communists, the private banks, funding the whole thing.
When he said our army is funding the communists, that's when they went after him.
You bet.
They had to destroy him because he was exactly telling the truth.
I mean, asking questions that today we don't dare ask as a public.
I mean, China went communist with a stroke of the pen.
With the stroke of the pen, we enslaved hundreds of millions of people because of the State Department and people like George Catholic Marshall, who were working with the globalists.
For those who don't know, on the History Channel, they now admit, our government put Mao into power.
Truman was a disgrace, but the thing is...
As Joe McCarthy found out, Truman was bad.
But when Eisenhower came in, we were promised a breath of fresh air.
What did we find?
The same CFR people in control of Eisenhower's administration that were in control under Truman, Roosevelt, and going right back to the 30s.
It goes on and on and on and on and on.
You know what it's like, Alex?
I've always used this analogy.
It's like taking a dirty diaper and changing the safety pins.
That's the situation we find ourselves in in America today.
Emmett, anything else?
Well, briefly, our checker outs at our supermarkets can't identify what onion you have or broccoli or cauliflower unless it has a code on it that they can put in to register.
And they're already training you to put the sticker at the area to check out your own food.
Check out yourself.
That's the training.
Thanks for the call.
Appreciate it.
We'll come back and take one more call, Ryan in New Jersey, for our guests in the last 25 minutes or so.
We'll then get into this stack of news we have not yet covered and recap some of the top stories.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Look at this article.
New York City woman dies in botched police raid.
I got a stack of articles.
I'm going to just blitz through it.
I'm talking like 30 of them.
And I guess I'll take more than one or two calls, but really fast with our guest, Rick Adams.
I appreciate riding shotgun with us today.
Let's talk now to Ryan in New Jersey.
Go ahead.
Ryan, you're on the air.
Good to talk to you, Ryan.
You're on the air.
Yeah, I just wanted to say, Alex, I live in New Jersey, and my town, they just recently set up on the corner of my house is an old factory that's been there for many, many years.
I think so.
They can pick up the signal a lot easier without having to go through airport or any type of borders or anything.
Yeah, they have an RFID tracker strip in and they're putting up readers, yes.
That just blew my mind when I heard that.
Sir, they're putting in a system that is Matrix-like.
It's far worse than Brave New World.
It is.
It's terrible.
I also wanted to say, yesterday I saw the movie The Matrix, and I don't know if Warner Brothers knows what's going on or not, but they definitely have some type of action there, stuff that they let out that makes you think about stuff, you know what I'm saying?
Well, certainly there's something going on with it.
We'll keep tracking it.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
Good to hear from you, Ryan.
Let's talk to Bill.
Bill, where are you calling us from?
Billy from Austin, Texas.
Good to talk to you.
Go ahead.
Hey, I'll keep it short.
I just want to say thanks for all you do.
I work for ATB, and I know how you feel about ATB, and I'm sorry about that.
But yesterday, I'm in management there, and yesterday in our manager's meeting, they informed us that in our store in August, they are going to be installing finger scanners for us to use to clock in and out.
Yeah, they started like that, and they've also said they're going to be going in the checkout lanes, too.
Well, they haven't.
I mean, they're actually telling us they're coming in August.
They gave us a date that they will be installed in our store.
I think there's four other stores that already have them.
Yeah, but I'm saying HEB has said they're going to make you do it.
It's checkout at the checkout lanes.
They're just getting you used to it now.
Here's my thing.
I need to know what is my defense not to give them my fingerprints.
Well, tell them it's religious reason.
Tell them that you've been a good employee, always clocked in, not had a problem.
Tell them that you're not going to be part of this, and if they give you problems, I think you're going to have a civil rights lawsuit on religious reasons.
We need to do things like that.
And is there any place you can recommend, like on the web or a certain spot in the library, that I should look to research this stuff and what my rights are that I can use as a defense to our...
Well, that's a whole section of study, but it's a whole section of study, but the religious exemption for religious reasons, you're against that.
You should be able to do something there.
Find out more.
Tell me as it progresses, and I appreciate the call.
I really do, Billy.
I got a ton of calls, and I wish you guys ought to call me back tomorrow or tonight or next week so I can talk to you more.
We just broke against the gun here.
Any comments to what Billy was just saying?
We appreciate her.
Well, I would amplify what she's been saying, and again, it just goes to reiterate that whether it's an accident or a conspiracy is not the issue, ladies and gentlemen.
The issue is, are you freer today than you were a few years ago, or are you less free?
And that's the way I like to tell people to think, because there are always people that will not believe the sun is hot.
And those people, you know, obviously are not operating with a full deck.
But the fact of the matter is, if you explain that they do not have the freedom today that they had five or ten years ago, and God forbid this Patriot Act II passes, they'll have even less freedom than they did.
Sometimes people do understand that, Alex, and that's the important thing.
Whether conspiracy or not is not even the issue.
The fact is it's the effect.
Absolutely, absolutely.
And even if we had some loving government, you put in all these control mechanisms, think what a dictator could do with it.
Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts, absolutely.
You got it.
Tom in Ohio.
Tom, go ahead.
Yes, caller, you're on the air right now.
Okay, who should I go to next, then?
Coy in New York, or Corey, go ahead.
How you doing, Alex?
Fine, sir.
I know Collin just brought this up a couple minutes ago, so he kind of ruined it for me, but I just wanted to ask you a question.
I saw the Matrix movie last night, and there was a part where Neo had to go through a door, and in order to go through the door, he had to rescue a keymaker.
And the keymaker was being guarded by a program called the Merovingian.
And I know that I've heard that term before.
Does it apply to, like, an Illuminati bloodline or something?
Yes, I guess it's the globalists throwing it in our face.
They love to do that.
And you notice the whole thing's got New Age trappings, and I'm going to...
Try to go see it.
I didn't go see it last night.
I'll try to go see it and give folks my analysis of it here in the near future, sir.
Well, that's it for now.
But I just wanted to compliment you.
You're doing a great job.
And, you know, you need more people like you.
And I'm trying to do what I can.
I've got your videos, and I'm making copies and handing them out.
So, you know, we've got to fight this journey.
What effect, what response are you getting from people that have seen the films?
Well, I just started handing them out.
So I haven't gotten too many responses back yet, but everything I've gotten is positive.
You know, a couple of people I work with, they know about when we talk a lot.
And so, yeah, you know, I'm getting a good response so far.
So you're telling me the computer's called the Merovinian?
Yeah, it's a program.
The Matrix is full of programs.
And the Keymaker is supposed to help Neo get through the door to get to the source, the creator of the Matrix.
And the program has the Keymaker in exile, it says.
It was called a nasty program called the Merovingian.
So he's trying to find a back door, and the evil garter of it is the Merovingian.
Merovingian, which is the French guy.
Which the globalists all say that they're really gods and that they're really descended from Jesus.
It's really blasphemous.
And now to hear this, this is really out of control.
Thanks for the call.
Any comments to that?
How the globalists love to throw it in our face.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
I mean, there are some good films which actually make you think, but by and large, films like this are designed to capture a young audience, young generation of people who will be mesmerized by what they see, similar to the spate of movies, you know, before this war took place.
We saw, you know, a bunch of films.
We were soldiers and a bunch of others that were designed to... A bunch of war films, more than we've seen in ten years combined.
It was like 50-something war films right before 9-1-1.
Oh, absolutely.
Unbelievable control.
Let's go ahead.
And by the way, the Pentagon has put out a report of a computerized hive mind where by law we're all going to be hooked in psychologically to computers.
A literal matrix the Pentagon called for last year.
Did you hear about that report?
They're brazen about it, Alex.
No question about it.
In fact, I've been trying to find those articles.
One was in the Sydney Morning Herald, one in The Age, one in Wired.
If folks could email those to tips at infowars.com.
I've been digging around for them.
Let's go ahead and take two more calls, folks.
That's all I can take.
I'm sorry.
Who's up next, Mark?
All right, John in Canada, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, how's it going, guys?
Pretty good, sir.
Unfortunately, Alex, I don't get to hear your show as often as I'd like to, but you know this idea of...
I think so.
I mean, every single American should be wanting more information and trying to find out why this individual hasn't been questioned or been arrested as the primary terrorist funder.
Head of ISI, known CIA, meeting with the White House, meeting with Congress, days before 9-1-1, his second trip in his life to Washington, wiring $100,000 to Mohammed Adam, mainstream news, the Bushes vacationing with the bin Ladens, nothing's been done.
Yeah, and on top of that, also MSNBC told us that this general played a part in putting together the strategy of invading Afghanistan.
And this is prior to 9-11.
They're going to ask for Bin Laden's apprehension, but they're not going to bring forward any evidence.
So they were going to blame him for a crime that he hadn't yet been accused of because there's evidence in Yemen.
There's evidence at these other locations.
They needed a crime to blame him for.
This is public before 9-1-1.
Thanks for the call.
Great points.
Stewart in Texas.
Go ahead, Stewart.
Last caller.
Hello, Alex.
Yeah, I just wanted to say I went into court on a child custody issue, and now the court is trying to use my son as a tool to take my guns away from me.
My wife kidnapped my son and fled the state.
And basically turned around and said that she had to do it because she was afraid of me because I've got guns.
Yeah, and then they're going to get you to plea bargain.
You've committed no crime.
They're admitting that.
They want you to waive something and sign a waiver and go take classes, right?
They want me to take classes.
That's probation.
Don't do it.
It's totally made up.
Here's what happened.
They made me undergo supervised visitations to see if I was an endangering influence on my son, and I wasn't.
And I have photographic evidence to prove it and witness testimony from my neighbors.
And even after seeing for themselves and the guardian ad litem coming into my house and seeing that there's no endangerment, she still says more supervised visitation.
But you didn't have to.
Sir, you didn't have to do that.
You didn't have to.
They, quote, made you.
The court ordered it.
They said the only way I could see my son again was under supervised visitation.
Yeah, but then you've got to appeal that.
You need to get a real lawyer.
I know that.
I know that.
And I'm dealing with that right now because we just went back to court again last Thursday.
You need to call the police.
You need to file charges for someone filing a false police report.
You need to go ahead and do that.
Thanks for the call.
Call me back tomorrow.
We'll talk more about it.
I'm sorry.
I'll tell you, we could just go on for hours like that, Rick.
Incredible, but true.
Let me hit some news here.
It's amazing.
This is out of the Associated Press.
New York City woman dies in botched police raid.
57-year-old woman died of an apparent heart attack Friday after police detonated a flashbang and handcuffed her during a raid on a wrong apartment.
Alberta Smyrtle, a longtime city employee, was pronounced dead about an hour after a dozen heavily armed officers broke into her home at dawn.
We're deeply saddened, said police commissioner Raymond Kelly.
This should not have happened.
It's a tragedy.
We're good to go.
Distraction, yeah, it'll blow your arm off if you're holding it.
By producing a cloud of noise and whining flash of light, Kelly said the grenade was used because it was believed there may have been guns in the dog in the apartment.
By the way, in Texas, they threw it into a baby's crib and third-degree burns over two-thirds of the baby's body.
The officers grabbed Spurl, who was dressed for work.
And it goes on.
Handcuffed her and put her in a chair.
Then police realized the inside of the apartment did not match the informant's description.
The officers apologized to Spurhill.
They told them that her heart condition had begun to have difficulty breathing.
An ambulance was summoned, but she was dead on the way to the hospital.
I mean, I see this stuff every day.
Men in black ski masks.
It goes on and on.
New York police raid the wrong apartment.
Woman dies.
I see this all the time.
Fake drugs show up in U.S.
We'll first comment on the SWAT team story.
Well, as he said, it should not have happened.
We shouldn't have that kind of behavior.
And these tips that are given, the tips program and so forth, is just part of that whole mantra.
We had that happen in Boston a few years ago where an elderly black minister, he took a heart attack.
They burst right into his apartment.
They had the wrong apartment, and the poor man died as a result.
Now, do you think that these people in state government and federal and so forth will assume liability for any of this?
They exempt themselves from liability and culpability because, after all, it was just an honest mistake.
Well, I'm sorry.
That is not an honest mistake when you implement that kind of terrorism and then call Saddam Hussein the worst terrorist on the face of the earth.
Yeah, Saddam had trips on the streets, and now our government wants to put him on the streets.
Yeah, yeah, absolutely.
Fake drugs show up in U.S.
The more high-priced prescription medications hit the market.
They are proving irresistible to counterfeiters who have successfully slipped fake, mislabeled, and misused.
Handle drugs into U.S.
pharmacies, and it just gives incredible examples of this.
Also, other articles here.
Did you hear about the Boston Herald story?
Kerry made his bones in Secret Club.
Gets you to that.
A little bleaking out, isn't it?
Does folks know about Skull and Bones in Rhode Island?
It is.
Oh, we know all about it.
Thanks a lot to all of us, including Jack Blood, by the way, who does a great job on our station, bringing us some great guests on Skull and Bones and Skull and Key and the rest of those.
Now, Bush cites ongoing terror threats, so does the press secretary.
They're saying we're going to get hit any minute.
Give me a right sub.
What do you think about that?
I'm worried.
I'm thinking, Alex, you know, that in order to get this Patriot Act II passed, he may very well pull off some incident in the United States in order to, once again, jam down the throats of Congress this Patriot Act II as he did with one.
And I've said, as big, as big or bigger, we need to point out the more liberty we give up, the more terror we see, and then point out who's behind it.
If we don't do that, they're not going to stop.
The trail is very clear, ladies and gentlemen.
Alex isn't making anything up.
He's reporting the facts.
We are reporting the facts.
It's out there if you want to see it.
If you don't want to believe it, you want to believe your leaders are such the most kindest and genteel people on the face of the earth, it's the other guy's leader, then you're in la-la land.
You have to realize history is replete with instances such as ours.
Here's another one.
Fleischer Chatter suggests new U.S.
attacks possible.
The car bombings in Saudi Arabia last week indicate the al-Qaeda terrorist network remains active and could launch new attacks on the United States.
The FBI is warning.
Ridge says U.S.
safer from terror threat, but expect more.
We're going to go ahead and take the rest of your rights away.
I mean, talk about a 500-pound gorilla.
Operation American Freedom, eh, Alex?
Oh, yeah.
We've got to get rid of freedom to protect America.
And the war's not over.
They've got to...
They've got to go after everybody.
What about medicating, drugging our children with Ritalin and Prozac?
How that's exploding.
Absolutely disgusting.
We've been seeing it for years.
And it's all from this post-Dr. Spock generation, you know?
We're supposed to look to the pharmaceutical industry, the government, which in many cases are one and the same.
And here they are poisoning us.
They're controlling our minds, our children.
And people are not rebelling.
I mean, we need to rebel against that.
Did you hear about, and boycott, did you hear about the trillion dollars missing from the Pentagon in the San Francisco Chronicle?
No, that I hadn't heard of, Alex.
One trillion.
What about Cheney?
Now it's nine billion he's going to get for Halliburton with no bids allowed.
Yeah, the other day they released the story that Bush is only worth a few million and Cheney's worth about double that.
And I had to laugh and chuckle, saying, here we go again with spoon-fed lies in the press.
It's absolutely abominable.
I mean, the money they've made off of war is just incredible.
Well, Prescott Bush ran the bank that over half of Nazi activities went through, including 53% of Nazi steel production.
Oh, they don't have any money, no.
They're poor and destitute, yeah.
There's nothing wrong with being wealthy.
It's how you got it, folks.
And how you use it, right.
Also, shortage of supplies, doctors leave Iraqi patients without care, cholera spreading, tens of thousands of deaths, they're mowing people down with machine guns.
If they protest, boy, it's like Tiananmen Square every day.
I guess that's freedom.
All right, a few other news articles.
We'll just bang these out on the other side.
Stay with us.
Rick Adams, my guest.
I'm Alex Jones.
It's Real Talk Radio.
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Final segment of the show.
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until 2 p.m.
America threatens to move NATO after Frank's is charged.
Tri-globalists threaten to move NATO.
America's top military officer has warned that NATO may have to move from its Brussels headquarters after an attempt to bring war crime charges against General Tommy Franks, the commander of coalition forces in Iraq, in the Belgian courts.
All this does is legitimize all these war crime courts.
It's the left hand and the right hand fighting as theater to make the world think the EU and all this is legitimate and anti-war.
Our guest, Rick Adams, any take on that?
Well, that's true.
You know, there was a time when we used to debate ratifying the Genocide Treaty.
I don't know if you recall that one.
And we finally did.
Senator Proxmire was a fanatic about pushing that down our throats in violation of the Connolly Reservation.
But what we've done today is we have legitimized this whole international framework.
For some, not others, notice.
You know, it depends on who the villain is, like Pinochet in Chile.
When he basically saved the country from communism and totalitarianism, they tried to put him on trial.
I mean, it just, you know, put it this way, Alex.
The day that I see George Bush charged as a war criminal will be the day that I have some faith in this so-called New World Order, but I ain't holding my breath.
Rick Adams, I really appreciate you coming on the show.
My pleasure, Alex.
You bet.
You have the greatest show nationally syndicated in America.
Godspeed to you, and I hope God will keep you well.
Get some sleep, and keep on keeping on.
God bless you.
I will, brother.
There goes Rick Adams.
We had him on for about an hour and 45 minutes, and we appreciate him coming on the show.
And all the callers, I'm sorry I had to hurry through a bunch of callers and not get to some.
We just ran out of time.
Hey, the Cannes Film Festival over in France, the two top films are two anti-gun films, Bowling for Columbine, full of all its lies and propaganda, and then another one made here in the U.S.
So everything's anti-gun.
And Hollywood puts out policy reports of how to have anti-gun messages.
And who's funding Hollywood?
The federal government now, folks, in tune of $80 million a year with matching funds.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
This is out of mainstream news here, folks.
That's what the National Union of Hospital and Healthcare Employees, Union District 1199, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, found out last month when they were evicted from their offices on San Benito Boulevard, according to the complaint filed by the landlord, Carol Venturas.
The union breached the terms of the lease by holding an anti-war demonstration.
Created a nuisance and interrupted other tenant employment.
That's your new America.
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Or again, 888-253-3139.
I'm out of time for today.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight Central.
Be sure and join me.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2 Central during the day.
Get out there and take on the New World Order.
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