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Air Date: May 19, 2003
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Within hours.
Of the attacks of September 11, 2001, the globalists told us that it was bin Laden.
Then we found out that the government was connected to the entire operation at every level, in every facet, to the finest detail, to the smallest areas and systems within the mechanism of terror.
Then we found out the government flew out
6,000 and now 8,000 cream of Taliban and Al-Qaeda was a staged war in Afghanistan, flew them to safety in Pakistan and paid them well.
And then suddenly they said, forget about bin Laden.
The news said the White House says stop focusing on bin Laden.
Stop talking about bin Laden.
We're not going to get bin Laden.
Now they're saying forget about ever capturing Saddam Hussein.
Turns out that almost the entire leadership of the Republican Guard and others were paid in gold bars.
This is confirmed before the war and during the war.
Same story again, and it's as if someone has flipped a light switch.
Suddenly, there are bombings in Israel, Saudi Arabia, Morocco.
And they're promising us more.
They're saying it's going to happen in England.
It's going to be bigger than 9-1-1, more spectacular, more sensational for the globalists to scare you, to terrorize you into submission to their control grid, the giant prison planet they're building.
Hello, my friends.
It's Monday, the 19th of May, 2003.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We'll be live for the next two hours and 57 minutes.
I just got back at about 2 in the morning from Kansas City.
Had a great turnout there.
Benefit for KCXL Radio.
I want to thank all the folks that came out and the people that put it on.
And I'll definitely be going back to Kansas City in the next year or so.
Coming up, I'll get into all the bombings.
I'll get into the news.
I'll talk about what's happening with legislation.
There is just so much of it.
We'll be going over today the good, the bad, and the ugly.
You'll definitely want to stay with us.
There's a big update that's been done of prisonplanet.com.
We're updating infowars.com for you as well as we speak, so be sure to hit your refresh button in the next 30 minutes for those of you that are on the Internet.
There are now mainstream news articles reporting on what we've been saying for years, the evidence of mind control triggers in the Matrix films, and here it is.
We've been saying this for about three years, and here it is in the mainstream news.
Did you know that Malvo, the supposed sniper who looks like a mind control victim,
Is out there now saying that that is certainly involved.
I wonder how we knew about this three years ago.
Well, there's just a lot of key indicators, and of course Harris and the others involved there in the Columbine situation were obsessed with the Matrix, and we'll be discussing it a little bit later.
It could be a coincidence, but somehow I doubt it from some of the evidence we've seen, and we'll talk about it today.
Also, U.S.
stocks fall on soft dollar, weak retail sales.
But Bush says weak dollar is good.
Yeah, and jumping off a cliff without a parachute is good for you, too.
It's ridiculous.
It's total propaganda.
We'll go over the globalist plan and how to stop them when we get back.
Stay with me.
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In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
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It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
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We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
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I want to take a lot of calls today.
I know that we Friday had Dr. Cuddy on the show, and he's going to be back with us today live to take your questions and to talk more about the New World Order.
And I have several other guests as well that are scheduled, as they say, coming on today and tomorrow.
So you'll definitely want to stay with us.
Let me dive straight into the news now, and I'll also give you the toll-free number if you'd like to comment on these stories or any other news items.
1-800-259-9231 The globalists use terror to scare us into submission, to train us to accept tyranny, to train us that giving up liberty gives us security, when history shows the exact opposite.
And they told us, forget about bin Laden.
And then it came out they'd flown the Taliban and al-Qaeda out to safety in Afghanistan and were involved with the Republican Guard paying them off.
And these events are staged.
Now they're saying, forget about ever capturing Saddam.
These are all staged events.
Saddam worked for the CIA starting in 1958.
Looks like they gave him the amnesty deal.
During the campaign, he had requested it and been refused it and told that if he tried to flee, he would be arrested or assassinated.
It looks like in the midst of the war over there, they cut a deal and all resistance melted away.
But now, bin Laden is back.
And the White House has said there will be no investigation of 911.
They're sealing all of the information that was public and private in the other sections of Whitewash 1 and 2 in the Congress with the committees they had.
They tried to have Henry Kissinger run it, but that didn't work for them.
And we'll be going over some of that today as well.
But now bin Laden's back.
There's been bombings in Saudi Arabia early last week, and then a bombing over the weekend in Israel, and then another one in Morocco, as you know well.
And they're telling you, brace for attacks.
England's going to be hit.
America's going to be hit.
We're going to take all your rights away.
I thought we'd be safe.
Once we had Homeland Security and the Patriot Acts, but our borders stay wide open, and every time you track the money to the terrorist groups, they're controlled by the globalists.
This is out of Knight Raider News Service.
Moroccan Saudi attacks the return of al-Qaeda.
Experts say tightening U.S.
security puts soft targets in crosshairs.
Now, Vladimir Putin was caught in 1999 attacking his own soft targets.
That is, apartment buildings.
Three buildings were blown up.
They said the Chechnyans did it.
The Chechnyans screamed, why would we do that and bring on an attack?
No, the Russian government's doing it.
And then Moscow police, not knowing what the other hand was doing, the left hand not knowing what the right hand was doing, caught members of the FSB, the modern KGB that Putin was heading up, or Boris Yeltsin,
Caught them in the building planting hexogen explosives.
They got the explosives, arrested them, and then they were raided by, the police station was raided in Moscow by paramilitary forces from the KGB slash FSBGRU.
Soft targets.
Shopping malls, movie theaters, apartment buildings, bridges.
Now targeting the people, scaring the people into submission.
The deadly suicide bombings in Morocco and Saudi Arabia aimed at lightly guarded civilians at hotels, restaurants, residential areas represent the best al-Qaeda can do, intelligence experts said Sunday.
Funny, the British who run things for the globalists, MI6 is saying look for something as big or bigger than 9-1-1.
In England, it's going to happen.
Give all your rights up.
And maybe you'll be safe.
Al-Qaeda is looking to make a statement they are still forced to be reckoned with after all these serious setbacks.
Oh, yes.
The tyranny must continue.
Said a U.S.
counterintelligence official, there is credible threat information that points to future attacks, possibly in Africa or Southeast Asia.
That are also small-scale aimed at soft targets.
He said, well, let's look at a soft target, the nightclub in Bali last year.
It is a fact from the British and Australian news, it is a fact, ladies and gentlemen, that our government, our State Department, our FBI and CIA told the Taiwanese government who learned of the bombings two weeks before not to warn the government of Bali.
And we have these articles on prisonplanet.com, on infowars.com.
Families have had protests.
They have called for the resignation of the president over in Australia.
They have attacked Straw, the Home Secretary, in England.
They have spoken out against this.
They have attacked for credibility and talked about how they had prior knowledge.
And you add all the other evidence of how it was plastic explosive, how they grabbed a young Patsy.
Now they admit torture of the Patsy.
It goes on and on and on and on.
And remember, the U.S.
government terror plan, Northwoods, the public document where the U.S.
government explains why it wants to kill Americans, to blame it on foreign enemies, how this gets the people behind the government, say...
Describe how they frame patsies, including patsies in sniper attacks in Washington, D.C.
This was written in 1962, a Pentagon document calling for sniper attacks in D.C.
and how to frame patsies.
We have handbooks on how the government wants to bomb, hijack jets, shoot people, and frame patsies.
It is a confession, and we've seen the plan carried out.
Moroccan-Saudi attacks, the return of al-Qaeda.
Arrested Morocco and Saudi Arabia on Sunday.
Continue to point to al-Qaeda involvement in last week's bombings.
Horse bus specs with apparent ties to al-Qaeda were arrested.
Connection with recent suicide attacks on three housing compounds in Riyadh.
Saudi Arabia that killed 25 bystanders, including eight Americans.
Officials said Sunday.
Turns out the Karloff Group owned the building with the complex and just sold it.
A few years ago, and it was being used as a, quote, CIA front to the day of the bombing, but the leaders of the company were all gone, but a few maids and minions were there.
It was the strongest sign yet that some of bin Laden's terrorists, who have carried out deadly strikes from Nairobi to New York, well, that's proven now, I guess, may have played a part in the bombings at complexes housing foreigners.
Nine attackers died.
People say, well, how do they fly planes into buildings?
How do they have suicide bombings?
It's simple.
You go get a Palestinian trained to be a suicide bomber from birth.
Hamas was founded by Israel, according to Yitzhak Rabin and Harat's newspaper in the...
Jerusalem newspapers as well have reported this.
They founded them in 73.
They set it up as a wind-up toy.
They fund it.
They set up the ideology.
They bring the people in, the useful idiots.
They carry it out.
It's like the FBI cooking the bomb, training the drivers in the first World Trade Center attack.
That's what admitted facts.
Chicago Tribune, New York Times.
Just calmly announced back in 93.
The FBI was caught on tape basically planning the whole fiasco.
But the men that they used, the two drivers of the truck at the World Trade Center, were registered as retarded.
They both had about 80 IQs, mildly retarded.
It took weeks.
Bombing got behind schedule because they couldn't teach them how to drive a truck.
They'd never driven.
They had some blind cleric they were going to blame it all on who had an outfit on top of a pizza shop, a little one-room deal.
And we've gone over that, and it's in the Road to Tyranny in the film and in the book.
But that's the reality.
This is what they do over and over and over and over again.
More sophisticated operations is carried out by actual globalist agents, and then some patsies grabbed and tortured and then delivered to the media.
Same story over and over and over and over again.
Now, most of the government is made up of decent people.
They're just ignorant, and they can't believe the horror of what we're discussing, but they better check the facts out, because you can look around you and see that everything that America really should stand for, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, liberty, freedom, is evaporating rapidly.
And I told you, they had a war on drugs, there's more drugs.
They had a war on crime, there's more crime.
A war on poverty, more poverty.
A war on illiteracy, more illiteracy.
We're good to go.
I said they would move to, and I said this over a year ago, soft targets around the world, pinprick attacks to just scare us and move things more slowly into position.
So they're in a holding pattern right now, and I'm sorry for those the globalists have been killing, but overall this is a good indicator.
They can't launch the massive attacks they need to instate a real world dictatorship.
But don't worry, they're going to do it.
Unless we pray and get involved and warn people and have courage and cover real things, not rumors.
The rumors end, the documentation begins here on this broadcast.
So when we get back, I'll get more into the Moroccan bombing, more on the Tel Aviv situation.
Police suicide bombing kills one in Israel.
We'll get into that.
And we'll talk about the economy, that is just what's happening to the dollar, more implosion there, the stock market in trouble because of it, and our government saying it's good and bad-mouthing the dollar.
I mean, just folks, middle-class people out there that think you're part of the system and think that it's allied with you.
It's going to suck you dry, boys and girls, unless you open your eyeballs up and look at the reality.
We'll be right back.
Are you prepared?
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Therefore, with catastrophic events, it comes as no surprise that some banks have currently placed limits on the amount of cash depositors can remove from their accounts.
A fractional reserve system means only a small portion of your deposit is held in reserve for immediate withdrawal.
Deficit spending will skyrocket through FDIC if the government is forced to insure deposits during a bank run followed by a depressed economy.
We're good to go.
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I got a star on my car and one on my chest.
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So watch out what you're doing when you're driving my way.
All right.
Alex Jones here back live.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-
The globalists, again, are using terror to control us and scare us into submission.
And the more freedoms we give up willingly, the more terror you're going to see.
It's that simple.
They tell you, oh, you'll be safe if you just let us run your lives.
And I want you to know that your money has now been devalued about 20% by the globalists in the last two weeks.
And America has been the engine for the globalists, the blood supply, the heart of the New World Order system.
And now we're being used up.
And if our president and our leaders were talking up the dollar, the world wouldn't be dumping the dollar right now.
But you see, the globalists own...
Our central banks and the globalists are based predominantly in Europe, the shareholders.
And the euro wants the dollar to go down, so our treasury secretaries and our presidents, whether it's Al Gore or Bill Clinton or George Bush, it wouldn't matter who was in office right now, are going to be bad-mouthing the dollar and saying, oh, it's good that it's falling.
This will help manufacturing.
If you believe that, I got a bridge.
I want to sell you on the moon, folks.
But they know that if they can create false patriotism, get us to rally around the flag because we're, quote, under attack by the outside force, we will accept this controlled implosion of the dollar and the economy that the euro called for three and a half, almost four years ago, in Davos, Switzerland.
People say, how did you know this would happen?
The globalists said that they were going to do this to us, and you know what?
They have.
They've done it.
And then I've got an article here where it says, Military waste under fire, one trillion missing.
One trillion missing.
Hargit's Pentagon Accounting, folks, the government, forget Enron, forget Global Crossing, that's all small potatoes.
There is looting going on of the Treasury of America at record levels.
You think a $7 and now a $9 million no-bid-allowed contract for Halliburton and Dick Cheney's corrupt?
You think that a billion-dollar contract for Bechtel, no-bids-allowed, is corrupt?
We're good to go.
I think?
As a two-month rally on Wall Street stalled after the dollar hit multi-layer lows against major currencies and home improvement retailer Lowe's posted disappointing sales.
Now, they call this stock market rally of the last couple months a rally.
If you look at a graph, it's going straight down the last three and a half years, four years.
You look at a graph, it's going down.
They call a rally when they take ten steps down and then three steps up and then five steps down and then one step up.
They play up these so-called rallies.
These are not rallies.
But what did the Davos, Switzerland Forum, the big bankers, call for?
A controlled implosion of our currency.
An incremental slide boiling the frog.
Dollar selling came after U.S.
Treasury Secretary John Snow said over the weekend that recent currency movements have been fairly modest, analysts said.
His fellow G7 finance minister showed equal lack of concern about the dollar's fall.
Market watchers fear that fewer foreign investors will want to buy U.S.
securities in a weak dollar environment.
And Snow went on to badmouth the dollar and say it's good, it's good for us, it's good for Europe.
And it's going to drop more, he said.
And I saw the pundits in my hotel room in Kansas City when I was up there visiting over the weekend, all saying it's going to go a lot further down, and it's good.
And I even heard people in the elevators and walking around talking about the economy, and hey, the dollar's dropping.
It's good.
You've learned how to parrot things.
A big glass of cyanide is good.
Yum, yum, yummy, yum.
It's so good.
Jumping off a cliff, a 500-foot cliff with spikes at the bottom, with no parachute, is so yummy-yum good.
I heard the news say it.
Of course, five years ago, Enron was the place to invest, too, they told you.
They care about even your family.
White House press secretary is resigning.
I'll get into some of the bombings.
Folks, there's so much happening to scratch the surface, and your call is coming up.
What do you think about all this?
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Thanks for joining me today.
Tonight, this morning, depending on what time zone you're listening to us in.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
rnfowars.com and prisonplanet.com.
Recapping some of the news I covered and some of the other news we haven't gotten to, and then, of course, your calls here in just a few minutes at 1-800-259-9231.
Again, almost four years ago, I saw the Davos, Switzerland World Economic Forum say that they were going to plunge the dollar incrementally and destroy our stock market to build up the global euro.
Then they can use that as a model and say, see how well it works.
We've got to have a Pan-American Union, which they've already covertly set up, and roll us into the New World Order by merging the three regions, Europe and then Asia that counts Africa and the Middle East, and the Pan-American Union or the Union of American States.
I went up to Kansas City on Friday and spoke Saturday to a huge crowd.
It was a great scene, everybody, and
We're good to go.
I think?
They were saying that all of that was a great idea.
I got a chance to see the Treasury Secretary and Greenspan and others in my hotel room saying the dollar going down is a good idea.
This is like saying chopping your arm off for no reason and not tying a tourniquet around it is a good idea.
It's incredible, but don't worry, the yuppies will buy it as their savings lose large portions of what it was worth.
I mean, it was 90 cents of the dollar just a few months ago.
The euro, now it's trading $1.17 and even going above that because of our government bad-mouthing the dollar.
That's 27 cents down in its value to the dollar.
Think about that.
And they're telling you it's good, but it caused the stock market to go down and the retail sales are plunging.
And they say, oh, it's going to help manufacturers.
We don't have any real manufacturing left compared to what we did.
It's been 80% reduced.
They're all moving.
Everything I know of, every major corporation I know of is shutting down, even leaving Mexico now and going to China.
There's no way to compete against the slave labor and the high tariffs they have.
All these so-called pre-trade deals are written where governments have high tariffs on us and we don't have any on them.
It's designed to de-industrialize us, but don't worry, you'll be able to go in for federal retraining as a new slave in the fascist system.
They socialize the wealth, get you addicted to government, then privatize the government, militarize the police, and make you property of the global plantation.
Unbelievable information developing, and now we have military waste under fire, one trillion missing, Bush plan targets Pentagon accounting.
The Department of Defense, already infamous for spending $640 for a toilet seat, once again finds itself under intense scrutiny, only this time because it couldn't account for more than a trillion dollars in financial transactions, not to mention dozens of tanks, missiles, and planes.
There's wholesale looting going on of the government.
Right now.
stocks fall on soft dollar week retail sales.
And the U.S.
It says here in Reuters, after Snow, John Snow, the new Treasury Secretary, bad-mouthed the dollar and said it's going to go down a lot further.
This is good.
This is not good, my friends.
This is what they call inflation.
They're telling us there's deflation.
Well, the opposite is happening.
There's massive inflation.
Your money isn't going to be worth what it was.
In fact, it already isn't.
Oh, sure, they keep the price of milk and eggs the same, but not cars, not homes, not educations, not space for businesses, all the key stuff.
And even the service industry is starting to shut down.
All this and more coming up.
Bob in New York.
Bob, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
How you doing?
I'm doing pretty good.
Hey, I've got a very interesting thing for you to check out, and I'll try to get the tape, maybe send it to you.
Our pal, Mr. Rumsfeld, had won an award, the General Doolittle Award, and it was presented to him, I'm not sure about the foundation, I think it was the Heritage Foundation, by Dick Cheney.
And in the process of him getting up to the podium...
He announces that he's one of the rare few people that actually met General Doolittle.
And it's really bizarre.
He's standing at the podium, and he kind of looks to the side, and he says... Sir, let me ask you a question.
Do you have a radio on?
Do I have a radio on?
That was an echo.
Oh, you're probably hearing you.
Yeah, it's probably a speakerphone or something.
So what exactly... Tell us about General Doolittle.
Okay, General Doolittle, the guy that ran the raid on Japan...
Took his bombers?
Yes, the Liberators flew him off the aircraft carrier deck.
Now, he's standing there.
He says, I had the rare opportunity of actually meeting him.
He looks to the side and he says, I believe it was at Bohemian Grove.
It's like, whoa, two more people you can put on the list that attend Bohemian Grove along with quite a few others.
I just thought that was really interesting.
I don't know if you were aware of that or not.
Well, I mean, the news says they go there.
It's public.
They admit I got the video of it.
And they can say on national news, yes, Jones got this video, and then watch their minions say, no, he didn't get the video of the occult rituals.
You know, there was a time in America when they went after these secret organizations.
You know, New York State is big in history in terms of going after the Masonic Lodge here, you know, and the infiltration into our government.
But another point I wanted to make to you, I don't know if you've ever done any research into Opus Dei.
Are you familiar with that?
Oh, yes.
It's really kind of strange because our local...
Well, south of us, Pennsylvania, Senator or Congressman Rick Santorum happened to go there and give a speech.
And it just gets me and a friend of mine are doing a lot of research.
So what do you think about the dollar plunging and how they're saying it's a good thing?
Oh, I think it's hilarious.
I'll tell you what, Alex.
I mean, all we had left was the fiat currency that everybody wanted in the world.
Our own government bad mouse, our only real product, other than tyranny and degenerate Hollywood stuff, was the dollar, and now that's gone.
Let me ask you a question, Alex.
Exactly who in our administration has ever explained to any of the American people, or the world for that matter, what a strong dollar policy entails?
I'll tell you what it entails.
It entails their bullion bank pals manipulating the gold price.
And if people want to find out about it, they can go to gatta.org.
I mean, it's clear cut.
Yeah, that's the big gold mining consortium that's suing the government for manipulating, keeping gold prices down.
Hey, I appreciate the call, Bob.
Really good points that Bob made there.
And we'll get to some more of your calls here in just a few minutes.
The toll-free number to join me on air again is 1-800-259-9231.
And we'll go to Charlie in South Carolina and others here in a few minutes.
I don't know if listeners realize how evil this is.
Do you understand that the globalists run things, America's the heart of the New World Order, we're not the brains of the New World Order, Europe is, but we're the heart of it.
We pump the blood supply, we are the cannon fodder, the energy.
The system behind it that powers it.
And now they're bad-mouthing the dollar and it's plunging.
And saying, oh, that's not enough.
It needs to go down further.
This is so good for us.
And now the economy is deteriorating even more, but that's okay.
They know there's this smokescreen of waving Chinese American flags, desecrated American flags made by slaves, and just feeling good and going, well, I've lost my job, I've lost my pension, they're taking my military benefits away that I earned, that I deserve, that I signed on to get.
But that's okay, because we're fighting a war on terror, and we've all got to tighten our belts as they loot everything.
We've got this new election coming up.
Talk about a stage-managed event.
A Skull and Bones guy, John Kerry, against a Skull and Bones President Bush.
They're all puppets.
And now, there is a $1 trillion budget.
What happened to the $1 trillion, the news is asking.
This particular article is out of the San Francisco Chronicle.
Though the Defense Department has long been notorious for waste, recent government reports suggest the Pentagon's money management have reached astronomical proportions.
A study of the Defense Department's inspector general found that the Pentagon couldn't properly account for more than a trillion dollars in money spent.
report found defense inventory systems so lacked.
A G.O.
Are so lax that the U.S.
Army lost a pack of 56 planes, 32 tanks, 36 Javelin missile demand launch units.
And that's nothing.
They allow the officers to go out and buy 100 big screen, flat screen TVs, and they publicly sell them.
You know, there's just one officer.
They're buying thousands of radios, DVD players, cars, credit cards.
They're buying prostitutes.
They're gambling.
The government doesn't care.
Now they've got leverage on you.
Now they've got you in their nest.
Now you've taken the deal with the devil.
You've signed the contract.
Now you'll follow the orders.
You see, the globalists can't get away with what they're doing unless we go along with it, unless we're corrupt, unless we're decadent, unless we don't care, unless we have a corrupt laissez-faire attitude, unless we're ignorant of the facts.
They can't go along with it.
They can't carry out this charity unless the general public thinks torture is good.
Unless the general public thinks that no Fourth Amendment having the Pentagon watch the American people is good.
Unless the American people ask for drones in their skies.
Unless the American people thumbscan at the grocery store or the bank with the biometrics.
They've got to get us to accept it, and they're going to do that through fear.
There's only a few thousand globalist managers, only a few dozen owners of the New World Order.
We're good to go.
Don't be involved in the corruption.
If you have been, come clean, and you'll be a lot better off in the long run.
Stop living in fear.
When everyone lives in fear, the tyrants, the thugs, the predators, move against the people.
Let's talk to Charles in South Carolina.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Did you happen to see the Cullen Bolden story in the Boston Herald Thursday, May 15th?
Yes, I did.
I covered that last Thursday.
We posted it on Infowars.com.
It's in the archives.
John Kerry made his bones at the same place Bush did was the headline.
And it got into the occult activities and how loving and Christian it is.
I was up there visiting my folks, and I picked up the paper, and I was surprised to see it in the Boston Herald like that.
That's surprising in itself that they would print that.
Well, they admit that they like to dress up in red and black robes and worship the most demonic creature in the Old Testament, Moloch.
I mean, this is a very Christian group of men that we should all trust.
Well, the initiation is getting into a fire, some kind of a fire, isn't it?
Well, I went to the grove and only saw one of dozens of rituals they carry out.
I was inside for four hours.
It was a mock human sacrifice.
They made clear it was a mock sacrifice.
I don't know.
I was about 150 yards away in the woods videotaping it.
It's there in living color.
But the skull and bones ritual that got snuck out on video, and Satan comes out and demands human sacrifice, and a druid priest...
Oh, it's a good thing they put it in the paper like that because I had a whole bunch of people.
That's where I came from up there.
Look, there were people when the Trio Network aired like 15 times the hour documentary, the five-hour documentary I was in all five hours, and one hour was about us and sneaking into the grove.
Produced by the British, and I got emails from people saying, it doesn't exist, you're crazy, I watched it, you're nuts.
And I emailed one of them back and said, did you watch the whole thing?
He came back, yes.
I sent the email.
I said, the Grove admits I got that video.
They admit it's real on the film.
But does it matter?
The government can admit they're doing it.
Their minions will still deny it.
You understand?
That's how powerful the mind control is.
See, these people don't believe it until they read it in the...
That was the media.
Well, they didn't say the globalists say that, well, yes, Mr. Jones got our ritual on tape, but we're just having fun and, you know.
Well, they didn't exactly put it into the devil's context when they wrote that article.
Well, MSNBC and USA Today did.
They still didn't explain what these people are about.
Well, they said an ancient cult group founded by the government.
A seven-year-old cult, yes.
Appreciate the call, bud.
Thank you.
Appreciate that.
Yeah, we'll cover it more.
You know, I don't want to get too far off into skull and bones.
Bohemian Grove, I mean, maybe we can admit to ourselves it's insane if the government really cares about the economy and the people to be bad-mouthing the dollar, the world reserve currency.
They moved the factories overseas, they shut down your factory jobs, but you still had a service economy because the dollar was strong and you could go buy slave goods with it.
That discount got passed on to you.
Now they're going to drive the dollar down and build up the euro, and the stock market's plunging, and the factories, the ones that were still open, are now shutting all over the place, and they say that's good.
Now, I say that's bad.
And I know that's radical.
Ooh, very extreme here on the air.
We're for a strong dollar.
Yes, it's a fiat currency.
Yes, it's a fraud.
But it's all we had left financially.
They want control.
They want it now.
And they want you to go along with it.
The question is, will you go along with it?
And the neocons that are more socialistic than Bill Clinton are all over their talk shows telling us how good this plunge in the dollar is.
Okay, if you're going to buy it, go ahead.
But remember, the news is going to keep telling you everything's fine while you and your neighbor's house are up for sale.
And you'll all feel like you're the ones that really aren't making it, so you won't talk about how you're losing everything you've got.
You'll try to keep up appearances.
You'll mill around.
You'll have the George W. sticker on your car.
You'll have the Al Gore sticker.
You'll still believe in this establishment when they are ruthless, vicious control freaks imploding America to roll us into a new world order as they demonize us worldwide using our energies, our blood and sweat and tears and treasure to invade and take over sovereign countries and steal natural resources and sell weapon systems.
That's the reality.
You're like, well, okay, I know it's true, Alex, but I'm afraid of them.
Oh, yeah, if you're all afraid and coward, that'll stop them.
They will feed on you whether you serve them or not.
Stand up, speak out, get involved, expose the neocons.
They're the Trojan horse.
Government is exploding in size at every level.
Your liberties are evaporating.
We'll come back and take more calls, and we'll talk about Ari Fleischer designing...
Villagers vs. Oil Giant, Ashcroft the Rescue, wait to hear about this.
Matrix films blamed for a series of murders by obsessed fans, it's all coming up.
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Dave, Jared, John, and others, you're up next.
We've got Dr. Cuddy coming on.
I had him on Friday for rebroadcast because I was out of town Friday, but he's coming on live today because there's more I want to talk to him about.
And obviously, take your calls early in the interview, I promise.
Again, I've covered about five or six of the news stories I want to get to.
I've got about 100 here.
I'm not kidding.
Big old stacks of important stuff I'll at least touch on.
I'm just so freaked out by them imploding the dollar.
I mean, they've taken the money you've got.
Let's say you've got $10,000 in the bank.
It's now worth less than $8,000 to what it was.
And they're saying they want it to go further.
That doesn't make you mad.
Oh, what a nice gift they've given you.
And now there's all these bombings.
They're saying brace for attack.
I thought they killed him all these times.
Bin Laden's back.
Oh, but he's with the CIA.
He's the boogeyman they need.
On and on and on.
More on that coming up.
I think.
As people understand the true nature, the true character of these ruthless control freaks, right out of the pit of Hades, you need to have Police State 3, Total Enslavement, and if you haven't gotten Road to Tyranny and Masters of Terror, you need to get those films.
My book is Descent into Tyranny, 230 pages, only $12, covers 9-1-1, the Global Master Plan as well.
It's excellent.
The films are $25.95.
They drop down to $20 apiece.
Order three or more.
If you haven't gotten any of the films, I suggest you get Road to Tyranny, Masters of Terror, and Police State 3.
I have two other police states that are excellent as well.
I have America Destroyed by Design, Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove.
We've talked a lot about that.
You need to have these videos.
You need to make copies of them.
I want to commend those that have been making copies.
You're allowed to make copies for non-profit, not for sale, educational purposes.
And operators are standing by to take your call at 1-888-253-3139.
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Find out the truth, folks.
These are professionally produced.
They're powerful.
Dave, you're on the air.
Go ahead, sir.
Good morning.
Hi, Alex.
How are you doing?
I've got two things for you, partner.
One is, I'm really mad about the continuing cover-up of 9-11, and I have been all along.
And I have a piece of information for you and your listeners.
It may not help, but you can call toll-free.
There's a congressional switchboard number.
And if you want to call and raise heck with the senators and congressmen and such, or even with the White House, the number is 800-839-
Have you tried that lately?
Yeah, as a matter of fact, I call them pretty regular.
So far, it's still working.
Well, no, I mean, I put those numbers out right before 9-1-1 and said, call the government.
They're going to launch an attack.
They're going to blame it on bin Laden because of all the indicators I had.
And that's on the record.
That's in, by the way, the mattress of terror, that warning on TV and radio.
Yeah, well, I intend to do that all day today because the White House is coming out and saying they're basically just going to lock the thing up now that they've had their so-called investigation.
Even the public hearings are going to be, that information they're going to classify.
Yeah, I know, I heard that.
My job is to collect everything I can find and keep it someplace safe so that it doesn't get away from us.
That's sort of what I've been doing since 9-11.
Well, there are hundreds of authors and dozens of films out there that are telling the truth.
So the truth's out.
There's nothing they can do.
This is 100 times bigger than what they did to Kennedy.
Thanks for the call.
We'll be right back.
See you later.
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Welcome back.
Already into the second hour of this worldwide broadcast.
We do this show...
Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central during the day and back from 9 to midnight Central.
We go out on the AM and FM band, shortwave and the internet.
The shortwave frequencies are at night, 9 to midnight Central, 5.085 and 68.90 and during the day, 12.172 and 93.20.
Let's talk to Jared in Florida.
Jared, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, thank you for taking my call.
And I just want to say that I listen to your show every day on PrisonPlanet.com and think you do a great job and
You know, it takes a certain amount of courage to do what you do.
The reason why I was calling is, I didn't see it on prisonplant.com, but there was a story in the New York Post on Saturday about a woman who they did a search warrant from a confidential informant.
It's front page, New York Post, Saturday.
It was the wrong address, wrong person.
The police SWAT team enters.
They throw in a flash grenade or a stun grenade, they call it.
They chain up this woman to the bedpost or something of that nature, and she has a heart condition.
And she eventually dies a few hours later from a heart attack, and they say, oops, sorry, you made a mistake.
Now, this woman is 59 years old and worked for the city for 27 years.
Yeah, this is why the globalists are going to fail.
Cops are going to have their children abused by the system.
Politicians are.
Up in North Carolina, South Carolina, just a few weeks ago, I read the articles.
The lieutenant governor...
It was late.
It was the red light by the Capitol.
There was no one around.
He was late for a vote.
He ran it, and the cops beat him up.
So the more this happens, the more resistance you're going to see.
Right, well, I just thought it was an interesting story.
Their own system is going to hurt them.
I thought it was an interesting story, and I don't know if you read in your post regularly.
I know the number one cause of death for SWAT teams is?
Probably friendly fire.
Their own officers, yeah, you know.
You reap what you sow.
It's a law.
Go ahead.
Oh, and the other thing I want to say is, you've been talking about the dollar, and I used to work in Wall Street, and I trade a lot extensively, and one of the side effects of a weaker dollar that people aren't really taking into account if you look at our current account deficits is that eventually what it means is higher interest rates.
Because the overseas investors who finance most of our debt, or at least half of it, they're going to demand in a shrinking dollar, depreciating dollar, they're going to start demanding a higher rate of return.
And eventually those rates are going to have to tick up.
And, you know, all these cheap loans, you know, are going to become more expensive.
Well, you understand it devalues the dollar, so it'll take more of that money that's worth less.
It also creates inflation.
Right, right.
That's why, I mean, gold has been, you know, today it's up $9 an ounce.
But, you know, there's another interesting thing.
Someone spoke about gold, and they talked about the bullion bank.
What happened was a strong dollar policy under Rubin was this kind of what they refer to as a gold carry trade.
It involved gold lease rates.
Well, look, it's all we had left was that strong dollar.
Predominantly, it was that strong dollar.
Now we can't buy all the slave goods, and look what's happening to the service arm of the economy.
Right, right.
I mean, you have all these HB1 visas, and you have basically all these jobs being shipped over to India and other places where, you know... Yeah, and even telemarketing, even customer service.
It's all leaving.
Sykes Enterprises, which is a company that's big in that, all their call centers, they bail out of one in Minneapolis, I think, and they're going overseas to, like, Mexico and...
All these other countries, and so pretty soon it seems to me that you're going to be, I don't know, you're getting rid of this middle class, which is the backbone of the country, and now it's basically, you know... Well, take the universities.
People at UT that are paying, you know, $20,000 a year or whatever, these big educations are $10,000 a year.
You go into a class of 400 people, and it's some Pakistani who can't speak English, giving you your class.
And the professor's off, I don't know, playing golf.
Thanks for the call.
Really great points.
Good to hear from you, Jared, and I appreciate it.
We've got Dr. Cuddy coming up, and then we'll go to John and others that are patiently holding.
Toll-free number to join us on air, 1-800-259-9231.
And the globalists tell us that a floating dollar is good.
Yeah, right.
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In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The casual society control grid, infallible microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
Only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
Order online now at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling 1-888-253-3139.
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Air purifier is not a filter, and there are no messy plates to clean or replace.
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That's 877-605-9200.
From his Central Texas Command Center deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, we're back live.
There have been bombings in Morocco, Israel, and of course Saudi Arabia.
The boogeyman, the CIA creation who's been protected, used to attack the Serbs so they would strike back to destabilize that area.
Used to go after the Russians, now being used against us to destabilize this country and Saudi Arabia and the world.
So the globalists can come in and take over entire regions.
And so it'll be a war, so you'll be patriotic while they take your pension funds, take the benefits from the veterans.
Wholesale, destroy the economy, shut down the factories, drive down the dollar.
It's amazing.
And Dr. Dennis Cuddy is an author, prolific author.
He has several degrees and worked a high level in the Department of Education.
He'll tell us more about himself.
I had him on.
I re-aired a show I did with him a few weeks ago, Friday, when I was out of town.
And I wanted to have him back on.
We didn't have time to take the calls we wanted to last time.
There's so much to discuss with the New World Order, and I was impressed by his understanding of it.
Dr. Cuddy, tell us a little bit about yourself, and I want to get your take on the dropping dollar, the bombings, and this escalation of crises worldwide.
Go ahead, sir.
Regarding myself, many years ago, I think I was about to be groomed to be one of these, as I call them, power elite people, because I had a sort of inquisitive mind.
The first governor's school, as they call it in the nation, funded by Carnegie at the time,
I think so.
We've found out what you're up to and your persona non grata.
They don't work like that.
They just, you know, doors start closing that had been open.
So anyway, I got into graduate school and one of the things that impressed me was the Muckrakers.
We were reading them a hundred or so years ago.
And I remember reading in everybody's magazine back in 1904 where this really investigative reporter, not like these phony ones today, would camp outside of the headquarters of the Rockefeller building and he would notice when John D. Rockefeller walks in the dorm and this polite opens the door.
But when Henry Rogers, his second-in-command comes in, the guy really snaps to attention because oftentimes there's sort of these behind-the-scenes people that are the real managers
As we call it, the New World Order.
Then the fellow, the investigator, digged and digged and found out that they had almost secret meetings at 11 o'clock on certain days where they made and broke up empires.
He goes on and found out there were Rockefeller agents in every hamlet of every state of the nation.
What they would do is they would watch people at the low level, city council level and so on,
I think so.
We're good to go.
What is the New World Order?
I mean, what's its goals?
Well, there are different theories.
My particular theory is that what they're using is a dialectical process over many, many years to eventually wind up with a
Synthesis of Eastern Communism and Western Capitalism into a world socialist government.
What you have is, our wealth is socialized, put into the government pot, then it's privatized into their hands, they set up a militarized police force, they blow out the economy, then we're all employed slash through the government, though, and the profits and control go to private select corporations that are not free market, but operate as organized crime syndicates.
They eventually have what they would call intermediate stages.
The intermediate stage between what you're saying and what was recently is what they would call public-private partnerships.
They try and have these little steps in between so it's gradualistic, moving towards this, I guess you call it the new feudalism of the old days, gradually a sort of techno-feudal
Socialistic corporate fascism of the future, but there's these little stages they go through.
This weekend, watching the globalists say a low dollar is good, let's drive down the value.
I remember the day of the Switzerland Forum almost four years ago where they said they were going to plunge the dollar, but incrementally so that we didn't wake up to it.
It was public.
Now they're doing it.
They're telling us it's so wonderful to have a weak dollar.
Your response to that?
Oh, sure.
I mean, this is the same principle that JFK used when we had about 60 or so percent of the world's gold supply in the early 60s, and he was very proud that he said he just practically gave away 20 percent, lowering us down to 40 percent of the world's gold supply, because that would...
Yeah, and that's, well, I won't go into that.
I remember telling you what happened to Colonel House's daughter when she sort of spilled the beans on that later.
But it's always presented as such, and then what you have is what you also indicated, a crisis.
Well, it must have been another show, Dr. Cuddy, because...
Tell us about, I know about House's daughter, but we didn't discuss that.
Tell us about Mandel House and tell us about the CFR structure and tell us what happened to his daughter.
Well, Edwin Mandel House had gone to school in Texas.
In the middle 1800s, his father was practically the only one who came out making a lot of money out of the Civil War.
And he was fairly well-connected.
He went over to England to school.
British agent.
Well, yeah, and his father.
Both were British agents.
And then when he came back, he was very agile at getting together with very key people through others, Bernard Baruch and others, which set him up with Woodrow Wilson.
He became his chief advisor, to make a long story short.
In 1912, he wrote a book, Philip Drew Administrator, which was under a pseudonym.
But he in there said it was Karl Marx's socialism.
Socialism is dreamed of by Karl Marx that he wanted.
And then I believe it was Franklin Lane, the Secretary of the Interior, under Wilson, said everything is coming about just like House wanted, under Woodrow Wilson.
I was able also, like I said, part of these secret records and all, to obtain unpublished material by House
I put this in my book, The Globalist, where House, literally in his diary, is writing that he's lied to Orlando, Clemenceau, the leaders of Europe, toward the end of the Second World War, telling them that you can't do anything about these Bolsheviks and their revolution.
And then House writes in his diary, he says, of course, I really knew that we could have, one division could have put it all down.
The point is, here's one man who allowed the Bolshevik revolution to spread, and
When it could have been stopped, and therefore, had he not done that, you may not have had a Second World War, a Vietnam, Korea, whatever.
He changed the entire course of history.
A few years later, of course, he's very close to FDR, and FDR writes him saying to Colonel House, I've just talked to Jack Morgan, that's J.P.
Morgan's son, Jack Morgan, who is very instrumental in setting up the CFR, part of House's inquiry group.
After the Second World War.
And he says to House, he says, the real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that the financial element in the larger centers has owned our government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.
They speak very freely among themselves to this extent.
Of course, he has a daughter later on.
She's hooked up with the Rockefellers.
And she says, according to reports, that they have been siphoning off the pure gold from Fort Knox so that what you have there is now sort of a copper gold.
And right after she led on, what they had done is gotten their European agents to buy up this goal, but really to keep control of it, she, quote, accidentally fell out of a six-story window of a building.
That's the way the story goes.
And I've got the newspaper articles on that.
The globalists are now public about their New World Order, but oh, we've got to have it to keep us safe from terrorists.
It's like, oh, we've got to have League of Nations to stop another World War I. We've got to have a UN to stop another World War II.
For those that get confused between communism and fascism, it's all command and control, different flavors of it.
The bankers created hit teams of revolutionaries they funded to bring down existing governments, good or bad.
As puppets, and then always funded and controlled them, and they had a new type of neo-feudalism or serfdom that they, quote, put a window dressing on for the people using class envy to target the middle class, is that an accurate summation of why the bankers, the richest people in the world, fund communism?
Sorry, I think your phone may have just had a problem.
Can you speak up?
Yeah, can you hear me?
I'm not sure what just happened.
I don't know.
We'll try to fix it during the break.
I think your phone may have gotten partially unplugged or something.
Perhaps I'm losing audio.
I tell you what, Dr. Cuddy, we'll fix it during the break.
I'm not sure.
Stay right there, okay?
Oh, you're a little bit better now.
When we get back, we'll discuss that and real political paradigms, how to break that cookie-cutter mold.
Then I want to take calls.
We've got John in Louisiana and others.
Toll-free number to talk to, Dr. Dennis Cuddy, 1-800-259-9231.
800-259-9231 and we'll get you up and on the air.
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The documentation begins, my friend.
The rumors end.
The globalists are out in the open, destroying America, setting up a high-tech police state.
Are you going to put up with it?
Dr. Cuddy is our guest.
I know we have a lot of callers.
We'll get to you in the next segment.
You were making some points, Doctor, as we hit that last break.
Please continue.
Just following up with what you had said and wanted to add one additional point.
The public seems confused when one talks about the bankers and the communists, but if the theory is that world socialist government is the goal, what you've got to remember is the bankers and transnational corporate heads and so forth
We're good to go.
Yeah, it's crony capitalism with an army of thugs, whether you call them fascists or communists.
They wear black uniforms.
They have snatch-and-grab operations.
There's giant prisons, total surveillance.
It's the same system.
It's a global web controlled by private central banks, and then all the profits off the communism, the socialism, the fascism are funneled to them.
Yeah, the private central banks and the what are called international investment bankers, the Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, those two.
I know there's a lot of different facets and points to cover, and what areas do you think we should get into to try to explain the New World Order to people and to try to go over it and talk about the chinks in its armor?
I want to talk about some solutions.
Well, it's multifaceted.
I'll move through some examples.
Two or three examples, and you just cut me off when the break comes.
They have to control everything.
Dr. Cuddy, I'll ask you again.
Are you on a headset?
Is there any way you can boost or get closer to your receiver?
No, I'm right in it.
All right.
Go ahead.
They want to control everything.
Through foundations, let's say the Rockefeller Foundation, they set up a policy years ago, 1933, to have social control of everybody.
How that works is they would fund through Tavistock, let's say in 1945,
I think so.
In the state of Wisconsin in the early 60s, standing outside a college lunch line.
What's he doing there?
He's not got any business there, but there he is.
Along the hall comes a Wayne Peterson, who most of your listeners probably haven't heard of.
David says, come on over here, and gets Wayne to join the Peace Corps, has him sent down to Brazil, where he, in effect, constructs their social welfare state.
By the time he gets back, Wayne walks in his living room.
Lo and behold, there's Melvin Laird in his living room, Secretary of Defense under Nixon.
He says, Laird says, well, we've got to get you a government position.
He winds up putting Wayne more or less in charge of the Fulbright scholarship programs, and by the early 80s, Wayne is running around the country promoting Lord Maitreya, who is supposed to be the second coming of Christ.
This is a facilitation of key individuals and key positions.
Let's take the Rhodes Scholars, which is part of Cecil Rhodes' plan.
One last example.
I'll just give you one example of how this works.
You downgrade the CIA's capabilities under Stansfield Turner during Carter's years, Jimmy Carter's years.
Stansfield is a Rhodes Scholar CIA hit.
Moving to Clinton, you have Rhodes Scholar roommates, Strobe Talbot saying perhaps national sovereignty is not such a great idea after all.
The President, Clinton, his Rhodes Scholar roommate, makes him second in line in the State Department.
Strobe gets an award from the World Federalist who won World Federal Government.
Clinton writes a letter saying this is great.
You, the WFA, your President has worked for World Government.
He wishes them best wishes for future success.
We're good to go.
Wesley Clark, under him, his two commanders at Fort Hood, they prepared the plans for the assault at Waco against the Branch Davidians, had a mock-up of there.
So it's all part of social control, having their minions everywhere, all members of the same organizations.
Stay there, we'll come back and finish up with this.
Start going to calls and get into many other facets in our study of the New World Order.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, folks.
We're about halfway into the broadcast today.
We have Dr. Dennis Cuddy.
We've written a whole bunch of powerful books exposing the New World Order, all from what is provable.
But we can document, there's a lot of quacks and kooks out there that on the other side, putting out disinfo, but this information is very, very accurate, and we put out accurate information here as well.
Before we go back to our guests and then to John and Umar and Ted and Kenny and many, many others, before we do that,
I want to remind the listeners that I have produced nine documentary films, full-length feature documentary films.
They are waking people up.
We're seeing 90% conversion rates with folks that see the videos.
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They already knew about most of it.
Now it's all been put down for them to see the master plan.
My new film is out.
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Gets into 9-1-1.
Road to Tyranny does that.
The video.
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The occult activities of world leaders caught on video.
This stuff is true.
And they say truth is stranger than fiction.
It is.
We're good to go.
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Take action today.
Don't wait.
Dr. Cuddy, I've got one more question for you, and I want to go to these loaded phones here, all these callers.
And then we can continue discussing other facets of the New World Order, because I respect your opinion and your deep research on this subject.
The New World Order power structure.
We know there's a handful of families.
The Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Dutch, the British Roll families, the Warburgs, the Crumps.
We know who owns the stock in the big private central banks that print the money and buy up the world with it.
We understand that.
We know they have the Bilderberg Group for Northern and Western Europe.
We know they have the Trilateral Commission that's more economist here.
We know they have the CFR, kind of a house of commons for the globalists, low level, with thousands of members in academia and banking and media and government, coming together, bringing us this new world order, writing the policies, all being enriched by the system, a society, a colony organism of criminals.
And we know that these mechanisms work together, and at the highest levels of the CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group,
Committee of 300, you have the top people chairing all these groups and on the IMF, the World Bank, WTO, UN, XM Bank, OECD.
It's all the same group, all the same people.
Can we talk some about the mechanism of control?
We know how they recruit with Rhodes Scholars and others to get the minions to fill the shoes later, the psychological studies they do of college students, high school students, to pick the people they're going to have.
We understand this system.
We know how they use terror to scare us to accept this.
More about the structure of the command and control system and some of the solutions than I want to go to the polls.
Well, through a series of, I guess Stalin and Lenin talked about disunion for the purpose of union.
You have to break down patriotism.
Back in 1798, Philip Furnow wrote at that time a sort of warning to the American Revolutionary
People of how the power elite would eventually come about destroying us, taking us over.
And what you have is you create crises, a war.
Let's say during the 70s you poll 20 to 29-year-olds and you find out during the Vietnam period that patriotism is only important to about 25% of them.
This sends a signal that since patriotism isn't that important,
I think so.
Thank you.
And they will set up certain policies which will increase, decrease rates of interest, investment opportunities.
Then the power structure moves through laws.
For example, in 1980, you had the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, which allowed companies and transnational corporations to actually buy others.
For example, Deutsche Bank in Germany now owns a lot.
I mean, a lot of U.S.
companies and corporations, even though most people don't even know it, agricultural ventures have been bought up by foreign corporations as well.
So you have the economic control, but still you've got a lot of these mid-level hot shots that you have to assuage them and stroke them, make them feel real important.
And so through things like the World Economic Forum, you allow them to have their inputs,
I think so.
And various land control entities.
So it's the same way the feds send in change agents to go to a city council or school board meeting where people are fighting and changing things.
They go, oh, I want to hear what you have to say.
Okay, we heard what you want.
We're going to do it.
Here's what you said, and it's really what the globalists wanted to begin with.
That's right.
They used facilitators through various Delphi techniques to do this, and Edward Bernays
It was hired by William Paley in 1928 as his chief advisor with CBS.
He wrote a book called Propaganda.
And in that book, he said, we're like an invisible government.
We know how to manipulate you.
And at the end, he says, it was sort of like Ross Perot.
He says, we need a businessman politician type to say, I must lead the people.
Am I not their servant?
Here's what you say you want, and it's really facilitated.
Please continue.
Well, the mechanism then has an upper tier, a middle tier.
It has devices for political change, economic change.
We've been through that.
The political change is hooked up with the social change.
And once again, since you're in Texas, I'll use the Texas example.
You have the Industrial Areas Foundation.
Ernesto Cortez is down there.
He took over from Saul Walensky, who wrote a book called Rules for Radicals, and in the first of it he says that we have an acknowledgement to Lucifer, and he really liked him.
And Hillary Clinton just loved Alinsky.
She wrote her senior thesis at Wellesley about Alinsky.
And Alinsky says what you do is you rub raw the resentments in the community.
You foster this sort of class welfare.
And that was supposed liberals controlled by the neocons bringing in the illegals, creating liberation theology, breeding that revolution.
In religion, right.
And in terms of land, you do it through the Reconquista movement coming up through Texas and into California and so on.
And tell them what La Ricanquista is.
That basically means reconquering.
They believe that actually the entire Southwest, from California through New Mexico, Arizona, Texas... Into Oklahoma is owned by Mexico, but it's Washington and New York financing that part of regionalism to then break the country up.
That's right.
You break down the borders, and then you unite them.
You know, to stop terrorism, we have to have exchanges.
You have
University consortiums allowing degrees to be transferred from south of the border to... They have these bi-congresses now between Mexico, the U.S., and Canada, and all the leaders together.
Yeah, and military coordination, yeah.
We're good to go.
I think?
You give a little tidbit to tomato growers in Florida to just get enough, and then what you do is you fund.
You say, well, look at all these exports, but they don't tell you really the exports are not finished products.
They go to these factories just south of the border where, in effect, Mexico becomes a 51st state where you don't have to have labor and health and so forth regulations.
Then the transnationals funnel those goods as finished products back into the U.S.
And people say, oh, that's just to make money, competition.
No, they control the board game.
This is to lower our standard of living to get us degradated because the middle class is independent, but a massive poor class isn't.
Then you have massive...
Social class envy, they didn't have the left wing to control that, to focus it at the remaining middle class, then the underclass is liberalized, they pass gun control, they pass thought crime legislation, it's the total takeover.
Yeah, it's a total mechanism controlling, they have to control everything.
Like Barry Goldwater said, for example, the trilaterals,
In his book, With No Apologies, he says it's not only political, social, and economic control, they want ecclesiastical control as well, because they know values is very important.
And I want to talk about the World Council of Churches and all these neocons and the rest of it, but we've got a bunch of callers.
I want time to talk about solutions.
I want time to talk about your books and other information.
We got cut short last time, and I did give the number out after you'd already left us for your books again, but we'll do that.
I'm not sure how long we have with you.
How long can you stay with us, Dr. Cuddy?
Well, let's finish this hour and see how my throat's going.
I had some throat surgery some time ago, but we'll see.
I hope to keep you at least halfway to the next hour.
Real quick, some solutions right now to this fight.
How do we resist this thing?
Is it bottom line education?
People have to know there's this enemy destroying their freedoms first?
Yeah, and it's going to be hard.
Unfortunately, Americans have been conditioned to want quick fixes.
You know, the sort of half-hour TV show where the villains are conquered and everything becomes okay and you can go back to eating your pizza and burgers and stuff.
But that's not going to work because it's not just that they are doing a particular thing to us.
They actually control the process.
If there was just, say, one superintendent in a particular town in Texas that was wacky in terms of education, that wouldn't be so hard.
But they control the process through colleges of education, so your whole credentialing and certification and all is... They control the textbooks, issuance, all of it.
Yeah, so the only way I see it is a really determined grassroots movement that is here to stay, not a 5,000-person rally in Austin or something, but a movement that's here to stay through letters to the editor, listening to talk shows like yours, communicating, building slowly.
It's going to take time that you organize an opposition that they know isn't going to go away and that is going to affect their re-election or re-appointment to some sort of local board.
It needs to be a re-election.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Of the police medical workers refused the smallpox shot.
That's a major victory right there.
Now the globalists can't launch that attack for the total lockdown.
We're having a lot of victories.
I talked to police over the weekend who were at the event, and of course Colonel Roberts is a police officer.
He says he goes and meets with police now.
He says about half of them don't know about the new world order and aren't going along with it.
So I see a massive wake-up happening.
It's just very quiet.
Yeah, I would offer one cautionary note.
The New World Order crowd is always pretty good at anticipating what we're going to do.
And so what they try to do is demonize us by, if we come along, let's say like the student movement, the 60s, they come in and they say, well, here are our 20 demands or whatever it is.
I think so.
You would pick your one basic issue that you think there's a lot of public support for and that you can win on, and then you do that.
Once you've done that, you gain credibility.
It'll be hard for the press to say these are a bunch of right-wing wackos, and then you move forward.
Rather than say, all right, here are our 20 issues, our 20 demands, you might start with just one first to get credibility so that they can't be... Well, I told listeners, pick a movement, you know, the fight for property rights.
The fight for the Second Amendment is so key.
That's right.
Pick a sovereignty issue, the open borders issue.
Pick something, fight on that, and then inside those organizations we found at the grassroots level, start the educational process on the other issues with the core group.
That's exactly right.
That's right.
All right, let's go to some calls, and we'll talk more about solutions.
John, Louisiana, then Umar, Ted, Kenny, and others.
John, you're on the air.
Yes, good afternoon, Alex and Dr. Cuddy.
It might be worthwhile to mention that old Paul Woodrow Wilson got wise to house...
In 1919 and served all relations with him, but great damage had been done to the country by then.
And then he got poisoned on that train.
Yeah, yeah, great damage had been done by then.
And so the House lay low until the Democrats moved and took over the White House.
Well, I mean, the evidence from Russia...
The evidence shows that he was probably taken out to Russia.
They probably gave him the amnesty deal in the middle of the fight.
They could still try a double, though, so look out here in this running man system.
But you need to understand that what we need to do is stick to things we can absolutely prove.
Dr. Cuddy?
Yeah, it could be that he was taken out to Belarus or one of these other prearranged early on.
But like Alex said, it's not that that's not important.
It is important.
But you have to watch for some distractions.
Originally, you have Osama bin Laden, you know, all focused on him.
Then things aren't going so well, then you switch to Saddam.
Okay, now the post-war Baghdad situation, okay, now it's the terrorists, the al-Qaeda's attacking it.
You've got to watch it.
Be very careful not to be distracted.
Stay there.
Everybody stay there.
Good point, though, John.
We'll be right back with more calls from you.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Crashing the lies and disinformation.
Dr. Cuddy, John had wanted you to speak about the dollar, a little bit more about that.
I mean, to say that it's good for our economy, especially when we've been so de-industrialized.
Everybody knew it was a strong dollar.
It was fiat, but we could still buy a lot of stuff with it.
What does this do driving down the dollar?
Well, the globalists don't give a diddly about what happens here.
It's like you said, a leveling process.
So if you drive down the dollar, then it becomes better, supposedly, for foreign investors to put their money in here, but our buying power is less.
And so what you do is, in furtherance of the global economy, you sacrifice Americans' wages.
Let's take some more calls.
Umar in Michigan, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Yeah, how you doing today, gentlemen?
Like, Alex, one of your films was placed out in Canton, Michigan at a pretty big store.
It was given to two people, and all of a sudden, everybody that worked in the store won it.
Dr. Cuddy.
Yes, sir.
Like, you're familiar with these...
Gigantic mutated cockroaches that's trying to kill 95% of the population.
It's all kind of, I don't know whether you would call it proof or evidence or whatever, that they were involved, framed, and funded Al Qaeda.
What kind of way can we immediately bring them to justice?
Yes, how dare we bring the gigantic mutated cockroaches to justice, Dr.?
Well, what kind of justice specifically?
Well, Umar, that's really mean to talk bad about cockroaches.
God designed them, they have a job, and it's mean to the roaches.
Well, I mean, he talked about the educational process.
People have to know.
See, the globalists will ruin our economy and then tell us that some other reason imposes our saviors.
Doctor, aren't they very good at creating the crisis and then posing as our savior throughout the crises?
Oh, yeah, the crisis is created to facilitate the solution that they had all along.
Well, we've been through it a number of times, whether it's school shootings, economic, school education.
Shipping the drugs in.
That's not going to make me give up my guns because of some school shootings when I know it's them that's behind it.
Like we say, it's this guy, what's his name?
This psychologist that worked for the CIA, I forgot his name, I got it wrote down.
Jolion West was McGee's agent.
Yeah, Jolion West, that's him.
He shows up at all the shootings.
And you got Malvo, you got Malvo, one of the snipers, obviously on drugs, hopped up every time we see him, his eyes the size of saucers, saying, oh, it's the Matrix.
I mean, this is incredible.
If you would, to look at Jolly West and Ewan Cameron and some of the others, you might look at a book called Bluebird that gets into how there really was Manchurian candidates and others facilitated by the CIA.
Who was that book written by?
Dr. Ross, R-O-S-S.
Well, I mean, Jolly and West ran things for the CIA at a campus in Canada, kidnapped hundreds and in some cases thousands of people, would keep them for years, give them new personalities, electroshock, drugs, torture.
That's admitted, folks!
That's on History Channel.
And did he visit Tim McVeigh?
Well, not you and Cameron, but the West certainly did, yes.
Yeah, Ewan Cameron was, well, actually, he's also head of the American Psychological Corporation.
He's the founder of it.
That's why I don't see why nobody's not in jail.
I mean, you know, we got all this so-called evidence, and, you know, nothing happens to them.
You know, they commit crimes, they kill as many people as they want to.
At the whim, and you know... Well, that's what tyrants do, but they don't have total power yet.
We're fighting, people are waking up.
Thanks for the call.
Dr. Cotty, stay with us.
I want to get more into this and talk to Ted, Kenny, Bob, and others.
We'll also, right when we get back, we're going to plug your books and how folks get those.
People get a pen and paper ready.
He also writes for World Ed Daily and many other publications.
We'll be right back with Dr. Dennis Cotty and link through to some of his articles at InfoWars.com.
Third hour coming up.
Stay with me.
Seems that more terrorism on our soil is inevitable.
Are you prepared?
Chemical attacks, biological, nuclear, who knows for sure what dangers lie ahead for America.
Recent articles have pointed to vulnerability in our aglity.
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Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Already in the third and final hour...
...of this worldwide broadcast.
I do this show Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
until 2 p.m.
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We have Dr. Dennis Cuddy, an incredible author, an incredible researcher, and exposing the New World Order for many years.
We've got a lot of callers who want to talk to him.
We're about to go to Ted and others.
But first off, Dr. Cuddy, how do folks get your books?
What books do you recommend?
I've read several of them.
They're excellent.
Well, most of them can be obtained from toll-free number 888-891-3300.
That's 888-891-3300.
And the reason I was glad you asked the listeners to your program, who are sizable in number, to have a pencil ready is even if you can't buy that book yourself,
You should at least, at the very least, everybody listening can look at that book for free by simply asking your local public library to purchase it for you.
Then you can check it out.
So it's important to jot that number down.
And among the books are the most recent.
Just out is called Cover Up.
And I want to give a brief comment about the relevance to that today.
It regards September 11th, the war with Iraq and our vanishing constitutional rights.
Before that was one called September 11th Prior Knowledge.
Prior to that is The Globalist, The Power Lead Exposed, the term Alex has been using.
Prior to that, Secret Records Revealed.
It's about Cecil Rhodes and Rhodes Scholars and so on planning to take over the world.
And before that, one called Now is the Dawning of the New Age, New World Order, which sort of encapsulates those two concepts when they were first brought to our attention.
And by the way...
There's going to be more terror.
I mean, this is so convenient for him.
First, bin Laden got to get him, then forget about him.
Now it's Saddam.
Okay, Saddam's gone.
Now bin Laden's back.
All these convenient bombings, legitimizing everything, and it comes out that the Karloff Group owned the company that got bombed.
And it turns out it was a quote, excuse me, London Times.
They're there saying that it was a quote, CIA front.
I mean, this is all, this stinks to high heaven.
Well, there's a lot of, like my sort of subtitle on this latest book is about connecting the dots.
And two quick points here.
What you just said, the quotes that you referred to, London Times and so forth, there's a lot of these key people showing up at key places.
For example, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld has been talking about the axis of evil and we've got to get tough on North Korea and so on.
And what some of your listeners may not be aware of is that in 2000, the year 2000, he was on the board of a Zurich-based energy company, ABB, right, which sold two light-water nuclear reactors to North Korea.
So, you know, to what extent are we going to hold Rumsfeld accountable?
And quickly, that hooks up with We Are Last Caller, where he's talking about no one pays or is accountable.
And then what you just said,
About distractions, because if there's an educational problem, we'll form this committee, blah, blah, blah.
What they do is you have the 9-11 attack.
People start saying, well, why didn't you prevent it?
They say, oh, but now we've got this war on terrorism, but that's occupying our time.
You failed to prevent it.
But now you find out just a week ago, Senator Bob Graham and the Intelligence Committee
Was saying on Face the Nation, quote, I think what they, the administration, are shooting at is to cover up the failures that occurred before September 11th.
Bob Schieffer says, are you accusing them of a cover-up?
He says, yes, that's exactly right.
And when we get back from the break, I'll tell you about my phone call to Newsweek.
And that's what they do.
They roll us from crisis to crisis.
By the time we've exposed one thing, they've moved on to five others.
They've got us up against the ropes, just slamming us.
And you got Pearl running around giving speeches on how to make money off war.
You got Cheney making all these billions off.
It's incredible.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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They're public, thousands of them.
But they tell us they're the authorities and we shouldn't ask questions and they're going to run our lives.
I say no to that.
We've got Dr. Cuddy for another 20 minutes or so.
I know that his throat, he's just had surgery.
Appreciate him coming on with us.
Before we go any further, let's give the number out for your books, and let's give an address out or give websites out.
You forgot to do that last segment.
Well, the number on the books was the toll-free number, 888-891-3300, 888-891-3300.
Thank you.
Thank you.
What is that, about 30 pages long?
Yeah, it's about that length.
Well, that leads me sort of into what I was saying just before the break.
And that is, because I have been interested, as you are, in who knew what, when, and where...
I was curious.
There were a couple of Newsweek articles right after September 11th.
The first one, September 13th, by Michael Hirsch, and then two other authors, Evan Thomas, the head of Newsweek's Washington bureau.
And Mark Hosenball on the 24th.
And so I call up Hirsch, and I say, what about this report that these top Pentagon officials the day before September 11th suddenly canceled their travel plans for the next morning?
For those that don't know, before they got all their lines straight, an early MSNBC slash Newsweek actually reported that.
So I said the next morning, because of security concerns, to cancel it.
He says, well, what are you talking about?
So I read him from his own article.
He said, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, you want to talk to Mark Hosenbaugh.
I said, you mean not Evan Thomas, the head of the Bureau?
No, no, Mark Hosenbaugh.
So I call him up, and he's not there.
I leave a message.
It's 635.
He calls back on the 8th of May.
And I asked him, I said, if he had found out who the top Pentagon officials were.
He said, no.
I said, did you not ask who they were, or did you ask?
And that's kind of a big deal the day before they admit this.
And we have Mayor Willie Brown in the San Francisco Chronicle saying, I got a call, pulled out to fly to New York that day.
The London Times reported that Salman Rushdie was banned from flying that month to the U.S.
for his, quote, safety.
And that's just one small facet of this.
It's like Bush being on anthrax.
I mean, being on the Cipro that fights anthrax.
At the time, four weeks before it shows up in Boca Raton.
I mean, these questions, the media is not asking blaring red flag questions.
But what did he say?
Go ahead.
Okay, he had said no.
And then I said, did you not ask who they were or did you ask and they wouldn't tell you?
And he paused for a minute and said, quote, I don't want to talk about it anymore, end quote.
So to me, that was extremely revealing.
Yeah, the media could have said, oh, it was a mistake or we don't want to discuss.
No, we don't want to talk about it.
Or had he been told not to?
Well, you know, I called Lou Cacioli up.
You know, he's one of the firemen that said bombs were going off, the explosions.
It turns out that the radios didn't malfunction in the towers.
It turns out they've told him to shut up.
New York Daily News has reported they've grabbed all the audio tapes and the video interviews they did.
They've been trying to, you know, classify all the whitewash hearings themselves.
And I call Cacioli up, and his wife goes, look, we're afraid.
We can't really talk.
I talk to him, and he goes, look, I can't talk to you.
I don't want to talk to anybody.
I mean, our government's calling firefighters up and saying, shut up.
It reminds you of Oklahoma City, doesn't it?
Yeah, it sure does.
Did he sound scared?
I mean, how did he say, I don't want to talk about it?
Like he wanted to cut it off right there.
You know, that's just one point out of hundreds that are all documented, like hijackers at U.S.
military bases from Monterey, California to Pensacola.
And they're being trained in all this stuff, and then it comes out in the news, they admit it, there's no discussion, or U.S.
troops amassing in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, tens of thousands of them, the British, or Bush having launch orders for the war two days before on his desk, or Bush vacationing with the bin Ladens, or, just, there's thousands of points.
Yeah, and that also explains what I may have mentioned the last program.
It seems strange to me that back in 95, we were conducting military exercises with
The Russians, pardon me, not in Leningrad or St.
Petersburg or Moscow, but in Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and so on, until you realize that back in 1952...
This World Association of Parliamentarians for World Government actually developed a map which said that when the new world order of the world government would come about, that's one of the places our troops would be policing.
And then Brzezinski, and I'm tired of plugging him.
Please don't buy the book, folks.
But Brian Chessboard, you can read quotes from my book, and I know in Betty's new book, and you can go to the library and read it.
Please, I have to keep plugging in.
I've given the guy so much publicity.
The Grand Chess Board, he's so evil, founder of the Trilateral Commission, says we need a Pearl Harbor event.
We need to be attacked, lots of attacks, for this war for empire, to unify the people for our new world order.
You've got the Project for the New American Century saying that they're going to do all this.
We need a Pearl Harbor catastrophic event.
I mean, we've got their own handbooks on how they're going to do it.
Didn't the PNAC people say, whenever they were asked if a war against Iraq would cause the terrorist attack, didn't they all say, oh, no, it would make it much safer for Americans?
And then look at Riyadh and Casablanca.
Well, they're not going to stop.
I mean, they need this to legitimize what they've done.
It's another smokescreen.
Let's talk to Ted in Georgia.
Ted, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Thanks for having me on.
Dr. Cuddy, how do you spell your name?
C-U-D as in David, D as in David, Y.
Well, C-U-D-D-Y.
Yes, sir.
I see.
I think I, like probably a lot of other people from hearing it, would think it was T-T-Y.
That's the alcoholic beverage.
No, that's not it.
I'm not familiar with that.
I have several points, but the most important one is the fact that I believe that it's not a quick total fix, but it's certainly...
And you brought that up last time.
You've got Crystal...
That's public.
And who's up there?
His daddy's the Trotskyite that's public.
These guys are growing government, going after our guns, open borders, supercomputers in China, and the neocon whores on talk radio are worshipping this system.
Dr. Cuddy, any comments?
The origin of the neocons of this particular element, and they were the ones who, and I mapped out before the strategy for getting...
By the way, there was just an article about the neocons.
Their Strauss guy up in Chicago, this guy who left Germany, is saying he liked dictatorships.
Well, when you go back to Trotsky, well, Trotsky got an accident in Mexico because disagreeing with Stalin.
What he had wanted was sort of the Gramscian approach, where you would attack the culture, you wouldn't be so much a violent revolution, but you'd change the consciousness of people.
But nevertheless, it's still a dictatorship, so ultimately that would be the goal.
Yeah, big brother.
Anything else, sir?
Yes, I would like to mention this.
I read recently a rather startling article that said that Bolsheviks were excluded from the KGB back...
After 1977, and the 15,000 of them came to the United States, I know that's speculative to me, but I just wondered if Dr. Cuddy had any remarks on that.
Well, there have been various aspects to this.
And let me further along what you said.
There's always been sort of a coordination.
And getting along with various intelligence networks, whether they're KGB types or whatever, but before my time is up.
Don't just look at it from the left.
The dialect, the synthesis has to have the right end, too.
So what you have is not only your Operation Paperclip type where you bring over the Nazis, but it's important to note, I'll just give one example.
In 1944, Sumner Wells, a leading official of the U.S., wrote a book which was writing in 1943, Time for Decision.
And in there, he said the right wing, the Nazis, the German general staff had a plan to take over the world.
Now, this was long before they were defeated, before Hitler goes.
And it would come to fruition in around the 1990s.
And then we're going to use mind science.
We're good to go.
Would you agree with that, Dr. Cuddy?
And the personnel is the key.
They would send underground to two successive countries, individuals, and so later you had Kurt Waldheim, the Secretary General of the U.N., and somebody named Paul Dickoff, former Nazi, became head of Interpol.
What better way to keep up with people in Texas than everywhere else?
Yeah, a full-time SS Gestapo officer running the U.N.
from 72 to 82.
When it came out, they protected him.
And all these liberals and all these minority groups think the U.N.
is going to help you.
Yeah, go ahead and take your vaccines.
They love you.
Thank you, Ted.
It's incredible.
Thank you.
Dr. Cuddy, can you stay with us a little bit longer?
How long can your voice hold up?
We'll see.
Well, I just want to get a ballpark because I've got a lot of callers who want to talk to you, but if you need to go now or in 10 minutes, just give me an idea.
10, 20 minutes.
Okay, well, I'll keep you 20 minutes then.
Anytime you need to go.
I know you had throat surgery.
We appreciate you.
Let's get a cold drink of water or lozenges or whatever.
We really appreciate you.
This is so important.
I got them right here.
All right.
I know.
I have a talk show.
When I have a cold or something, it's tough doing three hours.
Kenny, Bob, and others, you're up next.
Toll-free number to join us, 800-259-9231.
I got some news, current news items, too.
I want to get Dr. Cuddy's response and take on.
Stay with us.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
It is May 19th.
We've got Dr. Cuddy.
Back on with us.
I had him on a few weeks ago.
We re-aired an interview Friday, and I had him back on because I want to have him get his knowledge on the New World Order, and I found it all to be very accurate.
Let's talk to Kenny in Wisconsin.
Kenny, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Yes, thank you very much.
Hello, Dr. Cuddy.
Hello, sir.
Are you aware of the Paris Peace Treaty, the Peace Treaty of 1783?
Uh, yeah.
America is a British colony.
The United States, capital letters, is a corporation, not a land mass.
Well, certainly treaties have been signed, but to say that the Vatican runs everything, I'm not a Catholic, I'm not defending the Vatican, is obviously very corrupt.
But the point here is that they had wars then.
I mean, look at what Henry VIII did.
They broke away.
There are certainly still agents in control.
You have different power blocks.
In fact, Dr. Cotty, who would you say is the dominant force or the dominant clique that owns most of the stock in the private banks?
Well, it's tricky because there's a funneling mechanism.
A lot of people think it's British, but if you go down deep, there is some Dutch money that actually helped found the Bank of England.
Yeah, exactly.
Isn't that where Cromwell came in?
Pardon me, sir?
Isn't that where Cromwell came in?
Cromwell was in the middle 1600s, and that's around the Bank of Amsterdam's time, and what they did is then after Charles II and James II, when they booted James II out, the Bank of Amsterdam funded the establishment of the Bank of England in the early 1690s, and they quickly proceeded to get them in debt, which was their key control mechanism.
Dr. Cuddy, I am holding in my hand a chart of who, in quotation marks, owns the Federal Reserve.
I have no web yet, but I will get a URL.
But on the back page it says, Source, Federal Reserve Directors, colon, a study of corporate and banking influence, staff report, committee on banking, currency and housing, House of Representatives, 94th Congress, colon,
Second session, August of 76.
It is drawn out beautifully.
It's all bar graphed.
No, I've seen it.
I've seen it.
It looks like a family tree.
The Europeans are on the predominant stock in our central bank.
My opinion?
Well, we don't have to go off opinion.
We know who the families are, but go ahead.
Oh, no.
I just wanted to add to this also that the IMF is an agency of the UN, and that's at Black Sloth 6th Ed.
And also that New York is defined in the federal regulations as the United Nations.
And when Rudolph Giuliani stated on CPAN that... We're the capital of the world.
Yeah, New York City was the capital of the world.
He was correct.
End quote.
And that is found at CFR Chapter 111.
Dr. Cotty comments to what he's saying.
Well, even taking that one step further in terms of just biblical end times, you know Revelation 18 and what happens there, and it has to be a port city, and everybody says New York, and everybody says, well, that was the World Trade Center.
I don't think so, because when you get around verse 22, remember it says, and a candle would be seen no more, and that would be symbolic of the Statue of Liberty.
So something may be coming up.
Thank you very much.
Amazing information.
Let's talk to Bob in Texas.
Bob, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, very good show today.
My question's a little bit off topic, but I was wondering if either one of you happen to know what might have happened to Bob Chapman, the gold expert.
No, I don't.
No, I don't know.
We've had Bob on as a guest, but he's still writing his newsletters.
Basically, he's been criticizing the bankers, and they're a little bit angry with him.
But go ahead.
Okay, that was basically my question.
You also mentioned on a former show something about when the new money came out, we wouldn't be able to power up our mortgages with the old money or something like that.
Yeah, well, the Federal Reserve has said they want to phase out the old green money, issue the new colored money, not issue as much of it so you physically can't pay the debt off, while driving down the value of that new money and making the old green money worthless worldwide, killing the dollar as a World Reserve currency, which they're now doing, bad-mouthing it daily.
Dr. Cuddy, any comments?
Yeah, they must be following the Australian-colored money and, unfortunately, the way the Australian economy went as well.
People say, but they don't want to hurt the economy.
That's how they consolidate.
Yes, they do.
Yeah, they do, but it's sort of a managed thing.
I forget the name of that term.
Back under Reagan's time, or the end of Reagan's time and Bush's time,
They established sort of a, what they call a plummet protection team, so they want to drive the stock market down, but then they want to bring it to a halt to give their buddies a chance to get in and jack it up again.
Well, yeah, Davos Switzerland said they want to plunge the dollar, but incrementally.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
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Now I just want to bring up in our final minutes with Dr. Cuddy, current news items and his response to them.
We'll tell you about his great books again before he leaves us.
I first want to take a minute or two out to remind listeners that I produce award-winning, shocking, powerful, hard-hitting information warfare devices known as videotapes.
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Again, the key words, professionally produced.
The greatest evil that mankind has ever faced is among us a scientifically crafted global dictatorship sworn to enslave every man, woman, and child.
The United States government at all levels has fallen under the control of the desperately wicked New World Order clan.
The events of September 11th marked the initiation of the final sick push by the Illuminati to consolidate their global one world order and transform Earth into a prison planet.
In over two and a half hours, two hours and 37 minutes to be exact, I chronicle in stunning detail the true character of the globalists, their crimes.
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Take action.
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Get the word out.
Dr. Cuddy, one more time, your two newest books you recommend and how folks get those, because I have read your prior knowledge book.
I haven't gotten a new one, but tell folks how they get them.
Well, the current one is Cover Up, and you should be getting it any day now.
I think I'll put it in the mail to you.
It deals with September 11th, the war with Iraq, and a vanishing constitutional right.
The toll-free number, 888-891-3300.
And as I said, if somebody wants to read it for free, all they have to do is ask their local library to get it for them.
Everybody should call and say, I want Dr. Dennis Cuddy's books in the library.
I want Alex Jones' books.
That's right.
And tell them how to get them.
I really do appreciate that.
Now, I want to go over some news items with you.
Again, U.S.
stocks fall on soft dollar and weak retail sales.
Reuters, and it says Snow, says this is good.
The new Treasury Secretary, a dropping dollar, and all this is real good.
Just any other comments about the plunging dollar?
It is a big deal.
Yeah, and it is like you said back about an hour ago that it's a leveling process.
You cannot have a one-nation dominant economy without
The globalists are active in a world economy.
And they're going to use this to play them off against each other and control them.
Yeah, that's right.
It's like a rollerball where one country's energy and another's manufacturing, and they're all controlled by this global syndicate, this corporation.
Yeah, because you're supposed to parcel it out.
If you're going to have regional arrangements, then little country X has to have something it can produce.
Therefore, you have to limit the U.S.
or whatever other countries from producing that if you're going to have this sort of network of trade working.
And therefore, you have to destroy certain industries in many countries.
Now, understand, the goal isn't trade.
Trade is the gate to control.
That's why they're doing this.
Right, and even in the back of my secret records reveal, I show how back 2,000 years ago, that was the plan.
Rome did this.
Rome did this.
They would only let certain areas produce certain things.
I was rereading the Battle for Gaul written by Julius Caesar, and he talked about how you would only let certain tribes produce certain things.
Right, and in the Middle East, if whoever controlled the Via Maris, that trade route where they had fortified Har Megiddo, that's the Armageddon, they would control the world.
It's amazing.
The White House press secretary, a greedy, lying creature, has now resigned.
What do you think about that?
It's what you just said a half an hour ago.
He's going to go make some money on the book tour and the speaking circuit.
All right, so cashing in.
Villagers versus oil giant Ashcroft to the rescue, Asian Times.
It says, in a move that provoked outrage from human rights groups here, U.S.
Attorney General John Ashcroft has asked the Federal Appeals Court to nullify a 214-year-old law that has provided foreign victims of serious abuses access to U.S.
courts for readiness for redress.
They are now changing it where oil companies have gone in with their military trips and killed people.
companies are protected.
What do you think about that, or have you heard about it?
No, I really haven't.
Well, it gets you into what they're doing.
Ashcroft's Justice Department has filed a friend of the court.
Well, it would fit, though.
I mean, because what they're doing, even our Supreme Court is saying we have to look to international law.
So that's going to impact international law, which then will come back on us.
Yeah, so everything's got to go to the U.N.
And they've got an amicus brief.
On behalf of California-based oil giant Unicol, in a civil case brought by the Miami's villagers who claim that the company responsible for serious abuses committed by Army troops provided security for a company project.
You know, the oil company's going around slaughtering villagers.
So they've got that.
Also wanted to get into the PSYOPs, the Loves Not Manual, that's what it says.
Army is using Metallica and Barney theme song as instruments of coercion in Iraq.
And it says in these re-education centers, MSNBC says, they blare satanic music with children's music to shock the Iraqis into submission.
What does that sound like to you?
They played You're No Good, You're No Good to Noriega outside the Vatican building in Panama, and then at Waco they blared the killing of little rabbits and Nancy Sinatra saying these boots are made for walking and there's going to be a fire.
Two things.
That's it.
And it says the idea, says Sergeant Mark Hadsell, is to break a subject's resistance by annoying that person with what some Iraqis consider cultural offensive music.
Songs that are being played include Van Diesel's XXX movie soundtrack and Metallica.
And it says, along with children's songs, well, this is what they're doing to our people.
Again, but they tell them it's fashionable.
They run out and do it.
Theodore Adorno was part of this whole scenario, said fractious music could change the consciousness, and he was part of the Frankfurt School to Change America.
And Barb's aside, 911 questions aren't going away, Toronto Star, and it comes out where the Bush is saying he's not going to release any of the records on 911 now, no whitewashes, not even with Kissinger.
And there are some convenient bombings to distract us.
Where do you see this going?
Just where 85% of the public knows that they did it a few years from now, just like with Kennedy, but they still just ignore it?
I mean, how are they going to get away with this?
Because everybody's learning about this, Doctor.
Well, the first step, of course, is what they're doing to the 9-11 report, which is classifying a lot of the materials so you can't get at it.
The second thing is they have to set precedents.
And so you have Clinton...
We're good to go.
Well, I said many years ago, last few years, that Clinton in office said he's a puppet.
I'm not going to make my whole show about how he's a puppet.
He's a minion.
He's not running anything.
He's meant to drag us through the mud.
He's meant to get caught doing all of this to condition us, to acclimate us, to accept corruption.
That's right.
All right.
Russia preparing for nuclear attacks on the U.S.
and Britain.
Newsmax reports Russia will launch a mock nuclear attack against the U.S.
and Britain during military exercises over the week.
And they're supposedly our big buddies.
What do you think of that?
Once again, the plan was if the communist threat were greatly abated, the West would lose whatever incentive it had for world government, end quote.
Lincoln Bloomfield, CFR, under the Rhodes Scholar Dean Rusk in the early 60s.
You have to keep this massive potential threat in the psyche of Americans to make them compliant.
And that's why Clinton gives supercomputers to China.
Bush takes all the controls off.
It's bad.
It's good.
That's why you give reactors to North Korea.
You've got to build up that threat.
That's right.
Here's another one.
Big Brother tracking you without a warrant.
James Bamford in the New York Times admitting that we're totally surveilled by the Pentagon.
The Total Information Awareness Network.
Isn't this about a chilling effect, though?
Because they don't have the personnel to go listen to all that or do anything with it, even with keyword software.
But isn't announcing we're being surveilled about creating a chilling effect?
Isn't that part of it?
The psychological impact is probably more important than iridium or
Deshawn, finding out if you used the word bomb at some point.
Yeah, and imagine billions of phone calls, billions of faxes, emails, even with keyword stuff.
It's like coming home and having 10,000 phone messages a day.
Even if you could listen to them, they can't track it down.
They can't do anything with it.
They're telling you they're spying on you while leaving the borders open to train you to accept not having a Fourth Amendment.
Yeah, but they will also get a little bit bolder.
You may eventually have two-way television viewing in your home and so forth, unbeknownst to you.
Well, hold on.
Did you know that the new AMBER alert system is really the FEMA EAS takeover system?
I've had the FCC on about this years ago.
And the new digital cable boxes don't watch you physically.
They create digital psychological algorithm databases, very detailed, a lot more than that psychological test they did for you in The Globalist.
Off your viewing habits.
So did you know the digital cable boxes are already literally watching your mind?
At the very least, as I said back in the mid-70s, they could alter your brain waves remotely.
Most people think that you have to plant electrodes.
No, no, remotely they can alter.
Well, that was Pat in 1954.
I think it's in the mid-70s.
Well, there was a device that could project audio into the head.
In 1954, it was patented.
Okay, that one.
But remote by satellite, they can alter your brain waves.
Now, I have the guy on who was in MSNBC last year, the CEO.
They're already going in.
Coke machines that beam an audio beam into your mind.
Have you heard about that?
Those are going to be in stores very soon.
Well, prior to that, like I said, there's always a step-by-step process.
I may have mentioned it before.
There's a psychological meaning behind the new ads rather than your cognitive, here are the five reasons to buy Nike or whatever.
They create an image of flashing lights, swirling motions that are not ordinarily seen so that your brain changes from thinking to just receiving.
So you're receiving constantly during a 30-second commercial images of a particular product, not just once on your mind but many times so that your mind, when you come to buy sneakers, will buy that product.
Switching off the thinking process.
By being conscious of it, that's a big part of the battle, isn't it?
Yeah, and this has been... I mean, the Hindus thousands of years ago used fast flickering candles for the same hypnotic effect.
Well, that's where you get the flashing scrub lighter to the swinging watch to get somebody lulled into a subconscious state.
Yeah, and it's really for our own good.
According to the current show called The Agency...
You may have seen it about the CIA.
Yeah, torture's good.
Mind control through TV's good.
This is all good for us.
The fellow on there is a Mr. Quinn, the bald-headed guy.
Well, back in 1980, there was a movie called The Agency, and the guy's name was Mr. Quinn, played by, I think, Robert Mitchum.
And he says, oh, yeah, the people want to be controlled.
They want to be manipulated.
Here's how we're going to psychologically do it.
Well, in your face.
Bilderberg convenes in Versailles.
The annual meeting of the global elite kicked off mid-May in secrecy.
However, two resourceful AFP correspondents were there to greet them, unveiling the world what goes on behind closed doors when the world's most powerful meet discuss pressing issues of the day.
Tucker said on my show in January of last year, he said he was getting it from inside their meetings, that there would be an attack in mid-February or into March.
He said it wouldn't be in 2002 like the media was saying.
That was accurate.
He's been very accurate in the past.
He's saying the rip between America and European Bilderberg participants is widening over both the U.S.
invasion of Iraq and blind, blank check support of Israel's aggression against the Palestinians.
See, I don't really... Tucker's saying that.
I think, you know, that's all just surface stuff.
These are hotly debated topics, the Bilderberg luminaries being...
Filling the posh Palace Hotel, May 14th.
Another issue, how the Bloomberg agenda has proposed European Union Army independent of NATO.
And like the other two major issues, this is not a confrontation between Americans and Europeans.
All Americans oppose the EU Army, but so do many Europeans.
Leading in the anti-Army Euro faction is Lord George Robertson, Secretary General of NATO.
What do you think about that?
Yeah, Robertson and Sutherland.
In fact, Sutherland is one that was with Rumsfeld as part of the board of that ABB selling the nuclear reactors to North Korea.
So they have their people going all over the place over the years.
Robert Mueller was Assistant Secretary General of the U.N.,
What's he doing?
And by the way, every time you track them back, they're not Germans, they're not Jews, they're not Chinese.
They're Luciferian Satanists.
This is public information.
How do they... I mean, this has even been in the news.
MSNBC and USA Today have meant, oh yeah, they do occult rituals.
How do they get away with doing that and calling themselves Christian conservatives?
Because the public lets them.
Well, that's not really entirely true.
The public has been conditioned, but there was a process to get us to this stage, like the fog and the boiling water gradually put to a particular temperature so you don't notice it until it's too late.
So what they do is, as I said, Cecil Rhodes not only wanted economic, educational, and political support,
Yeah, that's a big way they lied to us, is by giving you only part of the story.
All right.
Well, Dr. Cuddy, I really appreciate you coming on the show today, and Godspeed, and I appreciate all the time, and we look forward to having you back on in the future.
Hey, thanks for having me.
Take care.
Final segment, I've got a little news blitz for you.
About ten stories I'm going to hit on real quick.
Wrap up this live edition of the Alex Jones Show.
Stay with me.
Stay the course.
We'll be right back.
The websites are Infowars.com, Infowars.net, and PrisonPlanet.com.
We'll be right back.
Stay with me.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Harrison Kleibold and the sniper Malvo, and I've got a London Guardian story about it, a Times of London article, U.S.
killers blame Matrix after random shootings, Matrix firms, films blamed for series of murders by obsessed fans.
There are films that use triggers to go out there, but the government doesn't even have to brainwash you now in person.
Certain susceptible minds who are programming through the culture
Your big TV heads can be activated.
I'm not saying the Matrix does that.
We know they have these technologies.
We know there's key indicators in it.
We know that some of the things that Chief Moose said, you know, the duck is in the noose or whatever is a known trigger, and then Malvo and the other guys show up, Ahmed show up.
It goes on and on, but I don't like to speculate, but I'll tell you once I've seen it if I get a chance to see it tonight.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Please spread the word about the show and about the affiliates we're on.
It is now official.
USPLW Rescue was stage-managed.
And no, that's not some left-wing line.
It's just a fact.
Let's be honest about it.
Last week in Indiana, Bush ordered that everyone take their ties off for a photo op to make it look like Middle America.
It's like the boxes with the Made in USA spray-painted on them when the Made in China covered up.
The point is, it's just overt.
This is a theater.
This is a facade.
Also, Iraqis march against U.S.
There's been more shootings.
Now they're shooting them even if no one throws a rock or shoots a gun.
It's horrible, and it's despicable, but the average American isn't even aware of it.
And there's more tyranny than ever.
They're putting the Ba'ath Party back into control while giving speeches that they aren't.
It's incredible lying.
About 10,000 Shiite Muslims marched through Baghdad Monday in its largest anti-American protest since the war ended.
It's not anti-America.
Her signs say, killers go home.
And then AP writes the headline that they said they were going to kill Americans when their own AP photo shows the sign clearly saying, killers go home.
This is the type of lying.
Are you sick of being lied to?
And there's another article here.
We're good to go.
We get the death vans.
Our government thinks China's the model.
The FBI's trying to frame an anthrax, Patsy, as usual.
They found a bucket and a river and a lake, and they say, oh, this is a bioweapons lab, the most weaponized anthrax ever seen, coated in bentonite, U.S.
government patent, and they say somebody grew it in a bucket.
Okay, folks, that's MSNBC 2.
A lot of counties and cities in Alaska are passing laws against the Patriot Act.
The globalists will carry out more terror and say it's our fault.
We need to get the word out that it's them carrying out the terror.
I'm out of time.
Again, I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
And back tomorrow, 11 to 2 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
During the day, tell your friends, tune in.
Stand up with courage.
We outnumber the globalists and their minions 500 to 1.
People are waking up.
It's easy to demonize the globalists because they are demons, so demonize them.
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