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Air Date: May 14, 2003
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, my friends, the global government told us that Al-Qaeda, founded publicly by the CIA, used in 99 to attack the Serbs and 98 to attack the Serbs, led by bin Laden and CIA forces out of Albania.
They told us they'd be hitting soft targets.
They told us they'd probably be hitting Saudi Arabia.
And they don't say that Al-Qaeda operates in Chechnya, but there were bombings there, a large bombing there.
And all of this will increase the power of government across the board and divert and distract you from the plunging dollar, the trade deficit that's at all-time highs, and this global government that is metastasizing all over the planet.
We've got a bunch of guests coming up.
We've got a London Independent writer
Robert Fisk, he's also a photographer.
He was in, one of the unembedded reporters, in Baghdad and all over the Middle East.
And we'll talk about mowing down protesters like Tiananmen Square almost every week.
We'll talk about what really got bombed and what really went on over there.
That's in the next hour.
In about 30 minutes, another tragic story of out-of-control police cops shoot three dogs while serving a warrant on parking ticket fines.
And the man, they went ahead and arrested him, and he has a $2,000-plus bond.
And it's outraged people in the community across the board.
And I was doing a local talk show yesterday on News Talk 1260 at a restaurant, and people were walking up going, that happened in my town, that happened in my neighborhood, that happened...
In my area, so it is happening all over the country almost every day that we see it in the news.
So we'll talk about the militarization of police and just this bloodthirsty mentality.
Dirty bomb victims may be shot, the Scotsman's reporting.
Last year they reported that England plans to lock down their cities if there's any type of bio or radiological attack.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Also another headline, firm was a cover for the CIA over there.
Terror cell had recent gun battle with police.
FBI warns of Al-Qaeda fuel bombs in the UK.
Delay, the House will not extend assault weapons ban, despite the fact that Bush is pushing for it.
I don't buy this for a minute, but we'll cover it.
Also new policy in Iraq to authorize GIs to shoot looters.
A slumping dollar stirs policy debate.
Central bankers calm on euro now at 130 to the dollar.
That's the headline.
I thought it was 117.
Well, Forbes says 130.
We'll get to that.
Trade gap widens to 43.5 billion last month.
Folks, that's in one month.
It's over 100 billion a year just with China alone.
They're going to use drones on us, and they're not for the border.
They first announced it six months ago for over your cities.
I have seen drones over Austin, where I live.
We'll be right back.
It's all coming up.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
This broadcast is about reality.
It's about the real world.
And we discuss what the power elite do
How they behave, what their goals are, how they carry out their goals.
We try to smash through the wall of ignorance.
Of the naive out there that really think we have a legitimate government, and I'm not talking about George Bush and Al Gore and the contested election.
I'm talking about the private banks that hijacked our central bank, our currency in 1913.
I'm talking about the War Powers Act in 1933.
I'm talking about the National Security Act in 1947.
I'm talking about the New World Order system, Homeland Security, Patriot Acts 1 and 2, the Total Information Awareness Network.
I'm talking about turning on the television and they're saying every child needs an implantable microchip and you flip to the next channel and yeah, the Pentagon's going to watch everything you do and there's no discussion of the Fourth Amendment against unlawful search and seizure, against violating our person's papers and effects.
Look around you.
The government is giving itself the power of tyrants.
And doing nothing to stop terrorists, leaving our border wide open, and telling us brace for massive terror attacks, and they're going to have to take all our rights away to keep us safe, and then every time I investigate a terrorist attack, when the news, when the news behind the news finally comes out, it's got global intelligence fingerprints all over it.
When I say our government's corrupt and illegitimate, I mean the shadow government.
I mean the groups that they've now announced, the ultra-secret intelligence arms that are private, run for profit, working for the large central banks and their private shareholders.
They are utterly ruthless and cunning, extremely intelligent people,
But they have a weak spot.
They think you're evil like they are.
They think you're cowardly like they are.
They think that you can be manipulated.
They think you'll go along with this.
They think that you'll accept them as your savior, when in truth their plan is to dehumanize you, dumb you down, and make you a willing cog in their system.
Look at the articles I have today.
This is out of the Scotsman.
It's on Infowars.com, being updated right now.
Dirty bomb victims may be shot.
And our government, the government of England, has said that during emergencies, during red alerts, if we come outside our houses, we'll be considered the enemy.
If we don't follow every order, we'll be shot.
When I saw that Gostin, the head of the model state's old Emergency Powers Act push, many states didn't adopt, so they just put it in the Homeland Security package, page 76, the forced inoculation quarantine section.
When he said in the Detroit Free Press in late 2001 that, quote,
The troops are ready to shoot old women, to shoot your grandmother if she doesn't submit.
I knew we had a problem.
And now they've said that they will shut down all our cities, said Casperson, the head of FEMA up in New Jersey, said in the Gannett News Service that if you leave your house, you'll be the enemy, that your rights, basically all your rights, your basic rights will be stripped to move around and associate with
You will be given your national ID card through your driver's license.
You watch.
They'll just announce, now swipe your license.
Oh, it was an ID card.
It was a national ID card.
It's already public.
You already have one in your wallet, biometrically controlled in 42 states now.
It was 38.
Now it's 42 that are doing it.
The phone scanners are going in the grocery stores, going in the school lunch lines.
The giant prisons are being built.
We're shifting into the new economy.
Ultra tyranny.
Dirty bomb victims may be shot.
Police could be forced to shoot members of the public to maintain order in the event of a terrorist dirty bomb or biological attack on Britain.
It was blamed yesterday.
The Police Federation Annual Conference in Blackpool was told that so few...
Officers have been trained to deal with a chemical, biological, nuclear, or radiological strike that they would have to resort to very unsavory but necessary crowd control.
I want to remind you the Sunshine Project reported last year the declassified documents.
This is what we know.
The helicopters are mounted with spray bottles, knockout gas, that when they used it in Russia killed about a third of those that were hit with it, but it's so-called non-lethal.
They are mounted.
The helicopters are ready with the spray canisters in every major city in bivouac units merged with your police with knockout gas to knock cities out.
You know what's going to happen when they fly over the city and spray it for your safety?
Massive car wrecks.
Massive fires.
They predict that as much as 5% of people will die just falling and hitting their heads.
Instant knockout gas.
People will fall into fire ant beds in the South.
Again, fires will start and burn uncontrollably.
Why are they mounting helicopters with knockout gas?
What did we do?
We let you run everything.
We were your slaves.
You still treat us like total trash and are putting garbage in the vaccines and are breaking up the families and got CPS running around grabbing kids nationwide.
You're bringing in illegal aliens to join the army and the military.
You want convicted felons now, the Washington Times reported.
They're following a Stalinistic system.
Back to England in the Scotsman article.
Bob Elder, the chairman of the constables...
Central Committee did not refer specifically to officers, firemen, civilians, but sources within the organization said it was clear police could have to resort to firearms to stop contamination being spread by fleeing victims.
See, if there's any type of attack, your city will be locked down.
And a lot of the sociologists and people that study cities and crime and human movements...
Have said, wait a minute, if there's one smallpox release anywhere in the western hemisphere, you're going to lock down all the cities, lock down all the roads, and shoot anyone that tries to flee.
They've said that here in this country.
The Rocky Mountain News reported a few months ago, and it's in my new film, Police State's Retotal Enslavement, that they've got crematoriums, it said, crematoriums, mass grave centers, mass relocation centers, Newsmax reported it,
Cremators, folks.
Rocky Mountain News.
To radically re-engineer society overnight into the depths of a police state, and it's all for your safety.
FEMA ready to take over every radio and TV station with their EAS system.
But it'll all be to save you.
And they have said they will shoot you.
And the people have looked, and they said, locking down all the cities...
There's no reason to do that.
Smallpox doesn't even spread by the air.
It spreads by touch.
You just wear masks and gloves.
You can't get it.
You shut down cities within four to ten days.
Bedlam is guaranteed!
This will cause a nationwide crisis.
By the way, the Federal Reserve was out again the other day, and so was the Treasury Department, bad-mouthing the dollar.
Our own government.
Greenspan saying the economy's in trouble.
They want it to go down.
But they know you won't get mad at the government because they'll have this war on terror conveniently going while they take your pension funds, while they take the veterans' health care.
It's all happening right now.
But that's all right because you've got a power of pride sticker.
You don't know what the flag symbolizes.
You don't know what the flag means.
You don't know what it stands for.
But hey, that doesn't matter.
You know how to wave it like a Russian did when Stalin would have a little parade.
And it said the government had failed to explain how important it would be to keep the public inside a cordoned area after such an atrocity.
Mr. Elder said this is not about creating mass hysteria.
He said, oh really?
And our government got caught.
ABC News, the White House, ordering fake terror alerts to, quote, create hysteria.
This is not about creating mass hysteria.
He said this is about the opposite.
The public has the right to know.
The natural reaction from the public caught up in such an incident would be to get as far away from the scene as possible.
This could, of course, only extend the problem.
In another reference to the possible use of firearms to keep control of an area, Mr. Elder added we will be the ones who would have to carry out
The containment, and we would be the ones all responsible for our actions, whatever those may be.
Now let me tell you about England.
The New World Order, one of the major capitals, is based in the city of London within London.
There's two cities.
The city of London within London.
The old city.
Totally owned by the Rothschilds and the British Royal Family.
They're the shareholders publicly in this system.
And three years ago...
Over three years ago now, we have a foot-in-mouth section on InfoWars.com, buried deep in the archives.
Just type foot-in-mouth and you'll get the archive.
And it came out in Scott Television, Times of London, all of it, just calmly announced, yes, the British government released foot-in-mouth from Porton Down Bio-Weapons Lab.
It, quote, accidentally got released.
Now, this was calmly reported like it was no big deal.
I've been on the actual British radio shows and brought this up, and they go, ah, so what, it's an accident.
They released it.
It showed up in like 12 places simultaneously in one day, from Scotland to Ireland.
The government came in and killed, I don't know what, 4 million cows, 8 million sheep.
99,999% of them didn't have foot and mouth.
And I predicted, I said, they're not going to let them restock cows and sheep on these ancient farms.
And the health minister and environmental minister came out and said, you know, the flatulence from these animals has hurt the ozone, and the runoff from them hurts the streams.
We're not going to let you restock.
And now they've blown out most of the farming families and are forcing them into the compact control grid city.
And they've said that, oh, don't worry, foot and mouth will hit America.
We're going to have to kill most of your cows and sheep.
We're going to shut down all the cities.
And they've passed martial law provisions in the last two years in about 25 of the farming states and ranching states.
And it pops up.
It says farming families nationwide won't be able to leave their homes.
They've got all these different scenarios just suddenly where you can't leave your house.
Don't worry.
The troops, the multinational troops they've hired, they said it.
In a terror attack, the Mexican troops will be needed.
It's all official.
The Canadian troops are involved in top-off, too.
Are you prepared?
Seems that more terrorism on our soil is inevitable.
Chemical attacks, biological, nuclear, who knows for sure what dangers lie ahead for America.
Recent articles have pointed to vulnerability in our agricultural industry.
An attack on our food supply would be devastating.
Jerry Good
The book,
Surviving a bioterrorist attack will give you all the information you'll need to ensure your family's safety.
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I've got the press release here from the city councilwoman in Allentown, where the police went to a house without a warrant for parking tickets with a SWAT team, militarized, shot three dogs, killed two, and then took the husband to jail with a $2,000-plus bond for parking tickets.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
and Saudi-sensitive attacks were imminent in the New York Times more than two weeks before Monday bombings.
American and Saudi officials had grown increasingly alarmed by intercepted communications that proved what they called strong indications that Islamic militants were preparing a terrorist attack against America and Saudi Arabia.
Now there's been a bombing in Chechnya that killed at least 30 people yesterday.
And, you know, the number one suspect of any bombing in Russia...
The guy was caught with his FSB in the 4th building planting the bombs.
...is Putin.
That's all over the news.
And they had the members of the media and the police that caught the FSB arrested and others have fled the country and done interviews for British and German and French television.
I mean, it's just the same story over and over again.
And now this has happened.
They say suicide bombers.
Let me tell you how this works if it is the globalists.
It could be independent groups, though I doubt it, from all the evidence in the MO and the past activities.
And the motive...
You have globalist groups that fund terror arms that then find useful idiots that believe in the jihad that will carry out attacks.
It's just that simple.
It's so perfect for the globalists to take over the entire Middle East, and this legitimizes the total takeover.
And again, we have Israel founding Hamas in 1973.
United Press International and others have reported, including Harach in Israel, founded them to create the crises so they never can make a peace deal.
They can expand the living space, the...
We're good to go.
Now, by that, you get pulled over.
You're not supposed to have a handgun in your car in Texas.
You legally cannot buy it at the store and get it home.
You cannot go to a shooting range.
It's all up to their discretion.
One or this, they'll have to file it.
You'll probably serve 10 years in prison.
Federal charges across the board.
We're going to get into what is known as the Clinton Safe Streets Initiative slash...
The other names that it has been given, like Exiled.
Also, firm was cover for the CIA Benefits, a company that had been accused of being a CIA front of recruiting executive mercenaries and attempting to overthrow the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth State.
The Venal Corporation kept a low profile in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh.
It's discreet security fooled nobody, however.
The bomb attack was the second it has suffered in eight years.
But don't worry, the news is reporting the CIA was out of the building because they'd been, quote, getting warnings.
Very, very interesting.
Also, TerraCell had recent gun battle.
With the police, the Islamic militants behind the devastating car bombings in three residential compounds Monday.
Oh, they already know who did it now.
In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, part of an al-Qaeda cell.
Now, who founded bin Laden and al-Qaeda?
And they've got the Karol group and the bin Laden family and their old business partners with much of the cabinet and the White House.
This is a joke.
Whose members fought a gun battle last week with Saudi authorities before escaping arrest, Saudi officials said today.
At the time, police raided a suspected hideout uncovering a weapon cache that included 55 hand grenades, 829 pounds of explosive, and 2,545 bullets of different calibers.
The May 6th raid took place at a safe house several hundred yards from the building's hit.
Now, this is how they could bring down Saudi Arabia.
The globalists have said they may want to do this, and they've used al-Qaeda to bring down Serbia to get Serb to fight back.
Then they attack the Serbs.
They used al-Qaeda to take the fall for 9-1-1.
Then they flew al-Qaeda out to safety right before the major cities fell.
That easy victory in Afghanistan, that was a staged war.
We know that.
The M.O.
is clear here.
We've got some guests coming up to talk about the police state.
We'll also take your calls.
I'm Alex Jones, Infowars.com.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, coming up, more on the terror drills training you for the police state.
More on the dollar plunging and your phone calls.
We have a guest who's a photographer and writer, the London Independent, who was in the Middle East, in Baghdad, as an unembedded reporter and can tell you the reality of what happened.
Also, there's more evidence coming out.
It's thememoryhole.com.
We posted it on infowars.com and prisonplanet.com about fake photos.
The media is creating fake photos, fake signs, where Iraqis are supposedly threatening us
Just incredible propaganda, so we're going to be covering that in the next hour.
Joining us, it's a story out of Allentown, Pennsylvania.
We covered it on Monday.
Now, obviously, it's Wednesday.
Militarized police went to a man's home who had some parking tickets, literal parking tickets.
No warrant, no nothing.
Shot three of his dogs, killed two of them, injured another.
The dog's in the vet.
The vet won't give him treatment until he's given thousands of dollars.
He's got thousands of dollars in bond for his tickets.
And the community is absolutely outraged.
Lou London...
We're good to go.
I think?
I think we're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
And I had people walk up, two people, not just one, but one on air.
Another person was at the restaurant at Fuddruckers, the big hamburger place, and came up and said, yeah, right here in Georgetown, somebody robbed the chicken place, and so they went into a neighborhood, and somebody's dog barked at them, so they shot it.
And another person said, yeah, they killed my neighbor's dog serving a warrant for unpaid tickets.
They come to your house, your dog barks, they kill it.
But then you yell at a police dog, you get arrested now.
We've read those articles.
So it's insane.
Gail, again, Hoover, is the Allentown PA councilwoman, and Lou London is the talk show host covering this.
Ladies, thank you for coming on the show to talk about this bizarre event.
Well, you're certainly welcome.
Lou is unfortunately tied up and isn't here, but I'm Gail, and I'm here with you.
No, I'm here.
I'm here, Gail.
Well, I hear her.
Oh, you are?
I know she's at a restaurant, so she doesn't have long.
We'll go to her first, but both you guys jump in.
Gail Hoover, when you found out about this, did it make you angry?
Oh, absolutely.
The thought of a gun being used and bullets being fired in a home full of
Of adults and three toddlers, I believe, under the age of six, and family pets is just unacceptable to me.
Now, you said in the newspaper, and the newspaper confirmed, no warrants, no nothing, they just show up and start shooting.
Well, he said he had a warrant.
I don't know that the warrant was ever actually shown to the owners of the house.
Well, the news says here they didn't have any paperwork.
Now, they've arrested... Number one, and Lou, Gail, jump at any time, just tell us the story.
What exactly happened?
What is the response of the community?
What are the police saying?
And why is this man in jail?
All right, well, last Friday, this is Lou London talking.
I'm a newswoman from WAED in Allentown.
And last Friday, I came into work and saw the police report, which is in the paper, of course, buried on page B9, which is not front page news, and read the report about constables in Allentown shoot three dogs while serving warrant.
Kids are nearby, what have you.
I read the story.
I couldn't believe it didn't make news.
Saw the address, went to the home Saturday morning,
Talk to every one of the victims.
Saw the bullet holes.
And this is the short version.
And then I quickly got on the phone actually Friday night and Saturday to Gail Hoover.
Gail and I spoke.
Both of us went back there.
Gail's been working on the TV media.
I've been working with the victims.
Saturday afternoon went straight to the vet.
In short, the officer shows up at the front door
It says, I have a warrant to a lady named Suzanne Klein.
She is a mother of three children.
He says, are there any dogs in the house?
She says, yes, we have three.
He says, go contain them.
She walks upstairs to contain them.
Now, all this time he's never shown a court document that has no warrant.
Suzanne has said, I've never seen anything.
She walks upstairs to tell Vicki, who owns the house, who is in the bedroom with the dogs, don't open the door.
Vicki doesn't.
I think so.
...says one more time, shoots the dog in the head.
Just, what, a mercy kill?
Then the two other dogs, which was a 14-year-old shepherd named Karen, and I'm not sure how old the pit bull was, were running away, running away from the constable at that point.
Then he started running after those dogs through the house with what looked like a turkey shoot, according to Greg Glass, who owns a boxer, and he loaded...
He unloaded five bullets into the 14-year-old shepherd who died, and then he shot twice.
Now, according to the paper and according to your reports and the press releases I've seen, there's just bullet holes as you go to the house.
You could see the trail of blood where they were chased around in this bloodthirsty spasm.
I've seen it.
Yeah, I've seen it.
So we've been on this case ever since.
Gail and I are determined.
We have to change our laws across the United States, but we're going to start here in Allentown.
We have to do something.
Well, did you see the smokes case in Tennessee where the dog gets out its tails wagging?
The family's all in the fire ants, you know, in the dirt, in their knees.
The dog comes out tail wagging, and the guy just blasted.
And the people fall to the ground.
They're so devastated.
They're brokenhearted.
People need to understand domestic pets are valued as family members.
We have to change.
We have to change our laws.
I saw that story.
I saw the story, Mr. Jones, and I was devastated.
Well, let me tell you, I've been to homes...
We're good to go.
Oh, that's horrible!
Why are they, now they say that the dog, they can't, quote, control the situation.
Did you hear about Waco, where the dogs were caged and they shot them?
Well, Gail, I'll let you take this one, but let me say it first.
Gail knows this as well.
Constables are paid per case.
These guys were going to get this situation handled because Jeremiah Hartman, who had the outstanding parking tickets, was upstairs getting dressed, ready, willing, and able to greet the constables.
But, Gail, you know about constables.
They are elected officials.
In fact, Gail will tell you, these two constables are up for re-election, Gail.
Why didn't they just knock on the door and say, come on down, you're going to jail?
Why do this?
Again, this really wasn't the police force that did this.
This is constables.
And in Pennsylvania, constables are independently elected, and then they run their own little business as independent contractors.
And they get paid per warrant that they serve, per arrest that they make.
What did they say after this guy chased the dogs around the house and blew them away?
Well, let me comment before you get in on this one.
From what we understand from the victims, there was no apology, because I went over this and over this and over this.
No apology.
They called the police right away, the constables.
The Allentown police showed up, and the police, of course, treated these victims as criminals.
And the woman who answered the door, her name is Vicki, with the three children, was covered in blood.
The police said to her, go sit down.
And Vicki said to the cop, I don't want my children to see this blood.
He said, honey, it's Allentown.
They're going to see it anyway.
That's outrageous.
That's outrageous.
This is not what Allentown is about.
This is not what the police force is about.
This does not happen every day here.
This is an isolated case, and I'm just so outraged that a gun could go off like this.
And constables have no accountability.
The system in Pennsylvania...
Yeah, it's just roving bands out collecting booty on the highway.
You know, every hoop under the sun.
However, Allentown police have said there was not enough evidence to charge the constables with criminal behavior.
Now, has the constable said why he chased the running dogs through the house?
Was it just the bloodlust was so delicious?
Well, I'll take this one, too.
The constable who lives in Bethlehem Township, all three of these cities are together.
It's formed as the Lehigh Valley.
It's Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton.
He's a Bethlehem Township constable.
That's where he lives.
And a story came out the following day that he has a history of gun incidents.
His name is Richard Seeds.
He had at one time shot an unarmed man in his home.
Okay, we don't know if that's really justified, but I don't think he once shot two teenagers on a bike, 14-year-olds.
That's not justified.
It seems that the man's only solution to anything that he incurs is to pull his gun.
As a constable who's used to going in and out of homes, obviously he doesn't carry pepper spray.
There are no other options for this guy.
Whatever happens, I'll just use my gun.
If it's teenagers, I'll use my gun.
If there's toddlers in the house, I'll use my gun.
Well, this is definitely a mad bull out of control.
Well, Mr. Jones, can I update you on the dog, though, that survived?
Oh, that's right.
The vet isn't going to give it treatment.
Let me update you on that.
By the way, I've worked for two vets.
It doesn't take a $2,000 down payment to fix a dog.
That's ridiculous.
Well, unfortunately, this is a veterinary referral.
He's the only specialist in the Lehigh Valley.
Let me back up and say the only reason I got a hold of Gayle is because she's bald enough to get something done in our state, and I know that she will.
Go forward.
I visited the vet.
I've had three of my own injured and dying dogs at this vet.
This is how they behave.
They are the emergency and the only in town, and then during the day they are the specialist and the only in town.
Yes, they had the dog in their care as of Thursday.
By the time I got to them by Saturday, they had not operated.
They did need the money.
Gail and I finally got on the phone on Monday, put up our own money.
I put up my salary.
Gail has gone to town collecting donations, but we actually got them to go ahead and do the surgery yesterday.
Dr. Carlos Hodges removed the two bullets, one from the shoulder, one from the hip.
She's now got pins.
We're talking about the pit bull has pins.
And she will be released in my care to do rehab probably Thursday for the owner who's absolutely devastated.
Now, what about the husband?
As of Monday, he was still in jail with some gigantic bond for parking tickets.
How did they behave when they arrested him?
What happened there?
What's going on?
Well, from what I understand, Jeremiah Hartman is his name.
He was an ex-boyfriend's friend of the family, not a husband, but he is in jail on a $3,000 bail, and they arrested him at the vet's office, from what I understand.
Now, that's what the vet said.
I don't think the vet understands what happened.
From what I understand from the victims in the home, they took him away right then and there.
Well, this is just insane.
Is he still in jail for the parking tickets?
Yeah, he can't make bail.
So, the cops all descend, or the constables, as you say, the Sheriff of Nottingham, they descend, they kill two dogs, they shoot the other one a couple times, they don't apologize, they leave, and now the... I guess the community's pretty angry right now.
Well, yeah, and Gail, you need to tell them what this is all about and tell them exactly.
Quite honestly, this stems from a car that, from what I understand, was broken down.
And when street cleaning came through, he couldn't move it.
Parking tickets accumulated.
And this is how it all culminated.
It's parking tickets.
Well, that's what the newspaper said, that he couldn't move it for a street sweeper.
So now they get a vicious attack.
I mean, is this the new America?
Well, you know, under Patriot Act, you're a terrorist for committing any type of crime, including misdemeanors.
So I guess we're all going to be going to FEMA camps next or something.
It's absolutely horrible, and we need the American citizens.
You know, it could be your dog, Alex, Mr. Jones.
It could be my dog.
It could be, Gail, your dog.
We need, Americans need to recognize that we have to create some laws that our domestic pets, it's illegal to shoot our domestic pets.
We're not talking about a bobcat that's gotten loose.
We're talking about our domestic animals.
We're not talking about a cougar.
Part of our family, some people only have pets.
Well, police understand this.
Did you hear about Newcastle, PA, where the guy yelled at the police dog that barked at him out of the cruiser?
Yeah, he was sent to jail!
And so this guy got, oh, so you did hear about that.
So he got jail time.
A new guy barked back at a police dog in California.
He's been arrested.
I mean, they care about their dogs.
You can't even talk back to their dogs.
But then they gun our dogs down.
Where is the disconnect there?
Well, I look at it this way, too.
If I, in my own home, shoot off several bullets in my own house, I'd be under arrest.
If I shot my own dogs, I'd be under arrest.
Somebody else comes into someone's house and does this under the label of constable, and it's acceptable.
I will have to tell you that Thursday I actually heard this over the scanner going on, but didn't make out that it was dogs.
And on the scanner on Thursday, and now putting it together, one of the dogs tried to jump out a second-story window to get away, and there was an officer outside.
So we're not really clear yet as to if they ambushed this dog to shoot it several times.
Oh, interesting, I must let you know that the forensics police have asked for the bullets.
The vet, as of last night, stated he's not giving them back.
So I'm assuming that they want to know.
But I did hear this on the scanner.
I thought they were chasing a human.
And then I want to let you know that when I went to the victim's home on Saturday, these people don't own a gun.
They're very unfortunate.
They're financially challenged.
They're poor people, but they're decent human beings.
Well, they got hit and hit hard by the Gestapo.
All over parking tickets, couldn't move his broken down car.
Well, the government's going to help you out, don't worry.
We're going to drop by and kill your dogs.
And the police haven't, the constables haven't apologized.
Not as yet, and I believe, Gail, you and I are working on... This is not over.
These two constables are up for re-election.
If I have to go door-to-door on an opposing campaign, and I will, Gail is more than willing to help out.
Gail, what are you going to do in the campaign against these guys?
Well, I've asked our local news.
I lose helping out, absolutely, but all the other news outlets, so please, let's do a story about what this man's history is.
One of the things is constables is not really a covered election most times.
They cover the big ones.
Council, commissioners, and somehow constables kind of fall through the cracks.
All right.
Talking to Councilwoman Gail Hoover and News Talk reporter Lou London.
Thanks for joining me, ladies, and good job.
Take care.
I'll be right back.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Understand, if I wanted to demonize police, I could post at least 100 articles every day on InfoWars.com doing.
If I wanted to do that, I could.
We use these as examples of what's bad in peacekeeping now with our militarized police.
We really don't.
No longer are peace officers, they're law enforcement and
You know, I've seen our local SWAT teams wearing these shirts that talk about somebody going to die, natural-born killers.
I'm offended by that.
I mean, you guys want to go fight somebody, go sign up with the Mercs and go fight on the Gold Coast of Africa for the UN taking over the diamonds.
Fight people that shoot back.
We're good to go.
Whatever happened to when you want to get somebody, harking down the street from their house, pulling them over, swarming them, it saves officers' lives.
You know SWAT teams are getting cops killed.
John in Tennessee.
John, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, arrests can never be made for unpaid parking tickets since there's no service of process which has to be handed to a person or mailed certified to a home.
This is true for all civil lawsuits.
Which is basically what all parking tickets are.
But now they're making civil criminal because they have guns.
That's what I mean.
Well, you know, when people don't study their legal rights, they fall for the scam.
In Knoxville, a lawyer actually made several citizens arrest of police officers who tried to arrest him for refusing service of process of parking tickets.
In Cookville, Tennessee, two lawyers were sued for 200 unpaid parking tickets.
But when the smoke settled, the city was forced to remove all parking meters from downtown.
Well, take the smoke case right there in Tennessee.
The dog's tail was wagging.
The dog was nice.
They blew its head off.
And that was the third dog killed by that particular police officer.
Well, what is this enjoyment of killing?
It's a feeding frenzy.
I think a lot of the cops are mentally unstable.
They're picked up.
Well, there are major metropolitan police forces that will not allow you to become an officer if you score over 100 on the IQ test.
So what does that say?
Well, as far as constables go, Tennessee fired all their constables after complaints of plainclothes constables driving their personal vehicles around and following people home and handing them traffic tickets.
So Tennessee banned all their constables after that.
Thanks for the call, John.
I know that I had a constable give me a $500 parking ticket because I parked on the line of a handicapped spot.
It was at Eckerd's.
I pull in about four years ago.
I park on the line because somebody was parked crooked.
And I walk out to a $500 parking ticket, and the parking ticket said, a photo has been taken of your car.
And before I end this segment, Police State 3 Total Enslavement is out, my newest film, two hours, 37 minutes long, $25.95.
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Warrior calls, a ton of geopolitical news, and the economy coming up.
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Well, so does he.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Already into the second hour of this Wednesday, the 14th of May, 2003, edition of the show.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
The websites are Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
We're going to get into the plunging dollar, the exploding trade deficit, the convenient, tragic bombings, but they are convenient for the globalists, that took place.
They claim that the CIA-founded organization Al-Qaeda is responsible.
We'll get into what martial law will be like in England and the United States, and some of the new gun control developments, some of it's good, some of it's bad.
We'll be discussing it.
And we're going to take a lot of calls this hour as well.
Then, in about 30 minutes, I am going to be joined by a reporter for the London Independent, who's also a photographer, who was in the Middle East during the Gulf War II, and has some of the photos and stuff from Baghdad, and what really is going on there from an unembedded, that is, un-propagandized, controlled, non-CIA, non-military intelligence reporter.
So that's coming up in about 30 minutes.
The toll-free number to join me on air on any of the issues I covered in the last hour, any of the issues I'm about to fire out, will go to your calls directly in the next segment.
Again, dirty bomb victims may be shot.
Any type of red alert over in England, you try to get in their way, the cops are going to shoot you.
That's the Scotsman.
Turns out the CIA, quote, had warnings of the attack, and they weren't home when the attack took place, but other Americans and Australians and Brits.
To all of some folks from Portugal were there, unfortunately, when three bombs ripped through apartment sections in some of the western living areas there in the quarantined area of Riyadh, the capital of the, well, one of the most corrupt states in the world, Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia is being controlled by Al-Qaeda, which, just like the CIA used Al-Qaeda, according to the Senate report in 1999, to attack the Serbs, destabilized, just like Al-Qaeda was used to destabilize Afghanistan, stage that war.
Now they're being used to destabilize Saudi Arabia so the globalists can move in there during a revolution and, quote, restore order.
They've already got their new base of operations, Iraq, to do that and then launch counter-prong attacks into Syria and Iran.
That's where we're going to see more terror here and abroad to legitimize, as the Project for the American Century said, as Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld and others wrote, they need, quote, Pearl Harbor catastrophic events to legitimize the war for a new world order and global empire.
They said it, I didn't.
Justice Department plans to step up gun crime prosecutions.
And it turns out the Justice Department is going to basically any type of gun crime, including nonviolent stuff, possession, you name it, federal charges.
And it is now coming out that Tom DeLay is saying that they're not going to go along with Bush.
They are not going to reauthorize the assault weapons ban.
And remember, I read the NRA alert yesterday.
Ban all semi-automatic shotguns.
Ban almost everything.
The most incredible gun control ever seen in this reauthorization.
That's how the Democrats are going to bring it to the floor.
And Bush says he agrees with it, so pretty serious information there for you.
We'll be covering that in detail.
Some of the big news.
Slumping dollar stirs policy debate.
How low can it go?
Just a year and a half ago, the euro was at 90 cents to the dollar.
They're now talking about it hitting 130 by the end of next week.
It's now been trading, I guess, at 120.
I thought the highest was 117 against the dollar, but they're now saying 120.
Slumping dollar stirs policy debate.
I'll tell you about that when we get back.
Forbes Central Bank's claim on euro now at 130.
I guess we'll cover that.
$130 to the dollar.
Trade gap widens to $43.5 billion last month.
It's all coming up, ladies and gentlemen.
Your calls as well, and a great guest.
Stay with me.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We are scheduled to have Britain's most award-winning, highly decorated foreign correspondent
Robert Fisk joining us.
He has received the British International Journalist of the Year Award seven times, most recently 95 and 96.
His speciality is the Middle East, where he has spent the last 23 years.
Currently the Beirut correspondent for London Independent.
Fisk has covered the Iranian Revolution, the Iran-Iraq War, the Persian Gulf War, and the conflict in Algeria.
He is the author of Pity the Nation, Lebanon at War.
And his reporting from Lebanon brought him international attention.
He was in Iraq, in Baghdad, and we've linked his website and the photos, and it's grisly.
And he's joining us.
The mowing down of protesters, the unbelievable corruption.
It's all coming up later in this hour.
I'm about to get to what happened to the dollar, where it's going, and what this means to you financially right now.
Elias in Michigan, here on the air, sir.
How are you doing?
Hi, Alex.
Pretty good, my friend.
Good, good.
I just heard you talk about the Project for the New American Century.
You know that document?
Well, it's about a hundred documents.
It's a think tank.
They wrote, for those who don't know, policy reports.
The White House had already formed its cabinet, and they said, Shaddam isn't a threat.
Word for word, we want the oil, a military base, a new world order.
They said we need Pearl Harbor events to get the war going.
Go ahead.
That's an enormous document, but you can download it.
You can get the whole thing.
I'm not sure what website I got it from.
Project for New American Century dot org.
They have a website.
It's projectfortheamericansentury.org.
Yeah, I think so.
You can get the whole document.
Well, there's not one document.
There's hundreds of essays.
Yeah, it's an enormous thing.
Written by the Secretary of Defense, written by Jeb Bush, written by Dick Cheney.
Right, right.
It's a policy board.
They can get that whole document and read it all.
But, sir, there's hundreds of documents.
Well, this was a big, gigantic thing, and it came to... I'm not sure where I got it from.
But I did get it, and it occupied an enormous space on the hard drive.
But you can get it.
I'm not certain where I got it.
I'll have to look and see where I got it from.
Well, I mean, sir, it's been in at least 500 newspapers.
It's been all over Nightline and everywhere else.
We reported on it over a year ago.
It's hundreds of pages.
Pardon me?
This was hundreds of pages.
Well, that's just one report, sir.
It's an organization.
It's a think tank.
It's public.
But if I was you, I would get it from the source so you know where you got it so when you tell people about it, you'll... Well, I'm saying they could download that and read it themselves.
Read all the conniving, everything else that they intended.
It's all coming true.
Well, yes.
It's a confession.
Beforehand, it's premeditated confession, and it's right out in the open for everyone, and it's a public organization made up of the most powerful people at the minion level in this government.
Not the actual globalists, but their enforcers, those that carry out their agenda.
Well, there's nothing like purity to bring out the little tyrants all over.
You're talking to that lady.
Right, they have the same problem.
You know, all the little ones around, they're all, you know, jumping to it.
You know, let's do the same thing, you know.
Go around shooting people the same way.
Well, that's it.
I mean, now we see police putting bags over people's heads when they arrest them.
They're just emulating what they saw in Afghanistan.
Well, you know, like I said, I think I talked to you, and I said, well, you know, where's the Constitution?
You get mad at me.
Well, don't get mad at me.
You know, where is it?
You know, hey, you know, people just rise up and do these things, and nobody can do anything about them.
Elias, the Constitution didn't go wrong.
It's not the problem of the Constitution failing.
We failed America.
Right, right.
They all sit back and say, well, we got the Constitution.
You know, that'll protect us.
Yeah, thanks for the call.
Appreciate it.
Mike in Idaho, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Mike.
Good morning.
It's good to hear you on the air.
I'm listening to you on the Internet.
Well, good.
Something very disturbing happened to me today, and I wanted to relate it to you.
Thanks for tuning in.
I drive a bus for a living, and I needed to work out some new routes.
And I bought this software from Microsoft called Streets 2000
And I planned out my routes according to the software, and then I printed out the maps.
At the bottom of every map from Microsoft 2000 Streets, you see a little disclaimer.
It says, Use with permission from Her Majesty the Queen of England.
Now, what do you suppose that's all about?
Well, one of the richest families in the world is the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas.
That's the real name.
Windsor is like a brand name.
The average Brit doesn't even know the name of their British royal family.
That's how dumbed down a population can get.
I don't know about their ownership of that program, but I know that Lockheed Martin up in Fort Worth has now shifted their programming to NATO 3000.
Before they ran off Army programs, everything's going to globalism.
And I don't know about that particular program, but I know this.
The new Microsoft programs are enabled with biometric key access if you want to have that type of keyboard.
And Microsoft spies on its customers and tries to send data back when you turn your computer on to Microsoft.
And they've been caught doing this.
There's just open wholesale spying for the government going on.
Welcome to British America, huh?
Well, yeah, and Microsoft wasn't as bad about that until the antitrust suit.
And then as soon as they complied, we're good little globalists, now they're being left alone.
Gates had to put $24 billion of his money, though, into a U.N.
population control fund and vaccine fund for the children.
And then they also left him alone.
Like Ted Turner, he had to give a billion to the U.N.
vaccine program.
Once you've done that, once you've paid into the kitty, you can be a little globalist.
But Bill Gates isn't in the top 20 richest people.
He's way down the list.
Well, thank you very much, Alex, and God bless you.
Anything else you want to talk about?
No, that'll do it.
God bless you.
Thank you for the call.
Before I go to some of the other callers, let me...
Get into this news about the economy.
Think about that, though.
Over in England, the population is so divorced from reality, so hyped up on, you know, owning tea sets with the king and queen on it, that they don't even know that it's not even the British people that run the country, not even English, not Scottish, not Irish.
No, they're German.
They're Saxe-Coburg-Gothas, and they're little cousins of the Bushes, literally.
Reuters has reported, directly related, the Bushes, of course, were Tories in the Revolutionary War.
Now we have a hereditary leadership here, just like they have in North Korea.
Daddy, you know, gets out, so son takes over.
But to make a long story short, I've been on British radio, national British radio, and said, well, you know, the Saxe-Coburg Gophers run your country, and they're German, and the host is, well, we don't talk about that here.
And people call in getting mad.
Well, what do you mean the Queenie isn't English and is German?
And what do you mean their name is Saxe-Coburg-Gotha?
Yeah, that's how mind control people are.
They've got these leaders, these rulers, these people that own them, and they don't even know their last names.
That's the control of the real elite in this world.
And the Rothschilds are so powerful, you never hear their name, don't know what they own or do.
Same thing with the Rockefellers.
Oh, they don't have money anymore.
So it's amazing.
That's the type of power we're talking about.
They've got their little cousins and third and fourth cousins as our presidents.
It's really a disgusting mess, folks.
And I don't know what to say about it other than welcome to the new world order.
And by the way, this currency is going down by design.
Three and a half, almost four years ago, the Davos, Switzerland Economic Forum, they said they were going to plunge our dollar.
And the last two Treasury Secretaries have bad-mouthed the dollar.
And Greenspan has bad-mouthed the economy now because they want to blow the economy out.
They want to restrict the money supply.
They're calling in the old 20s and the 50s and the 10s and the 5s.
They're going to issue less of the new colored money, which is now hitting the streets.
You may get the new pink money.
20s today when you're out banking.
In fact, I've now seen them.
They started getting released today.
They got rolled out in March 27th.
And they're getting you ready for the Cashless Society slumping dollar storage policy debate.
And it turns out that our government has been out bad-mouthing the dollar.
And you're like, wait, America's fighting with Europe right now.
We went into...
We went into Iraq because they were going to the gold standard, and we couldn't allow that.
Well, Europe couldn't, and we're mad at Europe.
No, it's totally staged.
Europe is playing the part with the UN as the good cop, and we're playing the part of the bad cop, and we're all owned by the same people.
Slumping dollar stirs policy debate.
Latest comments on Treasury snow raise questions about how low currency may go.
And it says, Los Angeles, the dollar slumped Monday to a new multi-year low against major rivals after Treasury Secretary John Snow indicated the Bush administration is happy with the help the falling currency provides U.S.
Now, you talk about la-la land.
Eighty-plus percent of our industry has been exported.
The service industries are shutting down.
This is horrible for the economy.
Horrible for...
When you have a $45-plus billion trade deficit just last month alone, it's in the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of billions a year, is ballooning out of control, and they say a dropping dollar is good?
That's all we had left was our strong reserve fiat currency because we had better buying power for the slave goods.
That could mean there will be no stopping the dollar's decline anytime soon.
Baltimore Sun says.
That could mean there will be no stopping the dollar's decline anytime soon, some analysts said, which would be welcome news for manufacturers in California and across the nation as the currency slide marks U.S.
goods cheaper abroad.
Yeah, but the communist Chinese can't buy any of our goods and we don't make toasters and microwaves and washers and dryers.
This is incredible propaganda!
Hello, Ted Anderson here with Midas Resources.
Lately I've been hearing people tell me that gold is so low now that it would be a perfect time to buy.
With over 20 years of personal experience in the gold business, I can tell you that opportunities like this can be counted on one hand.
The truth is very few people have the fortitude to actually act on a market like this.
However, they have become the elite group, more than doubling their investment over moderate time span.
In 1982, gold was trading in a range of $275 per ounce.
You'll be glad you did.
That's 1-800-686-2237.
Again, 1-800-686-2237.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Let me boil this down simply.
Almost four years ago, the Davos Economic World Forum in Switzerland, with the Treasury secretaries from all over the Western world, said they were going to plunge the dollar.
We're good to go.
We've got to team up to compete with them when it's all owned by the same shareholders.
They said they'd do it, and now here's the Baltimore Sun saying Bush and Snow and all of them, the Treasury Secretary, are bad-mouthing the dollar and saying, oh, well, this is good for us.
Everyone will buy our goods now that they can.
Yeah, China with a 40-plus percent tariff on us.
We've got almost no tariff on them, all the slave laborers.
We're good to go.
I think?
The Project for the American Century says they're going to attack this person and that person.
They'll be, quote, Pearl Harbor events are needed and catastrophic events to get us behind this war.
It goes on and on and on and on.
And they have policy reports that are public about what they're going to do to the dollar three and a half years ago.
But it's never in the big news until it starts actually happening.
People say, how do you know all this, Alex?
How do you understand them so well?
Well, it's a big organization.
They communicate with each other.
Then they prepare you with propaganda on the news.
So I always know exactly where they're going.
That's why I'm so afraid of a dirty bomb.
The way they've been advertising dirty bomb and smallpox, look out, folks.
They like to tell you what they're going to do before they do it.
So it's amazing.
Yesterday I mentioned that I heard a news report
That they had a warrant for the arrest of a whole bunch of Democrats in the state legislature.
And, of course, Democrats will stay until Bill dies.
This is out of the Austin American-Statesman.
Partisan fire engulfs Perry's plea for civility.
And 50-something Democrats went to a little town in Oklahoma because they're basically staging their own filibuster kind of where they don't have to
Vote on redistricting and a bunch of other stuff, what they call a federal power grab.
In the midst of the House Democrat historic walkout, Republican Governor Rick Perry...
Himself, former House Democrat, decided to walk in.
Monday night on the floor of the chamber, where three months ago he praised its tradition of civility, Perry opened partisan fire on the Democrats who took a road trip across the Red River to block a vote on GOP-backed congressional redistricting map.
Perry pulled out the heavy rhetorical ammo, including coward, childish, and irresponsible.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
At gunpoint from the Capitol, okay?
So this is not the most partisan moment in Texas history.
And the Democrats are conniving and do not like what's happening in Texas.
And I'm not a fan of Texas Democrats, let me be honest with you.
I've been a Republican all my life.
I'm just not a modern neokind.
And Perry's a big government pimp.
Well, you heard it, the former Democrat.
But the Democrats are wrong in what they're doing, but this is good overall because it's a separation of powers.
The founding fathers didn't say the legislative, the executive, the judicial would all be good, but that with different strongmen and different elites fighting with each other at the lower and mid-levels, this would stop dictatorship or a steamroller takeover from taking place.
The very nature of the bureaucracy set up by the founding fathers is very resilient and blocks quick change, which is the big enemy of a free society.
In a democracy, 51% can say, let's kill Alex Jones.
But in a republic, you have a rule of law, and the minority as well as the majority's rights are protected, and you have a separation of powers.
Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner.
It is mob rule engineered by the elites.
That's why we don't want to call this country a democracy.
We're not a democracy.
In a democracy, if 51% say all black people or all white people are slaves, it happens.
In a republic, you have a rule of law, a constitution, and there's a supreme law of the land.
That's why it's dangerous to have the governments at all levels ignoring the Constitution Bill of Rights and at the same time trying to centralize control.
We'll be back with your calls and a guest.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Protect your family.
Join us on air 1-800-259-9231 on this five Wednesday edition.
Do you understand out there how serious it is to have the dollar dropping to the floor?
All we had was our world reserve currency status with this fiat system.
The world traded in dollars.
The dollar was of the highest value in the exchange markets.
Remember how you could go to Mexico and
I think?
Milk and eggs stays the same price, but look at the price of those cars and housing.
We do have inflation.
And then they tell you, oh, we don't have inflation.
Well, globally, we do, because now the dollar won't buy as much.
The dollar is trading at about 27 cents against all the major currencies of what it was just a year ago.
And England has told the public it doesn't want to go to the Euro.
The pound is tied to the dollar.
Now they're going to have to go ahead and accept globalism.
And you've got the White House saying this is a good thing, and you've had Greenspan and Snow and O'Neill before him bad-mouthing the currency.
I mean, I remember watching O'Neill last year before he left, bad-mouthing the dollar before the committees in Congress said,
And hearing this, I was stunned, but I really shouldn't have been stunned because years before that, I saw the Davos, Switzerland comments about how it was over for America.
That's okay.
You'll still be patriotic, because you're good.
You'll still wave that plastic Chinese slave flag, because everything the flag symbolizes disappears.
And meanwhile, here in Texas, they arrested a couple of Democrats in the state yesterday, House members of the legislature, and they're trying to arrest 50-plus up in Oklahoma, but don't have jurisdiction, so they had a private jet there waiting to load the Democrats on.
They wouldn't go.
A bunch of bizarreness going on on that front.
Larry in Louisiana, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, I was trying to find out.
I haven't heard yet.
This new dollar, red money, pink, whatever it is, does it have the tracking chip in it that is capable of scanning on every transaction?
Well, the money six years ago did, Larry.
It all has the RFID tracker strip in it.
It supposedly has more of those.
And it's blue, dark green, and pink.
That's just the 20s.
They're saying the 10s are going to be fire engine red.
And it's real nice.
So this is probably a new enhanced chip.
So I figure if I take my ATM card to the bank and put it in and say, give me $100, it'll come back with my name on it.
Then I go across the street and buy a lawnmower for my neighbor with the $100, and he gives it to his kid and tells him to go to the store and get some groceries.
Well, let me stop you, Larry, because I'm going to be doing a presentation in Kansas City this Saturday.
At the start of my presentation, at the end of my PowerPoint presentation, I talk about let the rumors end and the documentation begin.
Now, obviously, you've been listening for years.
You know what you're talking about, but you're not
You need to make that clear when you tell a neighbor or a friend or a family that, you know, you said is the strip in it.
Well, I've said 500 times on this show, conservatively.
It's the Federal Reserve Policy Board of Virginia has said that in the change in 98, that all the new money above a dollar, 5, 10s, 20s, 50s, 100s, 1000s,
Have the tracking strip in it.
You can pull the tracking strip out.
They say that the police and airports and others have scanners to pick up money.
It is a radio frequency identification tag.
They can now get these down to the size of a grain of sand.
They can hold massive amounts of data.
They're washable.
The cell towers scan and ping off of them the identifying tracker number.
Now, that's Forbes.
That's Washington Post.
That's USA Today.
That's the Federal Reserve.
That's the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
That's CNN.
So when you talk about this scary tracking of the money, yes, they are going to make a law.
They said this three years ago.
They said within five years they want a law.
Now the colored money is coming out, getting you ready for changes.
By the time you're done, there will be no cash.
Everything will be ATMs and banks.
You will get a strip with a strip on it that will be your money, just paper with a strip on it,
With your name, what you've bought, what you do, and if you don't turn your cash into the bank, they are going to devalue it off the strip.
Part of the strip cannot be erased when that money was issued, what denomination it is.
The other part of the strip, they say 90% of the current strip, is for data to be scanned on.
Okay, so yes, it is to follow the transactions, making paper money, actually cotton money, it's fabric money, a cashless society data grid.
So it's digitizing it.
Well, no more private business.
I think that's America, since it's a private corporation.
It just makes the money and issues it anyway.
That must be America.
Have a good day, Alex.
I can trace everything you do.
Every purchase you make, every call you make, and they're wanting us to announce this to scare you.
So there's a chilling effect.
They haven't put it all in place yet.
They're trying.
But let me explain something.
They could have 10 million people working at the NSA for Echelon and the new name they've given it, Total Information Awareness Network, with the convicted felon, Admiral John Poindex, for running it.
They do not have the personnel to do anything to you.
They only have the personnel later to turn your card off, to deny the entire public their money, just like Argentina.
That's the system.
And to issue you your federal cash creds on what will be called multi-pass.
Your multi-pass system.
All right, who's up next?
Ted in Georgia, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Thanks for having me on.
You're doing an excellent job on the dollar, too.
I'd like to say something on the dollar, but I'd like to say something very briefly on the Internet first.
I think that the RIAA, I believe it is, the Recording Industry Association, I believe that they have, I believe Edgar Bronfman,
Who's one of the heads of that has threatened to destroy the Internet if necessary.
I'm not concerned with downloading music.
I don't download music.
I don't think it's worth downloading most of it.
But I think that at the present time I'm getting such an increase in spam and the quality of spam that I'm getting is so deplorable that I'm wondering, I'm not accusing, but I'm
Raising the question as to whether or not somebody is trying to destroy the Internet.
You with me?
We know that every time the Feds introduce new draconian Internet legislation, hack attacks are launched, legitimizing it.
They've been tracked back to the government.
Our government also contracts with Communist China to hack attack our own systems.
Russia was given the download codes to many of our government's computers.
Microsoft gave the code to Russia and China.
So that is happening.
They've opened the doors to create the crisis.
Then when there's massive hack attacks, they come in and make it where if you send somebody the wrong email, you get life in prison.
And that's the Washington Post headline a few months ago.
That's not Alex Jones.
So yes, always, they ship the drugs in, create the crisis, imprison all our youth.
They build widgets 25 cents an hour in a FEMA camp.
They create the hack attacks.
Give China and Russia the codes publicly.
Pay them to launch attacks.
Shut things down.
And it's clear.
They want to start taxing, regulating, controlling the net.
They do plan to do it.
It is too out of control.
They plan to use it as a cashless society control grid.
It's a double-edged sword.
It has gotten out of hand for them.
And it's a very serious issue.
And you're absolutely on target.
Let me make one comment on the dollar.
Gold might be one answer to it.
What are the other solutions to hedging against the loss of value of the dollar?
Well, let's be honest.
When you asked me about gold, the folks that own this network sell gold.
And I will tell you I've bought gold from them because they're in the lower end of pricing, and I know they're private, and I know I can trust them.
So I personally have been buying gold now about every two months.
I buy some more gold.
And I believe gold's good.
Paying off your debts is good.
Owning some land where you can garden.
Having storable foods.
Investing some of your money in water filters.
And yes, we sell those and we sell the best.
No sponsors, but get water filters, period.
Camping supplies.
I would invest in educating people to stop this or at least let folks know who's behind it.
That can derail their really aggressive swing they're in right now.
Part of the agenda phase they're in.
You can obviously, gold stocks are good.
We don't sell gold stocks, obviously, but those gold stocks are out there.
Platinum, palladium, all these go up and down.
It's still gambling, just like the stock market, but a little bit more base in reality.
Kind of like blackjacks, a little bit better bet.
Ask Bennett.
You're gambling even if you hold on to dollars.
Oh, look, I mean, I've got some dollars in the bank just for business, but I mean, I'm ready to lose all of it.
I mean, I know that.
And so I would be diversified, always diversified, and that means don't be all in the stock market diversified in stocks.
That means have some gold, try to pay off your debts, have some land, have some friends, have some skills.
There's other forms of currency.
Family, friends you can trust.
That's more valuable than all the gold in the mountains.
All right.
Let me mention one thing to you.
On this subject of democracy, I'm changing subject again, on the subject of democracy, which I consider that you have a hang-up on, I agree with everything you say concerning the democracy republic thing, but I think that you have an unusual insight into the command and control boiling down the different
Thank you very much.
Articulate enough to state it as well as you did.
Well, Dr. Dennis Cuddy, who we've got coming back on Friday, did state that, and there are others that understand it.
They know you want choices, so they give you, you want fascism, you want communism, you want socialism, you want, when really it's all command and control.
It's like the choice of, okay, there is a new world order, will it be liberal or conservative?
And then they bypass the debate of, we don't want a new world order.
So it's all about bypassing debate, giving
I think that that probably, from what I understand, might be a version of what they call the dialectic, Hegel's dialectic.
Oh, no, that's it.
Yeah, that's what Cuddy said, yes.
Yeah, and I think that that same dialectic can be applied to this subject of democracy versus republic.
After all, the Republic of China, the Red China's Republic,
And even Soviet Russia was a republic.
Well, they call themselves republics.
By republic, we mean a constitutional republic where you have a rule of law, state bill of rights and constitutions, federal constitution bill of rights, and we mean the pure democracy of 51% say kill all the Eskimos.
No, you can't do that, a 51% say, because we have a rule of law in this republic.
I'm saying when they promote a pure democracy, it's very dangerous.
Well, I agree with that, but I don't define, I don't restrict the term democracy to a pure democracy.
I have a concept which I call a true democracy.
I know, but when the media promotes it and the Republicans and Democrats mantra it, they're talking about a pure democracy.
Or where they do horrible things and say, oh, you voted for this, you can't complain.
That is a whole bypassing of constitutional issues.
They use that to manipulate our thinking.
And I think that I'm for the Constitution, but there's such a thing as a Jeffersonian democracy, I don't know that it's a solution at all.
Well, Jeffersonian's democracy that he was talking about within the republic would be educated yeoman farmers going in and serving a stint in the legislature.
He was talking about the general public being part of the republic and being part of the power process.
So you have representative government.
If you go above the democracy and the republic, you have a concept of representative government, which should be certainly more desirable than totalitarian government in either form, either democracy or a republic, a representative government.
Let me tell you how democracy works.
Caesar says, the people want me to be their god.
He walks out to a throng of 50,000 in the square, yells to them, do you want to go to war with Gaul?
Do you want the greater glory of Rome?
And the crowd, of course, there's centurions around.
If you don't scream, you're going to get it.
They all go, yeah!
And he goes, ah, the people have spoken.
Obviously Rome wasn't a democracy, but I'm using that as an analogy.
That's how it was in Greece later, is that they actually declined.
It was better just having a centralized ruling elite, because once they went to a democracy, a pure democracy, they would go vote, and, you know, well, we vote to throw this philosopher off a cliff.
We don't agree with him.
Or let's feed this guy Hemlock.
He doesn't agree with us.
Here, let's kill him.
Let's kill her.
Don't you think you're doing the same thing with the democracy republic...
What I mean by the dictatorship is you get the same thing with a democracy.
Yes, but you get a representative government.
It always races into tyranny.
I mean, you get the dictatorship out of democracy in shorthand.
I understand that.
It depends on the type of democracy, but I think that you can have a republic...
And call it a democracy as long as you take all the ignorant people out of the electorate and take all the... Yeah, but that's never going to happen.
And again, that's discriminatory.
We have got... Well, I'm serious.
Who's going to decide?
You can't do that.
The idiots, there's more idiots than smart people.
They'll get together and say the smart people are crazy and can't vote.
Like the Soviet Union.
You're crazy because you say our government's corrupt when really you're the smart guy.
You can't stomp on anybody's rights or they're going to stomp on yours.
I do think that I'm positive that... I'm not positive, but I'm convinced that the Hegel dialectic can be applied to other things other than just the ones that you applied to.
Yeah, terrorism.
Well, it's applied to everything.
Thanks for the call.
Thanks for the call.
I hear you.
We'll break and come back.
We do have another guest coming up.
And more of your calls at 1-800-259-9231.
And I'll get into, oh man, there's a bunch of other news.
Central bankers claim on Euro now at 130 versus the dollar.
That's Forbes' headline.
Trade gap widens to 43.5 billion.
It's out of Reuters.
That's in March, folks.
In March alone.
We'll talk about drones over the cities, too.
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Robert Fisk, who has been in Baghdad for the last few months and is now in Lebanon, was scheduled, as they say in England, to join us.
And we talked to him.
He is breaking a major story.
He apologized.
He said...
Give me another 45 minutes and I'll come on.
This is a big story.
He said, I'm so sorry.
I've got a deadline.
It's like 8 o'clock at night right now.
Over there, he's been working all day.
He is coming on sometime in the next hour.
And he apologized.
But he'll be coming on sometime in the next hour.
And if not, he'll of course be on tomorrow.
We're going to get him.
Most highly decorated foreign correspondent.
This guy has all these awards.
He's really done a lot of dangerous reporting.
And believe me, you're going to want to hear what he has to say.
We've got some of his columns posted on InfoWars.com.
Your calls are coming up in the next hour, and the toll-free number to join me on air is 1-800-259-9231.
That's 800-259-9231.
We're good to go.
I think?
Totally insane.
We manufacture almost nothing here.
Everybody from Dell to IBM to you name it is moving to China, and then Bush says, oh, the drop in dollars is going to help our manufacturing.
Oh, yeah, and the Easter Bunny is co-piloting the Mars rocket.
I mean, it's just totally and completely made up.
vigilantes test drones on Mexican borders.
My good buddies I've had on the show before,
Is down there with drones, American Border Patrol.
And they call it a vigilante group.
I mean, Glenn Spencer's been on all the national news shows.
They go out there with cameras.
They videotape what's happening.
They don't even make arrests on private property when they're being looted by the million-plus illegals that come across Cochise County and Arizona alone every year.
They're being called vigilantes.
And then they got this article about how the government's going to use drones on the border.
Let me explain something, folks.
They said, Senator Warner said, head of the Armed Services Committee, he said that they're going to use these drones on our cities, and they are using them.
I have a cousin who's in the Army right here in Austin.
He's an officer at the airport.
They've got drones, helicopters, everything, and they are watching you and your family.
So that's your free country.
They admit they got 80-something FBI planes flying around, but nothing's on the border, and it's total garbage.
But then they attack the vigilante group, as they say, for having drones out videotaping the thousands coming across in large bands.
Before I end this hour...
Here we are again, and I haven't plugged my videos.
Folks, these are really powerful films.
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Don't wait.
We'll be right back with the third hour.
When was the last time you used pure soap?
I mean real, hard-to-find, all-natural pure soap that contains no dyes, perfumes, deodorants, or antibacterials.
Probably never, right?
Hey, folks, Michael Trudeau here.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, already back by the end of the third and final hour of this worldwide broadcast.
I am scheduled to have Robert Fisk of the London Independent talk about what he witnessed while covering the war in Iraq, including the evidence that the looting of Iraq Museum was premeditated and aided by U.S.
Robert Fisk is Britain's most highly decorated foreign correspondent.
He has received the British International Journalism of the Year Award seven times.
And he was in Baghdad, and he's coming up about, I'm told, 20 minutes.
But he's in Lebanon, so we'll try to get that connection through and get that interview in the bag, as they say, coming up.
In the meantime, we're going to take your calls.
We've got wide-open phones.
And we'll get to your calls after this quick break on any of the issues.
The plunging dollar, Bush says he wants it to plunge.
It's good now, I guess.
We've lost our industry, now our fiat currency.
Oh, yeah, when you lose all your jobs, you're going to find out how real good it is.
Just wave a plastic, desecrated American flag.
But that's okay.
Everything will be all right.
As what the flag symbolizes, our liberties, our freedoms are disappearing.
Bush has announced massive gun crackdowns, federal charges for anyone that has a gun that's not supposed to, people that have guns that are going to the shooting range in most states, it's already illegal.
They want to ban all semi-automatic shotguns, and it's just absolutely out of control.
That's coming up.
Terror laws attack civil liberties.
A BBC article, that's coming up.
Also, Applied Digital Solutions, the communist Chinese IBM-owned company, says they've got their satellite tracker chip up and working and ready for you and your family.
We'll get to that.
A poll economy remains top priority, but Bush's people say, no, it's the war on terror.
Ooh, look, there were just bombings in Saudi Arabia.
See, we're right.
Give us all your liberties.
Also, media execs push ownership rule changes so they can have total monopoly.
They're talking about merging the big three networks already.
They've already merged their news gathering as of three years ago in network news services.
Homeland Security again considers drone patrols.
Has nothing to do with fighting illegals.
About tracking you.
And News Corp with Rupert Murdoch beats expectations.
Of course it does.
We're good to go.
And this is just the first for the Cashless Society, the multinational approach to tackle crime.
That's coming up.
Global government merging this system.
seeks to end EU biotech moratorium.
They want the biotech engineering.
Also, doctored photo from the London Evening Standard, from thememoryhole.com.
Got a great area in the memory hole showing where they doctor photos for the news.
Already running man-like propaganda.
Horrible new gun bills being supported by Governor Pataki and the Democrats in New York.
Gun dealers question impact of bill targeting ammo purchases.
You'll have to register your guns to buy ammo.
Also, IMF World Bank joined forces with WTO.
They were all owned and founded by the same groups.
All these global organizations...
At least 30 dead in Chechnyan suicide bombing.
Neil Bort says America is a police state.
We'll get to that.
It is all coming up, plus the New York Times is losing massive credibility because of their lying reporters.
We will discuss all of it in the next 55 minutes and 20 seconds that we have left.
But first, some of your calls when we return.
What's America going to look like?
What's our economy going to be when we have no manufacturing?
We don't have a strong dollar to buy slave goods.
Even McDonald's is shutting down a lot of their stores.
What's going to happen?
That's a question for you.
When are we going to see more terror attacks legitimize the police state here in the United States?
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I'm Alex E. Jones.
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It is so incredibly naive of people to say, oh, the government's not corrupt.
They never do anything wrong.
Powerful people don't want more control and to run our lives.
How ridiculous.
Oh, you say the government's involved in corruption.
You prove how they have been involved.
Well, that's just what they do.
They can't help it.
Don't be so extreme.
Over and over and over again we hear this.
And then if you actually look at all the crimes of the New World Order, the things they've done, the things they've been involved in, it is mind-blowing, mind-boggling.
And it's a tiny cabal of a few thousand minions, top minions, and think tank experts that write the policy, but the orders come from a handful.
A few dozen families that publicly own the World Central Bank, the IMF, the World Bank, the whole kit-kat and caboodle.
How do we resist them?
We expose them.
We expose their system.
We expose how ruthless they are.
We educate people that the globalists don't care about the economy, don't care about their lives, that they want to control you, that they want to dumb you down.
Michael in Rhode Island, a W-A-L-E 50,000 watt blowtorch listener.
Welcome to the airwave, sir.
Go ahead.
How are you doing today, Alex?
What's on your mind?
Good, my friend.
I was just, I don't know if you're aware that Larkin Rose, this place was just raided last Tuesday.
For those that don't know, Larkin Rose, yeah, I talked about it Saturday, had a deal exposing the private nature of the IRS and the Federal Reserve.
Also, the IRS fighter who'd written some good books has had his book banned by a judge.
Erwin Schiff.
Erwin Schiff.
So it's all part of the new freedom, isn't it?
Yeah, I think we're getting to them because they're starting to go after people illegally now.
Well, you know, when we the people ran four, they plan to run eight, full page, front section,
USA Today ads listing U.S.
code with the Federal Reserve's private, the IRS's private collection agency, how the scam works, that the 16th Amendment was never ratified.
That got them on the run, and they called the USA Today and told them, don't run those ads.
Oh, yeah, I'm very familiar with that.
And all the ads did was list the U.S.
Yeah, I know.
And I was also reading about, I heard an interview with Peter Kershaw.
Have you ever heard of him?
Yes, I have.
Have you been on your show yet?
Tell us about Peter Kershaw.
Well, he's a pastor.
He runs Heal Our Land Ministries out of Missouri.
And he exposes the 501c3 of the church.
Becoming incorporated?
You know, that's the funny thing.
The Bill of Rights says Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
How, then, are there hundreds of laws on churches?
They tricked them into signing a contract civilly.
That's how they get control.
The government should have nothing to do with churches, but they turned separation of church and state, it was in a letter from Jefferson, around...
I mean, government runs churches, not that churches run government.
Yeah, and that's the problem.
They don't want to say anything.
Speak out what they're supposed to speak out against.
Number one, churches really can.
They just can't endorse a particular candidate, even under the regulations.
But the feds tell them they can't do anything, can't speak about anything, and we all know that's a fraud.
Oh, yeah.
I tried explaining that to my pastor, and he's not as educated as far as all this...
As I am.
Well, can he read the First Amendment?
Can he do that?
Yeah, he can, but he says, you know, we incorporate first.
You know, it gives us benefits and stuff.
And I said, I don't think we should be one.
Yeah, that's it.
They signed the contract.
Very dangerous.
Hey, are folks waking up in your area of Rhode Island?
Yes, more and more are waking up.
Thanks to your show and to Deadline Live.
It's another good show out here.
That's Mr. Blood.
Mr. Blood, yes.
Yeah, I know that I've been on some of the other fine shows they've got, and a 50,000 watt AM covering, what, three states?
And I talked to the program director.
He said that now the other stations are having to tell the truth and callers are all calling in about my show and Deadline Live and the other shows and that it's really having an effect.
All we need is the airwaves.
We can get the changes made.
Oh yeah, I see it happening.
My parents still think I'm crazy, but oh well.
That means I'm on the right side, you know?
Appreciate the call.
You have a great day.
Good to talk to you.
Mike in New York.
Does anybody care about the dollar plunging?
Do you see what a big deal that is?
What did you call about, Mike?
Chris, go ahead, Chris.
Yeah, how you doing today?
I got to say, I understand everything you're saying.
A few years ago, I would have thought it was a bunch of bunk until, you know, different traffic stops and different boat stops and crazy things like that where...
You're basically told you have no rights, but how do you think you can wake people up?
That's my concern.
It just seems as long as people have, as long as they're working and they've got something to eat and they have a house to live in, they really could care less, you know?
Well, that's not really the case.
We all have this attitude.
How can somebody know all the baseball and football scores, but they can't tell you what the First Amendment is or the Fourth or the Fifth Amendment?
We've got to relearn that.
You've got to explain to people what the globalists are doing to them.
Give them some medical stuff on aspartame, that it's a deadly wood alcohol put in there to cause medical illness to make money for the big pharma system.
Show somebody that.
Or maybe they'll wake up because the environmentalists are trying to regulate the use of their land.
Show them how it's a land rights issue.
Or maybe they're a gun owner.
Show them how Bush wants to register all their guns and ban semi-automatic shotguns.
That'll wake them up, get them going.
One of the best tools I've found, Chris, is my videos.
That's why I say you're able to make copies of my films.
If people just get Road to Tyranny, frankly it's our best film, Police State 3 is excellent, the others are wonderful as well, make copies, which I authorize people to do.
I mean, who else does that?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Also, when I do these radio interviews, routinely people call in and they say, I could be on in San Francisco, New York, I could be on in Miami.
They go, I saw you on AXS TV.
I saw your video here in Houston.
It's incredible.
My neighbor gave me a copy.
I never heard you on the air, but my neighbor gave me a copy.
He's having block parties showing the videos.
Keep doing that, sir.
Give it a shot.
Well, let me tell you, you heard Senator Graham say there's, quote, a cover-up of 9-1-1.
I mean, you know, it's getting incredible.
More of us have to stand up until there's millions of targets, then they can't stop us.
It just seems that they could care less at this point.
You know, they're going to tell you that, yeah, we want everything, and nobody seems to want to do anything as a result of that.
Well, here's my frustration.
You say you would have heard me a few years ago and thought I was a coug.
Well, no, I heard a lot of conspiracy theory type of things, not you specifically, but people saying, oh, well, you know, the police, you know, they don't have any regard for your rights and such things as that.
I just, I always thought it was bunk until one time I got pulled over for speeding and the cop must have asked me probably 15 times if I had anything illegal in the car and
You know, he was going to search my car and just on and on and on.
And it was at that point I realized, you know, this is serious.
Well, that's when people wake up is when it happens to them.
But let me tell you something.
This is so very important, the points you've raised.
That cop's going to wake up when they take his pension fund.
You need to tell him before they take it.
Here is a nine-page printout of Alex Jones...
Interviewing Greg Palast from the BBC, where the BBC reporter says the Rothschilds are trying to stop him.
Their World Bank documents say they're going to devalue the dollar and plode the economy.
That's over a year ago.
So, when they take his pension fund, he knows who did it.
Because the problem is the globalists will carry out their terror, financial, drugs, crime, terror, everything, different ways of terror, and pose as our saviors.
The number one message is, who are the terrorists?
Because 90% of government's good people.
They're just ignorant.
They've been warped into believing this mindset, Chris.
This is how they're doing it, and it's up to you to break your conditioning and to be focused.
Now, here's the big problem.
The government with the X-Files and the overnight talk shows on purpose has put out conspiracy theorists that talk about no moon landing, flying saucers, Martians at the South Pole, Yeti, the Chupacabra.
All of this, and then out of ten guests, they'll have one on that talks about how FEMA, with executive orders, can take all your rights.
Now, we can prove FEMA can take all your rights, put you in forced labor camps.
That's documented public record.
But they mix it in with all this kooky stuff.
Planet X.
Aliens, abductions, they mix it in on purpose.
Then when the neighbor hears you talk about FEMA, they heard FEMA on the X-Files mixed in with flying saucers.
And the government put out reports in the 60s saying they were going to do that, to where if you talk about real stuff, they've mixed it in with garbage.
Yeah, you're absolutely right.
I mean, everything I've looked.
I told people three years ago, I said, the Federal Reserve says they're going to track and trace your money, devalue it if you don't keep it in the bank, they're going to change the color to rainbow and red and all this.
I got calls, you lying nut, where'd you hear that?
I go, Federal Reserve.
Well, where is it?
I can't find it on your site.
And I go, it's on the main page.
Well, it's in all the newspapers.
It's coming out right now.
Well, what are the new things they did to the $20 bill that they're not talking about?
Any idea what they're doing?
Well, no, I know.
The Federal Reserve told me three years ago on their website.
All I do is read their own documents.
They said they're going to take everything you've got.
They're going to devalue the money.
You're going to have federal retraining.
They're going to break the families up.
They're going to dumb you down.
The new economy is going to be surveillance in prisons, my friend.
I know.
I agree with you.
You're absolutely right.
We'll keep trying to do what we can do.
Thank you.
All I do is cover 100% documented information.
And then occasionally I'll speculate and go, hmm, there's been a tragic bombing.
Who stands to gain?
I wonder.
Our founding fathers wrote down for all time our most precious documents of freedom.
The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.
These are the purest forms of our country's freedom before the thousands of politicians got their hands on them.
The Declaration in Washington, D.C.
can barely be read.
It has faded that much.
Now is your chance and your patriotic duty to have it in your home or office.
We're good to go.
Don't wait.
Do it today.
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All right, my friends, we do have him joining us from Lebanon over in the Middle East.
He's Robert Fisk.
We already read his bio earlier in the hour for you.
And we've got links to his stories at InfoWars.com.
He writes for the London Independent.
He's here to talk about evidence that the museums were premeditated with our government aiding them.
Also to talk about the real casualties and the cover-ups and the propaganda of these embedded CIA, basically, reporters.
Joining us is Robert Fisk from Lebanon.
Sir, thank you for coming on.
And what are some of the key things you saw during Gulf War II?
Well, first of all, I wouldn't say the Americans were involved in the cover-up, and I don't think my colleagues who were, quote, embedded, unquote, and I hate that word with the American military, were CIA agents.
Okay, I was going for one of those stories.
But I do think the story is a lot more complex than your media have been making it out to be.
Okay, what's really going on?
One of my most abiding memories was walking around the wreckage of the Archaeological Museum in Baghdad.
My feet literally crunching on thousands of years of history as bits of pots simply crumbled away beneath the feet of myself and the guardians of the museum after the wrecking of the, in some cases, 5,000 years of tactile history.
And I'd have to say that in some circumstances the civilian dead and wounded whom I saw as a result of American firepower
We're a shameful example of what the American government and my own British government said was a war to liberate Iraq.
Having said all that, there are two sides to every story.
At the moment, as we know, thousands of corpses are being dug up in the town of Hilla, which I went to actually under American air attack, but which of course now is free for Iraqis to dig up their dead.
And we are seeing, as we knew we would see, as we knew we would see...
The physical results of the corrupt and despotic regime of Saddam Hussein, that however does not justify an invasion against all international law, which is what I and many of my colleagues believe the American-British invasion was.
He was a CIA hitman.
That's the point.
He was a CIA hitman in 58.
They supported him in 76, supported him in the 80s.
They tried to say that that facility with all the bodies that were in exchange with the Iranians.
What do you know about that case?
Look, there's no doubt that we supported Saddam Hussein.
It is factually correct.
Not only did the Germans give him the gas, not only did the biological warfare...
We're good to go.
I think?
We know that President Reagan sent an envoy to Baghdad to ask and plead to Saddam Hussein to reopen the American embassy, and that envoy, as we know, was Donald Rumsfeld.
We know, too, that the following year he met Tariq Aziz, the number two in the Iraqi regime, on the very day that the United Nations issued its first report about the use of Iraqi gas against the Iranian army.
My own memories of that period are very clear, because when Donald Rumsfeld was in Iraq...
Shaking hands with a warm smile with Saddam Hussein, I was on a military hospital train in Iran, traveling back to Tehran with hundreds of Iranian soldiers who had just been gassed.
In the trenches by Saddam's forces.
They were sitting in their compartments reading the Quran, coughing mucus and blood into handkerchiefs.
And after several hours, I realized that the terrible smell in the railway compartments was caused by the gas that they were themselves coughing out of their lungs.
And I went around the train, opening the windows of the compartments to get the gas out of the carriages.
I, too, did not want to breathe in this gas.
This was at the very moment
That Donald Rumsfeld was shaking hands with Saddam Hussein.
So what I'm saying is, please don't tell me this was about weapons of mass destruction or human rights abuses.
This was not what the war was about.
Well, we know it was about a military base.
The Project for the American Century has said that it was about oil.
How do we have them admitting in their own policies what they were going to do and then later trying to deny it?
Well, this is really a question I think you have to ask American politicians, not British journalists.
You know, the whole issue of the Project for the New American Century and those people who were behind it, as we know, came up during the Clinton period.
What is extraordinary is that when the same policy came up,
And was acted upon and was made real in the Bush administration.
Tell you what, stay there.
You're a journalist.
Robert Bush, we've got a break.
One more segment with you after this quick three-minute break.
And I want to finish up with that and then talk about what you saw in Baghdad, what the conditions are like right now in Iraq.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Medical course potassium iodate gives you virtually complete protection from the... At 888-803-4438.
That's toll-free, 888-803-4438.
Not yet available in Iowa.
Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down.
All the flames went higher.
All right, I'm reading a college article carried out of Democracy Now!
Amy Goodman interview with Robert Fisk.
Robertson, a very award-winning reporter, one independent, been in the Middle East for over 20 years.
And on page three, do I have evidence that they knew they were coming for?
I do have evidence that this was premeditated.
Do I believe that the arsonists were trained and organized from outside who knew whether or not the Americans would be present or whether the American military would defend certain buildings?
And the article goes on talking about premeditated looting and stuff.
So, I want to make clear that I was reading this in our news.
You're saying that... I mean, is there evidence of premeditated looting of structures and buildings and museums?
Or have you been misquoted in this article, sir?
I didn't really recognize myself in what you were reading.
But look, here's the situation, what I wrote about and what actually happened.
Number one, the looting originally was spontaneous.
People came out of a poor...
...income, low-income areas and started looting cars, tires, car doors, computers, telephones, desks, chairs, doors of any government building.
And you could understand why.
And we only have to see the number of graves being dug up now from mass graves, dead bodies, to see why people would hate the regime.
The key element, however, is that the people who came to burn in the end up to 158 government institutions in Baghdad, institutions which are the infrastructure of any new democratic government, destroyed with their archives, their files, their desks, their computers.
The people who came to burn were not the same people as the looters.
The looters came along, both in terms of the Quranic library, the archaeological museum, the government ministries, to take things which they could sell.
The people who came along to burn often came in blue and white buses.
I saw one man twice.
He pointed a rifle at me the second time because he recognized that I recognized him.
These people did not come to loot.
They came to burn to destroy it.
In other words, they did not make money by burning.
Now, that was about a month ago.
I read your article.
Do you see the difference between a looter who takes things to sell and a man who comes to burn and has no money to make from the burning?
Well, I read your article on air, and I'm going from memory, but didn't you say in the article, because I remember you talking about having the gun pointed at you, in your article, weren't there troops basically guarding these buses?
No, there were not troops guarding the buses.
In each case, with the exception of one incident, I never saw American forces next to buildings that were on fire.
I did ask the question in the articles that you read, how come these people were setting fire to buildings?
Now, the American version of events was, oh, well, maybe Saddam's people paid them in advance to set fire to government buildings.
But this is rubbish.
If you or I pay each other $10,000 to go and burn a building...
And then the regime who pays us disappears.
We don't burn the building.
We pocket the money and go home.
Well, the big banks stand... These people were obviously being paid as the arsonist work was going on.
Well, I know this.
This is the important... Rumsfeld gave a speech where he said, oh, this is what freedom looks like.
People are basically having a little fun.
Ha, ha, ha.
Yeah, yeah.
This is untidy.
And I remember him saying, a vase, a vase, how many vases are there?
And actually walking...
Well, he also said that the news was showing one small group of looters, that there really wasn't any widespread looting.
You were in Baghdad.
What is the true magnitude?
The cholera is now there.
What is the true magnitude of the degradation there?
There were thousands of looters and thousands of arsonists.
I remember watching the Koranic Library burn with its 15th century illuminated Korans being destroyed by fire at 3,000 degrees heat.
And I rushed to the public affairs officer of the U.S.
Marines in that area of Baghdad and said, there is a Koranic Library on fire.
It's been set on fire four minutes ago.
I can give you a map reference and show it on my map.
And he picked up a telephone and said that some guy here says there's a biblical library on fire.
Well, not quite biblical, correct, but he got the right idea.
But I went back to the seat of the fire and nobody came.
There was one incident some days later when the Department of Higher Education Computer Programming Department was set on fire.
And I did find a U.S.
Marine sitting on a wall next to the burning building, and I came up to him and said, Good morning, Marine.
Fire, fire, fire, pointing at the building next door.
He said, I'm here, sir, to guard the hospital behind me.
We don't know who set fire to this place.
We can't look everywhere at the same time.
This guy, in fact, I called his girlfriend on my satellite phone at his request, but he didn't want to know about the building next door.
So there was a willful...
This unwillingness, a willful unwillingness on the part of U.S.
forces to deal with this mass sacking and burning in Baghdad.
All right, just a few other questions for you, and we really appreciate London Independent award-winning writer joining us who's been in the Middle East for over 20 years.
Trying to understand this, I've seen the photos of Marines cutting gold out of the ceiling.
We know there's been looting, and I don't mean of bayonets, I mean of treasures, pictures of media people running out with things, with baubles, with antiquities.
Did you see any of that, or did you hear from other journalists about that happening in Iraq?
No, I have to be honest and say that all the looting and arson that I saw...
Sadly and shamefully was as a result of Iraqi people themselves.
Whether they were paid to do it, whether there was a plan, whether there was a conspiracy.
But although I did see Americans deliberately destroying statues of Saddam Hussein, which was hardly a shameful experience of modern art, I didn't see Americans or journalists or Westerners stealing artefacts
Okay, two quick questions.
When were you last in Iraq, and they've removed this general who said that we should all be so prideful.
They've now got this other envoy in the town of Mosul.
They appointed 250 people to, quote, vote for the leaders.
I mean, that's ridiculous.
It's like I appoint people to vote for me.
They now have the big oil companies coming in.
They're talking about a pipeline to Israel.
I left just over two weeks ago, and I'm going back in seven days, six days' time.
What is happening is that the Americans are trying to find a way to construct a government which indeed will be friendly to Israel, which will no doubt have an Israeli embassy in Baghdad.
A government which will ensure that the oil reserves, the untapped, untold oil reserves of Iraq will remain in American hands.
And you only have to look at the deals being done with Chevron, with Halliburton, through the U.S.
military to realize the extent...
And what is happening in England?
Is this war still popular?
I mean, I know it was actually unpopular in most of the polls, but then once the war was going, they said it was popular.
What are you hearing from your homeland of England?
Very simple.
Most British people believe they were lied to before the war, lied to during the war, and lied to after the war.
There was the normal patriotic feeling that we've got to stand by our soldiers once they were in combat, once they were in theatre, as the American phrase goes.
They've also been caught putting out fake reports...
I don't think so.
My concern is that the media, particularly the Americans, but also the British, went along with these stories.
I went to the U.N.
Security Council, when Bush spoke, and I went along to the General Assembly when Bush spoke, I went along to the Security Council when Colin Powell spoke, and I remember seeing his pictures of the famous weapons of mass destruction train, the Mobile Chemical Laboratory, and there were digitalized pictures, artist's impression from the Defense Department in the United States, of the railway wagons.
Now, the United States now controls the entire railroad system,
What do you make of these trucks they found that they're saying are bioweapon labs?
Well, they're saying they found two lorries whose purpose they cannot find out unless they were...
Well, they don't have wheels on them.
But so does everybody.
Do they get invaded?
But, I mean, here's the point I'm trying to make.
Everybody's got these type of weapons.
I mean, hundreds of countries have got stuff.
Are we going to invade all of them?
I'm sure you've heard that Rumsfeld's battle plan got leaked to start bombing North Korea as early as October.
Does that concern you, or what's your take on that?
Well, I think the point is, if we're really worried about weapons of mass destruction, we would have invaded or you would have invaded North Korea before Iraq.
If we were worried about human rights abuses, we would have invaded Iraq 20 years ago when Donald Rumsfeld was shaking hands with Saddam Hussein.
I don't believe this is about human rights.
I don't believe this is about weapons of mass destruction.
I think this is about oil.
And again, I urge you to go to the documentation of which American companies are going to be permitted to exploit the oil reserves of Iraq.
And that is the story.
Your journalists in the United States are, by and large, not telling that story.
Well, no, they're not.
It's a whole story about the cozying up of journalists and government, of American government departments and U.S.
Well, that's what I said about embedded reporters.
It happens in Britain, but not on this account.
But that's what I said about embedded reporters.
It's been admitted that some of these guys are indeed CIA agents.
Well, look, I wouldn't be surprised if the CIA and the KGB and every other intelligence organization doesn't have journalists on all sides in wars.
The real problem is not so much whether certain journalists are doubling up as spies, which is a shameful thing for our profession.
The real issue is that when you get correspondents...
It's a mentality.
It's a mentality.
We're good to go.
CIA, MI6, KGB spies.
The problem then, and I think the problem at this war too, was that far too many reporters and journalists and media people
Well, you're right.
They were sucked into propaganda, but... And I'll let you go in a second.
I appreciate all the time, but...
When I'm talking about spies here, and again, we have Robert Fisk, London Independent, world-winning reporter, joining us from Lebanon.
He's been in Iraq the last few months.
He's going back in six days.
Is that...
The Pentagon Office of Strategic Influence admitted last year that, quote, we're going to lie to you for your own interest, and now we've seen all these fake news reports that have been proven to be lies.
That's what I'm hitting at, and that ties into the project for New American Century.
You got cut short in the last segment on that, so that is the last two questions.
Well, first of all, when you're in a war, mercifully, you don't have to listen and watch this rubbish.
Unfortunately, I didn't have to.
So I missed the reports that you're talking about, and I'm happy I did.
I would say...
That at the end of the day, the responsibility for accuracy and honesty and integrity lies with the journalist.
All forces fighting war, whether it be the Pentagon, whether it be the British Ministry of Defense, whether it be the Soviet Ministry of War fighting the Nazis in the Second World War, they will all use every means they can to overwhelm their enemies, and that is part of what war is about.
But the journalist...
Should have some kind of different morality here.
Many journalists do.
Many of my colleagues refuse to accept the propaganda, the lies, and the pressures.
Others do not withstand that, and they go along with it because they're...
Okay, you've been in the Middle East for over 23 years.
What do you see happening?
27 years, to be precise.
27 years.
Okay, this article says 23.
27 years.
27 years in the Middle East.
I would consider you an expert covering all these wars, the politics, the rest of it.
What do you see happening in five years?
I see our troops still there.
I see this being an outpost to attack all these neighbors.
What do you see the war map, the economic map, for the next five years in the Middle East?
My crystal ball on the Middle East long ago broke.
I think the Americans, if they encounter sufficient opposition, which they will, will be out of Iraq long before five years.
But I think they will have turned, and this is the great danger, the countries of the Middle East into more than symbolic enemies.
They will have turned them into ideological enemies.
So as Hosni Mubarak said... So Hosni Mubarak was right when he said this is going to create 100 bin Ladens.
Yes, and Mr. Mubarak is most worried of all that one of those bin ladens will shoot him.
All right.
Well, I appreciate Robert Fisk joining us.
They can read his columns at the London Independent and at many other papers and at Infowars.com on a regular basis.
I really do appreciate you coming on the show, and I hope to have you back up after you go back into Iraq, sir.
You're welcome.
Take care and be careful.
Thank you.
Good night.
All right, folks.
There he goes.
Appreciate him coming on.
And I'm going off the news reports here.
Amazing stuff.
Go to Infowars.com to read them.
I'll come back with some final thoughts and final tidbits.
And, yes, I'll plug my videos.
They're great films, and it supports the broadcast.
When you get them, just grab your pens and paper and get ready for that.
On the other side of this quick break, I do have some other news.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Did you hear what Robert Fisk just had to say from one independent?
That they're using terror, they're using it over there for dictatorship, for control.
The globalists are actually helping the Hosni Mubarak's and...
Others that are over there.
But in the case of Saudi Arabia, it's a destabilizing effect.
The globalists are going to move in and take over.
Bin Laden, as usual, doing a good job for them.
Applied Digital Solutions announces working prototype of subdermal GPS personal location device, specifically designed antenna, an induction-based power recharging method, function properly in field testing.
Implantable microchips with microscopic wires, just like the RFID chips that power off your body for the cell towers, and the government wants to put these into you and your family.
And now they're consolidating the media at record speed.
Homeland Security to use drones over America.
They first said over our cities, we're anti-terror.
That didn't sell very well.
So they said, okay, 80-plus percent of you think we have too many illegals here at open borders.
We'll put them on the borders and to fight terror.
Well, the drones are already in the sky.
And a frightening move.
Congress moves to block Freudian slip, I wish, to back tactical nukes.
Congress moves closer to approving a new generation of small tactical nuclear weapons, despite the warnings of arms control experts.
Massive proliferation.
Again, the new redesign of the colored money coming out.
They're going to devalue the currency.
It's already happening.
I told you three years ago.
Plus, new colored money, devalue the currency.
Right when that happens, call in the greenbacks so you cannot physically pay off debts.
Very serious time we are now in right now.
And just tons of other amazing reports we didn't get to.
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Are you prepared?
Seems that more terrorism on our soil is inevitable.
Chemical attacks, biological, nuclear, who knows for sure what dangers lie ahead for America.
Recent articles have pointed to vulnerability in our...