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Air Date: May 13, 2003
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Big show lined up for you today, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you for joining me.
I'm Alex Jones.
There has been a horrible bombing in Saudi Arabia.
And of course, in the past bombings where bin Laden supposedly carried the mountain Saudi Arabia, he was then caught working with the CIA attacking the Serbs in the late 1990s as a prelude for the Serbs striking back, being demonized, and being taken over.
That's just the historical fact.
The Republicans' own Senate report says
So now there's been a bombing.
There could be 30 dead Americans.
There could be 40 dead Americans.
We don't know.
There could be dead Brits, dead Australians.
You know, the Bali bombing last year, it came out in the BBC.
It came out in the Sydney Morning Herald that the government had ironclad prior knowledge and told the Taiwanese who found out about it two weeks before not to warn the Bali government.
We're good to go.
Some buddies, the Bin Laden family, rebuild our bases and buildings when they get bombed.
Will that happen here?
You've got these drills going around the country training you to go under federal martial law.
That's what Top-Off 2 is all about.
The Red Alert martial law system training you how to respond, how to shelter in place, how to be a slave.
And conveniently, there's a bombing right on time, multiple bombings in Saudi Arabia.
Saudi bombing deaths rise.
The Saudi authorities say at least 29 people were killed and nearly 200 injured in what appeared to have been coordinated suicide bomb attacks against Western targets in the capital of Saudi Arabia.
And normally Al-Qaeda doesn't do suicide attacks, but I guess that's all changed.
You know, a bunch of the hijackers were found still alive.
We're going to go over that again today.
Ten Americans and a number of other foreigners, including two Filipinos and an Australian, are believed to be among those who died in the attacks on foreign housing compounds and businesses late on Monday.
Now, that's BBC.
Got another article here, London Guardian, up to 50 dead in Saudi blasts.
And other article here saying out of Reuters, over 40 Americans in the bombing, 40 could be dead.
We don't know.
But we're posting these on InfoWars.com, on PrisonPlanet.com as we speak.
Suicide bombers wound over 40 Americans in Riyadh.
Suicide bombers killed several people and wounded more than 40 Americans and other nationals on Monday night.
In attacks on compounds housing Westerners in the capital of Saudi Arabia, the Saudi minister and the U.S.
ambassador said Saudi Interior Minister Prince Naif told a pro-government newspaper some people had been killed and wounded television pictures showed mangled cars, blasted buildings, and earlier scenes of emergency vehicles racing through Riyadh's streets.
We're good to go.
We know the British have carried out almost every terror attack in the last 24 years in England.
That's all over the mainstream British news.
So we look at who has a motive.
Who gets more power off this?
We'll be right back.
The globalists.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Over the last 14 months,
The NRA would not tell its 5.5 million members that there was new gun control legislation being introduced that dwarfs the 1968 Gun Control Act.
Now, due to massive pressure by their own members, due to broadcasts like this educating people, and Gun Owners of America, and Bernadine Smith, and many others getting the word out,
Wait until you hear the shocking details.
A massive, unprecedented, almost total gun control in America, and it's from the NRA's website.
We're posting a link to this legislative alert on InfoWars.com.
Now, of course, you already heard much of this here on the show.
They even discovered more of all of their lawyers and lobbyists and people looking at the legislation here.
We have never seen such a massive armada of gun-grabbing legislation.
And you watch.
Bush is going to sign every last piece of it.
Unless you wake up to the fact that Bush is not a conservative, not a Texan, that he is a sniveling neocon, and he's not running anything.
He's like Bill Clinton.
He's a puppet.
He's got a record of big government and martial law and police state.
He's got Ashcroft over there torturing the Bill of Rights and Constitution, and it is shameful.
And they're working with the Democrats.
It's totally staged.
Well, don't worry.
You better give them all your rights, because they said there'd be more terror, and there has been, right on time with their terror drills from Chicago to Austin, Texas.
Oh, yeah, they're doing something here.
To Seattle, burning buses, police running around in outfits, camouflaged troops, training you that military and militarized police and city shutdowns equals safety.
And under the red alert, FEMA has said you can't leave your house.
You'll, quote, be considered an enemy of the state.
That was the quote by Sid Casperson, the big FEMA minion in New Jersey, just a few weeks ago.
In the Gannett News Service, the Washington Post reported you won't be allowed to get your kids from school during a red alert.
They'll take them to undisclosed, secret FEMA facilities.
And guess what?
I've got a film I made in 2000.
Well, we have AP News articles in the film, and we have the documentation and the video of it, with FEMA training to steal your kids then, long before 9-1-1.
This is all staged.
This is a massive setup.
We're going to be covering it here today.
Saudi bombing deaths rise.
No one knows how many are dead.
The Saudi authorities say at least 29 people were killed and nearly 200 injured in what appeared to have been coordinated suicide bomb attacks against Western targets in the capital of Riyadh in the demon kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
And when I say demon kingdom, I mean, this is where the kidnapped kids are going, according to Reuters and AP.
This is where the slave brothels are.
I mean, it dwarfs Israel.
It's got quite a few.
They are the most corrupt, out-of-control idiots I've ever seen in my life.
They're working with the globalists.
They're big pushers of terror.
And what did Judicial Watch say on C-SPAN?
The Bushes vacation with the Bin Ladens.
They stay at their homes.
Ten Americans and a number of other foreigners, including two Filipinos and an Australian, are believed to be among those who died in the attacks on foreign housing compounds and businesses late on Monday.
Nine suspected bombers were also killed.
The Saudi interior minister said the attackers, believed to be members of Al-Qaeda, drove cars packed with explosives at four targets and at least east of the city, detonating them next to buildings with devastating effect.
And there's all the images of the carnage and the smoking hush of buildings.
Right on time.
And who always gets the contracts to fix these buildings for U.S.
housing over there?
Why, the Bin Laden family.
But, oh, we're not supposed to talk about that.
And, yes, what did Israel do in 73, according to UPI, Reuters, and AP, and Haratz out of Jerusalem, the Jewish newspaper,
And according to the words of Yashak Rabin before he was gunned down by Mossad, what do we know?
What do we understand here?
That they carry these out, that they find the young idiots that will carry out the bombings, just like the FBI did with the first World Trade Center attack, taking the bomb, training the drivers, letting it go forward.
They find the fools to do this, and the globalists stand to gain.
It legitimizes the invasion, the attack on the Middle East.
We're good to go.
I think?
Of 19 suspected al-Qaeda sympathizers, it's always 19, who had disappeared from a yacht on the 6th of May.
Secretary of State Colin Powell, who arrived in Saudi Arabia only hours after the attack, said the cowardly operation were all the signs of Osama bin Laden's network.
Now, folks, let's get it straight.
It's horrible that we have suicide bombers.
It's disgusting.
It's wrong.
It only empowers the globalists.
But this comment about someone blowing themselves up being cowardly, that's pretty ridiculous, folks.
Do they call it cowardly when the Marine jumps on the hand grenade?
So let's just recognize propaganda when we see it.
These are mind control, cultural mind control.
You go, what's cultural mind control?
Well, they had cultural mind control in Japan.
Defend the emperor, defend the sun god, get on your little aircraft, you barely know how to fly, and go into a bunch of triple-A fire and crash into the deck of an aircraft carrier.
No drugs, no torture, peer pressure used to get it done.
That's a subtler form and even more powerful than most of the drug-induced types of mind control.
Now, our government does use the chemical mind control.
Their Senate reports on it.
And anybody that doubts me on this, remember two, three weeks ago, they caught the guy who had the five women he kidnapped, and he would release them after months of torture and rape, and they would come back to him, and they would never tell on him?
That was mind control.
One guy did that.
Think of what the government can do.
We have confirmed cases of it.
But in this case, it's cultural mind control.
And these weren't even remote-controlled vehicles.
We don't know.
We'll never know.
We just know that we have a U.S.
government document called the Northwoods Plan, Baltimore Sun, ABC News.
But forget them.
Link at Infowars.com to the National Security Archives at the Library of Congress.
Read it for yourself.
It's only 16 pages.
Where the U.S.
government calls for hijacking jet airliners, bombing Washington, D.C., killing Marines using Army dressed up as Cubans as a pretext for World War III.
We're good to go.
Their top operative in the IRA, now it turns out named Steakknife, was a top MI6 agent, slash Army Intel and a high-level secret group.
We covered that yesterday.
Over and over and over and over again, look at the motive.
Who stands to gain from all of this?
Then you look at the evidence.
The First World Trade Center, Oklahoma City, 911.
It becomes absolutely evident what we're dealing with, what we're facing.
You know, if the government was leaving our liberties alone, leaving our guns alone, leaving our freedoms alone, controlling our borders, and they said, let's invade Iraq because they're bad, let's invade Syria, Iran, I could say, well, that violates what George Washington said, but you know what, you can't really argue with it too much.
If they were really bringing freedom and all this, but they're not.
They're mowing down protesters.
They're giving them $20 a month to live on.
They're totally enslaving them.
They're grabbing all the oil.
They're enslaving us here domestically.
They got gun bills that dwarf all gun control ever seen that Bush says he's going to sign.
They're arming all of our enemies.
They're destabilizing our world.
They're running martial law drills known as top-off all over the country.
They're putting up face-scanning cameras everywhere.
They're militarizing the police, trading them to hate the American people.
They're shipping in the narcotics.
The shadow government owned by the private banks is out of control.
They've gotten delusional like Caligula and Nero and all the rest of them.
And we have got to stand up and say no to these people and have some basic courage.
Because let me tell you, if you really knew what their plan was and you really studied them, you'd know it would take more courage, blind, dumb courage, to not fight these people.
If you love your family, if you love your country, if you've got any shred of decency and understanding, get past the peer pressure, get past the cultural mind control, get past your programming, wake up out of the matrix and face what we're dealing with.
We'll be right back, and I'll get into the NRA.
Finally admitting the ultra-gun grabbing that's going on.
More on the bombings.
More on the terror drills that coincide with the bombings.
Final control is needed.
See what happens when you don't become our slaves?
The Batman Company boom-boom you!
Operation Northwoods.
We'll be back.
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Think of how America's changed.
They get on the nightly news and say, torture's good.
Let's go ahead and torture terror suspects' children.
And then out of the other side of their mouth, they say Saddam's bad.
He tortures.
He was trained by the globalists.
Saddam is bad.
A hitman for him in 58.
They sold him all the weapons.
Put him in power in the late 70s.
Finance team for his invasions and attacks on his neighbors, and now they're in there setting up an even worse police state, putting the Ba'ath Party back in control, paying the Iraqi people that work for them, for the oil companies and the military, $20 a month, a nation of 19 million slaves.
I didn't know they'd go that far.
Yeah, the oil, the weapons sales, the domestic police state smokescreen, the economy imploding, the dollar plunging.
But that's okay.
The yuppies think if they just support the government in all its policies, their way of life will be protected when that's the complete opposite of what's happening.
And finally, the NRA.
For 14 months, we have...
Known of the new gun bills.
For 14 months, we found out they plan to tag more stuff on the reauthorization of the assault weapons that semi-auto ban and magazine ban.
And I told you this three years ago during the election.
I said, hey, Bush is giving speeches saying he's going to reauthorize this.
No, he's not.
He's a good conservative.
Well, he stands around at a ranch.
You know nothing about ranching, Mr. Jones.
Oh, no, my family's just been doing it since 1830 here in Texas.
Anybody who stands around in front of hay bales ain't about to take my guns, boy.
I said, all righty, partner.
Makes me switch into my Kenny Buckport accent.
Ah, yes, we've been serving the crown since before the war on the side of the Tories.
Once a Tory, always a Tory.
Hmm, let me get back into my fake Texas voice here for you, partner.
Makes me want to puke.
And so we went over this.
You're like, well, if you don't like Bush, what about Al Gore?
You know, I actually during the election said, look,
I'm not going to be for Al Gore or George Bush, folks.
I'm not even voting when it comes to the presidential box.
These are all staged.
All these candidates are staged.
Give me a break.
And they had that whole election thing that was like sudden death overtime in the Super Bowl.
Got you all rooting for your team even more.
It's staged.
At the presidential level, it's staged.
They're all on the same team.
They meet.
It is pure theater.
That is proven.
Bush Sr.
and Clinton met 11 times before the election.
Business partners at MENA.
Totally and completely staged.
And so, I sat here and I said, look,
If Bush will leave our guns alone, fine.
The guy comes into office, starts saying it, supercomputers in China, blocks Dan Burton's committee, going after Clinton on pardon gate, opens the borders up, I start freaking out.
And I'm still like, well, you know, Bush is alright.
People are like, well, he's skull and bones.
Well, I guess he is.
And then 9-1-1 came, and my goodness, are we in trouble.
My goodness, are we in trouble.
And I told you, it's not just reauthorization of the assault weapons ban.
It's all these other gun bills.
National registration.
Shut down the gun shows.
National ballistics database.
And the NRA, I get their magazine.
Oh yes, I've been a member years ago.
I still get the magazine.
I still do it for intel purposes.
And there's nothing in there about it until lately.
Because we told you, the listeners...
On all of our AM and FM affiliates, short of internet, to call the NRA and say, I'm dumping my endowment, I'm taking you out of my will, I'm dropping my lifetime membership, I'm going to speak out against you if you do not tell people about these gun bills.
So they're acting like they're against it now, but you watch.
They're going to give more money than ever to Lord Bush in the next election.
As we predicted, now this is the NRA finally saying,
In their legislative update section, finally reporting on the truth.
We commend them.
Most sweeping gun ban ever hits Congress.
Clinton ban reenactment targets millions more guns.
Well, that's almost the same headline as six months ago from gun owners.
New gun laws target millions more gun owners.
As we predicted, the anti-gunners have begun to push to further expand the Clinton gun ban of 94, not content with merely reauthorizing the ban.
Representative John Conyers and Carolyn McCarthy have drafted legislation to ban millions more guns.
Oh, and Bush is going to vote for them.
We'll be back.
We'll tell you the rest of the story and get more into the bombing and get your take on that tragedy in Saudi Arabia that coincided with the FEMA drills training you to accept tyranny and martial law.
1-800-259-9231 is the toll-free number to join us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The Alex Jones Show!
All right, ladies and gentlemen, Alex Jones here, back live.
I love liberty.
I love America.
They're setting up textbook tyranny here in the United States.
Call it communism.
Call it fascism.
Those are all just names to confuse you.
It's all command and control.
And recapping, and I'll get into this NRA analysis.
I watched with horror as Governor Bush said he would reauthorize the Clinton gun ban because I knew the Clinton gun ban was to be set in phases.
California's implemented it.
Massachusetts has.
Chicago has.
It starts by saying you can't import, you can't manufacture, then you can't have the magazines, you can't have the guns, you can't have the ammo.
It's happened in California.
We've aired the TV and radio ads here where they say, turn your guns in.
Time's running out out in California.
This is the new America.
And so, see, I'm about substance actually being what you would call a conservative.
I'm really a constitutionalist, but to use the political spectrum we have, I'm a constitutionalist.
The neocons on talk radio are not.
They are liars.
They are there to make fun of the liberals, to have stupid liberal callers up to make them look dumb, because they are dumb, they are useful idiots, and to act like, oh, they're opposing all these socialists, oh, these stupid land grabbers, these dumb environmentalist wackos.
Well, the leadership of these groups aren't wackos.
They're big government pimps.
They know what they're doing.
Then the neocons are just a different flavor, a different branch of the same tyranny, and on key issues, they vote identically with Tom Daschle and Chuckie Schumer.
So here it is.
Finally, the NRA, over the year after we demanded it, week after week, has told you some of the horror.
And it's at NRA Legislative Update Center, and it's being posted on Infowars.com right now.
As we predicted, listen to the NRA, as you predicted?
You didn't predict anything.
The anti-gunners have begun to push to further expand the Clinton gun ban of 94.
Well, let's call it the Bush gun ban.
Not content with merely reauthorizing the ban, Representative John Conyers and Carolyn McCarthy, Congress folks, have drafted legislation that bans millions more guns.
It's a giant step closer to the goal stated by Clinton ban sponsor, Senator Dianne Feinstein, who said on CBS 60 Minutes, if I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up
Every one of them?
Mr. and Mrs. America turned them all in?
I would have done it.
Towards that goal, Conyers McCarthy would.
And of course I have Sarah Brady in my book from a major mainstream publication, The National Educator, on the floor of the Senate.
Many years ago, said our task of creating a socialist America could only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.
On the Senate floor, Sarah Brady speaking to Chairman of Handgun Control Incorporated to Senator Howard Metzenbaum, reported in the National Educator, January 94, issue page 3.
And Barbara Boxer wanted to arm all the pilots last year.
Lord Bush, neocon that he is, said, no, we're not arming any of them.
And there was a massive backlash, so he said, okay, if you can jump through several hundred flaming hoops, you can be armed.
The pilots.
And here's what they do now, and this is a whitewash by the NRA, but it's bad enough.
Ban every gun made to lawfully comply with the Clinton ban.
Hmm, that's nice.
Ban every gun made to lawfully comply with the Clinton ban.
The Clinton ban arbitrarily dictated the kinds of grips, stocks, attachments the new guns could have.
Manufacturers complied.
New guns were made to conform to the Clinton restrictions.
Now prohibitionists want to ban the new guns, too.
Ban guns, the Clinton legislation...
Expressly exempted from prohibition, this includes Ruger Mini-14s, ranch rifles, great little coyote gun out in the back of the truck, the .30 caliber carbine rifles, and entire classes of guns, including fixed magazine rifles, as well as shotguns that hold under five rounds.
You heard it!
The actual ban says three rounds, no more!
Now you'll have the BATF dragging you out.
You're a veteran, never did anything.
Got a few quail and duck guns.
By the way, they want to ban 10-gauge shotguns.
Want to tell you about that.
How many of you need that 10-gauge to get those half-lying ducks?
Of course, it isn't about hunting, but you always thought it was.
And so you thought you'd be safe.
Well, ha-ha!
You're going to learn, aren't you, boy?
Ban guns lightly used for target shooting.
It bans the three centerfire rifles most commonly used for marksmanship competitions, the Colt AR-15, the Springfield M1A, and the M1 Grand.
It bans them.
This is from the NRA website.
Let me tell you, it's much worse than this.
Ban all semi-automatic shotguns, Remingtons, Winchesters, Benellis, Berettas, etc., widely used for hunting, traps, skeet, and sporting clays by banning their receivers, the main component.
By the way, these shotguns are mainly used for home defense.
Why don't you say that, NRA?
Got one sitting right next to me.
Oh, yeah.
Ban guns for defense...
Man, any semi-automatic rifle or shotgun, any U.S.
Attorney General one day claims it's not sporting.
Oh, see, now it's only for sporting.
See, the NRA agrees with that definition.
This is your right for sporting.
See how they're helping set the definition as a U.N.
Even though self-defense is a fundamental right, the federal constitution, the constitution of 44 states, the laws of all 50 states recognize the right to use guns for defense.
Ban 68 named guns.
Clinton gun ban named 19.
Ban parts used to repair and refurbish guns, including firearms.
And by the way, the BATF can all arbitrarily enforce this.
Raid gun dealers, raid gunsmiths.
A lot of former cops are getting arrested.
A lot of military people.
They come in, please fix my shotgun.
They arrest you in the states where they have these laws.
Ban importation of ammunition, magazines.
Exempt for the gun ban.
Ban private sales of millions of guns.
Their frames and receivers and their parts.
Ban semi-automatic rifles under 30 inch long.
Useful for home defense.
Ban all semi-automatic rifles that can hold more than 10 rounds.
Ban guns rarely used in crime.
State and local law enforcement agencies' reports have always shown that guns on the Clinton and Conyers McCarthy ban list have never been used in more than a small percentage of violent crime.
Congressional mandated study of the Clinton law concluded that guns that it banned were never used in more than a fraction of all gun murders, but even if they were, the guns are rights and liberties of law-abiding citizens to be directed by the act of criminals, to be dictated by the acts of criminals.
Again, backdoor registration requires manufacturers to ban guns, frames, receivers, and parts, report the names of their dealers, and require dealers to report any of those parts they have in stock.
The next step is obviously demanding the names of gun owners who buy those parts.
And this is the NRA.
Now, what the NRA will not discuss for some reason is S-22.
Patriot Act II is the general bill, and the NS-22 is Our Lady of Peace Act, passed by the Republican House last year, now reintroduced in the new Congress, it's in the Senate, registers all gun owners, specifically what you get at the point of sale, registers all guns ballistically, a whole new layer of bureaucracy, registration, and fees.
It also shuts down the gun shows and bans the private sale of you selling a rifle to your neighbor if two or more people are there.
Lots of stings already happening in states that have that where your neighbor... They'll actually move a guy into a neighborhood having to push his neighbors to sell shotguns or rifles to him and then bust him.
It goes... There's eight provisions in S-22.
And by the way, it's the Patriot Act introduced six months ago...
Secret arrest everything with lots of luscious gun control for you, and Bush says he'll sign it if they pass it.
Now, that's real conservative, isn't it?
Now, maybe you'll listen to the NRA, okay?
Maybe, just maybe.
So now the fight's going to be on keeping all of this out, not removing and...
Getting rid of the previous law.
You must demand, Lord Bush.
You must tell, Lord Bush.
You don't care if Al Gore wins.
You don't care if his Skull and Bones alumni member, John Kerry, wins.
It won't matter anyways.
It's all the same agenda.
You're going to vote for a libertarian.
You're going to vote for a constitutional party.
You're going to vote for natural law.
You're going to vote for somebody else.
You'd do better voting for the socialistic Greens, because we know what we had.
We know we were dealing with it with galvanized and energized grassroots patriots to fight them than voting for Bush.
I'll tell you right now.
You call the Lord Bush.
You call him, and you tell him.
You tell him, we know you're a puppet.
We know you're like Bill Clinton.
We know you just follow orders and read off teleprompters.
I mean, what president wouldn't just do that?
They're so busy, they're just giving their scripts daily on their itinerary.
It's just a fact.
They're all puppets, folks.
Tell his focus groups, all of them, that you are not, not going to do this.
Stronger gun laws than they have in Iraq, folks.
And call the NRA.
Tell them if they don't expose S-22 and the fact that the Patriot Act has been introduced in the Senate with gun control, you're going to drop your membership.
Demand they go all the way if they'll just tell their 5.5 million members.
Now understand, there are 130 million gun owners.
100 million of them go out and shoot more than once a year.
If 100 million were active, we'd have our Second Amendment back.
But they think, oh, I got the NRA, and the 5.5 million that are somewhat active have been totally co-opted, and it's a sick joke.
So what do you think about this?
I mean, how conservative is Lord Bush?
Well, he's not conservative.
He's not liberal.
He's a control minion.
He's a command and a controller.
What do you think about this?
1-800-259-9231 on this 13th of May, 2003 live, worldwide edition.
Your calls are coming up at 800-259-9231.
Saudi bombing death rises again.
This couldn't come at a more convenient time.
I predicted that if we backed the level of staff from carrying out big terror attacks here domestically, which they said was a certainty, Gary Hart and the CFR said smallpox would hit Dallas and Cleveland and Denver.
He said it on Hannity and Combs.
Give up all your rights.
We're going to take your rights for your own good.
Give up your liberty.
We'll keep you safe.
Setting that paradigm in your mind, which is a false paradigm.
Give up liberty, you get tyranny.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
When Kandahar was about to fall in a staged event, would carry these things out and look for more.
And it's a real shame.
A real shame.
Could be Mossad.
They got a big track record of this according to UPI and Haratz and AP.
We have a giant archive on prisonplanet.com full of where they admit that Israel founded Hamas.
They control these people.
For subsidiaries, their leaders, Mossad or Al-Qaeda, they don't even know it.
They're given the wherewithal to carry it out.
But it certainly comes at a perfect time with these top-off two drills, these federal martial law FEMA takeover drills that are happening with the burning buses in the Budlam and several states in Washington and Illinois and other areas.
Yesterday they had fire trucks and police and many checkpoints being set up in Austin.
They were running something here yesterday.
I was caught in the middle of it on Mopac.
I'm living in Alice in Wonderland fruitcake system, and it's incredible.
So we'll get your response to the bombing, and remember the Bali bombing.
We have this on prisonplanet.com as well, and infowars.com, the Bali bombing archive, where it came out in the BBC, came out in the Age, in the Sydney Morning Herald, in the Asia Times, in the Taiwan Straits Times, that they were ordered by the U.S.
government, the Taiwanese, who got prior knowledge of the bombing,
Plastic explosives.
FBI was on the ground within minutes.
To not warn the Bali's government.
Not warn them that the bombing was coming.
And don't worry, they found a passie to say he did it under torture.
And that got Australia behind the war.
You don't wake up to this.
It's all mainstream.
But it's reported and nothing's done about it.
It's just reported like it's no big deal.
They just do this all the time.
And they'll make a big deal out of, you know, some stupid celebrity or something.
Absolutely amazing.
Saudi bombing deaths rise.
And we were really sad for the Americans, the Australians, and others that died.
And now they'll say, see, this legitimizes what we did, and they've got these stupid anthrax trucks.
Which is ridiculous, folks.
These things are rusted out, no wheels on them, obviously 15 to 25 years old, sitting around saying, oh, look, they've got these weapons.
And there's no telling what they are.
They've got canopy sides.
Can you believe any of that?
And they've been caught with the fake thing out of Niger there in Africa, claiming that it was a nuclear document.
Turned out our government fabricated it,
It wasn't like they found some document and were mistaken about it.
They fabricated it.
They showed dead from the Iran-Iraq war and a government mortuary and an exchange of dead program like we do with Vietnam and North Korea to this day and said, oh, look, mass graves.
They found chemical plants and said it was chemical weapons when it was bug spray plants.
I mean, how many times you got to be lied to?
And I thought they'd find some weapons.
I mean, Saddam's a bad guy.
But he's their bad guy.
It's unbelievable.
And there's only a few thousand globalist minions and power brokers that work for the big central banks.
Only a few thousand hitmen they've got.
And other than that, it's all run through ignorance.
It's all run by conning good people to believe in this fraudulent system.
Before I go any further and come back and take calls, we'll start going to calls straight when we get back.
I've produced 9-1-1, The Roads of Tyranny, The Masters of Terror, two films about 9-1-1, Masters of Terrorist Part 2.
I've written a book, Descent into Tyranny, 230 pages, only $12, an incredible book.
We're good to go.
It is an incredible film.
You need to get it.
Two hours, 37 minutes.
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Spread the word.
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Your call's coming up at 800-259-9231.
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I'm Alex Jones.
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Yes, Lord Howell landed the Imperial Emissary right on time to comfort them after the attacks.
But now it legitimizes everything.
See, we're taking a rise for your safety.
That's why the border stays wide open.
Jim, Mike, Tony, Dante, others, your calls are coming up right now.
Jim in New York, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, hi, Alex.
How you doing, son?
I wanted to comment about Conyers and McCarthy there.
Conyers speaks for himself for years.
Everybody knows what he is.
He's a left wing.
He's as left as he's going to get.
So you're going to expect the gun control out of him.
But notice this alert says Clinton and liberal over and over again, but nothing about Bush saying he'll sign this.
Well, and your point being what?
My point being that it's universal.
They're coming after our guns.
Well, I'm listening.
No, I mean, go ahead.
I'm just throwing that in.
No, I know they're coming after them, and we all know it.
It's like you've said it before.
It's like with these people, it's like the Chinese restaurant.
Pick one column A, one column B. It makes no difference, you know.
As far as the other lady, I know her personally.
I know her family.
I hate to, you know, if the word out.
No, no, no.
Turn your radio off.
Do me a big favor.
It's dysfunctional.
Yeah, I will.
Dysfunctional is a word.
I've known these people for years, you know.
And the only thing the lady, I don't even know if she'd know which end of the round to put into the... Well, that's it.
I mean, the liberals, I've told this story, and then I'll let you continue, but let me just add this.
My dad has a friend who's a major newspaper editor here in Texas.
And they come over a few times a year when I'm there.
I'm not over with my parents much, so they come over more than a few times.
But I see them a few times, going back to when I was a kid.
They went to college together.
And this guy's from Texas, but he's a liberal.
His parents didn't own guns.
One time, I was leaving some of my guns at my parents'.
I was already moved out of home, but I was in college.
And I walk in.
I get a .357 Magnum, a rifle.
I'm going out to do some target shooting.
I'm walking out from the gun safe through the house.
He sees the guns.
He begins shaking and convulsing.
I go, I go, Jim...
And I know you're Jim, but his name's Jim, too.
I go, Jim, it's a handgun.
Look, it's unloaded.
It's a revolver.
It won't bite you.
He thought it was a 45-foot cobra dripping venom.
These people are domesticated little idiots.
Go ahead.
Well, with her, it's not only that.
She got elected on the issue.
I'm sorry if the husband got killed, and I guess so is everybody else.
But that doesn't necessarily qualify you to become a congressman.
Another one of those convenient plane crashes.
But, yeah, it's amazing, Jim.
But looking at this, yes, what I'm saying is, though, the useful idiot liberals on the ground are afraid of guns.
The leaders obviously want them, as Mrs. Brady said, so they can have socialism.
Anything else?
Anything else, Jim?
All right, I appreciate the call.
Let's talk to Mike in Illinois.
Mike, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex, how you doing?
Good, sir.
Alex, I'm going this afternoon.
They're doing the...
The pre-drill for the terrorist attacks here in Chicago.
I'm begging you to videotape.
I am.
Being two of my friends, I'm leaving work here about 2 o'clock.
Just lots of static shots, slowly zooming in, zooming out, the hysteria, the hundreds of people playing like they've been blown to bits.
You notice the footage you saw yesterday from Seattle is exactly what I have in Road to Tyranny, where they do the drills north of Austin.
Now, Alex, because I remember when I first started listening to your show about three years ago,
I remember you here talking about all this stuff going on in the other states and never heard anything.
Remember I said fake terror drills.
Right, and now here it is in Chicago, third largest city in the United States, doing it.
So I'm going to get it and just send it to your address.
I want to talk more about it when we get back.
Stay there.
Stay there, Mike, and we'll go to Dante and others.
Listen, these drills always coincide or come right before real attacks.
Watch out.
Brace yourselves.
Expose the terrorists.
Americans, are you fed up with Big Brother watching you like a hawk?
Have you ever asked yourself why you're being tracked, categorized, numbered, classified, registered, and licensed by the government?
Would you like to make your assets, make your... This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, already into the second hour of this worldwide broadcast.
Wide open phones in this hour.
We talk about the tragic, convenient, right-on-time bombings to legitimize the police state and these drills they're running, the FEMA takeover drills, the martial law preparation activation test that's going on for the FEMA takeover.
And we'll get into some of the gun grabbing of Lord Bush and the Democrats, and Emperor Bush, Puppet Bush, Puppet Bush and his minions, and then we'll also get into a bunch of other news.
Police were serving a traffic ticket warrant and killed three dogs.
You see these stories every week.
That's coming up.
But right now, we were talking to Mike in Chicago, where they're going to do their takeover drill today.
And Mike was saying he's been listening for years and heard me talk about these takeover drills.
In Denver in 1999, they practiced putting people in the sports stadiums, confiscating guns, bringing in troops.
This is all part of merging the military and the police and the general constabulary.
And it's pretty disgusting, and the border stays wide open.
Welcome, Mike.
Go ahead.
Alex, the really strange thing, it's not strange, I shouldn't say that, but most people in the metropolitan area, they don't really seem to care.
They just kind of go on with their life as usual.
But they're bringing actors in.
I don't know if you're aware of this.
They're bringing professionals.
Well, I mean, sir, haven't you seen The Road to Tyranny?
The role players?
No, I did not see that film.
That's the one I'm going to order.
I have not seen it.
That's why I wanted to get the address of where to mail this video once I shoot it.
Well, I'll send you a free copy if you send me the video.
But listen...
Here's the other thing, too, Mike.
Understanding all of this, have you seen Police State 2000?
They hired role players to scream out an American, not the camp police.
Right, I did see Police State 2000.
A friend of mine has ordered the videos, and I actually met him.
He works for a large electric company in Illinois, and he had your show on the radio a year and a half ago, and I had it on, and we were both working in the back behind a building, and I said, you listen to Jones?
He said, I sure do.
I said, wow.
So, what exactly is going on?
Well, the people around here, the local news last night, we're interviewing people at one of the large hospitals, Cook County Hospital.
I love it.
It's so wonderful.
Oh, yeah.
They're brainwashed.
Now, that's who they show.
Remember that.
But they're bringing actors in, Alex.
Actual professional actors to go in there and do this.
Yeah, to run around in front of the cameras, create the perception we're being attacked by terror.
We ought to thank the globalists for doing this instead of carrying out real stuff.
Absolutely, Alex.
You know, I'll tell you, too, that they were shown in the news yesterday.
The syringes all laid out at the hospital.
They were interviewing a hospital worker.
Said that they're so excited.
The woman just got pre-med.
She's all excited.
She's going to have her first chance to work on this all.
Now that is a fraud because they're practicing for forced inoculations.
We read the LA Times article.
296 people out of 11 million they wanted to vaccinate.
Almost no one is taking these shots.
So they're trying to hype up the dangerous smallpox shot that's now killing one out of a thousand that take it.
And they're now offering to pay health workers double if they'll force inject us, but they don't have to take it.
Exactly, Alex.
I'll send this video to you.
Now, is it the 2,000 Lamar?
It's 3,000.
Right to Alex Jones at 3,001.
I'm sorry, 3,000 Lamar.
South Lamar, L-A-M-A-R, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Now let me tell you what they did in Austin in 1999-2000.
They had at least eight, we know, probably dozens, where they denounced something biological made two police officers pass out.
Totally fake.
Then it showed the Arab they pulled over shaking hands with him, laughing, short hair, totally staged.
They shut down downtown, quarantined people, shut down hospitals.
They've been doing this for a while.
Remember the ABC News story?
White House ordered fake terror attacks for, quote, hysteria.
They're doing this.
They want to prepare us, Alex.
Anything else you want to add, Mike?
But like you said, get ready for the big show.
No, that's it, Alex.
Something's going to go down here so they can have it all ready for us.
Well, they already had a big show for us over in Saudi Arabia.
But I mean here, Alex.
Right here in our own front yard.
Well, it's terrible that some Americans died in this bombing.
We need to stop who's doing it.
But I've got a good feeling who is doing it.
And it means they've shifted from now to Plan B. Just some small, keep the pot warm attacks.
Through the years of providing water filters to America, you've come to us and we've listened.
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We're good to go.
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The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The casual society control grid, infallible microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
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It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Welcome back as we fight the enemy combatants, as we fight the usurpers that are overthrowing the republic and setting up a military dictatorship owned by the private banks.
The Euro and the Central Bank of the United States, the private run-for-profit Federal Reserve, said three and a half years ago at the Davos Economic Forum they plan to plunge the dollar.
The Treasury Secretaries have been putting down the dollar the last few years, doing nothing to prop it up.
Greenspan's been bad-mouthing the economy, trying to drive it down.
It is totally staged, but as long as we're in a war, people will not blame the government and will accept this.
This is all being carefully crafted.
The people that own Europe own America.
There was no fight between France and Germany and the U.S.
and the U.N.
It's all staged, giving you two different choices of world government.
That's all they're doing.
That is the facts.
It's their own policy reports.
Dante in Texas and Ed in Pennsylvania and others.
Yes, Alex.
Go ahead, Dante.
Thank you for taking my call.
I first...
I became aware of you a few months back when I got a little mini shortwave radio.
Here's the train in the background.
I was very thankful that I found a man that was really speaking out on the truth of really what's going on in this country and really the world.
I myself, like you, came into awareness.
Actually, you probably much long before me, but six years ago, I had a road to Damascus experience with a living God.
After that, I came to much awareness of the realities of the world and really what's going on.
And I respect your courage to speak out on the truth of really what's going on.
Since then, I have traveled across the United States and I have witnessed things that people have no idea of.
They would be in confirmation even to what the things you speak of.
What have you seen traveling the United States?
Well, I have seen, which is very interesting, is you use the word fraud and craft.
I have been in situations as traveling as a missionary.
I call myself a missionary.
And I have been to these so-called places that are supposed to be
Up and up, and they use the name of God, and they're actually businesses.
And some of these places, if I can make mention of their name... Well, we know a lot of the big establishment Christian groups are just businesses.
Yes, they are.
And see, many Christians have no idea.
I mean, I can write a book, Alex, just on visiting these...
These shelters where people give their clothing to, they give money.
They give thousands of dollars.
Well, I've got to tell you, that stuff ripping the clothes off and running little scams is nothing compared to getting out of the way and Red Cross, and they're saying give money for the Iraqi people.
Nothing you give to the Red Cross goes to anybody.
It goes to the gun grabbers.
It goes to the globalists.
I've said this over and over again.
They always get caught doing it.
The money for the victims in Oklahoma City, the Red Cross actually robbed the mail.
They lost a lawsuit over it.
I mean, these people are amazing.
Yes, and I understand your amazement because when I first learned of these things, even as you speak of about six years ago, I was amazed.
I was quite shaken up.
And then I came to a balance.
Well, the level of corruption right under the surface is staggering, and it's growing like a viral infection out of control, metastasizing like a vicious cancer, and we've got to stand against it.
We've got to admit the problem, and we're going to fix it.
If I may present a balance that I was shown, I...
If I may make mention... Sure, go ahead, sir.
You're on the air.
Thank you.
Now, you had mentioned things like New World Order.
You've talked about a love affair that the globalists are having with America.
You've mentioned how people are trusting so much in a false god of the government.
You have made mention of its being like Caesar, a type of his kingdom.
And also, you had a guest on, Cutie, that said they want us to give up our freedoms for peace and safety.
And that never happens, yeah.
Yes, and then you'd also, there was mention of... That's what the kidnapper says.
They say, do what I say and you'll be okay.
Exactly, exactly.
And also, the Statue of Liberty, rooted by the French and also connected with Babylon.
Yeah, why didn't they send that occult thing back to them if the French are so bad?
And because I have committed my life, Alex, I am out there in the midst of society.
I travel by backpack.
And I encounter people that are amazing.
And they bring so much confirmation, even like you bring, as I listen to you.
But I also spend my life
Also in the Scriptures.
And what's amazing to me, the things that are being spoken, not only by yourself, but there's a few others like you out there, that the Scripture speaks of.
I hear you, and I appreciate your call, Nante, and it's good to have you as a listener.
Take care.
Ed in Pennsylvania.
Ed, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I got my subscription renewal from the NRA a couple weeks ago.
What did you think of their alert admitting the massive gun grab that Bush is going to resign?
An expanded Clinton assault ban, banning everything, basically.
Well, I think it's because I sent my thing back blank with a note on there saying if you don't come across with this Lady at Peace Act, me and thousands of other people probably sent it back blank like that.
That's what forced them to do that.
Oh, I totally agree with you.
And I thank you for warning us about this.
Well, when we were trying to defeat gun bills in Texas, the NRA was fighting us.
I mean, there's something else, man.
Alex, if they want our guns that bad, we better really stock up, load up, get all the guns you can, all the ammunition.
I'm going to hook up with a friend of mine or two.
We're going to get a nice .50 cal semi with a big scope on it and just put it in a safe house.
Well, guns are also a good investment.
They're only going up in value.
And the globalists plan a lot of bad things for us, things that dwarf what they've done so far, and that's why they want our guns so desperately bad.
And if this is an illustration of the reality that there is only one party in Washington, the New World Order Party, I don't know what is a better example.
You know, a lot of guys out there, we can't afford, like, 50 cals and stuff like that, but get together with a friend or something, you know?
Well, I mean, a 50 cal is something you've got to drag around in a big trouble.
I mean, you just need a shotgun, a handgun, a rifle to be proficient with it, a lot of ammo, good friends to defend yourself and your family.
Ed, what do you think about this tragic bombing right on time, so convenient for the globalists to get their agenda through in Saudi Arabia?
Yeah, I haven't seen it on the news yet.
I haven't had a chance to turn the news on yet, but... Well, they're saying dozens of Americans could be dead, upwards of 200 injured, dead Australians, dead Portuguese folks, pretty serious.
Like you said, Saudi Arabia is a pit of evil.
Oh, man, I mean, these princes are shipping in kidnapped kids by the bucket load, by the train load.
All these whores, they pay a million bucks a month.
All these Miss Americas and Miss this and that.
I mean, they're all being shipped over there.
It's just an incredible den of evil.
And they work for the globalists.
This is all staged.
I'm going to order that new tape, Alex.
All right, appreciate the call, Ed.
Yeah, police state, three total enslavement.
Now shipping, now out, ladies and gentlemen.
Let's talk to, who's up next, Mark?
Who should I go to next?
Wanda in Missouri.
Wanda, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, I was thinking the fact that the nature and dangers of communism hasn't been taught in a public school.
Affirms a communist conspiracy to me.
Well, you understand the communists are a creation of the bankers to consolidate wealth and have another evil empire to then centralize control in the West to resist that system and merge those systems.
Yes, and it grieves me that so many people have no idea what godless communistic tyranny really is.
But see, when you use the word communist, we actually fall into their hands.
It's all command and control.
Well, communism, fascism, or whatever.
Yeah, centralized bureaucracy, feudalism, serfdom, neo-serfdom.
When I was a little girl back in the 30s, there was a Russian musician that came to our church, and he played a lot of instruments.
He also had written some books, and I got one of the books that he'd authored, and it described grandmothers and grandfathers in Russia that were forced to work in the mines,
They were carrying heavy buckets of coal until they were weakened and collapsed, and then they were horsewhipped.
I got a pretty good idea of what tyranny really is.
Oh, and don't worry.
The new economy, Ashcroft has set it as prisons, number one part of our economy.
More crimes.
You'll go to prison for life for misdemeanors in this new wonderland.
Federal retraining where the feds pay you, but you work in a private corporation.
That's the new America.
Doesn't it sound wonderful?
Oh, yes.
And people were having to meet secretly to read the Word of God.
What they had learned in the Russian churches was just a babble of, I guess, just approved kind of teaching.
Same thing we're starting to get with our big churches here.
Yes, that's right.
Churches where they basically say that the government is God.
Anything else you want to add?
Yes, there is.
Stay there.
I'll come back to you.
We'll be right back, folks, with her call and a bunch of other news.
I got this story where the deputy shot three dogs for absolutely no reason.
I'd like to hear about this.
It happens all the time.
It's the bloodthirsty, militarized nature.
Hey, better than shooting people's families.
They usually do that.
1-800-259-9231 Infowars.com Hi, Jack Browner with Midas Resources.
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All right, let's go back to Wanda, Missouri, and then Todd in Kansas and others.
Go ahead, Wanda, you're on the air.
All right.
Yes, while I was listening, I wrote down two questions that I think should be considered.
Number one...
...is who but a whimpering slave would bury their face in their pillow and not even move or look when their house was being set on fire.
Remember, this nation is our house, and given by the God of love, it is a gift to us as sovereigns with a commission to nourish, protect it with our love and our obedience to his commandments and keep it from destruction.
And the globalist...
See, that type of attitude is weak, but it was that loving, intelligent attitude, America's not perfect, but compared to other countries, it was heads above the rest with freedom, that created 4% of the world population having half the wealth.
Because we had liberty, and where you have freedom, you have liberty, and you have plenty, and where you have tyranny, you have evil.
Because the globalists used...
Use their control system.
They want to degradate.
They want to get us under their control.
They want poverty.
They want control.
They're not our friends.
Thanks for the call.
Before I go to Todd, let me hit this article, because I mentioned it, and it's online at Infowars.com right now.
Councilwoman Criticizes Action by Constables.
This is out of the Morning Call online mainstream newspaper.
They shot three dogs too fatally when they went to serve a warrant in Allentown for unpaid parking tickets.
Saying there is a doozy of a problem here, Allentown Councilwoman Gail Hoover expressed outrage Sunday over the shooting of three dogs too fatally by constables serving a warrant on a man who had not paid parking tickets.
These were parking violations, Hoover said Sunday.
This was not...
Charles Manson, who got out and we had to capture.
This is a guy who didn't move his car on a street cleaner to get through.
Hoover said she intends to speak with city police officials, Mayor Ron Affelbach and State Representative Charles Dent today about the shooting and find out the status of the investigation.
She wants to talk with Dent because constables are certified on the state level by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency.
According to Hoover, there is something wrong when shots are fired over parking tickets.
It's just a system that is broken down somewhere here, said Hoover, who visited the home at 312 S Franklin Street over the weekend.
Constables were serving a warrant on Jeremiah Hartman Thursday when they shot the dogs.
Hartman remained in the county prison Saturday, unable to post the $3,000 bail sent by the District Justice Donna Butler.
Now, that's the amazing part.
He didn't do anything, but there's a massive fine when they raided Eugene, Oregon neighborhood, the three houses at the end of the street, blocked the road.
And they drug the naked woman out by her hair, wearing black ski masks.
Three, four hours later, a schoolteacher comes out.
May I back my car out and drive down the road?
She couldn't get out because I'm blocking the road.
And the cop just walks over, says, I hadn't killed anybody in two weeks.
I mean, how nuts is this getting?
By the way, in Austin, the Austin SWAT team says they're on dog-killing detail.
The lead man, a dog gets up, a dog barks.
It could be a Pomeranian.
It could be a Rottweiler, a Bull Mastiff.
They shoot them.
At Waco, they had caged Malamutes, basically huskies.
They shot them.
Shot five puppies.
Picked the baby dead dogs up and showed it to the children.
This is psychopathic.
They wear shirts called natural-born killers.
Somebody going to die.
I was on Pastor Butch Paul's show last night.
He said he was in a Mexican food restaurant for Mother's Day.
There was a shaved head, giant roid cop with huge arms with handcuffs around the bicep.
On the back of his shirt, it was a trooper leaning on a car, and it said, All men are not created equal.
Police are better.
It's this in somebody gonna, somebody gonna die!
The globalists can't give you tyranny until they get the millions they need, and now our government has announced they're going to hire felons for the military, including illegal alien felons who've committed aggravated assaults, according to Washington Times.
This is official.
People separate from the country to enforce this, just like Stalin releasing criminals to enforce it.
It said the dog that survived the shooting remained in a veterinary hospital, waiting for surgery to remove the bullets, Hoover said.
But the surgery won't be done until the vet receives $2,000 down payment, said Hoover, who was trying to raise the money through donations.
Something has to be done, Hoover said.
What kind of weird vet is this that won't just do the surgery?
So sick.
Something has to be done, Hoover said.
I don't care.
They had 100 parking tickets.
Thank God one of those shots didn't ricochet and hit one of the people.
It's a lousy parking thing, and it turns out 11 shots have been fired.
There were three children in the adjoining room and other residents nearby when the shots were fired.
And they've grabbed the man, they're charging him with the maximum fines, and keeping him in jail.
See, they arrested people for potting soil on the last raid with the Army in Portland.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The call is 877-605-9200.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Every two or three days, I see articles of SWAT teams killing their own officers, killing citizens, and you only hear about it in the news, in the regional news, and we scan all the regional news around the country, or much of it, you can't physically look at all of it.
You only hear about it when it's an innocent person, or they shoot a little kid, blow some 12-year-old in half.
I want you to have an image of small children's intestines blown all over the walls.
You're like, oh, don't bring that up.
I want you to know what this tyranny does, folks.
Imagine making a movie about this.
How mad you'd be at the police.
And, you know, the cops have been brainwashed.
They've been trained how to do this.
This all came out of L.A.
when the CIA set these SWAT teams up.
Before I go to Todd and Ken and others that are patiently holding...
Two little announcements, important announcements.
I'll be in Kansas City for a rare appearance this Saturday from 10 a.m.
until about 7 at night.
I'll be speaking for two hours and taking questions.
Colonel Craig Roberts will be speaking for a couple hours, doing a PowerPoint presentation.
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It goes all the way out to even the surrounding cities, not just Kansas City.
Great signal, doing a great job, and carry the daytime show.
We really appreciate that.
Well, they carry two hours of the show.
They need to carry all three of the daytime, but that's all right.
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You can also call their bookstore at 816-836-7474.
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So that's the Blue Ridge Mall Expo Center this Saturday in Kansas City, Missouri.
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Their plan, where they're going, a lot of key stuff.
You really need to get the video.
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I know we've got some calls, and I keep getting requests.
We air this a couple times a month.
Re-air Renegades.
And I had to remember to tell Mark to cue that up.
But we're going to air Renegades here in a few minutes after I go to some of these calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to Tom in Kansas.
Tom, you're on the air.
Welcome, sir.
Todd, go ahead, Todd.
Yeah, hey Alex, I was wanting to know, have you ever had the chance to read the book Against All Hope by Armando Valadares?
No, I haven't.
Well, that book there, it deals with Valadares spending 22 years in Castro's gulags and
You know, with this Patriot Act and what you were reporting last week of dragging the couples out and flashbang grenades and bags over the heads, it prompted me to read that book again.
With the Patriot Act and all this homeland revolution garbage, it's just exactly like you said, a textbook tyranny of just how bad it can get if a person would read that book and see just exactly...
What they do with political prisoners, which a lot of people would be according to the wording of the... Well, when a lot of the SWAT teams are wearing shirts saying somebody's going to die, we're better than you.
I've talked to people whose children are now on SWAT teams.
They train them to go, us, and they put their thumb towards their chest, and them, and they point at the American people with their middle finger.
Well, yeah.
I tell you.
Did you hear about the Marine Corps chant they have now?
This was in the mainstream news, where they chant about lining children up and mowing them down.
Yeah, I heard you saying that, I don't know, then three or four months ago, you was talking about that, and that
You know, that would be no different than, you know, Castro.
He was put in.
He was put in.
By the CIA?
Why, sure.
He came in as a lion, Trojan horse, too.
And he ate up a lot of the people that helped him along.
Well, they need to know that.
People in government need to make the decisions and at least passively not go along with the enemy combatants.
Well, sure.
They'd stick them right into a political prison system and
And it'd get a whole lot worse than carrying buckets of coke.
Well, you know, America's a big, complex country.
There's still a lot of separation of power between the states.
Did you know, I'm driving along last night listening to AP Network News on News Talk 1260, KWNX, the station I'm on locally.
So I was filling in for their drive-time host who's in the hospital having surgery.
And I'm driving along listening when I left to the 7 o'clock news or whatever.
And I'm listening, and they said that the...
That the governor, with the Speaker of the House, has ordered the arrest of over 80 members of the legislature.
And I'm listening... No, I'm not kidding.
I'm listening to them reading this AP headline, national headline...
Because they say they've been ordered, basically under Homeland Security, to follow all orders, to vote as they're told, by Washington, and then you hear this state rep from Houston saying, they're taking over, we won't be part of this, and that's all it said.
We don't know what they're talking about.
I typed in the article, it popped up, it just said they've been ordered to be arrested.
See, and I'm so conditioned in this la-la land that I'm hearing that members of the House have been ordered in the Senate to be arrested.
I don't know how you do it.
In fact, people are listening right now in Texas who heard this.
It was on National AP News.
Call into the show if you heard it.
Why I didn't print that article.
I read it online last night when I got home.
Didn't cover it.
Didn't print it.
I can't keep track of it anymore.
Well, I know one thing.
Me and my wife just can't understand how you can do it because we watch five or six minutes of this local news and got to leave the room because they're just about ready to throw up.
I mean, you just can't handle it.
And we've had these...
Tornadoes come ripping through here, and all of a sudden you've got troops in some of these towns picking off local people because they're not used to that.
You've got FEMA setting up an office down here wanting to know your income, your Social Security number.
I mean, and you try to explain to some people.
Yeah, we always had emergencies.
Why is everything the military?
Why is everything oppression now?
Oh, yeah.
And what they were talking about, you're calling before, about a business crisis.
Oh, yeah.
Everything's a business.
This is just a gigantic corporate disaster.
They admit that with the red light cameras, it causes a doubling in deaths from Baltimore to San Diego.
They took it out in San Diego.
They shorten the lights, and they say, we don't care if it kills you.
We make lots of money off this.
And they claim the states are bankrupt, and they've got to do it.
The states aren't bankrupt.
They've got two sets of books.
Well, sure.
That's what...
That's what we say.
They got lots of money.
The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report is the double set of books for counties, water districts, cities, states, the feds, everybody.
Well, I'll tell you what, Alex.
If you get a chance to read that Against All Hope, do it.
It's pretty awesome of what they've experienced.
Well, we've had Cuban-Americans on this show who thought everything was good when Castro first got in.
The news said he was good at first.
They fly back and get arrested at the airport.
They take your kids when you get off the plane and put them in a...
Training camp.
Yeah, that's the whole thing.
They're just eating up their own.
But it's amazing.
It's textbook, like you say.
And it's coming on to be a huge scale here.
I challenge police, especially SWAT team members, to read a textbook about Germany, Russia, Cuba, China.
It's you, folks.
It's you.
And they're counting on us being ignorant and going along with it.
We're not going to do it.
You bet.
Thanks for the call.
Appreciate it.
Ken in Fort Worth, and then we're going to air that song.
Go ahead, Ken.
You're on the air.
Alex, my state representative, Lon Burnham, is AWOL from the Texas legislature up in Ardmore, Oklahoma.
Now, that's it.
Now, tell them.
Did you hear about how they ordered the arrest of them?
Hey, but tell you what happened.
No, stop.
Tell them about it.
I'm listening to the news.
They said they're going to arrest all these members of the House.
Go ahead.
Right, if they can find them.
But they went up to the Oklahoma Republic to hide...
But what they did is, people don't know, maybe nobody told them, that the Texas went Republican the first time in 100 years, and the last time it was every 10 years they have to redistrict, and they redistrict under a Democratic rule.
Now Tom DeLay says, hey, let's do it again under Republican rule, and those guys went AWOL on a lamb.
They took off.
Now the head of the Texas legislature told the state police to go pick them up.
I guess they picked one of them up here.
Yeah, go arrest them.
Well, look, I'm not for the Democrats, and you know that, Ken.
I've given money to the Republicans and everything else, but these Republicans in the House are just the same as the Democrats.
They're a bunch of gun grabbers.
Have you seen all the gun bills in the legislature?
In the Texas one?
Not really, no.
There probably are, but I don't think anything's going to happen with Republicans in control.
Are you kidding?
I don't know.
It almost did last time until I caught bribery going on.
You remember when I caught the bribery on tape?
All over the news?
Yeah, you've got to watch them.
I don't care who they are.
And I got attacked for catching bribery on tape.
I think the governor ought to fire all those guys or some way and get all the Republicans who lost to go up there and do the voting.
You're getting sucked into that.
The federal government... You know what?
They should go filibuster.
They shouldn't run away.
Driving along, all I hear is, on AP News, there's been an order to arrest all these members.
Blah, blah, blah.
And they say it's a federal takeover.
That's all I heard.
Yeah, but the Republicans who lost the races to these guys ought to go down there and stand in front of the House and say, I'll do it if he don't.
Yeah, I hear you.
Ken, anything else?
Anything else, Ken?
Today in the Texas Senate hearing, they got the guys who own the newspapers and the television stations.
Maybe you're watching some of it.
What are they doing trying to get the regulations off of them?
I don't know, but anyway, it's good.
Exposure's good for everybody, you know.
But they ask the guy, how many stations do you got?
He's like, 115.
Why so many?
Two or three or four or five.
Why so many?
A hundred-some.
I like to look at their faces when they ask him these questions.
Well, look, I mean, somebody who owns 100 stations of small potatoes, that's no problem.
But all they do is control.
Yeah, but we'd have hundreds and hundreds of owners.
You know, they all just owned 100.
The problem is that Third Channel already owns half and is in the back pocket of the government.
Thanks for the call, Ken.
Yeah, it's pretty serious business.
All right, we got this song for you folks, and it's Renegades.
What we'll do is we'll air it in the next segment then.
Is that cool, Mark?
Can we do that?
Let me go ahead, and we've just had a lot of requests for this song, and we'll...
We'll air it again for you.
Some of the other news.
Saudi bombing deaths rise.
200 injured, at least 29 killed.
Right in conjunction with all these terror drills they're running here and with his lordship, the head of the State Department, landing, Colin Powell.
Now they're saying up to 50 dead.
No one really knows.
I've got all these different articles.
They're saying 40 Americans could be dead.
Now they're saying 10 dead.
Everybody's saying something different.
We'll find out by tonight or tomorrow.
And Senator Graham charges Bush cover-up on terror facts.
Funny, Graham was the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee.
Graham met with General...
The general of the Pakistani intelligence, the guy that lied all the money to Atta.
This is just politicking.
They're demanding that Bush release the whitewash investigation, that nothing will be found in that.
The former chairman and now ranking member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence cited the final report, the bipartisan House-Senate inquiry into the events, beginning September 11th, completed five months ago.
The report is said to provide detailed information on activities leading up to the attacks, raises serious policy questions, but the administration has refused to publicly release the report.
Yeah, because it shows prior knowledge in spades.
It's a lot worse than prior knowledge.
By continuing to classify the information that is not available to the American people, the American people have been denied important information for their own protection from the protection of the communities.
Local agencies have been denied information, which would help them be more effective as first responders.
So it's a whitewash.
Toronto Star came right out and basically says the government did it.
And I'm going to try to read this whole article in the next hour because it's so interesting.
By Michael Landsberg.
Conspiracy Crusader Doubt's official 911 version.
I mean, I'm seeing a lot of mainstream stuff worldwide saying the globalists did it.
And we'll get into the don't panic.
This drill may save lives.
And the big brainwashing going on with the drills that are happening around the country.
These FEMA takeover drills.
Got a bunch of Second Amendment news we haven't gotten to.
Oh, man, so much.
All coming up in the next segment and into the next hour and more of your calls at 800-259-9231.
Here in the Alice in Wonderland system inside the New World Order.
Your calls, watch your news, and a great song coming up.
You don't want to miss it.
Stay with us.
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From Nazareth he came With a ragtag band To bring a revolution Some would make him king Others couldn't stand for that The cross was a solution But he rose again
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Without the renegades The Lord knows where we'd be When it comes to heroes The renegades are mine They veiled against the crowd Another red-tag band
Declaring independence Take their bodies down On a bloody war And liberty for their descendants Thanks to the renegades We're free today Thanks to the renegades
We're good to go.
4% of the world population wouldn't have 40 plus percent of the wealth.
We're losing it all now to a criminal cabal known as the New World Order.
Let's go to Jeremy.
In Indiana, then Wyatt and others, and then I'll get into all this other news in the third and final hour.
Go ahead, Jeremy, you're on the air.
Yeah, I was wondering, Alex, if you happened to get the helicopters that were over your house into the Police State 3 or not.
No, I didn't, because, again, I walked out and the drone flew over, and then I got the camera, and it's just a helicopter flying in circles around my house.
It's what the APD does, and they're based out at the airport with the Army that's admitted.
I was curious.
I've got three real quick items also.
Did you hear about the FBI checks
Oh yeah, there's going to be, look, every business, food service, agriculture, new layers of taxes, regulators in your lives, the guns will be more regulated.
It's all in S-22.
Patriot Act II has been introduced in the Senate with added gun control.
Well, yeah, a friend of mine used to do fireworks out here.
He used to do the shows, and he's not doing it this year because they told him he has to do an FBI background check.
Well, more than that, Estes Rockets and others are about to go out of business because, you know, the little toy rockets we all, our dads got us as kids, you can't ship those through the mail.
It's total control, total tyranny.
I can't understand.
Well, I do understand it, and I don't understand it.
I can't understand why people...
Let this happen.
One other major item.
I had heard a rumor, and I'd like to know if you heard anything about it.
That gentleman may have been speaking about TV stations.
I heard Fox, ABC, and NBC are all consolidating under one megacorporation.
Oh, they already did.
Three years ago, their news gathering is in network.
Well, that...
More than 700 chemicals have been found in our drinking water.
And did you know that you can have greater exposure to these chemicals by taking hot showers than when you drink the water?
That's because many chemicals are inhaled when they have been... This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The globalists have made a list.
They're checking it twice.
Everything it takes to set up a dictatorship of tyranny.
Not a dictatorship of Al Gore, John Kerry, or George Bush, but a dictatorship of the military-industrial complex owned by the private banks.
While we're busy debating Republican, Democrat, liberal, conservative...
Green, libertarian, the globalists are busy deconstructing America and shutting up a textbook slave state.
Coming up, I want to read this article, Conspiracy Crusader Doubts Official Version of 9-1-1.
I want to get into some of the terror drills the feds are running to condition us to accept slavery, the terrible bombings that took place overnight in Saudi Arabia.
Look at who has the motive for that and has been involved in past bombings in Saudi Arabia.
This ridiculous lawsuit seeks to ban the sale of Oreos to children in California.
Your next food manufacturers, big corporations that give money to the gun grabbers, you're in deep trouble.
You thought you could selectively sue the gun manufacturers out of business.
What about if a drunk runs over somebody in a Ford Expedition?
You're going to sue Ford?
This is the new system.
It's all coming up in this hour.
Right now let's go to Wyatt in Maryland and Don in Texas and others.
Wyatt in Maryland.
Go ahead, sir.
How you doing, Alex?
Pretty good.
Yeah, with this situation with the Dirty Bomb experiment or exercise in Seattle...
And then you have a terrorist attack, or whatever they want to call it, in Saudi Arabia.
Just so happens that's coincidental.
Then you're having a staged biochemical attack in Chicago.
With hundreds of actors, thousands of actors, creating the illusion it's real, having the same effect.
And more vile footage for the media to show us to scare us.
And on the local news here, there's a report that...
I don't know what could be the Army Corps of Engineers are going to drain a swamp up in Frederick County around Fort Detrick saying that they think that whoever did the anthrax walked into the swamp with some kind of submersible equipment to do these envelopes.
That was the post that hit Washington, D.C.
The most weaponized anthrax ever seen with Bush in his cabinet on Cipro even before 9-1-1.
The most weaponized form ever seen sent to members of Congress to help shut down Congress so they could pass the Patriot Act when the whole place is basically shut down.
And now y'all heard them, oh, they submerged it and made the stuff underwater.
Yeah, in a slump.
Now, here they're going to drain this swamp.
It's all wetlands.
It's natural wetlands.
Now, if you would do that, or the property owner would do that, they'd throw you in jail for a violation of some federal Gestapo act.
But they're going to do it, and it's okay.
Now, what in the world do they think that they're going to... Well, I don't know what they'll plant, but I don't know what they expect to find there.
It's just that this is just...
One more idiocy.
See, since they have the biochemical attack in Chicago, it's time to do something about the anthrax thing, just like Saudi Arabia right on the heels of Dirty Bomb in Seattle.
Yeah, they're terrorizing us.
The government's been caught.
It's been in the mainstream news, ordering FBI and CIA to, quote, put out fake terror alerts to, quote, create hysteria, yelling fire in a crowded theater over and over again and saying, we're your saviors.
Hey, what do you think about the NRA having to admit that they want to expand the assault weapons ban to almost everything and actually ban the guns and that Bush is going to sign it?
Well, the NRA, any citizen who thinks that the NRA is going to uphold and defend their personal liberties is mistaken.
To me, when you delegate your authority to a group to uphold your personal liberties, then you don't want your personal liberties because you've just given them up to some group
You're either lazy, and you don't want to defend your rights, or... So to think that the NRA is going to do something is a fallacy.
Anything else, Wyatt?
That's it, Alex.
Great job.
I love you, man.
I'm glad you're on.
Are you enjoying listening to us in D.C.?
Yes, sir.
10.50 a.m.
WPOC in Washington, D.C.
All right.
Take care, buddy.
Bunch of news coming up.
Stay with us.
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And I do this show Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
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And then back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
So 11 to 2 Central, 12 to 3 Eastern, and 9 to midnight Central.
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Eastern at night.
With a broadcast Central, a rebroadcast Central Standard Time from 1 a.m.,
I can't seem to say that until 4 a.m.
1 a.m.
of the daytime show.
I'm going to get back into this gun-grabbing news and into this Toronto Star story about 9-1-1 and then Senator Graham saying there's a whitewash cover-up going on.
And it's a whitewash cover-up within a whitewash cover-up with this guy.
That's coming up.
But right now, let's go to Cal.
And Cal, where are you calling us from?
Good to talk to you.
Oh yeah, that's a good idea.
We need folks to call in about the drills that are going on.
What's happening right now in the martial law drill?
Well, I haven't heard anything already myself, but I was interested to see.
I've got a few items I noticed in the paper today called quick takes of the Sun-Times.
And one of them says that it's a new item.
The House Budget Subcommittee plans to cut 25 billion in government benefits over the next 10 years.
For those that didn't hear, cut $25 billion in veterans' benefits.
That's only the tip of the iceberg.
They announced veterans over 65 will get nothing if Bush gets his new budget.
And they earned it.
It's not welfare.
It's theirs.
I don't want to hear it's welfare from the neocons who give all the corporate welfare all day.
And under this new system, sir, you'll get nothing.
Well, that's what gets me.
I had 38 years in the Air Force.
And I read this, and then they also got it where Department of Veterans Affairs is ordered to stop publicizing health benefits available to veterans.
That I don't go for either.
I have friends that are veterans, and we have some of the nicer veterans hospitals in Central Texas.
They try to get benefits.
They're given nothing.
They need blood pressure medicine.
They've got to pay for it.
It is disgusting.
And they said in a federal court ruling, okay, we told veterans...
That they would get lifetime benefits if they served 23 years, but we lied.
They actually said, you don't have a contract with us, you're getting nothing.
Well, that's what I remember.
When I went in, they told me, well, you get all these benefits if you stay in for a long time.
You get 20 or 30 years in, you got your family, you'll become a medical, and now they're trying to give a ticket to us, you know.
The federal court ruled on the Justice Department and Defense Department side, both sides were arguing, both those groups were arguing for the government, that above 65, you get nothing.
And I actually got calls, this was all over the news, people denying this.
How dare you say that about President Bush?
He wouldn't do something like that.
President Bush didn't do anything.
The guy's not running anything.
Whether it's Republicans or Democrats, open borders, more control, more gun control, supercomputers to China, blocking Dan Burton's committee on pardon gate, right down the list, selling us out.
I agree with that.
Well, that's what they're doing.
That's exactly what they're doing, my friend, and we appreciate your service to this country.
We're sorry to hear that happening to you, and you earned those benefits, and this is disgusting.
They even, in the trial, brought out the brochures that told people, people saved brochures from 30, 40, 20 years ago, saying you would get benefits for life, and so would your family.
And the government said, we don't care.
You didn't get a contract with us.
We fooled you.
It's in the government's interest.
Actually said, in the government's interest not to pay you benefits.
Does that make you angry?
If they get your guns, they're really going to get you by.
Well, I'm sorry that they've done this to you.
Don't worry, they'll socialize health care in the name of getting you health care, and then you'll get nothing.
What an incredible scam, isn't it?
How are the new troops getting... Were they promising them to... Oh, they're promising them everything, and of course they'll get nothing else.
Yeah, I wouldn't doubt that.
Well, you know, the troops don't read the newspaper or don't have any... They're like the general public.
They're good people.
They're just totally ignorant.
And so they're hearing all the lies and getting signed up.
And if they get hit with nerve gas again, like in the first Gulf War, they won't be treated.
If the DU hurts them, they won't be treated.
Well, thanks a lot, Alex.
Thank you.
Yeah, today, supporting the troops means flying a flag made by slaves in China, having big plastic stickers made in China stuck on both doors of your minivan, a mindless soccer mom with dim, beady eyes, driving along, worshipping Bush or Clinton or whoever.
That's the inheritor of the earth.
That's the new patriotism and scoffing at veterans as they died by the tens of thousands, not being given treatment when they were nerve gassed.
Not by Saddam!
Oh no, our government ordered them to blow up the evidence of the weapons our government had sold them.
They huffed those gases and weren't given treatment.
Let me slow down.
I'm already kind of gyrating out of control.
Some of them have got marbles in my mouth.
I do this sometimes.
It's all out of control.
Let me read this again.
This Second Amendment news is so important, I'm going to cover it again, then I'm going to get into Conspiracy Crusader, Doubts Official 911 version, out of the Toronto Star.
And then I'll get into more in the tragic, right-on-time, convenient, legitimizing-the-police-state bombings that took place in Saudi Arabia overnight.
But for years, we've called for the NRA to admit that Bush planned to reauthorize the Clinton gun grab bill, and now we learn they plan on expanding it.
The Democrats are hailing Bush, and he's sending signals he'll sign it no matter what's attached to it.
So they're going to expand it.
And don't worry, there will be some convenient mass shootings, unfortunately, right before the passage of it to legitimize.
Even Limbaugh has pointed that out, that why are there always shootings right before...
They do some big gun bill.
It's very convenient.
Most sweeping gun ban ever hits Congress.
Clinton ban reenactment targets millions more guns.
NRA finally reported on their little-known legislative website, nothing in their magazine.
If you find something, let me know.
They say, as we predicted, you mean as you covered up, the anti-gunners have begun to push to further expand the Clinton gun ban of 94, which will now be known as the Bush gun ban.
Not content with merely reauthorizing the ban, Representative John Conyers, Democrat, Michigan, Carolyn McCarthy, Democrat, New York, have drafted legislation that bans millions more guns.
It's a giant step closer to the goals.
Started and stated by Clinton gun sponsor Senator Dianne Feinstein, who said on CBS 60 Minutes, quote, If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them, Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them in, I would have done it.
Toward that goal, Conyers McCarthy would...
We're good to go.
I think?
And it's in Massachusetts.
Manufacturers complied.
New guns were made to conform to the Clinton restrictions.
Now prohibitionists want to ban the new guns, too.
Ban guns!
The Clinton legislation especially exempted from prohibition.
That includes many Ruger 14s, ranch rifles.
And 30 caliber carbines and entire classes of guns including fixed magazine rifles and as well as shotguns that hold under 5 rounds.
Going after any semi-automatic shotgun that holds more than 3 rounds.
I thought it was three-round.
I guess another part says, they had all semi-automatic shotguns, Remingtons, Winchesters, Benellis, Berettas, etc.
Widely used for hunting, traps, skeet, and sporting clays.
What about self-defense?
By banning their receivers, the main component.
Ban guns for defense.
Ban any semi-automatic rifle or shotgun.
Any U.S.
Attorney General one day claims is not sporting, even though self-defense is a fundamental right in the federal Constitution that constitutes in the Constitution of 44 states and the laws of all 50 states recognize the right to use guns for defense.
Ban 68 named guns.
Ban 68 named guns.
Clinton ban named 19 guns.
Ban parts used to repair and refurbish guns, including frames and receivers.
Ban importation and ammunition of magazines exempt under Clinton ban.
Ban private sales of millions of guns, their frames and receivers, and their parts.
Ban semi-automatic rifles under 30 inches long, useful for home defense.
Ban all semi-automatic rifles that can hold more than 10 rounds.
Ban guns rarely used in crime.
State and local law enforcement agencies report...
Have always shown that guns on the Clinton-Conyers-McCarthy ban list have never been used in more than a small percentage of violent crime.
The constitutionally mandated study of the Clinton law concluded that guns that are banned were never used in more than a fraction of all gun murders.
But even if they were, are the rights and liberties of law-abiding citizens to be dictated by the acts of criminals?
Again, backdoor registration requires manufacturers to ban guns, frames, receivers, and parts to report the names of their dealers and requires dealers to report any of those parts they have in stock.
Next step is obviously demanding the names of gun owners who buy those parts.
And Bush says he will sign this bill with all the added garbage.
And they've got S-22 that registers all gun owners, shuts down gun shows, and creates a national ballistics database.
Total gun grabbing.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you so much for joining us.
We're about to go to Don, Hal, Sue, Bill, and others that are patiently holding, and I am going to take about ten minutes out sometime in the next segment to read this conspiracy crusader doubts official 911 version and have a few comments about the tragic bombing that will try to legitimize the police state in Saudi Arabia.
But I wanted to hit on this briefly before I go to the calls.
Lawsuit seeks to ban sale of Oreos to children in California.
Nabisco taken to task over trans fatty effects.
Now, this came out a few days ago.
And I told you, the Agriculture Department says they want to have a special tax when you eat beef, when you eat fried chicken, when you eat sugar, when you drink a Coca-Cola.
Anything that is bad for you or they can say is bad for you,
They're going to tax you.
Now, how are they going to do that?
They say, with a national ID card, your multi-pass is what it'll be called for everyone's security and safety.
Your life will be controlled.
That data will be given to insurance companies.
You'll have to swipe it and go through all the rigmarole.
This is total control.
The thumb scanners are going in the grocery stores from Texas to New York.
We're only a few years away from this.
Federal policy reports.
Not my opinion.
Not a conspiracy.
Now, they're suing the gun manufacturers, and they're shutting down a lot of them, even though they're losing most of the suits.
Gun prices have gone up by at least a third.
They said they're going to destroy the guns by doing this.
The gun makers enhance the Second Amendment.
But, you see, it's going to expand out into the fast foods, into cars, into everything.
Oreo cookies should be banned from sale to children in California according to a lawsuit filed by a San Francisco attorney who claims that trans fat, the stuff that makes the cookie crisp and they're filling creamy, is so dangerous, children shouldn't eat it.
And, of course, it's ban the guns for the children, ban the cookies for the children.
Susan Joseph, who filed the suit against Nabisco last week in Martin County Superior Court, is a public interest lawyer who last battled the city to remove graffiti from traffic signs.
And he took up the trans fat battle after reading about the dangerous effects of artificial fat in several stories published by the Chronicle that showed how trans fat is hidden in many of the popular snack foods Americans eat.
And it is bad for you.
Everybody knows it, and there shouldn't be any controls on it.
But so what?
They should pull it out of the schools.
They've got the junk food machines everywhere.
Your kid bounces off the wall after three Cokes and two packs of Oreos, and they say put them on Ritalin, and that's how they do it.
So that should be taken out of the schools.
But sue them?
It's insane.
But that's where it's all going.
Bringing you tyranny.
Don in Oklahoma, good to talk to you, sir.
I heard that radio got cut down quick.
Good job.
What's on your mind, Don?
Cutting back on hold.
I'm going to beg the listeners.
Do not ever come on with your radio cranked up.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
I'm sorry.
I'm not mad at you.
That's okay.
I'm just mad at the radio being on.
Go ahead.
Alex Jones is my hero.
And I'm embarrassed because I didn't know anything about you until about six months ago.
But I know everything about you now.
And here in Oklahoma, I wish... Well, I've been copying your Save Bill of Rights campaign.
I've been copying hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of that.
By the way, over 300 cities have passed the law reaffirming the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
It's into the House and passed the committees in Alaska, several other states.
Hawaii's passed one.
It's happening, and conservative cities are passing my resolution or variants of it, reaffirming the Bill of Rights, denouncing the dictatorship that is FEMA, NORTHCOM, military takeover.
I wish Oklahoma would get their head out of their butts and the ones that's running would stick up for themselves.
Sir, I'm not mad at you again, but the radio is up and now you're using mild stuff.
We have a lot of children listening.
Let's talk like we're addressing a large crowd of children.
Don, I understand your frustration, though, and I want to commend you for taking action, but even your local papers are having to admit the Patriot Act is tyrannical.
Get good conservatives to read Patriot Act 1 and 2 or the analysis that are out there, analyses, and I guarantee you, you can get a repudiation of the Patriot Act passed in your state or in your cities.
Okay, that's what I'm kind of scared of.
I don't know who to go to or who to give it to.
How many copies have you given out?
I haven't given any out yet.
I've got probably 700 copies printed up.
I would go to the legislature, and I would walk from room to room handing it to them.
We've done that with my videos for free here in Texas.
We've mailed some to Congress as well.
I would get with you and a couple of neighbors.
I would go pass them out.
I would go to the bigger churches and put them on the car windshields.
I would email copies to local talk show hosts.
Pardon me?
Unfortunately, your cell phone's cutting out.
Thank you, Don, for getting in the fight.
Just get it out to somebody.
That's what will have an effect.
And make copies of my videos.
We'll come back and talk to Hal, Sue, and Bill and others and cover news.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hello, folks.
This is Alex Jones.
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Call today.
All right, folks.
Alex Jones here, back live.
Let's go to these calls quick so I can get to the rest of this key news.
Hal in Florida, you're on the air.
Welcome, sir.
Thanks for taking the call, Alex.
I'm not great at articulating as you are on most of this stuff.
I understand it very well, but...
I want to talk about the NRA and about the Brady Bill, so-called assault rifle bans and expansion of that bill and furthering that bill and all that, if I could.
I'm a 40-plus year member and a life and endowment member of the NRA.
And I think one of the problems the NRA has is they don't listen to their membership.
The whole time that I've been a member, I've been able to talk to our state representative maybe one time.
I've called a number of times, and I generally, quite frankly, get sandbagged and promised callbacks, which I don't get, and things like that.
But NRA supported George Bush, as you well know, both of them, and
That was either a very bad mistake, or it was by design, and I'm not too sure which.
I think, quite frankly, NRA is like the difference between our de facto government and our constitutional government.
I believe that the same difference between NRA and NRA membership gun rights.
The name of the game is control, and that
It goes for both.
And NRA, while supposedly supporting the membership and the gun rights, they train the police, including some of these SWAT teams that run around in the Nazi helmets and black ski masks you're talking about.
And I believe that if things go, and this is my opinion, of course,
But the opinion I might tell the NRA of an NRA member, which they won't listen to, won't even hear, and that's not me personally, but I think most members, and they won't listen to the membership.
And I believe that their main game is control over the membership and that in the long haul they'll be controlling all gun sports, all activities in guns.
No, that's it.
They tried to get the $47 million land grab.
They want to partner with the government, NRA... In fact, it actually said this in a bill.
You're right on target.
You probably knew about this.
Where you're going to have to go to an NRA range where your guns are kept, check them out, everyone will have to be NRA approved, and they're going to be... Because you notice in the media, it's never the government versus the Second Amendment.
It's always the government versus the NRA.
It's all about the NRA...
And then whenever we try to defeat gun bills in Texas, they're, quote, neutral on incredibly bad bills.
We go out and defeat them, and then they attack us in the newspaper.
I mean, we have congressmen and senators have come to our rallies.
NRA won't send even the representative from Austin.
They're totally elitist, and they're about keeping control of the millions of active gun rights people, thinking, look, it's a Trojan horse.
They can't control 130 million people without having Trojan horses.
It's like the union...
The unions have agreed to give up their people's benefits, or the unions have agreed to go along because the union fat cats are getting paid off.
It's that simple.
And they wouldn't be telling you about how they want to expand the assault weapons ban, and they don't even mention Bush, of course, if it wasn't for members griping.
And they will not tell you you're a big member.
Have they told anybody about S-22 and how it's got all this gun registration in it?
I mean, they won't tell their members.
Alex, I haven't got a single notice on that or any of the...
This business of the reinstatement of the Brady Bill and... Yeah, why isn't it the cover every month in their magazine that goes out to 5-plus mil?
And then the pass-around readership of that's 15 million people.
Why aren't there posters in the gun shops saying, take back the Second Amendment?
Well, no.
They've got this attitude.
We're going to lose it.
Let's try to hang on as long as we can.
They're going to ban all semi-automatic shotguns.
Did you hear this?
And Bush will sign this.
Yes, and I think that, first off, we're going to have to get away from both parties.
The NRA got George Bush Jr.
elected this last time.
We're going to have to go for another party.
Now, I know that sounds crazy to some people, but... No, no, it'd be better to get Perry or Al Gore in there, because at least we know who we're dealing with.
Well, the membership is going to have to take some control in the NRA and be heard.
Well, how does that board work?
How do you fire the whole board and put new people in?
Well, it just about can't be done, Alex, because if you want to be a board member, you've got to be voted for, and the only way you can do that is you can submit your own name
But the truth is... But who votes on it?
The structure is such that it's almost impossible without the approval of the directors to be nominated to the board and then get elected.
I've read about the structure years ago, but refresh my memory.
How was it voted upon?
Well, a lot of members and voting members voted...
On the board members.
But it's like Mosul with the election they just had in northern Iraq where our government appoints 250 people to vote for who they want.
Is that it?
They decide who gets nominated and then they give you a choice of their selection?
It's about like the two political parties.
Once they select the people for you to vote, to get the vote.
If you understand me.
Once they select the people that you're to vote for, then you get to vote on them.
So actually...
You're not voting anybody in other than who they want in.
Do you follow what I'm saying?
I know.
Did you know that Heston actually campaigned for the 68 Gun Control Act?
I know.
Yes, I do.
I know that.
I've got a really bad videotape of him.
If somebody has a better one, please send it to me.
I'm begging for it.
Well, Heston's out now, of course.
Well, he was always a titular head.
We've had him on the show.
I don't think he's bad, but he didn't know what he was doing.
Hey, I appreciate you joining me, sir.
Yeah, I mean, this is Gun Grabber Bush is the new name.
Sue in California.
Go ahead, Sue, you're on the air.
Hi, thanks for your work to the community and our country.
Hey, you guys don't have to thank me.
Thank you to all of you out there taking action.
Yeah, well, you're inspiring me, I'll just say that.
I was wondering, I'm trying to, because I believe in my right to the Second Amendment, and I was wondering, I'm applying for a gun now, and I was wondering how this issue is going to affect me.
What do you mean, applying for a gun?
Well, I'm here in California, so they make me register it.
I have to go through like a 10-day wait period.
Yeah, and now they want to tag a bunch of classes onto it.
Well, that turns it right into a privilege, but I would get politically active.
I would try to take over the gun groups in your area.
And frankly, I'd move out of California.
That state has already fallen.
I know.
That brings me to actually my next topic.
I was at the airport, the SFO.
And I had to do some business, and I was watching everybody do the kiosk machines.
You know those machines now?
Yeah, it's the trusted traveler electronic ticket cash database.
Yeah, I was kind of noticing how when people were touching, because it's a touch screen only, so I was thinking, oh gosh, you know, fingerprints on the screen, they're staring longly, deeping into these screens that, you know, could very easily be taking pictures of their eyes if
Not at any other point.
Well, they admit that the Association of Banks of Minnesota is going to make you thumb scan to have a bank account.
They're going to put them in nationwide.
The grocery stores here in Austin are putting them in.
It is the plan.
And, yes, the little ink pads they've had you do, that was given to banks free five years ago by the biometric companies.
It's all part of training you.
And I just want to make another comment, and I'll leave you with this.
I was wondering, I've been recently turned on to these chemtrails and whatnot,
And as I was driving to the airport, I just couldn't believe how the sky was just covered with massive amounts of these crisscross lines and circles and X's.
I was so horrified.
I got tons of pictures.
But I was wondering, is everyone else getting sprayed as bad as we are?
Well, I don't know about your particular area of California, but let me just say this.
The government admits thousands of sprays, thousands of incidents of spraying chemicals and biologicals via aircraft and helicopters, different types of aircraft, fixed wing and rotary, on the American people.
A lot of the spraying you see is just condensation trails, contrails.
There are chemtrails.
They are doing it.
And why, six, seven years ago, you watch a video or footage of the sky, you don't see the lines, a jet flies over, it disappears.
My whole life, and about five, six years ago, some of the jets fly over at low level, leave a trail, and it sits there for five hours.
Something's going on.
And they have found a lot of garbage in the spring.
That's the kind of stuff I'm talking about.
You know, our local newspaper...
You know, said, oh, lovely beach weather in Santa Cruz, and they looked at the sunset, and all they had was chemtrails in the background.
They didn't even know.
Yeah, you watch movies from 10 years ago, TV shows, photographs, never see it.
Now, everywhere.
Thanks for the call.
No doubt.
It's just so disgusting.
Sue, go ahead.
I'm sorry?
You were finishing up with what you were saying?
Yeah, I was just putting a call out to other people to see how badly it's happening in other cities.
So thanks for the good work.
I really appreciate the time to speak.
Thank you.
Yeah, right when the Gulf War started, it stopped over a lot of the country.
We got reports from around the country, and here there wasn't a one in the sky.
Now they're back.
Bill in Florida.
Last caller.
I've got to cover news then.
Bill, you're on the air.
Thank you, Alex.
I appreciate you taking my call.
I wanted to ask you if you would be interested in reading a copy of the United Nations Exposed.
It's an old book from back in the early 50s.
Well, sure.
I always love stuff like that.
All right.
I'll mail it to your regular mailing address then.
Okay, I'll do that.
I'll get it out to you this week.
The other thing, the other guy in Florida on the NRA, I've run into the same thing.
They sandbag you.
They don't ever call you back.
The best thing I suggest for people to do is to join Gun Owners of America or the Second Amendment Foundation.
They do more fighting against gun control than...
Well, let's make it clear.
I get emails from people, and I get calls, and I can't call them back.
We're totally overwhelmed.
They get mad and think I'm back because I don't call them back.
It's different with the NRA.
They won't tell you what the gun bills are.
They've got to get thousands of emails and calls for them to finally tell their members in the back of some website what's happening.
So they're loyal opposition.
They are a Trojan horse.
Not the members, as Hal in Florida said, Bill, but the leadership.
Let's see, to get into an organization that's really going to, you know, go after the politicians and fight, you know, for your Second Amendment rights, Gun Owners of America, I think, does a better job.
Even though I'm a member of NRA, I just won't renew this year.
Well, be sure and tell them why you didn't renew, and thanks for the call, Bill.
Yes, sir.
Another thing, anybody's looking to get left-handed AR-15s?
DPS Panther Arms makes semi-automatic rifles in left-hand or right-hand version.
Thank you for the call.
All right.
Appreciate it.
There's companies out there that are getting sued by the states, by Republicans like Pataki, by Democrats like Davis, and the companies are going to shut down just like Nabisco is going to have to shut down if we don't pass laws for liability protection.
This is disgusting.
Conspiracy Crusader Doubts Official 911 Version.
Toronto Star, an amazing article.
There have been other articles in the Canadian papers saying the government did it, basically.
Barry Zweiker gazes calmly into the camera, hands clasped, voice clear and resonant, looking the quintessential Canadian progressive, a colorful...
Knitted vest over an open collared shirt, a neat little beard, a personality that radiates boyish, almost naive friendliness.
Not a shard of irony, not a sliver of petulant, up-to-date narcissism.
You couldn't possibly be more agreeable or less threatening.
Then, of course, he runs it all by asking, he ruins it all by asking the question,
They are questions that 99% of Canadian journalists have not dared or been denied to ask.
At the most, Canadians would prefer not to hear.
That's not true.
In these strange times, asking direct and probing questions about 9-1-1 will get you instant put-downs.
Schweiker grins as he mimics the upward eye roll and patronizing hand flip that go along with the phrase conspiracy theorist.
As Vision TV's media critic for the past 15 years, as a journalist with a long list of solid credentials, he's worked at the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star, taught at Ryerson University and was awarded the Southern Fellowship of the University of Toronto, Zwicker should be safely out of line of fire.
It's a measure of his determination to challenge conventional wisdom that he has willingly kept his head up instead of down and tried to look facts right in the eye.
And then there's a quote.
You know the people who just shrug off these questions with the conspiracy theorist epithet should be asked what they stand for.
Unquestioning acceptance of the official narrative?
Sure, there are outlandish theories out there.
Aliens Atlantis.
But there have also been real and huge conspiracies.
Weicker told me in an interview in his home office.
And it goes on.
I knew about some of these conspiracies last January.
I wrote a column about American declassified documents that verify a long history of top-level conspiracies.
government, its military, and its Secret Service have plotted to justify wars and impose their control on other countries through intricate secret schemes of drug running, gun smuggling, and assassination.
The U.S.
Operation Northwoods calls for hijacking jet airliners and crashing them.
government plan, ABC News.
I even considered rigging fake terrorist attacks that would cost American lives in order to stir up the public to war-ready outrage.
Immediately, I was deluged with hundreds upon hundreds of approving emails from American citizens.
Some of them praised the TV for Zweiker, a Globe and Mail colleague of my youth.
I sat down with a fair degree of skepticism to watch Zweiker's video, The Great Deception,
Which challenges the U.S.
government's account of what really happened on 9-1-1.
Slowly, a frightening chill came over me.
These were the very questions I had asked myself on 9-1-1, and for several weeks after failing to find easy answers, I had locked the subject away.
Why did the United States Air Force fail to scramble interceptor jets in defiance of long-standing rules and well-established practice for almost two hours after it was known that an unprecedented four planes had been hijacked?
How could the world's most powerful military fail to react throughout the prolonged, horrifying attack on the financial and political capitals of the nation?
How did the FBI know the exact identities of the hijackers within 24 hours of the attacks?
If their files were so readily to hand, why hadn't they been apprehended earlier?
After all, several...
Conscientious FBI agents had raised the alarm about the number of known Al-Qaeda sympathizers at the U.S.
flight schools and had been ignored.
No, they'd been threatened with arrest.
Why did Donald Rumsfeld call for a war in Iraq, not Afghanistan, the morning after Saudi hijackers had accomplished their attack?
Why did two squadrons of fighter jets in Andrews Air Force Base, 19 kilometers from Washington, not zoom into action to defend the White House, one of their primary targets?
Why did George Bush sit a half an hour...
In a Florida classroom, listening to a girl talk about her pet goat after his chief of staff told him about a second plane.
For that matter, why did he pretend that his first learned of the attacks in that afternoon when he had actually been briefed as he left the hotel that morning, now admitted by the White House?
Why has there been no public investigation of the billions of dollars earned by insider trading of United and American Airlines stock before 9-1-1?
I went to interview Schweiker because I was fascinated by his courage in raising these unpopular questions and wanted to know what made him persist.
I saw the answer for myself.
We'll come back and tell you the answer when we get back.
Stay with me.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
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Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The cashless society control grid, impalpable microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
Only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
Order online now at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling 1-888-253-3139.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The article that I was babbling through, I'm not a big newsreader like Peter Jennings, ends with the writer saying that he went to basically disprove Zweiker, this renowned journalist in Canada, and found out that there is a cover-up about 9-1-1 and something stinks to high heaven.
And it says, and if you call him a conspiracy theorist, call me one too, because I agree with Schweiker when he says, I don't know exactly what happened, but something smells very fishy.
Even more rank-smelling is the refusal of most Canadian journalists to ask embarrassingly uncool questions about one of the worst catastrophes of our time.
Yeah, like, why was the White House on Cipro?
Why were the hijackers trained at bases?
Why were their homes and cars universally paid for by the FBI?
Why are nine of them still alive?
Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
It goes on and on.
That's why I've had to make two full-length feature, over two-hour videos, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, and part two of that, The Masters of Terror, and my 230-page book, The History of Government-Sponsored Terrorism and What Happened on 9-1-1, 9-1-1, Descent into Tyranny.
And you're nuts if you don't get the videos and the book
Road to Tyranny, Masters of Terror.
I know a lot of you haven't gotten it.
You've read all the news articles.
You know there was prior knowledge, bare minimum.
You know who stands to gain from this.
But you haven't gotten the videos.
You haven't made copies.
You haven't gotten them out to people.
When it is changing lives, 90% of those that see the Road to Tyranny, that see the Masters of Terror, are waking up.
Get the films.
Make copies.
Never stop making copies.
Get the truth out.
Tell them about PrisonPlanet.com and Infowars.com, where they can go download all the news, articles, and documents that are in the films for free.
And there are dozens of other good films that have been made about 9-1-1.
They say mine are the best, most informative, and most dynamic that people will watch.
But you can't stop us.
There's dozens of us making the films, thousands of websites putting out good info, hundreds of radio talk show hosts, some more prominent than I.
We're going to keep telling the truth, telling it like it is, because we know the globalists aren't going to stop.
They're going to carry out more and more and more until they get total control of our lives.
So before I hit these final news stories, please call toll-free and get my videos, and get the new one, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
One of my most comprehensive films yet.
Two hours, 37 minutes long.
Only $25.95.
Order three or more of any of my eight films.
It only drops down to $20.
Only $20 a piece.
The book is only $12 a piece.
Descent into Tyranny.
Make the call.
That's 888-253-3139, 4infoWars.com, or PrisonPlanet.com to order the films.
Go there, order them today.
Don't wait.
Set about exposing the evil before the globalists continue to carry out more terror to get control of our lives.
Again, 888-253-3139, or InfoWars.com or net, or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
As for this tragic bombings in Saudi Arabia, in Riyadh, it's got globalists written all over it.
We know the globalists had prior knowledge of the Bali bombing, told the Taiwanese not to warn the folks in Bali.
That's on the record on our website's mainstream news.
We know the British are carrying out all the terror attacks against themselves as a police state pretext.
We know the CIA carried out terror attacks.
In Italy, to be blamed on the left wing.
We know they carried out Oklahoma City to be blamed on the right wing.
We know the truth.
We're going to defend America against the enemy combatants that run our government.
Against the usurpers that are overthrowing this country.
We better do it now.
This is the facts.
And by breaking the ice, saying the world is round, saying the official story is a lie, and by asking the important questions, we can save this country.
If we don't back the globalists off, they're going to eat our lunch.
They don't know how to stop.
They already run everything, but they want to totally dehumanize you and your family.
That's the nature of these evil control freaks.
That's a lot bigger than Terry or Bush or any of them.
They're just puppets.
Look above them.
Get past the distraction.
God bless you all.
I'm taking Collagenate from Vim and Vigor.
I've gone from a size 12 to a size 9.
It feels great.
Absolutely wonderful.
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