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Air Date: Dec. 6, 2002
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In a podcast, Alex Jones discusses forced sterilization in Oregon with guest Ruth Morris. They mention how it happened under the guise of eugenics and was later apologized for by Governor Kitzhaber. The practice continued until the 1980s and is connected to the globalist agenda of bioethics and population control. Jones also mentions vaccines as a method of sterilization, the UN's plan for worldwide sterilization, and how male sperm count reduction is considered a new form of eugenics. The government has made laws allowing them to inject vaccines into anyone without the individual being able to sue the vaccine makers. Jones discusses institutions that have sterilized their patients and a case where a couple was not allowed to get married until they were sterilized. Ruth Morris, from People First of Oregon, was forcibly sterilized by the government, and all records related to mass sterilizations were destroyed by the governor.

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Alright, coming up I will get into Bush and his attack on the Second Amendment that doesn't hold a candle to Bill Clinton's hatred of the Second Amendment.
The open borders, the war with Iraq, how they say we're going to get attacked by smallpox, who will really be behind that.
A host of news stories and your calls today.
We're about to bring up Ruth Morris, who was sterilized by the U.S.
Here's a CNN story.
Also in the Associated Press, the Oregonian, the Register Guard, and many, many other news reports.
Apologize for eugenics.
Oregon's sterilization records
Now it turns out it was well over 3,000 just in Oregon.
Upwards of 400,000 nationwide.
Went on until the 1980s.
First they were saying late 70s.
Now we find out 1983.
Now the news reports are coming out saying maybe it's still going on.
They just give it new names.
Oregon governor apologizes for forced sterilizations.
Governor John Kitshaber, who by the way is a big eugenicist and involved in bioethics,
Governor John Kitzhaber formally apologized Monday for Oregon's pathogenic law that led to the forced sterilization of hundreds of people.
By the way, this came out because of lawsuits and then he got caught spreading the documents.
Girls in reform school, okay, people in mental institutions, and poor women selected by welfare workers.
Oh, just selected by a welfare worker for among the more than 2,500.
Yeah, that's putting it lightly.
It's not really a lie when they say more than 2,500.
It might be 10,000, but we'll just say more than 2,500 Oregonians subjected to sterilizations under a law that stood from 1917 to 1983.
By the way, I don't like talking like this in front of Ruth, but I'm sure she's learned to live with it.
But I watched a Frontline PBS special about five years ago that made me cry.
I began crying one night watching it.
Margaret Sanger giving awards to Hitler, getting awards from Hitler.
They would take little girls who made under B pluses, they even show the report cards, from single parent homes, they would take them, they would take them to a mental institution, they would have medical students perform live vivisections, cutting them open.
Uh, they did even more horrible things I won't mention here on the air.
This is just to let you know who runs this government, who wants to force-vaccinate you, who wants to turn our public schools into prisons.
This is to let you understand what we're facing, ladies and gentlemen, and how this government's expanding its control, and the mindset that runs it.
The eugenics is still going on under the term bioethics.
Ruth Morris joining us from Oregon.
It's great to have you on the show and I really want to honor you for your courage and strength and standing up and fighting.
Well, thank you.
Ruth, I was reading in a newspaper you're not satisfied with the whitewash that's going on by the governor.
Why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself, your story, what happened to you, how you got in their clutches and what happened.
I, um... What was the first question?
Tell us about yourself.
Tell us how you fell into the, uh, into Jeffrey Dahmer's clutches.
The government Ted Bundy's.
How did this happen?
Ah, okay.
I am a single woman.
And I'm, right now I'm living in a house with another guy.
I should say that he was an identical twin.
And I was, um, I don't know if you know what committed means, but I was committed to, um, his identical twin brother that passed away.
His identical brother passed away in July.
Ma'am, you were put in a mental institution.
What happened to you?
Uh, how did they explain the medical procedure, please?
They didn't explain to me.
My dad and I had to sign a paper that I did not understand until afterwards, after they did my sterilization.
So, using racketeering, they call her along, got you to waive all your rights.
And they did this to you?
Uh, can you, uh, go back to when this happened?
What year?
Um, it had to be in 1965.
Because I was living in Serbia in 1965.
Okay, so you were committed to the mental institution.
What was it like?
I mean, how long were you in the mental institution before they came?
What was the surgery like?
What did they do to you?
Who knows what they did to me?
I was knocked out.
Have you heard about how they did it to other young people who were awake?
Have you ever heard about that?
No, I didn't.
But I know that
And they took out my appendix while I was out.
And I didn't know that they did it.
Until... Until later on.
So they took other organs other than your uterus?
Yeah, yeah.
Where did they conduct the surgery?
And there was a hospital right on the ground.
In Fairview.
Well, that's amazing.
What did you do after you got out of the institution?
What developed after that?
When did you start speaking out with others against this?
I just started speaking out, must have been in the 82, 83.
Now, that's when it finally came to light in Oregon that this had been going on right up until 1983, according to the Associated Press.
What, did you hear others starting to speak out, so you decided to get involved, or...?
Yeah, yeah.
What was the atmosphere like in 83?
What was going on in Oregon?
Who was fighting this Nazi policy?
Really, I'm not sure who was fighting, but a lot of people that were in the institutions, they said they wanted to
I'm fine for this.
And I went along with them.
Now, have you heard of bioethics?
Uh, no.
That's the new term.
What the globalists do, our enemies, the dehumanizers, they will rename something.
It's like School of America's in Fort Benning, Georgia, where they trained torture.
They were out of torture for 50 years.
So under massive pressure, they just renamed it.
And expanded torture training for people from hundreds of countries, including our soldiers.
So, it's the same system over and over again.
Have you read in the news how they would also sterilize children of single-parent homes?
The CPS would grab the children and then take children as young as five to be sterilized?
Yeah, yeah.
Have you talked to other victims of this?
And that's terrible.
You know, and I don't think that they should.
Have you talked to some of the other victims that were grabbed simply for not doing well on test scores?
No, I have not.
Have you ever seen the PBS documentary about how they would take little girls who made under a B-plus and sterilize them?
Oh, you did see that show then?
My, that's quite a crime, I guess, to make under a B-plus.
I think, really, I think to myself, to me, that people are sick when they do this.
You know, in the other states.
You're showing the people
The people that are into the eugenics are sick, and I would agree, they are sick.
They're psychotic, Phil.
Are you aware that Margaret Sangers hailed as a liberal, but she actually traveled to Germany to be with Adolf Hitler, and he got many of his ideas from her?
God, you've got to be kidding.
Well, no, they've got their death mills set up in every city in Planned Parenthood, but certainly you're aware that
Eugenics got a bad name after Hitler expanded its policies, and that's when they kind of got quiet about it in the 50s, but as you said, it was going on until the 1980s.
Now, the governor has shredded the documents, so we don't know exactly how many.
We know it's now, they're admitting, over 3,000.
Why do you think the government shredded all the eugenics records?
I suppose so they wouldn't get into trouble.
Now, you know your governor's a psychiatrist.
Yeah, yeah.
Did you hear him last year say that 70% of children need to be drugged at birth?
Yeah, I did.
Oh, you did hear him?
70% of us need to be drugged at birth.
That was his press release.
Yeah, yeah.
How has that been received in Oregon?
It's up in the air right now.
Now, ladies and gentlemen,
This is out of the Oregonian.
This is out of the Associated Press.
Last year, press release by the governor, John Kitzhaber, says that 70% of children need to be drugged, not just with psychotropics, but with antipsychotics at birth.
This is, for a new world, Soma.
Can you see how they use drugs to control the population, Ruth Morris?
Yes, I have.
And I'm not very good.
Well, certainly it's heartening, Ruth, to know that by speaking up, we've been able to at least end the forced sterilization practice.
Is that heartening to think that we can now affect and expose other evils and end those?
Yeah, we could.
What would you say if I told you they're adding a hormone or hormone combinations to injections to sterilize people today?
And that's why the, the, uh,
Birth rate is dropping, uh, in people that take the vaccinations.
Were you aware of the UN's plan for sterilization worldwide?
You think it's wrong to rob somebody of the reproductive future?
Yeah, I do.
Have you received any compensation for what they did to you, Ruth?
Well, I will, uh, now, in this day and age, I would like to have children, but I can't.
Well, I just saw in the article that you were wanting some type of compensation.
Have you been given any financial compensation for the brutal Jeffrey Dahmer attack you suffered?
No, I have not.
What about the Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer doctor that did this?
Is he still alive?
I don't know if he is or not.
Well, I'm serious, you know.
Let's stop calling them nice people.
These are Ted Bundys.
Yeah, yeah, that's true.
They need to be executed.
Ruth, stay right there.
By the way, folks, we all agree Nazis should have been executed.
Well, they did this.
Our government did this.
We need to execute them.
Stay right there, Ruth.
You see, let's talk like human beings.
Because they didn't just grab folks who had been committed to mental institutions like Ruth.
That's bad enough.
They grabbed little girls who made under B pluses.
You need to have their heads beating with baseball bats.
Alex... Through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
You know, I find it hard to believe that the governor of Oregon said that 70% of children are mentally ill at birth and need to be force-drugged.
Nationwide, if your child is in Head Start, they send two CPS visits a year to your home, fully.
One-third of the children are being seized from the families that unknowingly put their children in Head Start.
As CNN, AP, Oregonian report, just in order to get a loan, this is how they would do it.
They would send CPS to poor families' homes, generally seize the children and have forced sterilization.
We're talking to Ruth Morris,
What would you like to see happen to the people that did this to you?
Hang them from the nearest tree.
Well, that's a, that's a sane answer.
Now, uh, that's what we should all be calling for.
Have there ever been any criminal charges?
I guess they shredded all the documents, so I can deny it in court, I guess.
I mean, how do we stop them?
What procedures are being followed there?
What's happening in Oregon?
Yeah, I guess, uh, what, uh, Governor Kissoffer did.
And he apologized and that's it.
And then they find him and laugh.
The bodies, I mean.
Well, it's okay, because they said they were sorry.
Yeah, but I don't think so.
Well, he makes himself a party to all this by trying to cover it up.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, that's really sick that he apologizes after he gets caught shredding.
Yeah, that's true.
I think he felt kind of guilty after that.
Very guilty.
Well, he's just trying to throw people off.
He's even, this guy's a bioethics master.
The new term again for eugenics.
Let's take a call.
Can we take some calls here?
Want to do that?
Let's talk to Rebecca in California.
Rebecca, I know you were holding before our guest came on, but I'm sure you want to comment on this.
Rebecca, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Yeah, I have a couple of questions about the thyroid you were talking about earlier, and then I do have something to say to Ruth.
I don't know if you have... Let's have your comment to Ruth first, and then you can ask your thyroid question about radiation.
I just wanted to say, Ruth, I understand how you feel, although your situation is different than mine.
I'm infertile, too.
I have no children.
I'm probably about your age.
My mom was given DES, diethylstilbestrol, back in the 50s.
They did that, and they did it all the way up into the 60s and 70s.
And I don't know if that wasn't for sterilization.
All on purpose.
All on purpose.
I think so.
I've seen the reports on it.
There are so many women that are infertile because of this.
Sperm counts down 70 plus percent here, 85 percent in Europe.
Yeah, and there's no history of infertility in my family, so I have a feeling that this was on purpose.
It was the beginning, or perhaps the middle, I don't know.
But Ruth, when they first put you in the mental institution,
For what reason did they do that?
I mean, they get you into a place and they do something to you, but what was the purpose of putting you there in the first place?
When my mom was living, she decided she wanted me to get more training.
And after she passed away, my dad decided that I should go to Fairview and get more training.
By training, you have some disabilities, you're saying?
Okay, see folks, this is what they would do if you were handicapped, if you were partially paralyzed, learning disabilities, under a B+.
This is front line.
This is PBS.
They haven't seen the documents.
Under a B+, you were thrown in a mental institution and sterilized.
So, what did you have, learning disabilities, or what was wrong?
Yeah, I had brain damage.
Oh, from an automobile accident or from burns?
Um... When I was four years old, I ran a real, real high fever.
There you go.
Alright, um... Your question about potassium iodate.
Um... For example, my mother had her thyroid removed.
She doesn't have a thyroid.
Well, she thinks, I don't need to take that.
I don't need to have any of that.
I don't have a thyroid.
What could be damaged?
Well, that's true.
Now, if there's a person that doesn't have a thyroid, and they're exposed to this, are they just okay?
No, it'll just precipitate out in other organs, but the main cause of death from radiation exposure is concentration of radiation in the thyroid.
Tassium iodate is only to block and shield the thyroid, so your mother is correct.
Thanks for the call.
We'll be right back with our guest.
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Waging war on corruption.
Crashing for the lies and disinformation.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Thank you for joining me today, the 5th of December, 2002.
We'd like to talk to our guest, Ruth Morris.
She'll be with us for a few more minutes.
The toll-free number, 1-800-259-9231.
Ruth Morris, is there anything else you'd like to add before we take a few final calls?
I can't add anything else.
Yeah, I can.
I hope that other states will follow lead, like Oregon's lead.
Well, certainly, you know Virginia apologized.
After they got caught, their numbers were much higher.
They admitted in the tens of thousands, but it was actually much higher than that in that one state.
I want to add a caveat to this.
I want to warn you that through the vaccines, and this is in my film, The Road to Tyranny, you can download it for free at InfoWars.com, the video clip section.
We have the mainstream Australian papers where their government planned to use biological weapons in and outside of vaccines to be given in so-called aid packages to Asia, also to put it in the rice and food to sterilize Asia.
Yes, and so this is the eugenics plan today, and that's why fertility in women is dropping off by 50%.
This is why women can't have children.
This is why men are losing their sperm count in massive levels.
They say at current rates in two decades, only 2% of men will be able to impregnate a woman.
Again, 75% here in the U.S., 80 plus percent
sperm reduction rate in Europe.
This is being done scientifically.
And this is the new evil, the new eugenics program we must expose together.
So how is the government responding?
They're saying we will make it a law, we can inject you with whatever we want, whenever we want, and you can't sue the vaccine makers.
Let's talk to Doris in Arkansas.
Doris, you're on the air.
Welcome to the airwave.
Alex, I want to verify what you were saying about
The institutions that were sterilizing their patients.
Verify it, I mean, it's all over the news.
Well, I think it's more widespread than probably you'd even think, because I worked in a mental retardant training center in Kansas in the early 80s, and all of their patients were sterilized.
Are you there?
I knew a couple that got married that were somewhat retarded.
They still took care of each other.
But the judge at that time wouldn't allow them to get married until they were sterilized.
And that was way back in the early 60s.
Now he had no law to do that.
It was just judicial.
He wouldn't marry them until they were sterilized.
And they didn't know because they were... Well, I just want to point out that under B-plus was considered retarded.
It came from a single-parent home.
CNN reports... Now, just in case you doubt me, let me read the article again.
Girls in reform school, people in mental institutions, and poor women selected by welfare workers.
Well, I think that if you would look into the past, that most of the mental institutions, the people worked their life.
Well, my father was going to, uh, in college, he worked a few semesters, state hospital here in Austin.
And he said that every sadistic freak you can imagine worked there.
That's why he, you know, got out of it and got another job here in college here in Austin.
And, uh, they enjoyed torturing people.
Also, in high school during the summers, he would work as an intern at MD Anderson Cancer Research Facility.
He said he would watch the doctors enjoying torturing animals, enjoying torturing monkeys and rats, and even human beings that had signed waivers to have cancer tests done.
He said that it's just a sick group, by and large.
Well, Alex, you know, I'm curious if that tetanus shot that they gave in Africa to sterilize a lot of those people, is that the same one that they've used a lot in the United States?
Well, they found it in the MMR shot of a pathogen, an immunogen of hormone, and tetanus that attacks cerebral cortex in toddler development.
They have found cancer viruses in about a dozen varieties of major vaccines, not just SV40 monkey virus in the polio shots until the 70s.
It's tough today.
It's funny, they gave a tetanus shot to old school students, 3,000,
I wonder if that lot number could be traced and whether it's the same thing they gave to sterilize women.
I do know some women that are
Hold on a second, Doris.
Let's follow the women that were injected ten years from now.
Let's see statistically.
Somebody should do that.
Let's follow them and see if they have a higher level of infertility.
Go ahead.
Right, but we need to trace the lot numbers and compare them to what they use to sterilize women.
We know it was shipped in by the Army, according to the assistant fire chief, specially for the children.
Well, Ruth, I'm very sorry about what's happened to you and for all of the others across the country.
Well, thank you.
Thanks, Doris.
Ruth Morris, I appreciate your courage coming on the show.
Oh, you're welcome.
Are you involved with an organization or a website or if folks want to contact you to try to aid you to get some compensation or others, what are some of the organizations that people can check out or do you have any of the websites where people can do that?
People, okay.
I belong to two organizations called People First of Oregon.
I forgot the website.
Well, just type in People First of Oregon into Google's search engine.
You should have it.
Yeah, yeah.
And then I belong to a group here in Eugene called People First of Eugene.
Say it again?
People First of Eugene.
People First of Eugene, Oregon.
Well, again, any final comments?
I'm just, I'm pained by what they did to you.
I'm pained by the crimes they're committing right now against us.
Any final comments, Ruth?
No, but I enjoyed talking to you.
Talking to the people.
Well, you're, you're obviously an intelligent person, and I'm sorry that
Uh, it's obvious, as you said, your mother and your father thought the government was good, tried to put you in, quote, training because of your, uh, the brain damage you got that you obviously rebounded from, from the fever you suffered at the age of five.
And, uh, I'm sorry they did this to you, but they were just setting a precedent of evil, and, uh, I'm glad you're still alive and-and-and doing good, to put the word out, and, uh, I hope you get some compensation.
Have lawsuits been filed to demand financial compensation?
Uh, you don't know if they did or not, but I will keep you informed.
All right, thank you, Ruth Morris.
You're welcome.
Take care.
Oh, man.
And now the governor gets caught three months ago destroying all records of the incredible mass sterilizations, only 3,000 records.
They were claiming 2,500, but now 3,000 from some of the lawsuits have gotten out.
The numbers are probably much, much higher, of course.
The number, the mainstream number nationwide out of 50 states sits
From 1917 to 1983 at 400 plus thousand.
So, we're coming up to a close half mil.
You go out, you take your vaccines, okay?
You let the Army give it to you at the checkpoint.
You go ahead and go to your FEMA camp.
Don't resist.
They love you.
The government cares about you and your family.
Hand over your thyroid.