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Air Date: Nov. 23, 2002
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In this conversation between Alex Jones and Joe Matthews, they discuss the issue of missing children from state custody. Joe promotes his company's DNA kit for families to maintain samples at home for medical reasons or in case a child goes missing. However, Alex expresses skepticism towards government involvement and cites instances where authorities have behaved criminally. The conversation becomes heated as they exchange perspectives and examples, highlighting the broader issue of mistrust between citizens and authorities."

Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Blasting out on the AM and FM dial, from Oregon to Colorado, to Florida to New York, I'm Alex Jones.
Your host, Simulcasting at InfoWars.com, InfoWars.net, PresentPlanet.com, as well as Global Shortwave 12.172 and 93.20 during the day and back from 9 to midnight at 5.085 and 68.90.
Yesterday I read a New Jersey Herald article, DNA legacy still water first in the country to identify pupils through genetic fingerprinting.
And the article goes on to say, peoples were brought into the school cafeteria one class at a time, had their DNA collected by patrolman Tom Cicetti, who took two swabs of each people's mouth.
There were a few complaints from the peoples who seemed eager for their turn to be swabbed.
It wasn't bad, said one first grader.
Some kids actually liked it.
The police officer said, it tickles, so a lot of kids start laughing.
Now, they started drug testing about 10 years ago in more conservative areas of the country where people were foolishly brought into it just for football players, or if you wanted to park in the parking lot, or a privilege, or being banned.
Now it's universal.
They're going to test for nicotine.
That's the problem with this, and we've got the
DNA-Fingerprint.com, hyperlink on the main guest section of InfoWars.com, and he now joins me here on the air.
I really appreciate you coming on the show, sir.
Do we have Joe there?
Yeah, hello, Alex.
I appreciate you joining us today, sir.
No, thank you for inviting me.
Now, we know they've been taking fingerprints.
The parents store them or the school stores them.
Now it's DNA.
Have you heard about Colorado's going to have federal checkpoints taking hair forcibly?
That came out a few days ago.
No, I'm not aware of that.
But, you know, there's a problem with just like a parent taking like a lock of hair from their child because there's two things that affect DNA negatively.
And one is bacteria and the other is the sunlight.
So, by just taking a locker here, over a period of time, you're not going to be able to extract the DNA.
Instead, you take the soft, tender mucous membrane tissue out of the side of the cheek.
Right, by rubbing it for like five seconds, it absorbs the buccal cells, and then you place that in the tube, and there's a fixative agent that preserves the DNA.
Antibacterial fixative agent that preserves the DNA, and then you place that tube
That's vapor-proof in a red envelope that filters off the ultraviolet light and it literally preserves the DNA for an indefinite period of time, forever.
Again, we're talking to the president and founder of DNA LifePrint.
DNA-LifePrint.com's website.
Want to find out more?
Look, if parents want this thing, they'll go out and buy it.
I have no problem with that.
It says the school takes two swabs.
Now, this always starts where it's just the parents having it, but why it says two swabs, then it says, oh, one of the kids goes home with the parents.
Now, is there... What happens here?
No, no.
The reason why we have two swabs instead of one is the amount of DNA that's absorbed on each swab is an enormous amount.
It's going to be a minimum of 1,000 to 7,800 nanograms of DNA.
I don't
Those cotton swabs are in the tube together, and they stay with the family.
There's no big brother involved, no repository.
It goes home and stays in the privacy of the family at room temperature.
Joe, you certainly heard about the big scandals in North Carolina, Virginia, Texas, where they have been caught taking the heel blood sample, but taking an extra ampule and putting it in a federal database.
Were you aware of that?
No, I'm not aware of that.
You've got a DNA sample company, but you weren't aware of that?
No, I mean, I've heard rumors and everything else, but I won't comment on it.
It's been in the Associated Press.
Would you like me to email or fax you that article?
Uh, no.
Okay, well I just want you to know it's true.
Certainly you know the government starts something out as voluntary, and then it becomes mandatory.
You haven't heard about the government discussing mandatory DNA samples from everybody?
Now, let me tell you, there's been rumors about everything about maintaining DNA samples, but everything that I've heard, it's being maintained in the privacy of your own home.
And whether the family keeps it or, God forbid, you need it for other reasons, you're going to be able to still obtain it.
But, just like at the World Trade Center, when they wanted the families to bring in the toothbrushes,
You know, the majority of that, they weren't able to extract the DNA.
I mean, you're talking about a plastic toothbrush that, uh, who knows who used it last, or whatever, uh, depending on the toothpaste, whether or not they were able to extract it and it wasn't successful.
Well, here's another... If I'm maintaining the sample of the DNA, it's kept in a privacy-run home, and only, God forbid, if you need it, then you turn it over to the authorities or to the medical... Well, why are they... Well, here's an important question.
Who set this up?
First-grade students?
Uh, in these counties in New Jersey, and it says all the children just loved it, and they just marched in and did it.
Well, yeah, they're first graders.
They're told, stand here, you go to the bathroom, you sit there, you do that.
They do what they're told.
And it says all the children loved it.
Look, who set this up is what I'm asking.
What you have is, we distribute DNA kits all over the country through police departments, non-profit organizations, and especially corporate sponsorships.
They're giving back to the community.
And it's a win-win for everyone.
The corporate sponsor gets the media attention on it and the families receive it free of charge.
Let's give some of them a little bit of attention.
Who are these corporations?
All right.
We have corporations all over the country.
We have car dealerships all over the country.
We have... I imagine... Oh, Red McCombs?
Does Red McCombs do that?
I'm not familiar with individual names.
What about IBM?
Are they helping out with a little money?
I'm not familiar.
I mean, I'm not... I don't know exactly... I'm not prepared to give you a list of all the people that have done it, but we've...
Well, you know, whether it's a face scan, whether it's a DNA sample, whether it's a fingerprint, whatever it is,
Uh huh.
You know, God forbid your child is missing, whatever you have is worth its weight in gold to you if that is what's needed to bring your child back.
But can we go back to this?
Who in this New Jersey township, because you're the president of the company and you get a lot of attention on this, I'm sure you know how this was set up.
How did that work in the school?
Were parents consulted or did they just march the kids in to have their DNA taken?
What they do is anytime there's an event, whether it's the police department or a corporate sponsor, they do a public service announcement, they bring home notices from the schools, and they offer it to the parents free of charge if they decide to have it.
If the parent wants it, they'll bring the child in,
And they'll take the DNA sample, whether it's for the child or whether it's for an Alzheimer's patient or a family.
They marched in whole classes, the whole school, and took their DNA.
Wait a minute.
Yeah, and everything is with parents' permission.
If the parents did not want their child's DNA,
But you have to remember, the sample goes home with the parent.
What's the procedure?
Where does it go?
I mean, they just swab it?
I said it goes home with the parent.
The sample.
There's no repository.
It goes home with the parent.
So the parents are all there while this is happening?
In most cases.
I wasn't at this particular event.
We have events all over the country.
But the parent is the one that is responsible for taking home the sample, maintaining it, and keeping it in the closet of your own home.
I'm a good judge of somebody by telling what they say.
I don't think you're a bad person.
I had a bad person on last hour.
I hope you don't think I'm a bad person.
No, I don't.
But the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
And certainly if people want to buy this stuff, you should have your thing in Walmart and Kroger's.
If people want to get this and do it, that's fine.
There's no need.
I don't want any relationship with the school.
Kids lined up in mass because of the crimes this government's committed with eugenics and bioethics and the things they've done and they've already been caught.
And it's not a rumor.
See, I read the news wires three hours a day.
And I see articles every two weeks about them grabbing DNA illegally.
The scams they're running, what they're doing.
I don't want government, school districts, involved in this.
If parents want to do it, they should do it.
This hurting people, you know, in a cattle car fashion, I think is wrong.
Well, I'm telling you, that's the interpretation that maybe the reporter had and the way he described it.
But what is taking place is they're offering it to the parents free of charge if they want it, and if they do want it,
The only record of that goes home with the family.
That is it.
So simple.
What if the Colorado State Police say that they want 10,000 kits from you because they're going to set up checkpoints and make people take these?
Would you sell to them?
You know, you're giving me hypotheticals.
We're very, very selective in who we sell to.
But if you, the president of the company, if the state police said, we're going to use these at checkpoints, give it to us, would you do it?
Now, if the state police request something, I would assume that all of the guidelines that they're going to be following are proper.
Do you agree?
You just said it.
Guidelines, policies, none of this is even law.
They're now announcing they're going to take your hair at a checkpoint.
You ever heard of the 4th and 5th Amendment, sir?
Do you know to get someone's DNA against their will, you have to have a search warrant?
But now... You realize that?
I know, in the past... Okay, so I'm sure, I'm sure, I am sure that no one is going to volunteer and give their DNA for a data bank, for whatever company it is, or for whatever organization, unless there was a demand, a legal demand, through a search warrant, that they were able to obtain it through the court.
But maybe you heard about the Total Information Awareness Network Homeland Security.
They're saying under this wartime they don't need that anymore.
And that's a total violation of our rights.
Well, no, that's not exactly the interruption.
I think you're looking at it... I'm not any more familiar with it than the general public when I'm watching on TV.
KKTV in Colorado Springs.
Good report.
I call them.
It's true.
They're going to take, forcibly, your hair at checkpoints.
One more second, because I want to learn more about your company.
I want to learn more.
Stay there for about 10 more minutes with us, sir.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
We are talking to the president and founder of DNA Lifeprint, Joe Matthews.
Look, they are moving in England and the U.S.
towards preparing us for DNA databases.
It is not a rumor.
That's why you've heard about it because somebody saw it on the news or read an article and they told somebody, they told somebody that I guess it was a rumor for you.
They are keeping illegal DNA databases.
They're getting in a lot of trouble.
Federal government was caught buying these from the states with mandates and that's why people are concerned.
I have no problem with parents taking a DNA sample and keeping it and buying it off the store shelf and doing it themselves.
The problem is, why do you have government involved?
You know, it's set up first with the school, then they tell the parents.
You see, right off the bat, there's government involvement, and that's a big concern.
Do you see what I'm saying?
Hey, you know, I see what you're saying, but I don't agree with you.
Let me share this with you.
I was in charge of homicide for Miami Beach Police, and I worked there for 29 years.
And I worked over 2,000 death investigations during my career.
On November 2nd, 1990, a baby was found dead in the bushes that we weren't able to identify.
It was the worst case of abuse, neglect, and torture in the history of Dade County.
And I said to the media that very first day, because I knew this child who was three years old, and he only weighed 18 pounds, and he had his pampers taped to his body, and the pampers had been on for over a month.
I said, with today's technology, we're able to obtain an entire history of a motor vehicle within seconds, yet we're unable to identify a missing or abandoned child.
I didn't realize how profound my words were, and then I testified before Senate subcommittees after I solved the case and the murders on death row, and then I went to Washington and I did research and I tried to pass a bill that would mandate social services to take a DNA sample of at-risk children.
We had the baby in one hand and we had a hundred footprints in the other, and not one single print was legible for identification purposes.
So it was of no value whatsoever, yet we have laws under books in certain states that say a child has to be footprinted for identification purposes.
Alright, let me stop you right there.
Number one, now I'm beginning to get really concerned about what you're saying here, Joe, because let me tell you something right now.
I'll tell you about the Associated Press.
They've taken 46,000 children by CPS for at-risk parents with diabetes, people that are sick, no records, attacking homeschoolers' families.
3,500 of those children that CPS took are now gone.
No record of where CPS put them, where they are.
These stories are popping up nationwide.
CPS has got a federal mandate to break up the family, and you just said it.
Mandated that at risk, you haven't committed a crime, but oh you're poor, head start program, they send CPS out to the house, take DNA databanks, you just said it, government databanks!
You can talk about dead kids all day long, this government has been involved in more of this than you can imagine.
Have you heard about the 3,500 missing kids in Florida that CPS took?
I think your focus is so negative and not positive.
The positive thing is...
The positive thing is that if you take a DNA sample of your child, of your own child, and God forbid that baby is missing, and you have no resources to find your own child, what would you do?
The first thing you'd do besides presenting a picture and fingerprints, as much as 80% of all our children's fingerprints are not legible for identification.
So what do you do?
You turn over your child's DNA sample to the local authorities, they put it in the FBI database, and they got to bed the child is found in Duluth, Minnesota, with two young kids they don't want to talk to, they take a DNA sample and return the child!
That's how simple it is!
Joe, you just said, you just said have CPS go force them to do it at risk!
No crime!
Obviously the bill of rights has been passed!
Because that was my focus, because I had to be in custody of human resources!
And then they weren't able to identify him.
There you go, human resources.
Have you not heard about all the missing kids in Florida that CPS took?
You have heard about it?
Yeah, I read in the paper.
It's not 1,500 down there.
No, no, it's not.
They've identified... If you read the most recent papers, most of those children have been located.
They've been in different family custody.
No, I predicted... Let me finish.
I predicted...
The number grew.
Oh yeah, they'll say, we found 10 of the children and the number grew.
No, no, no, they found the majority of them.
There's only a few that are missing.
Well, one's too many.
One child.
That's right.
And no one's been arrested.
Those social workers should be arrested.
And you just said it.
You push for legislation for forced DNA databases.
What was the name of the legislation?
It obviously didn't get anywhere.
What was the name of it?
It was DNA Life... I mean, DNA Life... Excuse me.
The bill was under the name of Baby Lollipop, but it never made any show.
Do you want to hold or do you want to get off the show?
Are you done?
Oh, if you want me to.
Do you want to hold over?
Okay, stay right there.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Public officials have warned that the breadbasket of America... About a year ago, they said one little two-and-a-half-year-old black girl that CBS had taken a year before was gone.
They couldn't find her.
The number then rose to 150.
Oh, but they found four of the children.
Then it rose to 1,500, but they found 50 of the children.
And that was the headline, children being found.
Now it's up over, as of a month ago, 3,500.
And I've posted them daily on the website.
You know what we'll do?
We'll just go grab all those for you and post them this afternoon.
How does that sound?
We'll just post those.
And by the way, Joe Matthews,
You are, you know, your baby lollipop thing.
First you said, and you're on tape by the way, you said, oh no, I'm not for forced DNA databases.
And oh, but then you said you'd try to pass legislation for people that are at risk.
No crimes committed, but you're poor, you're on welfare, you've got diabetes.
This is a new at-risk system.
Are you interpreting it now exactly?
What I'm saying is my original goal in this whole thing as a police officer
No, you said at risk.
You said children at risk.
I mean, this is what I mean.
I mean, you can call it anything you want.
You know how evil CPS is?
How they violate rights?
We're getting in a lot of trouble, by the way.
Do you think... Let me ask you this, Alex.
Do you think...
Is anything wrong with a family taking their child's DNA and keeping it in the privacy of their own home?
Is there anything wrong with that at all?
But I told you... No, I don't.
But you said... Okay, but that's... Listen.
Hold on.
You said government... Listen.
You're in with the government.
You said you tried to pass bills to make them do it.
Now you're backtracking.
No, I'm not backtracking.
Listen to me.
If you don't think there's anything wrong with that, and that's all we do.
We don't maintain a repository.
We don't do anything that's negative.
We don't turn over any information.
Currently, you said you tried to pass legislation.
You tried to pass legislation mandating it.
Ten years ago, I tried to and I wasn't successful because I was the investigator that found a dead baby that I couldn't identify.
Well, I'm an investigator.
And in Social Services custody.
I'm an investigator and I know what Skull and Bones and others are doing to children.
I read the reports on the BBC where the U.N.
kidnaps millions of children and women a year and they're the ones trying to pass this type of legislation.
Are you aware of the giant U.N.
slave brothels?
No, I'm not.
No, I'm not.
Here, let's bet.
I'm not a betting man, but I'll put my money where my mouth is.
I'll send you 20 news articles for the U.N.'
's involved in massive slave brothels and kidnapping.
But that doesn't involve me or my company.
You want a government mandated.
We maintain the sample of the families maintain the sample of their own child.
My point is, this government's criminal and I don't want the government involved anywhere and you said ten years ago you tried to pass legislation when I said, what about checkpoints taking our hair?
And I'm not familiar with that.
Yeah, but you said, I'm sure they'll have authorization.
Oh, if they did?
Thanks for listening to the M2K Talk Archive.
Oh, if they did it, I'll be sure they would.
It would have to be laws passed, don't you think?
You see, they had laws that black people were slaves, but the Supreme Law said all men are created equal.
Well, no.
So they can pass laws that are criminal all the time.
You know, Hitler passed laws.
Doesn't mean they were real laws that we had to follow.
Oh, but thank God there are people like you to keep everybody straight.
Well, I have to tell you this.
If you were a at-heart bad person, you wouldn't be up here defending your ideas passionately.
You would have hung up.
But I think that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
In Michigan, they're putting cameras in the bathrooms at state parks because of vandalism.
We're all being treated as if we're guilty until proven innocent.
They're saying total information awareness network.
The military is going to be watching us.
Don't you see where this is going?
But it doesn't involve the DNA life-bring kit.
The DNA life-bring kit is made for the family.
They're promoting and they want to make us all do it.
The DNA life-bring kit was made for the family to keep in the privacy of your own home, at room temperature, and God forbid, God forbid, whether it's an Alzheimer's patient or a child that's missing, or on the other hand, for medical reasons.
You, sir, do you have children?
Yes, I do.
Are your parents alive?
Yes they are.
Then I would suggest you take a DNA sample of your parents and that DNA sample 20 years from now may be of great value medically for your children or their children.
Let me stop you for a minute.
You're not understanding what I'm saying.
Certainly, if we had angels running planet Earth, you know, from heaven, they could put the cameras up for us and it'd be fine.
We don't.
We have a government that has done every wicked thing I could imagine and it's full of cops like you who aren't evil, but trust the government.
And think that give up liberty for security.
It doesn't work that way and you already said because of your outrage of the dead lollipop baby that you wanted to force people to do this and now you're just trying to get people to do it.
Social services.
Social services is a part of... I'll have you... You know what's so great?
You know what's so great?
You know when I was invited to come on the show and they
You know, I didn't know, and I'm happy to be on, and I'll talk as long as you want.
I didn't know it was a controversial show.
The impression she got is they just wanted to make people aware that the product was available and how to use it and everything else.
And so I wasn't prepared to discuss
I'm just a cop from a city that I saw a dead baby, I worked 2,000 death investigations, I saw parents
Let me make a point and then we'll take a call.
Let me just make a point here.
Alright, buddy, go ahead.
This is very important for you to understand.
Let me finish this.
You know the footprint, it changes, it's not like a fingerprint.
Yes, let me finish please.
Go ahead.
Just let me say this.
This is very important for you to understand.
What I'm trying to explain to you is, I have the textbook used at the University of Texas by CPS as their main textbook going to school.
It says the family's bad.
We're going to break the family up.
We want people under government control.
This is public.
Now understand... What's the name of this textbook?
It is the Calhoun Reader.
Now, let me... Wait, that's the title of the book?
The Calhoun Reader?
Let me... You know what?
I'll just go get the book off the bookshelf during the next break, but will you stay... Yes, that's the name.
Will you just stay there for a second?
Sure, I will.
Let me tell you something.
Time Magazine, two years ago, had a cover story, The Shame of Foster Care.
Did you see that article?
No, I didn't see it.
The Justice Department's own numbers.
You are five times more likely to be abused, raped, or killed in foster care.
In Florida, they're locking kids up, toddlers at maximum security, loony bins, drugging them when they cry for mama.
They call that mental illness.
Certainly you're aware of eugenics and all this.
This is horrible!
I agree with you 100%.
And let me finish.
I have been in hospitals where a mother who was on food stamps has done nothing wrong.
They come in without a judge's order, sign an emergency order, grab the child because they got a racket going, and then we get a copy of the report, the removal report, and it says we have reports they abused this baby, Jocelyn Houser, one year ago.
It's a two-day-old baby!
Understand, they are criminals, and just because you're not a criminal and can't get your head around it and you think government's good, I can send you 50 articles a day on this.
If a guy who works for the post office goes in and shoots everybody, are you going to say that all postmen... No, it's government policy!
It's government policy!
No, are you going to say that?
It's the government's policy!
Ah, you know, I love talking to you because you're so negative.
You're the negative one talking about the dead lollipop baby!
Yeah, a negative is a baby dying under my arms at the autopsy!
I'm the one that found... Yeah, what about all these dead kids that government kills?
What about SWAT teams going in the wrong house and blowing a two-year-old in half or throwing a flashbang in the crib?
What about the SWAT teams that go and save people's lives too?
You know, mistakes are made, Alex!
Hey, you know in Nazi Germany, they... Alex!
Mistakes are made!
In Nazi Germany, they knocked on the door.
They don't knock anymore here.
Did you ever get a crack to there, Alex?
Have you ever been in a car accident?
Yeah, have you?
Have you?
Oh, of course I have!
You know why they call it accidents?
It was a mistake!
Oh yeah, but... Hey, hold on.
You ever get in an accident?
Let's take some calls.
Alex, have you ever gotten in an accident?
Okay, so come on.
Let's be mature about this.
I have video of the SWAT team in Austin after they killed a veteran, giving each other high fives.
Let's take a call.
Jeff in Missouri.
Jeff, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
You're on the air with the head of this company, DNA Live Print.
Go ahead, Jeff.
Hi, Alex.
How are you doing today?
You're getting into a very spirited discussion there.
I'm okay.
I'm glad that Kyle's crap with us.
He's a... Well, I'll tell you what.
You know, we know what's going on.
We see the how and the what.
But the bottom underlying foundation is why.
And I wanted to call and just share this with you because we know that history always repeats itself.
But this is something that was written about a situation that took place about 4,000 years ago.
And it's in the book of Nehemiah.
And it said here, neither have our kings, nor our princes, nor our priests.
We can translate that into politicians and rulers today.
Nor our fathers have kept your law, nor hearken unto your commandments or your testimonies with which you testified against them.
For they haven't served you in their kingdom.
And your great goodness that you gave them, and in the large and fat land which you gave before them, neither did they turn away from their wicked work.
You're going to need to finish up.
I'm not translating it for me.
He says here, Behold, we are servants and stay for the land that you gave to our fathers, to eat the fruit thereof and to eat the good thereof.
Go ahead.
Make a point.
No, no, no.
Behold, we are servants and stay for the land that you gave to our fathers, to eat the fruit thereof and to eat the good thereof.
Behold, we are servants and stay for the land that you gave to our fathers, to eat the fruit thereof and to eat the good thereof.
Behold, we are servants and stay for the land that you gave to our fathers, to eat the fruit thereof and to eat the good thereof.
Behold, we are servants and stay for the land that you gave to our fathers, to eat the fruit thereof and to eat the
Well, no, I just want to read this one last verse, Alex, because it's a king here.
And it yields much increase to the kings who you have set over us because of our sins.
Also, they have dominion over our bodies and over our cattle at their pleasure, and we are in great distress.
And that is the underlying piece of why what's happening is happening, Alex.
Yeah, and this guy, because he thinks it's all good, he admits 10 years ago he had to force DNA databases with CPS, but uses that risk with no charges, no nothing, to take people's children!
It's not funny.
You're making me mad now.
There you go.
It's not funny that DPS takes people's children.
Alex, my little laugh is out of frustration because you misinterpret everything I say.
But if that's how you want to do it, fine.
I thank God there's shows like this.
Honestly, God, because it keeps everybody straight.
Because you got people on one side and people on the other.
And the majority of everybody is right in the middle.
Well, we have a Fourth Amendment, so they can't make us give DNA, and we're not going to do it.
Nobody wants your DNA.
Only if they need it in a search warrant.
Then they'll prove to courts they were listening.
No, we've already said we're going to do it at checkpoints, and that's in the news.
Oh, that's what you're saying, but we're not going to do it.
Everything I give you is documented.
How many articles have I mentioned that you've already heard about?
I'm not making this stuff up, Joe.
I've got it right in front of me.
No, no.
Let me tell you, I don't think you're a liar.
You know what I mean?
So, whatever you tell me, then fine.
But I told you, when I was invited on the show, I'm not an expert in these issues.
Well, I am.
I'm a cop.
I invented a DNA kit for families.
And I told you, I'm the one problem if somebody gets it from a store.
I don't want the government involved in it.
Jeff, thanks for the call.
Let's talk to Doris in Arkansas.
You're on the air with our guest, Doris.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Yes, go ahead.
Well, you know, I didn't intend to get in this conversation, but since I'm on,
I'm wondering, Joe, if you had had the DNA of that baby, would that have allowed you to know, or if the parents that had the DNA on that baby, do you think they would have given it to you?
And would that have solved your case?
You're going to need to have a database already.
That's what this is all about.
Go ahead, Joe.
That wouldn't have solved your case, because they wouldn't have given it to you.
Joe, you want to comment on that?
Right, the biological mother is the one who murdered the child.
But she wouldn't have given you the DNA that she had on the baby.
Well, let him answer you, Doris.
Go ahead.
Go ahead, Joe.
What were you saying?
Most of the baby's life was spent in custody of the social services.
It was the mother that murdered the child.
I don't believe that.
Oh, it's in their country, but the mother did it.
Give me a break.
Did any of the social services read the paper?
Oh yeah, the CPS had the kid, but they blamed it on her, I'm sure.
Read the paper.
Come on, don't say something that you don't know anything about.
Hey, I know CPS in Massachusetts fed a kid to a Rottweiler.
I'm not talking about Massachusetts.
I'm talking about Miami and Miami Beach in the case that I personally work.
Janet Reno's mom.
Did any of the DHS
Did any of the CPS workers recognize the baby when you found it?
Well, I don't see how your DNA would have helped you in this case.
No, I didn't say it would have helped me.
If social services had the sample of the child, then a positive identification would have made it.
Now, wait a minute.
The CPS has the kid, Joe, and you're working the case, but then it's the mother who gets convicted.
I mean, she might have done it.
She's on death row, you say.
She confessed.
I mean, you tell me, buddy.
The CPS had the kid, but she did it.
Explain that to me.
The child had been taken away from the mother on several occasions.
One time it was in the custody of social services for a four month period.
Then they returned it to her and they told her that she had to comply with their guidelines of going for counseling and going for drug testing.
Well, her certainly scammed people.
She should have been put in prison.
She takes the baby and the other two children and runs and they try to find her for one year and they couldn't find her.
Alright, we've got to take another call, Doris.
I've got to let you go.
Who's up next, Mark?
Todd in Kansas.
Todd, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, hello Alex.
Hey Joe, I gotta say to you right now, you disgust me to no end.
Do you have any kids in the public school?
Do I have children in public schools?
Right, do you?
You don't.
Well I do.
I have two in high school and we yanked our youngest one.
Now if you think that those schools are going to
I don't know what you're talking about, buddy.
And he's younger than me, and he likes to stand out on his porch, waving by to his kids in his underwear.
So why don't you report him to the police like a good citizen would?
Oh yeah, you want to bet?
You know, my daughter was sexually assaulted by a school employee, and the cops protect the school people.
Well, you know, let me tell you, there's guidelines you could follow, and obviously you're not following them.
We have.
We've got the civil rights people at the state going after it, and there's one guy in there that's doing something.
You know, I don't see no difference between you and making money selling this kind of technology to these freaks than George Bush is selling nuclear reactors in Korea!
You need to get your head out of your chest rather than just talking on the phone all day!
Well, I think the reason he's angry is because of the BBC article about 7,200 police and CBS workers and a giant pedophile ring from London, England to Fort Worth, Texas.
Would you like that article?
Yeah, send it all to me because I'm not aware of any of this.
It's on InfoWars.com.
Yeah, we've had a lot of this stuff happening.
It's incredible.
Well, I appreciate the call, Dan Hennessey.
Hey, I don't think that our guest is evil.
I think he means well, but certainly trying to make people do this ten years ago was wrong.
He just saw a dead child and got sucked into it.
That's how most of these cops and people are good.
They just get sucked in.
You know, if parents want to get the DNA database thing and put it in their refrigerator or in the closet, I think that's fine.
But I don't want to have the government involved.
Joe, any closing words here on the air?
No, I just really enjoy talking to you, and I just want to say that there's no big brother involved.
If they want to maintain the sample of their baby for medical reasons or for identification, God forbid they're missing, that they keep it in the privacy of their own home and that's how simple it is.
But you're mainly involved with big corporations and sponsorships and police and schools.
We have police departments that get the corporation to do a co-sponsorship.
We have schools.
We've got hospitals.
We've got the establishment.
Joe, thanks for joining me.
I'm going to take a few extra calls when we get back.
Oh man, I love hearing listeners not angry.
They're on target.