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Air Date: Sept. 12, 2001
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Alex Jones made predictions on his radio show after 9/11, including that the government would use terrorism as a pretext for destroying civil liberties, that the events were either orchestrated by the U.S. government or allowed to happen with state-sponsored terrorists involved due to their sophistication, and that there would be a massive global response. He discussed various conspiracy theories on his show, including one where he predicted the attack years before and shared clips of him talking about it. The speaker also mentioned that the U.S. government funded Middle Eastern groups with biological and chemical weapons and terrorist training centers. Additionally, he warned about the potential for a nuclear war due to increasing tensions between Israel and Palestine. He expressed concern over giving up civil liberties in response to acts of terrorism and urged listeners to remain informed and resistant to attempts by the government to impose a police state.

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I love Mike Hanson Arcos.
Hello ladies and gentlemen, it's September 12, 2001.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
On 9-1-1, on 9-11 of September 2001, yesterday, as we do this show live, a mass bombing that I have predicted for the last five years occurred.
They are going to now use terrorism as a pretext to destroy our civil liberties.
I believe from all of the evidence before us that I'm about to cover, either the government actually carried out this bombing themselves, the New World Order occupational government, to create the crisis, to offer the solution, or, ladies and gentlemen, they allowed terrorists from somewhere in the world who were state-sponsored because of the sophistication of this, to engage in this sinister activity.
You are now going to see a massive response, a all-out covert war with assassinations of leaders in Middle Eastern nations, special forces being unleashed globally, also probably cruise missile and bomb attacks, perhaps even nuclear.
We've been hearing some discussion of tactical nukes being used.
Things are never going to be the same.
The Israelis moved into the West Bank and attacked the Palestinians.
We fought back with sticks and stones last night.
If you believe the Palestinians wage this sophisticated attack, hijacking at least four planes, now we're hearing five or six, the whereabouts of which are unknown, then you believe that ants can fly to the moon.
These people have absolutely nothing.
I'm not defending them.
I hear people calling into radio talk shows, calling into my talk show, saying we should turn all of the Middle East into a glass parking lot.
Yeah, let's kill a couple hundred million people, many of which are innocent.
We don't even know if they were responsible.
Though the government, since hour one, has been telling us this, just like they did on April 19th, 1995, for the first two days, telling us it was Arab terrorists.
We've proven Oklahoma City was a government terrorist bombing.
Again, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
My website full of the documentation we're about to cover is InfoWars.com.
I want to thank Mike Hance for being here to run the show today.
We have been predicting this nightmarish development for years, and now it is beginning to unfold.
You're not going to hear this information anywhere else, my friends, other than a few isolated talk radio stations and analysts around the world.
They need terrorism as a pretext to bring in the modern police state.
Hitler burned the Reichstag, blew up his own Capitol building right after being elected to abolish the presidency and declare himself the Fuhrer.
He then confiscated the guns.
And began to turn his secret police, the Gestapo, the SS, loose on the public.
It's now even on the History Channel with the actual communiques and documents that Pearl Harbor was a terrorist action.
And that the federal government allowed it to transpire to create the indignation, to create the pretext for that war.
I'm not defending Imperial Japan any more than I am defending Osama Bin Laden.
But at this point, we don't know who engaged in these attacks.
We just have suspects.
But I have a big question.
Who stands to gain from all of this?
Who has the motive?
Well, the EU has a motive, the federal government has a motive, and Middle Eastern terrorists have a motive.
But I remember the first World Trade Center bombing.
It only killed about a dozen people and injured a thousand from smoke inhalation.
And a few months later, it was in the October 28, 1993, New York Times front page, that the FBI was recorded by informants, the head of the FBI in New York, saying, the bombing goes forward.
You see, the FBI hired Arabic-speaking agents
Like Mr. Salaam to go in there and cook the bomb, train the drivers, tell them where to park it.
Mr. Salaam came to them and said, look, they're going to bomb it in three days.
They said the bombing goes forward.
Let them bomb it.
He thought he was going to be framed for it.
He came back in to an FBI conference room and recorded them all three days before the first World Trade Center bombing in 93, saying, let the bombing go forward.
October 28th.
1993, huge expose, New York Times, you never heard anything else about it.
Why did you hear about it that time?
Because Mr. Salam called the news conference, played the tape, the feds admitted it was real, took him a day to sweep it under the rug and get control of the media.
Well now we're in 2001.
It's eight years later and they have the power and the control to pull this type of thing off.
Also, the designer of the World Trade Centers is saying that there's no way those planes could do that, that they could collapse in that fashion.
So the government has responded with its experts saying the floor has collapsed, building up pressure, and caused those buildings to go down.
If that was the case, the designer of the World Trade Centers in the Chicago Tribune is saying that the building would have split apart, like we saw some of the top sections do, not fall in five seconds.
Only demolition charges will do that.
I will be interviewing General Benton Partin, former head of Air Force Weapons Development, on my nighttime radio broadcast this evening from nine to midnight central.
I have the number one show on FM for years here.
It is syndicated across the country, but in the last two years, almost two years, I have been censored here in Austin, just like Mr. Hightower and others.
So you'll have to tune in at InfoWars.com.
I'm live Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
until 2 p.m.
and then of course back live from 9 to midnight.
This is what we're facing right now.
This is what we're dealing with.
A show aired today, a tape from three weeks ago.
I saw it on TV during a radio break and there I was predicting the government was going to blow up major buildings and try to bring in a civil emergency and tell us we have to go through checkpoints and we have to give up our liberties for security.
That's all you've seen on the news today.
That's all you've seen on the news yesterday.
I want to tell you something.
I condemn whoever engaged in this attack, but this only helps the global government.
This only helps the controllers bring you a police state.
So I want you to understand me, loud and clear.
I have predicted this.
We're going to go through the evidence of past government bombings for you this evening.
I suggest you take this program.
But I also want to say this is only the beginning.
This is only the beginning.
You're going to see more of these events
Heightening, getting worse, escalating, I believe is the operative word, here in the near future.
There could be a biological attack loose right now.
Even the government's saying this.
We won't find out for a couple more days if it's smallpox or anthrax.
By then it may spread across the country.
The feds have been saying we're going to get hit.
It's not a question of if, but when, and give up your rights when it does.
How many news stories have I read to you in the last five, six years here on Access covering that?
How many radio shows have I done in the last five, six years documenting the Segalian dialectic of problem, reaction, solution to get the desired response?
From Hitler burning the Reichstag to Pearl Harbor, allowing the Japanese to attack.
We have the actual documents now from the Library of Congress.
It's on History Channel.
To the Feds wanting to blow up civilian airliners and attack Guantanamo Bay back in 1962 and Kennedy saying no, to the World Trade Center bombing in 93, to Oklahoma City in 95, these have all been government terrorist provocateur actions or they have actually been the government engaging in it.
Now, a lot of you are primitively being manipulated right now.
I felt the tribal pull in the last two days to announce to my massive listenership on the radio that we should go ahead and nuke the Middle East because people are calling in wanting that.
Think about it for a second.
We don't even know the Middle East did that.
Of course it would feel good to do that, to sit in our easy chairs as part of some primitive sports-like entertainment and attack third world nations.
But the facts are from MSNBC on InfoWars.com that Bin Laden is a known CIA asset.
I've been saying that for years.
He ran the Afghan war for the CIA in the 1980s against the Russians.
His family still builds all of the military bases for the U.S.
in the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia.
His brother sits on the board of Iridium Satellite Company.
I want you to think about that.
And I want you to think about it long and hard.
But let's go through some more of the evidence that this points towards a government bombing to create a crisis to offer a solution.
And that only the government stands to gain.
And that only the government has the motive to do this.
But first, if we attack the Middle East, as Israel is wanting us to do,
And we nuke them.
20 years from now, they're going to have nukes.
Iran already has them.
Syria already has them.
And we're going to get nuked.
And it's only going to be an escalation.
And if we try to invade Afghanistan, if we try to invade countries that have defeated the Russians, we're going to see hundreds of thousands of dead U.S.
We're going to see American families losing their sons and daughters.
All because of blowback, at the bare minimum, of a CIA boogeyman, Osama Bin Laden.
Let's say Iraq is behind this.
Saddam Hussein was put into power by the CIA and the Ba'ath Party in the 1970s.
He was our big buddy during the 1980s when he was attacking Iran.
April Gillespie, in 1990, five days before he invaded Kuwait, told Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait.
It's on videotape.
You've heard about that.
You've seen it.
We've aired it on this show.
You primitively want to wave the flag.
You want to say, go get them, when you don't even know who's done it.
You may even think by me asking you to think that I'm anti-American.
I'm pro-American.
But that American flag symbolizes the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of this Constitutional Republic.
Not a democracy, as we're hearing this is an attack on democracy.
Founding Fathers hated democracy.
It is manufactured consent.
It is two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner.
In a republic, the rule of law and the minority as well as the majority are honored.
And a democracy is a crisis.
If you say kill
The black people, if 51% vote yes, they die.
In a republic, you have a rule of law and a bill of rights.
That can't happen.
So ask yourself, while we pledge allegiance to the republic, but we say we're a democracy.
Now, if we go in and attack the wrong country, we will only create more martyrs,
We will only escalate this war.
Biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons are proliferating massively, and you and your family will be the recipients.
This is escalating.
The key here is to have a real investigation and find out why things have gotten this bad.
The real thing to find out is who's behind this and who stands to gain.
Now I said the EU earlier.
The European Union, as we speak, is rolling out the Eurodollar.
It is 30% gold-backed.
It is not a fiat currency.
Our Federal Reserve notes are purely fiat.
Nothing backs them, but our taxes, and our homes, and our families, and our property.
And that's why it's all being confiscated right now.
That's why we're losing our sovereignty.
It's because the Federal Reserve private bankers have set up a debt-money system and are taking control.
Now they want a police state to get their surf property under control, and they're using this as a pretext.
The EU has said publicly, and I've read the stories here on the air eight months ago at their Davos, Switzerland meeting, they said to everybody, we, repeat, want to turn the US economy off like a light switch.
It is Europe's time to shine.
They are merging.
13 of the 15 member states are run by socialists and communists.
Here's EU Today.
Euro Herald.
Bragging about this.
They blow up our financial center.
Suddenly the euro is trading above the dollar.
Stock markets are plunging globally, and people are grabbing up the Euros hungrily, as they become the reserve currency of Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Russia, and Africa!
You see, the dollar's worthless, but people have value in it, so it trades on the currency markets as the number one note.
If we lose that, suddenly we can't buy slave goods from China anymore.
All we have is our dollars.
We're being de-industrialized.
So the number one suspect in all of this is the European Union and an economic war that's going on with two different blocks of the New World Order.
Number two suspects are the military-industrial complex of this country, with the FBI and special forces running this operation.
The third suspects are Arab terrorists, state-backed, being funded through their own system.
The four suspects, the Chinese military.
Now, you're going to hear Henry Kissinger and former Secretary of State.
You're going to hear Frank Keating, governor of Oklahoma City, who's one of the architects of the Oklahoma City bombing.
You're going to hear Bush, Condoleezza Rice.
You're going to hear Chuckie Schumer, the senator who I saw jumping up and down and laughing out front of the Capitol yesterday on live television.
He was in the back room, his unit on, he was laughing.
Because he's going to get his police, he's going to get your guns now if you don't stand up against these people.
They're telling you give up your liberty for security.
Now I have Kissinger on tape saying this.
Now here's the question I have for you out there.
How does giving up liberty for security safeguard us?
That was Hitler's mantra.
Give up all your liberty and I'll give you security.
Give me your guns, I'll take care of you.
Give me total power and don't question me and everything will be alright.
This is why this helps the government.
This is why they would want to do this.
Because it's about power, ladies and gentlemen.
That's all it's ever been about.
And they know exactly what they're doing.
Now, our forefathers and our veterans from Korea to World War II to Vietnam fought to safeguard our individual liberties, our open, free society.
But that, in the future, and today, currently, is changing.
They say, we've woken up, our innocence is over, we need to give up our liberty for security.
Benjamin Franklin said, he that will give up liberty for security deserves and will get neither liberty nor security.
So we hear world leaders, from Tony Blair, to Gerhard Schroeder of Germany, to Bush's cabinet,
To Chuckie Schumer, the gun-grabbing senator, saying, give up liberty for security.
Henry Kissinger said, and I've got his quotes here in the AP, that we need to get past this outdated moral argument about an open, free society.
We need to accept control.
They've been saying that for years, telling us it's not a question of if but when this was going to happen.
And now it's happened.
And I heard a young Marine call into KLBJ this morning
And tell the host of that show, Sgt.
Sam Cox, who disagree with him, thank God, and Mark Caesar, that I was in martial law in the Philippines, and it's not that bad, we should go under martial law.
And if the terrorist attacks get worse, we will.
But it's not going to be the Chinese military running the Long Beach Naval Base, or the Panama Canal, or moving into Cuba with missiles.
It's not going to be our borders being wide open, which they did deliberately.
That's not going to be shut down.
That's not going to be stopped.
It's going to be you and I. So here's the point.
Our forefathers, the women that supported them, that fought and died as well, fought to give you a free and open society.
And now we get attacked, and they're saying we should give up our freedom, give up our liberty, for security.
You know, when the British in 1776 were shelling Boston, and the whole city was burning, and tens of thousands were dying, did we say, oh, we gotta give up our liberty for security?
We said, we gotta fight back against these pieces of garbage.
Against these redcoats.
Against these imperial invaders.
But now, they're telling us, oh no,
Just give up your liberty for security.
And we've heard that mantra for years, and now we're hearing it again.
And when we have the Oklahoma City bombing, which we've proven was a government bombing, with the former head of the FBI Crime Lab on this show, Dr. Frederick Whitehurst, who quit over it, General Benton Partin, former head of Air Force Weapons Development, saying the feds did it, to one of the grand jurors, Hoppy Heidelberg, being threatened by the FBI to keep his mouth shut, to Craig Roberts, a police detective there on the ground,
Talking about how his partners were killed for trying to expose this?
For the Feds confiscating the 12 surveillance camera tapes that were in buildings around the Oklahoma City building and declaring national security and not releasing them?
You got McVeigh pulling up and doing the bombing, why not show it to us?
They got the Anti-Terrorism Effective Death Penalty Act passed.
They got 60 reasons to execute you now.
They're building federal execution centers across the country.
Our prison population's gone from 1.3 million to 6.5 million in the last two years.
Three times the people in Russian prisons now in this country.
The police are wearing black uniforms and ski masks.
They're busting in our houses and shooting us.
And all this gives them more of a pretext that we're the enemy and we have to be watched and the face scanning cameras have to scan us and we got a thumb scan to cash our checks and the biometrics are going in the grocery stores.
I predicted all of this, ladies and gentlemen, over
And over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again.
Now this is, takes some complex thinking to understand that this government is not our government.
This government is a group of usurpers that have come in and taken control of the security agencies, declared the 1947 National Security Act, started excavating and building giant underground bases, started breeding biological and chemical weapons and huge vats, started handing it out to every Middle Eastern group you can imagine, started funding and financing huge terrorist training centers that the statesman's even reported on in North Carolina.
Guys, let's stay off the phone and stay focused.
So this is what's going on.
This is what we are facing.
And it's not going to get any better anytime soon until we know who is behind this terrorism.
And I'm telling you, who stands to gain.
There's a person falling out of a window.
I'm telling you who stands to gain, and that is this government.
That is this corrupt government.
This is not our government.
This is an occupational government.
So everything we fought and died for, our founding fathers, to have a free and open society, to have liberty, to stand against tyranny, they're telling us, let's get rid of it.
Let's get rid of it now.
In the name of security, give up liberty.
And it's not going to give you that.
Now let's talk about what the government's really doing to destroy our security.
Then we'll talk about them actually planning to do these exact events from the Baltimore Sun.
Now listen to me.
Listen to me long and hard.
Listen to me very carefully.
I warned you three years ago that this government was not allowing anyone to bid on getting the contracts for the Panama Canal that we built.
China went in there and leased it.
They have their military at both ends of it.
They have moved in to the Bahamas with huge military bases.
This is in the news.
The Russians were given 12 islands by Clinton off the coast of Alaska.
Alexander Leavitt, the general, told us they've moved suitcase nukes into this country.
The borders are open, wide open and porous.
They're talking about totally getting rid of our southern and northern borders, where these terrorists we now know came in through.
And I told you that they're telling you to give up your liberty and security while they're opening the borders.
While they're making the security more and more lax, the Bill of Rights and Constitution states the government has a right to have martial law at the borders.
A perpetual state of militarization on our borders, with our Navy.
The borders are to be defended.
They're not talking about that, are they?
They're talking about controlling you and your family, which has nothing to do with stopping terrorism.
Why are we not worried about the Chinese military that last year, I read the story, said that we will nuke you if you get involved in Taiwan.
We will nuke you if you get involved in the handover to Hong Kong.
We will destroy Los Angeles.
We will kill 200 million Americans, the People's Daily, in China.
What's our response?
Oh, yes, sir.
Here's the Olympic Games.
We'll give that to you.
Oh, yes, sir.
We'll have Fortune 500 meetings in Beijing, China.
Oh, we don't care if you take political dissonance organs and sell them through New York, BBC.
That's just fine.
China's not the threat.
Russia's not the threat.
They're our big buddies now, as they build huge underground bases under the Urals, roll out new Topolin missiles.
But it gets worse.
George Bush's father allowed contracts to design and perfect Chinese missiles, and missile designs.
Clinton expanded that and helped perfect their Long March Intercontinental Ballistic.
Helped sell them submarine components.
Helped sell them cruise missile factories and F-16 factories and supercomputers to design missile technology.
And then the plans for all our nuclear weapons disappeared from Los Alamos during those fires last year and showed up in China.
And who is China openly giving nukes to?
Who has China openly have 10,000 nuclear engineers in their country?
This government cares about you, this government's going to stop terrorism.
The Chinese communists that have killed 50 million of their own people now have the Panama Canal.
They're about to attack Taiwan and doing war drills.
Look at the geopolitical ramifications of this.
They're arming Syria with nukes, who already has them.
They're arming Iran and giving them the delivery systems.
We're being completely encircled.
And they're telling you to give up your rights, and to go through checkpoints on the highway, and to thumb scan to get your food, and to accept this guilty-until-proven-innocent garbage, when it flies in the face of what America stands for.
If we give in to that, there's no reason to fight for America, because America is dead!
I am angry about these terrorist bombings, but I'm telling you right now, 90% chance it came from the U.S.
government or from the E.U.
I'm sure they did use Arab terrorists as their front.
Bin Laden is their asset.
I have MSNBC right here.
Now, might need to go to some of those other tapes, Mike.
We got some other footage in those other tapes in the stack.
Give me a close shot, brother.
This story is on InfoWars.com.
New book on NSA sheds light on secret U.S.
terror plans.
Called Cuba Invasion Pretext.
And I read Baltimore Sun, also in the New York Times, in April this year.
military leaders proposed in 1962 a secret plan to commit terrorist acts against Americans and blamed Cuba to create a pretext for invasion in the ouster of Communist leader Fidel Castro, according to a new book about the National Security Agency.
They signed on to this plan, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the CIA signed on, the NSA signed on, the Library of Congress.
They have the documents.
The New York Times reviewed James Bamford's 2020 Executive's book.
I interviewed James Bamford.
His interview on the radio has been turned into access to air.
I don't know when it's gonna air.
They talk about blowing up airliners.
The government, the U.S.
And blaming it on Cuba, and I'm no fan of Fidel, but you don't turn into Fidel to fight Fidel.
And Kennedy said no.
When all went to Kennedy, everybody said, yes, let's do it.
Kennedy said no.
Six months later, he was dead.
Baltimore Sun.
NSA documents released.
This is what they're releasing.
Maybe somebody in the government was trying to warn us when these packets of documents got sent to the newspapers.
Right there, ladies and gentlemen, on InfoWars.com.
We could develop a communist terror campaign in the Miami area and other Florida cities and even in Washington, said one document prepared by the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
We could blow up a U.S.
ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba.
The document says, casualty list, and I quote, casualty list in the U.S.
newspapers would cause a helpful wave of indignation.
Casualty list.
That means dead people.
Casualty list in the U.S.
newspapers could cause a helpful wave of indignation.
I've been reading this story every week, every Wednesday, since April.
And other stories.
The plan is laid out in documents signed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but never carried out.
President Kennedy nixed the plan in late 1962.
The documents are reprinted in Body of Secrets, the new history of Fort Meade-based eavesdropping agency, being released day by double day.
It says here they plan to attack the Marines at Guantanamo Bay using U.S.
Army dressed up as Cuban nationals as a pretext.
It says they plan to blow up passenger liners.
They plan to bomb the Capitol.
It was codenamed Operation Northwoods.
It says it may be the worst corrupt plan ever created by the U.S.
government, he writes.
They also proposed that during the proposed launch of John Glenn into orbit, that they would blow up the spacecraft and blame it on terrorists.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Ladies and gentlemen.
This is an emergency show.
I want you to understand that.
This is the Baltimore Sun.
I have the New York Times right here.
I have MSNBC admitting that Bin Laden is a known CIA asset still being funded by them.
But you know what?
It's going to feel so good to nuke Iraq, isn't it?
Why didn't we take Saddam out in 1991 when we were 50 miles from Baghdad?
Why did we fund China and give them the nuclear missile designs when they're giving it to Iran?
Why did the Chinese military have the Long Beach Naval Base and Panama Canal?
They're not talking about that.
They're talking about taking control of us, the American people.
Using militant enthusiasm, using phony nationalism.
The globalists love to wave a flag in front of the people and say, support us.
This isn't America doing this.
And I'm telling you, 9 out of 10 chances that was a government bombing that you're looking at on your screen.
Now the designer of the World Trade Center is saying this is impossible.
I've had other engineers on my radio program
Saying that it's a bogus story.
Saying collapsing floors could do this.
The building could bend and fall over sideways and break off.
It would not fall in five seconds symmetrically.
And then the next one.
We are getting the tape.
We didn't get a tape of it.
I saw it on the news.
Jeff Ward talked about it yesterday.
On NBC yesterday, when the first tower collapsed, there was a huge explosion before it fell and fire shooting out of the bottom floors.
Seismographs picked up those explosions.
Was boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!
Just like when you see them destroy a building in Las Vegas, and he goes... But all they need is their pretext, and to fool enough of you, and it's going to be living martial law in this country, and it's not going to be called martial law, it's going to be called safety.
I've made films about this.
I've done a thousand radio interviews covering this.
I do six hours a day of radio live every day, and I told all of you,
There is a ray of hope in all of this government bombing we've all witnessed.
And then we're gonna go to your calls.
On this 12th of September edition of the show at 477-2288.
I want you to understand something out there.
This is only the beginning.
You're going to see more of these events in the future, as the feds lovingly told you.
The police get their federal riot gear and black combat uniforms delivered.
Yeah, let's show them that plane crashing, Mike.
Back that up.
And suddenly we have a Mardi Gras riot.
In Seattle, we have proof.
That the Feds actually hired 50 provocateurs to discredit the protesters and they actually housed them in a city building and then they took peaceful people to a FEMA camp and abolished the First Amendment in Seattle and said, we can't let this happen to our city again.
We're abolishing the First Amendment for your safety.
And put people in a FEMA camp.
I've put up the Army documents.
The website.
Mike, do you have that in the CG machine?
The Army website?
Where they admit they have 12 camps already built?
Call Violet and get her to give you that URL.
I didn't bring that document today.
It's on InfoWars.com.
So this is what we are facing.
Now, repeat.
Baltimore Sun, New York Times, documents signed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Secretary of State, all the way up to Kennedy, who said no.
He was dead six months later in a military-industrial complex coup.
He's been living in martial law ever since, folks.
Incrementally destroying freedom.
He said, I will not blow up passenger airliners, I will not bomb Washington, I will not attack the Marines at Guantanamo, and blame it on Fidel Castro.
I'm not a liberal, folks.
I'm not a socialist.
The loving liberals are behind all of this.
Chuckie Schumer, Senator Schumer, is dancing right now.
I saw him on TV dancing and clapping last night when they were up there singing God Bless America.
He was afterwards talking to people.
Finally going to get what you want, aren't you, you bastard?
So, ladies and gentlemen, this is the Baltimore Sun on InfoWars.com.
They're at the top of the page.
And we have more.
Let me find it.
I got this all confused.
We have the actual MSNBC story admitting Bin Laden is a CIA asset, as I've been telling you on the air in an emergency fashion for the last five plus years.
Think about it.
Got up here a little bit late today.
I've just been on the radio endlessly.
Here it is, right here.
Please give me a close shot, Mr. Hanson.
Bin Laden comes home to roost.
This is how powerful our archives are at InfoWars.com.
Throw it back up, Mike.
This guy supposedly bombed Twin Towers, supposedly bombed our embassies, supposedly bombed all this stuff, and he is a CIA... Go ahead, Mike.
Put it up there.
A CIA asset.
Bin Laden comes home to roots.
His CIA ties are only the beginning of this woeful story.
As of last year, his family was still rebuilding
And constructing U.S.
Army bases in the Middle East.
They sit on the board of Iridium Satellite.
They're one of the most wealthy old families of Saudi Arabia, our ally.
This is Saudi Arabia doing dirty work for us.
Working with Israel to oppress the people of the planet.
Israel loves it that Nazi Sharon has invaded the West Bank.
They're slaughtering innocent people.
And I'm sick of worshipping Israel.
Did you know back in the 1960s they bombed the USS Liberty knowing it was one of our ships?
Because it caught the radio chatter of them killing thousands of Palestinian children during that invasion.
And they torpedoed it as they begged for hours on the radio.
And LBJ sat there in 63 and let them do it.
That's in this Baltimore Sun story.
I don't support the Palestinians either.
They're all hyped up and psychotic.
But Israel's going to get us nuked always backing them up like this.
Israel calls the Palestinians goyim, or cattle, or dogs, or subhuman.
They keep them on concentration camps.
I've got video of them taking Palestinian women's tomatoes they grow and breaking their water containers and stealing.
That's why you have this crap.
And our children are going to die!
We're going to get nuked because of this!
Iran's got the nukes now!
We're going to have nuclear war!
Because Israel likes to go around bombing everybody!
I'm sorry!
It's just the facts!
And Israel absolutely is beside itself with joy right now.
They are talking about how they're going to blow everything up, how they're going to attack everybody, and guess who's going to get bombed because of it?
I have been supportive of Israel for many years.
When I found out what they do, shooting little Palestinian children in the genitalia and laughing.
It's on video.
Little Palestinian, little 10 year olds walk around throwing rocks at tanks.
A guy sits off a half mile away and blows their testicles off.
They call them goyim.
They call them dogs.
They call the Arabs cattle.
And then the Arab corrupt Arab governments that are in league with this government.
It's really a sick Hegelian dialectic.
Order out of chaos.
Bringing the world crises.
Bringing them terrorism.
So we'll accept a highly dictatorial police state regime.
It's happening.
The world is a changing.
And they're telling you to give up your liberty for security.
I haven't even hit the tip of the iceberg.
But we're going to get through more of this today.
The good news is
I got a call yesterday from a statesman rider, Aaron Walter.
It's a lady.
And she says, yes Alex, I've seen your shows, your TV shows, Mr. Jones.
You do predict there will be a government bombing.
You did predict New York City.
You did predict that all of this would happen.
You said they would call for a loss of our civil liberties.
They are doing that.
She said, I am concerned.
I've been to your website.
I've read the Baltimore Sun story about the government planning this in 62.
And Kennedy's saying, no, I can't believe it.
They're getting reports that there were bombs in the bottoms of those buildings.
That's all that could bring them down like that in five seconds apiece.
She said she was going to try to put all my quotes in there, but it's obvious that Richard Opel did his job and cut them all out.
But I am in the paper today.
And it is good news that folks are buying guns in record numbers.
After attacks, weapons become a hot commodity.
Gun shops report swift sales.
Other stores say it's business as usual.
Gas masks, guns, and ammunition were stashed off the shelves of some author stores after Tuesday morning's terrorist attacks as people who feared the worst prepared to defend themselves.
People are stockpiling ammunition.
Said Robert Key of Just Guns of South Congress Avenue.
I'm calling the distributors.
The distributors are calling the manufacturers.
The manufacturers are saying, we're out.
We're going to run out of ammunition in a couple of days, if not sooner.
Ed Nutting of General Manager of Banana Bay Trading Co.
in Central Austin said, there was a high demand for gas masks.
We're getting calls from people across the state saying, hold two or three for me.
Nutting said at noon.
McBride's Guns said it's sold out of shotguns and some ammunition.
Resindor Range also had an increase in shotgun sales.
Alex Jones, host of an Axis television show, they know I'm syndicated to 100 stations, radio, said guns represent freedom, and he and many of his listeners are worried that Americans will lose civil liberties as the government tries to crack down on terrorism.
Americans are taking a lesson from Israel, where they have a lot of these terrorist events.
They're going out and arming themselves to defend their families, Jones said.
We should support local government, but we should peaceably resist if they start running checkpoints and pulling people out of their cars and treating them like third world serfs.
And the article goes on with more.
That's the statesman, front page of the Metro and State today.
Alright, that's the basics on that.
You see, the statesmen writers, the people out there have seen me say this for years.
You know my spiel.
You know the documents.
I've shown the feds blowing up Oklahoma City.
I've shown the newscast the unexploded bombs being removed.
I've shown you the evidence.
I've taught you about the Hegelian dialectic.
I told you this would happen.
Three weeks ago I predicted it again in a two-hour show that re-aired today.
And morons called our comment line, the vast minority,
And said, how dare you be anti-American?
We'll kill you!
We need to bomb them sand bleepers.
They said another word, sand niggers.
I don't agree with calling those people that.
They may call us the great Satan because our government is corrupt, just like their government's corrupt.
They may be jealous of our money and our power that was built out of our free market that's now being stolen from us by the New World Order.
But 99.9% of the people over there are innocent.
And we don't even know what country did it.
And it's probably going to be Iran.
And Iran announced two weeks ago, by the way, we have nukes pointed at Israel, long range.
China is partners and allies with Iran and has nuclear engineers there.
The secrets we gave China have now been given to Iran.
And when I say we, I'm not talking about the American people.
So are we going to give up
Our liberty for security.
That is the question.
Our forefathers fought and died.
The military will tell you they fight to maintain our open society, our freedom.
Giving up your rights isn't going to keep you safe.
The government opened the borders.
The government's announcing getting rid of the borders.
The government gave the Chinese military the Panama Canal.
Let them move missiles back into Cuba.
Gave them former naval bases in the Bahamas.
This is on the news.
But that's not a threat, is it, when they're threatening to nuke us in their own newspapers over Taiwan?
And what's going to happen if we get in a Middle East war?
China's going to invade Taiwan in the middle of all this.
This is a smoke screen for a world government realignment.
Why are the Russians building the biggest underground base ever seen under the Ural Mountains?
Why are they rolling out new Topolin missiles?
Only the New World Order to consolidate power.
We're hearing this term.
The world stands together under the UN against terrorism.
We must give up our rights to the world government.
You've been hearing them.
You've been seeing Henry Kissinger saying we must get over this, you know, this outdated, old-fashioned, stupid, moral argument of liberties and give up our liberties.
Who stands to gain from these bombings?
And how long have I predicted this?
Let's take about 10 calls.
Then we're gonna break and air some footage from Oklahoma City.
Mike, do you have Oklahoma cover-up?
Do you have Oklahoma cover-up?
Cue it up to... Oh, you only have my film.
Cue it up to the newscast.
Okay, you want me to recap?
People want me to recap.
90% chance the US government did this using outside EU, European Union funding to hire these terrorist groups to do this.
Or to use Muslim extremist fundamentalist front men.
Look at the motives.
Who stands to gain?
The government.
They're now saying give up your rights, accept centralized control, accept a centralized emergency.
They're telling you it's going to get worse.
This is only the beginning.
They're talking about all that war in the Middle East.
China will assuredly invade Taiwan.
They've been threatening to nuke us.
But they're our friends in the media while they move into the Panama Canal, and we don't even fight them to keep it.
Our borders are wide open.
The government's done everything they could to make us wide open to this.
We know these terrorists came through from Canada.
The buildings were brought down.
The designer of the World Trade Center is in the Chicago Tribune at Infowars.com right now.
Saying that that was impossible, what happened?
The building could have fallen over, but not straight down, and not both of them.
Only shape charges could do that.
I've had structural engineers on my show.
They're claiming the weight of all those floors collapsing could do it.
We know that Delta Force was launched, confirmed, from Fort Bragg at 7 o'clock Eastern, an hour and 40 minutes before the first plane slammed in, and were flying towards Washington.
What do they tell Delta Force?
They get them deployed, and then blow up these buildings so they don't fall over and hurt other buildings?
I don't know.
But I know this.
The Feds blow up Oklahoma City.
The former head of the FBI Crime Lab is headed on my radio show.
The former head of Air Force Weapons Development is headed on my radio show.
We're now airing those interviews here on AXS, the audio of them.
You see them every day.
Thanks to Marion, who's doing a good job airing them.
They've really straightened stuff up around here.
The former head of the FBI crime lab will tell you the Feds did it.
And then I got the Baltimore Sun right here.
Give me another close shot please, Mike.
New book on NSA sheds light on a secret U.S.
terror plan called Cuban Invasion Pretext.
Baltimore Sun.
It says casualty list.
That's a list of dead people.
This is a Pentagon document released now.
Casualty lists in U.S.
newspapers could cause a helpful wave of indignation.
We could blow up passenger airliners.
We could blow up John Glenn's spacecraft on liftoff and blame it on Fidel.
We could attack the Marines at Guantanamo Bay using U.S.
Army dressed up as Cuban nationals.
These are confirmed!
Everybody signed off on it, but Kennedy.
And he came out and gave public statements at universities.
I'm pulling us out of Vietnam.
I'm abolishing the CIA.
I'm issuing Lincoln Greenbacks and abolishing the Federal Reserve.
He only got four billion of them printed.
His head was blown off.
Kennedy may have been corrupt, but he was a real man.
He wasn't into blowing up airliners and targeting Washington for bombings.
This is what it's all about.
How do they get you to circle the wagons?
How do they get the feds to circle the wagons against the American people?
They blew up a federal building.
Then they got their police state mechanism in.
Now they attack the whole country.
Get the people behind.
Giving up our rights and having a huge costly war with probably innocent parties.
I know it feels good to hate the Arabs.
I grew up hating their guts.
I grew up talking trash about them.
Because this controlled media, this police state media that puts cancer viruses in your children's vaccines, that feeds them Ritalin and Prozac, BBC now reports twice as strong as cocaine, that puts toxins in the water supply, is telling you
That a bunch of people that live in mud huts are your enemy?
Give me a break.
It feels good though, doesn't it?
You know, if Saddam did this?
What Arab government would want to do this?
Who really stands to gain?
The EU currency rolling out?
Already trading against the dollar.
Our financial center destroyed.
13 of the 15 EU government is run by known communists.
Gerard Schroeder admits he's a communist.
Tony Blair, a socialist.
Lionel Jospin of France.
They announced a war with the US on Monday saying, you're going to crash, we're number one.
It's on my site, mainstream!
Go there!
Global news wires!
Alright, I promise we take calls.
Bottom line, they're saying give up your freedom for security.
When they got the borders open, when they got the Chinese military threatening to nuke us in the People's Daily newspaper, you heard about that on the news, saying we'll kill 200 million Americans if you get involved in Taiwan.
We go, okay, here's more missile secrets.
Oh, give them to Iran.
Go ahead.
We arm China.
That's the globalists do, not us.
Gotta get out of we.
The Great Satan.
How's that?
The CFR Federal Reserve that's destroyed this country.
Let's go ahead and use the Arab's term for it.
The Great Satan arms China.
The Great Lucifer.
And the Great Lucifer arms the Great Demon of Iran.
And the Great Demon of Iran
The great demon of Iran, wallowing amongst all this, was making deals with Ronald Reagan to hold the hostages so Jimmy Carter got kicked out.
They work with us, not us, but the great Satan.
They're all together.
I tell the Muslims out there, you're leaders of the great Satan too!
They go meet at the UN.
Go ahead and put a Fatwa out on me.
I'm not scared of you.
You're all working for the great Satan.
And I've got the evidence.
You're all connected.
You start looking at it.
God, it's just sick!
Osama Bin Laden, MSNBC.
Give me a close shot.
CIA asset.
CIA asset.
CIA asset, MSNBC, 1998.
Well, hello folks, it's Mike Hanson.
I'm sorry to interrupt your viewing here on YouTube.
What we're trying to do is get all these VHS tapes before they go bad.
If you see right here, they're already starting to go bad.
So we're doing the best we can to get them, these thousands of tapes up on YouTube before they completely go bad.
Which they are pretty well going bad already.
You see how it flicked?
I'm live on the air.
You see how it
It's starting to mess up at the bottom and flicker every once in a while.
That means they're getting really, really old.
So what we're doing is we've hired some people, we've got a bunch of
Expensive equipment and we're getting them uploaded to Either Mike Hanson archives be sure to subscribe to Mike Hanson archives Hanson archives Waco archives or The newest one trailer park show
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So we'll get right back to either Jeff Davis, Alex Jones, Steve Lane, whoever's on right now from 25 years ago.
We're trying to, I think it's a good effort to try to save this history.
This is history, folks.
You know, where are you going to see this again from, from 95?
I was the producer for Jeff Davis and Alex Jones for 15 years from 1995 to 2010 and we have a lot of tapes.
I know Alex had a lot of tapes but he left them out in the garage or something and they completely ruined it.
So getting this history up I think is very important.
I'm making it a goal in my life, hopefully.
Somebody said, that's going to take you 20 years to get all that stuff.
Well, now if we can get a little donations, we can go ahead and hire some more people and get it up faster.
But the tapes are deteriorating very quickly as you can see every once in a while right here.
That means these VHS tapes, these old VHS tapes.
If you're young, you probably don't even know what these VHS tapes are.
But, you know, you've got to keep them in a cool place and a clean place.
Some of them are very dirty.
So, we're trying to get him up.
Alrighty, thanks a lot and God bless, folks.
And, uh, call us, call us and help us if you can.
Now, here's Alex.
You know, they could have taken this guy out and said they'd buy an Aspen factory that supplies half of Africa.
With basic necessities.
It's a big, sick joke, but CNN can go interview Bin Laden, but we can't kill him.
Wake up, folks.
We're wide open to real attack, but they're telling us to give up our freedoms.
Let's take some calls.
The FBI is behind us, know that.
Hello, caller on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Hold on a second.
Could you come turn her up, Mike?
Go ahead, ma'am.
Hi, Alex.
I was watching everything yesterday on the news, all day, back and forth through all the different reports, and I did hear, I heard people and I heard the reporters
He's saying that they heard bombs going off at the World Trade Center right before those buildings went, or the first buildings.
Look, we have the footage coming to us, and Jeff Ward reported it yesterday.
He saw it.
On NBC reporters out there, you know, at 920 or whatever, when the first South Tower collapses, she's out there on the mic, and she goes, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom,
I mean, those buildings went boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, and just... perfectly down.
And the inventor, the builder, the designer of the... says that's impossible what happened.
It was built to take a jumbo jet hit.
Well, what I don't understand, and maybe you can help me with this, is if they did put those bombs in, which I do believe they did,
What was the purpose of that?
Was the purpose so that the buildings didn't topple over and kill several thousand people?
No, it's to kill more.
They would tell the Delta Force who was dispatched to the scene, who ran the stuff in Seattle.
Have you seen the Delta Force running provocateurs in Seattle?
You've seen me air that?
Putting 500 people in a FEMA camp?
Did you ever see that footage?
No, I didn't.
It's my film, The Takeover.
They would tell Delta Force, gentlemen, go to the scene, blow up these buildings so they don't topple and hurt people, and they'll follow orders.
You know what the Delta Force's final exam is?
They have to read Machiavelli, The Prince.
Machiavelli and politics, the unjustified, the means, the art of subterfuge.
And they have to agree with Machiavelli in a ten-page report.
And they have just, like, three or four hours to read it and write the report.
You know, there were other... I've seen other reporters were getting cut off when they were saying things.
Oh, I know.
I saw them on tape saying other bombs and then suddenly they cut off or saying, you know, the... Guess what?
Again, the Secret Service had offices in that building.
You know, they're in financial stuff.
They had their New York offices in that building for counterfeiting and financial crimes.
And guess what happened?
They were all out of the building.
They were told not to come to work that day.
That's in the Associated Press.
Just like Oklahoma City with the BATF all out of the building.
Well, they were going on and on about this car bomb outside the state building, which just automatically disappeared.
We never heard more about that.
Well, do you see who stands to gain from all of this?
Yes, I do.
Can we boost her, guys?
Do you see who stands to gain from all this?
Yes, I do.
It's the government.
It's what you're saying, the New World Order.
How long have you watched my show?
Maybe about nine months.
Okay, how many times did you hear me say this was going to happen, and did I show you news stories of them planning this?
Well, I was looking for it on your website, because yesterday, when this all happened, I had been watching the Today Show, and I saw that they came on about the first plane hitting.
And the first thing, I was on the phone with a neighbor, and the first thing I said was, this is a terrorist act.
She said, no, no, no, it can't be.
I said, no, planes just don't fly into the World Trade Center.
And then I, all of a sudden, I remembered, and am I crazy, or did you write about this, or talk about this, that there was going to be something happening with the World Trade Center in New York?
Yes, I did.
Okay, because I went and looked for it yesterday on the website, just to back it up to everyone that I've been telling this over and over to, and I couldn't find it.
Well, the site is too massive.
Updated with over a hundred stories each day.
It's in the archives, just like this MSNBC bin Laden terrorist story is.
And that's why it's so stressful for me.
Let me show you that story again.
That's why this is all stressful for me here on this show.
What I said was, about five months ago, the second episode of Lone Gunman,
And we have that tape being brought to us as we speak by a viewer.
It's the secret government wants martial law so they take control of a plane and they pilot it in remote control and at the last minute they stop it.
They were going to ram a 747 into the South Tower of the World Trade Center.
Now this is that X-Files show, wasn't it?
Yes, so what I said was
Generally, when they show genetically modified crops getting into other crops on the X-Files, they say aliens are doing it.
No, it's called Monsantos.
But it's part of subconsciously preparing you for biological catastrophe because of Monsantos now spreading into all the food.
When they have a movie like The Skulls, about the skull and bones at Yale, I'm talking about it eight years ago, the movie comes out, now you're desensitized, and I'm just talking about a movie.
You understand?
Long before they released black helicopters on us in urban warfare training, you heard about them burning the police stations in South Texas?
Well, I watched that on your show.
And I interviewed the police chief in San Antonio throwing them out?
Okay, I just want to know you saw that and that was documented.
Okay, here's the point.
Before they ever released urban warfare training and military checkpoints in the country, gearing them up for this now, incrementally training cops that it's normal with all their urban warfare training, they told us people that say black helicopters exist are dangerous terrorists.
Then they hit and burn buildings from San Antonio to Kingsville.
It's in the front page of the paper.
Alex Jones is right, but he's still a kook, as buildings are on fire.
So they precondition you.
Same thing.
When I saw that lone gunman, I said, look for an attack on the Trade Center.
They've already bombed the Trade Center once.
The FBI trained the bombers in 93.
That was in the New York Times.
October 28th, 93.
The FBI was recorded admitting it in a meeting.
By a disgruntled employee.
They had to admit it and apologize.
It was swept under the rug.
That was a government bombing.
So I said the World Trade Center is a prime target months ago.
See, I thought, I knew I remembered something with that.
Look, I know how they operate, ma'am.
I know how evil they are.
Once you've watched them long enough, you understand their paradigm.
Once you're outside the rat maze, you understand where they're going to go.
I mean, I understand a spectrum.
I know what's going to happen in a certain genre.
I don't know when it's going to happen or exactly how it's going to happen.
I know what prime targets are.
I know what they're pushing for.
I know what they're doing.
In this spectrum, in this area that I'm able to see,
You know, it's not exact what's going to happen.
I know it's in this area.
Well, I want to hear your take on this hijacking.
Because, personally, if there were three guys with box cutters standing in front of me, hijacking a plane, I mean, what would it be for everybody in the plane to take their shoes off and bomb them with their shoes, for God's sake?
I want to know, what do you think about that?
What's up with the knife?
Well, I'll answer your question for you.
I've had a knife pulled on me in Dallas growing up.
Thank you, sir.
Go ahead and get it ready, Mike.
Get the lone gunman ready.
Thank you so much, sir.
We appreciate it.
Come on in.
Come on in here for a second.
Hold on just a second.
Ma'am, that's obvious BS.
People would have taken those guys on.
What we're being told in the media is not accurate.
What's your name, sir?
You want to come on in here?
You brought us the lone gunman?
Yes, this is from my neighbor, actually.
You been watching the show, sir?
Uh, no, I've been at work.
I mean, in the past.
Yeah, about the reports and stuff.
Have you ever watched this TV show before?
This TV show?
No sir, I haven't.
Only on the air.
Well, we've been predicting for five years this would happen.
He doesn't want to be on TV, Mike.
Thank you so much, sir, for bringing it.
Alright, here we go, Mike.
Here's the lone gunman.
Cue it up.
It's at the end of the show.
They're going to blow up the World Trade Center.
I hope this is SP Speed.
God bless you, sir.
Here you go, Mike.
I guess Mike Moore brought that up?
I didn't bring it?
No, Mike, thanks.
Man, I didn't mean to interrupt you.
People just came in the studio.
I've had somebody pull a knife on me, and I had no choice.
I had to take them on.
Now, even with the double-edged dagger that I was taking on, it's actually happened twice in my life.
Once here and once another place.
Even dealing with somebody with a knife, I was able to take them on, because... But with box cutters, you're just gonna get a little cut.
And, you know, school teachers charge people that have guns.
Are you still there?
Yeah, I'm here.
That's my point.
I just don't get this.
No, no, I don't buy it for a single second.
They may have even put, you know, Arab terrorists, who are my control subjects, in those cockpits.
Well, the thing is, is that yesterday I was thinking, okay, well then they had plans at the airport to let these people in.
And then today when I find out, you know, that they're box cutters.
Bring it in.
What do you think about these people that have been called from the plane?
I mean, that mother today, you know, on TV this morning saying she got that call from her son.
I mean, that seemed pretty credible to me.
I mean, you know, she broke my heart.
And her son had said to her that they were claiming they had a bomb.
I didn't hear her say anything about knives.
She was saying that her son said,
They have a bomb.
We're going to die anyway.
Well, the former Solicitor General's wife was on board, supposedly, and called by cell phone and said they had box cutters.
Listen, I appreciate your call.
Callers, let's move through these.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I just wanted to comment and say that one thing we can do, I guess, is just to sit back and watch now and, you know, in my opinion,
I ask people this question.
I say, because this happened, let me ask you a question.
Do we need a new law because this happened?
And I think, of course, the answer is no.
And I just want to sit back and watch and see who comes forth and proposes.
Of course, it's not like they need more laws or more regulations to tighten the noose.
They have enough already.
But I want to see who offers further legislation in the name
Well, the Gallup poll, and I appreciate your call, sir.
Excellent points.
The Gallup poll has been out.
And about 80% of Americans don't want any new laws, don't want to lose their liberties.
They know that our forefathers in these wars fought to maintain our freedoms and our open society.
And they know that the government hasn't done the first fixes they could of locking down the border permanently.
That's constitutional.
Militarizing the border.
They've given the Chinese military the Panama Canal and allowed them to encircle us while they're threatening to nuke us.
I mean, this stuff just goes on and on.
But, uh, the pundits are sure on TV saying we should give up our rights.
That's why they did this.
Just like the Baltimore Sun says, as a pretext for control.
Hello, caller on the air.
Yeah, Alex, I just want... I'm gonna have to put him on hold.
Now the audio's so loud, it's blowing me out of here, guys.
Can you turn that down?
Okay, just get... Can you turn that down a little bit for me?
At the box in here?
I don't know.
Thanks, Mike.
I'm sorry, sir.
Go ahead.
Um, two things.
One, I just wanted to confer your statements about, um, the Israeli government.
I, um, through my own experiences five years ago, have, you know, seen kind of like the, the ugly side of them, because they do treat Palestinians, especially the farmers, like crap, because there's this one gentleman I knew of, an olive tree farmer, and, um, they, um, for some reason, what they decided to do, since people were hiding behind trees throwing rocks at soldiers,
They decided to tear his trees down, saying they were used against the military.
And then they tore them down.
The man decided to plant them back.
When he did, he was arrested by the government for treacherous actions against the State of Israel.
Tell you what, let me put you on hold.
Can you guys boost this audio again?
Now I've lost it.
This box is going bad.
I don't know why it hasn't been replaced.
Uh, now you know why we have a lot of mistakes here on Axis Television.
You've been watching the national news.
Yesterday they've been having even more screw-ups than we are right now.
All I can say is this.
I'm no fan of the Arabs.
They're very terroristic.
They're very stubborn.
They think we're all their enemies.
And they are behind a lot of these events.
But Bin Laden is a known CIA asset.
Bottom line, we have to talk about that.
It's an MSNBC.
It's a known historical fact.
He was armed and created by this government and his family is still allowed to build our military bases in the Middle East.
Now that's not a security threat.
The richest family in Saudi Arabia, next to King Fahd's family.
He's now dead.
Who stands to gain from all of this?
But, yes, Israel is conducting a Nazi attack on the Palestinian people.
I have video of them killing women, killing children, bulldozing people's houses, taking the kill on their tomato plants, taking their buckets they use to collect rainwater.
And all my life I was raised to hate the Arabs, hate the Arabs.
And then last night, Sharon moves in with tanks and starts slaughtering all the stuff going on there.
The government allowed this to happen, let the terrorists do this, or did it themselves, so Israel can be nice and safe and nuke whoever they want and kill everybody for labors trial.
You know, Hitler said living space.
I don't like that at all, Hitler.
I protested the Klan.
I don't like what Israel does, calling the Palestinians goyim, subhuman.
And I'll tell you right now, Iran's run by the great Satan too.
It's all these world governments.
They're really on the same team to suppress and oppress the people.
I mean, here's the evidence.
I mean, we've made deals with Iran, Oliver North, the rest of them.
Clinton's given them weapons.
Clinton gave a bunch of weapons to help out in attacking Serbia.
Serbia saved our airmen and our soldiers by the thousands in World War II.
They're being attacked by the Muslims.
What do we do?
We go bomb them and let the ethnic Albanians take over so the IMF and World Bank can get all that ore and oil out of Kosovo.
We're attacking our own allies.
Serbia was always on our side.
There were no mass graves.
Clinton lied to you like he did on everything else.
See, all the sides you think are really there, it's all smoke and mirrors.
And now people are calling for total all-out war and total all-out covert war.
Getting rid of the log and assassinating foreign leaders.
And you're going to raise an even bigger generation of Osama Bin Laden's who are going to nuke this country.
We're going to go over there and kill innocent people.
Imagine not having water, not having power for 11 years.
Imagine being bombed every week or every month.
That's what the people of Iraq have been living under.
Do I like Saddam Hussein, an evil bastard?
Saddam Hussein, watch your history channel, was put into power in 1974.
1975 by the Ba'ath Party, created by the Central Intelligence Agency, to take over Iraq, to kill the Shiites,
And then to move in against Iran in an eight-year war in the 1980s, and in 1990, April Glaspie, five days before the invasion of Kuwait, told Saddam Hussein on videotape, go ahead and invade Kuwait.
We don't get involved in inter-Arab affairs.
See, I know too much information.
So we create Saddam, put him in power.
We create bin Laden and put him in power.
We will wind up toys to suppress their populations.
Oh, my neck hurts, man.
I tell you, I'm so stressed from all this.
I've got knots all in my back.
I've been on the radio for like ten hours a day, normally on six hours a day.
Thank you, Mike.
Mike gave me a nice shot of the building blowing up and collapsing.
Falling in only six seconds, so I could pop my neck.
There you go.
There you go.
They're getting more sophisticated than Oklahoma City.
That baby coming down from the bottom up.
Pieces of the unstable top falling as it went.
That a big enough spectacle for you ladies and gentlemen?
Full of people.
At least 30,000 dead when the numbers come out.
So they've got our borders wide open.
They've got China threatening to nuke us in their own newspapers.
Taking over the Panama Canal.
Moving into Cuba.
They're hiring provocateurs for all these anti-globalization protests, who go out and stir up a fight so the military can attack the peaceful demonstrators.
Chuckie Schumer was seen last night.
I'm watching CBS, and there's the Senate and the House singing God Bless America, and Chuckie Adford's laughing and clapping.
You can't hear his audio, but they're talking to Tom Daschle, and Tom Daschle's going,
They're like they're lovers or something and they're going, they're just hugging going.
And Chuckie Schumer goes... I got it on tape.
It's like on the 10 hours we got Mike Scott in there.
We didn't have time to find it all.
You'll have it in the future.
You'll have Chuckie Schumer going... I mean literally, just, just, just, I mean, I don't want to exaggerate.
This is what Chuckie Schumer was doing.
And Daschle's going.
They're going.
Looks like that famous picture of Hitler, Mussolini, Hermann Goering, as they sign over Czechoslovakia in Poland with the Russians, and Hitler's going.
And Mussolini's going.
You know, Hitler just didn't blow up the Reichstag when he got elected Chancellor to then abolish the Presidency and declare himself the Fuhrer, ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fuhrer, for Lebensstrahl, for living space.
He also, before they invaded and broke their deal with Russia, they attacked a German radio command and killed about 30 soldiers.
Later it came out they actually killed their own soldiers.
We have been attacked by the Polish!
Move in!
You know how old this is?
There's an essay on my website with historical notes with dozens of examples of problem reaction solution confirmed throughout history.
And I keep predicting this.
I keep telling you.
Number one suspects are government and the EU.
Using Muslim front people.
Look at the sophistication, folks.
Go back to that caller.
Go ahead, caller.
Hey, Alex.
Just to finish up on that first statement, like I said, I can, you know, get the information together.
I could, you know, send you an email about the Pacifics on that.
And also, the other stereotype is not all people who are Arab, you know, Palestinian, Lebanese, whatever, are Muslims.
A good number of them are Christians.
About a third of them are Christians.
Yeah, and all I have to say is, for people, just don't have a blind eye towards the Israeli government, that's all.
No, the Israeli government should be able to call the Palestinians goyim.
...women and children and blow little kids' genitalia off on national news.
Because it's their right for more living space.
It's Lebenstrahl.
Yeah, right.
But also... My point is, Israel's gonna get us nuked.
And the other thing I mentioned to your producer was, um, earlier this morning at work I saw, um, they had Oliver North on TV going on about how these, um, quote, terrorists used common, um, like a knife out of a common pocket tool as, um, weapons to take over the, um, jet airliners and it just sounds like, well, here's another thing it wrote him down.
Now we need to ban knives.
I wonder why he made deals to sell tow missiles and missile components to the Iranians.
Yeah, I found that big.
And why are the Iranians working with the great Satan?
You understand these Arab governments are just as corrupt.
Yeah, but that's all I have to say.
Do you understand that?
I definitely do.
Do you understand that we should retaliate against whoever did this at the same time?
I'm telling you at the bare minimum our government allowed this to happen.
Oh, definitely.
By their policies, opening up the borders, letting us become completely encircled.
Just last week, Bush, is get rid of the southern border.
Yeah, that's a great idea, Bush.
And the northern border.
Appreciate your call, sir.
Understand, I'm pro-America in this.
That's why we're fighting for our rights.
Your freedoms are in the crosshairs because of this.
They're saying, you gotta give up your freedoms.
Go ahead, caller.
Uh, yes, I want to make a comment about Israel.
And I will try to remain calm, because I feel like you take what is happening today and disregard what has happened since Israel became a nation.
And things have happened.
Israel does not want to go to war.
They wanted peace with the Palestinians, but they were attacked and attacked and attacked.
And every time they had to fight back and got rule of the land, which they did not want to keep.
It was only for security reasons.
Because why keep more land?
I mean, it's just a burden to keep up more land.
All they wanted was security, security.
They have given it back in 1956.
They want it again.
Ma'am, ma'am, hold on, hold on.
See, we can't debate one little part of this.
I'll put you on hold.
I'll talk to you, lady, but you've got to let me talk.
Osama bin Laden is a CIA asset.
Oliver North and Reagan armed Iran.
Clinton paid off Iran to help us take over us, not us, the New World Order.
Kosovo, one-third of Serbia, with a hundred-plus billion dollars of ore and minerals.
And then Senator Inhofe went over there and all he saw was piles of dead Serb soldiers and blown-up school buses.
But you bought that, didn't you?
I bet you did.
The little Muslims were our friends then.
My point is, this thing is all interchanged.
Look for him to not even find out who did this, or to bomb another Aspen factory.
Because this government armed China with the newest nuclear weapons designs and delivery systems, and they have now armed Iran, and Russia has armed Syria, and we can't even bomb those countries now.
We're in a stalemate, and there's going to be more bombings, and more bombings, and more bombings.
They're going to wring their hands, and something must be done, and they're going to say, we've got to give up our rights.
My point is, I have video of Arab women, Palestinian women, begging for
Their little rock house is getting bulldozed, as Israeli soldiers strut around in black uniforms, beating people up, and taking their tomatoes and breaking their water jugs.
Now, those people aren't a threat.
You want to rock it?
Yasser Arafat, who's a pedophile, that's well-known?
Go ahead.
That worm.
But don't sit there... You know, I'm just sick of the... Israeli government has its
It has its Israel lobby in the Senate, in the House.
They want our guns, they're all voting to disarm us, while funding American-paid-for M-16s for Israel.
You want to end these hijackings?
In the 80s, there was a call to put iron bulkheads between the pilot and the rest of the plane.
There was a call to put guns on board, and I heard local radio saying, Oh no, guns!
Oh no, guns!
They have guns, they have bullets you can buy at the store that don't even go through that thick of metal or plastic.
They go into body flesh, they explode.
They won't even shoot through a plane.
I bought them and shot stuff with them.
They got a thin metal casing and they're plastic.
And they'll blow a hole in you that big into your flesh.
They send a shockwave.
They should arm the pilots now until 1949.
Our pilots were armed with revolvers.
Because they carried U.S.
And up until 1940s, our mailmen carried guns.
Back when we didn't have crimes, and a rape or murder was national news, everybody had guns.
The law-abiding citizens had guns.
If those pilots had guns, if one train flight attendant had a gun, they'd have been able to take them out.
Oh, but a child might get hurt!
Yeah, now you got 30,000 dead people.
Because of box cutters.
Now, I'm not attacking Israel outright.
I know that there are a lot of good Palestinians, a lot of good Jews on both sides that are trying to come together.
But I've seen them call Sharon, when he was a general, bombed the USS Liberty.
And as our men were in the water, they strafed them on purpose.
And LBJ at 63 didn't help them.
And everybody else is seen as dogs.
As slaves by Israel.
They call the Palestinians goyim.
Look in your dictionary.
I don't like Adolf Hitler calling Jews subhuman.
And I don't like Mecha calling whites subhuman.
And I don't like any of these racists.
And I'm telling you, Israel acts more like the Nazis every day.
And so do the Arabs, okay?
It's not going to sit here
While we bombed Iraq for eleven years ago, yeah, give them Arabs something, when a million Iraqis have starved to death.
No medicine, no clean water, no electricity.
How would you like it when we put Saddam in power and gave him the chemical weapons to hit those Kurds and to fight the Iranians?
The government created all of this, and they stand to gain from this.
Did you hear me when I read that MSNBC had been lied to the CIA asset, or when I read
Baltimore Sun.
New book on NSA sheds light on secret U.S.
terror plan called Cuban Invasion Pretext.
Washington, U.S.
military leaders propose a 62, a secret plan to commit terrorist acts against Americans and blame Cuba to create a pretext, an excuse, for invasion and the ouster of Communist leader Fidel Castro.
I hate Castro!
You don't become Castro to fighting, according to a new book by the National Security Agency.
And it is confirmed with the documents.
We could develop a communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area and other Florida cities, even in Washington.
Bomb Washington, said one document prepared by the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
We could blow up a U.S.
ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba, the document says.
Casualty lists in the U.S.
newspapers could cause a helpful wave of indignation.
The plan is laid out in documents signed by the five Joint Chiefs of Staff but never carried out.
President Kennedy nixed the program.
According to writer James Bamford in Body of Secrets, the new history of Fort Meade's based eavesdropping agency is being released today by Doubleday.
This was April 24th.
I read it every week to you.
And it says, former ABC executive, now best-selling author, retired.
He has the NSA documents where Israel attacked and said, kill all of our soldiers.
It also says we could sink a boatload of Cubans en route from Florida.
We could foster attempts on the lives of Cubans in the United States.
Even the extent of wounding and killing.
Widely publicized, the document says we could blow up John Glenn's spacecraft in 1962 as it goes into orbit and blame it on the Cubans.
We could blow up passenger airliners.
It's called Operation Northwoods.
This is the stuff that somebody at the NSA leaked warning you back in April to the Washington Times, to the New York Times, to the New York Post, to the Baltimore Sun.
Bamford sent me copies.
He has it from the Library of Congress.
The actual minutes!
Casualty list would be extremely helpful.
Let's show them those buildings collapsing some more, guys.
Then you have Oklahoma City being a government bombing.
We're going to take some more calls.
Then I'm going to air Oklahoma City's segment.
We're going to come back and recap all of this.
Call your friends, your family, your neighbors.
You should be calling talk radio shows.
You should be calling Congress, the Governor, the President, saying, we know who stands to gain the government.
We know you left our country wide open to terrorist attack by lowering our borders north and south, by letting the Chinese military move into Panama, by giving the Chinese military the latest nuclear weapons, which they've now given with the delivery systems to Iran.
See, we can't attack Iran now, because they got nukes, folks.
You ready for nuclear war?
It's sitting there in your easy chair, drinking your beer and burping and scratching your butt, feeling real tough right now.
Kill them damn Arabs!
Well, you just go ahead and bomb the Arabs and watch New York disappear with a nuke!
The truth is, you're fat, stupid couch potatoes that have bought this lie and think you can give up your liberty for security by a bunch of sicko New World Order freaks that created Saddam and created Bin Laden and are laughing at you right now and stampeding you into this.
I don't want to hear, turn the ventilation to a parking lot anymore.
This isn't about mindless emotionalism.
Kill them Arabs!
Sure, kill a million of them if they were involved in it.
Imagine America being bombed for 11 years, being surrounded, not having any water, food, or no medicine shipped in, the UN running everything.
That's what Iraq is, and they could have taken Saddam out in 91, but instead they've turned Iraq into a desert, which it was 80 years ago.
Their population has quadrupled in the last 60 years.
They were desert.
With that oil money, they built colleges and schools, and built themselves up, and were buddies with the U.S., and attacked the Iranians, and did their job, and followed orders from George Bush, the former CIA director.
And then when Saddam did his job, and invaded Kuwait, when he was ordered to, April Glass, the U.S.
ambassador on tape, saying, let it go forward, you saw it on the news, they attacked him, and now the U.N.
runs it.
Why didn't we take Saddam out?
Because it's about killing people!
It's about UN population control, and the UN taking control of that oil, and they needed Saddam there as the boogeyman so we can encircle them and steal their oil for the UN.
And now the UN wants a Tobin tax of 1.5 trillion a year to fund their world government, and they're admitting we're under world government and losing our national sovereignty.
But that's okay, because the world came together against Bin Laden today!
The terrorist, the evil Arab!
And the caricatures just look just like Nazi cartoons with the Arabs with the big noses and the evil lips like this.
I find that very offensive.
I find it offensive when Hitler had the Jews looking like that.
But it's okay in the Israeli newspapers to make Arabs look like that.
If you're going to be against racism, if you're going to be against tribalism,
If you're going to be against all this, you've got to be against it whether it's a black racist, a white racist, a German racist, a Japanese racist, and you've got to know the facts, Jack!
The corrupt United States government that's no longer our government, that's a new world order, national security, dictatorship government, a crisis government.
Oh, what have we here?
We're flying towards the World Trade Center.
Let's continue.
Oh, look what we're flying towards right now.
This is what it must have felt like for the people in the pilot seat.
I wonder why TV had this on a few months ago.
To condition us to accept the hire later without too much panic.
Scientifically crafted.
It's not just this, it's everything.
Sophisticated mind control.
Let's go back to your calls.
Now, ma'am, you can finish up.
Fader up, please.
Why am I ranting?
I'm upset.
Go ahead.
You know, we're not going to be able to take calls if that box keeps cutting out.
Go ahead.
See if it works now.
I don't know.
It's like I... Go ahead and wiggle the wire in the back, please.
I'm sorry to the caller.
It's AXS TV.
We're having some difficulties here.
Here's the lone gunman.
Their second episode.
Just turn it down a little bit now, please, sir.
It's the third knob.
Closest knob to you.
Let me try this call.
Go ahead, ma'am.
Do we have her now?
Why don't you get...
Bob Wilson in here?
And get him to work on it.
I'm sorry, this box has been broken for years.
They haven't replaced it.
And I'm not mad at the staff here.
They don't make the decisions.
It's all the city.
But we need... Oh!
They almost missed it.
Rewind that.
In this piece, a secret government agency was going to blow up the World Trade Center for martial law.
This was on just three or four months ago.
And I predicted a bombing of the World Trade Center because when they do something like this... Oh!
This must be what it felt like!
Here we come!
Mike, why don't you rewind that?
Why don't we air ten minutes of this?
Just... Yeah, with sound.
Go ahead and rewind it.
Now I'm gonna get this box fixed.
I have to do it myself.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to try to calmly come back and take your calls at the Phone Box Works and recap the news.
This is why I can't get calm.
I've been telling you this was going to happen for years.
I've been telling you they're going to come out and say, give up your liberties.
And this is only the beginning.
More is going to happen.
Now they're going to want your guns.
They're going to want your property.
The police are going to treat you like dirt at checkpoints.
The mayor was on saying we need to give up our liberties yesterday.
Connelisa Rice, National Security Advisor of the Sheriff locally, saying they may pull us over and search us without warrants.
This is the control.
Remember the fake nuclear spill last year in Austin?
Remember all that?
Remember the fake biological attacks downtown?
And I jumped in front of ABC News Live and screamed, it's fake, it's fake, and they had to admit it was fake.
Creating the illusion, getting you ready for this to happen.
As they build all these FEMA camps?
As we go from 1.3 million in prison two years ago to 6.5 million today in prison?
As the police state unfolds?
As the face scanning cameras go in?
I told you all this would happen.
Alright, here's Fox.
We actually have the script on InfoWars.com.
Here they are conditioning you to accept the Hara four months ago, just like they've done on everything else.
And I predicted this when this show came out, because they've already bombed the World Trade Center once.
It's the apple of the Federal Reserve, IMF, World Bank, Power Axis, Terrorism Eye.
And they've knocked out our financial center while the EU is rolling out.
Are you ready with that tape, Mike?
I want to rewind it about 10 minutes.
This is from the lone gunman.
I'll take a break.
I'll come back and recap.
Then we'll go to this lady that disagrees or whatever.
Continue with your calls.
I believe this is a government bombing.
I've been warning you.
Even the statesman right here agreed with me on the phone.
Printed my quotes, but not all of them.
The government was planning it.
We have the smoking gun documents.
Baltimore Sun, New York Times.
They bombed Oklahoma City.
They bombed it all.
And I'm telling you, your property, your family, everything, a month ago, they were in the news, Fox and ABC and AP, and I read it on air.
You'll see the reruns airing.
Remember, this is, I'm live right now, the 12th of September, 2001.
This happened on 9-11, 9-1-1, 9-11.
Now, you'll see shows from me going back several months, several years, and I'll be predicting all of this.
My shows re-air over and over again.
I have one air today where I predicted all of this.
You put it in your filthy pipe and you smoke it.
There's a camp ready for your kids.
If there's enough of these terrorist attacks, cops will stomp your children's brains out and ask for seconds.
They're using militant enthusiasm, tribalism to get us to circle the wagons.
Bin Laden, Saddam, they all belong to this government.
They've been kept in power because they're doing their filthy jobs.
Infowars.com for all the documents.
We'll come back and we'll take your calls, but here is Fox News, Fox TV, throwing it in your face.
This is what it must have looked like yesterday morning as those two planes came in.
Stay with us.
Your name, Eve Adele Harlow, is an anagram of Lee Harvey Oswald.
Some joke.
I know who you really are, sugar.
And I can tell the world in my silly little rag.
All right, try cutting electrical power.
I've thought of that.
I've thought of everything.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is Captain speaking.
We're experiencing some technical difficulties up here.
At this time, we'd like you all to return to your seats.
And kiss your asses goodbye.
Anyway, we're getting close.
I know.
I know.
Damn it!
New York Center, this is Atlantic National Flight 265 Heavy.
We are declaring an emergency.
We have 110 souls on board, 16,000 pounds of fuel, and no dangerous goods or cargo to report.
Come on, bro, you can do it.
The fronts have failed, haven't they?
There's still hope.
I hope my next turn out is as nice as my last one.
And I need you now.
We've got manual override.
If we can't get to the FBI, we'll go public.
With your testimony, we can break this conspiracy wide open.
Bring Overlord down.
The whole operation.
What is it?
God, I see myself in you.
Okay, folks, just wait just about one minute.
We'll try to get Alex back in here.
Kind of caught us off guard here.
That's all the film.
Hold on one second.
Alright, try cutting electrical power.
Good thought of that.
Good thought of everything.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is Captain speaking.
We're experiencing some technical difficulties up here.
At this time, we'd like you all to return to your seats.
And kiss your asses goodbye.
Finally, we're getting close.
I know, I know.
Damn it!
New York Center, this is the LAC, National Flight 265 Heavy.
We are declaring an emergency.
We have 110 souls on board, 16,000 pounds of fuel, and no dangerous goods or cargo to report.
Come on, bro, you can do it.
The fronts have failed, haven't they?
There's still hope.
I hope my next train house is as nice as my last one.
I need you, though.
We've got manual override.
If we can't get to the FBI, we'll go public with your testimony.
Oh, the FBI, they will save us.
There's a bad government group that blows stuff up to give you martial law, but the good government saves you.
I have predicted all of this.
We have read the documents on the air.
The government was planning all of this.
Baltimore Sun, New York Times, from April, MSNBC, from August 24th, 98, on InfoWars.com.
Bin Laden is a known CIA asset.
He is a creation.
And now they're telling us to give up our rights in exchange for security.
There's no such thing.
The borders are wide open.
We are surrounded by nuclear missiles.
Chinese and Russian subs are surrounding us.
Our military has been cut to nothing.
What's left is being used for internal security forces.
Bush is cutting nuclear missiles unilaterally.
Out Clinton in Clinton.
The Chinese military has moved missiles back into Cuba.
They've taken over the Panama Canal.
They've given nuclear missiles and designs that we gave them and the delivery systems to Iran.
That was in the news last week.
Iran is working with the Great Satan, the New World Order.
It's not the people of Iran.
It's not the people of America.
It's not the people of Iraq.
It's the sick, old New World Order leaders.
Now let's go to the callers.
Hello, caller on the air.
Yes, go ahead.
Let's see, did you say you have actual footage of Chuck Schumann gloating after the fall of the Trade Center?
Mike, bring me the tapes I taped yesterday.
Imagine, I was on the air ten hours yesterday.
I normally do six hours a day of live radio.
I taped, I don't know, six tapes, two hours.
I taped twelve hours SP, high quality speed, yesterday.
This is only a small portion, and I don't even know which tape it's on.
These are only three of them.
We have just tape after tape after tape.
Here, take them back, Mike.
Of it.
But I have Schumer.
It'll be in a film I make.
Don't worry.
We've got like four or five tapes.
I don't know.
More than 12 hours in there.
And I have Schumer, as everybody else is crying and after they're singing, going... With Daschle just laughing and giggling.
Go ahead, sir.
We just had him on the air.
How do you... Go ahead and finish, sir.
You know, these phones are out of control.
Come turn this up for me, very delicately.
Just turn it up a little bit.
Don't touch it or it'll short out.
You're on the air, sir.
Go ahead.
Can you hear me?
Yes, they can hear you.
I can't really.
Go ahead.
Okay, uh... Now I can.
Go ahead.
Yeah, so, uh, you're gonna have not just a picture of him, but the actual audio with the picture, of course.
I don't get the point of your slithering comments.
You know, my mom is so like, well, gotta have proof, not just any pictures, but actual audio with it, you know, and I'm trying to... Well, I'm not trying to be mean to you, sir, but have you not seen my show as I predicted all of this?
I've been recording all your shows, and I'm driving my mom crazy.
Alright, you're a nice guy, I shouldn't have been mean to you, and I don't mind people disagreeing with me.
My point is, sir, yes, I have Chucky Schumer laughing and making jokes on tape.
Good, good.
I can't wait to see that.
The same guy that says arm Israel but disarm the American people.
Okay, do you want to talk to that nice lady you put on hold a while back?
She was on your line.
She hung up.
I couldn't take her call because the phone system was screwed up.
Yeah, well, can you explain to her nicely that you weren't being mean?
No, I'm calling Nazi Germany bad.
I'm calling what Israel's doing bad.
No, I'm talking about her thinking that you just hung up on her like C-SPAN does to people who try to make a point, and C-SPAN would just hang up on the person when they begin to say, and Dick Cheney wouldn't admit, and Dick Cheney, and the guy just clicks this woman off on C-SPAN, and I think C-SPAN's kind of biased on the Washington Journal.
Well, at least you can call in.
I've called in and gotten a few words out, but yeah, it's pretty bad.
Did you hear me read the documents about how the Feds wanted to blow up airliners for a pretext for war?
Yeah, I've read it on the web, and it is so shocking.
It's about unbelievable it's so shocking.
But you understand now, they came out and said what I said they'd say.
Give up your rights.
Now's the time to give up your rights.
Yeah, I want to tell you about the website, about the document, about the camps.
When I click on it, it says page not found, and that happens to a lot of the links.
Not only that, but with the links you have, when I click on it, it's new information.
It doesn't refer to... Yeah, that's a problem.
We put up a hundred new links every day on the website, and newspapers and the AP and their news wires change the links.
But I have shown the document on the air, I have read it, we have put the link up repeatedly, and I go to it routinely.
Yeah, and just by luck, I found the link that was the Urban Warrior, and it was scary.
It says, we're watching every keystroke you make.
Do not even attempt to mirror the site, because we were watching you.
Now that is scary, and so... Yeah, well sir, have you seen the footage of where they hired provocateurs in Seattle?
Oh yeah, I taped it, I taped it.
And then put 500 peaceful people in a FEMA camp?
Alright, I appreciate your call.
Hello caller on the air.
Yeah, just a comment about that movie we're showing.
You know, I wonder if I made a movie that I was going to kill someone, a home movie, and then that person turned up dead, and that tape was shown to a jury,
How that would look, how that would implicate me and it's kind of interesting that they would make this movie.
Let me make one other observation about the media and then I want you to comment on that because I want to say that how many times out there have you all looked on the TV, saw, let's just for example use a Middle Eastern crowd chanting and celebrating some heinous act and you've said to yourself,
Those people are so brainwashed by state-controlled propaganda machines, and I want to put this out there that if people are not considering what you're saying about the fact that our government has handed out these biological weapons, if people do not do things other than read the mainstream media, listen to Katie Couric and Tom Brokaw, if they aren't questioning, then they are no better than those people that they are sitting there and looking at saying, gee, they're so brainwashed.
They should think about that, that they're no better than those people if all they're doing is watching their media like a little lapdog and not asking questions.
I hear you and I appreciate the call.
All I can say is you sit there
You know, I'm not for the Palestinians.
I'm not for the Israelis.
I'm not for anybody.
That is, their leaders.
I'm for the people of this world.
And I'm here to tell you, after this attack, they're saying, the governments, it's a global war against terrorism.
And that means a war against your civil liberties.
You're all guilty until proven innocent.
And as I predicted when this happened, before it happened, I said, when it happens, they're going to say, give up your rights.
Meanwhile, they're doing everything they can, creating Bin Laden, creating Saddam, opening up our borders, arming China with the newest systems, to allow this to happen.
Let's take another call.
Hello, caller, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, Mike Moore.
Hey Mike, what's going on?
Yeah, I'm glad my neighbor got that tape to you and stuff, and we were able to get that on the air.
I had a defense link,
Last night, I got a copy of the news transcript from the Pentagon briefing, and something I found very interesting in it.
One of the questions was, Mr. Secretary, we were getting reports from CNN and others that bombs are exploding in Kabul, Afghanistan.
Are we at the moment striking back, and if so, is the target Osama bin Laden and his organization?
And the guy by the name of Runesfield answered,
He said, he said, no, I believe that's internal fighting, but we may need to hit him again.
No, what he says here is, I've seen those reports today, and then he pauses, and he says, in no way is the United States government connected to these explosions.
Well, he's, I actually saw the video of it, too.
I know.
And, I mean, you can obviously tell that he was going to say something, and then decided to... And then he says, we may need to hit him again.
Yeah, I know.
And says, it's not time for discussions like that, you know, so...
Obviously there is something else going on.
This is from the transcript right off the Defense Link website.
Have you seen the document we put on screen about the 12 army concentration camps that already have people on them?
Yes, I have those printed out on my desk.
Well, I mean, they're on my website, and then people, you know, say, oh, no, they're not.
They're right there, right now.
Yes, they are.
All of this that I just listed is there.
Bin Laden, CIS, MSNBC, the Fed's plan to blow up airlines and bomb Washington as a pretext for martial law.
That's Baltimore Sun.
I mean, it's all right here.
I'm not making this up.
I wanted to get on the air today and say that I have every one of the documents that you have.
I got most of them from your website and others from
Search engines those documents do exist.
They are real and don't forget to mention the Department of the Army from February 22nd where they were handing that information out to Mike Hanson at the at Waco when they staged that deal with the bus.
Remember where they were pulling the people off of the buses and searching them with no
Pretext whatsoever.
And they said that in the document on InfoWars.com, we've shown here many times on the screen, they say that we are here to serve search warrants, to attack homes, call us anytime.
But, oh, the military's out to keep us safe.
I'm not anti-military.
That's not our military's job.
Our forefathers fought to stop this from happening in the United States.
And now they're telling us give up all our freedoms.
Well, Alex, I want to go on record as saying that I took an oath back in 1987 for the United States Navy.
To uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
People need to quit looking for a boogeyman and start looking toward the domestic front, because that's where this is coming from.
Absolutely, sir.
Thank you for sending us the lone gunman footage.
Very useful.
Hello, caller.
You're on the air.
I wanted to tell you that two days before this attack, President Bush gives a radio speech
And he had some governor come on right after him.
It was governor of Arizona.
And they said that they were lifting the borders.
They were lifting the numbers of the people that could come in through both Canada and Mexico.
And that was two days before these attacks.
So, even if those people weren't in the country before then, they sure had an easy way of getting in.
They, last week, announced they're getting rid of the borders, rid of our national sovereignty under the guise of immigration and trade, and they're the ones that caused this, whether the government did it themselves or allowed it to take place.
I mean, look, it's not my opinion.
World Trade Center 93.
How many shows have I read the New York Times story from October 28, 93, where they admit, the FBI was recorded secretly admitting, they cooked the bomb, trained the drivers, and allowed the bombing to go forward.
Thank God cars were parked up against those pylons so they couldn't get their truck right up against it, or one of those would have been brought down.
And then I thought something else was really, really strange.
They would not
Pat Forgione, superintendent of AISD, would not allow teachers to play this in their classrooms.
They would not allow students to sit in their classrooms and watch this happen, this history, on TV.
And I thought, well, that's really strange because when I was young, President Kennedy was killed.
Everybody went home.
I mean, it was a national... It's all part of not letting kids run and play at recess.
Not letting them play dodgeball.
Training them to be little, weak jellyfish.
Yes, yes.
They wanted them to carry on with their normal activities.
And then you look on Channel 8 and there's sociologists telling you what to tell your kids.
Telling you how to speak to your kids about this.
It's just amazing.
We're all children in their system.
Ma'am, how long have you been watching the show?
Your show?
About a year now?
How long have I been predicting and reading the documents of the government controlling the terrorists?
As long as I've been watching your show.
And that was my first... that you were the first person... I lived in San Marcos 15 years before I moved here and you were the first person that ever, ever caught my attention and ever said anything about this in my entire life and I do thank you.
I thank you very much for
For having me overcome your sometimes overbearing presentation.
I mean, that alone was enough to make me go, oh, well, no, no, no, no.
But it was what you said.
Now I look beyond.
I know why you get angry.
I know why you have the tears.
And I know why you fight so hard.
It's because it's the absolute God's truth.
And I have a hundred things I want to say, and they all prove what I have to say, and I just... I can calm down on the radio.
I just can't get calm on this TV show.
And I'm in this room with these hot lights on me, and there's a TV set over there with my cell phone, and these cameras pointed at me, and I'm in here alone, and I don't know how to interact here.
I don't know how to go through the points, but I'll tell you what I'm going to do right now.
I'm going to be calm.
I'm going to do a ten-minute presentation, a recap of what's happened, okay?
Thank you very much, though.
I look beyond that, and I understand your emotion now.
I understand you.
And I'm actually behaving the same way and almost getting fired from my job because as a teacher I'm telling my students the truth and they're trying to get me to shut my mouth in my classroom and I won't do it.
So I expect not to have a job soon, but I'm telling my students the other side.
If that happens, Sue them.
We'll help you.
Call us and we'll come interview you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Yeah, people at work will talk about how gun control doesn't work and it's made England's crime rate double and triple.
And they get fired.
Just talking about the Second Amendment, talking about stuff on the news.
A slave talked about guns.
Oh, I like the police and black uniforms and ski masks, but one of the slaves, like me, just mentioned a gun.
We're being domesticated.
We're being trained.
We're being made little weak nothings.
Alright, let me calmly go through it, then we'll go back to your calls.
All throughout history, all throughout history, they have used acts of terrorism to create the illusion
...of fear, and to create the system for control.
You create the crisis, you demonstrate fear, the pundits say something must be done, what are they going to do about it?
And then the government announces some draconian change to stop the new enemy, and everybody gets around it and supports it, and a major change can develop.
Let me give you historical examples.
Almost 2,000 years ago, a very corrupt Roman emperor named Nero
Had been murdering all the Christians, and so has his predecessor.
The Christians were becoming very popular because they would sit there and... Well, they had such a faith, they would let the lions tear them apart peaceably, they would be burned at the stake, crucified upside down, have their heads cut off.
Many Roman leaders, people in the Senate, were becoming Christian.
The non-violent stance against the tyranny of Rome was catching on.
So Nero later wrote about it, he got so decked and he bragged, that he had Rome in the
The poor district set a light and blamed it on the Christians.
They found the stone tablets where they put them up saying, already made, the Christians set the fires.
Later he bragged, ha ha, that he fiddled and enjoyed himself, you know, Nero fiddled, and drank a goblet of wine, and got to expand his palace into their zone.
He didn't like looking down on the slum and smelling all the feces of the population.
This is the historical Roman documents.
But it worked.
Suddenly the people were screaming with rage, kill the Christians.
And on my website I have a whole essay documenting this throughout history.
But let's fast forward to Adolf Hitler.
Now let's go to the Spanish-American War, turn of the century, Teddy Roosevelt and his rough riders.
Right before he got elected.
They wanted Spain, they wanted Cuba, they wanted to get Spain out of there, they wanted Spain out of the Western Hemisphere and their empire, they wanted the islands for coaling stations in the Pacific, the Philippines, and so they blew up the main, right there in Havana Harbor, as the Feds proposed in 1962 to do again, here in the Baltimore Sun, along with blowing up the Capitol, as a pretext to invade Cuba.
And what I want to explain to you here is this.
Then in 1941, three days before, and they have this in the Library of Congress, it's now on Discovery Channel, I've interviewed the authors and the lecturers and have copies of the documents.
We're going to re-air those radio shows here on AXS.
They actually, this is so key, had communiqu├ęs with Admiral Yamamoto three days away saying we will steam towards
We will attack on the morning of December 7th, we will annihilate the Pacific Fleet, and deal a death blow to America.
That's the copy from Yamamoto.
Two weeks before, an uncoded message was sent to all diplomatic facilities that didn't have the special purple code coding machines in the Japanese Empire.
That was intercepted.
All those intercepts were taken to the office of the President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
Then serving his third term, after saving us from the depression they created.
Another example of problem, reaction, solution.
To bring us to man-in-control and socialism.
It's on the History Channel now.
It's everywhere.
They had the Purple Code broken in 1938.
The British knew about it.
That's common knowledge.
Now, they allowed that to happen.
And this is now on the History Channel.
You're saying they wouldn't allow this to happen?
They're calling it the new Pearl Harbor.
Notice all these movies came out.
Pearl Harbor, Band of Brothers, all these other war films.
All this army recruiting, with the army in the new black uniform, the new black beret, army of one.
This is part of getting the New World Order going.
Now they're saying the terrorists have attacked us.
Let's give you another example.
Hitler's elected chancellor, von Hindenburg, dies.
Hitler wants to abolish the presidency and control the whole parliament.
He blows up the Reichstag, grabs a poor, retarded, Jewish, homeless man, blames it on him.
They hang him.
He declares martial law.
Confiscates the guns, builds the prisons.
The prison population goes from 100,000 up to about 6 million in three or four years.
Funny, we now have 6.5 million in prison.
It was 1.3 million two years ago.
Government's own numbers out last week.
We read it on air last week.
People say, why would the government do something like this?
Come on, that's a stupid question.
It's not our government.
In 1947, we had the National Security Act, where everything went secret.
Everything went underground.
Underground bases.
Secret technologies.
CIA developing mind control drugs.
Senate hearings.
All documented.
And then 1962.
One more shot, please.
And again, I'm not even scratching the surface.
I have an essay written by a scholar, a scholarly gentleman on my website that goes through dozens of examples in modern history called The Politics of Terror.
Baltimore Sun NSA sheds light on secret U.S.
terror plan called Cuban invasion pretext.
Casualty list, meaning numbers of dead people, in U.S.
newspapers would cause a helpful wave of indignation.
That means anger and resolve.
December 7, 1941.
A day that will live in infamy.
Let me get my phony blue blood takeover voice down for you.
The plan is laid out in documents signed by the five Joint Chiefs of Staff and confirmed.
Kennedy said no to the plan and was assassinated six months later.
It was signed on to by everybody though.
They wanted to blow up airliners, blow up John McCain's spacecraft as he took off in 1962, blame it on Cuba.
And they would publicize fabricated evidence that Cuba had used electronic interference to sabotage the flight, the documents from the NSA show.
Now somebody at the NSA leaked this to the news.
Bless you!
Praise you!
Now we hear Bush and the liberals as well, together, trying to pass a bill last week
Making it a death, a crime punishable by death, for someone in the government to leak information to the news, and to get rid of the journalist source privilege, so next time somebody in the NSA leaks these documents, leaves them at the Library of Congress, leaks them, tells Bamford to go down there, 2020 executive, to find them, they're just going to get killed.
They're about to pass a law to be able to assassinate whoever they want.
007 powers.
Really already in effect.
Now they're publicizing it.
So they were going to attack the Marines at Guantanamo Bay.
The U.S.
Army dressed up as Cuban nationals.
Now that was to take out Fidel.
Kennedy said no.
He announced he was going to abolish the CIA, get us out of Vietnam.
Started printing Lincoln Greenbacks that say US Note on it.
Go to a coin shop.
They'll have a five dollar bill that says US Note.
Jack Kennedy.
There's no Federal Reserve on it.
He was kicking the dictatorship out.
He said, look, I'm a blue bud, but I care about the people.
I am not about... Mike, let's get those other tapes in there, brother.
He said, I am not about...
To allow you to do this to our country.
And that's why they killed him.
But I know, the lone bullet, it changed all those directions.
It didn't even get bent up.
I know, it was one person did it.
I know, I'm a conspiracy theorist.
I understand.
Here's another one.
I keep going back over the basics.
Bin Laden comes home to roost.
The CIA ties are only the beginning of the woeful story.
August 24th, 1998, at the CIA, it happens often enough to have a codename, Blowback, simply defined as the term that describes an agent, an operative, or an operation that has turned on its creators, Osama Bin Laden, our new public enemy number one, is the personification of Blowback, and the fact that he is viewed as a hero by millions of the Islamic world proves again the old adage, you reap what you sow.
Then it goes into Bin Laden's beginnings,
As anyone who's bothered to read as far as certainly knows, Bin Laden is the heir to the largest Saudi family construction fortune, who at least since the early nineties, has used his money to finance countless attacks on the U.S.
But you see, before that, he was the top man for the CIA.
Saddam is the top man before that.
Public record.
And they're doing their job now, and they will use these pretexts to bring you martial law.
They're not going to shut down the border,
We're going to open it up in a few weeks again, completely wide open to get rid of our sovereignty.
They're bragging in the front page of Time of Mexico, red, white, and green.
No more national sovereignty for Mexico or the U.S.
or Canada.
World government, just like the E.U.
The National Association, the Bar Association out of Chicago is lobbying to get rid of jury rights and attorney-client privilege.
Fox News, Houston Chronicle.
We've read it here on the air.
It's at InfoWars.com.
Let's get a Big Info Wars up for them, gentlemen.
So, we have all of this developing.
And they're on the news.
Henry Kissinger is saying we have to get rid of this old-fashioned moral argument that we shouldn't give up our liberties for security.
We should give up our liberties.
We should give up our liberties.
Frank Keating, one of the architects of the Oklahoma City bombing, the governor, former FBI chieftain, announces we need to, quote, give up liberty for security.
We have this all on tape.
We're just sticking tapes in the machine.
We haven't even had time to watch them, but we taped yesterday and just going, uh, play that, play this.
I've got at least 12 hours.
Mike's got about four hours.
We'll try to have some excerpts pulled out for you next week to show you what we're talking about here.
So who stands to gain from this bombing?
Certainly not these Muslim, third-world countries.
It's the security system.
It's the security apparatus.
It's the military-industrial complex.
Lockheed Martin putting in the face-scanning cameras, and the kids in a hundred school districts thumb-scanning to get their food, and the armored vehicles that have been delivered to police departments, and all of this.
You better get on the ball and speak out against it and say, I'm not giving up my rights, buddy!
Fine, we'll have some terrorism.
Think about that.
I want you to think about that.
Put me back in the middle, guys.
People think I'm like, whoop, whoop, slide it back and forth.
No, seriously, this is a serious show, guys.
You know that.
You're doing a good job.
I like the effects, but it's like third world television when I'm, you know, flipping back and forth and coming in.
Look at that, ladies and gentlemen.
Look at it drop from demolitions in the bottom.
Look at that.
So, the bottom line is, your police are militarized, they're geared up, they've been saying this has been happening, they're working with the military, everybody's circling the wagons, we gotta do something.
They're just going to sit back, probably for the next week or so, and we've got to do something.
We've got to do something.
We're going to have to give up our rights.
Aren't you going to bomb somebody?
Well, we might bomb some Arabs who are out, you know, herding goats, but no, bin Laden works for us, and we kept Saddam in now for 11 years, so we can have the UN and circle the country, and he keeps them down internally for us, and murders the Kurds with nerve gas we gave him in the 80s, and then he gives all the oil to the UN, and he's a good servant.
That's what's happened.
He was our big buddy in the 80s.
A million dead Iraqis since the war are starving to death.
No medicine, no power, no nothing.
And you are complicit in supporting that.
This New World Order doesn't see race, it doesn't see region.
It controls leaders to bring order out of chaos.
I hope you figured that out by now.
So, these are the news stories that we have covered today.
A few of the other points, we have conclusively proven that Oklahoma City was a government bombing.
I have interviewed the former head of the FBI Crime Lab on the air who says it was, who quit over it, General Benton Parton, the former head of Air Force Weapons Development, General Parton.
The top grand juror Hoppy Heidelberg and the first Oklahoma grand jury was threatened by FBI at his home to stop asking questions about the multiple bombs that were removed, caught on videotape by local news that we've aired here.
Why did the feds confiscate 12 surveillance cameras and then claim national security when people tried to get it into the court case?
You got McVeigh pulling up to bomb that building, why not show the video?
So we have the evidence of that.
We have the World Trade Center.
October 28, 1993, New York Times, a month or so after the bombing, happened in January, and then months later it came out that they had hired provocateurs to go in and cook the bomb, train the drivers.
So the New York Times, three days before the CIA folks they hired said, look, the bomb's built, the people are trained,
Let's move in for the sting, and the FBI chief of New York said on tape, because the guy didn't want to get in trouble, he recorded the FBI chief, saying, no, the bombing goes forward.
The security guard at the World Trade Center tried to stop the truck with two illiterate, ignorant, Palestinian young men who'd been brought over here, because they didn't even have high school educations, and they were looking so suspicious, and the head of security said, no, let them park their truck.
This is the New York Times, October 28th, 93.
I know newspaper writers are watching.
Go read it for yourself with your LexisNexis search system.
It has been cut out of the microfilm in a lot of libraries since I've been reporting on it nationwide on a hundred radio stations, but I have copies of it.
We've shown it here in documentaries.
So there's the devastation in lower Manhattan.
That's what's unfolding.
That's what's developing.
Now do you understand?
They tried to bomb it and take one of the towers out, but the car couldn't park up against the pillar because other cars were parked there in 93.
The feds used provocateurs.
Now what happens, eight years later, now I'm asking you, who was the prime suspect?
Same thing with Oklahoma City.
Same thing with Waco.
We know special forces were sent in.
We have the documents.
We have the memos.
We have State Police Officer David Key that came forward.
We have Gene Cullen, former CIA chief, over Global Operations reporting that Delta Force was sent in to kill the Davidians.
We don't make this stuff up, folks.
And now they're going to radically re-engineer our society forever.
Unless we stand up and say, no, you're not going to take our rights!
Shut down the border, get the Chinese military out of Panama Canal, which they now run,
Stop giving China the newest missile designs that they're giving openly to Iran.
See how you have that transfer?
They're doing all this stuff to destabilize the world.
Giving chemical and biological weapons from the Tanox Company in Houston, with James Baker heading it up, to Saddam during the 80s.
Funding the Mujahideen headed up by Rich Bin Laden, who builds all our bases in Saudi Arabia.
While he's the enemy, his company builds our bases.
That is a fact, folks.
But they count on you to be stupid.
They count on most of you to tune into the mainstream media with the same pap over and over again.
This is so big, I could be pulling my hair out, this is so big.
This is a crisis.
Let's take calls.
Hello caller, you're on the air.
Uh, Alex?
Um, I was wondering,
I've just tuned into your show for the first time.
I consider myself an educated, intelligent man, and you're really starting to change my opinions, and it's quite scary what you're saying, and I just want to know, how do we react?
What do we do to prevent things from going beyond the police state?
Sir, I have links on my website.
The army brags they got 12 camps with people in them right now.
Army.mil, man, it links right to it.
They're bragging.
But what do we do as quote-unquote free citizens?
You call every talk show, you call the governor, you call the president, and you say, I know you are behind this, or you allow this to happen.
A couple months ago, you'll see the tape from a couple months ago with the date, like on the screen right now,
Re-airing where I launched Operation Expose the Government Terrorist.
Where I read the news articles, calmly went through all of it.
I did a pretty good job.
Mike did a great job.
The staff did a great job.
And I went to the articles and I put up the White House and Congressional phone numbers.
And I said, call them and beg them.
Please don't blow anything up.
We know you're gearing up for it.
I said, we're getting very close.
There's a lot I can't talk about, folks, about me personally, but I know how to analyze it.
Well, hello, folks, and stay tuned for more classics here on Mike Hanson Archives and our new channel, Waco Archives.
And don't forget our oldest channel, Mike Hanson Archives, here on YouTube.
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Thanks a lot.
God bless.
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You want to come up here?
Alright, that's it.
Alright, who wants to lead?
Let Jesus go.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
God bless the Republic!
Death to the New World Order!