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Air Date: Sept. 11, 2001
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Alex Jones discusses the September 11th attacks on his radio show. He talks about conspiracy theories regarding the attacks, including the idea that they were orchestrated by intelligence agencies for a larger plan to control global affairs and establish a new world order. He also mentions previous terrorist attacks such as the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993 and the Oklahoma City bombing. Jones discusses various topics related to the events, including government involvement, civil liberties, and the international banking system's role in global financial markets. The radio show also features guest speakers who share their opinions on the attacks. Derry Brownfield discusses the behavior of police and calls for people not to let them get away with it. Ted Anderson talks about banks suspending wire transactions due to concerns about a bank run, explaining that fractional reserve banking means only about 6% of the money is actually on deposit, leaving the rest as digital funds. A listener shares information about checkpoints being set up and limitations being placed on various activities. Callers express concern over possible government overreach and the potential loss of civil liberties in the name of security. They discuss conspiracy theories about the attacks, including rumors that F-16s or other fighter jets may have shot down the planes responsible for the attacks. Some callers also mention alleged connections between powerful families in Europe and global events like the World Trade Center collapse. The radio show discusses the impact of the September 11th attacks on American society, including the closure of airports, reports of unexploded bombs, and calls for a focus on securing borders and defending the country. The broadcast questions who stands to gain from the attacks and speculates on the involvement of terrorist groups like Hezbollah and Hamas. Overall, the radio show highlights various conspiracy theories and speculations surrounding the September 11th attacks, discussing government involvement, international politics, and potential motivations behind the events.

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Big Brother. Mainstream media. Government cover-ups. You want answers? Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network. And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, I've been warning you about it for at least five years. All terrorism that we've
looked at from the World Trade Center of Oklahoma City to Waco has been government actions.
They need this as a pretext to bring you and your family martial law. They're either using
provocateur Arabs and allowing them to do it, or this is full complicity with the federal
government. The evidence is overwhelming to bring you up to speed on what's happened
at 8.50 a.m. EDT. Plane hits World Trade Center 920. FBI says at least one plane hijacked 930.
Eastern second jet crashes into World Trade Center. Plane hits Pentagon 940. Federal
officials said a U.S. airplane has hit the Pentagon. The crash comes nearly an hour after
two planes hit the World Trade Center building. All U.S. buildings in Capitol Hill evacuated
1013. 1015. World Trade Center South Tower collapses. 1020. Report explosion at Capitol. 1030. U.S.
congressional leaders top cabinet officials moving to secure facilities. 1030. Anchor
another hijacked plane reported 20 minutes south of Washington, D.C. Second tower north
collapses. Hijacked plane crashes south of Pittsburgh, PA. Officials investigating it
another hijacking with a plane headed towards D.C. And 1045. All federal buildings in D.C.
have been evacuated. And then we're told other planes are in the air. They're finding bombs at
schools. We don't know how many of these reports are accurate. We know the two planes have crashed
into the World Trade Center. Both columns, both buildings with 50,000 plus people in them,
have collapsed in the last hour. They did a simulcast with the Derry-Brownfield syndicated
program. We had Jim Wright on, who's a family friend of mine who lives out in Fredericksburg,
Texas. He's in an investment banking and leasing and was in the building right next door
to the World Trade Center towers. The one World Trade Center towers, as they're now called,
piles of dead bodies everywhere, body parts up to six blocks away. The buildings are absolutely
leveled. He was right there in the midst of it. This is pandemic. This is one of the biggest
stories of the last century and now in to the 21st century. We're going to have Dave
von Kleis and Joyce Riley joining us. Other Genesis hosts, one of which lives in New York,
but we have an eyewitness coming up after this break in his cell phone holes. Jim Wright,
we also have a landline for him, but landlines aren't working too well. There are massive
phone line and digital phone line disturbances across the country. We're having trouble connecting
the ISD in line to Liberty Works Radio Network based in Maryland. Are we connected with them yet?
We will continue to bring you all of this information. I know we're carried by a lot of
stations that don't normally carry the show because they know that I have been predicting
this for years. If you go to infowars.com, you'll find some interesting evidence there.
The story from back in April out of the Baltimore Sun where the joint chiefs of staff were caught
wanting to blow up civilian airliners, attack the Marines at Guantanamo Bay using an army company
disguised as Cubans, bomb Washington DC. We have the James Bamford story,
best-selling author, former 2020 executive with the CIA and NSA documents. The feds wanted to
blow up civilian airlines, wanted to bomb Washington, wanted to shoot people in Miami as a pretext to
invade Cuba in 1962. That is on infowars.com, mainstream, but Kennedy said no. Six months
later his head was blown off. We have become a different society in 2001. Back in 1993,
it was in the New York Times, October 28th that the feds trained the bombers, trained the drivers,
cooked the bomb and allowed that bombing to go forward. They got caught because one of the
informants recorded the FBI telling him to let the bombing go forward because he was worried about
being framed for it. What am I saying? I'm saying who stands to gain from this? Who has the motive?
Who can bring you martial law and destroy your freedom? The government, it's not our government,
stay with us. The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones show
because there's a war on for your mind.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, in the last hour I was on with Derry Brownfield. We'll be
joining us a little bit later in the show, syndicated talk show host. We talked to Jim Wright,
one of my family friends who is an investment banker who lives in Fredericksburg, Texas,
but lives half a year in New York. He was in the building on the banking center's right next door
to the World Trade Center towers when the first jets slammed into it this morning,
then another one slammed into it. He was there as the towers collapsed, dead bodies up to six
blocks away, arms, legs, you name it, another hijacked plane crashed south of Pittsburgh,
PA, officials investigating it, another hijacking with the plane headed towards DC.
They are declaring a threat com level Delta, the highest military threat under threat com Delta.
They are loading the nuclear bombs onto the planes, the missiles are ready,
everybody is buzzing around on the streets like bees, radios and televisions are on. People are
absolutely focused into it. We haven't seen something in this magnitude since the Kennedy
assassination back in 1963. We were able to get Jim via his cell phone there on the scene amongst
all of the carnage. We should be praying for the dead and dying and praying for this country
and the God heal this land, this modern Babylon that would create something like this. I'll tell
you the bottom line, 98 percent chance this was a government orchestrated control bombing.
I've been telling you this was going to happen just two weeks ago. I put the call out again
for operation expose the government terrorist. We are not anti-government, we are anti-corrupt
New World Order system that is taking control of our government every day. I read news stories
where they were telling you that we were going to be hit by terrorists, that it was going to
happen anytime, give up your rights. They've been telling us we're going to get hit by anthrax,
we're going to get hit by smallpox. The AP reported on a secret meeting with the Joint Chiefs of
Staff, the heads of the media with fake newscast they produced back in June where they predicted
one to four million dead for anthrax. Martial law was the term used. I'm not saying this is going
to happen, but they've been preparing for it and they have been saying it's going to happen.
Repeat, they plan to blow up airlines and bomb Washington in 1962, Joint Chiefs of Staff documents
confirmed by the Baltimore Sun and James Bamford, retired 2020 executive who's been on this show.
Oklahoma City was a government bombing. We've proven that with General Benton Parton,
former head of Air Force weapons development on this show. We have also proven it with Dr.
Frederick Whitehurst, former head of the FBI crime lab, Hoppy Heidelberg, Grand Jurb. We know Waco
was a government action and only government stands to gain from this horrible event.
Only the police state. Now we have Chris McCarskey who is a Genesis broadcaster and who lives in
New York. Going back to Jim Wright, I witness family friends that I know personally. Jim,
tell us where you work, what you saw and basically run down for this audience exactly what developed
this morning at 8.50 a.m. when the first plane slapped in, slammed into the South World Trade
Center. Go ahead, sir. Sure, Alex. I'm in the World Trade Center. I was at that time in the
World Finance Center directly across the street from the World Trade Center, between the World
Trade Center and the Hudson River. We heard a shock, you know, 10, 10 till 9 or so. I actually
saw walls vibrating in some of the neighboring buildings. Heard a noise. It sounded like cherry
bombs followed by almost like a dump truck dumping gravel sound. We looked out one side of our
building where I thought the noise came from on the river side. That wasn't it. We went back to
the front and at that point a number of people lined up on the 15th floor watching one World
Trade Center burn. It was burning from about the hundredth floor up. While we were watching it,
you could actually see bodies coming out of the windows. Some were obviously dead. Others were
flailing as they came down. Were they on fire? Just smoke. Just smoke. That's a little gruesome, but
I'm getting the details. Yeah, anyway, after the third or fourth party we observed come out,
they were trying to set us assured in our building that it was another building that was
affected. We shouldn't be concerned. Well, about that time, the second plane hit. We actually saw
that all the flames shoot out hundreds of feet. That plane looked like it hit maybe the 80th floor,
75th to 80th floor. At that point we knew this was a target. We evacuated the building, our building,
and went out towards the Hudson River to catch a ferry back across the river. Yeah, this is not a
B-23 in World War II and fog crashing into the Empire State Building. No, no, no. The plane that
we saw looked like a full-sized passenger plane, not necessarily a big wide body. What color was
the plane? All I saw was like a flash of white, Alex. Just barely caught the glimpse of, I'm not
even sure if it was a fin section or the tip of the wing. Watching the footage of a passenger plane,
a medium-sized passenger plane slamming into the World Trade Center and exploding out the other side,
that was so surreal. What was it like to see it with your own two eyes, Jim? It's like it was
slow motion. It's like a movie. It's like reading a techno thriller. You just can't believe something
like this really, truly can happen. Jim, I guess the perfect word. Absolutely. We appreciate you
joining us, and I know your family is very happy and proud that you're alive and listening right
now on 91.7 FM. What exactly developed after the second plane slammed into the building?
Well, we got out and went to the river side to catch a ferry. We still saw several more bodies
come out. We got across the river and we were watching the buildings. Suddenly, at one World
Trade Center, you could hear the shock. It looked like an explosion or things blowing out from around
the 70th or 80th floor all the way around the building. The building just dropped straight down.
The building was literally gone within five seconds. Alex, I used to be a structural engineer,
and I've watched buildings implode. It was the most perfect implosion I've ever seen in my life.
It came straight down in one monolithic piece. Now, you are a structural engineer. How could
fire in the upper floors, you say one plane hit about the 100th floor, the other hitting about
the 70th floor, how does that cause a building to completely collapse? I don't believe it does,
Alex. I mean, looking at the way the building came down, it looked like there was charges up
around the 70th, but I just got to believe there was also charges at the base of the building.
And to bring something down that fast, one of the things has to happen. The charges have to be
so perfectly placed. I mean, engineered, or there has to be so much there that it just obliterates
everything. Jim Wright, this is like a bad nightmare. I know you're familiar with what I do. I have
produced a film showing the feds removing unexploded bombs from the columns at the Oklahoma
City Building that was blown out, obviously not blown in. This is government. What you have just
told us, sir, I saw those buildings collapse. You were right there. I was watching it on the news.
They wanted massive death. So you're saying as a structural engineer, you are witnessing this,
it is collapsing, and then both the structures only placed charges are so precise. Is that what
you're saying? That's what it appeared to be, Alex. And I'm not a PE, a professional engineer,
but I studied at the master's level and I had a degree. They were just perfect
enclosures, both of them. The second building came down a little bit slower. The first one
took five seconds. The second building took 10. The corner outside corner column stayed up
for a bit, but then just because of lack of stability, they came down also.
So you're telling me, sir, again, exactly what's your job there at the World Financial Center?
Well, I'm a financial analysis with one of the accounting firms, one of the big five accounting
firms, and I've been out of engineering for close to 20 years. I want to qualify what I
understand. But still, we've all seen buildings get blown up on the news in Las Vegas when they're
getting rid of them, how they collapse symmetrically. And then this was one of the most symmetrical
collapses I've ever seen, but then it was obscured by smoke. What did you see there? Where were you
on the ground when the first tower collapsed, Jim? I was across the river, across the Hudson River,
about a block from the waterfront, but we had a perfect view of everything. I would say this is
about a mile and a half away from the World Trade Center site. Now I'm sitting on the back of my
boat in a marina at the Statue of Liberty Park, and I'm about still about a mile and a half from
the site. Now we have the top third and the top halves of these buildings burning, and suddenly
they just collapse. So they're steel reinforced. You would think that they would just lean over to
the side or fall over, not completely collapse. That's exactly what you would think, Alex. You
would have thought they would have come down so much slow that they would have been. They would
have distorted. Jim, you know I could have blew up Oklahoma City. Do you see how the government
could stand again to bring us a police state from this happening? Alex, I'm not even going to go
there. I have no opinion on that. I'll just tell you the facts I see. I'm not going to speculate
who did this or anything like that. That's way beyond my knowledge base. Certainly you heard
about Hitler burning the Reichstag as a pretext to declare martial law. Hitler burning the Reichstag
as a pretext to declare martial law. I've been predicting this for five years. I'm just so glad
that you're alive. Have you had a chance to talk to your wife? Yeah, I have, Alex. As far as I know,
you know, all the people I know got out and we're just, you know, we're very thankful we're not a
victim. Well, Jim, we've got to break again. I want to ask you questions about what happened
after the two buildings collapsed, the carnage, what authorities were doing. Can you stay with
us for 10 more minutes? Sure, Alex. All right, we're talking to Jim Wright, my good buddy Kevin
Booth. His sister is Mr. Wright's wife, and I've enjoyed many good dinners and out there at Credit
Park with him. It's just amazing. Then we'll go to Derry Brownfield. Hey, folks, Alex Jones here,
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rumors of the dark workings of the global elite. Now I have proof from the secret of Bohemian Club.
Many of our world leaders are heavily involved in occult practices. Here are just a few clips from
my two hour film. It's bad to have something as secret elite and pagan at the same time. Yeah,
feels like Satan's building his home. Satan's building his army. It's part of public record
that world leaders attend. How could any of us sleep knowing that the people controlling our
lives are involved in dark occult activity? Help us expose this evil, order dark secrets inside
Bohemian Grove today. Call toll 3 at 888-2533139 or go to my website at FullWars.com. That number
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Waging war on corruption, Alex Jones on the GCM radio network.
Securities, commodities have stopped trading globally. Stuff is going absolutely not on the
stock markets from China to London. It's just pandemic and sanity financially. We have Derry
Brownfield syndicated broadcaster on the line. I know Derry will hold right there because I want to
get his study analysis of all of this as well. We have other listeners in New York that will be
able to come on the show. We have an eyewitness on right now coming up financial news for you,
which is really central to all of this. Jim Wright, you're in the whole financial sector,
working at some of the highest levels of this. Talk about what was housed in that world trade
center and how you think this will affect the markets and then, of course, continuing with
what you saw after the two towers collapsed. Sure. Obviously, everything is just going to
shut down. I don't think any of the buildings, even around the trade center,
will be able to open for quite a while. It's still hot here. Everybody has the air conditioning
systems on, so they're drawing tremendous amounts of smoke and debris into the buildings.
Back when the trade center was bombed, I know it was weak that it took to just get all the smoke
damage and debris damage out of surrounding buildings. How many blocks did the collapse
of the buildings create? It looked like it was stretching for 100 blocks. As far as the actual
blast, there's no way I could tell from my vantage point. You were right there in it.
I was across the street. Because there are so many tall buildings around you,
you really can't see more than a block away. Where are you now, Jim? Alex, I'm across the Hudson
River near about half a mile from the Statue of Liberty and about a mile and a half from the
trade center site. What are the authorities doing? It's just solid sirens everywhere. On this side
of the river, they're just trying to move people away from the river. A lot of berries and various
emergency vehicles are both bringing people into our marina to load on the ambulances.
I don't know if they're picking people up from the side or out of the water. I haven't been
down. How many people worked in the trade center? I'm told it's at least 50,000. We were speculating
between 40 and 50,000. And if both buildings collapsed, do you have any idea how many people
got out? Surely I don't. People tend to start the day. I mean, maybe it's fortunate. People
start the day a little bit later here just because of the time zone we're in. So you do have a lot
of people that are still pulling into work after 9 o'clock between 9 and 10. So the fact that it
was at least before 9 should be helpful. One thing I'll point out is just looking at the amount
of time between the time the planes hit and the time that these buildings were imploded, however
that was brought about. In one hand, it was almost like they were giving people time, what people
could be evacuated, civilians to be evacuated. But it seemed like it was about 45 minutes,
which also seemed like... It was almost like they were giving them time to evacuate. Again,
degreed in the structural engineer area. You're saying it was the most beautiful implosion
you've ever seen and of some of the biggest buildings in the world. Absolutely. It was
perfectly engineered as far as the way it came down. But you know, when you think about the
amount of time that passed between the initial head and the implosions, it almost appears that if
it was designed to maximize the number of emergency personnel that would be affected because,
you know, as you're bringing civilians out, you're shipping tactical emergency personnel
into the building and it just seems like this was engineered in a lot of ways.
Well, I think it's safe to say now that I'm going to cancel the Janet Reno
protest or it may still go forward in Waco tomorrow or two days from now. Jim, what were you feeling?
I mean, what was going through your mind as the plane, the second one, exploded out the other
end of the building at about the 75th floor and then they collapsed and now watching all of this
bedlam? Oh, it was just the thought that this is not an accident or a building failure. This is
a deliberate act of sabotage in some form. This whole area is a target and the thing to do is
just to leave the building calmly while everybody else in the building is also behaving calmly.
And we don't want to forget the Pentagon has been hit by a large aircraft also in Pennsylvania
right outside Pittsburgh. It's slammed into the International Airport there. This is massive.
We will continue to bring you late breaking news. Jim, how many bodies did you see?
You know, I saw four or five, I guess, on the ground that they hauled off early on
and over the course of time, I probably saw another eight bodies come out of the building
inside of the upper floors. Jumping out of the building? You're being blown out?
Some were smoldering and just dropped like faxes for that. So I presume they were dead or
out of it. Other ones were flailing. Stay with us for one more quick segment and I want to check
in with you throughout the day. We really appreciate you. Gary Brownfield is coming up and then some
financial news. We're on the march. The Empire's on the run. Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, the two aircraft slammed into both the World Trade Center towers.
They have collapsed a lot of deaths there on the ground. We should be praying for everyone.
We have another plane smashing into the Pentagon. Part of the structure has caved
in as being reported. Another one slammed into the Pittsburgh PA airport right outside
town, the International Airport. This just in US Canada, Mexico borders have been sealed.
That is martial law, ladies and gentlemen. We have three streams now available on the
Internet. Record listenership there. Obviously people trying to get the truth and the information.
And we're on two global courtway frequencies. We're about to go back to Jim Wright, our eyewitness,
but then we're going to get to Gary Brownfield and Ted Anderson with the financial news. Everybody
bear with us. Let's quickly go to John Stappmiller for an announcement that we're broadcasting to
the military right now on an emergency frequency, not just on our AM and FM transmitters. We're
on a licensed military transmitter. Go ahead, John. Yeah, Alex. We are going to maintain the 12172
for our Genesis audience. We're not going to switch gears. Initially, we thought it might
be a good idea to switch for the military from the 12172 standard short way broadcast to the
upper single sideband. And for the sake of our listeners, we are not going to do that.
David France provided an emergency transmitter on 9.320 on upper single sideband, and he will
continue broadcasting on that frequency. John, 30 seconds. You're coming up for two hours after
me today at two o'clock central. Your analysis of this, I think we can tell who's behind it.
You just heard Jim, who's got a degree in engineering, saying that thing was brought
down beautifully with precision. It definitely was. And this is an orchestrated thing. Ironically,
they waited until both the House and the Senate was back in session to do this. There is some word,
of course, the U.S. financial market that's been closed. The Mexican border is now being
spilled off. All of the U.S. air traffic, all the airports around the country are being shut down
and evacuated. So this FEMA has, you have not heard anything out of FEMA, but what I have heard,
and I need to confirm this, that FEMA had been brought up on alert before the first plane hit
the tower in New York City. As usual, the local news is reporting they're evacuating government
buildings here in Austin and talking about troops on the streets. I heard that on KLBJ.
John, we'll continue to bring people breaking news. Check back in with us in the next two hours.
Thank you, John. Thank you, Alex. All right, 9320. Let's go back to Jim Wright. Jim, I appreciate
you holding any other key points as an eyewitness there, working at the World Financial Center
as it's developed today. Sure, Alex. I mean, to look at the skyline now, it's like a kid
padded to teeth pulled out. I mean, it's just the most bizarre thing to see if a New York
lower Manhattan skyline without those two towers. Right now, I can tell you a third building that's
across the street from the old towers. It's also in the World Trade Complex is on fire. I can,
it's about a 50, 60-story building. I can see fire through the windows on about, well, about
halfway up the building around the 30th floor. The whole side of the building is smoking on the
side of the building. So we now have a 50 to 60-story building on fire as well. Do you know
the name of that building? It's one of the World Trade Center buildings. It's probably like five
or World Trade Center five or World Trade Center six, something like that. Unbelievable. Will you
be available at this number for another update in the next hour? Yeah, it should be, Alex. We'll
just get a little five-minute updates from you throughout the day. Jim, Wright, again, any
other information that listeners need to know? Just be careful because who knows where this is
going to happen next. Yeah, and imagine the pretext for control. You think there'll be a
call for us to give up some of our rights for safety? Well, I don't know. I don't know what is
all going on right now except, you know, they've shut down the airports. We only have one television,
network television station that we can see here, which is up around channel 68. Wait a minute.
They've shut down the networks? Well, I think it's because all the antennas were on top of the
Trade Center. Oh my goodness. You know, those giant TV antennas. We can only get one network
television right now. It's one of the Spanish stations. The NBC affiliate just brought, you can
barely in the fuzz, see that they're broadcasting a still kind of a still photo with, you know, no
backup. Unbelievable. So there is an eyewitness now a mile and a half away. You see World Trade
Center building five or six of 5060 story building on fire as well. That's correct. How much of the
building is consumed by flame? Well, you can only see flame coming out the windows about the, I don't
know, middle two or three floors, but the entire building top to bottom is obscured in smoke.
All right. It looks like, you know, the fire goes all the way up. I don't know if something actually
happened that ignited within that building or if that's collateral damage from the from the towers.
All right. Jim Wright, right there on the scene. I can confirm I know Jim personally,
and we really appreciate Jim giving us that eyewitness report. We'll check back in with you,
Jim, and be careful. Okay. Well, I'm dropping off. You want to say out of your family listening
in Fredericksburg? Yeah, that and maybe walk down by the water, see if I can help out any,
if they need emergency boats or anything. All right. Oh, because you've got your boat there.
Yeah. All right, Jim, thank you. Take care, guys. There you have it. And when I tell you that I know
Jim, that's just to confirm that I know this individual. They have a summer home in Fredericksburg,
and that's been out of their place many times. And there is Jim actually on the scene, an eyewitness
we can confirm, and a structural engineer agreed in it, doesn't practice it, watching those buildings
collapse with military precision. This is amazing. Let's go to Derry Brownfield, syndicated radio
talk show host who will graciously allow myself and others on the air that will have check-ins
from Joyce Riley and Dave von Kleist as well as Ted Anderson coming up here in about five minutes.
Derry, thank you for holding, sir. You've been covering this stuff for years. You know, I've
been on your show predicting this, warning people, I put out press releases on it, that this was
going to happen and that a police state would arise. What is your take on all of this, Mr.
Brownfield? Well, you know, Alex, believe it or not, it did not shock me very much when all this
happened today. And the reason is because in my listeners, if my listeners have heard me say this
hundreds of times, I've read the back of the book. We pretty well have an idea of what's going on.
We know, in fact, we know what's going on. I have a little interesting information here that I did
not have when I was on the air with you earlier, when you were on my show earlier today. But
my original plan today was to talk with Charlotte Heiselbert. And I called her, she was on the
individuals that didn't know a thing about this until I contacted her and I said, well, we need
to change our programming. And she just called back a moment ago and she said that her husband
has a friend that a Belgian, a Belgian businessman. And he says that all of Europe is full of the
news that two men with Belgian passport entered into Afghanistan and killed Ben Lod two days ago.
He says this is all over Europe, but not here in the United States.
Have you heard anything about that? Yes, last night on local cable, in fact,
I'm going to get that. Greg Erickson, one of my associates, was covering that. And I'm so used to
seeing all this. I didn't even cover it last night. We become so, come on from nine to midnight,
central would become so conditioned to all of it. In fact, violent, bring me that please.
Derry, what do you think about them? Ceiling the Canada and Mexican border
and declaring civil emergency, which they've done. They now have it at Threat Con Delta,
the highest military readiness. Nuclear warheads have been loaded on the planes.
Cruise missiles are loaded into the B-52s. The missiles are activated.
The center of government has moved an underground secret installation. They won't tell us where.
Bush is airborne right now on Air Force One. They could be nuking somewhere in the Middle East
anytime now. What do you see coming up? I have no idea, but you mentioned the
borders being closed. And I heard you say earlier on your show that that definitely
is martial law. For whatever it were, if this came from Missouri's governor, just no one could go.
Governor Holden in Missouri has placed the State National Guard, the State Highway Patrol,
and the Capitol Police on Height and Alert. Now, he goes on to say all high-traffic areas
in the state have been placed under federal alert. Now, I don't know what that means.
I don't know what federal alert. This is under FEMA command. That's what I got on the local news.
They're going to have troops out the whole nine yards. I reported last Friday, Derry,
that the Austin Police are being trained to drive city buses on pickup routes for citizens. I actually
talked to two of the top trainers at Capitol Metro, the bus authority, the transit authority.
I also have one of their senior drivers on, and I thought some of them wouldn't come on the air,
some did, with the union. They have never seen or heard of anything like this. It's under some
emergency directive over and above the union contract. This is some scary stuff, sir. And did
you hear Jim Wright, who I know personally. He's a wealthy guy, works for a big bank internationally,
got an engineering degree. He worked on the right side of the street today, didn't he?
Yeah, he was on the right side of the street today. My point is he's a credible guy.
He said those buildings were the most beautiful implosions. He said charges had to be placed
on the columns, and Jim doesn't agree with me about this whole new world order.
Frankly, Jim is an establishment guy getting pretty rich off of it.
You know, I was just handed another news release, Evacuation Nationwide.
We're ordered at the United Nations Building in New York, the Sears Tower in Chicago, the
tallest skyscrapers in Boston, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Seattle Space Needle.
I'm sorry for screaming, everybody. I don't know. Was I on just saying?
You were on. They were just telling me that we're going to cease most of our
commercials. And if local stations want to air theirs, go ahead.
Okay. I was not ignoring you, Darryl. They popped in.
Oh, that's fine. No, that's fine. I understand how this business works.
But anyway, they've evacuated the U.N. building, the Sears Tower in Chicago, the
oldest skyscrapers in Boston, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Seattle Space Needle.
In Massachusetts and Maine, most state employees were staying home in state buildings shut down.
By the way, the governor in Missouri, and I happened to be in Missouri, they said all state
offices would stay open today. In Louisiana, the state police urged petrochemical and pipeline
companies to be on the alert. In California, Governor Gray Davis has convened a meeting
of the State Emergency Council and requested height security in all state buildings.
In Los Angeles, the police went on tactical alert and mobilized an anti-terrorist division.
Maybe they'll drive four black APCs from East Germany into a neighborhood and spray 14 houses.
That'll save us from the terrorists. This is the point I've been making, Darry.
The Chinese military has the Long Beach Naval Base. They have the Panama Canal.
Russians were given 12 islands off the coast of Alaska by Clinton. But it's us that are the enemy
with grandpa shotgun in the closet. It's moms in minivans. And out of this whole thing,
we're going to never, we're seeing the end of America. You're going to see a police state
like you've never seen it before after this. And only the global elite stand again from this,
regardless of whether Ben Lawton or the Easter Bunny did this. This is so sophisticated,
only the CIA or an agency of that power could pull that off. And we've got the British putting
out misinformation right now. Darry Brownfield, what is your bottom line analysis? What's your
gut level feeling on all of this? Who do you think's behind it? Well, you know, as far as I
can't name names and give telephone numbers. But as I mentioned earlier in this show, and I have
said it thousands of times on the air, I read the back of the book. And I'm referring here to
the Holy Scriptures. I tried to get Hal Lindsey on earlier this morning to see what he thought
about it, and I couldn't reach him. But we know that we're going to have one world order,
a new world government. We know it's coming. We know the Antichrist is in the wings standing by.
Oh, yes. You who he is, I don't know who he is, but he certainly does have the power
to clean all this mess up and make it wonderful. So we will have to, and that's going to be his
pitch. We're seeing the EU rise as the EU money flows into Europe, Eastern Europe, into Africa
as the currency gold back. The dollar began to plunge last week, markets crashing all over
the place, and suddenly the center of the world's financial system in New York literally collapses.
You see, I was surprised that it was the world trade powers. And that was it. I honestly have
expected all of this time for New York to just disappear. And I go back to the scriptures
that Babylon shall fall in one day. But maybe he knows Babylon is the Federal Reserve financial
system. It is behind it. Yes. Well, the international bankers, yes. Well, Derry, will you stay with us
because I want to, speaking of the devil, speaking of the financial system, will you stay right
there? I want to bring Ted Anderson up who's got all the news wires there. Right. Can I take about
a two minute break? I'm just going to lay the phone down, and I'll be right back.
We'll put you on hold and bring you right back up. Let's go to Ted Anderson, owner of Genesis
Communications and of Midas Resources, who's put up with me screaming at him all morning.
I am very upset about all of this. My testosterone level is flowing just like yours are out there.
Ted Anderson, God bless you, sir, for providing this network and a place for people to get accurate
information. What's happening financially? Well, obviously, there's a lot of crazy,
mixed up emotions going on in all the markets right now. With the World Trade Center, that is
where gold and silver trades in the United States. It's the largest market for gold and silver, grains.
Anything that you see, if you ever want to watch, if you know anything about the futures market,
that's where the futures market used to happen. Obviously, it's now closed, and it says that it
will close, will not open until further notice is what it says on the thing. The London gold market
is going up. There's a lot of things that are happening right now. The silver market is right
now at 432. It seems rather calm, but it's a big crapshoot right now. There's a lot of people
that are very concerned, of course, what are the paper markets and how are they going to react to
this particular... And we know that those are the most speculative markets. Some of them leverage
not 20 to 1, but 100, 150 to 1. This is pandemic. Ted Anderson, any other financial information?
Well, yeah. As a matter of fact, to give you a little bit of a brief update on what's going on
in the precious metals market, because that's where I am. That's what we do here at Midas Resources.
Most of my suppliers have shut down, and they said, we can't sell you right now. We've sold
everything out, and we don't know where the markets are going to open up at. We've got a
few suppliers that are still open, but it's very amazing to me to watch this happen. I've never
experienced this in the 23 years now that I've been in the business where the markets have actually
been shut down like this and won't open up until further notice. And the borders are now sealed
troops, federal troops, for taking control of downtown cities under security arrangements?
Well, obviously, Alex, a major concern right now is for the people that are sitting there in the
paper wondering what's going to happen. They've got their life savings tied up, and here you have
chaos, and hopefully the markets stay stable, and they can get out with reasonable cost.
Yeah, I'm told that there are already giant lines forming at the banks.
Well, there's a bit of a stampede going on here at Mitus Resources, and if you've been calling
in on the 800 number, please be patient. We've got a lot of people working them,
but you will be taken care of. There's a lot of people that are looking to have gold right now
with the markets shut down. Obviously, in the United States, it's going to be much tougher to
buy the stuff. Not every option is open to you anymore, so if you are calling in, do that.
Just be patient. Well, the EU is rolling out with a 15 to 30% gold back currency,
and we have a fiat paper currency here, and the reason we can still buy cheap goods is because
that dollar was the World Reserve currency. Well, the fiat currency of choice, now it is
imploding. Ted, watching the World Trade Center's collide, what was it like for you? Was it surreal
for you as it was for me to watch them implode like that? Oh, I tell you what, it wasn't a
whole lot different looking than watching a building that's been demolitioned, where they
blow them up and they implode. That's what the engineer just said on the show. Yeah, the only
difference I can see with this one is this one looked more like it was peeling apart like a
banana. I'd like to see the damage that happened to the buildings that are surrounding it. My
heart goes out to all the victims. It just makes me sick. It really does, and it's hard for me
to comprehend because I'm so far away. We have Chris Markowski who had called in a little earlier.
Ted, hold on one second. We are about to break. We're not running our ads. We're not going into
this particular ad here, so just keep right on going. Yeah, just to let the stations know if
you want to break, go ahead. I don't think you probably would want to. Nobody else is. Ted,
we're going to get Chris Markowski, who was right across the river from it, back on. We're
going to have Jim Wright, who was in the building next door and got out a family friend of mine.
We're going to have others checking in. It's good to know that we're on an emergency military
channel at 9320 right now, broadcasting to the troops. Ted, you know I've been predicting this,
haven't I? Yeah, you sure I've been talking about it quite a bit, and there's no question about it
in my mind right now. Whoever blew up the Trade Center, I don't know, but I know one thing for
sure. It's just like the Oklahoma City bombing or when the kids were shot in the schools out there.
There's always legislation to take away more American freedoms. Now folks, think about that
before you start supporting the effort. We do need to support our troops. Somebody is going
to have to defend this nation, but let's keep a close eye on the new world. Yeah, we're now
getting information that it looks like that plane that was blown up at the airport outside Pittsburgh
may have had terrorists on board and that it was taken out. We know F-16s are all flying around.
We've got F-16s flying around above Austin right now to shoot down any planes. This is
pandemic. And again, the Pentagon was attacked. The Pentagon on fire. Now a World Trade Center
building, one of the sub buildings, a 50 to 60 story building. Our eyewitnesses report is on fire,
ladies and gentlemen. And it doesn't Peter Jennings look like this is all rehearsed. Well,
they did rehearse this just a few months ago, according to the Associated Press. And I have
the script from Fox News, excuse me, from Fox Television from the Lone Gunman TV show about
four months ago. The only Lone Gunman I ever watched. I told Violet, go to Fox's website,
see if they have it. Now Lone Gunman had a story where a secret government body had remote control
747s and we're trying to crash them, ladies and gentlemen. This is unbelievable into the
World Trade Center. Talk about throwing it in your face. The script of that show is posted
on info wars.com. Now with the World Trade Center bombing in 93 repeat October 28 93
article in the New York Times admitted the feds trained the drivers, built the bomb and
let the bombing go forward. Mr. Salam recorded the FBI chief telling him to do it with FEMA.
I mean, we have got the smoking gun on this one. Whether they use Islamic terrorists, no telling.
This is from MSNBC breaking news. Bin Laden comes home to roost. His CIA ties are only the beginning
of a woeful story. CIA. He was the CIA darling. His family sits on iridium satellite board.
Osama Bin Laden is a minion of the new world order. His family builds all of the military bases
in Saudi Arabia to this day gets the contracts. He is a CIA boy and here is MSNBC, New York.
At the CIA, it happens often enough to have a code name blowback simply defined. This is the
term that describes an agent, an operative or an operation that is turned on its creators.
Osama Bin Laden, our new public enemy number one is the personification of blowback and the fact
that it is viewed as a hero by millions of Islamic world leaders proves again the old image
and the old adage. You reap what you sow. Here is MSNBC posted. Bin Laden is a CIA asset. Ted,
any comments on that? Well, it just drives me crazy with the stuff that I see in Poland,
this country. Nothing surprises me anymore, Alex. The thing about this is I hate speculating.
I like to see a little bit more evidence before I can step forward and say I think this is the
place that's doing it. The thing that really concerns me whether, like I say, whether if this
is a terrorist attack from some other country and whether it's orchestrated by our government or not,
the thing about it is the results are the same. We've got to watch for the results. Who stands
to gain? Who has the motive? Who has been telling us that this is going to happen? Give up our right?
Who is training the police to drive buses on citizen pickups confirmed with bus company
employees on last Friday night's show that I did? Who is building FEMA camps and who has been
making the prediction I have that all of this would happen? I'm not saying George Bush even
knows what's happening. I'm not saying the senators are behind it. I'm saying the intelligence
agencies create these monsters and they let the monsters bomb the World Trade Center in 93.
That is not speculation. That was in the New York Times and I've made a film. I've had
General Parton on this show. I've had countless others, police detectives who will tell you
Oklahoma City was a government bombing. Now I'm asking the people out there, if they knew
Iraq or they knew Pakistan or they knew Afghanistan, you're going to have this incredible
nationalistic fervor and it's going to sweep everybody into it. Anybody that doesn't go
along with it is going to be an enemy. Let me say now, I support this government. I support
whoever they knew. I support FEMA camps. I support the takeover. How's that? I can be on ABC Nightly
News now, Ted. Well, Alex, now just using that as a partner. I just had one of the guys step in
and there's a lot of people that are calling in that are concerned about the markets and what's
going on. We will be keeping you posted at mitusresources.com. If you do have some questions
about it and what's going on and when the markets are going to be open and how your portfolio could
be doing and how is this affecting it, you can call our representatives if you'd like.
If you don't have to do any transactions, that's not what this is about, but you can call 1-800-686-2237.
That's 1-800-686-2237. We'll keep you posted and what's going on. Alex, I got a lot of things
that I've got to cover. You're doing a great job. Hopefully, we can find a few more experts,
a few more people that are in the field that are looking at it and get them up here and let's get
some explanation. All right, Ted Anderson, thank you. Ted has been in, he's all registered with
every stock thing you can imagine in gold and financial news is really what he covers. I'm
tuned into the Mitus Report from 4-5 Central today. We've got Derry Brownfield on the line. Derry,
I appreciate you holding. He is the host of one of the longest running talk shows in the country.
How long have you been broadcasting on the radio, Derry? Well, I go back to broadcasting all the
way back to the early 1960s. Have you ever seen anything this big or this bizarre since World War
II? Well, no, of course not. No one else has either. But as I mentioned earlier on your show,
for those that are just now tuning in, perhaps, this really did not shock me. Now, when the
first airplane we watched here on television is just as I was coming into work this morning,
when the first airplane hit the trade center, an airplane hit the trade center. When the second
one did, I knew immediately what had taken place. Well, absolutely. I would tell everybody,
make sure you've got your cars full of gas. Make sure you've got plenty of food,
those water filters. If the martial law stuff starts cranking up, I'm going to go over to my
parents' house, grab my dad around the scrub of the neck and say, you're leaving the country and
you're taking my little sister out of here now who's 16 years younger than me and who's in high
school. You're getting out of here and you're leaving now. You're going to Costa Rica now and
I'm going to stay here and I'm going to fight for this country, for the United States against
Arab, Paris or anybody else. Gary Brownfield, will you stay with us? You bet I will. All right,
infowars.com for all the updates and all the news. The pilot's got 50 articles posted,
the newest analysis, and everything's shutting down. The boarders, you name it,
martial law is here and we're not going to let them get away with it. We'll be back in 60 seconds.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here and the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state. Here's just a
sample. Big brother, mainstream media, government cover-ups. You want answers? Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN radio network and now live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It's just like Ted Anderson said in the last break. No matter who did this, some filthy Arab
terrorist, part of it's part of this world government that founded the CIA and the NSA and
the rest of it. Read your history bugs. Don't let them give you a police state out of it. We
have the power, the American people, to all police agencies and military. I know that 75% of the
military is awake to what's happening. About half the cops are. We need to pray for the people that
have died. Our hearts go out to their families and I would just pray here on the air, Lord,
heal our land. We seek your face. We want this land to be healed. We don't want to be part
of an evil system. We want our country to be brought back to its former decency and please,
God, we pray that no biological attacks are engaged in as the government has been predicting
what happened in Fox and ABC in the last month that I've read where they talk about one to four
million dead and the fake and nightline newscast they did last year where they talked about 50,000
dead and martial law. They've been talking so much about this, Lord, as you know, please heal
this land. Please put a protective hedge up against America. We are so sorry for the abortion and
the infanticide and the support of China and giving them the Olympic games when they kill
political dissidents and sell their organs. We're so sorry that George Bush came back from Russia
two months ago and said he looked into Vladimir Putin's eyes and saw a man with a soul he could
trust and a man of love when Vladimir Putin has press conferences taking 30,000 slaves from North
Korea in the BBC for payment for a $5 billion debt. We didn't do that, Lord. We're fighting it as
hard as we can. Please protect the good people of this country. Amen.
Gary Brownfield, would you agree with that? Well, yes, I will. But let me say this, and I mentioned
this on my own show today. It's difficult for me, Alex, to pray for America anymore. Now,
that sounds unfatriotic and I can pray for God's people. That's a totally different group of people.
I'm not sure we have too many of God's people left in this country, but it's difficult for me to see
that God could ever bless America when our own school children in the government schools
are not allowed to stand up and sing, God bless America, then how can he do it?
Again, we have three planes, four planes confirmed slamming into Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, slamming
into the Pentagon, of course, two slamming into the World Trade Center buildings that collapsed
about an hour after 45 minutes after they were hit. I have a news release here that
we might share with our listeners, Alex. Okay, please. FEMA has now responded to the terrorism
attack. FEMA is now working closely with the White House and other federal agencies to provide
assistance following several apparent terrorism attacks. That's almost the understatement of
the day, isn't it? Yes. High-level meetings between senior officials in all federal agencies
and the vice president and Condozella Rice are underway. FEMA has activated its operation center.
All federal agencies play a role to respond to the effects of these attacks as part of the federal
response plan, and FEMA will coordinate these efforts on behalf of President Bush. So far,
we have not heard from President Bush, have we? No, he's on board Air Force One.
Well, but he can talk. He's got his phone. That Air Force One has a cell phone in it.
It actually has a satellite uplink sticking off the bottom. I know that. But what I'm saying is
he could have... He can broadcast nationwide on TV from Air Force One. You know, let's go back
another year or two. I was one of the people back a year and a half ago, whenever Y2K was,
you know, at the turn of the century, that believed that this was going to be, and I honestly thought,
in a deep in my heart, that we were going to see something of this nature happen
at the turn of the century, maybe even on New Year's Eve.
But that was just a pretext for them to put in their FEMA bunkers, their FEMA command centers.
That's absolutely right. Y2K was the cover for them to put in the military control grid.
Why didn't they go ahead and do it that night? Because the world was ready for it.
Also, Vladimir Putin had just taken power. Yeltsin had disappeared. A lot of power jockeying was going on.
But I still believe that this is the plan that they had for Y2K.
Russian troops. And then the two media moguls got arrested and the TV station radio network got
taken over by Ted Turner. Are they going to try to silence Alex Jones?
Well, I know this. Ted Turner, they arrested the media heads in Russia, the two private groups,
and Ted Turner took over. So, see, Jane Fonda does. No, no, they're not going to be able to do that here.
I mean, I walked into a grocery store this morning while it was going on to grab something,
brought down the street, everybody's going, Alex, Alex, it's the government. It's the government.
I have like 20 people around me, so they can't get away with it. There's too many people.
There's too many networks. There's too much force out there. Most people in government don't even know
what's behind this. We don't know if the government did it. We don't know if they provocative.
It may be Bin Laden's crowd, but bottom line, we know Bin Laden was a CIA asset, MSNBC,
oninfowars.com. Bin Laden comes home to Russia. CIA ties are only the beginning of the story.
MSNBC posted. That's not Alex Jones. Are they going to shut down MSNBC? So,
we gave him stinger missiles. We gave him weapons. We gave him bombs.
It may just be Bin Laden. We don't know, Derry. Now, I mentioned this earlier on your show,
but I have some information here that they say the news is all over Europe,
but not here in the United States that some Afghanistanians killed Bin Laden a couple of days ago.
Yeah, that's being reported by the BBC.
Derry, what do you think we should all do during this situation? What should families
be doing right now? Well, I'd say a lot of this depends, of course,
of the first thing you're going to do is ask for some divine guidance. But I think a lot
of it depends upon where you are. I'm just glad that I live out in the sticks and the hills and
the hollers, and I'm not in New York City. You're in Austin, Texas. That's not as bad as New York
City, but it's not as good as Sandy Hook, Missouri. Let me tell you something. Two months ago,
they sealed Fort Hood. It's bigger than Dallas and Fort Worth, put together north of Austin.
They got Newt bases, underground facilities there. They sealed Fort Hood. They sealed Fort
Knox. They sealed 100 other military bases. Here in Missouri, and I don't have the story,
but I heard one of our newscasters make the comment that you see Fort Leonard Wood is in
Missouri, and one of our newscasters made the comment that everybody was under what Jeff just
walked in. Do you remember what they said, Jeff, about the ID at Fort Leonard Wood?
You can bring Jeff up if you'd like. What's going on?
100% ID verification. Okay, go ahead.
A new process put in. In other words, you used to could just drive right through the base.
Anybody that wanted to could go any player on the base just like you were in another town.
That's all stopped, and that stopped a couple of weeks ago.
Yes, and then we find out Friday that the city of Austin Police are trying to drive the buses on
routes to people's homes. Mr. Brownfield, how does that factor in?
Well, that looks like the gun collection, doesn't it?
Certainly does. I don't know. I don't know. What people would they pick up?
They're not telling us. We haven't confirmed. I mean, I had the bus people on the air.
What did the bus people say? The union is just hopping nabble. They say it's a violation of
every contract and that they're telling them that the police don't even need a commercial vehicle
or large vehicle operators license. They're giving them just emergency training to drive
city buses on routes and teaching them the routes around Central Texas.
OK, here's a couple of other news releases. American Airlines reports it's lost two aircraft.
American Flight 11, Boeing 767, flying from Boston to LA. Had 81 passengers and 11 crew aboard.
Flight 77, a Boeing 757, and read from Washington's Dulles Airport to Los Angeles,
had 58 passengers and six crew members aboard. 11.16 a.m. this morning CNN reported that the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is preparing bioterrorism themes to respond to the
incident in a precautionary move that preparation is not based on any known bioterrorism threat.
Here's another one. FEMA is working closely with the White House and other federal agencies
to provide assistance following several apparent terrorism attacks today. High-level meetings
between... Well, I mentioned that earlier. FEMA has activated its operation center.
And that's about all I have just at this moment.
All right. Jerry Brownfield, will you call back in or can we call you in about another 20 or 30
minutes to get more updates from you? OK, then I'm going to have to leave within the next hour.
I'll have to leave. I have another meeting I have to attend.
We'll check in with you in about 20 minutes. OK, good enough. God bless you, sir.
All right, let's go ahead and bring Ted Anderson, owner of Genesis Broadcasting, back up on the
air. And then we will start going to some calls. If you'd like to join us on air with your comments,
your take, what you've seen on the news. I'm sitting there watching the news this morning
and they report it's a government plane that smashed into it. I mean, go telling what's going
on out there. Your eyes and ears, 1-800-686-2237. Just thought of that, Alex, just a real quick
update. I did have a customer that was looking to wire some funds and it's hard to tell what's
going on out there, but asked their bank to wire funds over to the account here and the bank said
that they had suspended all wire transactions. So that's what I'm hearing. I'm hearing big
lines at the bank, too. Yeah, I think they're probably trying to avoid a bank run. With fractional
reserve banking, there's only about 6% of the money that's actually on deposit. It won't take
too many people to show up at the door to try to draw it out. And if you're transferring money out
of accounts, of course, that greatly affects it as well. So financially, the powers that be,
which are not the government, but the private institutions that run the financial system here
are right now taking precautions to try to stop a run from happening. Just a quick understanding
is that people go in, they make deposits, the banks lend them out. They keep about 6% on hand
for anybody who wants to take money out. Yeah, 90 plus percent of it's all digital. The money
doesn't even exist in cash form. I frankly don't even hardly want to talk about this because it
could cause something, but we have to. We have to bring people the news and information. Ted,
this gets scarier and scarier by the minute. Well, and the thing about it is perhaps we've
been very speculative here in this country and we've been living on the edge for quite some time
and we've always expected that we'd always be safe and nothing could ever happen on our borders.
But obviously things can happen on our borders. So a bit of caution out there. I just want to
let people know. And the borders are shut down right now. Yeah, it's, you know, travel is going
to be, I've heard a lot of things and I like to confirm what's going on. But I've heard that there
are checkpoints being set up. I've heard that there's limitations on various different things.
But one of the major concerns to me is that this is something that
financially could affect every listener out there. Yeah, setting checkpoints up in rural America.
That'll stop the Islamic terrorist. Yeah. Well, anyways, Alex, I just thought I'd give a quick
update on that. I'll try to keep an eye on the financial markets and let you know what's going
on. Ted, thank you so much. We're going to check back in a little bit later with Jim Wright,
one of my good friends who lives out in Fredericksburg, Texas, but half the year lives in New
York and worked at the World Financial Center next door and actually saw the, well, the first
plane slammed in. They felt that they were outside and saw the second one hit at about the 75th
floor as the building exploded, caught fire and then collapsed 45 minutes later. The Pentagon
has had a large fixed wing aircraft crashed into it, also outside of Pittsburgh, PA. The airport
was hit by a plane, may have been shot down by F-16s or other fighter jets. The borders have been
sealed and they're basically declaring civil emergency all over the country and federal
troops are making their way into your capitals of your states. I thought they'd use foot and
mouth to get this done. They passed a martial law provision. That's not rumor. That's the fact
on my website, the foot and mouth section. They said if foot and mouth was released, people would
have to stay indoors and the army would bring you food. Yeah, right. Logistically, they could do that.
And notice they've cut our military back to nothing and then small portions of it have
been left as security agencies to everybody in government, speak the truth, stand up to what's
happening, find out who's responsible and make them pay. Frankly, we probably never will find
out who's responsible, but talking to Jim Wright, who's not just a big financial guru. He's also,
as an engineering degree, that building was brought down with shape charges, precision,
collapsing. At the top, some of it peeled off and then suddenly the whole thing just collapsed
top down. And then the other one collapsed top down in about 5 to 10 seconds. That just doesn't
happen. This just gets more and more bizarre by the minute we are living history right now.
And I am honored to be your host. I'm so thankful for Genesis and Liberty Works and all of our
other AM and FM affiliates across the country, WWFV, Global Shortwave, at 12.172 and 9320
emergency frequency to all the military out there in upper single sign band. And of course,
m2ktalk.com, we've just tripled our record listenership here as people are hungry for
the truth and the accuracy in what's developing. And I'm engaging in a lot less speculation
than the mainstream media. But here I am reading an NBC news story. Ben Laden comes home to Roost.
His CI ties are only the beginning of a woeful story. You reap what you sow.
Why is his family on the board of Iridium Satellite? Why do they get the contracts
after bombings to rebuild the buildings in Saudi Arabia supposedly bombed by
the wicked son of Ben Laden? Why was he given stinger missiles?
I mean, are they going to tell us like TWA, Flight 800? They don't know who did this.
And then we just sit here and no one pays for it. And we get more and more surveillance society.
You know, there were hearings coming up in a couple of weeks about the surveillance society
we reported yesterday. What's going to happen now with that? Violet is perpetually updating
infowars.com with all the latest developments. They had a lone gunman show on Fox,
their ex file show, variant show four months ago that I saw on a Sunday night.
And it actually showed the government, a secret group in the government controlling
the planes by remote control and trying to crash a huge jumbo jet into the side of the
World Trade Center. You see, let's say Ben Laden did this or let's say the Easter Bunny did it.
Or, you know, the moon, you know, the men from the moon, whoever did it.
This horrible tragedy. Whoever engaged in this. Why does the media continually hype terrorism?
Why do they continually promote all of this? Why are they continually peddling this and
telling the world how vulnerable we are in the newspapers and how we're wide open?
The old rule on terrorism is don't give terrorist attention. Don't talk about your weak points.
Don't talk about the main targets. That's all we see in the newswires every day. Inviting Arab
terrorists to attack. Inviting communist terrorists to attack. And what did Bill Clinton do before he
left office? He released 16 members of the FALN convicted of 130 mass bombings of police
and military installations and FBI offices, killing dozens, injuring thousands.
No fanfare. Just release them. Release them. Release known bombing masterminds. They didn't
hype those bombings up in the 70s and 80s when they did them. They ignored them like you're
supposed to. Ben Clinton releases them. Think about that. Think about that long and hard.
Who stands to gain from all of this? Now, I know we skipped the break and I have some developing
news here in front of me. Let's go to about two minutes of renegades and I'm going to read over
some of this newest developments and we're going to come back and go straight to your calls.
If you would like to join us online, toll-free number to do so, 1-800-259-9231. I actually gave
the minus number out because I'm just so flustered. We will continue to cover this. President Bush
spoke briefly earlier today addressing people on education. Looks like he's going to be addressing
the nation here pretty soon. We'll see if we're going to cover that. I'm sure our stations will
break away and cover Bush bringing the country together up there, keeping us safe. All right,
though. I'll be back in two minutes and we will go straight to your calls. This is Genesis Broadcasting
Worldwide, the 11th of September, 2001, smack dab in the middle of the New World Order takeover.
Some would make him change, others couldn't stand for that. The cross was a pollution,
but it rose again. Wise men follow him, but it rose again. Wise men follow him,
so thank God for the renegade, let the lightning lead for the hell's sake. Without the renegade,
the Lord knows where we'd be when it comes to heroes renegade your mind.
They railed against the crowd, another red-tag bet, declaring independence.
They divided down on a bloody war, a liberty for their descendants.
Thanks for the renegade, for free today. Thanks to the renegade, for free today.
Thanks God for the renegade, let the lightning lead for the hell's sake. Without the renegade,
the Lord knows where we'd be when it comes to heroes renegade your mind.
Where's the renegade, in the world today? Who are the renegades, in the world today?
All right, ladies and gentlemen, back live. As you know, the Pentagon was a kamikaze
attacked by a large airliner of some type. The World Trade Center, both towers have collapsed,
hit by two planes this morning. Another plane crashed the International Airport outside of
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We're about to go to your calls a little bit later. Check in with Jim
right there on the ground in New York. He was in the building right next door, one of my good
friends. We can vouch for everything he says here on the air. People jumping out of the buildings,
burning, smoking bodies falling out. Top news, ladies and gentlemen, I just saw McCain on CBS
saying that we are going to have to change the way we live our lives and give up a bunch of our
rights for security and that things will never go back to the way they were. And he's out there
peddling it. They have the feds taking over central areas of downtown cities and capitals confirmed.
This is the New World Order. And look for them the next few weeks to say we need to turn in our
guns so the terrorists don't blow up buildings. It'll be something along those lines. Regardless
of who did this, only big brother stands to gain. And repeat, John McCain, not a question of if,
but when this was going to happen. We've got to change the way we live our lives and give up our
rights. And police will feel just fine searching your car at the checkpoints in your papers and
your digital thumb scan, your face scan, because we've got to keep America safe. So we could be
watching the death of America because of this terrorist bombing, giving into the terrorism,
giving you and your family a nightmarish police state. We're not going to back down globalist.
I understand that we're going to find out who did this and we're going to expose you. That's why
Oklahoma City and the World Trade Center being government events were so important. That's why
James Bamford, best selling author, 2020 executive, the Baltimore Sun story on info wars.com.
The feds wanted to blow up airliners bomb buildings as a pretext to invade Cuba in 62. Kennedy said,
no, that's why all that's why I cover that so much on this show and have courage, have honor.
Oh, that most people in government are good and decent, but they're going to be blinded by this
and get into an absolute frenzy. The good news is they don't have the infrastructure for anything
massive. Thank God we do have the infrastructure that is against the people to stop any planes to
shut them down. But now they're, now they're clamping down the borders. You name it. Let's go
ahead and take some calls on attack on America, folks. That's what's happening. Wyatt in Maryland,
we have predicted it. And now it's happening. Go ahead. Right. Okay. I'm watching Washington DC
Channel 9 and it's showing the Pentagon. It's got a massive split. If you know how the Pentagon
shaped, it's just a big chunk taking right out of it. They reported that 26 people were injured.
They haven't caused, they haven't said any deaths as of yet. Thank God that's low numbers now.
That's right. Okay. Now, listen, you predicted this. We didn't, we didn't realize, you know,
we always said, well, though they incrementally have been successful. We said, well, one day
they'll come down. The only reason they haven't come down with a big hammer is because we have guns.
Well, this is the big hammer. This is the entire destruction of this nation as we know it. Every
thing we do for now one will be entirely different. Alex, everything we do, that's what
McCain is saying. That's right. Now, I work at the, I work for BWI Airport and I go past the
Pentagon all the time and I often say, my God, the Pentagon is wide open for attack, but that's
the, that decides that. Now, listen, Alex, I'm not a Bible thumper at all. Okay. But just listen
to me for a second, please. Because, because everyone listening can take their Bibles and look
at this. Revelation 17 describes exactly what's taking place right now at this very moment.
What happened in New York? Now, if you take the airlines. Well, read it to us. Okay. Oh my God,
Alex, it's too long. It's, it's huge. I mean, it's, it's lots of words. Yeah. Okay. Now,
just here are the flight numbers. Flight 11, flight 77, flight 175 and flight 33. Now,
numbers is a language just like our language. Yeah. 33, the occultist at Bohemian Grove and all
of this are obsessed with it. Okay. You take these numbers and you add them together and you get a
total of 296. Now, you take two plus nine is 11 plus six is 17. And in Revelation 17, it describes
what's taking place. Now, I have no idea if it's coincidence or whatever, but still the numbers
are there. The language is there. This as your guest indicated, I watched that building come
down time and time again. And I said, that's an implosion. There's no way that building could
do what it did. This is, this was designed. I said, I told my friends, I told everybody I know,
I said, no, I'm not accusing anyone of this. Listen, I'm not accusing anyone. I said,
President Bush is not in Crawford, Texas for a 30. You've never put them on like they should.
You got it right. You got it right. So it was planned. But look, those buildings are designed
to prevent that from happening. I agree with you. There's something wrong that there was a
progressive explosion process that brought those buildings down. Well, we had the engineer on to
talk about it. Those buildings went straight down. John, what do you see happening? They're
really gearing up. Oh, yeah. Life has changed. I don't think we can accept what we've expected.
I don't think that there's anything new to make of all of this. It's the world turned upside down.
So what are you going to do? I'm going to clean my weapon, man. I'm going to clean my weapon.
My problem, my only worry is that I don't want to go alone. I'm not afraid to go,
but I just don't want to go by myself. These people, these government agents,
they ought to be ostracized. First, they ought to be identified, and then they ought their pictures
and posters ought to be publicly displayed. They ought to be ostracized in the church and
everywhere else. John, I appreciate your call. We don't know if the government did this. We know
they did the other ones. We know they kept telling us it was going to happen, and we know who stands
to gain. I know this, though, ladies and gentlemen. I'm not going to any FEMA center. What about you?
We kept warning you about this over and over again. We weren't playing games,
and now it's unfolding in front of your face. All the latest news from everywhere
is on infowars.com. Oh my goodness. You talk about patriotism. I'm the ultimate patriot.
I love this country. I fight for it every day. There's going to be a patriotism whipped up
to attack the Middle East, a total invasion. Iran, Iraq, you name it, Pakistan, Afghanistan.
It came out a few weeks ago, World Net Daily, ABC, that Bush was preparing for a ground war with Iraq.
And, you know, there's one person that might be able to pull this off, but everything he does
is tapped and traced, and that is Saddam Hussein. Why this government ever put him in power in the
70s? Why he was our big buddy to fight Iran? Why he was given the chemical and biological weapons
from Houston? If Saddam did do this, and there is a chance that this is not the government,
that it is Saddam Hussein, I want that country nuked, and I want it nuked now. And the question is,
why didn't they take Saddam out in 1991? I asked you that question. What did you just say, Mark?
And General Parton's not home? Busy signal. Whoever's calling Parton, please quit. When I
mentioned that, everybody probably called him. Just keep trying, Mark. And we'll get Derry Brownfield
back on, and then Jim right there at the scene in New York. Let's go ahead. For those that don't
know, we've had planes crashing, plane crashing the Pentagon. It blew up, was on fire outside
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the International Airport. A huge plane crashed and blew up
on the runway. We had two planes. The first one this morning wanted 850 Eastern Time, hit the
World Trade Center, a larger plane at 920, and then the towers began imploding about an hour later.
So that's what's developing there. 1015 Eastern World Trade Center, South Tower collapses.
1030, Second Tower, North collapses. And now they've got civil emergency. Just replace that with
Marshall Law. Rolling in the country. My goodness. Bill in Tennessee, you're on the air. Thanks for
holding. At Texas. Okay, Texas. Go ahead, Bill. Well, I don't see you. First of all, I don't think
there's a government sponsor. That's my opinion. Okay. Secondly, you know, I don't see how an
act like this is going to help with illegal immigration and the movement towards that. If
anything, if anything, I think it's going to make people refocus on why illegal immigration is so
bad. Well, that's the point I've made. They tell us to give up our rights and drive through
checkpoints. We live in the heartland, but then they've got the borders wide open and
porous and then have been advertising how open we are to terrorist attack. That in and of itself
is a grand crime. No question. And I think that people will get refocused on that. And I think
they're going to have a really tough time modifying the law. I really don't see Marshall
Law being declared. Sir, it's already civil emergency. And I've got dozens of the states.
But, but Alex, this is a normal response to a major issue. I mean, so are you in the military?
I used to be. Okay. I'm a retired officer. Well, we support the military. Most of the troops I
know agree with the analysis we have here. We don't know who's done this, but are you telling me
how someone been locked and could coordinate all of these, these, these four attacks?
Well, I'm telling you that there are lots of people who are mercenary for hire that have been
caught in covert activities for many countries. A mercenary is going to fly a plane into a building.
No, you didn't let me finish what I was saying. I believe that there are enough
panicles by organizations throughout the world and have enough finances and connections to pull off
something like this. I will say this is a good chance Europe could be behind this. They're rolling
out their Euro right now. It becomes the full currency in two and a half months. And with the
World Trade Center collapsing the center of the dollar and they're partially go back with their
Euro, you might have a point there. But I'm more, I more think it's that than the U.S.
government behind it. I really, well, who controls and owns our Federal Reserve though? Well, the
European family. You got it. I'm not saying that, you know, that, that Ashcroft knows about this.
These people don't run our country, sir. Big giant tax free foundations and the council on
farm relations and the rest of them. I know the council in Rome with all the families that go
back from whenever are the ones that call a lot of shots and have all the wealth and
have been plotting this for years. And put Hitler into power. I mean, they torched Europe to get a
U.N. They failed World War I to get the League of Nations. Well, the only reason I say it's not a
U.S. attack, Alex, is simply that it appears to me by all the things I've seen and read and they
looked a little caught off guard by this quite frankly. Yeah, Bush looked pretty freaked out,
didn't he? He did. He did. Well, keep sending the message out. Thanks for taking my call.
All right, I appreciate the call. I know this, that little creature McCain, that Manchurian
candidate who turned against the men in the plantation. He wasn't in the Hanoi Hilton
has been dancing around telling us we need a police state. And now I've got him on tape.
I gotta go change the tape during the next break on the VCR. I got that creature on tape saying,
we'll never live the same. Gotta give up our rights. Who's up next here, Mark?
John in Washington State, you're on the air, sir. Welcome.
Hi, Alex. I just thought I'd tell you what was going on up here. The sheriff just declared Spokane
on a special alert and they're claiming that we're going to be highly scrutinized. They say
that they have their operatives keeping close eyes on all those patriot type. And I have another
little goodie for you last Friday. I was coming home from a doctor's appointment and saw a strange
parade going down the road. Was a bunch of APCs. They weren't National Guard, they were Army.
And they had huge generators, the kind that you use to power small cities. They had several of them.
They had a tanker truck following that. So I followed them. And I followed them for about 35,
40 miles. And then they go to a place called Missile Steyer Road. They pull in. I was really
unfamiliar with the area, but I had been around there before. And then right down towards the
end of the road, they fanned out and threw up a roadblock. And two guys got out of a black pickup
truck and went out of a white Astro van, dressed in navy blue, poplin, Cambridge style jackets
and slacks. And they had Tech DC-9. Well, I sure wish you'd had a video camera. I got pictures.
I want to overnight photograph everything except where they pulled out the weapons because at
that point, frankly, I was hauling these loins in another direction. I spun my truck around
through gravel all over them and left right between the two of them. My wife actually,
a week before, saw a tank out there at the same place when she was riding her 10-speed bike.
I did see that they had other trends or other generators set up out there.
We have Czechoslovakian troops over the last three years massing in Texas.
We have military checkpoints on video on infowars.com. Just watch the clips for free.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I've seen them and I've got your tapes as well. But I'm also the fellow that
occasionally calls you. I'm a commissioner up here. And so they drew down on me. And I went down
this morning and tendered my resignation. I'll not be part of any of this or even be mildly
associated with it. You should have stayed in to help warm people. Oh, no, no, no, no. They treat
me like dirt anyway. Now, they treat me. They treat me terribly because I say all those stupid
nasty words like Constitution Bill of Rights. Yeah, yeah, the stuff that gets buildings blown up.
Oh, yeah. Well, I have no doubt that I'm being watched now, too, because the sheriff just said
so on television. He said that he has his people out here watching all these patriot types closely.
And also, I might tell you that down here at Rock Point Center is one of our nicest
office buildings. The FBI just threw out everybody in the executive suite and took the
entire executive suite over. And they have moved over 200 additional new agents into this city,
residing at Rock Point Center on Washington Avenue. And they've taken over the entire
executive suite area. So I happened to have weedled my way in there last Friday as well and got
photographed of it. It's empty as a gourd. And I ran into two guys that were pulling fiber optic
cable through the offices there. And they asked me what I was doing in there. And I had my trailer
and a jumpsuit on. So I look like I was a mover or something. And the guys asked me what I was
doing in there. And I told them I kind of like one of those numbers you pull the Bohemian Grove.
I kind of had to think on my feet. And I said, I'm here for the death. And the two guys said,
oh, well, get that blank, the blank thing out of here. And they took me over there. And lo and
behold, there was in fact a death. And they made me take a desk out of the FBI office and put it
in my truck and take it away. And now I've got the thing. They made me steal the death. It was either
that or get caught. But I got photographed of that too. Sir, don't send me the originals. Do you
have access to a computer to email them as a JPEG to Alex at info wars.com? Yeah, I'll do that.
I need the APPs now. Get on it, sir. I appreciate the call. I've got another set of documents that
I need to send you on this that is the job roster from the internal communications of the military.
And it's the job roster for the training of all the people that they're going to be needing and
using to secure this. And it's called red train opportunities. Does that ring a bell?
The red and blue list and so forth. I don't know. Listen, I really appreciate the call, sir.
Again, to recap at 850 a.m. Eastern time, Plain Hidth World Trade Center 820 FBI says at least
one plane hijacked 930. Second jet crashes into the World Trade Center 940 Eastern. Plain hits
Pentagon. Federal officials said a U.S. airplane has hit the Pentagon. The crash comes nearly
an hour after two planes hit the World Trade Center building. Folks, this is 100 times bigger than
Pearl Harbor. Why do you think all these films came out? Band of brothers, all these war movies,
even a Washington Post writer said, well, we get ready for a war. This always happens.
1013, all U.S. buildings, Capitol Hill evacuated. 1015, World Trade Center South Tower collapses.
1020, report explosion at Capitol. 1030, U.S. congressional leaders,
top cabinet officials moving to secure facilities. 1030, another hijacked plane reported 20 minutes
south of Washington, D.C. 1030, second tower north collapses. 1043, hijacked plane crashes
south of Pittsburgh, PA. Officials investigating at another hijacking with a plane headed toward
D.C. never heard what happened with that. Probably been shot down. 1045 AM EDT, all federal
buildings in D.C. have been evacuated. By the way, October 1st, all new cell phones have to have
a satellite tracking chip in them. Men reporting on that for years. The children are already having
to come stand to get their school lunches and 100-plus school districts. Come on, people.
I'm not trying to scare you. Be bold. Stand up. They're not going to get away with this pretext.
Let's go ahead, and before we go to more calls, let's get Derry Brownfield back on the line.
But first, let's get Jim Wright on there in New York. It was in the World Financial Center
next door who heard the first plane hit, walked out and saw the second one hit, and then saw
them collapse from a mile and a half away, dead bodies, people falling out of the windows.
The whole nine yards. I can't believe this is actually happening, but it is. I didn't make the
stuff up when I told you it would here on the air. It is a travesty. Police, military, if you love
your family, fine. Fight the enemy and we find out it's terrorist. But they're going to tell us
their whole society has to change now that the people are the enemy. They're announcing that on
the news. It is not going to help anything. You know, they'll have us running through checkpoints
daily and having our houses searched. I guarantee you that southern border is going to stay open,
and it's just a travesty. Europe may be behind this. There is a fishery. There is an internal
struggle between the New World Order right now. Germany runs the EU. They swore the annihilation
of the US. They put people into power to take over this country, and it's in between Muslim
terrorists being provocateur and allowed to do this. It's in between our government doing it,
and it's in between the EU doing it. Frankly, I'm starting to lean towards the EU and that power
block that runs a lot of our news here. Alright, let's bring Jim right up. Jim, you were there
today. Now World Trade Center 5 or 6 is burning. Another 50-60 story building. What are you seeing
there? What's happening? Well, it's truly about the same as last time we talked to Alex. That
building's still burning about the same amount. We don't hear the sirens anymore than we were
hearing earlier. It's just kind of settling in for the siege to see how long it takes to get
the smoke out. So that building is still on fire? Still standing, still on fire.
I wondered if it's going to collapse in an instant like the other ones. It's no way of knowing.
And again, you have a degree in engineering. Have you ever heard of a building that's on fire on
the top collapsing with such precision? No, I haven't. Well, it's an absolute nightmare.
Can you briefly recap what you saw this morning when the first plane hit and you heard the
vibration and then what happened? Yeah, we saw the first building that was on fire about the top
10 floors or from 100 up. We were watching that for some time. I actually saw some
bodies come out of the building. Some were smoldering, others were flailing and evidently conscious.
After, I don't know, 15 minutes, I caught the glimpse of, I guess, an airplane just a tip of it
and saw a huge fireball come out of the building. At that time we evacuated our building, which was
across the street, eventually made our way back across the river about a mile and a half away
from the site. When we watched the first one building, it blew up from some of the other
upper floors, almost like a ring of charges all the way around it. And within five seconds,
the building was completely gone. I went straight down in a perfect implosion.
About 20, 30 minutes, I guess, after that, pretty much the same thing happened to the
second tower. That one took a few more seconds to come down, but it was just a perfect drop of a
building. No stumps left, no nothing. And from engineering, what does that? It looked like
it was somehow detonated very heavily or very strategically from the lower floors.
So no one could get into the wreckage of those planes and find out the evidence of who was behind
it, just like Oklahoma City. They destroyed that building just a few weeks after, still standing
and buried it under guard at a landfill outside Oklahoma City.
Well, these buildings are landfill now, but I have no idea what it looks like on the other side
of the plaza to see if any of the wreckage of the planes is left on top. To me, it looked like
Independence Day, sir. Yeah, it was a war. It was like Armageddon, just certainly like a movie.
It just wasn't real. It wasn't real. Unbelievable. Anything else you'd like to add,
Jim Wright? What are the local security forces doing? Obviously, on high alert,
we haven't seen too many military aircraft in the immediate vicinity, just a couple of Tomcats
circling around once or twice. F-14s? Yeah. Just a couple of them. They're not only circling there,
they were heading somewhere. All of the emergency personnel seem to be very heavily involved with
getting people off the island, off of Manhattan Island. They're bringing them into our marina here
at Liberty State Park because by the fact of Liberty, there's just kind of a low, low of people
coming from the ferry trying to make their way up toward the turnpike and the light rail system.
I understand all the roadways or the main turnpike is shut down where it parallels Manhattan.
People aren't able to get out? They seem to be getting out somehow.
I don't know if they're just walking and walking or exactly how they're doing it,
but I can tell you that one of the main arteries of New Jersey Turnpike right here
in the vicinity of St. Acosta River from lower Manhattan, there is no traffic on that roadway.
They've shut the road down. Now they've shut the borders down. Why do you think they do that,
Jim? They're on the scene. The water? Excuse me? Why do you think they shut down the roads?
I don't know. I have no idea. I've heard nothing on the news whether or not it's
get emergency vehicles through or I honestly don't know. I don't own a vehicle.
All the TV stations are down other than the Spanish-speaking language?
Yeah, but last time I checked, it's been a while since actually I've tried to flip through.
I've been listening to emergency radio, VHF. It looks like we're still in the same situation
with News Network, TV. Because the main antennas were on top of that building?
I presume that's what's happened, yeah. Did you ever think you'd see this in the United States?
No, I really didn't. We've been kind of always conditioned to believe this is the one place we
haven't had any overt, at least foreign terrorism and I'm presuming this is foreign. Who knows?
Maybe it's internal, maybe not. But yeah, we feel pretty insulated against that.
We're getting the analysis that it may be the EU. They're rolling out their new currency.
It's already starting to throttle the dollar. They're distributing it as a world currency to
Africa, Middle East, Asia, and then suddenly our financial center is brought down. We've been in
two wars with Europe and I have the EU observer here. From yesterday, Prince Socialist developed
European strategies and a new manifesto. They call for Europe first against the US.
They call for international Tobin tax and UN expanded power. Frankly, the EU stands more to
gain from this than any Islamic terrorist or this government. The more I look at it,
you probably don't want to comment on that. I'm sure there's probably a lot of people that would
see themselves as gaining from a tragedy like this and maybe that's a plausible one and there's
probably a lot of other plausible scenarios. I know you work in Europe in these financial
sectors. The EU is pretty powerful. Well, the EU is pretty powerful, but I tell you what, a lot of,
at least in Europe, a lot of those countries are very, very dependent upon stability in the US
and US currency flowing overseas. I don't know. For everybody that may get help by this,
there's probably a lot of entities or people that get hurt by it. Jim Ryan, I will probably
check in with you another hour, so just for a quick five minute update. We really appreciate
you and you're really handling this in a calm fashion. Frankly, better than I am and I'm here
in Austin, Texas. Well, I don't know. Maybe that's your job. I don't know. Anyway, yeah,
sure, Alex. I'll try to stick around. All right. Thank you, sir. There goes Jim Wright, family friend.
His family lives out in Fredericksburg, Texas, listening to 91.7 want to say hi to the booths
out there on the right. We're going to continue with your calls throughout the broadcast. I want
to thank Ted Anderson for the opportunity to cover this uncensored. I want to thank all our AM&M
affiliates. This is so important that we get the news and information out to everybody.
And I will continue the broadcast for the next hour and five minutes, and then you'll have the
John Stathamiller with the National Intel Report. Then after that, the modest report,
Dr. Stan Montee will be live countless other excellent shows to bring you exactly
what you need to know about the developments here and the analysis of some of the foremost experts
in the country. I wanted to recap this. Bin Laden comes home to ruse to CIA ties only the beginning
of a woeful story. At the CIA, it happens often enough to have a code name, Blow Black. Simply
define this term who describes an agent, an operative or an operation that has turned on its
creators. Some of Bin Laden, our new public enemy number one, is the personification of Blow Black,
and the fact that he is viewed as a hero of millions of Islamic world proves, again, the old
adage, you reap what you sow. MSNBC. Let's bring Derry Brown filled up. He's got to go to a meeting
in a few minutes. Mr. Brown filled any of the latest developments and your take on this,
one of the biggest tragedies in American history. Well, I have some information here.
We said earlier in the show, Alex, that the barters had been closed in Canada and Mexico.
I have here some information. Let me see where it comes from. The FAA says 50 flights are in U.S.
Airspace, but none are reporting any problems. The Immigration and Naturalization Service says
U.S. barters with Canada and Mexico are on high a state of alert, but no decision has been made
about closing barters. That's funny. I have the AP story here where they say that. Say they have
closed a barter. Well, I don't know. A lot of confusion. Yeah, there is. San Francisco International
Airport is evacuated and shut down. Can you stay with us for five more minutes? Sure, sure. We'll
be back in 60 seconds. Stay with us, ladies and gentlemen. According to the news and medical
journals, Americans are under assault from a new monster, Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia affects
millions with supposedly no real cure. Big Brother, mainstream media, government cover-ups.
Do you want answers? Well, so does he. He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network. And now,
live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're back live. We've got loaded phones. We're going to go to them.
We've got Derry Brownfield, nationally syndicated radio talk show host. And we're also going to
cover Bush's remarks from his nationally televised address. Going back to Derry Brownfield,
then to your calls. Mr. Brownfield, any other information that you've been tracking down
or any other points you'd like to make about this, this attack? Is that the San Francisco
International Airport was shut down. The airport was the destination of American Airlines Flight
77. And that was one of the aircraft that went into the World Trade Center. And then LA International
Airport, the destination of two of the hijacked American Airlines flight is evacuated. The United
Airlines confirms that Flight 175 from Boston to LA has crashed with 56 passengers and nine crew
members abroad. Emergency personnel at the scene say there are no survivors. Why are these airplanes
crashing? Do you have any idea, Alex? Now, is this a plane other than the four that went into the
Trade Center into the... Well, I don't know. Into Pittsburgh and into the Pentagon? I don't have any
idea. Well, we know they've got fighter jets scrambled everywhere. So they could have shot
the thing down, you suppose? Yeah, we'll probably never know. That's something they're not going to
ever announce. I have no idea. I guess it'll be like TWA Flight 800. They'll just tell us
that it doesn't matter. We've got Army witnesses that you didn't see a missile. But frankly,
I mean, that's a question. Would we support shooting down an airplane full of people that
have been hijacked if it's going for a World Trade Center? And I have to say, frankly, yes.
But at the same time, how many is it going to kill when it hits the ground in a population center?
Well, I was going to say, how many people were killed when it hit the World Trade Center?
It certainly would have been better off shot down out over the harbor someplace,
wouldn't it? No, I agree with you wholeheartedly. So what are they going to do? Start stationing
guys with stinger missiles on top of buildings everywhere? I know I've seen video of the White
House before with guys with stinger missiles on the top. I have no idea. I'll tell you what,
I'm becoming sort of numb about this whole thing. Oh, I am too. I've already been on the air three
hours counting your show and we're just going to continue to cover it throughout the day, Mr.
Brownfield. Jeff just walked in here. I'm going to let him take a moment to mark up some copy.
Here's what he's saying. He says, in 1945, an Army Air Corps B-25, a twin-engine bomber,
crashed into the 79th floor of the Empire State Building in Denton. Oh, it didn't hurt the building
if you remember. Yes. I mean, you may not remember 1945, but I do. Well, it's an old-fashioned building
and it's a lot tougher. But do you really believe that it probably is? But I still don't believe
that plane would have taken. In fact, when the planes hit those buildings, they didn't go down
right away. Hey, we had a guy on the show who's one of the witnesses who has an engineering degree.
He says, that looked like textbook explosives planted on the columns.
Yeah, I heard that. Here's another comment. The Navy has ordered a pair of aircraft carriers
to depart the Norfolk Virginia Naval Station and deploy off the coast of New York City and
Washington to provide air cover to both cities in case of new threat following terrorist attacks.
The President has no choice but to strike back. But the key questions are how and at whom.
Bush must decide where to take revenge. I'm just reading some of the...
Just then, Tony Blair, British Prime Minister, admitted communist has stopped all civil
flights over the U.K., but he's going to keep us safe. And there he stays right there,
because I want you to continue. This is Bush's comments. Bush promises to track down terrorists.
This is Barksdale Air Force Base. Louisiana has chaos. Unhinged, New York and Washington,
President Bush commanded the full force of the United States government to hunt down and find
the terrorists responsible. Terrorism against our nation will not stand, he declared, Tuesday.
If they don't attack somebody and level entire countries, we'll be attacked daily.
In Florida, a pair of education speeches, the President scrapped his schedule and said at the
first reports of attacks on New York, came up on the board and said that nine stands for judgment
and 11 for disorder. Really? And it shows how the globalist, everything is 33, everything is 7-11,
all of these occultic numbers. That makes sense as well. I'm making this stuff up, folks. I mean,
look at all this. Look at the flight numbers, 33. Flight 800 also. Flight 800 is one of them.
I recall hearing a flight 800, didn't you? Yeah, they do it over and over again.
Derry Brownfield, this stuff gets weirder and weirder, but look at Scullin' Bones, New York
Observer dressed up in devil outfits, slitting women's throats. And I don't want to get off
into all of this, but you talked about it. This is judgment one way or another, isn't it?
If it is, and it's like you're smacking us in the face with it.
Do we have Derry Brownfield there? Yeah, I'm still here.
Derry, any comments on what our guest is bringing up?
No, not really on the 9-1-1. I do have a little information on Israel here that
the Israel is pledging to aid. Pledging aid to U.S. Ally called for an all-out war on terrorist
ill... Israel pledged to give its full support to the United States and called for an all-out
war on terrorism following the attacks on its leading ally on Tuesday in a defensive move
and following the U.S. example after the plane attacked Israel, closed it their airport airspace
for 24 hours through all incoming flight. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said the Jewish
state was ready to provide the United States with all possible aid in talks with U.S. Ambassador.
And that means they're nuclear weapons. Well, I would assume so.
Yeah, we could see nuclear war within the day. In fact, I had a report last night that we covered
that Israel's very upset saying Iran now has nukes and the missiles to deliver them.
It's just, folks, this could be the beginnings of Armageddon. I hate to say that, but we certainly
have the ingredients, don't we, Derry? Well, it looks like it, doesn't it? And you've heard
me say time and time again, once you read the back of the book, you begin to see a different picture.
And you look at the overall picture, I'd definitely say we are in the end time.
I believe it's right as well, Alec. Now, when we talk about the end times to Christians,
that doesn't mean the end. That means the start of the good stuff.
Yes. Do you see what I mean? I think we're the true believers are looking forward
to this next thousand years. So, but again, you have to have studied this.
The person can also be part of the birth pains. Absolutely. And again, if people don't understand
this, I caught world leaders. It's been an Esquire magazine. It's been in the press, Democrat,
front page, mainstream, San Francisco paper. It's been on national television in Europe.
I stuck in and caught world leaders in black and red robes, worshiping the devil.
So, why are you offended by us talking about how we're Christians and how our
Bible tells us this would happen in detail? And we're kooky, but world leaders can dance
around worshiping MOLIC. I mean, if world leaders are worshiping the devil, we're going to be
judged. Nations are judged. That is the bottom line. Would you agree, Mr. Brownfield?
Absolutely. And that's what I said earlier today. I think I've said it two or three times on
national radio that it's difficult for me to pray for America today. I can pray for God's people,
and I can pray that as many of people are going to be saved as they possibly can. But when our
own children cannot go to a public American government school and stand up and sing, God bless
America. How can God bless America? I think the fetal tissue is part of it. I think the
trading with China, giving them the Olympics when they killed their political dissidents and blew up 450 churches
publicly last year when they're murdering the Tibetans. Well, go a little closer to home.
How about all the murdering we're doing to our own children? Yes. The drugging of them, the abortion.
We're being judged, ladies and gentlemen. Now, this is the, I think it's just the beginning,
Alex. And decadent societies are always judged. Well, they have been, and they will continue to be.
That's you guys are exactly right. I'll leave you alone. Thank you, Darren.
Blessed is the nation that believes in God, you know, and cursed is the ones that don't.
And you can see who all these years have benefited and who all these years have starved and had
war. See, America, American people don't even know what war is. To my knowledge, this is the
first time there has ever been an attack on American soil. Other than the British.
Well, yeah, but I'm talking about in modern history, anything that anybody can remember.
See, we went through two World Wars and never was attacked.
Yeah, we had some German agents, blow up a weapons dump in New York with the media never
covered that. They said it was an accident. Well, I don't know. But no, you're right.
That's the only, I mean, nothing that we consciously saw or could address. That was on the
history channel, though. You're right. Nothing massive like this. I just don't know what to
say to any of it. For those just tuning in that don't know what we're talking about.
Four planes, both the World Trade Center towers with tens of thousands of people in them have
collapsed, hit by large passenger planes. A plane hit the Pentagon blowing up a large portion of
that catching it on fire. And then outside Pittsburgh, PA, one slam into their international
airport, probably shot down by by fighters. Fighters are swarming everywhere. Four carriers
have delivered their payload of planes out into the air. We've got jets scrambled everywhere.
They're flying around here in Texas right now above us. And they're declaring civil emergency
and putting the feds out on the streets in major capital cities. Why would they be flying over
Austin, Texas? I don't know. I was outside earlier and there goes a jet flying by.
We've got Fort Hood and they may be deploying them. We've got about five
airport spaces just south of me in San Antonio. Okay. Well, I'm not very far from
the base up at Warnsburg and where they keep the self jets. And I haven't seen or heard anything.
I don't know. It's amazing. Absolutely amazing. Who's up next again, Mark?
Wally in Minnesota, you're on the air with Derry Brownfield and Alex Jones as we watch
the teeth being pulled out of the front of America's mouth. That's basically what those
buildings look like. Like they've knocked our teeth out. Go ahead, Wally. Hi,
Alex. Morning, Alex. I couldn't believe it. I worked the graveyard shift and so I usually
sleep till about noon. I woke up this morning, turned on the TV here. I was totally floored.
I can't believe what I'm seeing. New York City's on fire. I think this obviously shows
that the United States immigration policy is flawed. The borders of this country should have
been closed down or restricted many, many, many moons ago. Obviously, the terrorists were able
to get in this country. They're not going to do that. They're going to track and trace you and
your family biometrically. The thumb scan to get food as they're already putting them in,
and the borders are going to be wide open, brother. You know, as well as I do, Alex,
that is the fatal flaw that we have made. These terrorists were able to come into the United
States, get on a commercial jet, coordinate their tourist activities, hijack at least four,
and maybe two others. Right. Now, what does that say about our immigration policy in the United
States? It says, hey, come on over, throw bombs at the World Trade Center, throw planes at the
World Trade Center. It doesn't matter. Now, the next question I have is this. Before Clinton was
in office, there was another plane that crashed into the White House area when Clinton was in
office. Now, another plane, a commercial jet that crashed into the Pentagon. I'm wondering what kind
of radar protection and protection our government facilities have. Obviously, none. If somebody
can take a commercial jet. This is a highly, highly, highly sophisticated coordinated action.
That plane flew its route until it got to New York from Boston. It turned dramatically, flew
under radar, literally in between buildings. Right. That's what I'm saying. Now, how does the plane,
how is that possible? Don't our major government facilities are protected at all by our air force?
It doesn't seem like it. We're going to pull housewives out of their cars at military checkpoints
like we've already been doing in Texas and Tennessee. That's on my website, Main Street
News Stories. That is not, Alex, you know as well as I do. This is not only a terrorist,
don't worry about the Chinese military in the Panama Canal. The threat is the housewife
that has an old revolver in her closet. Mr. Brownfield, any comments? Thanks for the call,
Wally. Not really. I'll tell you what, I have a meeting downtown in about 45 minutes,
so I'm going to need to leave you, Allie. All right, Mr. Brownfield, we appreciate the
opportunity to visit with you and to be on your show and to visit with your listeners.
Well, I know you'll be covering this more throughout the week on your show. Tell them
how they can tune in on your website. Okay. Oh, eriebrownfield.com. And by the way,
Derry is D like in dog, D-E-R-R-Y. And you're on the hour before me on what, 8790 stations?
Right. Something like that. All right, sir. God bless you. You bet. Thanks again.
Take care. Let's talk to Tim in Minnesota. Tim, you're on the air. Welcome, sir.
Hey, Alex. What's up? Well, you know what's going on. Take over. I should say what's down.
Anyways, I got a few frequencies for your listeners so they can listen into the
Marshall Law in progress. It's really active on 10.194 megahertz,
except that's not voice transmissions. But the voice transmission that's pretty active is 10.493
megahertz. That's 10.493. And that's on the short way of emergency dialed.
Yeah. Also, there's one more FEMA. 5.211. That's 5.211. The military, they're pretty active.
I've got one frequency. 11.175 megahertz. 11.175. All right. We'll continue to bring
people up to speed on this. We predicted it, Tim. I predicted it last week, didn't I?
Yep. I wasn't listening, but I'll take your word for it. Okay. I'm asking you,
how many times have you heard me say something just like this was going to happen?
Yeah, we've been all kind of been waiting for something like this to happen. And it's here.
It's time to clean dust off your guns and make sure they're ready to go.
Absolutely. My car's gassed up. The bags are packed. I'm ready to hit the road if need be.
All right. Appreciate the call, Tim. Richard in Texas. You're on the air.
Alex. Yes. NBC News, Tom Brokaw. I was shocked when I heard this that possibly
secondary explosions could have brought down the building. Oh, yeah. There's no way just
like Oklahoma City. Outside bombs don't do that. They also referred to the 9-1-1 from
the other caller too. Up here, Dallas DFW National is closed. Lovefield is closed. There's military
on both airports. There's also reports that the banks, I don't know why they're saying this,
will have money in case you need to withdraw. And that ATM machines will be working. I don't
know why they're reporting this. It's almost like they want to run. Right. Also, we know Congress
is in hiding. Nobody knows where they are at. Kay Billie Hutchison, one of the senators here,
is telling her staff to stay away from mass transportation. What does that tell you?
And we have the police here in Austin training to drive pickup routes, as I reported Friday.
Exactly. Hey, Alex, one more thing. Watch out for yourself. You're a main voice,
so you know what happens. Hey, you only live once, brother. I look forward to whatever happens. I
really do. I wasn't born to be a slave. I was born to fight the New World Order. We're going in.
We're going in full throttle. Nothing can stop us now. We're going to be just fine.
We are folks. There's a lot of good people in the government, a lot of good people in the military,
a lot of good police out there that know what's going on. We warned them up front about all this.
Let's shut the borders down. Let's support the illegals. Let's annihilate whoever did this.
If they start trying something else, we'll know who's behind it, and then we'll know what to do,
won't we? Okay. Let's go ahead and go to Ted Anderson. Yeah, go ahead and do Genesis with
an update. Then we'll go to Michael and others. Go ahead, Ted. Yeah, just a quick financial update.
Some of the institutions here in Minneapolis have put limits on the money that you can draw out of
the account, so don't be too surprised. If you do show up at your bank and they're not going to say,
yeah, you can walk out with your $40,000 or whatever you have there. There is a lot of chaos
in the system. I'm sure that the dust will settle within a few days and things will be more back
to normal, hopefully. Anyways, that's what we hope for. Or this could be the kickoff
for biological attack, and I'm not speculating. They're reporting that now, Ted. Yeah, I know
they are. I guess basically what I'm saying is don't be too surprised if you walk up your
institution and find that it's not there. They do have the ability and the written laws and
rights to close down trading the doors at the bank and column. Moratorium, there's been just a few
guys here in this particular area who have stopped into some of the major central banks,
the major banks, and they have a limit on what you can take out right now. Well,
the Federal Reserve two years ago and their policy board said they want to use the tracking
strip and all the new money to limit the amount of money you take out. And if you hoard money,
they will make it worthless according to the strip. Well, it's just the cracks in the wall.
It's the monetary system that we have. It's a fractional reserve banking system. And now the
center of our commodities and trading has been leveled, Ted. It only bombs and the lower floors
could do that. And that's now being reported, as we're told by the media. This is amazing.
Are you blown away like I am? Oh, God. And my heart goes out to the people first thing. I
picture this being caught up in this thing or having a family member caught up in this thing.
It's mind-boggling to think of the tragedy that just occurred. But then it's a financial
institution. Those two buildings were worth a tremendous amount of money. And the investors
that put the money behind that particular thing, it sends a shock wave in the financial
industry. There's no question about it. I mean, basically, billions of dollars have just been
lost within a matter of seconds. Right as the EU euro dollars are going online and being delivered.
Well, but that's one of the reasons why a lot of people get into gold, because there could be
gold sitting in the basement of that building. And after they dig the rubble out, the gold's still
valuable. It's the financial institutions right now that we're looking at right now. And with a
very cautious eye, I look at insurance companies, for example, they have these trusts and they have
a tremendous amount of money tied into real estate. If you had a portfolio with these two
buildings in it, you could have basically wiped out a very substantial portion of that.
This is massive. And for those that don't know, let me run back through the basics, a good suggestion
that Ted has made. We had massive attacks at approximately 8.50 this morning. One plane
slammed into World Trade Center South. Then another plane slammed into Trade Center North,
as this unfolds. Then the Pentagon at 9.40 was hit, very concerted. First plane at 8.50. Next one at
8.30. Next one at 9.40. All U.S. buildings on Capitol Hill evacuated at 10.13. Eastern,
10.15. World Trade Center South Tower collapses. 10.20 report explosion at Capitol, 10.30. U.S.
congressional leaders, top cabinet officials moving to secure facilities. 10.30. Another
hijacked plane reported 20 minutes south of Washington, D.C. 10.30. Second Tower North
collapses. Now we're told upwards of five other buildings are burning in downtown New York City.
10.43 hijacked plane crashes south of Pittsburgh, PA. Officials investigating another hijacking
with the plane headed towards D.C. 10.45. EDT. All federal buildings in D.C. have been evacuated
and that's happening across the country. Ted, any other financial developments? What do you see
happening? Well, there's just been a few things. Now some of my customers have been able to wire
funds and there have been some transactions conducted in that fashion. Other banks have
disallowed that type of activity. Some people have gone into their banks and tried to draw some
money and found that there was a cap or a limit placed on them at this particular time. It's
good to have actually the truth in front of us rather than the fictional lie that there's always
cash to be drawn out. But it is a very interesting test on today's economic world. We've been sitting
in a position where we've basically living in a credit card economy and leveraged the health and
this is a test of the system. It shows how their control makes us all weak. For more details on
the financial news, they're updating MidasResources.com and DCNLive.com as we speak. Infowars.com is
the news center for all of it. Violet is up there hardly updating everything. Details coming up on
George W. Bush and his latest address to the public. Ted Anderson, thank you for joining us.
Please check back in. Yeah, thanks. They'll be checking in throughout the broadcast. Keep it
locked in to your local affiliates and to Genesis Broadcasting. Again, a lot of the evidence of
government-sponsored terrorism in the past from Pearl Harbor to the World Trade Center in 93
to Waco to Oklahoma City from sources like the Baltimore Sun are on Infowars.com, MSNBC,
Bin Laden, known CIA asset. Chickens coming home to roost. We don't make idle claims
as sensational as it sounds. The smoking gun is coming out of Europe or out of Washington.
And a bunch of sand at people, and that's what they are. That one could not pull this off.
They had to train the drivers, cook the bomb in the first World Trade Center bombing that
they meant to take down that building on that support column, but the fuel oil didn't do it.
Let's go to Michael and Georgia, then we'll go to other callers. Michael and Georgia,
you're on the air, sir. Well, Alex, according to the scenario given put forth by Martin Feeding
and the final D-Hod, the sand people didn't do it alone. They had help from conspirators,
which were domestic enemies. Let's tell people who this Keating fellow is and how it came out
three years before Oklahoma City. Tell us the story. This morning, Keating has long ties to
these secret agencies within the United States government to such a degree that he has looked
upon as a fear, as a profit, that his predictions come eerily, eerily have a tendency to come
true. This is Governor Frank Keating, former PI agent, highest levels. This is his brother
three years before Oklahoma City bombing. He wrote Final D-Hod where a McVeigh fellow bombs
the federal building. The article appeared in the USA Today where he was lauded for being so
accurate that while the manuscript said at his publisher an actual guy named McVeigh,
with ties to right-wing radical Christians, bombed a U.S. federal building. They said,
oh, this guy is a prophet. He had an article that he sent out when you got autographed copies of
his book. He sent you an article from the USA Today calling him a prophet. He should have been
arrested on the spot. Exactly. And listen, over and over again, when you read the covers of this
book and you see how it says, well, his prophecies come true so eerily, you know, fine tingling
to spin. How does he do it? How is he able to put, listen to this? And then he says inside the book
to the Knights of the Secret Circle, I dedicate this book. Yeah, exactly. Now, and of course,
I've told you before, the publishing company, Logical Signet Book, their logo is a bomb,
okay, a lit-use bomb, believe it or not. On the front cover, there are souls and demon heads in
the pattern in the United States flag that's been patterned by rabbits by terrorism. You can see
souls and demon heads. I'm not kidding you. And inside this book contained within the covers of
this book are terrorist attack after terrorist attack where thousands and tens of thousands of
people die almost on every other page. I kid you not. The only thing that what I'm seeing today
is it seems to me is the wet dream of one marked eating coming true. This guy is substantiated
by these events. And Alex, if we don't go along with whatever George Bush and the government
officials say at this point, we'll be painted as un-American. We'll be painted as if that is
those people that killed these innocent Americans. And what we're going to have to do is we're
really going to have to step up the attack ever since they were killed. To get us into a war
caught in SA Baltimore Sun. That's on Alex Jones. We're going to be just fine. We're going to shut
down the Baltimore Sun, too. We've also got all these other reports coming out. We're mainstream.
We're normal. We're just quoting the facts, bringing you the evidence. Now, I'm going to be
live tonight from nine to midnight. If you don't have an AM or FM station today, be a good day
for them to switch on and turn the nighttime show. And you'll get the best analysis, the best
guess. We're trying to get General Benton parting on Craig Roberts, decorated Marine Corps officer
and sniper SWAT team commander helicopter pilot who helped expose Oklahoma City as a government
bombing to help analyze this for us. I'm in a lot of a bunch of people tonight from nine to midnight.
There are going to be other great shows all day long for you. Who knows? I might pop in on the
Midas report. I was Michael Trudeau. He probably won't that. And by four, I'll be charming at the
bit to get back on. But we have very able hosts that will be bringing you the news and information.
I might even have something developed while John's on the air. I might call in if he's gracious,
have me on to hit some points, but we'll have that with everybody. In fact, I wanted Dave and Joyce.
I don't know where they're at, but they're doing a great job. I wanted them on.
I wanted everybody on. The show was for everybody today. We can talk about what's happening here,
this disaster. Let's take some final calls. Who's up next there? I'm sorry. Mark.
Father Grigorian up in New York. Go ahead, sir. You're on the air.
Yeah. How you do, Alex? I was just watching Fox News and WMS NBC, and they said that the borders
with Canada and the borders with Mexico are now closed. They got two warships and the National
Guard are on their way to New York. Fighter planes are patrolling the skies over New York.
And you noticed all the war movies we've seen lately? Pearl Harbor, Sneak Attack, The Brotherhood,
Band of Brothers, all of this getting us ready. And even commentators were saying,
are we getting ready for a war or something? Why all this push?
Well, I firmly believe, like I said earlier when I spoke with you and Jerry Brownfield,
that I agree with you guys. I don't think the president needs to look too far to find out who
was behind this. And it's all been done, like you said, cause something to get us under martial law.
Problem, reaction, solution, only corrupt government stands again. And I know you're a
listener. How long have I been analyzing this, pleading, begging people to get the word out?
Well, I've been listening to you now for about a year, and you've been doing it ever since I've
been listening. Well, I told you folks, and stuff is only going to go downhill from here,
unless we really get bold and have courage and speak out. I mean, do you think any Arab
country would really do this and want to be turned into a parking lot? If they were going to do that,
they would have nuked Israel and Iran now has nukes. Syria has nukes. Why wouldn't they go
ahead and do that? No, no, no, no. Bin Laden is a CIA asset. I believe the EU was involved in this.
There is a fissure. There is a tectonic power struggle in the New World Order right now.
Well, I don't believe that this was done by the Arabs. And I myself feel it.
But it's going to feel good to attack and bomb them and to get all the favor going
during a nationalistic war. During World War I, they hung people that protested the war.
So, I'll be here on the air all the way supporting the war. Don't you worry.
Well, I'd like to see the militias take up arms and really start doing something now.
And as far as... Well, let me say, I don't want to... We don't know who did this. We don't have
the details. We know that building was brought down with shape charges. That's even on the news now.
Did they just fall down like that? They could fall over or pieces could fall off, but not just
in five seconds. Boom! Well, they said on MSNBC that at about, I think it was 1038,
a fourth explosion racked the World Trade Center rubble.
438 MSNBC, one of the unexploded bombs. Yeah, they got the unexploded bombs out
in Oklahoma City quite nicely, didn't they? Yeah. All right, sir. I appreciate the call.
Joan in Florida, you're on the air globally. Welcome to the airwaves.
Alex? Yes. What's today's date?
9-1-1. Yeah, what does that mean?
Well, I haven't confirmed it, but supposedly in 1980,
President Reagan signed on this date that 9-1-1 be the official emergency number.
Yeah, interesting, isn't it? My daughter sent me off to that. She found it fascinating.
But on the more serious side. Emergency, save us, Seema.
Yeah, emergency, emergency. Yeah, nobody seemed to care about the
four black East German APCs with M-60s mounted firing into 14 houses two weeks ago
and a server of a Los Angeles. Well, I have a family member that called into my daughter this
morning. Is that the colonel or the general? No, no. You told me about that guy.
No, this guy's retired. Anybody worked for these subcontractors? And last week,
I believe it was last week or two weeks ago, he was down at Denton, Texas,
working on a new program package with another friend that's retired. And his friend was over at
Washington at the Pentagon. And what they were working on with putting a program together,
a new package for communications with another satellite program.
Yeah, I understand. Joe, we got to jump. We got to jump. Thanks for the call.
I'm almost out of time. Continue to go to infowars.com,
infowars.net. Don't let this paralyze you. Move forward like a bunch of bees.
Just call into all the talk shows. Tell them to go to infowars.com and click and listen live
for the truth, guerrilla warfare information. Stat Miller will continue with the broadcast
and our local affiliates, other great hosts that don't care the rest of the broadcasting.
Programming will be covering it. And I'll be back tonight from nine to midnight.
The State Department had issued on Friday a worldwide alert regarding Osama bin Laden
and the possible terrorist attacks. All parties were subpoenaed to be on a,
or supposedly on a heightened state of alert. The Lincoln tunnel has been closed and other
New York airports have been closed. Arm jets patrolling Manhattan ready to shoot down other
threads. President Bush has just made a statement saying that we will use the full response of
resources of the federal government to hunt down the people who have perpetrated this act.
And the terrorism against our nation will not stand.
Unbelievable, ladies and gentlemen. After the two planes slammed into the World Trade Center,
they collapsed 45 minutes later from munitions in the bottom, obviously. Of course, the Pentagon
had a plane crashing to it and part of it burned a large section. Also outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,
through international airport, a jet crash and blew up. 1030 U.S. congressional leaders,
top cabinet officials moved to secure facilities. Another hijacked plane reported 20 minutes
south of Washington, D.C. Never heard what happened there. Second tower north collapses.
1043 hijacked plane crashes south of Pittsburgh. 1045. All federal buildings in D.C. have been
evacuated. 1122 a.m. American Airlines confirms loss of two flights. United Airlines confirms
loss of flight 93 from Newark, New Jersey. General Clark tells CNN Osama bin Laden's
terror organization is only one that has claimed his kind of capability. They don't even have that.
Also, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich appeared on Fox TV and described today's
national emergency as an act of war and said he had no doubt that acts perpetrated today
were perpetrated by states and power sponsors. He said the acts were on the par with Pearl Harbor.
They're much larger, ladies and gentlemen. This is 10 times bigger than Pearl Harbor. The Pentagon
has been attacked. The two biggest buildings in our country lay in rubble. We've got airports
blowing up. And who stands to gain? Who stands to gain? Who stands to gain from this? Senator
McCain's on TV saying we'll never live the same. Give up our rights. What do we do? We didn't do
anything. We've been telling you to shut down the border. We've been telling you to defend our country.
He gave the Chinese a Panama Canal. Everybody, great job. More powerful shows coming up. And
I'll be back tonight from nine to midnight. Look for me to pop up on other shows. Staten
Miller's up next. Stay with us. We'll be back. Every day, the average person breathes over 8,600
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This is the GCN Radio Network on WWF, V. McCabeville, Georgia.
The American dream has become a nightmare
Times of the time on cardboard on corners and down
There's a cancer called crime in our city
That an unspoken fear was on our way down
We must take the medical back Put an end to the games and the drugs and the
freedom And the facts and the bad guys Most always go free that is wrong
We need leaders who lead us Not take us and bleed us
And take all our money and sex Let's go, Mark.
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. This is the National Intel Report. I'm your host,
John Statmiller. We're live. Genesis Communications,
WWFB 12172 Standard AM Shortwave Broadcast for the time being. Today's date, of course,
is the 11th of September, 2001. Needless to say, we're probably not going to hear any more
Gary Condit stories, John Bonnet Ramsey stories, probably for weeks and maybe even months to come.
Ladies and gentlemen, what we have witnessed here this morning, starting at about nine o'clock,
Eastern Standard Time, was terrorism in the United States. But the question is, whom?
Who had to gain from this? It was a well orchestrated and planned event.
Simultaneous actions, not only against the World Trade Center, a few minutes following that. It was
a Pentagon. A few minutes after that, it was a down plane, 80, 70, 80 miles outside of Pittsburgh.
And it's apparently, according to the some of the House and Ways Committee on the military
expenditures and funding, that this just proves that our military is too weak, that our intelligence
and counterintelligence agencies are woefully lacking. And if anybody thinks that any of these
supposed terrorists that hijacked American planes went through the little gates that you and I
have as traveling passengers in this country have to do, you're sadly mistaken. The situation as it
stands right now, the Mexican-U.S. border is being shut down. All planes in the United States have
been grounded. The report I just got is refineries are shutting down as we speak. Nobody knows what
kind of effect this is going to have on the markets. We're already seeing ramifications of
European markets. The Wall Street gang is down today. And that's following many hits here on
the financial markets. We do not know at this point if Wall Street opens up tomorrow what exactly is
going to happen. I'm still trying to get my mind wrapped around this. I have Steve Quayle standing
by. Steve, are you with me? Hi, John. Steve, horrendous day here in America. And I know you've
been on the phone all morning as I have. What's your thoughts on this, Steve? Well, first of all,
I think it's really important that people understand that this type of orchestrated
terrorism and deep covered the hijacking of multiple aircraft. And by the way, John, we're
still getting reports that Camp David was hit. I had a call from a young lady who was crying
for dad with that Camp David. And this is something the network that played down. Obviously,
for good reason, the military doesn't want to acknowledge it. But I just don't see any reports
on that. Suffice it to say, a young lady called her dad in the military there, and he said it was
just devastated. So there's something that people have got to keep their eyes on. Let's face it,
World Trade Center, gone. The Pentagon. Let's face it, that represents the most sophisticated
military in the world. And as I heard your opening, we don't have a clue. Our military has been so
emasculated what's going on. And I think this will change the entire history, not only of the
world, but the United States. Look, before the markets even opened this morning, when this
thing first started to unwind, the Dow futures were down 200 points. That would translate John
most likely into a 600 to 1,000 point drop. London sold off 4%. Now, in Europe, too, most people
need to understand this. In London specifically, all the financial center and all the major,
quote, terrorist targets have been evacuated. So what basically I see taking place now is you've
got the world financial system that was up until this point really close to being totally
destabilized. Now you've got the ultimate linchpin being pulled, and I think it's going to be a
comfy, dumpy time in the coming week. Well, Steve, I have said this many times on my broadcast
that I do believe that for martial law to be declared in this country, any actions taken
of robbing us from our constitutional rights of self-protection, confiscation of firearms,
terrorism, and the one thing I heard this morning, and it hasn't been repeated since,
was this operation in New York City. The response to this was called Ark Angel,
and that the reports I have right now that FEMA was aware of the situation before the first plane
hit in Twin Towers. Now we cannot call up FEMA right now and get a confirmation on that fact,
but that's some of the information I've got coming in to me. The important thing here is that I
firmly believe that in order for this global, the escalation of the New World Order taking place,
further seat themselves in power and in control. The key emphasis here is on control. I always said
that it would have to come through a financial collapse, and what I didn't count on is it
being exacerbated by a terrorist attack. They went after the financial district here in the
United States. They went right after Wall Street. Yesterday, John, on the program that I have that
follows yours by a couple hours, I was talking about the cyber attack that was going to take
place in the financial market and that these things would be concurrent happenings. In other
words, there would be a financial attack of some kind that would be followed by what I believe is
the Middle East war that's getting ready to break out. Look at the mainstream press now.
Senators are likening this thing to World War II. What did Pearl Harbor do for us that got us into
World War II? If they are using that historic parallel, then I think we've got to recognize
that we are probably going to get into it a big way. By the way, my sources for the record are
telling me Iran is behind it. Iran funded it. Iran coordinated it. It will be interesting, John, to
see if they try and cover that part of it up as opposed to allowing the chips to fall where they
may, because this is such a horrendous loss of life on the Rudge website. They're talking
somewhere between 40,000 and 100,000 people killed. 40,000 to 100,000.
Well, we do know that the, and it was two airlines, and I find this rather strange that was United
Airlines and American Airlines. They just recently did a merger. I find it odd that these planes,
and by the way, if you've noticed all these flights that were coming out of Dallas or
Dallas Airport or Boston, they were either headed for Los Angeles or San Francisco,
transcontinental flights. But what disturbs me about this, and I've said this before,
and you've done this going to the airport, going through the little checkpoint here, Steve,
that there is no organization that would ever perform a terrorist act. There's going to go
through a metal detector, not to be scanned. I mean, you get uniforms, you get ID tags,
you jump fences, you do whatever you have to do. These people apparently, from all indications so
far, commandeered these aircraft. Now, what's not been clear is how that was accomplished.
John, they can do it a number of ways. For instance, some of these guys have been deep
cover in this country for a number of years. They can work as baggage handlers. They can
work as food prep people. They can work in any number. One of the first things the FBI will do
is they'll run, obviously, background checks on who showed up at work, who is still at work,
who is networked, and they'll go and do their job, which is to find out who did this. But
what they're going to find out is that these were cells independently, I think, orchestrated,
and I think, again, getting back to who has the most to gain by this. Iran has gone on record
year after year on their diatribe that we are the great state and that they themselves
were going to bring us down. Now, that may get lost in the Palestinians taking credit for this,
and Yasser Arafat's condolences being nothing to us or should any American. Here's the guy that
sends little kids out to become martyrs for Allah, and the deal is that all of this terrorism is
orchestrated. Our intelligence community knows who's doing it, and now it's time to strike at it,
and Hezbollah and Hamas have both denied now any involvement in it. Well, that's kind of like
asking, how do you know when a politician is lying? It's when he's addressing a crowd, okay?
But as you know as well as I do, I mean, we're through the looking glass here.
Right? Black is white and white is black. It very well could be that we have organizations out there
that could be set up. There might be an independent action and the known terrorist groups. Now, what
I heard this morning was not Iran. What I heard this morning was actually Afghanistan. Well,
can I tell you who funds Afghanistan? The Iranians. See, here's what you've got to understand, okay?
You've got a hub on a wheel, okay? And that hub on the wheel has spokes going out to the rim,
okay? The rim is what makes the action of the wheel be able to go from one position to another.
In my meta, this little illustration I'm trying to share with you, the hub is still what supports
the spokes that allow the wheel to travel. You follow what I'm saying? And the Taliban and
Afghanistan, listen, the Iranian revolution, if you will, is very much responsible for
orchestrated terrorism, especially in the Middle Eastern world. When I'm saying directly responsible,
look, everybody is on everybody's payroll in this world. Obviously, the Russians have enough
spies in New York City to know probably who did it, what color shirts they had on it, etc., etc.
It seems like when we come to this point, we always get our senators, congressmen, politicians
saying, gee, we don't have enough intelligence to know what's going on. I guarantee you, John,
that if an ordinary man with enough money went and beat the bush, he could find out the name of
the guy that Shusi is wearing and exactly what he had for breakfast. That's how close it is.
If they wanted to find Osama bin Laden, unless this guy would go to the Antarctic,
dig a hole in the snow and pull the snow over him, we could find him. The issue here with Iran,
with the coalition forces, I've always said that this was Herbert Walker Bush's way of
demonstrating the entire planet that the new UN coalition is there. They had ample opportunity
to go in and go after the Iranian government its seat of power. We did not do that. We kept this
thing on a slow rolling boil to bring it up later. The thing that bothers me about this, Steve, is
and the indications are that the American intelligence agencies and their counterintelligence,
the NSA, the CIA, the FBI, which now has 140 some offices around the world, that the indications
are that they knew something was going to happen. Now, are they turning a blind eye to escalate
things in order to make a drastic sea change here? Is it just the simple issue of money for
rebuilding the military or to have more funding? John, it's New World Order total takeover.
There we go. Let me share this with you. Please, there's no contest to what you're saying.
The thing that most people don't understand is foreign policy extension is terrorism.
You use cutouts, you use different third parties, but the bottom line is somebody always runs a
terrorist. There's no ideology involved. It's big bucks. They're on somebody's payroll. When
something like that, a major event like this takes place, somebody tapes somebody to see
that it took place. I think what people have got to understand is what's going to happen. It's the
Hegelian dialectic. You basically produce the problem, you solve the problem, and then by
solving the problem, you bring about the change that you want to have occur. That's called synthesis.
So you've got thesis, i.e., the World Trade Center going up, and i.e., the Pentagon, and i.e.,
Camp David, and whatever other places go up. The point being is then you've got the response.
We've got to find out the punishes, but what's going to happen? This is the first time in history.
Every plane has been grounded. John, they're talking about bank runs now because I was on
the internet. I'm just telling you it's on there. I've talked to people in North Carolina,
I've talked to people in Colorado, Wyoming, and already people are. I'm not saying they should,
but I'm just saying they're concerned with their money. Greenspan has said he'll provide all the
liquidity possible. But what terror does, it puts the terrorists in control of the situation.
What you are basically saying point blank is we should have been proactive, and now all we can do
is be reactive, and then being reactive will the New World Order crew achieve their goal.
Remember, it's their stated intention to foment World War III. And John, I want to go on record
as stating that I believe this is the beginning of that. I don't know if it's three days from now
or three months from now, but the bottom line is once we've got the whole thing in the Middle East
going off, the panic in the United States, all of the things are going to happen here,
then it's perfect for them to launch everything we've all been talking about and talk about for
the past 10 years. I've watched the news reports, and by the way, anybody that's got cable out there,
the World News Channel. I was getting reports here of the Taliban in Afghanistan. I saw them
denouncing that they knew the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden. They had their doubts that
Osama bin Laden was responsible for this. We've also heard from the former foreign minister,
the Shimon Perez. He's already saying that his country, Israel, is going to give it full support
the United States on an all-out war on terrorism, and his words exactly are that, let me see, we