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Filename: 19990828_PoliticalTexan_Alex.mp3
Air Date: Aug. 28, 1999
101 lines.
The first documentaries that came out just less than a year after the attack that was engaged in at Waco.
Just incredible activities that were engaged in there.
Again, America got an A-plus when it came to accepting the police state, accepting an exercise in mass media propaganda in the past six years.
The military base's doors have been thrown open to your law enforcement.
They have been further paramilitary activities have been increased.
And in past programs, we've gone through this ad nauseam.
All right.
Starting, oh, at least four or five years ago, when I was on the air here, I went into Waco.
I went into the Delta Force.
My mic's not on right, Mike?
Oh, it sounds like a person who's had my larynx damaged because it's right up against my throat.
Well, I bet that was enjoyable.
Yeah, I didn't think to wear a button-up shirt tonight, Mike.
That's right, Mr. TV, Alex Jones.
Is that better, Mike?
All right.
My voice sounds enough like I've got one of those, what do you call them, those apparatuses for people that have lost their voice.
We really feel sorry for those folks.
Anyways, to restate what I was about to say, and now that we've gotten off track, guys, do me a favor and close that door all the way, thanks.
Going back about four or five years ago, I had really had some time to investigate Waco, and hundreds of times we brought out the information here on this very program, and other variants of this program I have here on Austin Access Television that are now also sent out around the country to over 42 access station facilities now.
We've gained two more in the past month.
That I know of.
I brought it forward literally hundreds and hundreds of times that Delta forces involved, that the FBI started the fire, that they sent in hit teams.
This was no secret.
And now it's on the Drudge Report and Newsmax with Christopher Ruddy, and it's even in the news of all places.
Again, more and more of this vital information is coming out to the public as we speak.
And that is very, very important.
We're going to go through tonight some of the basic histories of Waco.
It needs to be addressed.
It was an American Holocaust, basically, a demonization program to test the American people and to see if they would accept these type activities.
And we're also going to go through some of the lies of Janet Reno and Danny Coulson, founder of the hostage rescue teams for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Because we have an internal report here released by the Delta Force inside the Waco War Room.
Excerpts have been in World Net Daily, the Washington Post, you name it.
And we'll read part of this Department of the Army Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta packet that was a synopsis of the meeting that they had with Janet Reno.
So all of this will be extremely pertinent, and it all needs to be discussed.
I figured out what the problem is, Mike.
This clip doesn't work very well.
Live television, ladies and gentlemen.
It's a distinct pleasure to be able to bring you this.
Tell you what, Mike, it might be good if you just go and get one of those big plug-in mics tonight.
That might be good, or during a break we'll get a better microphone that hooks on properly.
So we'll do our best to bring you this information in the next 45 minutes and attempt to...
Shed some more light on people.
But more important than what happened to the people at Waco, it was horrible, but there's been mass murder before in this country, the American Indians and many other people, and worldwide.
I mean, slaughter is pretty much a norm with most governments.
More important than what happened to people at Waco, more important than the FBI and the BATF and the Delta Force, a household word here in Austin, Texas, due to this program and others, exposing the training they've been doing, the basic terrorism they've been engaging in against the American people to desensitize and condition us to accept more and more militarization in the future.
More important than all of that is the psychology that surrounded many of the people in the general public.
They truly accepted the government line hook, line, and sinker.
A lot of people enjoyed it.
It was like a gladiatorial sport.
It was an entertainment.
It was a delicacy that they relished.
It was, well, kind of like the people in Germany pointing towards the Jewish ghettos and saying, yeah, those filthy people with those long beards, let's just kill them.
Germany would be better without them.
See, that same type of psychology unfolding
It's just abhorrent.
It's horrible.
Well, just the other day I was talking to an associate, a business associate, and this person starts spouting off, so what if you're right about this, Alex?
I'm glad the Delta Force went in there with the FBI and killed these people.
Alex, do you truly think people like this are healthy for America?
Are people like this good for our nation?
I said, number one, I said, do you even know the Davidians?
Have you met the survivors, as I've done many, many times, and spoken with them, and had them out to events?
I said, have you?
No, but everybody knows they had illegal guns, and met amphetamine labs, and all of that was disproven.
But that didn't seem to matter.
That didn't seem to matter.
It just felt good, and the person repeated, and I've heard this from others, on the air and off the air, is it really healthy for America to have people like this?
Again, openly relishing, and I said, so it was okay to kill the children?
Yes, kill them all, they're a bunch of kooks, kill them!
Screaming this and associating their power with the government.
I don't know if this was done through fear.
I don't know if this was... why people have this psychology.
I tend to think people feel like they're parts of the establishment, and they don't like the establishment of things being challenged.
What they don't realize is they are usable and disposable cogs in this system that is rapidly winding down.
This has been the honeymoon with the U.S., with the globalists, as they prepare to de-industrialize this nation and transfer most production, as is already being done, of high-tech systems
Two foreign third world nations with captive slave populations.
So that's basically about the size of things right now.
So that's what really we need to center in on.
Not the psychology of the people inside the church, known as a compound.
It's okay to bulldoze and burn and shoot people inside a compound.
It's a military term, but not a church.
And let's look at it for what it was, a flimsily constructed wooden structure.
I wouldn't really say flimsily, but not some, you know, man like a large barn complex or something for the main area.
We have the footage, we have the video, we have the photos of the bodies run over, cut in half, children with bullets in their heads, and we have the footage of the feds with the Rome Flair footage from an overhead plane circling as Delta and others and British SAS, as we told you, and that's now in the Drudge Report for you.
It's all up on InfoWars.com.
We've grabbed stories from all over and brought them together, and we have the Delta Force report for you there as well.
Thank you very much.
We'll test this mic out.
Get rid of this little lob mic.
And I haven't been causing so many problems this evening.
It's me actually causing these problems.
So, that's basically about the size of it.
Where we stand right now, here in America, that's basically about the size of it.
That's what really happened there.
And again, I have to stress the fact that there are many people in the media and the mass media and their bootlickers and their furniture salesmen, basically, that will tell you, kook, child molester, guns, kill them, kooks, religious kooks.
The fact of the matter is Child Protective Services had been there.
There was no evidence of that.
The BATF had been out to the Branch Davidian Church at their shooting range