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Filename: 19990726_PoliticalTexan_Alex.mp3
Air Date: July 26, 1999
105 lines.
This is America.
Psychological warfare against the population.
Why are armored personnel carriers being delivered every week to small towns and big cities?
Not for the military, but for police.
Why is the military training with our police?
And what's happening?
My friends, this is the battle for the republic.
The enemy is not our police, and it's not our military.
It is those that would pervert and twist the sacred oath that our peace officers and military folks have sworn to uphold.
That is to defend our country from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's up to you.
This whole criminal system, this whole undertaking that we see unfolding before our eyes is done through ignorance.
It's up to you to educate the cop that lives next door to you or to talk to your friend who's a captain or a colonel or a general or a private in the United States military.
It's up to you to educate them about what's happening and refresh their memory about history.
We are repeating what happened in 1933 Germany.
My friends,
It's up to you.
In the next two hours, again, you're going to see the documentation.
It's irrefutable.
And I challenge you to research the information you'll see borne out in this documentary.
Here are just a few of the scenes you'll see in the next two hours.
So sit back and educate yourselves about what's happening to our nation.
As I said, it is a battle for the republic.
How you doing, sir?
Having a good time?
How's it going over at the camp?
Pretty well.
The guys are doing a bit of exercise now.
They're doing pretty well.
So the camp situation's going good with the disarmament and things?
Because we saw them over there disarming people.
Oh yeah.
Is that what the exercise is?
Yeah, exercise now, yeah.
Where are you from, sir?
From Holland.
From the West Berlin.
Oh, okay.
I need to get to the town mayor.
She's in a meeting.
Okay, let's go and bring this to him.
Thank you.
We need to get paid.
Thank you.
I need to get through!
I need to get through!
I think we got food!
What did you hear?
What did you see?
Well, they were throwing some
Looking out your window and seeing unmarked helicopters, and troops dressed in ninja black suits with fog rifles, it's kind of spooky.
Hello, Poppin' S.S.
Get the searchlights.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
We are live, and I'm trying to figure out which camera.
It's this one.
These lights don't work in here.
We're live, guys.
We're about to get to a lot of really important news.
The federal government is funding martial law.
The appropriations for the end of this year and the start of next year for martial law are being put into action as we speak.
Last week, we... Yeah, Mike, you see it right.
That camera's crooked.
You're seeing it right, yeah.
It's okay.
I love it.
They've got another show in here before me, and we have a lot of fun doing this.
Well, it's not that it's crooked in the angle, it's crooked like this, but it's alright.
It's live television.
But anyways, like I was saying earlier, guys, we have a lot of really important news for you.
We work as hard as we can to bring you the information we do.
It's all true.
And it's bad, but it's human history.
We can't
Hammered that point home enough to you.
So we'll take your calls in the next 45 minutes after I get to about 20 minutes of stories.
We'll have some time for your calls.
Or maybe I'll open it up with calls.
I don't know.
And then we'll hopefully wake some people up and let them understand what's happening in the world.
And here in America today.
You just saw some excerpts from my newest documentary, Police State 2000, which you'll see airing in its entirety periodically in the next few months here on Austin Community Access Center.
We take whatever avenues we can to get the information out.
We're on in Dallas and San Antonio and so many other places, and the crew works so hard, just average good folks like myself out there in the community here in Austin, Texas, endeavoring to bring you this information.
That's why I'd like to thank Mike Hanson, my camera guy out there in the field.
I'd like to thank Scott and Lance and Colby and so many people that make this program what it is, make this program possible.
So I'm about to get to the news, but first off, last week you saw a cake brought in here in the studio.
This is becoming a regular occurrence, which is fine with me.
We've got to thank some of the people that are here.
And it's Mike Hansen's birthday.
Last week it was both of us being congratulated for completing Police State 2000.
And Lance, our good former Marine Corps buddy that does a lot of good work, got this for Mike Hansen for his birthday.
It's got a nice black helicopter on it.
If you can make that black helicopter out.
And it's a cookie, really, is what it is.
A huge, gigantic cookie.
So a good happy birthday to Mike Hansen.
May things always be as docile and happy as they are now as the New World Order sinks its evil claws into this country even deeper here during the death of the Republic.
All right, let me go ahead and get to the news.
The newest news is from the Sunday Times of London.
Online, and we've got links to WorldNetDaily.com,