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Air Date: July 12, 1999
109 lines.
It's bizarre.
It's like an invasion.
What's behind this helicopter hell?
Now the strange sightings that have a lot of people in the Lone Star State coming up with a lot of conspiracy theories.
Steve Langford reports on the helicopters and health problems that have hit Austin.
It's the sound.
It sounds just like a tornado.
They were so loud that they shook the windows.
That's how they know they're back.
It was huge.
You could see the machine gun melts on them and everything.
And they were black.
The black helicopters.
Nine children all came down sick at the same time.
The whole side of my car was just covered with dead gnats.
Austin, Texas is a peaceful, laid-back kind of place, just like its favorite son, Willie Nelson.
At least it used to be.
Until the black helicopters arrive.
It's like an invasion.
It's bizarre.
Suddenly, people all over Austin started seeing them, with some saying they'd been harassed, and maybe even poisoned by the things.
I can confirm black helicopters are swarming all over Texas and the rest of the U.S., harassing citizens, police, anybody that gets in their way.
Black helicopters, the strike force, the New World Order.
Alex Jones is a popular radio talk show host with Austin's KJFK, and he's been investigating and reporting on the mysterious black helicopter phenomenon for years.
It reads like a science fiction novel, but it's really happening.
Until recently, the government, the military, and law enforcement had denied the very existence of black helicopters.
But now, authorities can see there really are such things.
Yes, black helicopters are real.
They're here to take care of you.
They're for anti-terrorist training.
But Jones and others suspect the black helicopters are the real terrorists.
You're talking about SS Cavalry right here in America.
The sinister-looking unmarked choppers have been reported buzzing homes, following motorists, landing unannounced in schoolyards, and even dropping a mysterious white dust on Austin neighborhoods.
See, it smears like paint.
Norma Rubel says her car was covered with the stuff after a black helicopter flew over her house.
Looked like somebody took a spray painter and sprayed it.
City officials examined the mysterious substance and declared it cedar ash from a nearby forest fire.
There's no way it looked like cedar ash.
And she says nobody can explain what else she found on her car.
Thousands of dead gnats.
Something killed them.
Meanwhile, others who have seen the black helicopters fly over their homes say the dust might have poisoned them.
All my kids and myself all got sick with stomach trouble.
And the Hopkins family suspects a government cover-up.
I think most people would like to be able to just say, well, our government would never do that.
Alex Jones insists it would.
They've tested what's been sprayed out of the helicopters.
It has salmonella and other type bacteria that you would find in garbage.
Jones suspects it's all part of secret government preparations for a possible state of emergency.
We see a lot of indicators that the military is preparing for martial law.
And Jones is not alone.
The government has more control than they need, and I think that the black helicopters probably have something to do with it.
We're in the equivalent of 1936 Germany.
Hitler's just now getting his power, and they're getting ready to really clamp down.
Coming up, the sexy dancer helping women strip away their inhibitions and tantalize their lovers.
All right.
We are live.
Hey, will you guys move the monitor over a little bit so I can see it?
And this is InfoWars.
And, of course, my name's Alex Jones, and we're broadcasting live here from 1030 to 1130.
Thank you very much, Scott.
From 1030 to 1130 p.m.,
July 12th, 1999.
And we're again going until 1130 this evening.
A lot of important news articles this evening.
Again, the mainstream media begins to throw more and more real information in your face.
Now they're just lightly sautéing it and picking out some of the rough edges for you.
In a clear... In a clear program of conditioning to prepare the American public, to prepare...
The American people for more and more in the very, very near future.
Now, first off, I have a story here from the Los Angeles Times last Friday, 7-9-99.
And it's by Alexander Cockburn, and it's up on Infowars.com.
It turns out that Theodore Kaczynski, a.k.a.
the Unabomber, was a volunteer in mine control experiments sponsored by the CIA at Harvard in the late 50s and early 1960s.
The headline is, Unabomber Ted Kaczynski was a CIA mine control subject.
Los Angeles Times.
You see this with Columbine.
You see this with the Patsy in Oklahoma City as well.
Mr. McVeigh, Timothy McVeigh, if it's not MKUltra or it's not some lone nut, then it's provocateured with the chemical plant in Tarrant County two years ago and Texas Monthly giving the FBI a bum steer award for trying to get a fabricated Klan group to blow up a chemical plant.
You see it in 1993, two weeks after Bill Clinton got into office.
You see the
World Trade Center being bombed by Sheikh Abdel Rahman's people.
The FBI helped him cook the bomb, train the driver to drive.
Did everything you could imagine.
Some of the agents involved tried to pull them out and stop them from doing it, but their senior controllers told them not to.
We see this time and time and time again.
We saw it in Waco at the end of the 51 days when they started the place on fire by
Launching a shouldered fired rocket into the structure, or grenade, ferret round.
We see them firing on unarmed men, women, and children.
I guess some of the men may have been armed as they tried to exit the back of the church, known as the compound.
We see all this happening.
Also, we've got some Y2K news via WorldNetDaily up on InfoWars.com.
San Diego cops, special preparations.
Officers told, get ready for family survival, increase in crime.
But they're not telling the general...
Public this, either.
But they are telling their people to get ready.
In the last week, there have been reports.
The National Guard, high-ranking officers have leaked information that they're preparing not for weeks, but months or even years.
Also, you have the FBI canceling all vacations for December through December 15th, 1999, through January 15th, 2000.
Now, this hasn't been done in World War II, Vietnam, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Gulf War, or the fabricated attacks in Bosnia.
So all of this going on, all of this increasing, the management of the populations, the confusion, the ongoing concerted effort to fluster the American people and get them obsessed with issues of no significance.
We see this going on and on
And on and on.
My friends, it is the old maxim that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
As Lord Acton said, I would add, absolute power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
The very people that have the ruthless nature that compel them to the higher reaches of control and stature can't stop.
They just can't stop.
And before I continue, I would just say that I'm getting feedback in here low frequency.