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Filename: 19990628_PoliticalTexan_Alex.mp3
Air Date: June 28, 1999
104 lines.
...white dust on Austin neighborhoods.
See, it smears like paint.
Norma Rubel says her car was covered with the stuff after a black helicopter flew over her house.
Looked like somebody took a spray painter and sprayed it.
City officials examined the mysterious substance and declared it cedar ash from a nearby forest fire.
There's no way it looked like cedar ash.
And she says nobody can explain what else she found on her car.
Thousands of dead gnats.
Something killed them.
Meanwhile, others who have seen the black helicopters fly over their homes say the dust might have poisoned them.
All of my kids and myself all got sick with stomach trouble.
And the Hopkins family suspects a government cover-up.
I think most people would like to be able to just say, well, our government would never do that.
Alex Jones insists it would.
They've tested what's been sprayed out of the helicopters.
It has salmonella and other type bacteria that you would find in garbage.
Jones suspects it's all part of secret government preparations for a possible state of emergency.
We see a lot of indicators that the military is preparing for martial law.
And Jones is not alone.
The government has more control than they need, and I think that the black helicopters probably have something to do with it.
We're in the equivalent of 1936 Germany.
Hitler's just now getting his power, and they're getting ready to really clamp down.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we are live.
That's right, we are live.
It is June 28th, 1999.
One day closer to victory.
Every evening, on radio and television, I try to poke another hole in the curtain of mystery that surrounds the real political process.
I try to let some light come in and be shed upon history.
The corruption that we're all dealing with.
So again, we are live.
It is Monday, June 28, 1999.
A lot of stories, a lot of important information we'll be getting to this evening.
We'll also take your calls at 477-2288.
Well, I've got a Hartford Current article here from the Hartford newspaper.
And it talks about police and their new techniques to control suspects, good or bad.
They, quote, call it skeletal manipulation and chaos is the key components of a new training technique being implemented at the Weathereds Field Police Department and across the nation as part of federal grants from the Justice Department.
It also talks about the goal being to exert extreme pain.
This is nothing new.
Torture Points was used on Mike Hanson, my cameraman, a couple months ago.
For not letting the police search his vehicle, or an off-duty cop search his vehicle.
Might call 911 and certainly got a response, just not the response he thought that he would be receiving.
So we'll get to this article.
We'll also get into China is close to a manned space flight orbiting the planet.
Women to spend nights on Navy subs, and the admirals are being chastised for trying to protect the, quote, citadel of male culture.
Or mail preserve.
Get into that.
And also, D.C.
plans to mobilize workers for Y2K backup and say they're not going to be ready.
So a lot to discuss this evening.
Also, I have the Texas Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.
This is the second set of books the government keeps.
You notice this is a lavish 304-page phone book size.
And the parameter is not the thickness.
304-page prospectus for the banks and foreign institutions that deal in our slavery.
And I'll be getting to some of this a little bit later in the program.
You think the budget surplus they had was 6.6 or 6.9, depending on the numbers, surplus.
That's the public books.
We'll get into the hundreds of billions of dollars and then the low debt ratios that the state of Texas are running, plus all the other 50 states and counties and cities are not exempt from this fraud, this Al Capone double bookkeeping type scenario.
But again, it's not even a...
Very well kept secret, because nobody seems to care about the fraud in the newspapers.
The Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports.
I'd like to challenge any Austin American statesman writers to try to research this and get any information on it.
It's from Carol Keaton Rylander's office, Comptroller of Public Accounts.
This is the latest one that came out for year end, August 31st, 1998.
Texas Comprehensive Financial Report.
Got some nice cactus flowers and Guadalupe Mountains in the background.
You certainly can't miss it.
We'll be getting some of this Al Capone-type bookkeeping for you, explaining the geometric growth rate of government and how we better get a handle on it or it's all over.
The very intrinsic nature of large institutions growing out of control and becoming militaristic and quite predatory in their uncontrolled growth of these institutions.
Also, we've got the United Nations grabbing more land through the Interior Department with Bruce Babbitt.
suspects stolen data key to China's new mobile missile, the DF-31, a 2.5-megaton missile able to deliver a 2.5-megaton-type weapon.
And also some famous quotes by congressmen and senators and others about the Federal Reserve.
And one more key item that we will get to this evening.
Another anthrax story from the statesman.
Or two more.
Front page of the Metro and State.
Mrs. Jones goes to Washington about her son.
And we've got another article here about American kids watching even more television and this dangerous trend.
That is all from the Austin American statesman.
They're watching Pat television, the Jerry Springers of the world.
All very interesting.
Let's go ahead and go to this first article, and then we'll go to your calls here in about 20 minutes.
First off, a new technique controls suspects.
The two men appear to be deep in conversation.
Suddenly, one steps forward quickly and grabs the other by the arm.
He shoves him backward, then flips him onto the ground, leaving him face down, dazed and confused.
All the articles we read here, mainstream and alternative, are on my website, infowars.com, updated daily.
That's not true.
Occasionally, we take off a Sunday.
That was an example of, quote, skeletal manipulation and chaos, key components of new training techniques being implemented at the Wethersfield Police Department.
The department is the first in the state to use the technique which could eventually be used by police statewide.
Called scientifically applied force tactics, or SAFT, the technique incorporates the surprise and dexterity that are part of the martial arts, enabling an officer to disable a reluctant suspect in the blink of an eye.
Lou Hicks, a retired Navy SEAL and holder of numerous black belts in several martial arts, designed the program, which is being promoted as a more humane method to subdue a suspect.
It's also funded nationwide by the Department of Justice.
That's Butcher of Waco, Reno, and others like Webster Hubble before he went to prison for all his criminal activities.
It is violence of action, and it makes fear your ally, said Wethersfield Sergeant Ken Dillon, who has recently returned from an intense 300-hour train-the-trainer course in Tallahassee, Florida.
Fast is the key, he said.
This is how it can work.
An officer tries to persuade a suspect to accompany him to the police station, but the suspect resists.
The officer steps forward and, in a conversational tone, asks if there is anything else he can do to make the suspect cooperate.
Before the officer finishes his sentence, he performs a move so sudden the suspect literally does not know what hit him.
So basically, you're out at a traffic stop, like Trooper, one of our good friends,