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Filename: 19990621_PoliticalTexan_Alex.mp3
Air Date: June 21, 1999
115 lines.
Until the black helicopters arrived.
It's bizarre.
It's like an invasion.
Suddenly, people all over Austin started seeing them, with some saying they'd been harassed, and maybe even poisoned by the things.
I can confirm black helicopters are swarming all over Texas and the rest of the U.S., harassing citizens, police, anybody that gets in their way.
Black helicopters, the strike force of the New World Order.
Alex Jones is a popular radio talk show host with Austin's KJFK, and he's been investigating and reporting on the mysterious black helicopter phenomenon for years.
It reads like a science fiction novel, but it's really happening.
Until recently, the government, the military, and law enforcement had denied the very existence of black helicopters.
But now, authorities can see there really are such things.
Yes, black helicopters are real.
They're here to take care of you.
They're for anti-terrorist training.
But Jones and others suspect the black helicopters are the real terrorists.
You're talking about SS Cavalry right here in America.
The sinister-looking, unmarked choppers have been reported buzzing homes, following motorists, landing unannounced in schoolyards, and even dropping a mysterious white dust on Austin neighborhoods.
See, it smears like paint.
Norma Rubel says her car was covered with the stuff after a black helicopter flew over her house.
Looked like somebody took a spray painter and sprayed it.
City officials examined the mysterious substance and declared it cedar ash from a nearby forest fire.
There's no way it looked like cedar ash.
And she says nobody can explain what else she found on her car.
Thousands of dead gnats.
Something killed them.
Meanwhile, others who have seen the black helicopters fly over their homes say the dust might have poisoned them.
All of my kids and myself all got sick with stomach trouble.
And the Hopkins family suspects a government cover-up.
I think most people would like to be able to just say, well, our government would never do that.
Alex Jones insists it would.
They've tested what's been sprayed out of the helicopters.
It has salmonella and other type bacteria that you would find in garbage.
Jones suspects it's all part of secret government preparations for a possible state of emergency.
We see a lot of indicators that the military is preparing for martial law.
And Jones is not alone.
The government has more control than they need, and I think that the black helicopters probably have something to do with it.
We're in the equivalent of 1936 Germany.
Hitler's just now getting his power, and they're getting ready to really clamp down.
Well, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen.
I want to thank the big crew we've got out there this evening.
Mike and Jesse and Scott and R.E.
Colby, who gets us on in Dallas.
I just want to tell Colby something.
I just saw him.
He walked in right before the show started about two minutes before.
Colby, a bunch of my family was down for Father's Day.
Great aunts and cousins and stuff, and they're all watching the program in Dallas.
They just happen to find it, and it's on all the time.
So, again, I want to say hi to the folks that are in Dallas.
It's good to be with you.
Of course, it is June 21st, 1999, the time of this program that's broadcasting live to the viewers in Austin, Texas.
And America is in deep trouble.
But the history of the world has been a long fight against tyranny, and we do our deadline best to stand against it.
We have a lot of news and information here for you.
The enemy has opened the floodgates on the information, as I've said, in the last year and a half.
Years ago, I would have to wait months to compile information I get in a single day from their sources.
I would have to go out and gather it myself.
Now they're just admitting it, flaunting it in our faces to condition us for...
Some nightmare that's coming in the future.
That's the clear indicator there.
And also a caveat to that, they understand that their time is extremely limited if they do not to go ahead and cinch the whole system up.
We've been countering them.
Millions of Americans with websites and self-published books and newsletters and talk shows and talking to the neighbors, word of mouth and documentation being passed hand to hand, and now it is really achieving a critical mass because the enemy is pushing so hard.
And it kind of feeds into itself in a Catch-22 as we accelerate towards this collision.
These are the times that try men and women's souls.
These are times we need to realize that the Republicans and the Democrats are just two different management teams, two different catch groups meant to subvert what the decent folks are trying to do.
Restore national sovereignty, get us back on a constitutional taxation system, expose the abuses of the federal, state, and local governments all across this country.
At the same time, we need to thank and champion and really make an example of those that are standing up and doing what's right.
And we do that quite a bit here on this program and hope to do it more in the future.
Again, we are live.
We'll take a lot of your phone calls tonight.
I'm actually going to let folks talk.
I'm going to settle down a bit.
Believe me, I've done three radio programs today, and one interview, and also was up here working on Police State 2000.
The first hour is about 90% done.
We've got to do some other stuff to it and finish up the last few minutes of the first hour.
And the second hour is a lot of the stuff that the AXS viewers here in Austin have not seen yet, and that's the concentration camps and other things.
You saw some of that today, because there's about five or six minutes in the first hour of Police State 2000, the new documentary we're providing here on AXS.
For your educational and entertainment, it is pretty interesting at the same time.
It's the real world.
But the second hour should be perhaps played sometime next week for you.
Hub Police State 2000, and of course the whole thing played in its entirety, which we've already played the first hour in its entirety.
Now, one of the last few minutes haven't been completed yet.
We've got some news here from...
From the Message.
It's a mainstream newspaper in New England.
And it's by Ed Hayward.
And it says, The Gun Owners Action League and supporters began their rally yesterday on Boston Common with a pledge of alliance.
With the Pledge of Allegiance before facing off against gun control advocates.
And it was over 5,000 people, and you really didn't hear a lot about that, did you, in the mainstream press?
No, the pro-Hitler type folks, the people like Bill Clinton and George Bush and those that would go after your Second Amendment rights, or curtail them or make them a privilege, like with a concealed carry, they want you disarmed so they can push you around.
I say pro-Hitler because...
The 1979 Gun Control Act was a literal carbon copy from Senator Dodd, the now late Senator Dodd, of the 1938 German Gun Control Act.
And it's really happening.
They want to disarm you so they can push you around and control you.
Got some interesting stories here.
Here's a story from the L.A.
I got this offline.
It's all up on my site, infowars.com.
Sheriff offering a badge and a gun to celebrities and people like Jay Leno, Steven Seagal.
They're being offered this deal.
They take a 64-hour class.
They'll be deputized and be able to carry guns and do whatever, which is fine.
My Second Amendment says I can carry a gun if I haven't committed a felony, and we're a lot safer when that does happen.
I'm not carrying a gun now.
I don't normally carry one because I...
I really don't have any need for one.
If you come to my house, though, you're in deep trouble.
The point is, though, I had an argument on the radio the other night with a police officer named Jay.
No, it was Jim, excuse me.
Jim, who was saying, well, you know, it's my discretion if you have a gun if I'm going to take you to jail or not.
You know, just because the bureaucracy says that one of your regulations is such doesn't mean that the Texas Constitution says that, which it doesn't, or the U.S.
Constitution, or the articles therein contained.
You know, black people were slaves in this country.
Rosa Parks...