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Filename: 19990517_PoliticalTexan_Alex.mp3
Air Date: May 17, 1999
231 lines.
You must know all this.
You don't need government missions for years.
Now the people of one Texas town are out to expose what they call a conspiracy.
There was a black helicopter spraying some white powder.
It's bizarre.
It's like an invasion.
What's behind this helicopter hell?
Now the strange sightings that have a lot of people in the Lone Star State coming up with a lot of conspiracy theories.
Steve Langford reports on the helicopters and health problems that have hit Austin.
It's the sound.
It sounds just like a tornado.
They were so loud that they shook the windows.
That's how they know they're back.
It's huge.
You can see the machine gun now throwing them and everything.
And they're black.
The black helicopter.
Nine children all came down sick at the same time.
The whole side of my car was just covered in dead mass.
Austin, Texas is a peaceful, laid-back kind of place, just like its favorite son, Willie Nelson.
At least it used to be.
Until the black helicopters arrived.
It's bizarre.
It's like an invasion.
Suddenly, people all over Austin started seeing them, with some saying they'd been harassed, and maybe even poisoned by the thing.
I can confirm black helicopters are swarming all over Texas and the rest of the U.S., harassing citizens, police, anybody that gets in their way.
Black helicopters strike force the new world order.
Alex Jones is a popular radio talk show host with Austin's KJFK, and he's been investigating and reporting on the mysterious black helicopter phenomenon for years.
It reads like a science fiction novel, but it's really happening.
Until recently, the government, the military, and law enforcement had denied the very existence of black helicopters.
But now, authorities can see there really are such things.
Yes, black helicopters are real.
They're here to take care of you.
They're for anti-terrorist training.
But Jones and others suspect the black helicopters are the real terrorists.
You're talking about SS Cavalry right here in America.
The sinister-looking, unmarked shoppers have been reported buzzing home, following motorists, landing unannounced in schoolyards, and even dropping a mysterious white dust on Austin neighborhoods.
See, it smears like paint.
Norma Rubel says her car was covered with the stuff after a black helicopter flew over her house.
Looks like the matrix spray painter sprayed it.
City officials examined the mysterious substance and declared it cedar ash from a nearby forest fire.
There's no way it looked like cedar ash.
And she says nobody can explain what else she found on her car.
Thousands of dead naps.
Nothing killed her.
Meanwhile, others who have seen the black helicopters fly over their homes say the dust might have poisoned them.
All of my kids and myself all got sick with stomach trouble.
And the Hopkins family suspects a government cover-up.
I think most people would like to be able to just say, well, our government would never do that.
Alex Jones insists it would.
They tested what's been sprayed out of helicopters.
It has salmonella and other types of bacteria that you would find in garbage.
Jones suspects it's all part of secret government preparations for a possible state of emergency.
We see a lot of indicators that the military is preparing for martial law.
And Jones is not alone.
The government has more control than they need, and I think the black helicopter has probably had something to do with it.
We're in the equivalent of 1936 Germany.
We're just now getting us powered, and they're getting ready to really clamp down.
All right, guys.
The station was struck twice by lightning.
Hank's doing a great job keeping things going.
John Stattmiller, Mike Hanson, R.E.,
Of course, Scott, all the great crew and the other folks in there.
Everybody's doing a fabulous job.
We've got the fellow here tonight who's got me on in Dallas two hours a week.
I'll tell you, I've sent my tapes to this one outfit up in Washington State and one in Michigan, and my tapes are on access stations all over the country.
I want to thank all the great folks who take the shows and send them out.
Of course, this program originated right here in Austin, Texas.
And it's May 17th, 1999.
One day closer to victory.
You can see I'm soaking wet.
At the time you see this tape show, it was incredible.
I had to drive from the radio station.
I got off at 10.
I didn't leave until about 8 minutes after.
I had to do some stuff on my website, infowars.com.
And drove all the way from North Austin to down here.
I'll tell you, I want to thank God for helping me make it.
I got this soaked.
You really can't see it.
I got this soaked out of a bag when I ran in.
Just from the car to...
I mean, literally 15 feet.
We've got a lot of news for you tonight about the New World Order and where it's all headed.
We are live, as I said, May 17th, 1999.
You can be taking your calls at 477-2288.
And a lot of news this evening.
We'll talk a lot about the phony war in Kosovo.
That's a problem, a back burner in the public's eyes, but it's really being accelerated.
They're now coming out openly and saying ground troops will probably be used.
This is a sovereign country.
They are now admitting that there is not this genocide going on quietly.
Well, not a genocide on the Serbian side.
Definitely on the NATO side.
Even Mother Jones, even an extremely liberal publication, and they've been the ones cheerleading this whole thing, not Mother Jones, but the phony liberals, as we call them.
Again, they're all just labels.
But Mother Jones, who I disagree with on some issues, has even come out and done a 180 and says, well, the name of the article is Reality Check.
Whatever happened to charters of genocide?
They've quietly shut up and they're not talking about genocide anymore.
It's all manufactured.
I've got...
The wall of shame here.
Don't tell me I left that in the automobile.
I'll tell you, it was incredible.
I've got it up on InfoWars.com.
I'll serve you info.
I'll serve you dash info.com.
And, well, last Friday, I'm up late after Hard Copy came on, and I'm watching C-SPAN 2 on Channel 8 on Tom Warner Cable.
And they're showing Serbian television.
It shows all the dead children and all the dead Kosovo refugees.
Every time they try to go back into Serbia proper or Kosovo proper as far as a sovereign nation, they're bombed by nature.
Our pilots are at 30,000 feet because Clinton's told them to stay up there or the Pentagon has.
I believe...
Number one, because they don't get shot down by any aircraft missiles.
But number two, they don't know if they're bombing.
They're just told to target a grid, blaze that target, drop that bomb, or fire that cruise missile.
I forgot our cruise missiles are gone.
I cut and shot all those off, and China's got the new ones.
It's insanity.
And for NATO, NATO over and over again, if you read the archives of what they've done at any of the big news sites, or if you go to InfoWars.com, we've got a lot of them archived from The Washington Post, New York Times,
London Times, London Telegraph, BBC, you name it, we've got it up there for you.
From the so-called Western Alliance, which has become totally criminal, and I'm so sad to see that, because I stand firmly against China and Russia and the rest of those barbarous murderers of their own people and others.
This is all about globalism, though.
And I was watching it, and it said six F-16s dropped eight pressure bomb bombs.
Eight different packages of cluster bombs over Kosovo are refugees, and they try to return in as the Serbian army left their own country, their own province of Kosovo.
And it shows them come back here, and they said six planes, they said eight bombs.
NATO comes out, Jamie Shea, NATO spokesperson, this is ridiculous, we're sure that Serbia has been bombing them themselves using artillery.
Well, quietly two days later they admit, yes, six F-16s, the U.S.
military did, not NATO,
Yes, 6-0-16 zips off eight cluster bombs in one hour.
It hit the wrong target.
So you see, over and over again, in all these cases, bombing three school buses, two hospitals, water treatment plants.
Well, two and a half weeks ago, at the NATO summit in Washington, D.C., where Clinton braided around like our global leader, who has openly said he wants to be Secretary General of the U.N., he's parading around and
They openly said, we are going to put them through a meat grinder, close quote.
We are going to start targeting civilian targets with psychological warfare.
Headlines, watch the post.
And then now they make us wonder why they're bombing all these civilian targets?
Most of it to the coast of our...
People in Kosovo.
And that's to generate the refugees to give you the pictures to voice over the ridiculous stories for Christina Amanpour and all the rest of these people.
By the way, who's the wife of Jamie Shea.
State Department and also Pentagon spokesperson out there spewing his lines daily.
But hey, even Mother Jones, the village voice, the rest of these guys are finally getting on board.
Even in the statement today on the opinion page, they had a UT professor saying, have you read the Rambouge Accord?
Well, I read it on the air.
I read the five big points.
They don't want Serbia to just give up.
Kosovo, which is part of their... That's where they held off all the Muslim invaders after the Crusades got pushed back.
Their country, for thousands of years, that they fought for and died for, the Nazis came in, killed two million Serbs.
They defiantly stood it with a haven for Jews and others, like Madeleine Albright, who's now bombing them.
It's just insanity to me, from the Nazis.
Rabelier wants a so-called security force, an international security force, with diplomatic immunity to do whatever they want, as they did 500,000 to 800,000 killed in Rwanda alone by UN forces, or at the hands of UN forces, or shepherded into the camps to be killed by the Hutus.
They want diplomatic immunity.
They want a security force from the whole country and a takeover of Kosovo, which has $5 billion a year of clean-burning coal, according to the Washington Post and other publications, and gold,
And oil coming out of it.
And, of course, we're hearing about how Malarkey, after he's removed, or maybe he'll be allowed to stay, this evil criminal, after he's removed, we are going to come in, we, the international banks, I've heard them all say it, you watch for any length of time, you'll see it, and come in and help them rebuild.
And that's what it's all about.
It's about a sovereign nation.
That's what we're dealing with.
Now, I hope the equipment's all working good.
Again, the reason I'm a little bit wet, and I don't know if you can see that, is because I had to come into the rain.
It was really raining hard.
And it is May 17th, 1999.
You see this tape, of course, and it's not May 17th.
You'll know it's not live.
But if you are watching live, 477-2288.
I know one of the cameras isn't working.
I'm sure it's the wrong camera.
I never do that.
Oh, that's the right one.
The lights and stuff aren't working because we've been struck by lightning, and I don't know if the phones are working good.
So again, it's all about psychological warfare, guys.
It's all about conditioning you.
Now, here's the big news.
This is out of the Washington Times, Washington Post, and Matt Drudge of Fox News.
China, in the last week, last week you might have heard the White House website was shut down.
The Pentagon was having some problems.
They said routine minor problems.
Well, it's been leaked and now admitted to, and the Chinese have published it in their papers, that
They launched an all-out cyber attack, hacker attack, on the federal government, on the Department of Defense, on the State Department.
They launched it on the White House.
They launched it... Well, it just goes on and on.
And now, in Chinese publications, they're saying, yes, our Liberation Army has developed information worker capabilities designed to cripple high-technology weapons and support systems.
Last week's attacks include Pentagon Computer Systems, which were disrupted last week by a mass attack by the Chinese.
The official White House website was shut down after a tip was made to break into the system operating page.
The official website of the U.S.
Embassy in Beijing was crashed.
We told you last week...
How they burned part of an embassy.
And you didn't hear about that in the mainstream media.
You had to get it from the South China Post, which is the free market newspaper out of what's left of Taiwan off the coast of China, where they're doing their missile tests.
Also today, North Korea, yesterday actually, put a satellite into orbit.
And they have their new intercontinental ballistic missiles given to them by China, via the transfer by Clinton, and now this is all open.
China says they're going to arm Iran and Pakistan with nuclear weapons.
Too late, you already did.
You see what's happening.
Clinton wallowing with the Chinese government, not the Chinese people, the Chi-coms, you can call them.
It's clearly very command and control, not even communist, that's a false political term.
You've got all this being manifest now, on a mass scale.
For the entire population of the world.
You have our forces being made the laughing stock and the hated demons of the world by Clinton.
And he always said he abhorred the military in his ROTC documents.
He went and protested against this country with his big Karl Marx beard.
He had all his laundry list of rapes all through Europe.
All these police reports.
All this happening, burning American flags, preaching down with America, visiting Russia in the late 60s, northern Italy in the early 70s, and communists aren't taking over.
Realize the New World Order comes out of Europe, and it's like this, like a teepee.
It's got the so-called capitalists and the so-called communists, which are all command and control.
Capitalism is, the way it manifests, and the definition they give you is not free market.
Okay, it's criminal capital together to screw the little guy to use government regulators to attack their enemies.
So when you vote for big government thinking you're hurting the rich guys, you're voting for a big stick for them to bash you in the head with.
So just be conscious of that.
So again, China is openly attacking our computer systems, an open act of war, attacking our Pentagon, our Department of Defense computers, attacking our national security computers.
And we've got all these articles on InfoWars.com.
You can read them at your leisure.
A lot of other news that is extremely important.
This comes out of the Tampa Tribune, a mainstream newspaper.
Got this offline.
Soldiers speak same language.
Soldiers from Central Asia and Europe are in Tampa this week to learn how to carry out peacekeeping missions.
A decade ago, it would have been unthinkable.
To have Cold War warriors jumping into combat boots and preparing to do battle.
Central Command of MacDill Air Force Base ran the meeting, but most of the participants spoke Russian.
Many of them came from nations once part of the Soviet Union.
It's a different world indeed.
Military representatives from 12 nations are in Tampa to participate.
Did you hear that?
To participate.
Participate in a week-long seminar sponsored by the Central Command on how to