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Air Date: May 10, 1999
187 lines.
We got it published in World Net Daily, the biggest news site in the world.
Three and a half million hits a day.
Well, the number one website in the world, despite all the other sites.
Also, first put it up on my website, Infowars.com.
Now, I want to get into the aftermath of the bombing of the Chinese embassy.
Number one, they're saying that it was an accident.
The CIA had miscargeted this.
They were using old maps.
CIA has at least hundreds if not thousands of spies in Eastern Europe, especially in Serbia.
They've had years to gear up to the Stony War and steal the oil and clean running coal and gold resources that amount to $5 billion a year from Serbia.
And the very area they want is Kosovo, the area that's the most rich in these minerals.
Number one, it's probably a 5% chance, just estimating here, guesstimating here,
The other information I had that it was a mistake.
If it is, we were in deeper trouble than I thought, and I don't think that's true.
Now, the most likely system that's being engaged in here, mechanism, is that
Clinton's little war, this globalist war, is not going well and not going as expected, so it's another little caveat diversion.
I had a caller today on my national radio show.
I do two a day, a local and a national.
And he called in and talked about it, and I already knew about this.
I never thought of the analogy.
Why do lion trainers use a chair other than a fake spear or even a bludgeon or a sword?
Because a chair has four points, and it confuses a tiger on which one to focus on.
Same thing with the American people and the world.
All these different
All these different problems, all these different diversions and deceptions and distractions we see are meant to simply confuse the public while real things are going on.
We'll get into that later.
The massive worldwide wiretapping out of Europe with U.S.
funding and backing and expertise.
Clinton couldn't get all he wanted back in 1995, so he was simply doing it through Europe.
And all the global digital systems, satellite and fiber optic and others all go through the same systems or can all be gatekeeper functions can be engaged in.
So we have all these scandals and the rest of this to divert the public.
And I wasn't fully sure on that, because I was thinking, well, there may be some other reasons that I'll get into later, that you have the bombing of this embassy on accident with three laser-guided bombs, when the Chinese embassy's been there for over three years and has as huge size as Chinese embassy.
But anyways, and it's not in an area around other military installations of Sullivan, Milosevic, and the Serbian people.
The reason I'm sure of it now is the aftermath.
You have had one of the consulates, one of the embassies in China at C-H-E-N-D-G-D-U.
I am Chen Gu, I guess is how you would pronounce it.
You have the guest quarters burnt, battering ram, ramming things down, fires, people getting into the premises.
Where were the Marines that are supposedly there to defend?
I have no earthly idea.
This is off the premier news service, World Net Daily, and they have a link to it on InfoWars.com, stories from all around the world, mainstream and alternatives.
There's also reports out of the South China Morning Post, the Washington Post, the London Times, and many others, that 400,000 protesters have staged anti-NATO protests.
The Chinese president, the Chinese premier and vice president have all come out and said they support the protests until the violent protests, where things, embassies are being barked to the ground.
They support them until reparations are made and there is a de-escalation and a
diplomatic solution to the war in the Balkans.
So now you see Bill Clinton, under all this unprecedented attack for China-gate, came out last week, what we've been reporting for a long time, that all the nuclear weapons secrets, something I didn't even really report on, I have to admit, this is too much, all the nuclear weapons diagrams, all the code, all the designs, from 50 years ago, 55 years ago, up until today, the neutron bomb, the hydrogen bomb, miniaturization of hydrogen bombs, which are key to delivering 24 MERV technology attacks on one intercontinental ballistic missile, one enabling system.
All the missile secrets, everything, now there's the Washington Post article, all of our sonar and radar systems to detect scrub marines, and that's the key point with our undersea vessels, with our submariners, is the key of not being detected.
That's why they go under the water.
And all that's been transferred to China.
But of course it's a mistake because this department doesn't think they should try to investigate it or go after anybody.
They say that just wouldn't be a good thing to do.
The Obstructor of Justice, The Butcher of Waco, The Known Pedophile, Police Reports, dozens of them, Janet Leno has been publicized in magazines like Media Bypass, The Free American, and The New American.
And I'm in two of those magazines this month, which is good.
We've been writing for them.
So that's all interesting, isn't it?
All quite interesting to have all this unfolding in front of us.
Bill Clinton's there.
And what's being leaked on...
Phony conservative programs like Rush Limbaugh, the articulate master Judas goat.
For the conservative population, it could be very effective in stopping this, or at least trying to put a tourniquet on the bleeding.
And it's being leaked on other programs, television programs.
Do you think the administration, some of the Sunday news programs, do you think the president's administration, the military, did this to get back at China for stealing the secrets?
No discussion of
John Wong or Charlie Chung in the national security computers for years with top security clearances, known Chinese agents with all the secrets filling out.
We can't talk to Ron Brown.
His plane blew up and was selling a bullet through his head, according to the Air Force coroner, Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, Clinton's minion.
No discussion of that.
Ah, yes, Clinton may be striking back finally at the Chinese for stealing these secrets.
While we all know they don't make mistakes in targeting a structure.
And I was saying, you know, I saw the bait they were throwing out, and I said, maybe not.
I wasn't sure.
I had a lot of different speculations, which I rarely do, and I'm generally right once I hone down and also ask the listeners what's going on.
And get their ideas from a lot of the great folks out there, and then try to integrate with the information I have.
I respect your opinions.
Well, right off the Drudge Report this evening, all linked to InfoWars, U.S.
Ambassador to China, Sasser, said late Monday that he will not give in to Chinese protesters' demands, the stage protesters, by the way, after seeing them bust in, demands to lower the American flag outside the U.S.
Embassy in Beijing unless directed to by Clinton or Albright.
This is American poverty, and I'm not going to lower the American flag until the President of the United States
Well, the Secretary of State tells me to, Sasser, sit.
Yes, the President, the flag is flapping.
He's defending it.
In spirit, he has used it to wipe himself.
He has used it, he has dug it through the filthy latrine of relativism and anarchism and globalism.
But he's sitting here,
Now, hmm, we're going to deal with it.
We'll not.
And now there's new reports.
Clinton says we will never take down our American flag.
A piece of cloth clapping that so many religiously worship and are now allowing the First Amendment to be annihilated by this anti-flag-burning bill.
Which I would never burn an American flag.
What does this do?
It makes Clinton...
Who's done nothing about China, who's about to give them World Trade Organization permanent status worth trillions of dollars in the decade aggregates.
They're about to give them this entire system carte blanche.
So there being eight members, there'll now be, what, nine members to the G8, to the G9, also for security, allow China into this whole system.
Quite interesting, isn't it?
They'll be able to give that to him in a month or so after this boils over, after we primitively are... No, Clinton, forget about the missiles.
He bombed them, and maybe he should have.
We all know, finally, his lies are good.
He lies, but still gets them.
Man, what a slick guy, Clinton.
He stood up to the Chinese.
Meanwhile, the Chinese had the deal going, as governments do in this Gillian problem-reaction solution.
They lose a couple people.
Cinderblock building has some damage, and they get to subvert their bomber populations, who have been rioting
In mass, we're talking about thousands of Chinese farmers going up against hundreds of armed Chinese troops.
AP reports, Reuters reports, carte blanche.
You won't see it in a lot of your magazines.
No, I've seen it in the Dallas Morning News about a month ago.
So all this going on, all this happening.
Very simple.
The New World Order, the globalists, are obsessed.
We're no longer the favorite whore.
They're moving on to China with a billion and a half slaves.
I don't go off that 93 cents.
If there are a billion and a half people, by now most experts agree.
Most population experts and statisticians.
So that's all, as I said, quite interesting.
What are they diverting you away from?
Well, here is...
An article from the online version of The Observer, a respected newspaper, their online version, as I said, from today, linked to InfoWars.com.
Intercepting the Internet.
A secret international organization is pushing through a law to bring eavesdropping points of websites and other forms of digital communication.
This is what I was telling you about.
And they'll admit it on Discovery Channel and some of the more highbrow programming, but try to say, well, it's okay, it's reasonable.
Actually, they've got different brands of pack and build for the population.
They're still telling you the world's flat on some of the network sitcoms.
Now, other programs, they've got a more highbrow piece of self like the Wall Street Journal and others.
I shouldn't bat an eye when they've written about me.
European Commission documents obtained this week reveal plans to require manufacturers and operators to build the encryption interfaces to the Internet and all future and all future
Where is that?
The plans... I've got to start over.
It's such a small turn here.
I need a teleprompter for this.
I really should get one.
I'm going to ask somebody to enter this in.
European Commission documents obtained this week reveal plans to require manufacturers and operators to build in encryption interfaces of the Internet and all future digital communication systems.
That's everything.
The plans drafted by the U.S.-led International Organization of Police and Security Agencies will be provided to EU justice and home affairs ministers at the end of May.
They appear in
Info poll 19, a restricted document leaked to the London-based Foundation for Information Policy Research.
The plans require the installation of a network of tapping centers throughout Europe, operating almost instantly across all national boundaries, providing access to every kind of communications, including the net and satellite.
A German tapping center could intercept Internet messages in Britain, or a British detective could listen to Dutch phone calls.
There could even be several tapping centers listening at once.
Now, up there earlier, they talk about the EU making the decisions.
Don't you love that?
On top of all their other central governments, they now got the EU at $94 billion a year.
They enacted that controversial spending bill.
They were having riots, and suddenly the war started in Kosovo, and they could pass it through.
It's all multifaceted, because the enemy can do that because they move across state lines and do it all in incremental movements like the tide at certain key points.
InfoPoll19 was agreed by at a EU police working party a month ago.
It was condemned last week by Civil Liberties Committee of the European Parliament.
That's the royal opposition.
But the European Parliament will shortly dissolve to face elections in June.
Meanwhile, EU ministers are preparing to adopt a convention on mutual legal assistance, including informational...
Interception agreements.
The InfoPoll 19 proposals are enacted.
Internet service providers, ISPs, as well as telecommunications network operators face having to install monitoring equipment or software in their premises in a high security zone.
So have the equivalent of NSA, and we'll get to that in a second, folks in there.
You see, Clinton couldn't get this in the U.S.
fully in 1995 after he right-scarred Oklahoma City.
And we have all the evidence of that at nauseam carte blanche.
We've run about eight different documentaries, one of them mine on it.
Ministers were told two months ago that an international committee of experts regarded the new European policy on tapping the Internet as an urgent necessity.
No, and it says the FBI installed it and helped them.
Known as the International Law Enforcement Telecommunications Seminar, or ILETS, police and security agents from up to 20 countries, including Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, have been meeting regularly for seven years.
The ILETS group was founded by the FBI in 1993 after...
Repeatedly failing to persuade the U.S.
Congress to pass a new law requiring manufacturers and operators to build in a national tapping network free of charge.
Since then, ILETS has successfully succeeded in having its plans adopted as EU policy and enacted into national legislation in a growing number of countries.
The group first met at the FBI Research and Training Center in Quantico, Virginia.
And then CIC and CIA and all the rest of these garbage...
In 1993, the next year, they met in Bonn and agreed on a document called the International Requirements for Encryption, or IUR 1.0.
Within two years, the IUR requirements had unacknowledged and word for word become the secret official policy of the EU.
They became law in the United States.
In June 1997, the Australian government succeeded in getting the International Telecommunications Union, ITU, to adopt the IUR requirements as a priority.
It told the ITU that some countries are in urgent need of results in this area.
The ILTS and its experts met again in Dublin, Rome, Vienna, and Madrid in 1997-98 and drew up new requirements to encrypt the Internet.
InfoPoll 19 is the result.
So you see, it's all interconnected and all fed in.
If they give us this system, at the same time it can be the mode of slavery worldwide.
So you can't run with your money, you can't run to Belize, you can't run here, you can't run there.
You run!
They kept their global system.
They come in with IMF and World Bank money that the rich nations feed into with their tax money, pay off the politicians, bring the government in,