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Filename: 19990503_PoliticalTexan_Alex.mp3
Air Date: May 3, 1999
231 lines.
We are entering the eye of the checkpoint.
Caution, we're just the checkpoint ahead.
Isn't that loving, children?
Nice big generator right now.
Let's go real slow, baby.
Just point your gun at someone.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
All right, here we are.
Stop it.
Go past him, Jimmy.
Go past him, sir.
There's a lot of police.
There's a lot of police around here.
Pull up fast.
There's a red truck.
All the way.
He's pulling into the woods.
I'll pay for it.
All right.
All right, let's go.
Get him.
Get him.
I got him.
Oh, yes, sir.
I'm a syndicated talk show host.
I also make documentaries.
I'm out here covering this.
Is that okay?
Let's go.
Let me get it.
Let's walk on down, Hanson.
You go.
You lead the way.
Come on.
I'm sure to come over here this night.
Hey, this night didn't work good.
Here it is, my friends.
$2.4 billion by Bill Clinton in 1999 for federal checkpoints.
Federal funding.
You're seeing MJTF right now.
Police from all different counties in Central Texas and Austin working together, bringing you the police state.
It's going to get a lot worse.
The war against guns is raging.
We're in 1936 Germany right now.
I'm going to try to interview one.
How much time we got left on the battery?
Let me see.
I'm going to have to, you know... Here we go, guys.
We're getting shined on right here.
Good job.
Well, we're getting the lights shined on.
It's like, I mean, black uniforms, everything.
This is incredible.
This is incredible.
Look at that aggressive behavior.
Okay, guys, America is in deep trouble.
Get back to the check point.
I'll work for you, uh... Of course you do, Mike.
You do.
We got a vehicle coming.
Don't get too much of it earlier.
Hey, are y'all MJTF?
Is this an MJTF operation?
Do you even know where this funding comes from?
You know, I've been researching this for eight years.
I've been laughed at.
Now I'm on the front page of the Statesman.
This stuff is real, sir.
And y'all can rationalize what you're doing.
There'll be more decisions for you in the future.
Just came back from California where they're building the concentration camps.
Do they got military uniforms on?
You're telling us you're serving soldiers.
We don't buy that.
We're not crackpots.
We're being serious.
This is an MJTF operation, correct?
Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force?
Walk over there.
We're on a minute, Mark.
Hey, Alex.
What's to stop the bad guys?
You know, the CIA brings in the narcotics.
My uncle did it for 10 years after Vietnam, and these guys just don't know it.
I tell you, it's something else.
And it's days like these that just reinvigorate me to double my efforts.
I want to talk to the camera.
My friends, we stand at the threshold.
This is it.
Here we go.
My friends, we stand at the threshold.
Alright, guys.
Hope you enjoy that night vision camera.
Devil Jones brought to you, uh...
There's probably a football on another channel or something for you, so you might want to just tune out.
I know most of you don't give a damn.
We've got about, what, 45 minutes of tape.
I edited the tape just running around like a bunch of madmen.
A little night vision camera.
I want to thank Mike Hanson and Jimmy Ritter and folks for being there.
We were up here last night trying to put together Police State 2000 until late in the evening.
We got a call about the checkpoint.
First one they've done on this magnitude, floodlights the whole nine yards.
Let's just go ahead and go to... I've got my radio notes here that I haven't really ordered.
They might get off the air at 10 and then run down here from North Austin.
North Research.
Yeah, I tell ya.
I am looking at the other... I'm looking for another place to live right now.
More and more, man.
If I had the money, I'd leave this country in a minute.
Had a family here since the Revolutionary War.
Family here since 1829 in Texas.
Got land in 1830, and I want out of here.
You people are going to suck on it.
You're going to love it, and I hope you enjoy it.
Damn it, man.
I want to win the lottery.
Too bad I never played it.
You never played it.
It's a joke.
I don't know why I'm here on the air.
I don't know why Mike's back there running the show.
Our police are a bunch of cowards engaging in this criminal activity.
Alright, this is InfoWars.
The newest program we bring you here.
We try to bring you this information.
Alright, let me just focus and do this.
We told you six months ago when President Clinton signed $2.4 billion for his National Initiative to Seat Belt Years.
We have a link to their sites and the particular documents on InfoWars.com.
Hundreds of pages of documents interspersed between love for the children, children, children, children.
I'm not exaggerating the cult of the children.
You'll hear about that.
They have things like members of Buckle Up America Partnership can help law enforcement in their efforts to develop enforcement programs that are both effective and visible.
I think?
Despite the fact they had traffic backed up for 5, 6, even 8 miles for 5 hours on southbound I-35, we got there, there were hundreds of police cars interspersed all over the place, down the highway, pulling people over randomly on northbound.
Southbound, they had it restricted to one lane of traffic.
Two lanes and one lane, you go through, they shine the light in your eyes.
In fact, Mike, if you can
Go back to that and show people that.
I mean, this is not to Germany.
Papers, please.
They've got the national ID card for you.
But it's much more than that.
A torture can kill a lot of people.
They've tried to bring you this information.
One of the police officers that was involved in Oklahoma City, they say, committed suicide trying to wake people up.
During the president's third point in his, when you put it out on your average computer settings,
Page 13 of 26 pages.
Another benefit of increased traffic enforcement in addition to saving lives and dollars is a measurable reduction in crime.
Active, highly visible traffic enforcement provides a major opportunity to catch criminals.
As most criminals drive to and from crime scenes, it is not surprising that as many as one-third of criminal apprehensions occur as part of traffic stops, nor is it surprising that high-intensity law enforcement programs such as those conducted in North Carolina and Tennessee result in a large number of criminal apprehensions and recoveries of stolen property.
You're guilty until proven innocent.
Last night they said they were there looking for any stolen equipment, bulldozers and things from the construction sites.
Funny, they were pulling over small cars.
Are somebody going to hide a bulldozer in the trunk?
Also, the $2.4 billion that's being passed out, that's separate from the $4.8
Six billion.
Clinton's passing out for military teams to work with law enforcement, like Delta Force.
Good police chiefs like Allie Phillips of San Antonio for an opportunity to drive her.
We brought that information to you here on this program by our exhaustive efforts.
You have the total pandemic expansion of evil.
You have police accepting this wholeheartedly.
They had the volunteers out there last night in their little gray uniforms as these documents state.
People working with the police.
My friends, that is Nazi Germany.
That is criminal in its nature.
And this is a federal program.
That's us going down the northbound lane.
Look at the traffic for miles and miles and miles and miles.
They're doing it all over the state and all over the country.
North Carolina was the test state.
A veritable armored fortress now.
Take a look at this.
In fact, Mike, back it up about three seconds and reframe it for everybody to see the traffic column going back endlessly.
And then look at the northbound lane.
It was backed up by the time we got out of here last night at 11.30, trying to just view the hundreds of hours of tape we had that none of you have even seen yet.
Concentration camps, Marines working with foreign troops, declaring we work for FANWARE for the UN.
Paid actors waving their IDs, saying the Marine Corps hired, saying, we're Americans, you can't do this to us.
In Serbia, the second school bus in four days was bombed.
The death toll is now at about 80 dead people, mainly children.
School buses, large school buses, bombing children.
Mainly the relocation of Serb children.
And you'll believe the propaganda from the congenital liar Bill Clinton.
They have five billion a year coming out of Serbia in clean burning coal, oil, and gold from one region.
That's what this war is about.
It's a sovereign nation.
This is the mafia bombing a local shopkeeper to scare all the other people in the global village.
Hit pause, Mike.
I hear Mike saying it won't work.
Oh, my.
I don't even know why I come here.
I don't even know why I do this.
But I'm here to tell you I've got a bad attitude.
I've got a loser attitude.
Vic Vreeland's all bummed out.
He's only got 1,500, 1,600 votes.
What, fourth place or something in a six-person, eight-person race.
Gets Darryl Boondoggle slusher.
And really, we are winning.
The enemy's going to please a lot tighter.
It's the arrogance of history.
And that's a cop pulling somebody over.
That's on the northbound side.
They were just randomly pulling people over.
Carte Blanche.
We'll probably put both of the tapes on replay sometime if we have time.
That's some fabulous camera work.
People aren't vomiting yet.
Yeah, that's a nice very deposit.
That's us going over the... That's us going over the overpass there for you just to have a nice look at everything that was going on yesterday.
You see, in a free country, you're innocent until proven guilty.
You're not randomly singled out.
I know many of you will say, what do I have to hide?
It's a
It's a real pleasure for us to be able to do this.
Maybe so.
Maybe that's what you're into.
Maybe that's what you think is fun.
Maybe you like your police wearing black uniforms and a ski mask.
Maybe you like them getting armored personnel carriers in the military.
Maybe you like police...