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Filename: 19990426_PoliticalTexan_Alex.mp3
Air Date: April 26, 1999
183 lines.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Oh, I see.
I might not have to turn the camera back on when I'm putting my microphone on and stuff.
Yeah, I know it's on, Mike.
Yeah, I know that.
That's why we've got to check mics.
I know you did an earlier show.
We've got to focus, man.
We've got to focus.
There's a lot of folks watching.
Tell you what, when you back down...
Mike, go ahead and back the intro up.
I want to do this again.
Because I'm not going to, you know...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
All right, live television show.
Oh, is my mic on now?
Okay, just making sure.
Yeah, a lot of people worked hard to bring you all this important information.
Doesn't really matter, though.
I don't think anybody cares.
President, yeah, this is InfoWars.
Check out my website at InfoWars.com.
Mike and the folks in there are doing a good job.
We've got... Mike, I do so much radio now, I'm just not even used to access TV.
I know you do a great job.
I just... What's the point?
These people don't even care anyways.
What's that, Mike?
You are doing a good job, Mike.
It's not that.
I'm just tired.
I tell you, this news is daunting.
This amount of news is just... Well, it's massive.
Just to be completely honest about it.
This is a lot of news.
Clinton wanting to ban guns.
Come out tomorrow, that.
Or something along those lines.
We've got news here, transcript of press conference from NATO.
We've got Insight Magazine, Chinese military moving into other bases.
We've got the Washington Times, they want to charge the parents of the Columbine and NK Ultra provocateur killers.
We've got Serbia Info mirroring what the NATO is saying.
That's all incredible.
But the first information we got is what happened with Vic Vreeland and Mike Hanson and everybody else out there today.
This is some interesting footage you're about to see.
It's pretty powerful.
We'll be getting to that in a few minutes.
This footage has to do with Joe Campana's house.
Remember when he built that guy a new house?
And Joe just wanted to keep it back there for storage.
The city said it was dangerous.
They just had their eye on representing the property.
But the old house got bulldozed today.
And Mike and all those fellows were out there taking care of business.
And a bunch of other stuff.
We've got some footage of the bulldozers running over stuff for you.
I find that interesting.
And, like I said, Clinton wants to ban guns.
It'll get a lot worse than this before it ends.
Hell, we'll be a lot safer without guns, won't we?
Isn't that what we're all after?
Isn't that what we're all headed for?
Isn't that what we all want?
Hell, we know history.
We're a lot safer once that happens.
You ready to go to that tape?
Yeah, let's go ahead and go to the tape, and I'll be right back.
This is the bulldozer in the house up there.
I actually watched it while I was on the radio during the break.
It's pretty interesting footage.
Okay, mic's still rolling.
I'm trying to get the microphone underneath the umbrella.
Here it goes.
We're going to take another scoop.
Another scoop out of freedom.
Another scoop out of freedom.
Yeah, the flag's still up.
Reminds you a little bit of Waco.
At least the BACS is not out here.
There goes the whole thing.
They're knocking Joe's house out.
How's Joe doing in the house?
Is he in there alone?
Yeah, there goes the... That used to be a...
Joe's kitchen and the flag still standing.
I think that'll be the last thing to go.
These people don't care.
And now it's raining like hell.
Isn't it interesting that the rain's picked up as the demolition's picked up?
God bless America and the hell with the salamanders and these salamander lovers.
That'll spend $26,000 a piece to put in a salamander handrail that'll tear down an old man's house.
These guys are a piece of the trash.
People are taking pictures in the background.
We don't have any problem with A&R demolition.
What we understand is that they're going to donate their time to this because they realize what's happening.
Maybe we'll find a million dollars.
I don't know.
Old Joe's next door in his house.
I'm just going to comment.
Oh, I'm ready.
I'm ready.
People just need to watch it.
There goes the whole house.
It's moving.
The whole house is shaking.
And here comes a flag.
Here comes a flag.
Whoa, it's still standing.
Yeah, look at that.
The house has totally fell down, but the flag's still standing.
God bless America.
Legends that I love.
Yeah, so much.
It's free.
It's God bless the salamander, God.
That's our new God, a little blind salamander.
Yeah, I bet the city officials, they're frothing at the mouth over this.
Yeah, old Joe.
He's putting up apartments here.
Yeah, yeah, they can put up at least five row houses.
Oh, the flag's still standing.
It's raining like hell out here.
We got the lightning and we got the neighbors all out and watching them knock down Joe's house.
Ladies and gentlemen, is your house next?
Wake up!
I can't believe we're witnessing this just because they don't like the looks of it.
I've been in beer joints that look a whole lot worse than Joe's house.
Boy, this thing's getting wet out there.
Oh, not me.
I'm worried about the microphone there.
The flag's still standing.
I hope he doesn't take it down.
Are you still getting... Well, if he does, when they take it down, it's a literal and symbolic gesture that liberty is gone.
Now, look, the rain is at its height.
The rain is at its height!
That's the end of liberty.
There's rain in this world.
Boy, that's what they think of them flags.
That's what they think of them.
That works out well.
The rain is at its height.
The rain is at its height.
The flag is down.
And so is Joe's house.
You know, yeah, we believe the house was raggedy, but Joe should have had the right to keep it.
You notice it hasn't fallen over on his neighbors?
It hasn't gotten anything on his neighbors.
Joe lived clean in the house, probably cleaner than most of us.
He didn't swill beer and booze and smoke cigarettes, if you consider that bad.
He was a clean living, or he still is a clean living man, and he just wanted to be left alone in his own residence.
So his residence now is gone, and the water's leaking through onto the microphone.
Boy, is that cold!
Goes inside, mopping the floor.
Yeah, goes inside, mopping the floor.
Battery's not quite ready yet.
So, we're getting an update on our battery.
We'll probably lose a bunch of equipment here.
Well, that's what we do for you.
So, we'll be taking the... No, I can't say that.
Tell them how long the news meeting is.
Yeah, no news meeting showed up, and I'm sure the city... Yeah, I'm sure the city told them not to show up.
I had to get under the umbrella here.
I was starting to drown.
Well, yeah, here we are.
The rain has subsided a little bit.
It's interesting how the height of the rainstorm...
It occurred when the flag was ripped from the top.
Oh, there's another lovely little wind gust.
Let me tell you, folks, the water on my back is cold.
We're all soaked out here.
Would you like to do this?
Yeah, yeah.
Any other city council members?