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Filename: 19990419_PoliticalTexan_Alex.mp3
Air Date: April 19, 1999
219 lines.
One of our associates being around, of course, using to go along with Big Brother.
I'll re-air, we've got 20-something minutes, but I've got to cut out people's names and stuff.
We'll re-air it next week where I might fat-ass it to Republic, so we can play it out in their studio when I do my other show from the house.
Let's go to that real fast.
They'll probably be able to have time to get it all, but it'll be okay.
It's about four minutes long.
Right here on 98.9 JJFK.
I'm a church.
She reports from Ohio 35 going south.
I refuse to get out of my car.
I'm going to be shot by DPS officers right now just because I refuse to get out of my car.
About six now.
They just want to arrest me because I didn't get out of my car.
I refuse to get out of my car and that's it.
I'm a law-abiding citizen.
He's got a shotgun on me.
He's got a shotgun on me.
I need some people here.
I-35, right in front of the Cheetah Sports Club, north-south.
I know my captain's good friend of mine.
My name is Derek Hill.
My driver's name is Derek Hill.
Because I wasn't down at the car.
He saw me because I didn't have a front drive... front license plate, right?
He asked me if I was wearing contacts.
He took my finger and he said I didn't have contacts and he said, get out of the car.
I said, it's my personal property, sir.
I'm going to stay in the car.
He said, I'm going to take you to jail.
I said, no.
I started to roll up.
He went for mace, so I rolled up the window.
He was going to mace me.
I may be killed right here.
I may be killed right here.
Go ahead and stop the tape for a second.
They're telling me to open the door.
I need some... All right.
They're yelling.
Now, yeah, Derek is very soft-spoken.
So when Shannon was talking to me, he thought he was drunk or something.
But we've had Derek on the air.
He'll probably be on again next week when we re-air it again.
He was going to be on tonight.
Derek is very calm.
Listen to how calm he is when they finally bust in the window.
Porter, I need some witnesses.
Witnesses did show up, by the way.
We had them on this program.
They're letting the air out of my tires right now.
They're letting the air out of my tires.
And one guy has a shotgun on me.
They're letting the air out of my tires.
They have...
These things that they laid in front of there, they're bikes.
They laid them in front of my car and in the back of my car.
I got a car in front.
They're getting ready to break.
They're getting ready to take me down.
They're getting ready to break my glass.
And I was just getting ready to sell this car.
They're getting ready to break my glass.
I got a tape recorder, too, Shando.
They're probably going to take that, though.
Here they go.
Here they go.
Here they go.
All right.
All right, you hear me?
Open the door.
We're good.
Open the door.
Open the door.
Open the door.
Open the door.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
All right.
Well, absolutely.
We thought it live.
I'll just get into the seat here to do this program.
As I said a second ago, it is April 19, 1999, one day closer to victory.
This is the date of when some of the first shots were fired in the Revolutionary War against the Empire of Britain.
It's also another notable date is the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995.
It was meant to, number one, erase the memory of Waco two years previous on the same date, April 19.
1993 when federal agents, yeah, there's the inventor of flare technology we just showed there when he was talking about men machine gunning than women and children.
PFBI, hostage rescue teams accompanied by Delta Force.
So, loving people.
Ready to take good care of folks.
The Delta Force really, really, really cares about us.
That's right.
There is even more dynamic on the big screen when I saw its debut for Waco the Rose of engagement here in Austin a couple of years ago.
You can see the men backing up higher and shooting at the people.
And you can catch it on the TV too as well.
I'll play that sometime again for you.
We're going to be going until 11.30 tonight.
I'm not taping this show, so you better tape it if you want any of these stories.
You won't be seeing it on the replay.
All right.
Mrs. Clinton to visit the Balkans.
We're going to the Balkans news.
Before I get to that,
Of course, you know, this large phony war against a sovereign nation.
In fact, up on my website, infowars.com, I have the low-resolution photos supposedly taken by an aerial plane.
Also, they claim to have taken some similar photos.
They're showing the news by ZS Satellite.
This is the high-res you get with these 35mm and 70mm cameras.
Yeah, right.
Back in the 50s, with these planes, they could...
I'll tell you what time it was on somebody's wristwatch.
And back in the 70s, they released photos of satellites showing what's on a postage stamp.
It's just total insanity that we are made to believe and to accept all of this.
It's about the 50th anniversary of NATO.
That's why this is happening.
The 50th anniversary of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
Up until just 27, 28 days ago, a non...
Non-aggressor, a defensive posture against the Warsaw Pact and the Eastern Bloc nations.
But that is no longer the case under the tutelage of the warmonger, the liberal, the loving person, William Jefferson Clinton.
He's running the gas out of our military.
The Air Force has been out for an hour on the wheat and been out of cruise missiles.
The Army and the Navy are running extremely low.
They're taking nuclear weapons
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Of course, as well, when we talk about China, we should talk about their relationship with Taiwan, who they said are going to be taking over soon, and the correct nuclear attacks on us, if we stand up against them on that.
Also, from last week, and I only do this live program once a week now, but I don't have any time during the week to get down here and put on a lot of tape shows anymore.
Mike's working on that soon for you.
But it's now come out and it's admitted that neutron bombs, we talked about this years ago,
These are even more dangerous than hydrogen weapons because hydrogen damages the oil paintings and the booty that the New World Order is obsessed with.
One reason they won't bomb a lot of this house in Bosnia, they're saying, is because there is a Rembrandt base there, a famous artist.
A renowned artist from hundreds and hundreds of years ago.
So the New World Order doesn't like to hurt the art and baubles.
That's all they care about is possessions.
Same reason they like neutron bombs because they don't cause any peripheral damage or collateral damage to structures and the infrastructure.
They simply kill humans with radiation bursts.
Jimmy Carter killed the fielding of these weapons that U.S.
scientists invented with the help of Nazi scientists.
The evil that convoked this nation never ends.
Jimmy Carter killed the development of the neutron bombs just like he handed over the Panama Canal.
So now, almost 20 years later,
You can be handed over to China, who now has leased both ends of the Panama Canal.
The Nucon bomb can kill all life in cities or whatever area it targets, but again, leave the structures alone.
They have these weapons.
They are now testing them.
We have that up on Infowars.com.
International articles, local articles, national articles, we've got it all up there on Infowars.com.
My website has been up for a little over a month now.
It's gotten about 63,000 hits.
Poisoned cloud.
Suddenly my throat is extremely dry.
I forgot to bring some water in here.
Poisoned cloud engulfed Belgrade.
I talk too much.
I did two radio programs today.
Oh, endless.
The anti-galactic species.
Poisoned cloud engulfed Belgrade and ecological disaster was unfolding yesterday after NATO bombed.
A combined petrochemicals, fertilizer, and refinery complex on the banks of the Danube in the northern outskirts of Belgrade.
A series of detonations that shook the whole city early yesterday sent a toxic cloud of smoke and gas hundreds of feet into the sky.
In the dawn, the choking cloud could be seen spreading over the entire northern skyline.
Again, this is right here.
This is from the London Times.
Oh, thank you, Mike.
All right.
Among the cocktail of chemicals billowing over hundreds of thousands of homes was the toxic gas phosgene, chlorine, and hydrochloric acid.
At least three missile strikes left large areas of the plant crippled, and oil and petrol from the damaged refinery area flowing into the river forming slicks about 12 miles long.
Temperatures in the collapsing plant were said to have risen more than 100 Celsius.
Ask about the hazard from the chemical smoke.
NACO said there was a lot more smoke coming from the villages in Kosovo.
You know, supposed mass graves.
You know, we had your photos off the news on the site.
We didn't degrade them.
You did.
It's clear where the supposed mass graves are.
There are patches where you have degraded in the photo.
And you've got these high-res planes.
There's no clouds, it's clear.
You take this photo, and you didn't want to blow it up for it, and you purposely... It's like they're wanting us to know.
Those that are in the know, they want us to know, hey, we control the population, we control whatever we want out there.
For the dumbbells, we'll just accept it.
I'm shocked.
These are mass graves, and you look at it, it's just a huge blur.
And these supposed graves have shadows coming off of them.
Obviously, hay bales.
And I tell you, anybody that's worked on a farm knows what they look like.
In Europe, they still have, in Eastern Europe, the primitive longer ones.
It's just a travesty.
Any idiot can look at this, even the degraded shot can tell you it's that.
I'm not defending Slobodan Milojevic or anybody else, but our good friend, well, I thought he was our enemy, Osama bin Laden, the Mujahideen leader, comes from one of the most wealthy families, one of the royal families, one of the noble families, I should say, of
Saudi Arabia, they own the largest construction firm and a lot of the oil production out there in Saudi Arabia, who has been a CIA asset, admittedly, in the media, and then what, eight months ago or however long, supposedly they were blowing up U.S.
And that, Madeline Albright, Secretary of State, puts it up and says, when we bombed our embassies and turned red on Larry King Live, we played that clip a lot here for you.
I mean, just think about it for 10 minutes, 10 seconds.
You know, come on.
And now he is in Albania, south of Kosovo and Serbia proper, openly in the media, fighting against the evil church.
A CIS that's still doing his job.
At least 50 residents of...
All right, well, remember how evil Saddam was to supposedly blow up all those oil refineries?
You know, the truth from my military sources is, NSA was there with Delta teams and others
Murdering troops who actively came into the oil fields in southern Iraq and Kuwait and saw them blowing up the oil heads.
Oh, it's just real evil.
You just can't imagine.
You don't understand the ruthless nature of these people.
150,000 armed Serbians ready to resist NATO invasion.
This is off the AP World.
In case of a ground operation in Kosovo, the North Atlantic Alliance will run up against
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
That will be the price of which the aggressor will have to pay for setting foot on our land.
We are ready to wage a nationwide war.
He had it.
He's just the leader of the Serbian Third Army.
The general said that NATO officials were deceiving the public opinion and concealing their laws in the operation against Yugoslavia.
Only the 3rd Yugoslavian Army, he noted, has shot down 16 NATO aircraft, 5 helicopters, 46 cruisers, and 4 unmanned planes since the beginning of the aggression IE March 24th.
I have photos up on InfoWars from NATO allies, like Greece and others, of the coffins being offloaded off trains and going through shipment, with US soldiers carrying them, with US troops inside under UN control.