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Air Date: April 12, 1999
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Boy, that would turn that iris up a bit.
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All right.
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Remember the good old days when I had time to set things up?
I'm like, let's go ahead and go to the White Shop, man.
I can't stand that.
We've got Brent Johnson here with us tonight.
How are you doing, Brent?
Good to have you here.
Of course, we do this little program.
The only live program I really do anymore than some of my other shows on Max's TV is right here every Monday night from 1030 to 1130.
I'm on the radio from 8 to 10.
I was listening to that.
Yeah, and Brent Johnson, of course, is an expert on the criminal system of the Internal Revenue Service and how they're collecting taxes unconstitutionally.
It's a collection agency for the private run for private fund reserve.
We've now got bills in Congress.
We're all sponsored here from Texas.
District 14, south of Austin.
Excellent, excellent agency.
We're good to go.
1148 to abolish the Federal Reserve.
A lot of other news, Brent, and you've been doing quite a bit.
In fact, this first one, let's go to some news.
Sure, please.
I was scanning some of what you have there.
Very important.
Yeah, we've got over two hours of stuff here, but we've got less than an hour now.
Judge finds Clinton in contempt.
District Judge Susan Weber Wright found him in contempt.
The judge said the record demonstrates by clear evidence
And convincing, that's clear, and convincing evidence that the President responded to plaintiffs' questions by giving false, misleading, and evasive answers that were designed to obstruct the judicial process.
So that's all very, very important there.
I guess it won't matter if he's the king, isn't he?
Well, you know, that's the point.
Start looking at him as a dictator.
Because you have a president who's a rapist.
You have a president who's... You've got the contempt of court here.
You've also got a threat to justice on Hillary by Judge Royce Lambert.
You've got, you know, the fundraising scandal.
You've got the dozens of people dead who have known this man.
I mean, you know... At what point do you say he's no longer acting as a president?
You know, he's acting as a dictator.
That's all I call him on my own show.
I call him Dictator Clinton.
But a loving Dictator.
Well, here I've got some Zoggy polls.
World Net Daily commissioned this.
I don't know why.
That is a fabulous site.
And 73.6% of Democrats think the world over there is a great thing.
And also the second largest number, 64.4% of people between 18 and 29 without high school education think it's also good.
You know, what drives me, if I may, what drives me absolutely crazy about Sosovo is that even the most so-called conservative media outlets, places like Fox News or polls like Zaghi are coming out with support.
And I have to think that it's just nobody understands what happens when you violate a sovereign.
The moment that you walk in and say for any reason that it's okay to invade a sovereign country, for any reason at all,
Well, number one, we have to give these people some history lessons.
Up on my website, InfoWars, we've got stories from around the world, from the mainstream press here, England, you name it, and guys, I'm here to tell you something right now.
Osama bin Laden, the CIA asset from the 80s, is in Albania right now, coordinating all these attacks over the past year and a half against the sovereign country.
The refugee crisis was created by intense NATO bombing.
In fact, in this poll, the Zogby poll, highly respected compared to some of the others, 53.9% of those polls believe that the bombing of civilian infrastructure targets, and you can spot this, is water.
Water treatment and power supplies is justified.
Only 35.2% didn't believe it was justified, while 10.9% were not sure.
So why?
Why do they think it's justified?
Why do those people, who I believe are good people... They just go along and get along.
...because they've been told something's going on.
And it's an expert on TV that's telling them that.
That's one point, Brent.
I hardly agree with you on that analysis.
Of course, we've got also the Times of India here from today.
And they've tested their new intermediate range intercontinental ballistic missile with a 2,000 kilometer range.
The ANGI-3 is in development.
They now say that we have reached a point where no one anywhere can threaten us, thanks to Clinton, allowing the transfers to China.
They're now selling it to Iran, Pakistan, India, anybody else who wants to buy these perfected technologies.
Just a lot of bizarre and terrible things happening out there.
I don't get your opinion of this, Brett, because you were raided by the IRS.
We'll talk about this later, a few months ago.
But this is from the Denver Post here.
An arsonist set fire to the local Internal Revenue Service office less than a week before Tax Day and two years after a similar fire in another IRS building in Highland.
The fire broke out late Friday night inside the Irons building at 12,069 Lake Kwanzaa Drive.
It took 40 firefighters about an hour to bring the blade into control.
The only injury was a fireman who suffered a strained knee.
One office area of the building was burned, and the rest of the structure sustained heavy smoke and water damage.
No records were destroyed.
The building, for the Federal Reserve, the building was heavily damaged by fire, said Richard Marcino, resident agent of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms in Colorado Springs, the IRS, to find another place to go.
I'm not for burning down this private institution that uses government employees.
I'm certainly not because they need that.
In fact, I would say 50% chance, this is speculation, which I rarely do, that it was the government that was on the tour that did this.
That's so irresponsible.
That's so irresponsible.
They enjoy that problem-reaction solution.
But, I mean, personally, I understand those who actually did this.
I'm not saying it's a good thing.
You know, I've seen my grandparents with heart attacks and sick and stuff, being attacked by the IRS, living in the South in a modest step-off from home.
We've done dozens of shows with old people like Bill Wheelis and others.
You know, they're the criminals, and they're the terrorists, and they love these types of stories because it makes them look like they, you know, they're the terrorists, that's the right word.
What would you, what would you think
If a bunch of men, or maybe men and women, came into your shop or your store or your office and said, give us your money or we're going to shut you down and take your property.
What is that?
Well, again, it's power corrupts and absolute power corrupts.
Absolutely, people have accepted this, Brent, and it's getting a lot worse.
Before we get into information, where are we going to play?
Again, folks that have been asking for it.
The footage of Mike Hanson three Saturdays ago being violated, and then live on the radio, and then it happened to one of Mike's employees, Derek Kiel, and one of Mike's few employees in the little building business.
I was in the studio when it happened.
You were live on the air.
I was right there.
And so we've got two incidents that went on on commercial FM radio on 98.9 KJFK in the last three and a half weeks.
A lot of funny stuff happened.
I'll tell you a third incident.
Just before I came out to Texas over the last week, I get a call from somebody in Killeen.
And this is a woman, a Mormon, who has loads of children.
One of them is in the car.
And she gets stopped by a GPS, Department of Public Safety's female officer, and she'd attended one of my seminars and she'd learned how to deal with them, so she asked for the officer's identification.
And the officer didn't like that, but ultimately jays for the ID, and then asks her for her ID.
She asks her probable cause.
The officer refused to answer, so she refused to identify herself, so the officer threatened to take her child.
The officer said, if you don't ID yourself, I'm going to take your child.
She stood her ground.
Bless her.
She stood her ground, said, you're not taking my child, and I'm not IDing myself without probable cause.
They got like half a dozen cops around.
A supervisor came in, and finally, when the supervisor came in, she told him the problem.
He said, oh, here's the probable cause.
She said, okay, here's my ID.
What a discussion.
But the idea that you have these people, I'll take your child if you don't identify me?
Well, exactly, and it's just a horrifying thing that they have what they call, now Janet Reno's saying it may be a little too harsh, aggressive profiling.
A lot of black people call it driving while black, or driving in certain areas is called driving while black.
The black community makes kind of a joke out of it, which is, it isn't funny in my opinion, but they're the guys that have really been going through it.
That if you just look a certain way, they're going to search your vehicle.
Now the Supreme Court last Monday ruled that they can search the people, all their belongings inside the car.
Just because the Supreme Court says it doesn't make it so.
The Supreme Court does not make law, and Congress does not make law that affects the rest of us in the state.
And it's up to jurors in a court case to decide.
And I just want to appeal to the police out there that are peace officers,
And I want to appeal to you and say, my gosh, fellas, you know, there are real criminals out there to deal with.
I know you've been turned loose on us to generate for a $37,000 a year job over $200,000 a year for your average metro police type officer.
So we're asking you to... I know in the past you were given collars for busting criminals.
Now the judicial system lets out the violent people, the McDuff's of the world, take a murder again or the...
Or the other child molesters and killers.
We've done many examples of this here.
I mean, we understand this, and we understand what's happening.
We're calling out to you against this evil.
See, the evil people of the world want to control the population.
They want to feed upon the hard-working people because they know we're productive, and they want to train us to accept that in a women-like manner so we can be their little aphids down the anhyde.
I want to ask you a question.
About a month and a half ago, and it's becoming a big topic on talk radio, about a month and a half ago, the American Psychological Society, made up of psychologists, I'm certainly not saying that all psychologists believe this or go along with this, but the American Psychological Society, I'm sure you're aware of this, I heard you talk about it on your radio show, they came out and they said, well, you know,
It's not always abuse if it's an adult and even a small child having sex.
Now, they're putting this on paper.
Imagine what some of them are really thinking.
And I've been researching this.
This is truly degenerate and evil.
I mean, this is like Babylonian times.
How would you view this then for the public and explain it without the parasites that would have us as slaves?
Well, basically I would say, who gets to determine how you live?
Who gets to determine what is morally bad?
Is it an elected official, a non-elected official, or the parents of the children?
And it's really, to me it's very simple.
Your rights come from a higher source than government.
Therefore, if government tries to encroach upon your rights, you have every right
Well, whoever told these police that they're better than us, you know?
If somebody shoots a police officer...
I want them in the bottom of the jail for the rest of their life, and if the people of the show deemed it to be constitutional, I want them to be put to death after they've had some appeals.
But if a police officer shoots a person, the same thing should apply.
And now, if I'm not lazy and I get on it, I get so many stories from you, Brent, just like you do every day, and hundreds of factors, and you name it.
I was talking to somebody I've known for a long time.
That I work with, and they are involved in a business with somebody who has a business, was making a delivery, and saw the gentleman a couple months ago, I forget his name now, he's not with us today, who saw him running from the police, he's mentally retarded, from a former head injury, large fellow, he was running, he was with his mother, he was running when he heard sirens that scared him, or the firetruck that pulled by.
And he ran, and people saw him running, when the police saw him running, they yelled, stop!
When he didn't stop, they pumped the rounds into him.
And this goes along with Pedro Oregon, involved in community politics, captain of the Little League soccer team, or the coach of the Little League soccer team.
He was shot 12 times in the back and went to the wrong house.
And the guy in New York who was shot 41 times, the black guy on our guy's 41.
What about the guy before that who was sodomized brutally by a toilet plunger in New York?
And then the Rudolph Giuliani comes out and says, don't bash the police.
I'm not bashing the police.
I have a lot of friends that are police, but, you know.
But what we're saying to the other thugs that are being hired in the system that's telling them it's okay is that we, if a police officer is shot and killed or injured, we want the people prosecuted.
But all the time, you see many examples of people that kill, let's say, three adolescents, like McDuff.
He's a good example.
There's been many others.
Killed three people and is released 14 years later.
And this is the FBI's own statistics, which they're very proud of.
They probably even puffed these up.
Ten percent of the time, if you commit a murder, you are caught and convicted.
Seventy percent.
Now, that's a non... If it's a murder of a non-federal person or a law enforcement officer, one of the king's men, it's like an ambulance.
Ten percent of the time, if it's just a general citizen, do they catch the perpetrators.
That's something we all need to be conscious of.
You're not better than me.
I want you to know that out there.
You're not better than me.
You know, it's a sad thing.
Well, you know, in any walk of life, there are good people and there are bad people.
Just because you put on a badge doesn't make you good, and just because you put on a badge doesn't make you bad.
If you're a bad person and put on a badge, you're going to be a bad cop.
It's really as simple as that.
So, a badge doesn't suddenly mean that you deserve respect.
Okay, a badge means you