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Filename: 19990405_PoliticalTexan_Alex.mp3
Air Date: April 5, 1999
237 lines.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
Yeah, we're live!
All right.
Yeah, this is InfoWars, and my name is Alex Jones, and we have quite a bit to talk about this evening.
Hey, Mike, will you bring my CDs and my headphones in here?
Just put them in here.
I want to thank all the great folks we've got out here.
I just ran in the door just a few minutes ago.
We've got some footage here on the local front for you tonight with what happened to Mike Hanson last Saturday evening and a lot of... Yeah, Mike, you know something?
You might want to move that camera.
It's crooked.
And that's what happened to Mike.
Okay, well, just don't worry about it.
If you don't see that, don't worry about it.
Talking about what happened to Mike last Saturday and all that good stuff.
And just the police state and everything that's going on and the control of the minds of people out there in the world and the stupidity and the ignorance.
At the same time, the good, decent life that's going on underneath all this fun stuff.
You know, I personally don't give a damn
Can you believe me?
Or not?
I really don't care.
If you want to be a moronic slave, if you don't want to look at the reams of evidence that are in your face that cannot be avoided, the historical precedent for what's happening right now, if you don't care about national ID cards and police in black uniforms and armored personnel carriers...
The first time in 50 years that...
NATO has been used in an offensive nature.
It's a UN operation.
Now we have one from some of the Greek newspapers and others that are NATO members from the Athens Times that body bags, metal coffins are being shipped out that you've got around 19 dead Americans and 6 dead Germans from combat.
Also, this supposed aviator
It's well and good, the pilot of the F-111-17, or F-117, Batwing Stealth Fighter.
Why did they show us Scott O'Grady over and over again?
Was it four years ago, three years ago when he got shot down?
But now they say this guy's fine, but they won't show him to us.
They showed you footage over the last week of the supposed F-117 Stealth Fighter pilot
They're not the same photos I saw on some clips from foreign television on C-SPAN, and not the same photos I've seen on some European websites, European news websites.
So, again, I don't really know what to say about all that.
To have our draft-dodging... Well, he's not even our president.
He's the presidential impersonator, Bill Clinton.
Guilty of more crimes than I care to sit here and state.
A sexual predator, a man that has now given the Chinese, put Chinese scientists over our neutron bomb plans, also our magnetic pulse bomb plans, all hydrogen weapons.
We sit here and hear about all this.
I've got lots of post articles here from yesterday.
I've got links to this, of course, on the site, on the new website, infowars.com.
There is so much happening, so much going on out there.
And if people don't have the intelligence, I'll tell you, I'm quite tired.
I don't even really want to sit here and enunciate all the problems.
I get sick of talking about the problems.
I get sick of finding out last week and hearing it and not believing it and then confirming that the American Psychological Society and other associations have come out and they've said that...
That it's not always abuse, sex between an adult and a child, and that pedophiles need to be understood, and it's not an illness or not even a crime.
You know, we have all this weirdness going on.
And I imagine there's some people, our society has become so sick, that are mad at me for saying pedophiles are bad.
Well, if I catch a pedophile anywhere near my 11-year-old sister, or when I have kids anywhere near them, I'm going to shoot you.
It's just that simple.
I'll kill you, you're scum of the earth, I'll blow your head off.
No problem.
And that's a natural mammal's response to someone threatening the young.
I know to the sick trendies out there, it's probably not the case.
I'm probably a pedophile-phobe or something.
I'm not sure, though.
I, you know, you just have so much sickness and so much degradation.
At the same time, we have this whole facade, this false reality that's being spun while this parallel dimension of technology has been developed and all these new systems.
You know, but we're told the SR-71 Blackbird, in service by 1959, developed by 1955, because the cruises at Mach 3 is our fastest plane.
I mean, if you believe that, I've got a bridge I want to sell you on the moon.
I'll be glad to sell it to you.
We're up against...
Nothing less than total dehumanization.
People are drunk on the spectator mentality.
They are drunk on a thousand lies that are spread before them.
And I know I've said this spiel before.
People have lost respect for themselves and all that matters is being popular.
Or all that matters is making it.
Debt is at all-time highs, both personal, corporate, local, state, national, international, and nobody ever asked the question, who is that debt owed to?
Nobody ever asked the question about who prints the money in the world?
The central banks, controlled by the same European interests.
Nobody wants to dig out the historical reasoning.
Well, Congressman Ron Paul does.
He's introduced H.R.
You can go to Thomas on the Internet.
It's a search engine for all the governmental sites.
You probably won't believe it once you go to the House webpage.
You might want to call your congressman and get it sent to you a week late.
You might not even want to get involved.
Nobody else is, so what's the point?
You can't fight City Hall.
Death in Texas, man.
Death in Texas.
I don't know.
I just know that
I know I've done the right thing in my own little individual nature.
Nothing special.
That's what scares me.
I'm not even that special.
And you guys, I know some of you are special out there.
A lot of you are special in your own way.
And they have drummed it out of your minds to be able to take the field against your enemies in this information war.
I mean, I need you guys to take the field.
I know there are influential people out there watching this program right now.
And you know what?
I don't want you to call Alex Jones and tell him you want to help Alex Jones.
I don't want you to write your congressman because I wouldn't tell you what to say or even what to do except that we know about the false reality.
We're up against the king has no clothes.
In a very real sense, we're up against that paradigm.
And I would hope
That you would not be subjugated into some catch pocket, some phony leadership for your pet project.
I would hope that you would see the threat.
But are you too comfortable?
Are you too insulated in your everyday life?
Mike, are we taping the show?
You know...
What's destroying us is the spectator mentality and the relativist worldview.
What's destroying us is balkanization.
What's destroying us is that we have forgotten the lesson of persistence.
The power of persistence.
The power of banging on the door until somebody out there realizes what you're talking about.
But you don't even want to get up off your couch!
Most of us, again, are just too busy chasing the almighty fellow reserve note.
And we don't even want to debate the fact it's kooky to talk about the source of that slavery.
Most of us are too caught up in class envy and pushing for big government in a hopeful get-the-rich-guys, not realizing that it's a mechanism of their own design.
Now, I think we're going to go ahead and start airing clips.
Mike, what clips are we going to go to first?
Thanks to the writers and...
Other people that got footage.
This happened last Saturday night.
Let me just tell the story.
I've had you on the radio about four times to do it.
I'll tell the story right now.
I know it by heart.
And we have the video of it.
Actually, the audio, Mike called on his cell phone.
Saturday night, I guess about 8 o'clock, Mike comes walking out with a Hollywood video on South I-35 at William Cannon.
He comes, he's walking out, and those that have been to Hollywood Video, I have, and they've got the circular, you know, it's a half circle, type of crescent front desk.
After you've written your videos, you walk through the scanner, and they hand them to you.
Well, Mike, there was his 11-year-old daughter, Crystal.
Justin's at home with Melissa.
Found her with no criminal record.
Both served the military, served the country, or what they thought was the country.
And Mike's walking out with his daughter, and they hand the videos, and the lady walks out behind Mike, and the beeper goes off, and they stop.
Mike says, should I go?
And they say, yeah, go ahead.
This is now on the security tape, which we're getting a hold of.
The county won't give it to us.
And Mike walks out, and he's walking out in his car, out in the parking lot.
And all of a sudden, this off-duty sheriff's deputy comes running up to Mike.
And he's getting to his car and says, stop, and argues with him.
And Mike says, look, I don't have anything.
And Mike stops and steps into his car and closes it and rolls down the window.
We've got a photo of that up on InfoWars on the Mike Hansen story.
Mike had a sticker.
The sticker on it is one that said, Constitutional, blah, blah, blah, $10,000 fine, two years in prison.
It's constitutional.
The courts have upheld it.
It says...
You can't search this car without a warrant.
Michael's on the way in and says, Look, buddy, you're not going to search my car.
Here's the bag.
Here's the receipt.
I got two videos here.
I didn't take anything from you.
And the guy, you've got his name, don't you, Mike?
I don't have notes in front of me.
Sticks his arm through the window.
Into where Mike Hanson and his daughter are, and begins grabbing at Mike, grabbing at the door.
Well, Mike calls 911, hoping for some help, and tells them, I'm being violated right now.
I would certainly hope that somebody would... So they put him on hold.
So Mike... It couldn't be true that a deputy was doing something wrong.
They're actually all the sons of God.
I mean, they literally come from heaven.
They're being down here.
There couldn't be anything wrong.
And, I mean, that's...
And so what happens to Mike?
Mike then calls me live on the radio at about 8.15, and we hear about 12, 13 minutes of this whole spectacle happen.
As Mike says, identify yourself.
The guy would identify himself.
Wouldn't you show him a badge?
Wouldn't say he was under arrest.
So Mike sits there.
Well, APD shows up that Mike called.
There's no good in that.
You know, this individual, we're all criminals.
You know, those that say I'm doing wrong and we're going to be violent.
Our cars are going to be searched.
Supreme Court.
Reverse decision from four or five months ago, and they said they can search the passengers now.
Anything else they want.
You know, that's the American saying.
Papers, please, I'm going to search your vehicle.
And so, they then go through this rigmarole.
They come over to the passenger side with the Slim Jim.
Mike's saying, hey, hey, I want warrant, blah, blah, blah.
Well, suddenly what we hear on the radio is they nightstick the window.
And then drag Mike out.
The police cut themselves.
Cut Mike.
No care for their own safety.
No care for his safety.
No care for his 11-year-old daughter's safety.
Just in a hunting dog mentality.
Most of the people aren't bad.
They're just not very smart.
They just go along and go along.
They're followers.
They're cowards.
They're bootlickers.
None of them are real protectors or warriors.
Not many of them.
And then they...
Drag Mike out.
We have video that we're about to run.
But the real story begins now.
Not just his Fourth Amendment violation.
They then drag Mike... Thanks.
They then drag Mike to the vehicle, take his daughter.
Some friends and family had shown up.
I'm told about 50 people showed up.
All those people in vehicles blaring my radio program.
Okay, Jerry.
Okay, broadcast.
So the police are quite agitated.
Mike's in the car pocket.
So they grab him out.
They take him.
They give the daughter over to friends and family that were there on site videotaping.
And they take Mike to jail while the officer is playing or has the radio program on live saying, You're a criminal.
Alex Jones is a criminal.
Alex Jones is a liar.
We can do whatever we want, basically.
We actually have some videos of some other officers saying this, the sergeants.
And then they were saying that, you know, they can do whatever they want, basically.