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Filename: 19990322_PoliticalTexan_Alex.mp3
Air Date: March 22, 1999
246 lines.
There are problems in our country if we live in bubble time.
There are far too many criminals and far too many crimes.
I'm locking every window and I'm closing every door.
The school I teach is so good that we're even up to score.
You can rip, you can rape, you can make a demand, and you can take my gun from my cold dead aunt.
My gun from my cold dead hand.
In every case in history, when genocide is planned, the firearms were gathered up and the opposition banned.
The pirates made distractions, and the people threw away.
And by the time they realized, they couldn't get away.
The smiling face on my ditty says, We should all join hands and help create a distribution of the seven-year-old order plan.
We'll downsize our defenses, give our bases all away.
The U.N.
goes before us, and we'll do just what they say.
I literally just slid into the studio on the radio 30 minutes ago.
New world order.
We are live, ladies and gentlemen.
All right.
Got on my t-shirt and into these duds for some stupid reason.
Trying to straighten my tie there on the air.
There we go.
Oh, boy, I love the camera shots, Mike.
Yeah, that's some weird news hour.
I'd like a living helicopter for you.
I've got 30 hours from California.
We're back.
30 hours of video.
We tried to put some images up on the website, infowars.com.
It's the third thing down.
There's some mainstream news articles there.
But it's the third thing down there.
It says, click on the thug.
And there's some photos there.
Do whatever you want.
Download them.
Use them for screen savers.
We'll take some calls in about 20 minutes or so about what you see on InfoWars.com or the images.
You decide.
That's an old image.
But the images that we actually got along in California last week.
All right.
Again, it'll be a month or so until InfoWars is ready to come out with my newest documentary for Axis Television.
That's going to be Police State 2000.
You'll be able to see it here in
Hey, I think you'll see it here first.
And I'll play it quite a bit and sections of it.
On and on and on for you.
So again, I certainly hope that everybody out there copies Police Day 2000 when I do play it for the public.
Now, you can see my notes and my articles are all in a mess.
I literally slid into the chair.
I was putting my microphone on.
As Mike put me up on the air, I knocked through that, but it's okay.
A lot to talk about, as usual.
In fact, tons to talk about.
We haven't done chroma key in a while.
Isn't that interesting?
Well, we aired the Ali Phillips interview.
I aired it like 12 times on the radio, plus about, what, 50, 60 times on AXS television.
Has been on a few months.
Talking about the attempted bribery and things of officials down in San Antonio with the Delta Force.
And then in
February 8th through February 20th, we had Operation Last Dance, the ravaging going on there.
In South Texas, in some cases, like Port Aransas, not even telling the police, some black helicopters had sworn in.
They'd leave some building in the middle of town, attack, fires, fire engines.
In Kingsville, they didn't tell the sheriff or the fire department.
They did tell the police and did help them out with some cash, we're told.
But here from today's Austin, America States, it's an Associated Press article.
It's actually a watered-down version from the San Antonio Express News article from Sunday.
Of course, this is Monday, March 22, 1999.
Now, we have a link to the AP Whitewash online website, infowars.com, and that's good with the website, guys.
Thank you.
And you can go, and that's actually, I think, the fourth or fifth story there.
There's also a story from the Washington Post.
I'll link to that from last Friday.
The Marines now admit that they're planning for Y2K, and that's why they're setting up the camps and things that I've actually gone and seen for myself.
Here are some of the actual photos that you can see on InfoWar.com.
I think about ten rolls.
They're really an afterthought, taking photos, mainly where they're getting 30-plus hours.
We had some listeners on my national radio show.
About ten of them showed up.
That was fun out in California.
They live out there in the Bay Area.
Now, we don't need a close-up, Mike.
I'm just showing them the actual pictures that they'll see later.
On the site.
In fact, here's our thug.
He might even be on the cover of some of our information put on AXIS TV.
You'll see this a lot at the start of the program.
Click on the thug.
So again, all quite interesting.
Here's some of the discs from the digital camera.
One of the listeners of my Spoken Corruption National Radio program were out there and took some digital photos.
Those were also a great help.
We've actually got one of the dozens of tapes
There's an Israeli general that was out there, but we had a lot of Dutch Royal Marines and people from the Netherlands, we had people from England, people from Australia.
Yeah, I'm not trying to freeze it on decent shots.
This is all 30 hours of just raw footage that we shot in mass.
We'll also show you some of the mock camps they have.
They were flying people out.
They had about 200 actors out there part of this operation.
Never seen anything like it in my life.
But again, today's Austin American Statesman article, AP article,
Monday, March 22, 1999, D3.
They're taping this out there.
I actually got a tape out there, Mike.
The tape's a story.
I'm going to put it on replay, but I forgot to bring that in.
Hey, it's just got the Mayor Howard Peek saying, that's a bribe, that's what it is.
The Mayor said, that's what it is.
He's repeated again, no matter who the money was given to.
And has the police crew talking about endangering the public here, talking about how they didn't talk to anybody.
But you know, that's a big city, the 10th largest city in the U.S.
You would expect a little bit of respect, and they have a little more than most people.
I also have a link on the website to the Anniston, Alabama attacks.
That happened not this Friday, but last Friday.
We have a link to the Anniston Star there for you.
I actually had the sheriff from the county on the night.
He was very angry.
He wasn't told anything.
...about their plans to shut off the power in around 200-plus customers of the power company, but the rangers this time, the sub-cadre, lower-level troops from the elite Army Delta Force, but also ferried in by the elite Knight Shockers.
And the articles we see everywhere in today's Statesman AP article, in the Anniston Star article, we hear Walter Sulcocci saying it's all wonderful and good.
But the scary part about this whole scenario is that I got contacted about two and a half, three weeks ago.
My listener, my national video program, I do two a day, a local woman and my national woman.
I'm supposed to do access television here.
And I got a call from this guy.
And he says, I'm a police officer.
And he told me this wild story.
He's very credible.
I said, send me a fax with your ID, your badge number, your name, and I'll call you back.
I'll call you back and verify.
Well, I got to the factory.
I don't have one at work.
And I called him.
And he wasn't there.
I called back about an hour later.
He was there.
Talked to him.
This wasn't a person.
This gentleman is in the Anniston Police Department and is mid-level.
I think I'm giving away too much information.
And he told me that Russians were going to be coming in in about a week and a half, two weeks.
It was about a week and a half then.
Into Anniston.
He said he didn't know exactly when, but it was going to be a municipal airport and other sites.
On that Thursday and that Saturday, then we called the FAA.
Scoot Lane, who's a pilot, said, well, what about us flying to this area?
Got a flight planned.
Shout out that the airport would be closed on Thursday and Saturday.
I announced that I wanted the footage.
And some people didn't go out there, but the pile was turned off on Thursday.
No attack.
Then it came on Friday.
As I had guessed, they would switch the days.
In fact, there's a lot better footage than those prisoners being offloaded.
Why don't you go to the camp footage?
That'd be nice.
Anyways, and this is from California a few days ago.
I'm telling the Anderson story right now, guys.
That'll just distract people.
This is a wild story, and it's important it needs to be told.
And so what happened was,
They turned the power off in the surrounding residential neighborhoods.
Several neighborhoods.
About 15 minutes after they turned the power off, people were sitting down, popping in their videocassettes to watch movies.
That's what the paper talks about.
And suddenly the power goes off.
And then suddenly helicopters swarm in, paratroopers, you name it.
Russians... Of course, the article won't tell you this until the power's been cut off and the sheriff's been there.
Russians, Rangers, all we know is there's 800 troops according to Fort Bragg.
And the Anniston Police Department Special Operations, who I talked to on the air and who hung up on me when I simply asked them about it.
So, that's what it comes down to.
So again, I was a kook when I brought you the actual video interview with the chief and quotes from the mayor of the San Antonio Express News way back, nine months ago, back in May of 98.
I was a kook when I brought you videotape of people at the nursing home right next door to the old police station that was attacked in the middle of Kingsville February 8th talking about black helicopters and talking to firemen and fire chiefs and people
I was a kook whenever I told you three, four years ago about the missile secrets.
Well, here's an article from todaysnewsweek.com via next week's issue, it says, and it talks about PIA doesn't know what's going on.
They say the name of the article is Total Penetration of Our Nuclear Labs.
The penetration is total is the quote here.
It says that they don't know how the Chinese could have gotten all these secrets because these are super black projects.
Totally secret.
They now have the neutron bomb, the 88 missile warhead, the sub-miniaturized high-powered hydrogen bomb.
And they call it total penetration, but Clinton is launching an investigation.
Guys, we have all the evidence.
It was Bill Clinton.
He had it transferred back in 1995 to Commerce.
From the Defense Department and the State Department, in the National Security Computers, with his clothes, had Ron Brown do his dirty work, Chairman of the Commerce Department, and, I'm assuming, Director of the Commerce Department, Head of that Department, and Chairman of the Democratic National Committee.
Ron Brown's dead now.
We're showing the New York Times articles where they mentioned once or twice that, yes, the Air Force Colonel, the head surgeon, did the autopsy here in Washington, that he had a bullet hole through his head.
Supposedly it was a plane crash.
It's simple.
The assassins are on board posing as Secret Service or NSA.
They put on their oxygen masks, shoot the occupants of the mid-sized jetliner, and pop open the hatch and helo out of the area.
Real travesty.
But again, here we have it.
No one knows exactly.
It's just total penetration, total loss of secrets.
And Newsweek has learned.
My, thank you, Newsweek, for learning and telling us so quickly about all of that.
Now, why is so much coming out?
Well, they're now at the massive conditioning phase for even worse things to come.
They are pulling out all the stops in this campaign.
And it's a travesty.
An absolute, total, and complete travesty.
I'm about ready to take some phone calls live.
Again, it's March 22nd, 1999.
One day closer to victory.
And the telephone number is 477-2288.
Also, it's been on the Canadian broadcasting system.
It's big news in Europe where they're dying of AIDS.
That's California people being searched.
The actors and Marines at the camps.
There's food, there's water.
This behavior of camp rules will not be tolerated.
They also have a loudspeaker and other things mounted on their backs.
It was quite interesting.
We actually got a tour of the camp.
Again, 30 hours of video.
There's a good article here, and of course this is from Washington Weekly.
I got this offline.
I've been talking about it for about six months.
I admit I got on this a little bit late.
There's 400 boxes of missing documents, but they already have the witnesses.
They're pointing at a massive racket going.
In the state of Arkansas where they were selling age-printed blood, not just after 1984-85 when most hospitals quit and they found out they were killing hemophiliacs and many others and spreading the HIV virus into the population, not to mention hepatitis and a score of other things.
We're not even sure about the HIV virus right now.
It does hurt people that have worn-down immune systems or have a lot of heavy metals and grime.
You have reagents in them from using drugs or hemophiliacs who are down, but that's a whole other subject.
It's all interconnected.
This is really a travesty, and it's out of control, and it's bad news.
It really is bad news, and
All right!
So again, here I am dumping it out in front of you.
Red Dawn Scenarios.
Russians paratrooping into Anniston, Alabama with the Rangers brought in by the Night Stalkers.
The 160th Airborne Aviation Regiment.
Their website in the past had Revelation 6 and the Grim Reaper and the rest of it.
The Beast gives them power to kill.
They've since taken that down at nightstalkers.com and put up a more
Tame sight, you could say.
Don't you see what's happening?
This is being done on purpose.
Turning power off in town, flying into foreign troops.
It's in your face.
They're familiarizing you with an authoritarian command and control system.