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Filename: 19990301_PoliticalTexan_Alex.mp3
Air Date: March 1, 1999
229 lines.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I want to thank y'all.
I'll tell you, I just got off the radio.
I went off a little bit late, about a couple minutes after 10 o'clock.
Far north Austin, I was in North Research.
Boogie down here, and what camera am I pointing at?
I just slid into the chair about 10 seconds before it put me on the air.
All right, we are live.
We are ready to go.
Let me straighten my newspapers up here for the Tom Warner Access Television viewing audience.
Of course, my name is Alex Jones, and this is the new show, InfoWars.
Back there in the control room are a lot of great people.
A lot to talk about.
Did I lose my paper clip?
Of course I did.
Little bastard.
Well, we're going to talk about the Marines in Oakland and Alameda.
March 15th through 21st.
And we have their mascot here, the Sea Dragon, rising out of the ocean with the little helicopters to keep everybody safe.
And the mock gun.
Fun stuff.
We have a new study out.
The other studies that were against this didn't get much attention.
Of course, this is front page in a lot of the newspapers and will be front page in a lot of the other papers tomorrow.
Of course, it is March 1st, 1999, and we're getting ready, me and Mike, to go out of town the 15th through the 16th, 17th, and maybe even the 18th in California to show the biggest mock gun confiscation
And anti-terrorist training with the Marines and Army Special Operations Warfare Command in a joint exercise.
And I have the information right here, right off their website for you.
If you'd like to check out that website.
In fact, I should give y'all one of these pieces of paper off the site.
Can one of y'all... The color printer's broken.
I just put the black and white one.
Can one of you guys... Well, these are all the pages I have to use here.
Tell you what...
This will do right here, Mike.
Anybody want to go to the exact site?
It's a long one.
It's a government site.
You might want to type that in if they want to see the operation.
I have a love.
I'll tell you how loving it is a lot in there.
The other activities.
Of course, black helicopters have been attacking the South Texas coast in Operation Last Dance from Army Special Operations Warfare Command based in Fort Bragg in North Carolina.
We blew that story wide open, got it all over World Net Daily, you name it.
Now it's on World Net Daily that Air National Guard people are quitting in droves.
People are infuriated.
My father talked to a general in the reserves just last week who is ready to take on the enemy.
We are prepared.
We cannot be defeated.
That's why they're going to use foreign troops.
This is a current general.
I talked to other generals.
I've had generals on my radio program where I had a lot of guests who were...
You know, phone lines, 800 numbers, here on SSTV, people can't call in, really, from out of town, listens on their dime, and we usually don't schedule that.
We've had some guests.
That might be a good idea in the future.
But with these hour-long programs, it's important to just get the information out to the public.
We've been working as hard as we can, struggling with the Waco Remembrance yesterday, down at the south side of the Capitol.
We didn't promote it much, but a lot of folks came out.
We appreciate that.
And, of course, I've dropped by a...
And he was there speaking on some state reps and
I don't know.
It was really scary, and of course it's not just people at Jewish synagogues that are talking about confiscating guns.
It's people of every wealth of life that probably think it's a wonderful thing.
They didn't want to be taped at a certain point.
We were polite and told if we could, and suddenly they didn't want us to, so we turned the camera off.
We'll probably have that for you next week or so.
There's so much.
We're just a small cadre of people fighting as hard as we can, running all over the place.
We've got more tape than we could ever pretty much run.
Much less come down here and get it on three-quarter inch television tape for you so you can see that.
But so much to talk about and so little time to wake up all the different masses of people out there that have been deceived mightily.
You know, yesterday was quite a day.
Mike had to deal with the Klan coming up and starting stuff at the Waco Remembrance Corps.
I got there.
And then we had...
Other people running around trying to make disturbances.
And then I... So we have trouble there.
Then I go to a synagogue, and people are getting quite angry that we didn't want the guns to be controlled.
I mean, it's just... I get it from all sides, and of course I'm not likening the people at the synagogue to...
To the Ku Klux Klan in any fashion.
I just, you know, everybody, you know, you try to speak the truth and try to wake people up here at Ku Klux.
One fellow as I was leaving said, yeah, go take your medication to synagogue.
Go take your medication for paranoia.
Now, here I am with major news reports.
I got the story on the AP about the black helicopter attacks, and they finally had a few highly publicized ones where they should have had them.
The last one was at Fort San Houston Army Base.
Of course, they confiscated our tape trying to get footage of it.
Mike always seems to get the blunt of everything.
But these others in Port Aransas and other places, they didn't even tell anybody about it.
Kingsville, they didn't tell the Sheriff's Department, the County, they told the police.
But in Port Aransas, they didn't tell anybody.
I just can't get back to that live fire, explosions.
We aired that on the Freedom Report from 9 to 10 o'clock tonight.
I want to thank Rusty Fields for introing the show now that I'm on the radio an extra hour.
I'm up from 8 to 10 now.
I used to be up from 7 to 8.
So now I, you know, a lot of the shows are going to go to tape.
And Vic Villa's going to be in every other week.
Firefighter here in town, Vietnam veteran.
Great guy.
He's going to be in here co-hosting, or actually hosting the show in the future.
And Rusty Fields and others will probably be in with him.
For one thing, where Steve Lane is, Steve Lane was having trouble making a living and being able to work the long hours and do this.
He's bowed out for a while.
He's got two young kids and he appreciates all Steve Lane's work.
Mike's got two young kids and continues the battle headstrong, forward, and we do appreciate what Mike's doing and everybody else.
Now, I do want to take some calls tonight, but...
First off, let's go through the news.
This, again, as soon as y'all get that website in, the particular link to the particular part of the United States Marine Corps site, let me read some of this to you.
March 14th, 1200 hours, reconnaissance inserted.
15th and 18th of March, conduct HA-DR operations experiment with force protection tactics.
We're good to go.
I think?
Oh, it continues.
Measured firepower weapon sets.
Unmanned aerial vehicles in support of urban operations.
Unmanned aerial vehicles.
Little probes like they may live.
I'm checking to be sure we're all safe.
This is going to be a... They're going to land at the military bases and go out into the population.
We're going to do this in San Francisco, Gorbachev.
Said no, and that was even in mainstream papers.
Robichoff runs at the City of the Old Lonely Days right there in San Francisco under the Golden Gate.
We played it here before.
We were there a year ago.
But now, he didn't want them there, so, of course, you know, he doesn't want to be bothered.
He wants them there to do his, you know, for Clinton's bidding, but it's kind of insane.
I know.
It's just reality.
Truth is stranger than fiction.
March 18th, scenario repeats using variations of adaptive organizations, experimental objectives, the three-block world, tactics, techniques, and procedures, maneuver elements, adaptability, urban close air support, that's the Harriers and the F-18s and the helicopters, combat service support,
Let me have it lodged in here.
Humanitarian operations, yeah, with the combined arms, mid-intensity combat, measured and fire-powered, target detection and location, red cell command control communications, computers and intelligence, C4-1 system, C4I system, excuse me, three-block war, part number two,
Company and platoon size attached.
There it is.
Focused experiments on offensive operation urban sustainment issues.
The love that just continues and just flows forward.
That's a long sign.
Put that back up for people.
Just so much love, so little time.
I should tell you, I did Tex Mars' national radio program.
He's on shortwave, micros, satellite, AM commercial, FM commercial.
It was great.
And Tex actually come back on later.
He really likes the stuff I'm doing.
I like what Tex is doing.
Tex Mars, who lives here in Austin, retired Air Force officer, best-selling author, is going to be out at the Y2K meeting tomorrow night at Luby's.
That's Luby's time in...
In the north central Austin, down on Burnett.
So, let's take a look at some Maronite 7 p.m.
and we'll pop a graphic up there for you in a second.
All right.
So, we've focused experiments on offensive operations, combat arts.
It's all so loving, so little time.
We have a tactical...
That's a weird... Oh, it's cut off here.
Real-time tracking of all personnel.
Integrated C4-1 system.
Indoors, outdoors.
Potential operations application.
Existing and emerging tactics, techniques, and procedures.
And emerging technologies.
Block 1, Block 2, and Block 3 invasion strategy.
And it shows the buildings.
Look at it for yourself.
This is a black and white copy.
Go to the site and see it in color.
The color printer was broken.
There you have that right there for you.
It's hardly intelligible for me with my 2015 eyes right up close.
It's just a mush right there.
Well, no, there's no point to change the camera.
You can read the words there, but it doesn't really do anything for anybody.
Again, you can check it out.
Can we pop that website back up there in a few minutes for people to get the United States Marine Corps information?
We've got nothing against our fine Marines and sailors and airmen.
I'm just so sorry about what Bill Clinton's gearing up to use them for.
Again, this is our authorization to do this illegal.
All right.
Another important story.
Again, I kind of touched on this at the first of the program.
Children of working moms suffer no permanent harm, studies suggest.
Front page of the Dallas Morning News today.
Those of you that are taping this, March 1st, 1999.
Children of working moms suffer no permanent harm, studies suggest.
Most small differences disappear by age 12, researcher says.
This one researcher says.
At the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
I mean, any idiot knows that some people have to have single-parent homes.
People die.
There's divorces.
There's violent people.
People have to break down.
And we're not bad at having people from single-parent homes or from places where mothers work.
But the first three and a half years, the brain is growing.
The brain is wiring.
And that is a scientific fact.
That's why you see these kids walking around with heads that look so big.
It's the same thing with puppies and stuff and all other mammals.
The heads and the feet, except for bigs, they're growing.
Especially at age three and a half, the head looks really huge compared to the body because it's growing.
It's growing.
I mean, measure a kid's head from birth and watch how fast it grows in three years and watch how it pretty much stops growing except for developing some muscle mass and perhaps fat as the person gets older.
And sunburn and all the rest of the good stuff.
It's just a fallacy.
The state wants the children.
So they want to appease people, take away the guilt, and say, put your newborn in a daycare.
Let them get all the sicknesses from the children around them.
If you have to put them on antibiotics, screw them up.
Let us get them early so we can have Head Start programs and teach them about how good big government is and give them the good Soviet education they deserve, the good indoctrination they deserve.
Let me read this article, part of it.
Today's California News.
Children of women who work outside the home suffer no permanent harm because of their mother's absence.
A study that evaluated the development and health of more than 6,000 youngsters suggests.
Yeah, that's right.
That's why normally, in all of human history, you know, people just would give their child to someone else to take care of.
It's just a fact.
A parent loves their child, or should, and generally does, more than other people.
Grandparents are fine, but that type of society is broken away and fallen away, except in some of the indigenous third world populations that are raising pretty good kids.
But I found there was no difference between children whose mothers were employed versus children whose mothers were not employed during the first three years that Elizabeth Harvey, a psychologist at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, being employed is not going to harm the children during the first three years.
Well, that's really sad here.
And they said by age 12.
But there is some positive.