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Air Date: Feb. 22, 1999
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You can race, you can make your demands, and you can take my gun from my cold, dead hand.
Is that what's in your plan?
We're good to go.
All right.
We are live, Austin, Texas.
And to all of those people out there that take the program, we'd like to thank you for doing that and sending it out to friends and family in the hope that information will spread.
And I know in my heart and from the information I've gleaned that this program or take variants of it that people have assembled for themselves is playing at access stations all across the country, being aired on micro FM radio stations, and being referred to all across the country.
It's great to see that labor toil in the fields, in the vineyards of men and women's minds is bearing fruit.
Now, of course, my name is Alex Jones.
This is the Freedom Report.
And we're standing up, best we can, right here, February 22nd, 1999.
One day and one year closer to victory.
Victory against parasites that corrupt those that would deceive the nation's
And create a technocracy to level hell itself.
Quite a bit of news for you tonight.
OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration, has created a new program, a new set of regulations, if you can call them that, that aren't even a closing horse of socialism and command and control.
Socialism and command and control.
We'll be getting into this this evening.
We'll also be giving you an update on the military maneuvers here inside the U.S., here inside Texas, namely Operation Last Dance ended Friday.
The last actual operation, we're told, was at Fort San Houston.
This was the event that garnered most of the media coverage out there
In television and radio land, but we should go back to the Friday before.
What I see as the most key was when Port Aransas was attacked by elements of the Black Ops Squad, the expanding Delta Force, and, of course, brought in by the elite Night Stalkers.
There you see the only footage that we've been able to obtain from here locally on Fox.
I supposedly have some long reports coming to me by the Texas Net, the NBC system that did a two-minute report and was carried by three news stations that we know of out there.
Showing the fire in Kingsville, not this Monday, but last Monday.
So, a lot of, actually February 8th, even longer than that, time does fly when you're having so much fun.
We'll cover the now admitted, I have Associated Press articles here, I have news articles out of the Corpus Christi Caller Times, and also the
San Antonio Express News in the last two weeks talking about black helicopters, live fire, and explosions.
All of the other four exercises, and the fifth was a little bit different, but the first four were conducted in civilian population centers in South Texas.
San Antonio, their last finale, which they did tell some of the public about, which is a total change for the Delta Force in its history,
In these operations, was conducted at a military base, the smallest and most centrally located in San Antonio, Fort San Houston.
As if, well, yes, the operations have been going on, yes, live fire, yes, black helicopters, but see, we do them on military bases.
Well, Kingsville, Port Aransas, San Augustine,
And, of course, Corpus Christi, well, those are not military bases, are they?
And they were done, again, in direct violation of the Tenth Amendment, states' rights, and, of course, posse commentatus that seeks to curtail military federal intervention locally, or even training, when it's with local law enforcement.
In one case that we have documented from the mainstream newspapers and people that we've interviewed,
Is that in Corpus Christi, not this Wednesday, but last Wednesday, they had a military exercise taking over the old courthouse in downtown Corpus Christi working with local law enforcement with the Corpus Christi SWAT team.
Again, this is not for training overseas.
They're not going to take the Corpus Christi SWAT team overseas with them any more so than the tape you've seen many times here on TV.
The Freedom Report Animal Murder Program exposing corruption of the Marines doing mock gun confiscations in Hedwood, Maryland, September 3rd and 4th in 1998, where they asked the camera person to turn his camera off once it became nighttime and they were actually doing the mock gun confiscations.
They had police working with them.
They're not going to load squad cars on C-130s to take them overseas.
This is all being done for right here in the good old United States of America.
So, again, all, all, absolutely all, very, very important to each and every American out there to realize that number one, they're desensitizing you.
Number two, they're training local law enforcement to accept this.
Number three, in some cases, they're setting the precedent that black helicopters can attack oil refineries and do live fire and explosions with automatic weapons and real live hand grenades or flashbangs right in front of the authorities without them knowing.
In Kingsville, they did it without some of the authorities at the Sheriff's Department in Clyburn County and, of course, the Fire Department.
We are going to re-air that, not this hour, but at 10 o'clock Central Standard Time.
At 10 o'clock, this program goes off the air.
The Freedom Report does.
And at 10.30, we come back right here on Time Warner Cable Channel 10.
That is 10.30.
And we will be airing for you the military activity.
We'll be airing for you citizens talking about the black helicopters.
City manager of Kingsville in South Texas talking about it, the fire chief talking about it, workers talking about it, and actually them restoring and fixing some of the damage to the detectives building there in Kingsville, Texas.
So, that should be quite interesting for all of you out there.
Again, we are live.
I'm about to go to your phone calls if you'd like to get involved on air here on the Freedom Report.
477-2288 is the telephone number.
Okay, let's go first to the San Antonio Express News from this Saturday.
Front page of the business section.
It was also in Saturday's Statesman front page of Section A. OSHA, the Occupational...
The standards board is moving forward with an unprecedented takeover and nationalization of the corporations and businesses and workplaces here in America.
For anyone that's worked in pretty much any business, you've dealt with the occupational...
Standards and Hazard Agency.
Have you dealt with them?
You've seen them engage in ruthless activity, go after corporations that are smaller or businesses that are smaller, of course, at the behest of the old money corporations seeking to weed out the competition.
The new little bad sons are coming up, to use a gardening or arborist terminology for you.
Giving people $5,000, $2,000, $10,000 fines arbitrarily, never really giving set standards, but at least giving you some code to follow.
As if a city or a state or a county couldn't implement this according to the United States Constitutional Bill of Rights.
Well, if you read the Saturday Statesman article, Associated Press, or if you read the variant of it in the San Antonio Express News,
OSHA is now, according to ergonomics, that is, shares and livability and workability of businesses, from manufacturing to offices to you name it, they are going to regulate open-ended bureaucratic terms.
They're not going to tell the business what to do.
In fact, they say it as if it's a wondrous favor, what they're going to do for the businesses.
They are going to
Simply state that you need to have ergonomics and a worker-friendly atmosphere.
Which all sounds nice, but then they say if there is a single accident, it could be a factory of 10,000, 2,000, 20, a little print shop, it doesn't matter, if there's a single injury, then they're going to come in and make the business, redesign their entire workplace, change things, you name it.
Well, this is the power to destroy.
Because many businesses work on a very small profit margin and cannot adapt themselves to this.
Now, the large elite corporations and banks in the European world that control this nation are able, repeat, are able, with their foundations and other things, to easily adapt and change their businesses.
But thus, it will only hurt the middle-sized and smaller corporations that only make, you know, between $200 million a year or $100,000 a year.
That's the
Scale right there until you get into really large corporations.
But the really important little caveat to this whole discussion is that if you look at the third world, where Europe and the Eastern establishment here in the U.S., their local governorship of the Federal Reserve and others, controlled by the IMF and the World Bank and the International Bank of Settlements and the XM Bank,
So if you pull back and look at it, you can see most of the major elite corporation investment and foundation investment is in the third world, in China, India, Mexico, Indonesia, countries with no civil rights, no environmental standards, no workers' compensation, almost zero pensions, slave labor in some cases, 30 million political decimates in slavery in China,
Mexico, which is tantamount to slavery, or slave wages in many cases, you see both of the investment going into those countries, which makes it easy during the anesthetizing period here in the U.S.
to buy goods cheaply, and it gives us the illusion of wealth, while the fiat money system is printing cash, which is our number one product for export here in the U.S., then, of course, propaganda and armaments.
So, to discuss this in an academic function,
We all need to be conscious of the simple fact that, number one and most importantly, this is highly destructive to our industrial base.
It is then, secondly...
It will force the flow of manufacturing jobs and even information technology jobs into other centers where labor is cheaper and there are not the other costs of doing business, such as environmental standards and things.
I'm not saying they're bad, if they're serious.
None of us want to die of cancer because of dioxins and other chemicals.
But then the second point, of course, is it gives the power for the federal government, controlled by international treaty now, to literally shut down any business they wish if there's one injury.
And many injuries are done simply through ignorance, simply through the employees not knowing what they're doing.
Of course, there are job safety problems, and there are always, always civil suits that could be affected if our legal system had not been thoroughly infiltrated by corrupt bars, that is, the club that controls the lawyers, and to where frivolous suits are allowed and serious suits are many times shuffled away.
So, simply, this is the statement of fact that we all have to deal with and understand that OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration, is engaging in.
Of course, you can dig through your bin and read the Saturday San Antonio Express News article, front page of the business, or the Saturday front page of the actual A section of the statement.
Where OSHA admits, repeat, repeat, very important key point here,
Where OSHA, an unelected, unaccountable bureaucracy, says, we're going to be nice to you.
This is almost the exact statement.
We're going to be nice to you.
We're going to allow businesses to develop their own systems.
And then if there's an injury, we're going to come in and make them, one injury, a single injury, front page of the statement, they're going to come in and make them redesign the entire factory or business office.
That is criminal.
To not tell you what their regulation is, number one,
And then when you had a single injury over any span of time, OSHA gives itself full license to come in and make the business change whenever they wish.
That is tantamount, that is criminal.
And that's the problem with bureaucracy.
And a long time ago, people were falling into sausage machines at Rockefeller plants.
Striking Ford workers were being shot, not by the police, but by hired folks.
We saw this type of activity.
Again, and then the federal government came in and said, my gosh, we will help you, won't we?
Meanwhile, the elite was puppeteering the agencies, just eyeing the new corporations that were threatening their monopolies or their oligopolies.
And this hurts creativity, it hurts GDP, it hurts the population, it hurts the creativity of just average humans here on planet Earth.
It's, it's, things get more and more Orwellian, more and more science fiction-esque, and things become more bizarre daily.
And I literally do feel my ego and the rest of it slipping away, and none of it really matters anymore.
I can quit these shows and my two radio programs instantaneously now and be a happy man.
I've done my job.
I will never quit, though.
Because it is my destiny, it is your destiny out there to be free-thinking, natural human beings that are able to control some of their destiny, some of their environment.