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Air Date: Feb. 8, 1999
217 lines.
Too many criminals and far too many crimes.
I'm locking every window and I'm closing every door.
The school I use and stuff like that will even up the stores.
You can race, you can make your demands, and you can take my gun from my cold, dead hands.
Is that what's in your plan?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Hello, Austin, Texas.
My name's Alex Jones, and this is the Freedom Report.
Every Monday evening from 9 to 10 o'clock, right here on Austin Community Television Channel 10.
Dedicated to bringing you the vital information.
No teleprompters, no BS, no group think culture.
No peer pressure conditioning modes here.
Absolute fire-breathing information dedicated to smashing the hold that the European police state has on this nation.
A lot to talk about tonight.
We'll talk about Bill Clinton.
Looks like he may get off scot-free, as I guessed months ago when many of you were celebrating.
Also, we have the story of Joe Campana.
His home is built.
The volunteers are fabulous.
And it just shows what the community can do.
We also have a story that integrates into this from the front page of the Houston Chronicle Today.
Also, we have a story from
FreeRepublic.com, a major internet news service, highly respected, about the National Guard fingerprinting Girl Scout tweets all across the country.
Again, the military working with your children.
It's so American.
They never did anything like that in Germany or Russia.
Or any other nation for that matter, like China and their very loving regime.
So much to talk about this evening.
We've got an hour to do it.
But coming up at 10.30 tonight, we're going off the air at 10, but coming up at 10.30 tonight, the premiere of InfoWar.
Thanks to Mike Hanson and Melissa Hanson and all their fabulous work.
We have a brand new program to offer you.
I will stop doing the Freedom Report coming up in about a month.
But for the next month, you're going to have two shows on Monday night.
So it's going to be quite interesting.
We have an hour and a half on InfoWars.
That means you'll be seeing some of our taped produced pieces for you.
Coming up tonight at 10.30, we're going to re-air the 20-something minute piece on the Hebron gun confiscations.
I got some new video from that from what happened in late 1998 in September, and we're going to be airing that for all of you as well tonight.
So you've got us until 10, and then take a break for watching media propaganda for 30 minutes, so you can tune back in right here to Channel 10 for InfoWar.
Channel 10, correct, Mike?
Yes, InfoWar, which is also going to be the premier website we're launching.
That would have been done weeks ago, but we had to build a home for a World War II veteran as well as a Korean War veteran and nuclear test subject.
We have the documents on that.
We have all his records.
Ben Weir of the Statesman tried to act like, well, he was in the military, but we have the records on that.
So, fantastic job to everybody.
Let me go ahead and jump in to these news stories.
First off, we have the Sunday Austin Un-American Statesman, I'm sorry, the Austin American Statesman here for you.
Metro and State front page.
There's also a little front page teaser in the paper.
The actual front page, the section one.
Metro and State.
After 13 days flurry of spirit, veteran has a new home.
And it talks about the spirit of America and how Joe Campana is a good guy.
I have to admit, Mary Ann Roser's article is ten times better than Ben Weir's article.
We want to thank her for putting some of the real information in there.
Now, here's an important quote.
Campana's words touched the politically diverse crowd, which included city council member Willie Lewis, who sped up the building permit process.
Well, we started without permits.
We were giving the city a black eye.
They were becoming bulldozers the next day, that Sunday, two Sundays ago.
We ignored them.
We went surging forward, thanks to all the great people.
Right past the naysayers that I said, we're not listening to King Richard.
Get out of our way.
Willie Lewis, who sped up the building permit process, and others known for anti-government views, who one guest called the Black Helicopter Crowd.
Yeah, that was the head guy for the VA who didn't do a damn thing for Joe, and who showed up to give a ten-minute speech and try to take the credit.
Which is fine.
We don't care as long as he has a new home.
Who one guest called the Black Helicopter Crowd.
They included Alex Jones, who emceed today's event, and...
And Hanson and his building partner, Steve Wayne of Mountain View Homes, Incorporated.
Well, absolutely ridiculous.
You bet I'm anti-corrupt government.
I'm anti-misinformation.
I'm against the government training centers that have dumbed down our kids from number one 50 years ago to number 49 today behind 20-something third world nations.
But you have this article talking about the anti-government black helicopter people.
And then you have... This was from Sunday, from yesterday.
Here's a gentleman that cut his leg open on the site.
Of course, he didn't sue.
Then we have the Houston Chronicle from today.
And if I can get a shot of this, I'll be glad.
There's a new home right there.
Here's today's Houston Chronicle.
Well, this is the tape program in the future.
Monday, February 8, 1999.
Fourth Ward Project on verge of collapse.
Talk about
has commenced among board members of the Houston Renaissance Incorporated, a non-governmental organization, I should add, about conceding that their city-sponsored Fourth Ward revitalization effort is a failure and turning the project over to Mayor Lee Brown.
Now, again, we're not here trying to badmouth non-governmental organizations or Habitat for the Energy or any of these other groups.
But listen to this.
Staggering debt, ongoing investigations, uncertain land prices, and the lack of a visible plan to deliver affordable housing portend the collapse of the project, according to a board member, and internal memorandum surrounding the effort.
Now, here's the key information.
You're going to be absolutely blown away.
Here are citizens in less than 13 days, a Travis County, City of Austin record, less than 13 days, a fully functional, furnished home built.
Actually, about 12 and a half days.
A city record.
County record.
Current debts of the organization.
Now, this is in Houston.
Listen to how much money this organization got that went to government to get the money.
Didn't just have citizens put up.
Current debts to the organization are estimated at more than $6.6 million.
It also has spent a $3.4 million grant provided by the city to subsidize affordable housing in the Fourth Ward.
Government housing, the Fourth Ward.
These hives of modern plantations.
In spite of the expenses and years of work, not a single home has been built.
Also, they incurred another additional $1.5 million in 1998 on top of the other $6.6 and $3.4 million for a total of $11.5 million.
Repeat, $11.5 million that this nongovernmental parasite organization in conjunction with the city of Houston.
Let me read it one more time.
In spite of the expense and use of work, not a single home has been built,
Not a single home has been built.
Here we are, breaking city and county records, probably state records, 13 days, fully functional, built.
We started without permits.
We had engineers on site that volunteered for my radio program.
Think about that.
Done, built, moved into in 13 days.
Thanks to citizens.
At about $8,000 cost from the materials that we've tabulated up until now.
See how horrible I am at carrying sheetrock?
I'm carrying it the wrong way.
Just think about that.
I want you guys to think about that.
And here is this organization, the Houston...
Renaissance Incorporated, Houston Renaissance Incorporated, 11.5 million, not a single home built in four plus years.
That's government.
That's government trying to get some free market, but the whole thing's a limit.
Where'd the 11.5 million go?
We all know where it went.
We're not stupid.
So I want you all to think about that.
A great example about how command and control doesn't work.
The corrupt parasites that position themselves along the trail of construction take over the reward, take the money.
The directors of these organizations, sometimes being paid over 300 grand in some cities.
300 grand a year in some of these cities for these
Private groups that take city money so it'll be run better.
I wonder if those private groups put money in the politicians' pockets before they get elected.
Very, very interesting.
Here we are, grassroots, building without permits, and then later the city says, okay, we'll give you permits, we won't throw those in the house, because it was a public relations black eye.
And then you have a brand new home being built in less than 13 days
There's Roland Ellingson.
Put him back up on the screen.
Roland Ellingson, a year and a half ago, got $2,000 a day fines.
That's not Roland Ellingson.
For having three-inch grass.
We showed you the tickets.
We showed you the police coming out of the home.
We showed it all to you.
We showed you the city council.
We showed you the health department, how hypocritical they are.
And just last month, Roland Ellingson won his final court case for the free interest.
There's a World War II veteran right there for you.
Another elderly gentleman who built his home in 1947 on West 37th Street and was harassed by the city for his premium property.
We're going to expose you, one by one, with the information that it takes to stop you.
You're not going to make us back down.
You don't have a snowball chance in hell.
The people are on to you.
There's Jesse Estry, who did a great job.
There's Willie Lewis, on scene.
The only city councilman to come out.
And we do appreciate him doing that.
Steve Lane.
And there's the VA guy, there to take all the credit, never dropped by once.
And there's the great fire department with Vic Vreeland and others.
Thank God for our wonderful fire department that still helps old people get up and still gets catched out of trees.
I wish the police would take a cue from our fabulous Austin Fire Department.
God bless the firemen who did come out and help on their off times.
I want to vomit about what this country's become, but I also want to feel good that there's still decent people out there
Now, let me get to the very serious issues, and then we'll get to the video clips of Joe Campana.
There were dozens of news stories just on KI alone.
Five or six on Fox, five or six on KI.
The WB did a couple stories.
NBC did some stories.
Phenomenal media coverage after we started to find them.
We do want to thank the media for that, especially KI and Julie.
But, now we need to get to the serious issues.
The very serious issues.
Also from today's Houston Chronicle, Senators grapple with unavoidable, inevitable, acquittable.
I keep saying that all day.
And you have quotes from senators in here saying there's no way that we're going to convict Clinton, even before they start their deliberations tomorrow.
They had their closing arguments today, both the prosecutors in the House, the House managers, and Bill Clinton's collection of criminals, many of which are already under indictment or investigation while they're defending him.
Very, very interesting.
This is what our company's come to.
I told you Bill Clinton, they want him in office for Y2K, for all these manufactured crises, to put the Hagelian Principle into effect, problem, reaction, solution.
The National Guard is scheduled to be on its biggest mobilization ever since World War II, Operation Comex slash Mobex.
Very, very important.
I'll get to this in a second, but let's go ahead and start going to the news pieces.
Mike, can we just run through all those news pieces at once?
We're going to go to a whole slew of news stories from the start to the end, right here on the Freedom Report.
And when we get back, we'll take some of your phone calls.
Again, my name is Alex Jones.
Mike Hanson and Melissa Hanson are doing a fabulous job, along with the other crew.
And we'll be right back for 30-something more minutes of programming, then back at 10.30 for our new program, InfoWar.
Because we are in a propaganda war, and you need to get in the game.
Are we ready for that, Chase?
We'll go ahead and go to that.
A 32-year-old security guard was killed.
An Austin vet is moving into his new home today.
has traveled to Austin volunteers as they help build new dreams for Jill Contana.
's universe is going to smile from Contana's home in Central Austin.