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Air Date: Feb. 3, 1999
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To realize that history is a road map to the future, that you can and you must get involved and it will prevail, that there are powerful old money interests that are threatened by new ideas, that are threatened by new industry and are threatened by new money, and they seek to control and pacify and emasculate and domesticate the general population.
Are you tired of being prostrate
At the knees of the establishment?
Are you tired of feeling like you have lack of control over your own destiny?
Well, guess what?
I don't have some magic cure in a bottle, and following Alex Jones won't get a damn thing done.
It's up to you out there, because every one of you has the seed of the universe in your soul.
You have the power to create, the power to build, the power to innovate, the power to stand up against evil, against the dangerous, criminally insane geniuses that are running this planet out of Europe via their functionaries here in the U.S., the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission.
They're the ones that own the U.S.-based Federal Reserve, the regional governorship.
They own all the other central banks of the world.
It's the IMF that's pushing.
Read your newspapers for massive tax increases from Brazil to Russia to South Korea to Indonesia to the U.S.
of A. They're the stockholders in this modern plantation.
And the whole system is run through unprecedented fraud.
I would hope that people out there of strength,
People out there have lived them that have not been denigrated by this mass media leviathan.
Those that have the capacity not to think in relativist terms and to think in stagnant views, but that are able to realize the course of history and try to avert certain dehumanization.
We are right on the crux, right on the precipice of total slavery worldwide.
It already exists in many nations of the planet.
Physically, the people know they're slaves.
And in a way, that is a better form of slavery than the slavery that Western Europe, Russia, Japan, South Korea, the United States of America, and many Central and South American countries and Canada and Australia are toiling under.
It's a society where they replace family and country and God with
Empty promises of wealth and bothers of success and materialism and unprecedented, unadulterated corruption.
They spend all their time suddenly trying to suck you into the sick joke that nothing really matters and who cares.
I assure you, it matters if somebody drops by and wakes and kills your family.
I assure you, it'll touch home if the IRS steals your home when you've paid whatever they wanted before.
I assure you that you are not immune from the things that are out there in this world today.
The criminal old money based in Europe.
I'm going to go through some important news stories in the next six or seven, eight or nine minutes.
I don't know, seven minutes.
Seven and a half minutes.
But first off, I'd like to go to some news stories from the Drudge Report.
Can you get a close-up of this?
From the Drudge Report, Matt Drudge of Fox News is doing a fabulous job.
And that's why Janet Reno has made motions in the past few years, hinting that they may try to block Fox in their expansion in media.
Now, I don't think Rupert Murdoch is some savior.
In fact, I think he's a cutthroat businessman.
At the same time, he realizes the predatory nature of those that currently hold the White House and who controls the White House out of the Bank of England and the Bundesbank in Germany.
Now, several stories have surfaced in the last week on Fox News that Grudge is broken.
All documented.
White House investigators are afraid for their lives.
They told Grudge this.
They told Dick Morris, who worked for this, on this.
These are former FBI and former CIA and former IRS agents.
The article that lists FBI and
Internal Revenue Service.
And they're fearing for their lives because they've seen the Clinton Chronicles.
They've researched it for themselves.
They know if you mess with Clinton, it doesn't matter if you're a member of his cabinet.
Ron Brown, Commerce Secretary, co-chairman of the Democratic National Committee.
They don't care if you're Vince Foster, head White House Counselor.
They will kill you if you try to upset the apple cart.
I'm not going to read all of this to you, because we have an important shortage coming up in about six minutes, but it's unprecedented.
You can go to www.drugsreport.com and check it out for yourself.
Congressmen and Senators as well are also being threatened.
I have this through a very confidential source, because I do have a national radio show, and I have a deal with quite a few people.
Now, let me also go to a story that's just as important, because it goes to the sanctity of the free press, the so-called free press we have in the country.
And we do have a free press.
Self-published books, Internet sites, a lot of it's garbage.
Who cares?
At least you can get on there and do something yourself.
A few top radio shows here and there.
We put out some half-decent information from time to time.
Of course, there's FM micro-broadcasters as well.
But NBC, Lisa Myers, on NBC, and Tom Brokaw, according to this article, is threatening to resign.
Tom Brokaw is finally showing he's a half-decent person, obviously.
Lisa Myers has done an interview with Nita Broderick, former Democratic campaign worker that alleges Bill Clinton savagely bit her in the face and forcibly raped her.
We've had many other cases, such as Mary Mahoney, four days after she left the White House, said that she had been raped.
She was a go-to-press.
Four gunshots to the back of the head in a Washington suburb.
And, of course, one to the chest.
Nothing stolen from the business where she was working.
She talked about coffees.
She was going to Georgetown.
She's dead now.
We can't talk to her.
No curtains wide to you time and time again about Jennifer Flowers, about Paula Jones.
As if sexual harassment is a trifle matter.
As if perjuring himself doesn't matter.
NBC brass do not want to get directly involved in the impeachment trial and throw it into chaos, explains one NBC insider.
But the same insider also says, The story is done.
Our investigation is over.
Declare the source.
I challenge anyone to point out holes in Lisa's piece.
It's got Tom Brokaw yelling in the NBC cafeteria that he's going to quit if they don't run the story.
I mean, they've got the documentation.
They've got the medical records.
Savagely biting her in the face.
We were talking about it a year ago.
I mean, this guy is a sick sociopath.
He's a sick.
You want me to go... I mean, you want a bunch of crap from me, too?
It's just sick.
And you keep buying it hook, line, and sinker.
To the liberals out there, you're being drug along by people that rival Hitler and Mao.
People that killed hundreds of millions of people and they're here now.
Clinton, member of Democratic Socialists for America.
And other communist organizations.
The guy who ran around Russia during the 60s.
They had the tape of him preaching down with America just to earn his stripes with the power elite based in New York, Germany, and Britain.
Because they funded Stalin.
They funded Mao.
They funded Pol Pot.
All the rest of them.
Why do they do it?
Because they send in their raiding forces to bring a nation down, to bring down the existing order, corrupt or not, it doesn't matter, and then the IMF comes in.
It's a stated fact!
Chase Manhattan and Citibank were doing business in Russia in the middle of a Cold War in 1955!
But Russians couldn't go in and bank there.
Good God!
All incredible information.
NBC News now, this story came out a couple days ago, now, just updated on the drugs report, NBC now is calling Fox because Judith Broderick was going to go to Fox.
She doesn't want money.
She doesn't want a thing.
She's going to come out with the payoffs from Clinton.
All the rest of it.
She's just sick of it.
She's a Democrat, for God's sakes.
Savagely biting her in the face.
Ted Kennedy can have women drowned in his car.
Openly be almost a resident for tackling witnesses when he's drunk.
But oh, oh, the phony feminists.
The CIA agents like Gloria Steinem who admits in one of her books, for heaven's sakes, that she was a CIA operative in the 60s.
I don't know where I have to show you what's happening here.
The information is overwhelming.
Monday, I said I'd get into the Terminator gene with Monsanto's coming out.
When we get back for break, I will get to this story, and I'll actually read from some of these articles in the Judge Report.
Shocking revelations.
But now, Fox News is being called by NBC, the chairman of NBC, saying, don't run it.
You'll really be the right-wing network now.
You'll be all the rest of the stuff.
You'll lose all your credibility.
That's a real travesty.
Now, the people we're about to go to here in about a minute...
It is a piece we ran around September 20th in 1998.
It was sent to me by about September 10th by a listener to my Republic Radio program.
At that time going out also on the shortwave on WWCR, Worldwide Christian Radio, one of the biggest shortwave stations, non-governmental stations in the world, right up there with BBC.
I get sent tapes from all over.
You see them here.
You see county commissioners.
Last week, you see county commissioners.
I've played it several times now.
Randy Harris, a Marion County fan, he didn't believe it, but the UN has taken over.
And I've got tapes that I said I was going to air tonight, four hours of it, that I didn't have time to even watch.
I've only seen a little bit of it.
I saw part of it, got the tape from the organization, and now I'm going to blast them with it.
You in right here in town with city council people, former city council people, that's coming up Monday.
I swear it.
But this militarization of law enforcement and this militarization on the streets of America is unprecedented.
Now, I've got some hastily put together because I've got another tape from Hebron, Maryland, Sheldon Green, and another guy, Mr. Isaacs,
Get all their names intertwined.
Several guys out there split up around town.
They're in Baltimore.
They're around the suburb, the country.
They got country up north, too, guys.
You just don't hear about it in the media.
There's no more land.
Have you been up in an airplane?
They drive out in the suburbs, 50-something miles away from Baltimore, in Wakampama County.
Nice Indian name.
And kind of a cool name, isn't it?
They cruise out there and they see incredible activities.
Now, they're not the best camera people in the world.
And I'll do a lot of voiceovers here to show you what you're about to see because you'll see lies and you'll see corruption and you'll see twisting.
You think I have a problem with the Marine Corps?
I have a lot of friends in the Marine Corps.
They're good people.
Most of the people that have programs down here that are fighting this stuff were in the military.
We understand what it means when the military is put on the streets of America and Secretary of Defense William Cohen
Uh, the rest of these guys, Bill Clinton, just signed, uh, $2.8 billion for this anti-terrorism stuff and calls it medical.
It's not medical.
You've seen the Ali Silvers interview.
Chief of Police of San Antonio flows out the Delta Force in May of 98.
Freed to May 5th, 6th, and 7th, stands on Express News.
They got photos of black helicopters!
I mean, they've got this massive military force.
They're brainwashing our military people.
The people that didn't say they would fire on U.S.
citizens, that was 74% in one survey in 1994, 29 pounds, have all been shipped over to Bosnia or Iraq or Kuwait.
Come on, guys, you're smarter than this.
They're hired a bunch of thugs in law enforcement.
They're not thinking about what they're doing.
They're not peace officers anymore.
Now, here's a very important piece.
Sit back and watch it.
Part of it's night vision camera.
Part of it's normal camera.
Just sit back and watch this amateur video because I've been sent more tape from the other camera guy.
All the same day, September 3rd, and the last few seconds to take, the incident happened right at midnight.
Watch carefully.
This is Exposing Corruption.
We're here every Wednesday night from 9 to 10 o'clock, right here on Channel 10.
That's Wednesdays at 9, right here on Channel 10.
Are we ready to thank the sponsor?
Stay tuned during the program when we thank our sponsor, 98.9 KJFK FM.
And I also want to thank Mountain View Homes right now.
We'll also have some news for you after the break about Joe Campana.
They were going to blow up his house last Monday.
Not this Monday, but last Monday.
We stopped it.
A lot of great volunteers got blessed.
I'll have some updates for you on that.
And the Terminator Gene.
So stay tuned.
We'll be back after this important piece.
And do take this, guys.
Take these programs.
This is information you won't get anywhere else.
We'll be back.
Hebron is a suburb of Baltimore, Maryland.
On September 3rd and 4th, 1998, a large number of Marine Corps officers conducted a training exercise.
This is nothing less than pure police state.
You're going to see lies, half-truths, and manipulation of the information.
You'll see the county sheriff of Waccamaw County in Hebron, Maryland, admit that they're doing gun confiscation drills.
You're going to hear from Marine Corps officers and see the shocking activities that transpired, again, on September 3rd and into the early morning hours of September 4th.
Sheldon Green was told to turn off his camera.
But he wasn't closing off his camera during the day.
He was told to do that at night.
You see, they didn't want him to see their special training.
All this and more coming up right here on Exposing Corruption.
Now, it's extremely important to add to the viewing public out there that this is amateur video.
The amateur video taken by citizens of the state of Maryland who are concerned, read about it in the newspaper, and traveled from Baltimore to the suburb of Hebron
You're going to see police working with the military.
You're going to see them doing mock arrests.
Much more.
Guys, this is absolutely incredible.
And the dishonesty is what shows that this is totally criminal.