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Air Date: Nov. 30, 1998
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In a transcript of The Alex Jones Show from November 30th, 1998, the show covers topics such as global corporations, gun registration, and Y2K

We're good to go.
There are global corporations, they have billions that they pay.
We're greedy politicians, we make sure things go their way.
They tax us because of poverty, and we live from day to day.
They say we're cheap, we're cheaters, we don't get to have a say.
If you want to practice constitution, is that what's in your plan?
You can take my gun from my cold dead hand.
In every case in history, when genocide is planned,
We're good to go.
Hello, Austin, Texas.
My name is Alex Jones, and this is the Freedom Report every Monday night.
Now, this program has neurotically turned in all its backup tapes and contracts.
We're going to have to turn in some new backup tapes and some new contracts tonight or we'll
We'll deal with it.
We'll get it turned in.
We'll stay up here till 3 in the morning.
That's what has to be done.
And we will get the tapes turned in.
Now, there's a lot to talk about this evening.
This program is live.
You'll see a lot of tape programs that we have floating about on the channels here.
Today is the first day of federal gun registration for handguns, shotguns, and rifles with the FBI.
I'm sure you'll all enjoy that.
We're all much safer.
Coming up tonight, we have footage for you coming up in about 30 minutes.
Shocking footage.
Incredible information.
Now it's just me and my camera guy out there.
We did this this Saturday.
We drove around all day long getting you this information.
Our personnel carrier has been shipped into Austin.
Armored personnel carriers being shipped into Austin, newer models, more powerful types.
To the Department of Public Safety, we have eyewitness reports by DPS that they are riding around with MPs, military police, in the Hill Country, off military bases, just wherever they wish.
We have MT's, you name it, and we again have the armored personnel carriers, and all the rest is information.
Last Friday on KDUE24 News, they admitted that listing devices are being put in trees and on telephone poles around Austin as part of a federal program with FEMA.
We have some of the companies here.
We have the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, and another company, and of course I will
Read from this, and this will shock you.
It's unprecedented.
Listening devices in the tree.
They've been in for a month.
We weren't told about it.
I called the police department.
They refused to give me any information.
Police Chief Nee will not tell us when the Delta Force is coming.
Our contacts in the fire department and the police department had to do it.
And then three weeks ago, in the statement, we read it here on the air, that Congressman Lloyd Doggett bragged about the military being coming here for safety.
Keep us all safe.
And we will be confronting them.
We are redoubling our efforts to spy on everything we're doing and how busy we are to bring you all this vital information.
Also, Friday's New York Times front page says that the federal government is down.
They didn't even have a big press conference tonight.
The federal government did.
Around 5 o'clock Eastern.
I was busy.
Didn't get a chance to see it.
They're now admitting that Y2K is probably going to start the first levels of it in January of 1999.
That's a month away exactly.
I certainly hope they're wrong, but with 900 commercial satellites in orbit,
There's no way to fix those, and with the welfare systems that do things a year out, according to the New York Times, the federal government is going to start.
A lot of Americans say, boy, look at the federal government warning us, warning us of this.
Yeah, a month before, I explained it to have a higher probability of these problems beginning.
You have to remember that I had Major Curt Tomlin, formerly with the Cyoff Warfare Command, just retired last year.
Brought back out of retirement twice.
He was there in 1961 when the style of the Warfare Command began.
Programming the early computers and worked again until 1997.
They knew about the problem then.
They told their supervisors about it, but there wasn't enough program space.
There wasn't enough memory space.
You had to hand write these programs.
But he says, and I understand what he's saying, that they've had 15 years at least where they've had ample space, ample memory space,
The computers were self-generating.
They did not have to have people handwriting the code, zeros and ones.
They could have fixed it.
But now the government, to again, keep some of the credibility that they may have with some of you, they are coming out and admitting that this problem starts in 1999, as we've been telling you, and I'll get to that article later.
Also, we have CNN, from November 25th, 1998.
Companies set up Year 2000 war rooms, East Command Center,
Senior Management and Millennium Project teams will try to keep tabs on progress of 2010, assessing milestones and supplier readiness through next year.
90% according to the Directional Budget Office and the White House Budget Office say that 90% of the federal agencies are not ready.
They will only be ready in 2001.
The problem starts in 1999 because the computers have their backup systems.
Serious problem.
I also have an article here
From November 13, 1998, CNN, Asia will face big Y2K hits.
A total of 40% of companies worldwide will experience a mission critical information technology failure because of the year 2000 problem, but the rate of those affected in Asia will be higher according to Jim Zugen, Research Director of Greater Corp Incorporated, Granter Corp Incorporated.
And I have some other articles here for you.
Now this all wouldn't be that big of a problem if he had good leadership.
We had a government that at least had some people in it that had a shred of honor left.
But the crisis that faces America today, today as we sit here and talk tonight, the crisis that we face is a leadership dilemma, a major gap.
I've had guests on this program, and mainly my radio programs, because it's easier to get them from around the country because they're not here in Austin.
You have to have them here in Austin if you're going to do it on a stable television show.
They have documented, I've been down to UT Law Library, I've brought it here for you, I've made my own documentaries, I've run documentaries, I've had guests on, you name it, carte blanche, with the actual corporate minutes for the GM and GE
We're building the tanks for the Germans during World War II and before.
That they were engaging in this behavior and getting Hitler into power.
Not Ford, GM, and General Motors.
The Federal Reserve.
Probably the worst of all is the Federal Reserve funding Hitler by 1930, three years before he came to power.
Second, in my opinion, of the just unbelievable activities.
I'm about to go to the Washington Post from the day before you doubted me.
They're happy to do this.
They've lost so much credibility.
They understand the synergistic exponential growth pattern of this information.
They will be defeated.
I may not be here to see it, but believing it, it will come to fruition.
GE of the companies is the most guilty.
General Electric built the cyclone beam canister in Sinai to kill people in the death camps.
The Gypsies, the Jews, the Catholics, the Protestants, the Jehovah's Witnesses, the German high command that refused to go along, all the rest of them.
They put in the generating systems, you name it, the power plant systems at these camps.
From the pages of the Washington Post, from the pages of the Washington Post, allow me to read this to you.
This is Washington Post staff writer, Michael Dobbs, Monday, November 30th, 1998, page A1.
That's the cover.
Three years after Swiss banks became the target of a worldwide shuror over the business dealings with Nazi Germany, major American car companies find themselves embroiled in a similar debate.
Like the Swiss banks, the American car companies have vigorously denied that they assisted the Nazi war machine or that they significantly provided
"...and profited from the use of forced labor at the German subsidiaries during World War II."
Profited, not provided.
That they significantly profited from the use of forced labor at their German subsidiaries during World War II.
They admit it here in the article.
At their German subsidiaries during World War II.
GM and Ford.
GM's division in Europe.
They sell more cars in Europe than they do here in the U.S.
More cars.
Sports utilities aren't that big in Europe.
Because of their $3 a gallon on average tax.
They're still building cars there.
That's fine.
They're not building death cams.
They're not building Panzer Tiger tanks.
They're not building Bird Bombs.
They're not building V1s and V6s.
They're not building generators that run off burning bodies.
They're not building cyclone V cyanide canisters.
And I have no problem!
Because truthfully, Britain and Germany run our major corporations.
That's why they were doing this.
Domler Benz just bought Chrysler.
Today, Statesman Deutsche Bank just bought one of the biggest banks in the U.S.
And I was telling you about it a week ago before it came out.
Last week.
And it's a shame that access television has to tell you about what's happening and talk radio has to do it in a few little pockets, it will.
Also, today,
Los Angeles Times comes out and admits that the Chinese are bragging that they can kill our satellites with missiles, technology that Clinton transferred to them.
The Drugs Report last Thursday comes out.
This is a Fox News anchor reporter who has his own program.
20,000 pages of documents have been leaked by a senior national security officer who has not been disclosed about Clinton with the Chinese general that I've been telling you about for three and a half years now.
You're president!
This is why I'm excited.
You can get excited about Ricky Williams.
This weekend took two-thirds of the cover.
You go right ahead and yell and scream and call your talk radio shows and just get so damn excited.
I get excited.
I get threatened because I'm a real human being.
I've got control of my soul and my heart and I'm a healthy person.
This is hell, what you're seeing right now, when my president is seen on videotape that we've aired a hundred times, a hundred times, with Chinese generals in the White House, Chinese gun runners and known opium runners that Interpol is after, in the White House, giving him bags of money.
He admits it, but all we hear about is macadamia nuts and oral anal sex with Monica Lewinsky.
All we hear about is cigars.
To dumb you down,
Do not feel like you have no damn power!
You have incredible power!
Ricky Williams!
Break that record!
Look at him run around and scream, and I'm completely normal!
I used to watch this crap, and I used to enjoy it!
And I still catch myself, but at the same time, there's no sharing enjoying football and enjoying baseball!
But I'm a weirdo because I don't like my president engaging in what any person would call high treason, treachery unprecedented in the 20th century.
He's an agent.
He has to be an agent.
Your president, given the Long Beach Naval Base, the Chinese military, vetoing a strategic
Ballistic Missile Defense System.
Non-nuclear for you peaceniks out there.
He decoded it once and legislatively killed it twice in the last three years.
I spoke back in 96.
No, it was six months before the election.
This might have been late 95.
It was.
Out in Fredericksburg, about a thousand farmers
And I spoke right before Kay Bailey Hutchinson, I'll never forget it.
She got up there and talked about Missile Defense.
First thing I, first time I ever heard about it.
If you hear Kay Bailey getting up there on the dais and talking about it, she'll talk to a group of people about it.
She won't get up in front of people and talk about it.
She's been telling this for so long, giving them our patent secrets.
We've done a dozen programs on that.
Those that follow this program, next week I'll be telling you about the...