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Air Date: Oct. 14, 1998
238 lines.
It's now under martial law.
All constitutional rights have been suspended.
Stay in your home.
Do not attempt to contact loved ones, insurance agents, or attorneys.
Shut up!
Do not attempt to think or depression may occur.
Stay in your homes.
Curfews at 7 p.m.
start after work.
Anyone caught outside the gates of their subdivision sectors after curfew will be shot.
Remain calm.
Do not panic.
Your neighborhood watch officer will be by to collect urine samples in the morning.
Anyone caught interfering with the collection of urine samples will be shot.
Stay in your homes.
Remain calm.
The number one enemy of progress is question.
National security is more important than individual will.
All sports broadcast will proceed as normal.
No more than two people may gather anywhere without permission.
Use only the drugs prescribed by your boss or supervisor.
Shut up!
Be happy.
Obey all orders without question.
The comfort you've demanded is now mandatory.
Be happy.
At last,
Hello Central Texas and the rest of the world.
This is Exposing Corruption.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
In the next hour, we're going to talk about the real issues, the real power behind the throne, the fraud that dominates the world today, known as the central banks, made manifest by the Federal Reserve, the Bundesbank of Germany, the Bank of England, and their international tentacles, the IMF, the World Bank, the International Bank of Settlements.
It goes on and on.
Americans, there's a real threat out there, a real problem that you and I have to deal with, that we have to face up to.
All it takes is research.
I actually just saw a part of a program that's here on community television the other day.
I saw just a few minutes of it.
I saw some tape of it, actually.
And the gentleman was on there.
Saying that George Humphrey, with a master's in economics, a successful businessman, former city council member here at Austin, was a liar and a bunch of other names.
The caller had an email from some university and began saying that the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was not passed by three senators on December 23rd, 1913, at 11.30 at night, 11.30 p.m.
He then continued by reading the Currency and Treasury Acts, which are completely separate but passed near the same time, which were passed by a large portion of the Senate and the House.
That would be like me saying that I'm a motorcycle champion when I'm really a race car driver champion.
It's apples and oranges.
It's a lot.
Is the uncruth here.
You can get it from the Congressional record, the Senate record.
You can get it from myriad documents out there.
Tony Brown's new book, Empower the People, the Seven Step Plan has it.
People have been talking about this since day one.
Andrew Jackson, back in the 1830s, raised unmitigated, holy, fire of brimstone
He said, I will stop the central bank out.
You are dinner vipers.
Quote, I will rat you out!
This is what all the elections used to be thought about.
That's why we were a free country to some extent.
America's had its evils.
It's like any other nation.
But ask yourself, why do you only hear about the evils of America?
That's because there's people that want you to hate America.
I love America.
I love the people of America.
Even though they've been misled and manipulated.
All you have is your fear.
You need to get rid of that fear, get proactive, get off the bench, and get in the game.
Like Mark Kornke, who just got out of jail from false charges.
Somebody came out and pretty much assaulted him on his property.
He stood up to up in Michigan.
John Statenholder, the founder of Republic Radio.
General Benton Parton, former head of Air Force Weapons Development, airborne delivered munitions, came out and admitted, documented that the government was intrinsically involved in destroying Oklahoma City in 1995.
And many of you will ask, why?
To create fears, just like Hitler burnt the Reichstag.
To create fears, the Hegelian principle, and I can't repeat that enough.
That's the crux of our problem here tonight.
That's all it's ever going to be, ladies and gentlemen.
And it's time for you to wake up and have some respect for yourself.
Tonight, I did my radio broadcast here in Austin on KJFK, and I begged for people to call and disagree.
And if they do call and disagree, it's, I'm going to start calling you planners.
You're going to start calling me planners?
What does that mean?
Of course I heard the joke.
He goes, because you're nuts.
You're an idiot!
Oh, little sophomoric attacks.
Don't come asking for the documentation for the information we play for you night after night here on this channel.
The information Mike Hanson and Steve Lane here worked so hard to bring you.
Rusty, George Humphrey, Jeff Contreras, the Witters, John Foreman, Robert Kirk, so many other people.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
She was tired.
She said, no.
I guess she shouldn't have been a complainer.
I hear it more and more in the news and in the media that America is a place where you don't complain.
If you don't like it, leave it.
My family's saying here, I had family on the Mayflower.
I had family that founded Texas, the Joneses, the Johnson's, and the Browns, 1829 in Texas.
Got our Spanish land grant in 1830.
I'm not leaving.
I'm not backing down.
If you hear a band in the background, next door there's a rocking band doing a live broadcast.
They're a broadcast right now.
And that's why you might hear some guitars.
The huge padded walls aren't enough.
But again, I don't mind that little background if you do hear it.
I certainly do.
But again, this television broadcast is about waking people up.
And damn you if you do not look into the facts and see what I'm talking about.
And I don't have to sit here and tell you that you're an idiot if you don't wake up to this.
I used to be dumb as dirt myself.
So again, it's time to wake up.
What's on the agenda tonight?
This program needs to be two and a half hours long, but due to some rule changes, it's now an hour long.
That's fine.
We got a good report today.
I walked in and heard it from two different people down here at the TV station today.
CNN at around 3 o'clock Easter today aired a story that's over a month old.
It happened September 3rd.
I was covering it day one.
I heard about the story on the public.
Heard live call-ins on the public.
An international grid of patriots.
That's not a dirty word.
Good people.
You had families that died in World War II or World War I or Korea or Vietnam.
Those were patriots.
That's not a bad word.
It means you stand up for the existing government.
For the Constitution.
Not the parasites that have come in.
Hebron, Maryland.
The Marines took over September 3rd.
I covered here in Austin.
Called the sheriff.
In Wacockama County.
I had trouble pronouncing that.
I apologize.
In Hebron, Maryland.
And guess what happened?
People wanted to laugh at me.
Then we got the videotape.
We played that here for you on the program last week and Monday for the Freedom Report.
We're going to play a very short segment tonight.
Not of the children like we did this week and last week working with the Marines, international Marines being out there.
Not of the
Mock gun confiscation and all the rest.
Now I've got the tape yesterday, another tape from the good guys that got me the video, there in Hebron.
The new tape has the sheriff saying, yes, it is mock gun confiscation.
We'll see it in today at three, around three o'clock Eastern, I'm told, by people that I trust here that I know for a long time, and I'm going to check into it, did a full report.
They said there were foreign nationals, Canadians there,
Italians there, everybody else.
Plantation gun confiscation.
We'll play you them telling the cameraman to turn his video camera off.
In his own state of Maryland, they can put cameras up on the street corners, but you're not allowed to film them taking over downtown Hebron, Maryland.
We'll also play an excerpt of an interview I did with my mother on the radio.
My mother is very shy.
This Saturday, I did the interview, where she talked about the helicopter, taking the photos of her, hanging out the window at her, said Travis County.
Then a bunch of radio shows bashing all across town, said I was a kook.
Suddenly, Friday night, my girlfriend calls trying, helicopter shining lights in her window.
Mike Hanson, my TV producer, I haven't even told him about it.
He didn't know about my girlfriend.
He calls.
They actually got the video of the third pass.
They fly over, turn their spotlights on.
Fly back over, turn their spotlights on.
Only over his property.
And he lives with no real houses around him.
Not in the country.
Pure harassment.
Well, we got the tower records.
We got that.
We went down to Commissioner Susie.
We confronted Karen Sunlightner.
The county commissioner is a liar.
They're all a bunch of liars.
Darwin McKee pulled me aside and said, I never say that these helicopters weren't for the law enforcement.
Don't call me a liar.
And I said, fine.
Maybe Darwin is a liar.
But the rest of them, Elshire, that career politician, a piece of unmitigated political garbage, in my humble opinion,
They got those helicopters passed and called them Star Flight.
We found out the name of the two new helicopters they bought they're going to use for law enforcement.
Sabre 1 and Sabre 2.
And Monday night we played some of the EMS people admitting it on the Freedom Report.
It's Sabre 1, it's Sabre 2, and they had nothing to do with it, but the bond package was passed for EMS.
They lied to you!
Don't you respect yourself?
Do you just accept death and taxes and you can't fight City Hall and all politicians lie?
Well, if you have that attitude, you're going to get run over.
So we'll play myself confronting Karen Sunlightner and the commissar's court for their lies.
Karen Sunlightner's been all over the radio calling us all types of stuff and saying she doesn't know anything about it.
Well, Tuesday she reversed it and admitted it.
But no longer.
It's not the Tower Records that say surveillance mission.
No, now it's a murder investigation.
A murder investigation over my girlfriend's home in Central Austin, over my parents' home in South Central Austin, and over my parents' and my television producer's home in far southeast Austin.
And I'll slaughter.
In two days, Simeon Tungle
Down there at the Austin Aviation Department, told us, four-hour surveillance mission, we're all going to get to the tower.
And now they're scrambling and admitting it and apologizing and saying they'll give me a ride in the helicopter.
We got that on tape.
We don't have time in an hour.
We'll play it next week.
And I tell you, the head of EMS, I forget his name, we got him on tape.
He came down, wanted to be interviewed.
He has nothing to do with the law enforcement side.
He's a good guy.
He's honest.
A lot of these people are honest, but it's the heads of the police department.
It's the county commissioners.
It's Margo Frazier who lied to us in an interview, a 35-minute interview we air on Exposing Corruption, where she said it would not be used for surveillance.
They're liars.
I've got to be nice to the sheriff.
I did a good report on her.
She lied.
All right, we'll take two phone calls.
Then we'll go to the short piece with Mr. Isaacs.
And then we'll air my mother's eyewitness report of the Sheriff's Department helicopter right over the house, very close, taking photos with a large camera.
Let's take two phone calls, and then we'll go to the first piece of tape.
Hello down here.
Guys, my box isn't working in here.
Can you come fix it, please?
I love it.
I only have 30 minutes to set up now because I'm busy on the radio.
I only have 30 minutes set up time, so it's kind of hard to do.
But we'll get to some calls whenever we get a chance.
Also, if I have time tonight, as I've done three times in the last week, I'll show you some more close-up photos
Unbelievable information.
Guys, if there's a problem with the phone box, don't mess with it.
We just won't take calls from you.
Just leave line one alone.
Right here.
We're fixing to show you some of these photos.
Right here, you're looking at a picture of the commander docked at the Long Beach Naval Base.
It's in my documentary, American Corps by Design.
We've aired it here on television.
There is the sea launch commander ship that carries the rockets for low Earth orbit satellite, the media tells us.