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Air Date: April 7, 1998
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Alex Jones discusses various news events from his perspective on the show, including government and media involvement in the assassination of Martin Luther King, the New World Odor documentary by Anthony Hilder, the importance of truth and responsibility for all children, and black helicopter surveillance programs in North Carolina.

Jeff Davis is doing a great job.
Wes Curtis is doing a great job.
Steve Wayne is doing a great job.
Rick Hallbecker is doing a great job.
There's just tons of people.
Greg Erickson.
I hope I'm not leaving anybody out here.
Jeff Contreras.
They're doing what it takes to get this info out to you and we've documented it.
Now I'm going to go to just a few news stories first.
Then we're going to go to
The New World Odor.
And he would have done the New World Order, but that is already a copyrighted name.
And it is a stench, an odor, of death.
It has the stench of death.
I have this Saturday's Office of American Statement.
And it says, CIA officer tried to extort hush money.
Then it talks about how he sold information which resulted in the deaths of people by selling the names of agents to Russians.
And others.
They talked about how the Justice Department is going to seek the death penalty for him giving this knowledge.
Why is President Clinton allowed to let John Wong and Charlie Tree and Jorge Cabrera and a Cuban gangster, but nothing happens to President Clinton.
Even Newsweek reported, and I had it here for you a thousand times, that Clinton let
He just didn't let them in.
Anthony Lake, National Security Advisor, gave them national security agents and CIA agents to help them navigate through and fax machines and computer links went to Indonesia and China.
This is disgusting behavior.
Our country has been seized upon by agents of tyranny.
And this is what corruption brings.
You know,
There's one reason we should try to keep ourselves pure, and I don't mean perfectly pure, but we should abstain from partying, we should abstain from staying out late, we should abstain from getting in trouble.
I'm sticking to myself right now.
And the reason that we should do that is very, very, very simple.
It's so that we're focused, and we have the most serious mind.
And again, I'm saying this to myself right now.
Things have become so dark,
The manipulation of the condition has become so thick that we've all got to focus.
We can't allow ourselves to let the enemy get any kind of dirt on us.
Or we have to be honest about the way we are.
Also, from the same Staceman article on Saturday, they have a full page on 815
From the World and National News section, it says, King's 1968 assassination still scars Memphis' face.
And it shows Jesse Jackson and others standing on the balcony, the photograph taken seconds before Reverend Martin Luther King was shot in the face by a .30-06 rifle.
This entire article doesn't tell you what Mrs. King and others have uncovered, that the FBI was intrinsically involved, that James Earl Ray
Was hired by other people to do this and then was used like a patsy.
That is classic CIA and corrupt FBI tactics.
I don't think all the FBI is corrupt.
I don't think all the CIA is corrupt, but definitely from the top down there are certain sectors of it and compartmentalized need-to-know areas that are involved in shipping in drugs, money laundering,
And yes, white slavery.
And I've run four hour documentaries of Ted Gunderson, ex-head of the FBI in California, retired, top of his grade, retired, with 700 men under him.
He retired to follow after this and expose this.
See, a lot of you can't consciously imagine how evil people are that are at the top.
You think of corruption as stealing from a payroll, or
Somebody stealing a car, someone stealing from taxpayers, an IRS official lying and manipulating and abusing citizenry.
That's just the symptom, the manifestation of what's going on.
Now, I want to tell you something.
Psychotic geniuses run the world.
Criminally insane psychotics
Total sociopaths.
It is probably sexual in nature if you want to get into psychology.
You want to analyze these people.
I say it this way.
Twisted nerds run the world.
They are so insecure that they must dumb down whole populations and subjugate and create unbelievable subterfuge and the Hegelian dialect.
That is, Hegel, the German philosopher,
You create the crisis, you create fear, you offer the solution.
I'm sure you all know that President Clinton has issued a new executive order to ban more guns and ban importation of guns.
I thought it was all over and all our problems would be solved with the Brady Bill.
You see my friends, they're not going to stop like any other thug in history until everyone has been disarmed.
Until only the state has the weapons, and only the criminals have the weapons.
Because law-abiding citizens generally will follow the law.
The only thing you do by matter of gun control is make sure that you take the guns out of law-abiding citizen's hands.
Will you have the occasional accident?
Absolutely yes.
Will you have the occasional car accident and die by driving an automobile?
Three to four times, depending on the year, deaths resulting in automobiles, not to mention
Many more injuries.
But I understand a lot of you have been emotionally conditioned.
You're not worried about the individual that deals the gun, the mind, the arm, the finger that pulls the trigger, the bullet, the fire from the weapon.
You're concerned with the gun.
We're following the pattern of history.
I am probably, good chance, 50% chance, that I will be killed within the next five years.
I don't say this for theatrics, and I don't say this to scare you, but we need to go ahead and be honest about where we're at in this group psychology realm.
Many others before me, if they spoke about the Federal Reserve printing the money going back 50 years ago, would be instantly killed.
Would be instantly found dead, hanging themselves, or falling off bridges.
So many people have stood up
So many congressmen.
So many congresswomen.
So many congressmen.
So many people through the past, like Congressman Ron Paul.
Like... Gary Allen, who wrote, None Dare Call It A Conspiracy.
I can go on and on, I'm sure my producers can list some names.
It doesn't matter.
People with a heart.
People that understood.
But you do need a safety net.
But if a safety net comes with slavery and all that's attached then you must reform that government and re-institute that safety net.
I have gone through a metamorphosis and I'm still changing and I'm still developing and you can do the same.
I want to challenge you to stand up as human beings despite the fear, despite the intimidation and despite the ridicule of those that have been mentally destroyed by this conditioning propaganda state.
We're going to go ahead and go to this.
I'm going to go ahead and replay the first two minutes again to intro it.
Here is The New World Odor by Anthony Hilder.
It runs about an hour and 45 minutes, I believe.
Then I'll be back to take your phone calls.
And then I'm going to run about a three minute piece of the IRS admitting Lady Daryl Axton, producer in Austin, that the money is deposited, when they take it from you, in a Federal Reserve system.
And then I'm going to play some footage of Anthony Hilder talking about showing photographs.
What's up?
We'll fix that in a second.
Can y'all control that in there?
Now this is what happens when I show more porn.
We have no idea what it is, Alex.
Well I would beg you to continue to watch the program.
Please continue to watch the program.
They're working on it.
Okay, fine.
Now, all I want to say to people out there is, I kind of got lost when I was saying this, we're going to show you footage come up in about two hours of photographs taken by a geological survey plane from the state of Oklahoma that was given to Anthony Hilder and Ted Gunderson, ex-FBI head, in California.
So that's coming up.
But here you have it, the New World odor.
And please, set your VCRs, please go out and get a tape if you have to, and tape this, get it to friends, give it to police officers, you know, get it out to people, because that's one of our only hopes, is that police will go back to being guardians and defenders and peacekeepers, peace officers, and not people in black ski masks and black helmets driving armored personnel carriers and flying helicopters under Janet Reno's control.
And before we get to that, let me go over this news story because I don't want to forget this.
Again, we had a whole statement article and not one mention of how black congressmen and people like Maxine Waters and others are being arrested out front the CIA a few months ago to get the CIA hearings.
CIA drug running hearings, did you know?
You could only see it on C-SPAN.
And then I heard, I saw the live hearing, I heard that later when they played it they bleeped out some things because supposedly Maxine Waters talked about some classified issues.
This entire statement article from this Saturday doesn't tell you one thing.
Doesn't tell you zero.
Not a zip about the documents that have come out about the FBI and the CIA or elements being involved in the assassination of Martin Luther King.
Also, I've had this for the last week on here, and I think it bears repeating, like the Laird Neuzauer clip does, of black helicopters for surveillance of us in a secret federal program of local law enforcement.
I've played that probably 40 times for you.
Well, here it is, not this Sunday, but last Sunday, March 29th.
I've been saying April like a maniac.
March 29th, 1998.
Bombs, black copters, spilled secret of CIA school.
Folks in North Carolina towns shrug off official explanation of mysterious military post.
And in the statement, the New York Times article, admit, by Tim Weiner, this is a syndicated article, admit that it is a CIA bait.
Officially, Harvey Point is some sort of Pentagon post where everybody around Hartford says the official version is fiction.
He felt it was a CIA base from the beginning, said Paul Gregory, the county manager.
And it says, in fact, Harvey Point is the place where for the last 37 years the CIA has run secret paramilitary and counterterrorism courses for thousands of its officers and select foreigners.
And it talks about how they train Egyptians and Israelis and Russians.
I remember reading in the New York Times
The New York Times.
And you're saying, why am I reading from mainstream if I don't trust it?
Well, it tells you here that they were real nice folks, Gregory recalls.
They said they would show us around the base.
Well, they did not show us around the base.
It talks about how they blow up buildings and test bombs and train foreign people to blow things up for anti-terrorism.
How does anti-terrorism blow buildings up?
How does anti-terrorism haul in black buses and limousines and they come out
We're good to go.
Like 16, 17 million people 10 or 12 years ago, and now it has 27 million, according to PBS.
Half of them homeless, working in the factories and living in cardboard boxes, besides sewers, and get running water like 10 minutes a day.
Because they're being forced up there to be slaves off their ancestral land.
That's what environmentalism's about.
And a thousand little dukes out there looking nice with weirds and long hair and earrings.
I don't care what you look like.
But look at these guys.
They're wearing the cloak of goodness as they go out as dukes.
That's the best kind of duke.
That's the best kind of front man.
It's a wind-up toy that you wind up and then you let go with some kind of cosmology that's been developed by the universities that are funded by the big corporations.
I am for free market.
One hundred and ten percent.
I am for free market.
But I am not and I will never be for socialism or the rich.
A criminal way to consolidate wealth.
Alright, let's go ahead.
I've gone too long.
It's right here in front of you.
They're training terrorists.
They were obviously involved in Oklahoma City.
The government, or elements of it, did that.
Next week I'll play another documentary on that with an eyewitness, a lady that worked in housing and urban development, the president of it, here in Oklahoma City.
She was there in fall of maintenance, man, hooking up packages to the pillar.
Okay, I'll play that next week, and I'll play some clips of a Ryder truck being left with fuel oil in about two hours, an hour and a half.
Let's go ahead and go to the documentary by Anthony Hilder.
Thank you for watching Exposing Corruption.
We'll be back.
And again, I want to thank my producers, Nick.
Some of our children simply don't have what they need to grow and learn in their own homes or schools or neighborhoods.
And that means the rest of us must be more.
They are our children, too.
Citizen service is an American responsibility which all Americans should embrace, and I ask your support for that endeavor.
I'd like to make this one last point that I make.